Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 331-340

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 331

Madeline did not forget the time she had previously stumbled upon Jeremy buying a large bouquet of red roses. She had thought that he was seeing other women apart from Meredith.

After tailing him, however, she found that he had gone to the cemetery with that bouquet of roses.

It was inconvenient for her to continue following him at the time, so she did not know the reason why Jeremy brought roses to the cemetery. She could not find out even though she had tried researching it.

She also did not pass by here coincidentally today. Instead, she had always been observing his every move in secret.

After discovering that he had gone to the flower shop again, she then deliberately showed up to make it seem that it was a coincidental encounter.

As she was in the midst of her thoughts, Jeremy opened the car door for her.

Madeline quickly came back to her senses and got out of the car.

She pretended to appear curious by looking around. It was then she saw Jeremy already holding the bouquet of roses in his hands the moment she turned her head toward him.

It turned out that he had really been planning to give flowers to someone in this cemetery.

“Does the person you want to give flowers to work around this area?” Madeline asked with confusion.

Jeremy lowered his gaze and smiled, “She’s resting here.”

“…” Madeline’s heartbeat suddenly quickened.

“If you don’t mind, you can come with me,” Jeremy said and turned around.

He went ahead through the path. He had already familiarized himself with this path that he could walk along it with his eyes closed, and he was currently indeed walking down this path instinctively because all his thoughts at the moment were occupied by the past.

He scoffed at his own stupidity for bringing Madeline irreparable injury and insurmountable regrets.

Madeline had always loved him so much.

Her love was like a flower blooming in the dark corners of the night, forbearing and tough.

At first, he could have harvested this flower that was blooming specifically for him, but he had left her alone and cold in this barren land instead…

Madeline followed behind Jeremy without a word.

With every step forward, Madeline’s heart jumped inexplicably.

She looked toward the direction of her grandfather’s cemetery subconsciously, her mind recalling the day when there was a storm of rain and snow. On that day, Jeremy had brutally chiseled the tombstone and scattered her and their child’s ashes.

She would never forget his cold-blooded eyes at the time or his cold look when he said that he would never regret his decisions.

Madeline could not help but clench her fists. She was currently feeling as if the blood in her entire body had been ignited by hatred.

Seeing his tall and good looking back ahead of her, her fingertips trembled. There were already flames set in her eyes.

‘Jeremy, all I did was love you. Why did you have to treat me so cruelly?

‘You can hurt and insult me, but why didn’t you at least let our child off the hook?

‘Are you really that heartless?

‘Or is there only that evil woman Meredith in your heart? Is that why you’ve lost even your most basic humanity?’

Madeline was feeling full of hatred, and without noticing that Jeremy had stopped, she knocked into him.

After she regained her balance, she raised her eyes to find that Jeremy was somehow looking shocked. That face of his had tensed up with a scary aura.

Right when she looked toward his line of sight, she saw Jeremy striding toward a particular grave in quick steps.

Madeline caught up, only to see that the cemetery in front of him had been severely damaged. The tomb was chiseled open and the once complete tombstone was smashed to pieces, making it impossible to recognize the owner of the grave.

Just as she was about to question him, Jeremy threw away the roses in his hand and started looking around for something in the desecrated grave. It was as if he had suddenly lost his mind.

His expression was extremely awful. The anxiety and panic between his eyebrows were something Madeline had never seen before.

Madeline’s heart hurt slightly as she looked at the man who was going almost insane.

She was certain that the owner of this grave had to be a woman.

From Jeremy’s reaction right now, she could conclude more so that he really cared about the person who was resting here.

She could not help but laugh, and there was a hint of bitterness and mocking in it.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 332

It turned out that Meredith was not Jeremy’s favorite.
It turned out that his favorite was already dead…
“What are you looking for? Do you want me to help you look for it?” Madeline opened her mouth and said calmly. She saw Jeremy’s movements pausing momentarily as if he had only just realized the existence of another living person here.
He stood up slowly, his good-looking appearance covered with indescribable grief and sadness along with a trace of fear while his eyes were filled with a fierce, terrifying light and murderous intent. He looked as if he was afraid that he might not be able to recover something again.
Madeline became even more confused and she asked again while she walked toward him, “Are you alright? What’s going on here?”
“I’ll send you home first.” He finally spoke, and there was no warmth nor emotions that could be sensed from his tone, only the horrifying chill that radiated from him.
Madeline was sent back to the apartment. In the past, Jeremy would usually wait for her to enter the building before he left. Today, however, he drove away immediately after Madeline got out of the car.
She stood in her spot with confusion. Looking at the leaving car, her gaze narrowed.
Who was the woman resting in that grave? She was so important to him that he almost went crazy when he saw that the grave had been destroyed.
On the other side, Jeremy was speeding as he drove straight through the Whitmans’ gates.
Before the housekeeper could make an announcement, Jeremy had already rushed into the living room with a hostile aura.
At the same time, Meredith was drinking afternoon tea and looking at jewelry with Eloise leisurely. When they saw Jeremy appear all of a sudden, both of them were taken aback.
“Jeremy.” Meredith was shocked and ran up to him with a face full of surprise. “Jeremy, you’re here to look for me, right?”
Jeremy looked at the face in front of him, his eyes filled with coldness. “You did it, didn’t you?”
“…” Meredith looked bamboozled with an innocent expression. “Jeremy, what are you talking about? What did I do? I’ve been with my mother these days and haven’t been anywhere else. “
“Jeremy, what do you mean by this? Rushing here all of a sudden to throw accusations. Is it because Vera has said something again? That b*tch really likes to cause trouble!”
“I wasn’t talking to you. You’d better shut your mouth and don’t let me hear any more slander toward Vera.” Jeremy did not even look at Eloise, his sharp and cold eyes glaring only at Meredith. “I’ll give you a chance to confess. Were you the one who had someone carry out that matter at No. 97, Peace Street?”
He said the address straightforwardly, which was the location of the cemetery.
Meredith’s eyes widened, filled with confusion. “What No. 97, Peace Street? Jeremy, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Jeremy’s cold eyes were then filled with disappointment. He then sneered, “Looks like you aren’t going to admit it, hm?”
“I… I really don’t know anything, Jeremy…”
“If you don’t confess the truth to me before the night ends, you’ll have to consider the consequences carefully.”
After Jeremy dropped these words, he then turned away coldly.
“Jeremy, Jeremy!” Meredith chased after him as he went out, but Jeremy was still walking away decisively.
Madeline’s grave had been destroyed. Her urn and the wedding ring he had placed behind the tombstone were also missing as well.
He really could not think of anyone else who would hate Madeline so much apart from Meredith.
Madeline was already dead and her ashes had become his only memory of her. Now, however, even that was missing.
The sky had started to turn gray without his realization after he returned to the villa.
He was fidgeting, his thoughts being violently tugged in all different directions. He seemed to be looking a lot more haggard once the afternoon passed.
He looked at the kitchen and it was as if he could still see Madeline cooking there while wearing an apron. She turned around suddenly, smiling as she said to him, “Jeremy, dinner is ready.”
Her smile was really beautiful with her sweet dimples and curved eyebrows, but as he reached out his hands, she disappeared.
That was merely his fantasy.

His eyes reddened, and his thoughts went back to the moment they first met—the moment when their gazes collided. In fact, every small action of hers had already marked themselves in his heart ever since the beginning.

However, she no longer existed and everything was a luxurious dream of his in the dark night.

Suddenly, some movement was heard from the entrance. Jeremy raised his red but cold eyes.

He had not closed the door because he knew that someone would come.

Sure enough, she came before dark.

Meredith had a heavy expression on her face, and when she saw the handsome but gloomy man sitting on the sofa, she walked to him step by step with a quickened heartbeat. After taking a deep breath, she threw caution to the wind and said, “You’re right, I was the one who had someone do it. I instructed someone to destroy that b*tch Madeline’s grave!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 333

As soon as Meredith said what she said, she felt a chilling, violent wave envelop her entire body in an instant.
She felt cold and could not help but shiver.
While she was still thinking about what Jeremy would do to her, she suddenly felt a tight grip around her neck. In the next second, she lost the ability to breathe freely.
“Je… Jeremy…”
Meredith widened her eyes in shock, looking at the man who was choking her neck in disbelief.
How could it be?
How could he treat her this way?
He was actually strangling her for that b*tch Madeline!
“Do you know what you’ve done? Do you think that you can just do whatever you want because of my liking and my spoiling you?” His cold voice swept toward her like a cold wind, his gaze full of murderous intentions.
Meredith felt that she was about to be strangled to death. She was feeling highly discomforted as she could not breathe.
However, no matter what she said, Jeremy would not let go. Instead, he even tightened his fingers one by one.
His eyes were dark and treacherous at the moment, looking as if he was Satan who was about to engulf her entirety. His ice-cold aura was fear-inducing.
“Jeremy, I… It hurts, please let me go. Jeremy, Jez…”
Jeremy only let go of Meredith the moment she had almost lost her last breath.
She sat weakly on the ground, greedily breathing in the fresh air.
Unexpectedly, the phrase ‘Jez’ was the word that moved him the most in the end.
Sure enough, he was very emotionally attached to Madeline.
As Meredith thought about it silently, tears welled up in her eyes.
She was feeling fear, panic, jealousy, and even more hatred!
She hated that Madeline occupied Jeremy’s heart, whether it was at the beginning or even now.
In fact, there had only ever been Madeline in Jeremy’s heart from beginning to end.
“Give her back to me, then I won’t pursue this issue further.” Jeremy’s voice came from above Meredith’s head without any warmth.
Meredith gasped for a while, pretending to be in pain. Her superficial tears accompanied her performance as she said, “Why… Why are you treating me like this?”
She stretched out her hand to hold onto Jeremy’s trousers as she cried.
“Jeremy, the woman you love has always been me! Why are you treating me this way now?”
Jeremy then frowned in annoyance and said, “I don’t want to repeat these words again. I’ve said that I had only a muddled interest toward you since childhood, but that’s not love.”
“That is love!” Meredith cried heartbreakingly. She stood up as she grabbed Jeremy’s trousers, saying, “Jeremy, can we start again? I will listen to you about everything in the future. Let’s let the past be the past.”
“Jeremy, you won’t fall in love with others, let alone Madeline. You hated her the most. She was unchaste, despicable, and shameless. She crawled into your bed through any means in order to get to you, so how could you fall in love with her? It’s just because she’s now dead that you’re only feeling a little sympathetic. How can sympathy be regarded as love? The one you’ve always loved is me!”
Meredith held Jeremy’s arm tightly as if she was possessed, desperately emphasizing that the one Jeremy loved was her.
Jeremy’s anger had already been ignited upon listening to her slandering Madeline.
It was just that he did not want to throw his tantrum at this time.
He suppressed his anger and said coldly again, “Give me back her ashes and the ring. Otherwise, you’ll handle the consequences at your own risk.”
He warned her again. His patience was already long lost from his dark eyes.
Meredith stopped her tears after hearing his sentence.
“Jeremy, are you really going to treat me so coldly? Do you really not have even a single ounce of feelings for me at all?”

Jeremy sneered softly, “It’s better to ask yourself about whatever you’ve done. The fact that you can stand here now is already my greatest tolerance toward you. If it weren’t for us being acquainted since our young age, you would already be in jail.”


Hearing this, Meredith suddenly felt like a deflating ball. She felt completely numb.

After a while, she laughed with a sorrowful smile. “Well, I can return Madeline’s ashes to you, but I have a request.”

Seeing Meredith’s desolate look at this moment, Jeremy suddenly recalled scenes of their childhood friendship.

Thinking of the girl’s innocent smiling face back then, his heart softened again for no apparent reason.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 334

“Go on.”

“Fulfill your promise to me back then. Take me as your wife,” Meredith continued without hesitating.

In an instant, a deep frown was plastered across Jeremy’s face. He looked at Meredith with his eyes that were filled with emotions.

“Jeremy, you know that I love you. I’m crazily in love with you. I can’t live without you. I knew I wanted to stay with you forever after I saw you for the first time.”

Meredith looked at Jeremy sentimentally.

“Jeremy, you’re the only hope for me to continue living. If I don’t have you, I’d rather die. If you don’t want to fulfill your promise, then I’ll leave this world along with Jack. If you die, you’ll never find Madeline’s ashes.”

Looking at Meredith’s determined gaze, Jeremy chuckled lowly. “Are you threatening me?”

Meredith shook her head and looked at him aggrievedly. “How would I dare to threaten you? I just want to be with the man I love. So, I’m willingly turning into the kind of evil woman who would do anything to get their way in your eyes.”

After she said that, Jeremy’s eyes became cold. “I’ll grant your wishes.”

Meredith widened her eyes when she suddenly got his answer. “Jeremy, really? Are you really agreeing to marry me?”

Jeremy flung Meredith’s hand away. “Give me back Maddie’s ashes before I change my mind.”

The delight in Meredith’s eyes was destroyed.

She scoffed and lowered her empty hands.

She had been waiting for the day he would finally agree to marry her, but the reason he agreed was because of Madeline who had already turned into ashes.

Meredith laughed at herself. “Jeremy, even if you hate me or blame me, I won’t return Madeline’s ashes to you before we have the wedding.”

After she said that, Jeremy’s icy glare pierced through her.

Meredith shook from fear. However, she looked into Jeremy’s eyes with a sad look. “Jeremy, I love you, despite you already changing your mind…”

Jeremy scanned Meredith’s face with a murderous glare. Then, he walked out with the door slamming shut behind him. His long and lean body walked past her like a gust of wind.

In the night, he slammed down on the accelerator and sped forward. He drove all the way to where Madeline used to live.

Her presence and scent were long gone in the house. However, he still longingly walked over every nook and cranny in this house she once lived in. Perhaps he thought he would be able to feel her warmth once more like this.

He flipped through Madeline’s diary and was delighted at the love and determination she had for him shown through her words. After a few seconds of joy, tears started welling up in his eyes.

He looked at the neon lights outside the bustling city and felt his heart getting colder…

Madeline stood in front of the french window at night, unable to forget the crazy thing Jeremy did in the morning.

She did not look into who the person sleeping forever in the grave was. She also did not know what Jeremy meant by those roses.

At this moment, her phone rang.

She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Jeremy.

Madeline hesitated for a while before picking up. When she was about to say something, she heard Jeremy’s deep and drunken voice. “Maddie…”

Her eyes darkened as her grip on the phone tightened as well.

“Where are you? Where did she hide you…” Jeremy continued. He sounded like he was drunk.

Madeline recomposed herself and said calmly, “Jeremy, are you drunk? Where are you?”

After she said that, she was only greeted with silence.

Madeline looked at the screen of her phone in confusion. Was he really drunk?


Even if he was drunk, it would be impossible for him to call her name.

She would never appear in his drunken dreams.

She hung up the phone and contacted Felipe who was not home yet to find Jeremy’s location.

After a while, she received Felipe’s text.

Looking at the address on the screen, Madeline was in disbelief.

He was there!

How was it possible?

She ran out of the door and headed to the destination. Standing in front of the apartment and looking at the closed door, Madeline lifted her trembling hand slowly before pushing the door open.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 335

After Madeline pushed the door open, she could smell the stench of alcohol.

It had been three years. She never thought that she would come back to this place. What shocked her even more was when she pushed the door open, the decorations and renovation were still the same as back then.

Everything in front of her eyes was the same as three years ago. There were not many changes.

Madeline walked forward slowly with puzzlement. The apartment was not big, so when she walked in, she spotted Jeremy right away.

He was leaning against the sofa while sitting on the floor. His eyes were closed, making him look lazy and carefree.

The collar of his white shirt was opened and his collarbone was showing.

His cheeks were red while his pale lips were wet. It seemed as if he had just drunk some wine. On the coffee table in front of him were two bottles of opened wine.

Madeline looked curiously at the man who appeared drunk.

‘Jeremy, what the hell are you doing?

‘Are you here to drink your sorrows away?’

Madeline walked over with caution. “Jeremy.”

She called out softly, “This is Vera. Why are you drunk here?”

Jeremy opened his dazed eyes when he heard her voice.

However, when he looked at the smiling face through his dazed eyes, the alcohol in his eyes evaporated immediately. They became crystal clear in an instant.

He sat up immediately and pulled Madeline into his arms.

Madeline was caught off guard and got pulled into his embrace. He was holding her tightly.

His body temperature was high, almost burning her through his shirt.

Madeline wanted to escape from him but Jeremy only tightened his grip on her. It was as if he was trying to melt her into his body.

“You’re back. It’s good now that you’re back. It’s good…” he muttered in her ear, his cheek pressing up against hers tightly. He nuzzled against her as he muttered his longing for her.

“Please don’t leave me again, okay?”

His low and gentle voice was filled with pleas.

Madeline lifted her eyebrow, and she was sure that Jeremy was mistaking her for another woman.

It was either Meredith or the woman Jeremy wanted to give the roses to.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. Please give me another chance. Give me another chance to love you, okay?”

Jeremy’s apologies lingered in her ear. He was holding her with his fingers in her hair. His warm hand was caressing her head softly.

While they were intertwined in each other’s arms, he buried his head in her neck like he was longing for her, or perhaps, he was lusting for her. He had a satisfied grin on his face now.

“I never had the chance to tell you this, but I finally have the chance now.”

When Madeline was about to push Jeremy away and stand up, she heard him saying that.

She stopped in her tracks, and then, she heard Jeremy’s deep voice gliding into her ears.

“I love you.”

‘I love you.’

These three words traveled into Madeline’s ears clearly.

She froze as her heart skipped a beat.

For some reason, she felt tears stinging the corner of her eyes.

He said the words ‘I love you’.

Madeline curled the corners of her lips in amusement. As she was smiling, her eyes were wet with tears.

She remembered back when she was blind, Jeremy had pressed her roughly against the floor right here before grabbing her hand and forcing her to sign the divorce papers.

She would never forget what he had said to her. He said, “Are you still so naive to think that I have feelings for you even until now?”

He had also said, “Madeline, listen here. I’ve never liked you, let alone loved. Not even a little bit.”

Tears blurred her vision just like back then.

However, she did not let the tears flow down her face.

Madeline made up her mind and pushed Jeremy away.

Jeremy could not fight back at all. He collapsed on the floor after Madeline pushed him away.

She looked at the man who looked like he had fallen asleep. There was resentment and hatred in her eyes as she clenched her fists tightly.

She was about to leave when she saw something next to Jeremy’s hand.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 336

She walked over to take a look and saw that it was her diary. The page where it was on was filled with her past love and determination for him.

Madeline scoffed when she recalled herself back in the days. She was so stupid and dumb.

She grabbed the diary before turning around to leave. However, Jeremy pulled her back again.

Madeline stumbled and fell on the floor, crashing into Jeremy’s firm chest.

His eyes were dazed, but he was still looking at her emotionally.

“Don’t go, okay? Don’t leave me again.”

“Jeremy, let me go. I’m not the person you’re thinking of.” Madeline struggled to escape, but Jeremy simply smiled and stared straight at her. He was hugging her even tighter now.

Madeline could not escape from his grip no matter how much she struggled.

He was pressed up against her lovingly before eventually falling asleep.

Madeline was sweating from all her struggling. However, she still did not manage to escape from him. In the end, she also closed her eyes and fell asleep in exhaustion.

The first ray of sun shone into the room, waking Jeremy up with a frown. He opened his eyes and saw the woman who was in a deep slumber in his arms. He lifted his hand and caressed her beautiful eyebrows, nose, and lips.

His fingers traveled along her face before stopping at the opened collar of her shirt.

Madeline was woken up by a strange sensation. Upon opening her eyes, she was met with Jeremy’s icy ones.

“I’m sorry I did something inappropriate to you again last night,” he said. “Don’t worry, I’ll take full responsibility.”

“By taking responsibility, do you mean you’ll marry me?” Madeline sat up slowly. “I’ve already said that I won’t marry a man who doesn’t love me.”

“What if I say I do love you?” Jeremy stared straight at the stunning face in front of him. “Give me some time. I’ll settle the wedding preparations.”

He promised without even giving her the chance to reject.

Madeline’s final goal was to marry Jeremy. However, she did not expect it to happen so soon.

Even though she did not know what Jeremy was thinking about, she was sure that he had fallen for her.

After she went back home, she told Felipe about her progress.

Felipe looked at her and said the same thing. “Vera, I hope you can think about this clearly.”

“I must marry him,” Madeline said firmly, “I’ll only be able to make him pay the worst price like this. I want him to never have any peace, be it in his relationship or career.”

When he saw the fire of revenge in Madeline’s eyes, he stopped advising her.

However, after a while, she received notifications from a few viral tweets on her phone.

The Marriage of Jeremy Whitman and Meredith Crawford.

Glendale’s Most Affluent Young Master Is Marrying Miss Montgomery.

When Madeline saw these, she clicked inside curiously. However, she noticed that this was from verified sources, so it meant that this was real.

He was marrying Meredith?

How did it become like this?

Madeline felt a dull ache in her heart, and suddenly, her phone rang. When she answered the call, she heard Meredith’s victorious voice. “Vera, I’m sure you’ve already seen the news online. I’m going to marry Jeremy in three days.”

Meredith’s tone was arrogant and lofty. It was evident that she was telling the truth.

“Hmph, do you think you can seduce Jeremy just because you look like that b*tch Madeline? Let me tell you, Jeremy is utterly disgusted with your face. Do you think you can even compare to me?

“I’m discussing our marriage in Whitman Manor. Jeremy loves me so much. He told me that we’ll plan the wedding according to my wish. So, I’ll be the only Mrs. Whitman in this lifetime! And you should just get as far away from us as possible!”


Before Madeline could say anything, Meredith hung up the phone.

Madeline held the phone in her hand, her mind filled with Meredith’s victorious and provoking words. She narrowed her eyes as a sinister glint appeared in them.

Everyone in Whitman Manor was making wedding preparations happily.

Madeline just got out of the car when she received Jeremy’s call. His voice was deep. “Vera, I have something to tell you. Where are you now?”

“I have something to tell you as well,” Madeline said slowly, “I’m in front of Whitman Manor.”

She hung up the phone and walked in.

Jeremy was being pestered by Meredith to choose a wedding gown. When he heard that, he stood up and looked out of the door.

“Jeremy, what’s wrong?” Meredith blinked and looked at him. After she said that, she saw someone at the entrance.

Eloise and Jeremy’s mother were happily discussing the wedding. However, when they saw Vera, their faces fell.

“What are you doing here?” Jeremy’s mother asked angrily.

“Vera, you’re not welcomed here. Get out now!” Eloise chased her away.

Meredith stood up as well. She was not as arrogant as she was on the phone and looked super vulnerable now. “Miss Quinn, Jeremy and I are getting married soon. I hope you can stop harassing us.”

Madeline looked coldly at the three women in front of her. Then, she walked straight to Jeremy. “Jeremy, I’m pregnant.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 337


“What did you say?”

Eloise and Jeremy’s mother stood up immediately, their faces filled with shock.

“Vera Quinn, repeat what you said!” Jeremy’s mother yelled.

Madeline scanned Meredith’s face and saw that her eyes were widened while her jaw was hanging loosely from shock. Then, she lifted her head to look into Jeremy’s unreadable black eyes.

“Jeremy, I’m carrying your child.”

She smiled and handed him a report.

“I went for some tests this morning at the hospital and this is the proof from the doctor.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline and took the report.

It was stated on the report that she was already three weeks pregnant.

“Let me see!” Jeremy’s mother snatched the report from Jeremy’s hand and looked at it closely.

Eloise came over to look at it as well. After they saw the result, their faces darkened instantly.

When Meredith saw this, she stared at Madeline with envy and jealousy. After a few seconds, she bit her lip. Her eyes looked hurt and they were filled with devastation.

“How is that possible?” Her voice was soft. “How…”

When Eloise saw Meredith sobbing sadly, she crumpled the report in her hand angrily and threw it on the floor.

“Vera Quinn, you vixen! You..”

“Shut up.” Jeremy interrupted coldly. He looked at Eloise, his gaze like sharp knives. He reached out his hand to hold Madeline’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Madeline smiled and looked at Meredith who was scowling at her. Then, she chuckled softly. “Okay.”

When Jeremy’s mother saw this, she ran forward to stop them. “Jeremy, what are you doing? You’re going to marry Meredith soon. How can you leave with this woman now?”

“Jeremy, one second you’re calling off the wedding with Mer, then you’re marrying her again. Now, you’re still entangled with this woman. What do you think of Meredith?” Eloise’s face was green from anger. “You have to give Mer an explanation today!”

“I don’t have the obligation to explain anything to you,” Jeremy said coldly. He looked at Madeline with his bottomless eyes and held her hand before walking forward.

“You…” Eloise was tongue-tied from anger. “How could my daughter fall head over heels in love with a man like this?”

Jeremy’s mother was embarrassed. She shifted the blame away hurriedly. “This Vera Quinn is even more despicable than Madeline! Mer, don’t worry. I’ll always side with you.”

Meredith’s eyes were red from her pretentious grievances. Then, she ran out and saw Jeremy opening the car door for Vera before driving away.

She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Then, she smirked sinisterly.

“Vera Quinn, do you think you can defeat me by doing this? Hmph, just you wait. My wedding with Jeremy will definitely go on in three days!”

Jeremy drove for a while with Madeline with neither of them saying anything.

Jeremy saw Madeline’s dispirited gaze from the rearview mirror. He braked slowly and stopped the car at the side of the road.

“Give me some time. I’ll give you a complete family.” Jeremy looked at Madeline who had been quiet the entire time.

“You mean you’ll definitely marry Meredith in three days?” Madeline asked flatly. “You said you’ll take responsibility. Is this how you’re going to take responsibility?”

She deliberately looked at him in agitation. Then, she turned around and got out of the car.

Jeremy got out of the car hurriedly as well. “Vera.”

Madeline ignored him and kept walking forward.

Jeremy chased after her, grabbing Madeline’s wrist. Then, he pulled her in front of him.

Her beautiful eyes appeared in his vision again, making his heart beat erratically. His usual icy gaze had become softer all of a sudden.

“Vera, I genuinely want to marry you.” His eyes looked serious. “Give me some time to take care of this.”

“Really?” Madeline chuckled softly. “Mr. Whitman, it’s not like no one else wants me. I don’t need you to marry me as if you’re giving me alms. Since you love Meredith so much, then I shall help you accomplish your aim. As for the child in my stomach, I’ll take care of it.

“I’m happy to know you. It’s my fault that I have the same face as Madeline. It’s not your fault that you resent this face so much.”

She smiled unaffectedly before lifting her hand to tidy Jeremy’s collar. Suddenly, she stood on tiptoe and got closer to his face.

“I hope you’re happy. Forever.”

Her sweet voice sounded like it was drenched with honey, her words flowing into his ears like the spring water in the mountain. Then, it landed right on his heart.

Jeremy was taken aback, then his heart sped up.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 338

He lifted his head and saw that Madeline had already hailed a cab. Then, she got into the car and left.

Jeremy was dispirited for a few seconds before he chased after her.

He called Madeline, and though the call went through, she did not answer.

Madeline looked at the darkened phone screen and smirked.

She was making concessions in order to gain advantages.

She did not mean it when she wished him that. She could not let the two people she hated the most live carefreely.

Jeremy could not contact Madeline, so he became anxious.

It did not matter what the reason was, but he knew he could not lose the woman who had the same face as Madeline.

Even though he was obstinately clinging to the belief that this was the reason he could not let go of Madeline, he also realized the subtle change in his heartbeat whenever he was with Vera.

The feeling was the same as when he met Madeline for the first time in university.

Madeline went back to her apartment, and after a while, someone was ringing the doorbell.

Madeline saw Jeremy through the peephole.

His handsome face was magnified through the peephole—still as handsome as ever.

Madeline was satisfied when she saw the anxiousness in his eyes.

She did not open the door. She listened to the doorbell ringing continuously as she sat on the bar table quietly to enjoy her coffee.

Madeline knew very well that Jeremy cared about her more than Meredith at the moment.

However, why did he suddenly agree to marry Meredith?

There had to be a reason for that.

When she was contemplating it, the screen of her phone lit up again. It was from an unknown number.

Madeline walked to the french window and answered the phone. Then, Meredith’s cold and arrogant voice sounded.

“Vera, don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. You want to use your pregnancy to stop my marriage with Jeremy, huh? Let me tell you now that there’s no f*cking way!

“Jeremy will go to the wedding dress fitting with me tomorrow. That dress is worth about seven digits and Jeremy made that especially for me! As long as I want something, Jeremy will definitely give it to me!

“Don’t even think about having a chance to stick your foot into our relationship. Listen closely, Jeremy is my man. I’ll end whoever dares to steal him away from me!”

After she heard Meredith’s threats, Madeline chuckled carefreely. “Meredith, you listen here as well. I’ll definitely stick my foot into your relationship. You have to get past me if you want to marry Jeremy.”

“You… B*tch!” Meredith cursed, “Vera, I’ll never give you the chance to do so!”


After Meredith yelled at her, she hung up the phone in frustration.

The doorbell was still ringing. She pondered for a while before opening the door.

When the door was opened, Jeremy’s eyes lit up.


“Mr. Whitman, you and I have nothing to do with each other anymore. Please stop bothering me,” Madeline said coldly before closing the door.

Jeremy reached out his hand to stop the door as he looked at her intensely. “You asked me before if you’re destined to fall in love with the same man as her just because you look like her. Let me answer you now… Me too.”

‘You look like Madeline, so I started having feelings for you subconsciously.’

However, Madeline did not understand the deeper meaning of this sentence.

“Jeremy, I don’t understand.”

“You don’t have to. You just have to know that I genuinely want to marry you.”

“Really?” Madeline asked curiously.

“Truly,” he said confidently. However, he lifted his eyebrow. “I have to complete my process of marrying Meredith first though.”

“Why?” Madeline looked at him in confusion. “Why do you have to marry her?”

Jeremy looked into Madeline’s huge confused eyes before pressing his lips together. “Do you really want to know? Alright, I’ll tell you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 339

As he spoke, there was melancholy in his eyes all of a sudden.

After staying quiet for a few seconds, Jeremy said, “I owe it to her.”

“You owe it to her?”

‘You owe it to her?

‘Jeremy, you owed me as well, but you forgot about it.’

Madeline laughed and did not ask anymore. She said slowly, “Alright, if that’s the case, I won’t make it more difficult for you. However, if you say you’re serious about marrying me, then you should prove it.”

When he heard this, the melancholy on Jeremy’s face disappeared slightly. “What do you want me to do? I can do anything as long as it’s within my power.”

Madeline smiled. “Easy. Go to a place with me tomorrow. I’ll tell you where we’re going when you pick me up tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” Jeremy answered without hesitating.

For some reason, looking at the smile on that face in front of him, Jermey felt more cheerful than before.

Jeremy went back to his house, and the moment he entered, he saw Meredith running toward him.

“Jeremy, you’re finally home.” Her face was filled with worry and she was evidently flustered. “I was so scared that you wouldn’t come back.”

Jeremy walked around her coldly as he spoke in a sarcastic tone, “Why aren’t you preparing for the wedding? Why are you here?”

“You’re my groom. Who will I go to if I don’t come to you?” Meredith walked in front of Jeremy shyly. “Jeremy, I’m finally going to become your bride. I’m so happy.”

Jeremy looked at her and smiled superficially. “As long as you’re happy. If you’re done being happy, remember to give me back what belongs to me.”

“…” The smile on Meredith’s face froze while her shy look from earlier had disappeared as well. She knew that Jeremy was talking about Madeline’s ashes.

He was very concerned about Madeline indeed.

Thankfully, he did not have a clue that Madeline was the little girl he had been thinking about for the past ten years.

If he knew about that, he would be crazily in love with Madeline.

Meredith was secretly relieved. Then, she smiled flatteringly.

“Jeremy, I know you’re still blaming me. It’s fine. As long as I can marry you and become your wife, I’m willing to be misunderstood,” she said understandably before frowning.

“However, Jeremy, don’t get fooled by that Vera Quinn. She’s not a good person. She’s in a relationship with your uncle one second, and in the next second, she claims to be pregnant with your child. It’s fine if she looks the same as Maddie, but they’re also equally fickle.”

“Enough,” Jeremy said in agitation. His sharp gaze scanned across Meredith before he continued, “Just because I’m not saying some things out loud doesn’t mean I don’t know about them. Stop challenging my patience. My patience for you has a limit.”

“…” Meredith was speechless. Her body went cold after Jeremy looked at her with an icy gaze.

‘Has he seen my dark past online?

‘Did he also see the intimate photos of me and Tanner?


‘Jeremy hasn’t seen them. If he has, he would’ve questioned me about it.’

She thought about it wishfully and put on her aggrieved mask again.

“Jeremy, I’m sorry. I won’t say things like that to upset you again.” Meredith apologized. Her eyes looked extremely pitiful. “Jeremy, the staff from the bridal shop called me. We can go for the fitting tomorrow. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long.”

“I’m not free.” Jeremy rejected her coldly. Then, he turned around to go upstairs.

Meredith’s smile cracked. “Jeremy, if you don’t have time tomorrow, I can change it to the day after.”

“I don’t have time the day after as well. If you want to try on wedding dresses, you should go yourself.”


Meredith wanted to keep pestering him, but looking at his cold figure. She chose silence.

She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Her heart was filled with dissatisfaction and anger.

However, she managed to suppress them.

It was fine. If he did not want to go to the fitting with her, then she would go herself.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 340

She would become his wife in three days anyway.

When the time came, the entire Glendale and even people all around the world would witness the live broadcast of their grand wedding!

When Meredith thought about this, a smile appeared on her face again.

That night, Meredith did some self-care, and the next day, she headed to the bridal shop.

This brand of wedding dresses was well-known all around the world. She told the staff about the dress Jeremy pre-ordered. It had just arrived by air yesterday and was worth around seven digits.

Before she met Jeremy, Meredith could never imagine that she would be able to wear such an expensive wedding dress.

Now, aside from her status as Miss Montgomery, she was also going to be the madam of an influential family who was second to none.

She was ecstatic.

Since she had revealed what she was going to do before this, when Meredith arrived at the bridal shop, there were a lot of journalists surrounding her who wanted to interview her.

“Miss Montgomery, you’re going to marry Mr. Whitman in two days. How do you feel?”

“I heard you’re going to try on a wedding dress that cost seven digits, is that true?”

Meredith looked into the camera happily. “Jeremy ordered the dress for me. The rhinestones on it are all real.”

‘Why didn’t Mr. Whitman come to the fitting with you?”

“You guys know that Jeremy is busy. He has to manage such a huge transnational corporation. I won’t occupy his time for something as minor as a wedding dress fitting. Men’s work centers around the world outside while women’s work centers around the home, so I don’t mind.”

When Meredith said this, the journalists and passersby all praised her for being understanding.

Meredith listened to those praises happily. Then, she turned around and entered the shop with her assistant.

“Miss Montgomery, when you walk out in the dress later, the journalists will definitely snap a lot of pictures of you. They’ll all report this without restraint,” said Meredith’s assistant, Amy.

Meredith raised her eyes arrogantly and considered herself unexcelled in the world. Her gentle and kind image had disappeared at this moment.

“Of course. Those people have never seen such an expensive wedding dress before. Even after working to death for an entire year, they won’t even be able to make enough money for one rhinestone on my dress!”

“Yes, of course.” Amy agreed.

She had worked with Meredith for some time already, so she knew Meredith’s temper and personality.

Meredith was not the dignified and easy-mannered Miss Montgomery in front of everyone. She was more like a common character behind everyone’s back. She was narrow-minded and loved to be pretentious.

If it was not for the hefty salary, Amy would have stopped working for her a long time ago.

At this moment, Meredith sauntered into the shop. When the staff saw her, there were awkward expressions on their faces.

“M-Miss Crawford, why are you here?”

Meredith’s face fell. “What are you talking about? Of course, I’m here for the fitting.”


“No buts. Where’s the dress? I want to try it on now.” Meredith barked her order.

After she said that, the curtain in front of her was pulled open with a ‘woosh’.

Meredith and her assistant, Amy, looked over at the same time. A graceful figure of a woman appeared in their vision.

The dress on the woman was sparkling with brilliant lights and vibrant colors under the lights of the chandelier.

Meredith widened her eyes in shock. “Why is this dress on another person? Were you people dropped on the head when you were born? That’s my dress! How dare you let another woman try on my dress that cost seven digits? Do you not want to work here anymore?”

The staff looked at each other in dismay after they heard that. “Miss Crawford, this…”

“And you! How dare you wear my dress?! Take it off now, if not…”

“Your dress?” Suddenly, the woman in the dress said slowly.

When Meredith heard her voice, she was taken aback.

She widened her eyes in disbelief. When she saw the woman turning around slowly, her eyes were about to start bleeding when she saw the gorgeous face appearing in her vision.

“Vera Quinn!”

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