Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 41-50

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 41
After her failed appeal, Madeline was forced to accept this absurd disaster.

Three years.

She laughed bitterly.

It was still unknown whether she could live until the day her child was born.

Madeline did not tell the officer about her pregnancy. She did not forget how she was so badly beaten when she told them.

However, her nightmare was still here. That night, Madeline was beaten up by a gang of bald prisoners.

Madeline did not have any energy to fight back. In addition to that, she was also being tortured by her tumor. She started trembling in pain.

She had no choice but to curl herself into a ball to prevent them from kicking her stomach.

This kind of situation would happen occasionally. Fortunately, they did not hit her stomach.

Madeline reported about this a few times, but nothing happened.

Every hopeless night, Madeline gritted her teeth in pain. She only managed to survive after thinking about the life that she was nurturing in her stomach.

‘Jeremy, you’re so cruel.

‘I fantasized about you being as happy as me when we finally met again. However, I was the only one who was obsessed with this for 12 years.’

Even though Daniel asked someone to send her some medication to soothe the pain in her body, Madeline still felt her body getting weaker. There were a few times she felt like she was unable to hold on anymore, but her nurturing the child was the only thing that lit up her grey world.

Her child was almost ten months old. Since she was near her due date, Madeline had an even stronger intention to stay alive.

Thunder crashed on the night of the early summer.

Madeline felt her heart beating uneasily. Indeed, those prisoners had come looking for trouble again.

She thought they would leave her alone after kicking and punching her, but this time, they pressed Madeline down on the floor the moment they came in. Two of the prisoners trapped her hands on her sides while the others ripped open her pants roughly before supporting her calves.

She could tell from her instincts what they were about to do with her child. She struggled with all her might. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

However, those people ignored her struggles and screams. Immediately, Madeline felt a debilitating pain coming from her stomach. She could even feel her water breaking.

“Don’t hurt my child! Please!” Madeline was begging for mercy while suffering from excruciating pain. The intense fear and the debilitating, indescribable pain of childbirth tormented her at the same time.

Madeline was in so much pain that she felt as if she was about to split in half. Tears and sweat drenched her shirt. She felt as if she was being skinned alive. The pain was dissolving all of her limbs and bones.

She did not know how long this lasted. The pain caused Madeline to drift in and out of consciousness. While in her semi-conscious state, she heard the child’s string of powerful cries.

“My baby…” she muttered.

“Give me my baby.”

“Mr. Whitman said your b*stard child has to be buried with the baby his beloved woman lost. Madeline, don’t blame us. We’re just carrying out our duties.”

His beloved woman…

Carrying out their duties…

Madeline closed her eyes from exhaustion. Tears escaped from the corner of her eyes.

Their child would be buried next to the b*stard child that Meredith had with another man. Was that humiliating or lamentable?

The next day, Madeline got up from the floor and asked for help while enduring the fiery pain. She found the officer and said, “Last night, someone induced labor for me and escaped with my child after I gave birth to it.”

The officer looked at Madeline in confusion and asked, “You were pregnant?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 42
The officer’s question caused Madeline’s heart to freeze. It also made her come to a realization.

This had already been planned from way back. Everyone was in on this.

All of this happened because she fell in love with a man she should not have.

Madeline grabbed the cold iron bars in despair and knelt on the floor.

‘Jeremy Whitman, if we could do this again, I’d rather not have met you…’

Madeline did not expect to live until the day she got out of jail.

Perhaps the medication Daniel asked his people to send over had amazing effects with tumors, or perhaps it was her strong will of wanting to see her child who was kidnapped after they forcefully induced labor on her. In short, she miraculously lived.

It was sunny the day she got out of prison. However, it could not get rid of the fog and pain that was kept in her heart for three years.

The torture from those thousand over days was printed all over her body and they were not going to fade anytime soon.

Madeline watched as Daniela and Ava ran over to her. When Ava saw how scrawny she was, she pulled Madeline who had no expression on her face into her arms. “Maddie, don’t be scared. I’ll stay with you from now on.”

Madeline felt a surge of sadness rising in her chest. There was still someone in this world who loved her.

While looking at the dispirited Madeline who looked wan and sallow, Daniel felt extremely sorry and remorseful.

He kept on apologizing to Madeline. If he had not been out of the country when Madeline was in trouble, she would not have to face all these hurdles herself.

He could at least have hired a lawyer for her.

Madeline looked at Daniel who looked extremely apologetic. “Dan, thank you. You don’t have to apologize to me. You don’t owe me anything.”

‘The people who owe me are that cruel witch, Meredith Crawford, and that cold-blooded man I was obsessed with for 12 years.’

After packing and tidying up, Daniel brought Madeline to Adam Brown for a full body check-up.

After they got the report, Adam looked at Madeline in shock. “I didn’t expect my medication to have the magical power to stop the growth and worsening of a tumor.”

“Then, can she have the surgery now?” Daniel asked hurriedly. His tone was laced with concern for Madeline.

Adam frowned. “There’s a high risk, so we can’t do the surgery rashly. She can continue taking the medication. We can decide after some time.”

After he heard that, Daniel was disappointed. However, Madeline was satisfied with the results.

“Thank you, Dr. Brown. Thank you, Dan. If it’s not for you guys, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m just happy to be able to live this long.”

“What are you talking about?” Daniel looked at her with a stern look on his face. He reached out and grabbed her shoulders. “Maddie, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

When he said that, Madeline could see his affections for her in the twinkle of his eyes.

Daniel was an exceptional man. He had a great background, great looks, and great manners.

A man like him deserved a better woman and not her, a woman who had been married, incarcerated, and was also going to die soon.

She was not worthy.

She did not want to have any relationship with Daniel.

After they left the hospital, Ava insisted on taking Madeline to the beauty salon. She said she needed to give her a makeover so that she could start a new life.

Madeline could not argue against Ava, so she followed her.

When she sat in front of the mirror, Madeline watched lifelessly as the barber cut her dry and frizzy hair. It was as if she saw her fondness and obsession for Jeremy and the beautiful memories at the beach being cut away and destroyed.

Everything ended when he asked people to snatch away her child when she was in prison. They could never go back to how it was before.

A few hours later, Ava’s eyes lit up when she looked at Madeline. “Maddie, it’ll be such a waste if you don’t take part in the pageants.”

Madeline did not care whether she was beautiful or not. She looked at her short-haired self and felt extremely foreign. However, this was good. This way, she could feel like she was really starting a new life for herself.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 43
The next day, Madeline bought some fruits and her grandfather’s favorite snacks before going to the hospital.

She went directly to the room her grandfather was staying in but realized her grandfather was not there.

Madeline went to the reception to ask about this. When the nurse saw that she was Len Samuels’ family member, the nurse looked at her with a peculiar expression. Her tone was also unfriendly. “So, you’re Mr. Samuels’ granddaughter? Is this how you should behave as his grandchild? He has been dead for three years. Why are you still here? Go to the funeral parlor. His ashes are over there.”

Clank! The fruits in Madeline’s hands fell to the ground.

She widened her blank eyes and was stuck in a daze. The pain started to penetrate her entire body.

She thought her heart was dead. She thought it was so numb that it would not feel any pain anymore. However, this suffocating pain was making it hard for her to breathe.

Her grandfather was dead.

He had been dead for three years!

She had not even seen him for one last time!

Madeline went to the funeral parlor and took her grandfather’s ashes as well as his belongings.

It was in the evening of early winter and it was drizzling.

Madeline held her grandfather’s urn and knelt in the rain. Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, blurring her vision.

The hurt and regret caused her heart to ache. She could never do anything to make up for it.

Ava ran over and held her, crying while comforting the other woman. “Don’t cry, Maddie. It’s all in the past. It’s all over now.”

With Ava’s help, Madeline found a burial plot for her grandfather.

After paying her respects to him, she went back to the hospital to ask about her grandfather’s death. The nurse replied nonchalantly, “He died of old age.”

Died of old age?

Madeline felt that something seemed fishy. Her grandfather was in tip-top shape the last time she visited him before she got incarcerated. Why would he die all of a sudden?

Even though she was suspicious, she could not suspect anything without evidence.

She found a butterfly-shaped gold pendant in her grandfather’s belongings. Her real name ‘Eveline’ was carved on it.

Madeline subconsciously felt that this was a gift from her grandfather to her. She felt a pang of pain in her heart and put the necklace around her neck with tears still in her eyes. This way, it would be as if her grandfather was always here with her.

She had been incarcerated for three years and could not keep up with the change of time in the outside world.

She wanted to find a job quickly, but she was still unable to forget about her child who was kidnapped after she was inducted into labor.

Madeline brought her resume for an interview at a new company. When she was at the front door, she saw Meredith getting out of an expensive car.

She would remember Meredith’s face even if she had been burnt into ashes.

Madeline clenched her fists. When she started to feel an impulse rising in her chest, she heard one of the employees saying, “I’m so jealous of Meredith. Not only is she Miss Montgomery from the four major rich families now, but she’s also going to marry my idol, Jeremy Whitman. She must’ve saved the universe in her past life.”

When she heard that, her heart sank.

After she asked about this, she knew that Meredith was not the Crawfords’ biological daughter. She was the Montgomerys’ child who got wrongfully picked up by someone else 28 years ago, which meant that she was Eloise’s biological daughter.

Three years ago, Meredith transformed from a girl of an average household into Miss Montgomery of the four major rich families in Glendale. Plus, she even gave birth to a premature baby boy for Jeremy two years ago. The Montgomerys and the Whitmans all treated her like she was a gem.

Madeline was surprised by Meredith and Jeremy’s wedding. She thought Jeremy would have married the love of his life the moment she went to prison.

However, the truth was that they were not married yet.

The interview went well and Madeline got the job. When she thought about how Meredith was Eloise’s biological daughter though, Madeline felt unwell.

She tried to get more information about this matter. As such, she went on the internet and saw Meredith posting a photo of a baby on her Twitter account. It was a boy and he looked about two years old. The little boy’s eyes and face looked almost the same as Jeremy’s.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 44
Madeline was heartbroken.

A million arrows to her heart would not be as horrible as this.

She would never forget that night. She was cruelly inducted into labor and had her child forcefully taken away from her.

Until now, she still did not know whether that child was a boy or a girl. Did the child look like her or more like Jeremy?

Madeline looked at Meredith’s Twitter account and saw her showing off furiously. She was showing off her expensive cars, her branded bags, and her reputable as well as famous biological parents. She was even showing off the cute son she had with Jeremy.

An evil woman like her had everything now.

On the contrary, she, Madeline, had nothing.

How ironic.

There had been a few instances when Madeline wanted to look for Jeremy. However, she realized she did not have the courage to do so.

She had been tortured mercilessly in prison and it made her flinch at the very thought of it.

However, when she thought about her missing child, Madeline still took this step forward.

She stood in front of the mansion which she used to be the matriarch of and felt a certain bitterness in her heart. When she was about to press the doorbell, she saw Meredith walking out of the house.

She was dressed flashily and looked energetic yet arrogant. When she saw Madeline at the door, she stopped in her tracks with a hint of shock in her eyes. However, a pleased smile appeared on her face.

“I was wondering who it was. It’s my good sister. Why? When did you complete your reformation?”

She walked over in her high heels. Madeline wanted to vomit when she saw her disgusting smirk.

Madeline did not want to waste any time talking to her. “Give me back my child.”

She was frank. Meredith’s expression changed when she heard that. Then, her smirk became even wider.

“Your child?”

“Yes! My child! Give me back my child!”

“Your child is dead,” Meredith answered nonchalantly. “Jeremy said your b*stard child is buried along with the baby I miscarried.”

Madeline’s vision went black for a few seconds. She felt as if her heart had been sliced in half, bleeding profusely now.

She grabbed Meredith’s collar in an emotional breakdown. “Nonsense! My child is definitely alive! Give me back my child! Give me back! I want to see Jeremy! Tell him to see me!”

“Madeline, you’re insane! Let me go. If not, you’re going to suffer the consequences!” Meredith warned. However, Madeline could not control herself anymore. Her eyes were red and she was holding the other woman even tighter.

Meredith could not breathe, so she called the security over.

Madeline wanted to ask about the whereabouts of her child, but she felt someone strike the back of her neck. Then, she lost consciousness and passed out.

After some time, Madeline was woken up by someone slapping her face furiously. The fiery pain caused her to slowly regain her consciousness.

Meredith had her arms crossed while towering over her. “Madeline, I guess you learned nothing from your three years in prison,” she said profoundly and bent down to poke Madeline’s stomach.

“I heard you have a tumor here. It’ll worsen any time and take your life, right?” Her laugh was eerie. “Attack her! Especially this part!”

The hired thugs next to her had already been prepared. The moment Meredith gave her order, they started hitting Madeline’s entire body, especially the area where her tumor was.

Madeline curled her body into a ball, but she still could not hide from their punches. The pain from her lacerated flesh was nothing compared to Meredith saying, “Jeremy said your b*stard child is buried along with the baby I miscarried.”

‘My child…’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 45
Madeline’s vision was blurred by her tears.

However, she still could not believe Jeremy would be that cold-blooded.

It was such a lively child. Could he really do that to a child?

Meredith yanked Madeline’s short hair with all her might. She looked at Madeline’s bare yet stunning face and could feel anger rising in her chest. “Madeline, do you know who I am now? I’m Miss Montgomery, and I’m going to be Mrs. Whitman soon. Who are you to fight me?”

She kicked away Madeline who was too weak to fight back. Smiling maliciously, she said, “Didn’t you want me to give you back your child?”

Madeline quivered. She could see Meredith holding a bottle that was about the size of a fist through her blurry vision. There was some white powder in it.

“Your child is here.”


Madeline felt as if all of the blood in her body had been sucked dry and her flesh had also been scraped clean. She only had her bones left.

Her vision turned dark, but she could hear Meredith’s eerie voice saying, “How unfortunate. This is a child who just came to this world. This child was a chubby and cute baby with flesh and blood. However, this child has become ashes now.

“Jeremy said the b*stard child deserves this. Who told you to keep upsetting me?

“Oh, this b*stard child was a girl. However, Jeremy did not even look at her before asking someone to take care of her.

“Since you want her useless ashes, then I shall give them to you.” Meredith pretended to be kind, but she was laughing sinisterly.

Madeline was in so much pain she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Her vision turned dark, but when she heard Meredith saying that, she regained it once more.

Her eyes were red as she watched Meredith lift the jar. When she was about to crawl over to catch it, the hired thug stomped on her back. She was being trapped underneath him.


The glass jar smashed into pieces in front of Madeline’s eyes. The ashes flew all over the place with some even landing on her face.

Madeline widened her red eyes. When she saw the ashes all over the floor, she had an emotional breakdown.


She screamed and wailed hysterically. Her pearly whites were stained with blood from her rough beatings. She looked so tragic at this moment.

Jeremy just got to the door of the cellar when he heard a bone-chilling scream.

His heart ached all of a sudden. He lifted his head to see a short-haired woman kneeling on the floor while gathering the powder on the floor with both hands like she was crazy.

When Madeline saw Jeremy, she made an aggrieved expression. “Jeremy, I didn’t want to do this to Maddie, but when I think about our deceased child, I get so sad…”

She found a reasonable reason to hurt Madeline.

Jeremy’s eyes widened. He looked at the woman in front of him in disbelief. She looked like she was crazy.

That was Madeline.

As he inspected her, Madeline lifted her head. Her face was bruised and there was blood on the corner of her lips. However, her eyes were pristine.

When he met her eyes, Jeremy felt a sudden shock.

Madeline did not expect to run into Jeremy again when she was in this state.

She gritted her teeth and used her last breath to run in front of Jeremy. Her bloody hands were covered with white ashes. She grabbed Jeremy’s collar tightly. “Jeremy! Why? Why are you so cruel? That’s our child! How could you be so cruel?”

Jeremy was stunned. He looked at the hysterical woman in front of him and his voice was as cold as before. “When did I have a child with you? Madeline, have you become confused after your incarceration?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 46
Every word he said felt like salt on her fresh and bloody wounds. The bone-piercing pain made her entire body numb.

“Hehe…” Madeline laughed pitifully.

It turned out he was so cruel that he even wiped away the presence of that child.

It turned out he was able to grind his own child’s bones to dust for that devil of a woman!

Madeline thought her heart was dead. She thought she would not be able to feel pain anymore.

However, she did not expect those wounds to start burning her again when she met that man once more.

“Jeremy, I didn’t expect Madeline to come to cause trouble for me the moment she got out of prison. I’m so scared. I’m so scared that she’ll hurt our baby again. She killed our baby once. I don’t want it to happen a second time.”

Meredith leaned against Jeremy’s chest while sobbing tearfully.

She was speaking so innocently, but it was evident that she was purposely lighting the fire of anger in Jeremy’s heart.

Just as the woman expected, Jeremy frowned as his malicious and terrifying gaze landed on Madeline.

“Madeline, do you think that three years in prison was too short for you? If you want to go back in there, you can tell me. Don’t let me catch you harassing Mer again!”

He pushed Madeline away roughly and warned with an icy tone. His protection and tolerance for Meredith were even more intense than before. It was all evident in his voice.

Madeline staggered and fell on the floor. She quivered from the pain in her entire body.

When she recalled the beatings and sufferings from those 1,000 nights and days, her heart started beating faster.

She did not want to go back to that place with no justice.

Madeline gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. The bone-deep love that she had for Jeremy in her eyes suddenly changed drastically.

She hated this!

She hated everything that evil woman, Meredith, did! She hated this man’s cold-bloodedness and cruelty! She also hated him for allowing Meredith to do those things devoid of all morality directly or indirectly again and again.

Why should her precious daughter atone for this devil woman, Meredith’s, crimes?

Meredith was the one who deserved to die!

“Jeremy, let’s go. Today is our darling’s second birthday. Let’s not make Mom and Dad and the rest wait too long for us,” Meredith said sweetly. After she said that, she grabbed Jeremy’s hand to turn around.

Madeline’s heart had been sliced with a knife.

Heh, how ironic.

Today was also the birthday of her precious daughter who was killed mercilessly.

If she was alive, she would have been two.

She lifted her head to look at their backs. That image pieced her eyes like needles.

What kind of man was she obsessed with for so many years?

Those beautiful promises when they were young had turned into an imaginary dream. Now, it was time for her to wake up from this dream.

Madeline found a place to set up a tomb for her lost child. It was right next to her grandfather.

After Ava knew what happened, she was livid. She grabbed a cleaver and was about to go to demand an explanation from Jeremy and Meredith. However, she was stopped by Madeline.

Who was Jeremy? With his identity and background, who in Glendale dared to cause trouble for him?

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 47
Meredith had become one of the socialites from the four major rich families in Glendale. If they crossed her, they might not be able to keep staying here.

She did not want Ava to get into trouble because of her.

After pondering about her painful experience, Madeline decided to start over.

She could only avenge herself and her dead child if she rose from the brambles.

Two days later, Madeline went to work in her new company.

Some of the wounds on her face had not healed yet, so Madeline used some concealer to hide the bruises.

The moment she arrived at her office, before she could even sit down, she was called over by Eve Garcia—her superior.

Eve looked like a strong and powerful businesswoman. She was dressed in the trendiest outfit and was beautiful. However, she had a resting b*tch face, so she looked dead serious. This made Madeline extremely nervous. She was worried that she would mess things up and fail her probation.

However, Eve was courteous to her. She told Madeline she could take her time and that she did not need to worry too much about things.

Madeline thought her superior was cold on the outside and warm on the inside. It was just that she was serious in speech and manner. When they were having lunch in the cafeteria, Madeline saw her sitting with a few of their female colleagues with a smirk of disdain on her face.

“Madeline is such a useless piece of trash. She can’t do anything right. If the boss hadn’t told me to hire her, I wouldn’t even want to look at her.”

Madeline’s heart started racing.

Who was the boss Eve was talking about? She recalled seeing Meredith in front of the office building. Was this company under the Montgomerys?

“Someone who has been incarcerated, used to work as a call girl, and plagiarized other people’s work is in our department. I feel so disgusted! A woman like her even wants to take part in the design of our department. Aren’t they worried that she’ll tarnish our work?” Eve said in contempt. The sarcasm in her voice was completely different from her polite attitude earlier.

However, what she said made Madeline even more sure that this company was related to Meredith.

Meredith was the only person in the world who would talk bad about her and smear her name.

Despite being heartless, Jeremy would not do something so stupid and meaningless.

She knew how it felt to have a million arrows penetrate her heart, so Madeline was calm when she was faced with this kind of slander.

Madeline walked over and the two women eating with Eve saw her approaching. They stopped awkwardly and made eyes at Eve.

However, Eve kept on cursing and swearing, “I heard in order to climb into Mr. Whitman’s bed, that shameless woman even drugged him. How cheap! I, personally, can’t bring myself to do that kind of thing. Only a prostitute like her would do something so shameless!”

She continued rambling. Suddenly, she noticed her colleague’s expressions were off. She turned around in puzzlement and saw Madeline standing behind her.

Eve froze, then said in dissatisfaction, “Have you finished the things I asked you to do? Why are you standing behind me like a dead person?”

Madeline smiled calmly. “Nothing. I just want to see how a shameful woman like you can put on one act in front of a person and then put on another act behind them. Did you talk bad about these two in front of other colleagues as well?”

After she said that, the faces of the two women sitting with Eve turned dark. Eve’s face had also fallen.

She leaped up and was agitated. “Madeline, what are you saying? Do you still want to work here?”

It was lunchtime and there were a lot of employees in the cafeteria. Everyone was looking over at them.

Madeline calmly removed the work pass in front of her chest and threw it on Eve’s face. “No, I don’t want to work here anymore.”

“You…” Eve’s face turned green. She pointed at Madeline but could not say anything.

Madeline turned around carefreely and saw two people standing at the entrance of the cafeteria. It was Meredith and Eloise.

Madeline only had resentment toward Meredith. However, when she saw Eloise, not only did she not mind Eloise misunderstanding her, but she even felt a kind of close and dear connection with her. However, Eloise was looking at her with so much contempt in her eyes.

Madeline felt her heart sinking without a reason. In order to prevent any more unwanted trouble, she decided to walk away. However, when she got to the door, Meredith stopped her.

“Maddie, don’t be like this. I know you need a job now. I spent so much time begging Mom to let you have a job here. Don’t throw childish tantrums. Go back to your work please.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 48
Indeed, the reason she could get this job so easily was because of Meredith pulling some strings behind the scenes.

However, Madeline was not an idiot. How would Meredith be so kind?

“Stop pretending. You don’t feel disgusted, but I do.” She pushed away Meredith’s hand that was trying to reach out to her in contempt.

Meredith tilted her body as if she was too weak and fragile. Then, she leaned against Eloise.

Eloise saw that her precious daughter was being bullied, so she walked over to Madeline in agitation and shielded Meredith behind her.

“Madeline, don’t be blind to what’s good for you! If Mer hadn’t begged me, I wouldn’t have let a person like you work in my company!” Eloise said angrily.

“Even though you’re not Mer’s biological sister, she never bickered with you despite you bullying her relentlessly. She was even so thoughtful of you. It’s fine if you’re not grateful, but you’re even trying to bite the hand that feeds you!”

It was this same phrase again.

Madeline was about to change her perspective about that idiom now.

Until now, she had no idea what benevolence Meredith had given to her. Meredith only gave her pain and more pain.

When Madeline saw Eloise protecting Meredith while scolding her, she felt another pang of pain in her heart.

“It’s fine, Mom. I can emphasize with Maddie. She has never had parents ever since she was young, so that’s why her views are a bit skewed. Please don’t be mad at her,” Meredith grabbed Eloise’s hand and said in an understanding manner.

Madeline was tired of explaining herself. She rolled her eyes and said, “How disgusting.”

Eloise’s face fell. When she was about to say something, Meredith stopped her again.

“Maddie, if you’ll feel better after yelling at me, then you should go ahead. I know you’ve suffered so much during the three years in prison.” Meredith was speaking so sensibly. She even said to the employees in the cafeteria, “Maddie did a lot of bad things in the past, but everyone makes mistakes. Plus, she has served her time and has atoned for her mistakes. I hope you guys won’t judge her. I’m thanking all of you in advance.”

It was such a two-faced performance, but after she said that, every employee started praising Meredith’s magnanimous behavior. Eloise was also looking at her daughter with a proud expression on her face.

Someone even praised Meredith for having the manner of a young lady from a noble family.

Madeline wanted to vomit when she heard that.

There were so many employees in the company. How many of them knew Madeline? After Meredith announced her past, she was forced to be labeled as despicable and shameless.

Some of them exclaimed about how she had served time.

A woman who had served time was not good.

Madeline was so disgusted that she left without turning back. It was as if everyone in the room was blind, deaf, or out of their minds. They could not see the wonderful performance that Meredith was putting on.

She packed her bags to leave the office. However, when she got to the door, she was stopped. “Madeline.”

She stopped and turned around to see Meredith smirking widely at her.

“Tch.” Meredith scoffed. “When did you become so weak? Are you really going to resign and not work here? Do you think you can find jobs in other places after you step out of this door?”

Her words reminded Madeline of the reality of it all.

No wonder she kept running into walls when she was looking for a job. Meredith was the one behind it.

“It’s you, right?”

“Right, it’s me. I told everyone in all industries that there will be a woman named Madeline Crawford. I told them that you’ve been to prison for plagiarism before and whoever hires you will be slapped with a lawsuit.”

Her nonchalant attitude lit the fire of anger in Madeline’s chest.

However, she was not rash. She only asked calmly, “Meredith, the way of heaven is fair, and the guilty will not escape. Your evil conduct will be exposed one day.”

“Tch.” Meredith snorted. “Madeline, don’t be stupid. Do you still believe the myth of evil can never prevail over good? If that was true, you wouldn’t have been convicted of plagiarism three years ago. I only had to say that you plagiarized and in the end, you were indeed caught plagiarizing.”

While she said that, she fiddled with the diamond ring on her ring finger.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 49
Madeline’s eyes became dispirited. She could clearly see the ring Meredith was wearing and it was the very ring she had designed!

“Madeline, you’re talented. This ring looks nice. I like it, but most importantly, Jeremy was the one who put it on for me.”

She was flaunting her ring, her pride clearly written all over her eyes.

Madeline curled her fingers and held the phone that was recording a video the entire time tightly in her hand. She smiled as she gritted her teeth.

“Meredith, did you just admit to framing me for plagiarism even though I’m clearly the original creator?”

Meredith scoffed. “So what? Who’s going to believe you? Who are you to compete with me?”

“That’s enough.” Madeline tugged the corner of her lips and turned around after she said that.

When Meredith saw Madeline behaving weirdly, she could feel that something was amiss. When she finally realized what was wrong, Madeline had already gotten into the car.

After a while, a video went viral on the internet.

In the video, Meredith’s face was clearly in the shot and every word she said was genuine and sure.

Madeline saw that the netizens were shocked by this. Then, some of them were even outraged by the injustice she suffered.

She had been falsely accused the entire time.

After a while, the comments below started to get out of control.

They were all saying that Meredith was forced to do that. They said that Madeline caused her to miscarry and that was why she did that. That was why this was understandable and forgivable.

Compared to Meredith losing her child, what was Madeline being falsely accused of plagiarism?

Could it even compare?

Madeline closed her eyes. She did not only lose her reputation, but she also lost her precious daughter.

However, who would care about that?

Madeline went back home, and when she was downstairs, she saw an expensive car parked at the entrance.

She walked over and the car door opened.

Jeremy walked out of the car. His tall and slender body was enveloped with the cold air of elegance.

Madeline was being inhibited by his grandeur alone.

She was terrified and wanted to avoid him. However, he stopped her, and there was a chilling glint in his deep, alluring eyes.

“So what if Mer bribed someone to accuse you of plagiarism? You only lost your reputation, but what about Mer? You killed her child! What are you trying to do by putting that video on the internet? Have you not hurt Mer enough?”

‘You only lost your reputation.’

He said that sentence so indifferently.

However, each and every one of his words was filled with defense for Meredith.

Madeline wanted to burst out laughing, and her eyes were slightly wet. She looked at him. “Indeed, it’s not enough.”

She clenched her fist and said those four words through her gritted teeth.

“I’ll make that b*tch’s life a living hell even if I have to spend a few more years in prison!”

Madeline lifted her head unyieldingly. She stared at Jeremy with her red eyes and did not show any signs of weakness.

She wanted to leave after she said that, but Jeremy grabbed her wrist as he tightened his hold on her.

She saw the changes in his eyes. After a few seconds, he said, “Madeline, stop trying to challenge my limits. If not, I’ll make you spend the rest of your life in prison.”

Madeline’s heart trembled. She would be lying if she said she was not scared. However, she would not allow herself to be weak in front of this man. She forced out a smile on her face despite the bone-crushing pain evading her body. She pretended to be carefree and grinned. “If it’ll make you happy, you can hire someone to kill me right now, Mr. Whitman. I won’t be around for long anyway. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just drag that b*tch down with me before I die.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 50
It was evident that Jeremy did not expect Madeline to have the courage to talk to him this way.

He initially wanted to teach Madeline a lesson, but suddenly, the expression in his eyes changed. His tone was as frigid as usual. “What do you mean by you won’t live long?”

Madeline did not expect Jeremy to be concerned about this. Should he not be yelling at her and warning her not to harass Meredith?

She could not guess what Jeremy was thinking about. However, she did not want to tell him about the tumor in her body.

“It’s nothing. You don’t have to be bothered by what a woman like me says, Mr. Whitman.” After Madeline finished saying that, she pushed Jeremy away. Perhaps it was the psychological effect, but the spot in her body where the tumor was began to hurt.

However, Jeremy did not give up just like that. “Madeline, you’re so stubborn. Are you trying to put on a pathetic act so that I’ll feel sorry for you?”

Madeline was taken aback before she laughed lightly. “Yeah, I’m putting up an act again. How can a shameless and cold-blooded woman like me compare to the love of your life? I think Meredith must be the purest and gentlest saint in your eyes!”

When she said this, she looked into Jeremy’s eyes.

He was deep in thought for about two seconds before he opened his mouth. “You’re right, no one is able to replace Mer in my heart. Ever since the first day I met her, I knew she would be the woman I want to protect for the rest of my life.”

Before Jeremy could finish, his eyes became sharp and piercing. “So, if you dare to hurt even a strand of Mer’s hair, I’ll make sure you pay it back 100 and 1,000 times worse.”

Every word he said felt like an ice sword slicing Madeline’s flesh.

The invisible blood was pouring out of her body, but he could not see it.

Madeline’s eyes were red, but she did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It turned out he had killed his own daughter so cruelly and heartlessly just to make Meredith feel better.

It turned out he wanted to protect Meredith the moment he saw her.

Then, who was she? He had also promised to always protect her when they were at the beach. What about his promise of taking her as his wife?

Was it a joke? Oh, no. In his eyes, she was nothing. She was not even a joke.

Madeline suddenly felt like she did not know this man in front of her. No, he was not a man. He was the devil.

After Jeremy left, Madeline went back to her home and curled up in bed from the pain.

She did not take any painkillers. She wanted the pain to remind her that she needed to be strong and live with a clear and sound mind so that she could avenge her daughter.

Madeline started looking for a job again. In the end, the results were evident—no company wanted to hire her.

She stood at the junction of the busy street and at the streetlight. Then, she started to space out.

How would she fight with Meredith in her current situation?

She saw a feasting and pleasure-seeking entertainment center not far away from her and she suddenly remembered something.

Before she got incarcerated, she was still bearing a huge debt.

She had been out for some time, but she never got any phone calls asking her to pay up.

Madeline thought the other party was not forcing her to pay because they felt sorry for her. After she asked about it, she found out that someone had already paid her debt for her.

The first person she thought of was Ava. She was worried that Ava had paid for her debt by taking a loan from a loan shark. However, the other party said that it was a man who paid for her.

Madeline’s heart was beating extremely fast at that moment. Jeremy’s face instantly appeared in her brain.

Was it him?

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