Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 351-360

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 351

Upon taking a closer look, it was indeed Rose.

She was puzzled. This was a tattoo shop, so what were Rose and Mer doing here?

Was Mer here for a tattoo?

Was it because she was so in love with Jeremy that she wanted to tattoo his name on her body?

After contemplating, she was about to walk in.

However, when she stepped forward, she heard Rose talking happily to someone on the phone. “Don’t worry, I’ve asked someone to ask about this a long time ago. The owner of this tattoo shop is very skilled, so the Montgomeries will definitely not notice. Plus, Mer is just doing a touch-up. Nothing will go wrong.”

When Eloise heard this, she stopped in her tracks.

‘The Montgomeries won’t notice?

‘What can’t the Montgomeries see?’

Eloise’s heart was racing. She was feeling frenetic.

Half an hour later, Meredith and Rose walked out.

Eloise was hiding at one side. When she saw Meredith, she only saw that she was in high spirits. There was no trace of sadness on her face.

She watched in disbelief as Meredith walked further away. Then, she came back to her senses and walked into the tattoo shop.

Eloise found a photo of Meredith on her phone and asked the staff there. “What did this woman do just now?”

The staff rejected her with a serious look on his face. “We can’t reveal our customers’ confidential information to protect their privacy.”

Then, Eloise generously took out 500 dollars in cash. The staff’s eyes lit up as he took the money. “Oh, that woman. The color on her tattoo has faded, so she’s just here for a touch-up.”

Tattoo? Touch-up?

Eloise was confused.

‘Does Mer have a tattoo?’

She had never seen any tattoos on Meredith in all these years of interacting with her.

Was it on some intimate part of her body? Was that why Meredith did not want her to find out because she was worried they would lecture her?

When she thought about this, Eloise felt that it was reasonable. However, she felt slightly devastated.

“You stupid child, so what if you have a tattoo? How would I blame you?”

Eloise let out a sigh of relief. She did not think too much about it and was not bothered about why Meredith had purposely not answered her phone just now.

Half an hour later, Meredith and Eloise went back to Montgomery Manor together.

Eloise went to Meredith’s room like nothing ever happened. She gave her the expensive jewelry that she bought just now.

Even though Meredith had been living the life of a rich young lady, she was still as avaricious as before. She could not hide her joy.

“Mom, you’re so good to me.” She played her part as an obedient daughter.

Eloise patted her shoulder to comfort her, saying, “You’re my only daughter. So no matter what you do, I’ll always support you and protect you.”

Eloise was hinting at her. She was hoping that Meredith would tell her about her tattoo and not just depend on her adoptive mother, Rose.

Of course, Meredith would not understand the hidden meaning of this sentence. She put on her gorgeous jewelry and packed a few sets of clothes.

“Mom, I’ve thought about it. Even though my wedding with Jeremy was cut short, everyone still knows that we’re married. So, from this day onward, I’ll be moving in with him.”

Eloise’s expression changed. “Mer, do you truly like Jeremy so much? He’s not worthy of you.”

“Jeremy is the man I love the most in this lifetime. He’s amazing. He’s just confused by that Vera Quinn. One day, Jeremy will finally realize that I’m the woman who deserves his love the most,” Meredith said sensibly, “Plus, I want to give Jack a complete family.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 352

After Meredith said that, Eloise did not stop her.

Meredith brought her luggage to Jeremy’s place. She did not have the keys, so the maid opened the door for her.

The maid had heard about Meredith and Jeremy’s wedding. When she saw Meredith, she called out flatteringly, “Madam, you’re back.”

Meredith was delighted when she heard that.

Even though their wedding was ruined, she still got her status.

Who in Glendale did not know that Meredith Crawford was Jeremy’s wife?

Meredith sauntered upstairs. When she wanted to go into Jeremy’s room, she realized that it was locked.

At this moment, noises were coming from downstairs. “Sir, you’re back. Madam has just come back as well.”

“Madam?” Jeremy frowned while looking at the smiling woman next to him.

The maid felt awkward when she looked at Madeline who was holding Jeremy’s arm.

“You should go get the groceries.” Jeremy dispatched her to do something.

“Alright, Sir,” the maid answered before leaving.

The huge house plummeted into silence in an instant. However, the silent atmosphere was broken by Meredith’s pretentious voice.

“Jeremy, you’re back…”

Meredith’s voice lost its confidence toward the end.

When she saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s hand intimately, Meredith’s face turned dark.

“Oh, so you’re the ‘madam’ she’s talking about?” Madeline smiled and lifted her eyebrow. “So what madam are you supposed to be?”

The corners of Meredith’s lips twitched as she tried her best to control her emotions. She walked over to Jeremy aggrievedly. “Jeremy, even though our wedding was interrupted, we’re still married,” she said, glaring at Madeline furiously. “I’m Mrs. Whitman. Not just in name only, but also in reality.”

“Not just in name but also in reality?” Madeline laughed before lifting her head. “Jeremy, I’m a little thirsty. I want to drink that signature milk tea from that shop down the road. Can you buy it for me now?”

“Of course,” Jeremy answered without even thinking. His eyes scanned across Madeline’s face as gently as flowing water.

When Meredith saw that Jeremy was ignoring her but treating Vera’s nonchalant words as an imperial edict, she felt such a heavy pressure on her chest that she almost could not breathe.

On the other hand, Madeline was smiling as she watched Jeremy turn around.

“Vera Quinn!”

After Jeremy left, Meredith finally exploded without holding herself back.

“Vera Quinn, you absolute b*tch! How shameless can you be? How dare you seduce my husband so brazenly?”

Madeline turned around indifferently when she heard Meredith’s desperate shrieks. “So what if I’m brazen? It’s much better than being a two-sided b*tch like you. You’re doing one thing in front of people but doing the complete opposite behind their backs. The most important thing is that Jeremy likes me like this.”

“You…” Meredith was trembling with anger. “You b*tch! You seduce my husband like it’s the inevitable and right thing to do! You witch!”

“If I’m a witch, then what kind of beast are you, Meredith?” Madeline asked. “I reminded you over the phone that day. I told you you’d regret it if you want me to show up at your wedding. However, you proudly insisted that I can’t compete with you. Can you see the results now?”

Meredith widened her eyes as she came to a realization. “I knew it! Vera, I knew all about it. You already had a plan! You already had a plan to ruin my wedding with Jeremy. You had planned to steal Jeremy away from me! Why do you have to steal my man away from me? You b*tch! Why do you want to steal my man?”

Meredith was furious, and she yelled as she tried to hit Madeline.

However, the moment she lifted her hand, it was stopped mid-air. In a flash, Madeline flicked her wrist away and slapped Meredith across the face loudly.

Madeline grabbed Meredith’s wrist forcefully as a sharp glint appeared in her eyes. She looked extremely overbearing. “Why? You’re seriously asking me why? Meredith, did you already forget what you did back then?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 353

Meredith widened her eyes as she looked at the woman in front of her while at a loss. She was beyond shocked when she saw the piercing and proud gaze staring back at her.

“You… Vera, what do you mean? What does my past have to do with you?”

“Does it not?” Madeline put her face closer to hers. “Look at my face. Without going against your conscience, can you say that what you’ve done in the past has nothing to do with me?”


Meredith’s heart was racing.

The face in front of Meredith reminded her of Madeline, the woman she had forced to her death.

Her eyes widened, and she was petrified.

“Y-You… Madeline…”

Madeline smirked when she saw Meredith’s horrified expression.

“Why? Do you finally remember what you did? Do you remember how you shamelessly stuck your foot into Madeline and Jeremy’s marriage? Do you remember how you harmed Madeline with all your ruses and caused her to carry all those burdens even until the day she died?”

Madeline’s spirited eyes were filled with icy rage. Hatred was burning in her heart and it was slowly burning its way to Meredith’s body.

“So, there’s no need for you to feel so aggrieved now. You destroyed someone else’s marriage back then, so you should’ve known that it’ll come back to bite you in the *ss.”

When she heard those words and saw that face, Meredith went from frenetic to seething with anger.

She pulled her hand back, her eyes looking sinister. “Vera, you indeed came prepared. You even looked into my past!”

Meredith ground her teeth. “If I hadn’t seen how you seduced Jeremy with my own two eyes, I would have thought that you’re that penniless and wretched b*tch Madeline Crawford who deserved to die!”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes. Then, she looked at Madeline with a wretched look. “Hmph, so what do you want to do now? Are you going to scare me with that face? Do you think I’m scared of you? Even if that btch isn’t dead yet, I have the power to make her die one more time! And you will be the same! If you dare to go against me, I’ll strangle you to death just like how I strangled Madeline’s bstard child!”

It turned out that Meredith was the one who killed her child.

Madeline felt debilitating pain in her heart. That indescribable hatred made her want to strangle this devil in front of her right now.

At this moment, the door was pushed open with a loud bang.

Meredith’s heart skipped a beat. She felt a gust of frigid air crashing against her.

She turned around quickly, and when she saw Jeremy’s furious face, coldness started creeping up from the bottom of her feet.

“J-Jeremy,” Meredith stammered, “W-Why are you back so soon?”

Jeremy’s face did not carry a hint of warmth. He walked over slowly with seething anger and an icy aura. An invisible storm was also following behind him. Meredith’s face lost its color gradually.

“What did you say just now?” Jeremy said slowly.

Meredith felt herself shaking. She felt that this was the calm before the storm.

“I… T-This b*tch slapped me just now!” Meredith changed the topic and touched her face aggrievedly. “Jeremy, you have to stand up for me.” Meredith complained while looking weak. However, she noticed that Jeremy was only staring at her with a cold look. Meredith became frenetic.

“J-Jeremy, I was just babbling. This woman was trying to infuriate me and that’s why I made it all up! I just wanted to scare her! I was hoping she’d know her place and leave you.”

“Your way of scaring someone is so unique, Miss Crawford. Back then, you wanted to disfigure me just like how you disfigured Madeline with a knife. Just earlier, you said you wanted to strangle me to death like how you strangled Madeline’s child. Jeremy, I’m so scared.”

Madeline ran over to Jeremy and leaned against him in fear.

Her intense aura before this became soft in an instant.

Meredith was beyond shocked when she saw Madeline’s sudden change in attitude.

This Vera Quinn was even more of an expert than she was!

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 354

Back then, she was the one playing this kind of role to get Jeremy’s trust and pity, but now…

Meredith watched as Jeremy pulled Vera into his arms comfortingly. His tone was filled with an intense desire to protect her.

“No one will be able to touch a single hair of yours as long as I’m here!”

“Jeremy, she’s just pretending! That woman is just acting!” Meredith exclaimed angrily.

“I’m happy to watch even if she’s just acting.”


Jeremy’s answer froze Meredith. At the same time, it stunned Madeline. However, it made Madeline smirk in secret.

‘Meredith, you’re finally getting what you deserve.’

“Jeremy, we’ve been together for so many years and you don’t even trust me! You’d even go as far as to trust this witch! I’m so heartbroken. Boo-hoo…”

Meredith covered her face and sobbed. Suddenly, she ran upstairs and into the guestroom.

Actually, what she was doing right now was running away from Jeremy’s accusations.

If Jeremy asked her about the child he had with Madeline back then, she would not know how to answer him.

Back then, she had hired someone to induce labor on Madeline. Then, she kept that premature child that she stole as her own.

After Madeline was released from prison, she lied to her that Jeremy was the one who killed the child.

After Jeremy knew about Madeline’s delivery in prison, Meredith hired someone to fake a report to make him believe that the child died from some complications during the birth.

Only Rose, Jon, and she knew about this secret. She would not allow a fourth person to know about this!

Madeline had an anxious expression on her face downstairs. “Jeremy, I’ve sacrificed so much just to be with you. I’m so scared that Meredith will do something extreme to hurt me. Did she really strangle your child with Madeline to death back then?”

Jeremy felt a pang of pain in his heart. He looked into her suspicious yet concerned eyes with an intense gaze. “If I tell you I’m not sure, will you believe me?” he asked her back.

On the surface, Madeline looked curious, but there was already a sarcastic smile in her heart.

‘Jeremy Whitman, how dare you tell me you’re not sure?!

‘I saw with my own two eyes how you had asked someone to break open the tombstone and crush the child that I carried for ten months into dust. You didn’t even leave the child’s ashes alone and now you’re telling me so nonchalantly that you’re not sure?’

“You should live with me from now. Don’t leave my sight. I’ll protect you.”

The man’s gentle voice caressed her ear.

Madeline recalled that particular memory that was filled with hatred. She looked at the second floor. “Will Meredith stay here as well?”

Jeremy smiled gently at Madeline. “Trust me, you’ll become the only matriarch of this house soon. In addition to that, you’ll also become my only wife.”

The only matriarch and wife?

Madeline laughed. She found it ironic, and at the same time, pathetic. However, she would still put on this act until the very end. “Okay, I believe you.”

‘No, Jeremy, the only person I believe is myself.

‘I believe that soon enough, I’ll let you and Meredith get the punishment and retribution you deserve!’

She looked at him as she swore in her heart. Then, he grabbed her hand.

“I want to take you to a place now.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 355

The moment Madeline came back to her senses, Jeremy led her out of the door.

Madeline was curious when she looked at his profound gaze.

Where was he taking her?

Meredith stayed in the guest room for some time before she heard the sound of a car engine.

She looked out from the balcony and saw Jeremy driving Madeline away.

She grabbed her bag while mumbling curses. Then, she called a car to go back to the Crawford family home to discuss her next move.

After getting more information from Meredith, Rose and Jon started screaming profanities at Vera. Then, there were looks of worry on their faces.

“How dare that btch slap you?! She even barged into the house to steal Jeremy from you! She’s even more despicable than Madeline! Trust that I’ll rip her into pieces with my bare hands!” Rose glared and clenched her fists angrily. “Mer, is that woman carrying Jeremy’s child? If it’s true, then you should kill that bstard child immediately!”

“Of course, I know that!” Meredith already had a plan for this. “But it’s like Jeremy’s been possessed. He’ll listen to everything that b*tch says!”

“Why?” Jon was curious.

Meredith gritted her teeth and said reluctantly, “That b*tch Madeline is dead, so he has placed all of his longing and love on Vera instead!

“Jeremy only cared about me the most this entire time. However, now that the b*tch is dead, he told me that he has never loved me. He only has the innocent fondness of when he first met me when we were kids toward me. Hmph, fondness? That fondness is also toward Madeline and not me!”

When Rose saw Meredith shaking from anger, she came up with a plan. “Mer, don’t be mad. Don’t you have another bargaining chip at hand?” She lifted her eyebrow. “That brat Jackson is the best bargaining chip now.”

“That b*stard child?” Meredith asked in disdain. “I should’ve strangled him to death back then! He’s just a sore sight now.”

“If he’s such a sore sight, you should make him disappear! However, you have to push all the blame on that wh*re. That way, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone!”

When Meredith heard that, there was an extremely sinister glint in her eyes.

“Mom, you’re so smart. There’s a parent-child hike this afternoon. That b*tch Vera will definitely show up. That’ll be such a good opportunity!”

There was an evil smirk on her face.

She was an expert in shifting the blame to others after killing someone!

Madeline did not expect Jeremy to bring her to that familiar cemetery when he said he wanted to take her somewhere.

He bought another bouquet of fiery red roses. However, this time, he gave the flowers to Madeline.

Madeline did not count how many there were. She glanced at it and guessed that there were about 99 roses like last time.

She held the roses while leaning against the side of the car. She smiled and said, “Jeremy, are you taking me on a date here?”

Jeremy looked at her and said, “I never thought that this place was scary. Until that day three years ago when a woman stood in front of me and told me that she’d give everything back to me, including her ashes. It was then I finally realized that a person’s death is the scariest thing in this world.”

Madeline’s heart started racing after she heard that.

‘Is he talking about me?

‘Did he realize the terror of ‘death’ from my death?


‘Jeremy, are you afraid of death?

‘Then, have you ever thought that my child would also be scared when you killed it?’

She lifted her gaze with a pejorative smile.

Under the glow of the sunset, the man’s eyes looked dazed and deep.

“Vera, you truly love me, right?”

Madeline smiled bashfully and answered without thinking, “Of course. Of course, I ‘love’ you.”

Jeremy smiled. He looked at the breathtaking beauty in front of him. Then, a glint appeared in his eyes. “That’s enough for me.”

The evening mist hung low when Jeremy brought Madeline back to his place.

When he opened the door, the smell of food spilled out from the kitchen.

“Jeremy, you’re back. I made dinner.” Meredith smiled and walked out.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 356

When she saw Jeremy back with Madeline, the smile on her face froze. She displayed a sad expression on her face.


“Vera and I have already eaten. You should eat on your own,” said Jeremy coldly. He looked at Madeline, then said, “Let’s go back to our room.”

“Jeremy!” Meredith chased after them and stopped him. “Jeremy, I know you have a deep misunderstanding toward me. You might even suspect that I’ve done a lot of things to hurt Maddie back then. However, I have a clear conscience.”

“Miss Crawford, your conscience was eaten by a dog a long time ago, so how can you have a clear conscience?” Madeline asked slowly.

Meredith frowned as a fire of rage burned in her heart. However, she had to endure this for the sake of carrying out her plan.

“Jeremy, there’s a parent-child hike in Jack’s kindergarten this Saturday. It requires the parents to take part with the children. No matter what misunderstanding you have with me now, at the end of the day, Jack is still our child. I hope you can take part in that activity with me and Jack.”

“You can just go by yourself.” Jeremy rejected straightforwardly.

Meredith’s expression froze. When she wanted to beg Jeremy to agree to this, she heard Madeline saying, “Jeremy, you should go. I’ll take part with Lily as well. When the time comes, we can be together again. Just think of it as accompanying me, okay?”

After Madeline said that, Jeremy nodded quickly. “I’ll do anything as long as you’re happy.”

“Jeremy, you’re so good to me.”

Madeline smiled sweetly at Jeremy as she grabbed his arm.

Meredith was shaking from anger when she saw this.

When she saw the pleased smile on Madeline’s eyes, the murderous aura in Meredith’s eyes became more and more intense.

On Saturday, Madeline wore a tracksuit and brought Lillian to the kindergarten.

Initially, Felipe wanted to go with them, but last night, he received an important phone call and had to fly to F Country that very night.

It was still early, but the entrance of the kindergarten was very lively.

There were four classes in the kindergarten. There were about 200 to 300 people including the parents of the children.

Madeline brought Lillian onto the bus. After a while, she received Jeremy’s text.

She turned around and saw Meredith and Jackson. They were standing next to Jeremy sweetly as they were in line to get onto the bus.

However, Jackson looked dispirited. His hand was being tightly held by Meredith. He even looked kind of down.

This child did not like noisy places and would only lock himself in a dark corner somewhere to nurse his wounded little heart.

Madeline felt a pang of pain in her heart. Suddenly, she had an urge to run down the bus to hug Jackson. However, the bus had already started moving.

Half an hour later, the bus stopped in the outskirts of the town that was famed for having the most spectacular view in Glendale.

This place was suitable for family activities like picnics and tracking.

It was the middle of fall, and the air was refreshing. It was the perfect time for activities.

Looking at Lillian’s happy smile, Madeline suddenly felt as if she was not a good mother.

She had been neglecting her daughter for the sake of revenge.

Even though she hated her daughter’s father, she could not deny the fact that Lillian was her only hope to continue living. Furthermore, she came to be because of Jeremy.

“Ew, Lillian, so it’s true that you don’t have a daddy!” Suddenly, a little boy pointed at Lillian and laughed with a smug look on his face. That little brat even placed his hands on his hips while targeting Lillian with his words. “Lillian, you liar. You said your daddy is handsome but you don’t even have one!” The little boy stuck out his tongue at her in a mocking manner. “Look at my daddy. He’s the most handsome man!” He pointed in one direction.

Lillian frowned with wide eyes. “I’m not lying. I have a daddy. My daddy is super duper handsome!”

“You don’t! You don’t have a daddy. If you do, where is he? You liar! I only pulled your braid last time and you lied to me that your daddy is strong. You even told me to stop bullying you, but in reality, you don’t have a daddy!” The little boy stuck out his tongue at her again.

The little brat was saying such words arrogantly. After he said that, he reached out to grab Lillian’s braid again. Madeline quickly ran over to stop him, but then, she felt something warm behind her. Then, a hand stopped the brat’s hand that was reaching toward Lillian before Madeline could act on it.

“Ouch, it hurts!” the little brat yelled in exaggeration. He lifted his head to take a look and was horrified by the man in front of him.

“F*ck! Who are you? How dare you touch my son?!” The brat’s father came over while cursing.

Jeremy lifted his handsome face and carried Lillian into his arms. “I’m Lillian’s father, Jeremy Whitman.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 357

When Madeline heard Jeremy’s introduction, she was taken aback. She lifted her gaze and saw Jeremy holding Lillian. His angry eyes were staring straight at the man who was charging over.

“Daddy! It’s him! He bullied me!” That brat ran behind the man hurriedly. Then, he pointed at Jeremy and started complaining about him.

The man rubbed his hands together as if he was about to start fighting Jeremy. However, when he saw Jeremy’s face, he wilted instantly. “M-Mr. Whitman! It’s you!”

Jeremy was indifferent toward the man in front of him. Plus, he also had no memory of him. However, the man started introducing himself with a flattering smile. “Mr. Whitman, I-I’m an employee of the engineering department on the 16th floor in your company. You must have no idea who I am, but I’ve seen you before. I didn’t think that we’ll be brought together by fate!

“Oh, is this little girl your daughter? No wonder she’s so pretty. She inherited all of your excellent genes. Just look at her nose and mouth, they’re the same as yours…”

When she heard that, Madeline interrupted angrily. “Sir, your eloquence is horrible. Why don’t you teach your son the most basic manners instead?” Madeline scolded the man. When the man was about to fight back, he saw Madeline walking next to Jeremy and taking Lillian into her arms.

“Oh, is this your wife, Mr. Whitman? How dignified and easy-mannered. You’re right to lecture me, Mrs. Whitman. I’ll teach my little brat a lesson when I go back!”

The man smacked the brat’s head and darkened his face.

“You scoundrel, hurry up and apologize to that little girl. If you bully her again, I’ll spank you until your butt falls off!”

At this moment, the brat was not as arrogant. He lifted his anxious gaze and stammered, “I-I’m sorry, I won’t do it again…”

“Mr. Whitman, a-are you satisfied?” The man smiled flatteringly.

Jeremy glanced at him with an icy glare. “Spare the rod, spoil the child. I’m blaming this on you. You’ll receive a warning letter next week. If you receive two of them, you should just hand in your resignation letter.”

The man’s face went white. He suddenly felt like an idiot for exposing his identity and causing himself trouble. “M-Mr. Whitman. Mr. Whitman, let me explain…”

Jeremy turned around indifferently and walked toward Madeline. When he got near to her, he heard Lillian’s cute voice asking, “Mommy, the handsome mister said that he’s Lily’s daddy. Do I have two daddies now?”

Madeline’s expression changed. Then, she smiled. “Of course not. Remember, Lily, you only have one daddy. His name is—”

“His name is Jeremy Whitman.”


When Madeline was interrupted, she lifted her gaze. She saw Jeremy walking over to her with a gentle look on his face.

He was also wearing a tracksuit today. His elegance and temperament did not lessen at all. The autumn wind blew on the hair in front of his face. In that instant, he looked like a teenager.

Jeremy walked in front of Madeline and caressed Lillian’s head.

“Lillian, from now on, I’m your daddy.”

“Are you my daddy, beautiful mister?” The little girl blinked her huge eyes.

“Yes.” Jeremy nodded, his eyes extremely serious.

Madeline placed Lillian on the ground and smiled gently at her. “Lillian, go play with your friend. I’ll go find you later.”

“Okay,” Lillian replied obediently and ran away innocently.

“You’ll get married to me soon and become my wife. I’m not wrong for saying that Lillian is my daughter, right?”

Jeremy’s explanation sounded from behind her.

Madeline suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart and looked into his eyes with a smile.

“Yeah, but Lillian is still young. I don’t want her to be troubled by the business between us adults.”

Jeremy nodded while looking pensive. There was a huge grin on his face. “I didn’t notice this before, but after what the guy said, I realize that Lillian does kind of look like me.”

“…” Madeline rolled her eyes. “That man’s just trying to curry favors with you. Lillian is Felipe’s daughter, so how would she look like you? However, maybe you two do look slightly alike because you and Felipe are uncle and nephew.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a small smile after she said that. There was a deeper meaning behind his eyes.

She smiled. “Jeremy, are you jealous?”

Jeremy lifted the corners of his lips, and there was an ominous glint in his eyes. They were glued on Madeline’s charming face.

“Your heart is with me, so why would I be jealous?”

“It’s good if you think that way,” Madeline said gladly, “Right, why aren’t you with your son? Even though I don’t like Meredith, Jackson is still a likable child.”

“Do you like Jackson?”

“Yeah, I do.” Madeline admitted it.

She was fond of Jackson from the bottom of her heart. She felt sorry for that child as well.

Looking at the smile on Madeline’s face, Jeremy fell into deep thought. Then, he said, “Since you’re so fond of Jack, then I’ll help you get custody for that child.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 358

His answer surprised Madeline. However, his serious expression told Madeline that he was not joking.

“I’ll do anything for you as long as you’re happy.”

“Jeremy, Jeremy!”

After Jeremy said that, Meredith barged into their vision while looking all frenetic and anxious.

Madeline looked behind her subconsciously. However, she did not see Jackson.

“Jeremy, Jack’s missing again!”

Meredith ran in front of Jeremy with her eyes red.

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t watch Jack properly. Jeremy, you should scream at me. It’s all because of my negligence. I was so focused on watching you that I neglected Jack. Boo-hoo…”

Madeline despised Meredith’s pretentious acts. “Miss Crawford, there’s no use in crying. If you’re really concerned about this child, you won’t keep losing him from under your eyes.”

“Vera, he’s not your child, so that’s why you’re able to say such things. Jack is my and Jeremy’s child. You’ll never be able to understand this feeling!”

“Enough.” Jeremy frowned and interrupted coldly. “The most important thing right now is to find him.”

Meredith pouted and did not say anything more.

“I’ll go look for him as well.” Madeline looked at Jeremy, then quickly walked toward Lillian.

She told Lillian what was going on and entrusted her to her teacher. Then, she went to look for Jackson.

However, after looking everywhere, no one was able to find Jackson.

It was a refreshing and chilly fall day, but in the afternoon, the weather changed and the sky became grey. It seemed as if it was going to rain.

Aside from Jackson’s teacher, the other teachers and parents all brought the children back.

Indeed, it started raining after a while.

The more time passed, the more anxious Madeline felt.

She was scared. She was worried that she could not find Jackson. She was worried that something might happen to Jackson in the wild.

When she recalled Jackson’s helpless and uneasy eyes from that night, Madeline felt her heart rising in her throat.

“Jack, are you here? It’s me, Vera,” Madeline called out to the vast emptiness ahead of her. She was drenched all over by rainwater.

Vera walked toward the jungle that was headed to Pinwheel Road.

“Jack, are you here?”

After she finished saying that, she heard Meredith’s sobs from a distance.

“Jack, don’t scare me. Jack…”

Madeline stopped in her tracks before running to the steep incline where Meredith was.

Meredith was squatting next to the steep incline. There was a pendant in her hand as she sobbed at the foot of the steep incline.

“Meredith, why are you crying here?”

“Jack fell!”

“What?” Madeline felt her breathing hitch as an indescribable fear overwhelmed her heart.

She did not have time to think. She turned around quickly.

However, the moment she moved, Meredith grabbed her. “Vera, I know you hate me, but I’m begging you to please save my son. Jack is still a child. If you want to hate someone, you should just hate me!”

“I have to get someone to help Jackson. If not, do you think we can save Jackson with just the two of us?”

“No!” Meredith stopped her.


“Because…” Meredith said, the expression behind her eyes changing. They looked extremely malicious. “Because that damned child has been waiting for you down there!”

After a string of her evil laugh, Meredith pushed Madeline forcefully into the steep incline.

Madeline realized that this was just a ruse, so she grabbed Meredith’s arm. However, since it was raining and the ground was wet, Madeline slipped and fell after losing her balance.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 359

Jeremy heard some noises coming from the forest. Then, he saw Meredith’s figure as it flashed past.

He looked around but did not see Madeline anywhere. Suddenly, his heart started beating erratically.

He tried to call Madeline’s number, but there was no signal on his phone.

Looking at the misty forest in front of him, Jeremy started feeling more and more uneasy.

Meredith wanted to kill Jackson, then shift the blame to Vera. However, she changed her mind at the last minute and decided to kill both of them.

She might as well, right?

Meredith smirked when she recalled her plan.

She knew Jeremy would look for Madeline after he got here.

Jeremy indeed went looking for Vera first. Then, using this opportunity, Meredith fed Jackson some water that was mixed with crushed sleeping pills. After that, she asked a man who was pretending to be a parent to suffocate Jackson before abandoning his body.

No one would know about her evil plan.

This was the outdoors where there were no cameras. Plus, there were so many children and parents here. Who would notice the man bringing Jackson away?

At this moment, she was sure that Jackson was already dead.

However, she was not entirely sure if Vera was dead after she fell from the incline.

Even if she was not dead, she would not be able to get up. There was no signal in the forest. As long as no one found her, she would die from her wounds or even hunger.

Meredith was elated. She would be able to sleep at night now that she had gotten rid of the obstacles in her life.

When she was feeling pleased with herself, Jeremy’s tall figure appeared in front of her.

“What are you doing in the forest?”

Jeremy’s icy voice poured down from her head to her toes.

Meredith was stumped for words. She was also feeling frenetic.

‘Did Jeremy see me with Vera just now?’

Meredith rolled her eyes before she started sobbing. “Jeremy, boo-hoo… Vera is so merciless. Not only did she frame me in order to get you, she even went after our child. She’s so inhumane!”

She cried as she was about to go into Jeremy’s arms.

Instead, Jeremy grabbed her shoulders. “What did you say? Speak clearly!”

He lifted his sharp gaze that felt like arrows.

Meredith hid her franticness and started making up a story. “Jeremy, it’s all Vera’s fault! No wonder she asked you to join this activity. It’s because she planned to use this opportunity to ask someone to kidnap Jack. Vera must’ve already harmed Jackson by now!”

Meredith sobbed and continued, “I noticed there was something amiss with Vera, so I followed her. I saw her talking to a man in the forest. She even gave the man a large sum of money. Then, I went over to question her. I didn’t expect her to admit it so fast. She even wanted to shut me up forever by pushing me down that steep incline. In the end… In the end…”

Meredith pretended to look terrified as tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Jeremy could feel his temples throbbing. He even felt that it was getting hard to breathe.

“What happened in the end? Tell me!” He roared. His eyebrows were already twisted into a knot.

Meredith shook and said, “In the end, she accidentally fell down the incline!”

‘What did you say? She fell?” Jeremy’s hands that were on Meredith’s shoulders fell lifelessly. There was a storm in his charming eyes.

He turned around and went straight into the autumn rain that was getting heavier and heavier.

His heart was empty all of a sudden. The feeling of when he lost Madeline three years ago appeared in the bottom of his heart again. It felt as if his heart had plunged into a bottomless abyss.

Meredith clenched her fists as she watched Jeremy leave.

She did not expect Jeremy to care about Vera until this extent. He even ignored the safety of his own son so that he could go inside the forest to look for Vera.

“Hmph, it’s good that she’s dead.” Meredith gritted her teeth. Then, a sinister smile appeared on her face.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 360

She was so impressed with her decisiveness.

Indeed, the best ending would be Vera dying.

If not, Jeremy would never return to her as long as this woman was alive.

Jeremy looked for her along the steep incline. However, he could not pinpoint where Madeline had fallen from.

He felt as if he was going insane. He could not focus. He could not think nor deduce.

It was as if the rain was falling straight into his heart, interfering with his emotions.

The more time had passed, the more danger she would be in.

Jeremy went back to where Meredith was. His handsome face was drenched with rainwater and it was filled with coldness.

At this moment, Meredith got out of a car. Eloise had arrived unbeknownst to him. She hurried out of the car to hold the umbrella for Meredith.

Meredith ran in front of Jeremy and asked, her voice all choked up from crying, “Jeremy, have you found Jack’s body?”

Jeremy’s eyes darkened. There was a fit of intense anger in his eyes. “Body? How are you so sure that Jackson’s dead?”

“V-Vera was the one who admitted this! She told me that she wanted to kill me and Jack so that she’ll be able to have you all to herself,” Meredith said confidently, “I didn’t expect her to be so vicious. However, perhaps she has to suffer the consequences of her bad deeds, so that’s why she fell.”

“Jeremy, are you happy now? You killed your own son for a heartless wh*re!” Eloise accused Jeremy with her eyes red from crying. “My poor nephew. He’s just five and he’s been killed. Jack…”

Jeremy scanned Eloise’s face with a grim expression on his face. Then, he looked at Meredith’s devastated face. “Do you think that I’ll still believe your one-sided story?”

“…” Meredith stopped crying as she lifted her stumped face.

Eloise was livid. “Jeremy! You’re too much! How can you say that to Mer?! Do you think Mer’s the one who killed Jack?”

Meredith’s heartbeat accelerated as she cursed in her heart.

She was indeed the one who killed him.

When she thought about that in secret, Meredith received a bone-chilling gaze from Jeremy.

“Tell me. Where did Vera fall from?” he asked furiously. The patience in his eyes was diminishing gradually.

“Jeremy, y-you’re still concerned about that wh*re at this moment!”

“Shut up, I’m not talking to you!” Jeremy’s eyes were icy. The brutality in his eyes was getting more and more intense. “If Vera is hurt in any way, I’ll make you sure you get back what’s coming for you twice as much!”


“Jeremy! Jeremy, are you insane?” Meredith could not handle this anymore. “You’re ignoring our child’s safety for the sake of a wh*re who stuck her foot into our relationship! You’re so concerned about a Jezebel who is scheming to seduce you! She killed our son! Vera Quinn is a vile rat out-and-out!”


Suddenly, a childish but deep voice called out amidst Meredith’s emotional rant.

Meredith widened her eyes in shock. She looked at the person who appeared in front of her eyes in disbelief.


He was fine!

“Jack!” Eloise started crying in happiness. “Jack, you’re fine! Thank God!”

Jeremy narrowed her eyes and looked at the tiny figure in the rain.

Jackson’s clothes were drenched and his face was pale. There was a calmness on his doll-like face. However, there was a hint of worry and disturbance in his huge eyes.

Jeremy strode over to him and squatted. “Jackson, you’re fine.”

When he looked into his father’s narrow eyes, Jackson said, “Please save Vera.”

Jeremy’s eyes lit up. “You know where Vera is?”

Jackson nodded. He looked at Meredith who was looking frantic at one side. “I saw Mommy pushing Vera down the incline with my own two eyes.”

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