Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 371-380

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 371

After Rose and Jon were taken aback by Madeline’s sharp gaze, they scoffed.

“Vera, what else do you have to say?” Do you think everyone here is an idiot and will be fooled by just a few words from you?”

After Madeline heard that, she smiled. “Since everyone isn’t an idiot, do you think you can pin those crimes on me based on your one-sided statement?”

Rose was stunned. Suddenly, she felt as if what she said had come back to bite her in the bottom.

“Vera, you…”

“Shut up!” Madeline interrupted coldly.

Rose trembled. When she met Madeline’s frigid glare, she could not help but feel fearful.

“You keep saying that you want to seek justice for your precious daughter Meredith, but just ask yourself, does Meredith even have the right to talk about justice?”


“You keep saying that I framed and harmed Meredith, even causing her to get tarnished by a group of thugs. Do you have proof? You don’t, but I do!”

“…” Rose’s face was flushed white. She then averted her gaze due to a guilty conscience.

The two of them knew the truth clearly. The people at Old Master Whitman’s birthday party also knew about this.

“Do you want me to play that hideous video of you kneeling in front of me while begging me not to call the police for everyone to see?”

When Rose heard this, her face turned from red to green. She felt extremely embarrassed.

Madeline scoffed. “You and Meredith worked together to get someone to kidnap me. In the end, Meredith refused to pay them so they were infuriated. She suffered the consequences of her own actions while you were an accomplice. So where did you get the audacity to stand here and twist the truth to slander me? Do you believe that I’ll call the police right now to get to the bottom of that incident?”


The corner of Rose’s lips twitched. Her expression changed and she started feeling anxious.

Madeline continued in a laid-back manner, “The reason Meredith was brought away by the police is that there’s sufficient evidence proving that she attempted murder. She’s in the detention center now because she brought this upon herself. The law will punish a woman who’s capable of harming her own child.”

She then looked at Rose with a grin. Rose was on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

“I don’t think you’re here to avenge Meredith. You’re here to solidify her crimes. No wonder Meredith ended up this way. It’s all because of you evil dimwits.”

“B-Bullsh*t!” Rose was starting to not make sense. Her fingers were pointed at Madeline shakily. “Don’t be fooled by this homewrecker. Mer was falsely accused! This homewrecker is the true culprit!”

“Jeremy has already announced his relationship with Meredith. They aren’t dating or married, so if that’s the case, my relationship with Jeremy is right and proper. It’s none of anyone’s business,” Madeline smiled and said in a composed manner.

“On the other hand, I heard that your daughter Meredith stuck her foot in her sister Madeline and Jeremy’s marriage. I’m afraid she’s the real homewrecker that you keep yammering about.”

“Y-You…” Rose was speechless. She could not form any words right now.

Suddenly, she regretted everything. Back then, Meredith told her she was not Vera’s opponent and she did not believe her. She insisted on coming out and going against Vera head-on. Now, she had shot herself in her own foot.

“Damn it! What a stupid and vile old woman. Does she really think we’re all idiots who can’t see the truth?”

“I’ve hated Meredith for a very long time. The things on her Twitter are so hypocritical and vain. She’s so pretentious! Thank God my idol has nothing to do with her!”

“I was disgusted by her when she got between Madeline and Jeremy’s marriage. I don’t even know how this kind of person has a following.”

“She’s even Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery’s beloved daughter. What a waste! Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery did so many good things for charity and now their reputation is completely ruined by Meredith.”

When Rose heard the angry words from the crowd, she realized that these people were all criticizing her and not Vera.

She had completely embarrassed herself this time!

Rose’s face was red as she ran away after pushing away the crowd.

Jon was just a coward who depended on his wife. He would only bully the weak. When he saw this current situation, he quickly ran away as well.

After the two of them left, Madeline felt the air was fresher.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 372

She curled the corners of her lips and smiled. “I’m sorry for causing a bad shopping experience. As compensation, I’ll be giving a 20% discount on all jewelry in the shop.”

The customers who were here were elated. Naturally, they would be fonder of Madeline.

Madeline smiled and settled things with her customers. Then, she grabbed her bag to go to the parking lot.

She drove all the way to the place that she was most familiar with.

She waited for ten minutes before seeing Rose and Jon walking over while cursing under their breaths.

Madeline smirked and sped toward Jon and Rose.

When Jon and Rose heard the sound of the car, they lifted their heads. Then, they saw a white car speeding toward them.

The car was going very fast and was getting closer and closer to them.

Jon and Rose felt their souls leaving their bodies. They did not care about anything else and just wanted to get out of there.

However, it was too late. The car was about half a meter away from them and would crash into them in the next second.

“Ah!” Rose screamed in fear and fell to the ground.

At the next second, with a sharp screech, the white car stopped in front of them.

Rose and Jon gasped for air and were still in a panicked state. When they saw the car door opening, Rose decided to blackmail the driver for some money. She started yelling at them.

“Is that how you drive? Don’t drive if you don’t know how to! Could you afford it if you had run into me? Do you know who I am? Do you know who my son-in-law is?”

“I only did that because I know who you are.” Madeline’s calm voice went into Rose and Jon’s ears.

The two of them looked at her in shock.


Madeline closed the door carefreely and strode in front of Jon and Rose overbearingly.

“You made a fuss in my shop and ruined my reputation. Do you think you can just get away like that?”

Rose’s pupils constricted. She dragged her heavy body and stood up challengingly.

“Vera Quinn, what do you want? Let me tell you, this is our territory!” Jon glared and threatened.

“You’re still trying to talk to me in that tone? Do you want to accompany your precious daughter in prison or do you want your daughter to stay in there longer?”

When Jon and Rose heard that, they shut their mouths.

Rose shifted her gaze, then suddenly, she said flatteringly with a grin, “Miss Quinn, you’re kind and benevolent, so don’t quibble over this with an uncultured common person like me. Yes, it was my fault. I’m inhuman for targeting you this entire time. I hope you can be lenient and let me off the hook.”

She even fake-slapped herself a few times.

“Miss Quinn, if you don’t mind, my house is right in front. We can sit down and talk if there’s anything that needs to be discussed. What do you think?”

Madeline nodded in satisfaction. “That’s more like it.”

Rose led the way and gave Jon a look.

Madeline opened her messaging app to look at it before following them.

The house was still the same as before. However, the renovation was different.

It was evident that Meredith had received a lot of benefits from the Montgomeries.

Madeline sat in the living room while Jon and Rose went into the kitchen. They said they were going to make her tea.

However, when they went inside the kitchen, Rose’s hypocritical smile disappeared. There was a sinister glint in her eyes as she dropped some pesticide into the tea.

“Hmph, who asked her to be so arrogant? I want her to never have the chance to speak again!”

She stirred the tea with a teaspoon and smiled hypocritically. Then, she handed the tea to Madeline respectfully. “Miss Quinn, this is made from our own tea leaves, so its taste is pretty unique. Please have a taste.”

Madeline took the cup with a smile. After taking a sniff, she said, “It indeed smells very unique. I have to taste this properly, then.”

She said and lifted the cup. Then, she moved it closer to her lips.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 373

Jon and Rose started straight at Madeline when she lifted the cup to her lips and was about to taste the tea. They were waiting expectantly for Madeline to drink it.

Madeline’s lips were about to touch the rim of the cup, but all of a sudden, she lifted her gaze and there was a sharp glint in her eyes.

Jon and Rose were startled. When they were trying to figure out what Madeline was thinking about, she flung her right hand and the tea splashed onto both of their faces.

Even though the water was not at its boiling point, it was at least 150 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jon and Rose wailed in pain while their faces were burnt red.

“You! Vera, what the hell are you doing?” Rose took a piece of tissue to wipe her face angrily. Her face at this moment was terrifyingly red and malevolent.

“Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I don’t know that you’d put something in the tea?” Madeline asked in an icy tone. Then, she threw the cup at Jon and Rose’s feet.

With a smash, the cup broke into pieces. Jon and Rose dodged away from it as they were scared to get hurt by the pieces.

Rose and Jon had been splashed with hot water and were almost smashed with the cup in such a short period of time. They could not come back to their senses after a long while.

After they came back to their senses, Madeline was already standing in front of them. “How’s it? Is the tea delicious?”

Rose’s brain registered what was going on as she rolled up her sleeves furiously. Her face looked sinister. “Darling, shut the door!”

When Jon heard that, he quickly ran over to shut the door.

Rose bared her teeth as she glared at Madeline. “How dare you be so unbridled even when you’re in our territory?! Vera, I’m going to let you see what I can do!”

She lifted her hand and slapped in the direction of Madeline’s face.

Madeline reached out her hand and grabbed Rose’s wrist tightly. There was an icy glint in her eyes. “The moment I opened my eyes again, I swore that I would never let anyone hurt me anymore!”

She swung away Rose’s wrist coldly.

Rose was stuck in a daze when she saw Madeline’s murderous gaze. She stumbled and crashed into the sofa before falling on the broken shards of the cup. Finally, she came back to her senses and started barking orders at Jon.

“Darling, get that b*tch! I’m going to kill her today!”

Jon had an aggressive look on his face. He pounced at Madeline while making threatening gestures.

Madeline reached out her hand calmly, and with the three tactics that Felipe taught her to fight against sexual predators, she managed to take Jon down. Then, she pushed him onto Rose.


Rose wailed in pain. Her bottom was bleeding profusely.

How could Jon have expected himself to lose against such a tiny woman? He got up from the floor to get a weapon.

However, when he placed his hand on the floor to support himself, a high heel stepped right on the back of his hand.

He lifted his head in disbelief as he met Madeline’s cold gaze instantly.

She was towering over him, stifling him with her monarch-like temperament.

“Does it hurt?” Madeline asked with a smile. “However, how could this force compare to the pain of you stepping on my fingers and trying to crush them under your feet?”

When Jon heard that, he was stunned. “W-What are you talking about? When did I step on your hand?”

“No?” Madeline chuckled lowly. “It was just a few years ago. Have you gotten Alzheimer’s so soon? If you do, then let me help you remember.”

Madeline restrained her gaze and waved her hand. Then, with a loud smack, fingerprints slowly appeared on Jon’s right cheek.

Jon was stunned.

Rose also widened her eyes in shock.

“H-How dare you slap my husband?”

Madeline lifted her cold gaze. “So what? Do I have to ask for your permission? Did you ask for my permission when you slapped and kicked me again and again?”



After Madeline questioned them, Jon and Rose’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

The air around them plunged into silence. However, Jon and Rose were disturbed. Then, a storm started in their hearts.

“W-What did you say?” Rose pointed at Madeline with shaky fingers, her eyes filled with disbelief.

“What did I say? Don’t you know the human language?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 374

Madeline lowered her head to look at the horrified faces. Then, she narrowed her eyes, the flames of hatred in them piercing through them relentlessly.

“I treated you like my own parents. I willingly gave my Hematopoietic stem cells to Meredith to save her life, but what about you two? I never had any excessive expectations and thought you would thank me for what I did to Meredith, but I never expected you to bite the hand that fed you either!”



“I’ve never framed anyone. I’ve also never done anything that would harm you, but all of you worked together to harm and torture me again and again!

“I was in so much pain and you still kicked me in the chest. You turned a blind eye when I fell on the floor vomiting blood. You just left me there hanging on to dear life in the rain!”

Meredith listed out all of their crimes, her eyes looking malicious.

“You people don’t have the most basic humanity! You’re not human at all!”

After she said that, Jon and Rose’s brains finally registered what was going on.

Rose stared straight at Madeline, her eyes slowly widening from the shock.

“You… Madeline! You’re Madeline! You’re not Vera Quinn, you’re Madeline Crawford!”

Madeline lifted her brow. “That’s right. I’m that Madeline who you longed to kill every day.”


It felt like lightning had struck down on them. Rose and Jon’s eyes were about to fall from their heads.

“Y-You’re not dead!”

“The people who harmed me are still well and alive, so why would I die?”

“You…” Rose’s eyes were red from anger. “You’re still well and alive, you b*tch! No wonder you’ve been targeting Mer the moment you arrived. Tell me, what do you want? Let me tell you, Mer has Jeremy and the Montgomeries behind her back. If you dare to do anything impulsive, you’ll—”

“Aw, are you still dreaming?” Madeline chuckled and interrupted. “Do you still think Jeremy will help your precious angel? In regards to the Montgomeries, you should know very well who’s the real Miss Montgomery.”


Rose started to stammer as she could not find any comebacks.

She pushed Jon angrily. “What are you waiting for? Get her!”

Jon got up hurriedly to get a weapon to attack Madeline.

“You btch! Madeline, you btch! If we could push you to the verge of death back then, we can make you wish you were dead today too!”

Rose’s eyes were filled with hostility. When she saw Jon coming over with a knife, she endured the pain on her bottom and pounced at Madeline.

After Madeline dodged from her, she heard the familiar rumbling of a car engine outside.

It was almost time.

She stood there motionlessly. Jon thought Madeline was scared, so he used that opportunity to put the knife against Madeline’s neck.

“Don’t move!”


A few seconds after Jon threatened her, the door was kicked open by someone.

Jeremy saw Jon holding the knife against Madeline’s neck and there was a cold tide behind his icy glare.

Madeline secretly smirked but still displayed a terrified expression. “Jeremy, save me. They want to kill me…”

“Damn it!”

Jeremy spat out these two words that were laced with murderous intent from his thin lips.

Jon trembled when his eyes met Jeremy’s icy ones. Before he could say anything, Jeremy ran over to him and kicked him away.

Jeremy pulled Madeline into his arms, his narrow eyes filled with worry.

“Vera, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

At this moment, the knife fell and stabbed into the back of Rose’s leg.

“Ouch!” Rose wailed in pain again. She lifted her head to see Jeremy holding Madeline with so much gentleness and worry. She forgot Meredith told her that Jeremy had been in love with Madeline the whole time. She blurted out in arrogance, “Jeremy, don’t trust this woman. She’s not Vera Quinn! She’s that b*tch, Madeline Crawford!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 375

“Jeremy, I’m telling the truth. That b*tch is Madeline!” Rose pointed at Madeline and shrieked through gritted teeth.

Jon chimed in, “Jeremy, my wife is telling the truth. Vera Quinn is that b*tch you despise the most, Madeline Crawford!”

“Shut up!” Jeremy’s tone was frigid, and there was a thick layer of frost in his eyes. “How dare you attack Vera to vent on Meredith? I will make you pay dearly for this.”

After he said those bone-chilling words, Jon and Rose’s pupils constricted. It felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured from above their heads. In an instant, their body temperatures dropped.

“Vera, let me take you home.” Jeremy’s voice changed. Even his eyes were gentle and warm like they had been caressed by a gentle spring breeze.

Madeline leaned against Jeremy’s chest in shock, her eyes looking lovely. “Jeremy, it’s so good to be able to see you now. I was so scared that I’d be murdered by them.”

“You… Madeline, you btch! Stop acting!” Rose roared angrily and emphasized once again. “Jeremy, she’s really that btch, Madeline! She admitted it herself just now!”

“Jeremy, I didn’t say that. They want to exonerate Meredith from her crimes, so they want to kill me because I’m the most important witness,” Madeline said softly. The horrifying sharpness that Jon and Rose saw in her clear and alluring eyes just now was gone. There was only the vulnerability of a weak woman.

“Madeline, y-you…” Rose was so mad that her face was now bright red. When she was about to say something, she saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s shoulder gently before turning around.

Madeline leaned against Jeremy’s chest and did not forget to turn around to look at them with victory in her eyes.

When she saw Jon and Rose almost exploding from anger, she smirked.

Madeline got into Jeremy’s car. In those three years of staying in F Country, Madeline got a driving license. However, she did not let Jeremy know about this. She also would not let him know that she was the one who drove here.

Before she arrived at this place, she sent a message telling him that Jon and Rose brought her here. She asked him to come quickly to save her.

Everything went smoothly and he came just in time.

Jeremy brought Madeline back to his place. She held onto his arm and leaned against his chest with a terrified look.

“Jeremy, I’m so afraid. Are they trying to use your ex-wife’s name to hurt me because I look like her?”

“I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Jeremy comforted in a soft voice. He lowered his gaze to look at the woman in his embrace.

“I feel much safer with you next to me.” Madeline looked at Felipe’s message discreetly as a small smile appeared on her face. There was a pleased look in her lively eyes. “Jeremy, I’m still a little scared. Can you stay with me for a little longer?”

“Of course.” Jeremy nodded before tightening his arms around her.

After cleaning up their wounds, Jon and Rose went to the detention center to visit Meredith.

When they saw Meredith, Jon and Rose told her everything that happened just now without missing out on a single detail.

They thought that Meredith would be surprised, but she already knew about this before them.

Meredith gritted her teeth as a murderous glint shone in her eyes. “That b*tch. She planned all of those traps to let me walk right into them!”

Rose touched her injured bottom, feeling perturbed. “I didn’t expect that b*tch to still be alive. She even went through a complete transformation. It’s like she’s a completely different person. The worst thing now is that Jeremy trusts her completely while you’re stuck in here, Mer. What should we do now?”

When Meredith heard that, she clenched her fists. There was a trace of unwillingness in her eyes. “Jeremy trusts her because of her btch face!” she said before looking at Rose and Jon. She warned solemnly, saying, “Don’t let Jeremy know that the btch is Madeline. If not, we’ll all be finished.”


When Rose and Jon heard that, they looked at each other.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 376

“Have you already told Jeremy that the b*tch is Madeline?”

“N-No! Plus, it seems like that b*tch doesn’t want Jeremy to know that she’s Madeline.” Rose denied it when she realized that she could not let Jeremy know about this.

After Meredith heard that, she let out a sigh of relief.

“There will be a hearing in two days. Eloise has already hired the best lawyer for me. I should be able to get out of here soon.”

Rose’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Of course.” Meredith snorted. “It seems that Madeline doesn’t plan to tell the Montgomeries about her real identity.”

Jon and Rose looked at each other in confusion. “Mer, doesn’t that b*tch already know that she’s Eloise’s daughter? Since she has already exposed herself to us, then why won’t she acknowledge that Eloise and Sean are her parents?”

“If you’re in her shoes, would you still want to go back to your parents after you’ve been attacked, yelled at, and ignored by them?” Meredith rolled her eyes.

“I think she resents Sean and Eloise.”

Jon and Rose felt that it made sense after Meredith’s analysis.

At this moment, the door of the conjugal room opened and two officers walked in.

Jon and Rose thought their time was up, but they did not expect the two officers to walk over and handcuff them.

The three of them were startled. “Officer, w-why are you arresting us?”

“Mr. Whitman was just here to make a report. You two are involved in an attempted murder.”



Rose and Jon were stunned for a few seconds. Then, they remembered what had happened just now.

“Officer, we didn’t! We’ve been wrongfully accused!”

“Mer, you have to ask Eloise to save us! Mer!”

Mer watched as Rose and Jon were taken away by the officers. In the next second, she was brought away by the officer as well.

She could not imagine how deep Jeremy’s feelings for Madeline were. He could protect Vera even without knowing that she was Madeline and it was all because of her face.

She was so jealous!

“Madeline!” She spat out her name through gritted teeth. She wanted so badly to crush Madeline into dust.

After knowing that Jon and Rose had been locked up, Madeline felt pleased.

She went to make a statement at the station, proving that Jon and Rose did have the intention to harm her. After signing her name, Madeline was about to leave when she ran into Eloise at the entrance.

She remembered that she had also run into her at the entrance last time. However, Eloise was hostile with her back then. She still looked elegant and noble, yet she did not look too well. There were even dark circles under her eyes.

Madeline turned around silently to prevent any unnecessary conflict. However, the moment she turned around, she heard Eloise calling out to her in a gentle and friendly tone that she had never heard before. “Miss Vera.”

Madeline felt her heart tremble. She could not believe that Eloise would call out to her in such a soft tone.

She stopped in her tracks and turned around. She smiled nonchalantly. “Can I help you, Mrs. Montgomery?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 377

Eloise walked in front of Madeline slowly, her smile looking amiable. “I wonder if I could have the honor of inviting you to have dinner at my place tonight?”

Madeline frowned. “Am I hearing things? Are you inviting me for a meal at your place, Mrs. Montgomery?”

‘Does she know something?’

‘Is that why she’s inviting me to her home in such a friendly manner?’

However, Madeline immediately saw a hint of reluctance in Eloise’s eyes.

Madeline understood now. Eloise was only doing this for Meredith.


How pathetic.

‘My birth mother is willing to give a half-hearted invitation to a woman she despises for the sake of a heartless she-devil.

“Miss Vera, I hope you can forgive me for what I’ve done in the past. I’m sincerely inviting you to be a guest in my home.” Eloise had a smile on her face while waiting for Madeline’s reply.

Madeline felt that it was too ironic. She wanted to reject her.

However, she could not do it.

The person in front of her was her mother who brought her into this world—despite her hatred toward her or how she could not even sense the existence of her biological daughter.

“Alright,” answered Madeline. When she saw an unrestrained smile on Eloise’s face, she felt emptiness and ridiculousness in her heart.

After Madeline left, Eloise walked into the station. Then, she went to visit Meredith in the detention center.

Madeline started to feel anxious when she heard that Eloise had invited Madeline to dinner at the house.

She did not know what Madeline was planning. Madeline was not the halfwit she used to be. It was difficult to predict what she was thinking about.

However, Meredith made up her mind to complain about Madeline first no matter what. “Mom, I know you’re doing this for me, but I’d rather rot in jail than see you and Dad curry favors with Vera.”

Meredith grabbed Eloise’s hand in devastation, her eyes filled with tears.

“That woman is so scary. Mom, you and Dad have to stay away from her. If not, she’ll harm you as well!”

Eloise felt at ease when she heard those ‘warmhearted’ reminders.

She caressed Meredith’s hair, feeling even more heartbroken when she saw the haggardness and exhaustion on Meredith’s face.

“Mer, don’t worry. Mom and Dad know what to do. We’ll definitely get you out of here. It doesn’t matter if we lose everything.”


Meredith cried while feeling touched. However, she still shook her head violently.

“I know you guys are doing this for me, but Vera isn’t a kind person. She caused me to be wrongfully imprisoned and even had my adoptive parents arrested. She hinted multiple times that I’m not your real biological daughter as well. She’ll definitely incite disharmony between our relationship when she gets to the house tonight…”

“Mer, don’t worry. I believe that you’re my biological daughter. The birthmark and DNA report all proved that you’re mine. I won’t be fooled by that Vera Quinn.”

When Meredith got that ensuring answer, she secretly let out a sigh of relief.

She had been waiting for Eloise to say this!

Despite being unwilling, Eloise still ordered the maids to prepare a whole table of food to serve Madeline.

At dusk, Jeremy drove Madeline to the front door of Montgomery Manor.

The housekeeper, Diana, was eyeing Madeline from the dark. Her eyes were filled with hostility.

‘You b*tch.

‘You killed my Brit.

‘I want you to go accompany Brit tonight!’

“Jeremy, I’ll go in now. I’ll see you later.” Madeline waved at Jeremy.

The man looked at her warmly and nodded. “I’ll come to pick you up.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 378


Madeline smiled softly. After she watched Jeremy’s car leaving, she turned around and walked in.

This was not the first time she came to Montgomery Manor, but it felt different this time.

The previous time, she came here all dressed up to outshine Meredith. However, she was dressed casually today.

She strode into the house, and some of the maids were astonished when they saw her.

Even though she was dressed casually and did not have any makeup on, she still looked elegant and poised.

They knew she was Miss L.ady’s designer, Vera Quinn. She was also the woman who was recently entangled with Miss Montgomery.

They did not expect Vera to be the important guest Eloise told them about. The maids were curious.

She was Miss Montgomery’s rival, so why was she the important guest?

After Madeline walked in, she saw Eloise and Sean.

They were dressed casually as well. However, their clothes and jewelry were all expensive branded goods.

Eloise smiled and greeted her, saying, “Please sit, Miss Vera.”

“Thanks.” Madeline sat down indifferently. She looked at the delicious food in front of her, and yet, she had no appetite.

Sean opened a bottle of wine that cost six digits and poured it for Madeline.

“I’m happy to see you tonight, Miss Quinn. Please forgive us for the misunderstanding and wrongdoings we’ve done in the past.”


Madeline smiled and lifted the wine glass.

Forgive was such an easy word to say, but it was even more difficult to do than flying.

When Eloise saw that Madeline was not talking, she looked at Sean nervously.

Sean patted Eloise’s hand to comfort her. Then, he said, “I know Miss Quinn has a lot of artistic attainments when it comes to jewelry designing. My wife, Ellie, is also well researched in this field. Coincidentally, our company is hosting a big jewelry project and we’re looking for a professional as our guide. If you’re willing, Miss Quinn, you can name your price.”

Indeed, they were trying to tempt her with benefits. At the end of the day, this was all for Meredith.

Madeline smiled. “Money isn’t that important to me. Plus, I’ll marry Jeremy soon, so reputation will be readily available for me as well.”

“…” Sean and Eloise were speechless.

Madeline placed her wine glass down and walked into the living room.

Eloise and Sean followed her. “Miss Vera, do you want to tour around the house?”

Madeline nodded. “This place is so beautiful. When I was watching television as a kid, I would see the children on television living in such luxurious and beautiful houses, so I would also fantasize about living in such houses and having parents who love me. It must be such a spectacular feeling.”

Eloise felt something tugging at her heartstrings when she saw the melancholy in Madeline’s face.

She walked next to Madeline. “I remember you mentioning about your parents before, Miss Vera. I think they’re—”

“They lost me,” Madeline continued profoundly, “Just like how you lost your flesh and blood back then. My absent-minded parents lost me the same way.”


After Eloise and Sean heard that, their heartbeats accelerated.

When they saw Madeline’s huge eyes that were filled with complicated emotions, they started to feel uneasy for no reason.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a similar experience with my daughter,” Eloise lamented, “However, thank God me and my husband found our precious baby who had been missing for so many years.” As she spoke, a happy smile appeared on her face.

Madeline knew Eloise was talking about Meredith.

She felt a pang of pain in her heart. An unknown ache was taking over her heart.

“Miss Vera has both reputation and money now, so I think you’ll have a lot of channels to find someone. Have you not found your birth parents after so many years?”

When Madeline heard Eloise’s question, she came back to her senses and looked into her smiling eyes. “I’ve found them.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 379

When Sean and Eloise heard Madeline’s answer, for some reason, their hearts skipped a beat. The two of them asked at the same time, “You’ve found your parents?”

Madeline nodded and smiled. “Yeah, I’ve found my birth parents.”

When Eloise got such an affirmative answer, she smiled.

At this moment, her smile came from the bottom of her heart.

“That’s good. It’s good that you found them. You’ll be able to reunite with your family if that’s the case.”

“Reunite with them?” Madeline rolled those words off her mouth and scoffed ironically. “I won’t even have the chance to reunite with them.”

Eloise frowned. “Why?”

“They can’t recognize me even when I’m standing right in front of them. They don’t want to acknowledge me either.”

Madeline looked straight at Eloise and Sean. The two of them were visibly taken aback.

Madeline smiled and broke the eerie atmosphere. “Maybe I’m just unfortunate. My parents lost me when I was small, then I was abandoned by my boyfriend after I grew up. Thankfully when I was at my lowest, I met an exceptional man who’s one in a million.”

Sean and Eloise looked at each other. They knew Madeline was talking about Jeremy.

The room plummeted into silence again. At this moment, the housekeeper, Diana, walked out with three bowls of soup.

“Madam, Sir, Miss Quinn, please have some soup.”

Eloise introduced quickly, saying, “Miss Vera, this is Diana’s famous clam chowder. It’s delicious and good for you. Have a taste.”

“Alright.” Madeline quickly turned around and went back to her seat.

Even though she knew Eloise and Sean were just hosting her because of Meredith, it was such a rare reunion for the three of them.

Despite it being a hypocritical show of affection, it was still rare for her.

She picked up the spoon. When she was about to take a sip, her sharp sense of smell told her that there was something wrong with the chowder.

When Eloise saw Madeline putting down her spoon, she asked curiously, “Miss Vera, why aren’t you drinking it? Is it not to your liking?”

“I’m afraid you have to ask Diana about this,” Madeline said as she looked at the housekeeper who was standing at one side.

When the housekeeper’s name was mentioned, her expression changed.

Eloise and Sean were still puzzled when the housekeeper took out a fruit knife from behind her back and was about to stab Madeline with it.

Eloise and Sean were shocked when they saw the sharp knife approaching Madeline. They ran in front of Madeline to stop Diana.

“Diana, what are you doing?” Eloise stood in front of Madeline. “Miss Vera has no beef with you. Why do you want to kill her with a knife? Are you crazy?”

“Miss Vera? She’s Madeline Crawford! She killed Miss Brittany and changed her name so she could get away with her crimes! I must avenge Miss Brittany today!”

The housekeeper was extremely hostile, and her eyes were filled with hatred. She wanted so badly to chop Madeline into a million pieces.

Madeline finally understood. The woman who she saw hiding at the corner crying heavily while looking at Brittany’s photo was the housekeeper.

“She’s not Madeline! Madeline died a long time ago!” Eloise emphasized. “Put the knife down.”

“She is Madeline!” The housekeeper insisted. She waved the fruit knife again. “Madam, please get out of the way. Don’t you want me to kill this cold-blooded woman to avenge Miss Brittany?” the housekeeper said while charging toward Madeline and waving the fruit knife.

Madeline knew she could dodge from her safely. However, she did not expect Eloise and Sean to stand in front of her.

This surprised her.

Despite Sean and Eloise not knowing what was going on, at this moment, Madeline clearly knew that these two were the closest people to her.

She had never experienced protection from her parents. However, at this moment, she felt it.




While Madeline was spacing out, she heard Sean screaming frantically.

She lifted her gaze and saw blood pouring out from the back of Eloise’s arm.

“Madam! Madam, I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t want to hurt you!” The housekeeper apologized hurriedly.

Sean carried Eloise to the garage quickly.

Madeline followed after them without hesitating.

Sean rushed to start the car while Madeline was looking after Eloise in the backseat. Blood poured from Eloise’s wound. Madeline felt as if her heart had been sliced open when she saw the long and deep wound on Eloise’s arm.

She removed her coat and wrapped it around Eloise’s wound.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 380

“Mrs. Montgomery, don’t fall asleep. We’re almost at the hospital.” Madeline grabbed Eloise’s shoulder, and when she saw Eloise almost losing consciousness, she kept trying to talk to her.

Her heart was speeding as she was extremely anxious. The corners of her eyes were also wet with tears.


Suddenly, Madeline heard Eloise calling Meredith’s name.

Her heart was already aching. Now, it was one disaster on top of another.

At this moment, Eloise started pleading weakly.

“You’re also a mother, Miss Vera. I hope you can empathize with me as a mother. The hearing is tomorrow and I’m begging you to please let Mer off the hook. What she did was wrong, but as her parents, we’ve committed an even bigger crime. We didn’t educate her since she was small. Miss Vera, I’m begging you, please?”

Madeline pressed her lips together as she sobbed, her eyes wet with tears.

“Mrs. Montgomery, she’s not worthy of this.”

“She is. She’s my only daughter.”

Madeline bit her lip after she heard that. “She’s not. She’s not your biological daughter.”

“I know you’d say this tonight.” Eloise smiled superficially. “However, I must tell you that she is. She’s my biological daughter.”

After she said that, the car stopped moving.

Sean quickly carried Eloise into the hospital.

Madeline’s white shirt was stained with Eloise’s blood and even her hands were covered with blood.

She walked into the hospital. Since Eloise had lost too much blood, she was sent to the emergency department.

When she was in the elevator, Madeline received a call from Jeremy.

When he knew that Madeline was in the hospital, he canceled all of his online meetings and rushed to the hospital immediately.

When he saw her covered in blood, Jeremy’s heartbeat became erratic.


He looked uneasy as he grabbed her shoulders frantically.

“I’m fine. This is Mrs. Montgomery’s blood.” Madeline explained.

Finally, Jeremy noticed Sean standing at one side.

After knowing what was going on, Jeremy looked at Madeline. His restless heart finally calmed down.

He never wanted to experience that unbearable pain again.

The door of the emergency department opened at this moment. A nurse quickly ran out and Sean stopped her. “How’s my wife?”

“Mrs. Montgomery’s wound is too deep and she has lost a lot of blood. She’s unconscious right now. Since her blood type is rare, the blood bank doesn’t have the one she needs. I’m about to go get some in our branch. It’ll take at least two hours.

“It can’t be helped.”

“It can.” Madeline walked over. “I can donate my blood to Mrs. Montgomery.”

“You?” Sean looked at Madeline in astonishment.

Jeremy’s eyes lit up.

“Stop wasting time. I’m going to donate blood now.”

Madeline turned around quickly while Jeremy and Sean followed after her.

After asking for some relevant information, Madeline quickly went through the procedure of giving blood. After a while, she donated 500cc of blood.

Jeremy removed his coat and draped it across Madeline’s shoulders.

When Sean saw Madeline giving so much blood for Eloise, he did not know what to say.

When she was about to leave, a nurse walked over. When the nurse saw Madeline, she was surprised.

“Oh? It’s you?”

Madeline was taken aback. She felt that the nurse looked familiar.

“You are…”

“Did you forget? When Mrs. Montgomery was losing too much blood during her surgery, her daughter refused to donate. Thankfully, you donated 500cc of your blood and it saved Mrs. Montgomery.”

The nurse slowly brought back Madeline’s memory.

Before she could deny it, the nurse said to Jeremy, “Mr. Whitman, I remember your son getting hurt and needing blood three years ago. Then, a kind woman donated her blood to him. Back then, you asked me who it was. Here, it’s this woman. She’s very beautiful, so I never forgot about her.”

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