Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 31-40

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 31
The other party was a refined and charming upper-class woman.

After interacting with her a few times, Madeline knew that she was Eloise Patton, also known as Mrs. Montgomery. She was of the top four rich and influential families of Glendale.

For some reason, Madeline felt a close and dear connection with Eloise every time she talked to her.

The Montgomerys had a lot of assets under their name, and Eloise was responsible for the jewelry. She was very satisfied with Madeline’s first draft.

Due to some special reasons, Eloise invited Madeline to her home the day she was supposed to hand in her final draft.

When she got there, she found out today was the 24th birthday of Eloise and Sean Montgomery’s precious daughter, Brittany Montgomery.

Madeline then remembered today was her 24th birthday as well.

Looking at Brittany who had been pampered like a princess since she was a child, Madeline could not help but feel envious.

Ever since she was young, she did not know what was the love of a father and a mother. When she had the chance to be someone’s mother, God decided to give her such a short life span.

She could feel a dull pain in her heart. Madeline took a deep breath and smiled.

No matter what, she needed to make 300,000 dollars for her grandfather’s surgery.

When Madeline was about to go over and wish Brittany a happy birthday, Meredith wandered into her vision.

She was dressed stunningly and had her makeup nicely done. She was holding Brittany’s arm as they took selfies together.

Meredith and Brittany were good friends. Madeline did not expect this.

To prevent any trouble, Madeline wanted to turn around and leave, but Meredith stopped her.

“Maddie, it is you! I thought I was seeing things,” Meredith greeted with a soft and gentle voice. “Why are you here?”

Madeline looked at her coldly. “It’s none of your business.”

“Why is it none of my business? You’re my sister and today is my best friend, Brit’s, birthday. Everyone here is rich. What if you do something shameless like last time again? What should I do then?” she said softly, but the glint in her eyes was extremely sinister.

Madeline chuckled. “Sister? I don’t have a two-faced sister who’d seduce her younger sister’s husband like you.”

“You…” Meredith’s face froze. It was evident that she was feeling awkward.

At this moment, Brittany walked over. She was dressed head to toe in branded and luxurious clothing. When she was standing next to Madeline who was wearing something unpresentable, she looked dazzling.

She looked at Madeline with interest and then came to a realization.

“Mer, so this is your shameless sister?”

When Madeline heard this, she was shocked.

It was evident that Meredith had talked badly about her behind her back.

“Brit, it’s fine. She’s my sister after all. I’m just not destined to be with Jeremy.” Meredith sighed sadly. Then, she looked at Madeline. “Maddie, you should go. Don’t try to steal something like last time.”

“How would this kind of disgusting person get invited to my birthday party?” Brittany’s eyes were filled with contempt. “For Mer’s sake, you should go now! If not, I’ll get someone to kick you out!”

Madeline held the draft in her hands and smiled calmly. “Miss Montgomery, your mother was the one who invited a disgusting person like me here.”

Brittany and Meredith looked at each other, shocked.

At this moment, Eloise walked out of the house and Brittany approached her immediately. She pointed at Madeline and said something in Eloise’s ear. Instantly, Madeline saw that there was a hint of rejection and disdain in Eloise’s eyes when she was looking at her.

Madeline knew something was not right. However, she still smiled and greeted, “Mrs. Montgomery, I brought over the drafts that you wanted.”

“Please go now, Miss Crawford,” said Eloise with an oddly calm tone. “I won’t accept any of those drafts. As for your deposit, I won’t take it back. Just treat it as the cost of lost labor. Please don’t come to me ever again. I won’t allow the jewelry design of Montgomery Enterprise to be tarnished by a dirty woman like you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 32
After she heard that, Madeline knew she was finished.

She was not bothered if people humiliated or misunderstood her, but this business was too important to her.

“Draft? Maddie, when did you become a designer?” Meredith was shocked. “Are you plagiarizing the designs on the internet and then claiming them to be yours like how you did when you were graduating? Maddie, why did you let yourself go so much?” Meredith looked at her in disappointment.

When Eloise heard this, her face turned even darker. She glared at Madeline in anger and left with her daughter.

Madeline felt a pang of pain in her heart after Eloise looked at her with such a disgusted expression.

She wanted to chase after her to explain herself, but someone pulled her back.

When Meredith saw that there was no one around them, she displayed a sinister smirk. “You see, you lowly peasant, don’t even think about competing with me for the position of Mrs. Whitman. Madeline, you’ll know what’s the consequences of fighting over a man with me soon enough.”

Madeline clutched the rejected designs in her hand and glared at Meredith’s pleased smirk. She could not help herself and lifted her hand to slap Meredith heavily across the cheek.

“It’s still unknown what will happen to me, but I can clearly see that you have my fingerprints on your cheek now.”

“Madeline! How dare you slap me, you b*tch?!” Meredith was livid.

Madeline smirked coldly. “I’ll hit you whenever I want. This is not the first time anyway. You can go complain about me to Jeremy after you recompose yourself. He loves your b*tchy act so much.”


Meredith touched her cheek and ground her teeth in anger.

She wanted to slap Madeline back, but she dodged easily. Then, she turned around and left.

Madeline knew that b*tch would definitely complain about her to Jeremy. However, she did not expect Jeremy to call her so fast.

“Come to Crawford Manor. Now.”

The man’s tone sounded calm. However, Madeline knew that it was the calm before the storm.

After what happened that time, Madeline did not go back to Crawford Manor for a very long time.

When she stepped through the door, she saw Jon and Rose staring at her aggressively. It was as if they wanted to swallow her whole.

On the other hand, Jeremy sat on the sofa with cold air surrounding his entire body. Meredith was sitting next to him while sobbing sadly.

Madeline rolled her eyes in disgust after she saw Meredith’s hypocritical act. She walked over and said magnanimously. “I’m here, Mr. Whitman. Are you going to lecture your legally wedded wife on behalf of your mistress?”

After she said that, Meredith stopped sobbing. Jeremy lifted his head as his deep eyes looked at her piercingly.

“Madeline, did you forget what I warned you about?” His tone was so cold that Madeline’s heart shivered.

“Jeremy, it’s fine. I don’t blame Maddie. It’s all my fault. You’re Maddie’s husband at the end of the day. I shouldn’t love you. However, Jeremy, I can’t stop myself from missing you.” Meredith reached out her hand pretentiously to stop the man who was about to lecture Madeline.

“Mer, you dumb child. You’re still trying to help this thankless wench at this moment. Just look at how hard she hit you!” Jon walked over with anger and pity.

Madeline finally saw the exaggerated handprint on Meredith’s face. She had only hit her left cheek. However, both sides of Meredith’s cheeks were printed with deep red handprints. Plus, her face was swollen and there was blood on the corner of her lips.

It was apparent that someone did something to the woman’s wounds after she left.

Madeline scoffed without being able to control herself. “If you know you’re at fault, then why are you still pestering my husband? Are you not disgusted by yourself, Meredith?”

“…” Meredith’s face froze. There was dissatisfaction in her eyes.

Madeline felt slightly pleased with herself. However, after a few seconds, she received a hard slap across her face.


Jon struck her and Madeline immediately started seeing stars. She could taste the metallic taste of blood on the corner of her lips. Before she could process this slap, she received another slap on the other side of her face. Then, someone kicked her on her ankles, forcing her to kneel.

Madeline staggered and fell on the floor without warning. When she was about to stand up, Jon stepped on her right hand.

“Was this the hand that you used to slap Mer?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 33
Madeline grunted in pain instantly. Jon was using all of his might to torture her. It was as if he wanted so badly to crush her bones. Then, Madeline heard his pompous reasons.

“Jeremy, don’t think that I’m going too hard on her. I’m her father and I can’t stand seeing my own daughter being bullied like this! After Mer gives birth to that child, you’ll know how it feels to be someone’s parents.”

As he said that, he rubbed his foot on the back of Madeline’s hand.

Madeline’s hand started to bleed again after getting stabbed by glass shards.

She did not yell out in pain nor did she beg for mercy.

Jeremy did not say anything. His handsome face was as cold as ice. To Madeline, he was tacitly agreeing to Jon’s actions.

“Jeremy, my face hurts. I’m so scared that my face will never recover.” Meredith sobbed gently at this moment.

Jeremy frowned and glanced at Madeline in disgust. “She deserves this.”

Then, he held Meredith and said, “You dummy, I promise that your face will be as beautiful as it was before. Come, I’ll go rest with you in your room.” His comforting words successfully made Meredith burst into laughter. At the same time, it successfully struck Madeline down.

“No, you should accompany Maddie. I’m worried that Maddie will be jealous.” Meredith pushed Jeremy away hypocritically.

“I won’t even care if this evil woman dies from jealousy.” Jeremy walked past Madeline with an unbothered look on his face.

He turned around as Jon lifted his foot. Then, he stomped down on Madeline’s wrist a few times.

Madeline gritted her teeth as her red and tearful eyes looked at Jeremy and Meredith’s backs as they went upstairs in each other’s arms. A pang of pain shot up in her heart.

After Jeremy walked into the room, Jon lifted his leg and kicked Madeline on the shoulder. He did not go easy on her at all.

“I went easy on you today! If you dare to bully Mer again, I’ll ask someone to chop your hands off! Scram!”

Madeline gritted her teeth and climbed up from the floor challengingly. However, she did not submit to them. “If Meredith dares to provoke me again, I’ll still slap her.”

Jon did not expect Madeline to say that. When his brain registered what had happened, Madeline had already walked out of the door.

When she walked out of the house, she heard Rose grumble in an agitated voice, “Look at her arrogant face! Why didn’t you stomp on her more just now? Mer said that b*tch is drafting designs for people to earn a living. I want to see how she’ll continue being so arrogant after her hand becomes useless! I want to see how she’ll make money!”

It started raining lightly on this pitch-black winter night.

Madeline came to the entrance of the psychiatric hospital in exhaustion.

Perhaps this was the only family member who could give her some comfort when she needed the warmth of a family the most.

However, today, she did not dare to face Len because she really had no ability to raise so much money for his surgery.

When she walked into the door, she saw the nurse who told her about Len’s condition running toward her. “I just want to tell you that your grandpa is nowhere to be seen!”

Madeline could feel her heart sink. “What do you mean by that?”

“Your grandpa’s missing!”

Madeline was stunned. Len was missing.

A mentally-ill patient was missing. She did not know what would happen to Len.

It would be fine if he ran into a kind person, but if he ran into bad guys…

She did not dare to overthink. She was about to call the cops when her phone rang. It was an unknown number.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat. Her intuition told her that this was not an ordinary phone call. Indeed, after she answered it, a man’s threatening voice sounded from the other end of the phone, “Madeline Crawford, your grandpa’s with me. Prepare ten million dollars in exchange for him. If not, you can prepare for his funeral.”

“Don’t hurt my grandpa! I’ll give you the money, but I really don’t have ten million dollars!”

“You don’t, but your husband does, no?” The man did not give Madeline the chance to say anything before he hung up abruptly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 34
Madeline stood in the rainy winter night. Everything in front of her was pitch black.

Ten million was an astronomical number to her.

Despite being the madam of the number one rich family in Glendale, she never got any advantages from this identity of hers. On the contrary, she was battered and exhausted.

Madeline did not dare to call the cops hastily because she was concerned about Len’s safety.

She did not have a choice. She could only ask for Jeremy’s help.

However, perhaps Jeremy had blocked her number as she could not get through to him no matter how many times she called.

She thought about how her grandfather might be suffering now, so she went back to Crawford Manor.

She lifted her right hand and remembered how Jon had stomped on it just now. It caused her to be unable to exert any force with her hand.

Madeline knocked on the door with her left hand. The door was opened after a while, but before she could say anything, she was greeted by a bucket of cold water.

“Scram! Don’t dirty my front door! If I knew you’d hurt Mer so much, I wouldn’t have agreed to take you into our family!” Rose held the bucket and yelled at Madeline angrily. After she yelled at her, she spat at her and slammed the door shut with a loud thud.

Madeline snorted. How ironic.

She used her bone marrow to save Meredith who was sickly before. However, she did not expect the family to bite the hand that fed them.

Madeline bit her lip hard and walked under Madeline’s window. Then, she lifted her head.

The cold rain landed on her and she almost could not open her eyes.

“Jeremy, I hope you can help me for the sake of our relationship!” She pleaded at Madeline’s window. “My grandpa’s sick and now he’s been kidnapped. You’re the only one who can help him now! Jeremy, I’m begging you!”

Madeline lifted her head to look at the window unyieldingly. However, after a long time, she did not get Jeremy’s reply.

She tugged on the corner of her lips bitterly. When she was about to turn around and leave in disappointment, the door was opened.

Madeline’s quiet heart skipped a beat. She ran over quickly. “Jeremy…”

“Jeremy doesn’t want to see you now. He’s taking a shower in my room.” Meredith’s ugly and heinous smirk appeared in front of her.

The joy on Madeline’s face vanished instantly. Her heart was hurting. However, she did not forget why she came here. “Meredith, this is about someone’s life and death. Let me see Jeremy.”

“Jeremy said he doesn’t want to pollute his eyes by looking at a dirty b*tch. From now on, he’ll accompany me every night.” Meredith looked at the drenched and pale Madeline with a pleased smirk on her face. “You peasant, do you know what will happen to you if you compete for a man with me now? I warned you before. Don’t try to go against me!”

Madeline suddenly came to a realization after she looked at Meredith’s malicious eyes. “Madeline! You hired someone to kidnap my grandpa!”

Meredith lifted the corner of her lips in a fake smile. “I just asked someone to buy that old thing a cup of tea.”

“Meredith, you b*tch! Just come at me with your wicked plans! Why do you want to hurt my grandpa?”

Madeline could not suppress the anger rising in her chest. She grabbed Meredith’s collar and slapped her across the face continuously.


Meredith wailed in pain. Her swollen and red face was even more swollen now after the blood rushed to her face.

“Madeline, you b*tch! Let me go now! Jeremy, save me!” she yelled hysterically. However, Madeline did not stop.

She released all of the grievances that she suffered because of Meredith using this opportunity.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 35
“Why did I save a cruel witch like you with my bone marrow? Jeremy fell in love with a woman like you because he’s blind!”

Madeline slapped Meredith again and again across her face. Everyone in the house came out after they heard the commotion.

When Rose saw that Meredith was being slapped, she ran over and grabbed Madeline’s hair. She even kicked her, but Madeline still held on to Meredith tightly.

“Jeremy, it hurts! Jeremy, save me! Madeline’s going to beat me to death!”

Madeline wailed and screamed. Finally, she alerted Jeremy.

“Madeline, are you insane?” Jeremy dragged Madeline who was having an emotional breakdown away. Then, he gathered Meredith into his arms.

“Boohoo… Jeremy, I’m in so much pain. My face hurts! Maddie is insane!” Meredith complained as she leaned in Jeremy’s arms.

Madeline rushed over. “Meredith, stop pretending. I should be the one crying! Why did I have to meet a two-faced b*tch like you?”

“Jeremy, listen to that! That b*tch is yelling and slapping Mer in front of you and she’s still saying that Mer wronged her. You should’ve divorced this woman a long time ago!” Rose came to the aid of her daughter who was suffering an injustice.

Jeremy’s eyebrows were knitted together. There was a terrifying glint in his icy gaze.


He parted his lips coldly and looked at Madeline like he wanted to rip her into shreds.

“You keep on challenging my limit. Do you want to die young?”

“Heh.” Madeline scoffed bitterly. She was indeed going to die young. “Jeremy, just open your eyes and look closely. Are you holding a human or a beast?”

Slap! Rose swung her hand down on Madeline’s face. “How dare you say that about Mer?”

“She is a beast!” Madeline lifted her unyielding gaze and looked into Jeremy’s eyes. “Do you know what kind of cruel things your darling did? She kidnapped my grandpa and wants ten million from me!”

“Maddie, what are you talking about? How could I do something as despicable as that?” Meredith said softly. She looked innocent and aggrieved. “Even though he’s not my biological grandpa, we’re still sisters. I treat Len as my own grandpa too. Plus, why would I kidnap him?”

“You want to get back at me! You want to force me to a dead end!”

“I didn’t…” Meredith’s eyes were filled with tears. She shook her head. “Jeremy, you have to believe me. I never did that. If I did, my punishment is that our baby will be stillborn!”

“Mer, you dummy! How can you make that kind of oaths because of that b*tch?” Rose was heartbroken.

However, Meredith was calm. “I didn’t do it, so I’m not scared.”

“Hehe.” Madeline chuckled. The even more ironic thing was that Jeremy believed her.

He held Meredith even tighter as his icy gaze penetrated through Madeline.

“You said your grandpa’s been kidnapped?”

“Yes!” Madeline had a confident look on her face. “She admitted that to me just now!”

Jeremy looked at her and did not say anything. However, he took out his phone and called the hospital Len was in. He asked whether someone named Len was missing.

He was on speaker, and immediately, Madeline heard the nurse’s sweet voice saying, “No, he’s sleeping in his bed.”

Every word was so clear and concise. Madeline felt as if all of her blood had been turned into ice.

She saw a layer of frost in Jeremy’s eyes. He did not hang up the phone immediately. Instead, he asked, “How’s that old man? Is he diagnosed with lung cancer?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 36
When Jeremy asked that question, Madeline could already predict the answer.

Indeed, the nurse on the other end of the phone denied it. “What? Lung cancer? Aside from his mental health, his body is very healthy. How would he get lung cancer? You must have made a mistake.”

After she said that, Madeline felt her body temperature plummet.

Before Jeremy hung up the phone, the nurse said, “You said he’s missing just now? He did disappear for some time before, but he said his niece told him to hide because she’s playing hide and seek with him.”

When she heard this, Madeline understood everything.

Grandpa was not sick and he was not kidnapped. Meredith was the one who plotted all of this!

“Maddie, I understand now. You deliberately asked your grandpa to hide so that you can frame me for kidnapping him.” Meredith gained the initiative by striking first. She started crying tearfully. “Maddie, why’d you do that? I always saw you as my biological sister. How can you do this kind of thing to frame me? Even if you hate me, you can’t joke about your grandpa’s life!”

“Why are you still asking her? This b*tch wants to use this opportunity to make Jeremy hate you!” Rose cooperated in the act. “Madeline, you’re so despicable! The Crawfords raised you and funded your university fees. How dare you bite the hand that feeds you? Not only did you steal Mer’s boyfriend, but you even used these kinds of despicable tricks. You’re so inhumane!”

The mother and daughter duo said simultaneously, placing all of those groundless crimes on Madeline.

Madeline felt lifeless all of a sudden. She knew that she did not need to explain anymore. Meredith had set this trap especially for her.

Even if she explained until her mouth broke, the man in front of her would still not believe her.

Despite that, she was still hopeful toward Jeremy. “Jeremy, I don’t care if you believe me or not, but I’ve never done those despicable things.”


After she said that, Madeline received a slap across the face. There was blood on the corner of her lips.

The burning pain seared Madeline’s face. However, it was not as painful as the way Jeremy was looking at her.

“Madeline, you’re not only evil, but you’re also devoid of conscience. You would go as far as cursing your grandfather just to get my attention. You even set a trap to frame Mer. I think you’re just bored with your life.”

Madeline turned her face to one side and scoffed lightly.


The man she loved was such an idiot.

Not only was he an idiot, but he was also blind.

“Ah, Jeremy! My stomach… My stomach hurts all of a sudden…” Meredith started screaming pretentiously. “Jeremy, is something wrong with our baby? I’m scared…”

“The baby must’ve been disturbed when that b*tch slapped you! Jeremy, send Mer to the hospital now. You might not even get the chance to be a father after you go!” Rose purposely made a huge fuss and exaggerated the situation.

Jeremy’s expression changed as he carried Meredith worriedly to the garage. “Don’t be scared. Our son will be fine.”

Son. He had even checked the sex of the baby with her.

Madeline’s heart was shattered. “Meredith is just putting on a show. Jeremy, are you blind?”


Madeline yelled, but she did not expect Jon to lift his leg and kick her heavily on her chest. Madeline was unprepared and got kicked to the shrubs nearby. Her palm was sliced open by the jagged branches. Her bloody palm was decorated with old wounds and new wounds.

She stood up challengingly. However, she could taste the metallic taste of blood coming from her throat. Then, she started vomiting blood.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 37
Jon and Rose were shocked when they saw Madeline vomiting blood, but at the same time, they felt pleased.

The duo shut the door and ignored Madeline. They did not care about her at all. It would be better if she died.

Madeline curled up in between the shrubs with her body covered with dirt and rainwater. She clutched her painful stomach and watched as Jeremy carried Meredith into the car.

He could see her from the rearview mirror, but he did not even want to look at her.

On the other hand, Meredith was staring at her. She smiled victoriously without a trace when she saw Madeline as pale as a corpse with her mouth filled with blood.

Madeline lowered her hand that was trying to ask for help hopelessly as she watched the car drive away.

Her tears and the rainwater blurred her vision.

He was so worried about Meredith’s child, but he did not care about the child in her stomach. He even wanted to kill the child in her stomach.

Madeline chuckled lamentably. She was laughing at how sad her life was.

When did her life become like this? Perhaps it started from the moment she fell in love with the man that she was not supposed to fall in love with.

Madeline had to be hospitalized for a few days for her internal and external injuries. Thankfully, her child was fine.

No one asked about her these few days. Daniel was the only one who called her and asked about her condition. Madeline skimped over this while pretending nothing happened. She did not want Jeremy to target Daniel anymore.

When she was discharged, the doctor told her in regret. She was unable to have an abortion to perform the surgery to remove her tumor in her current situation now.

When she heard this, Madeline did not have any sad reactions. On the contrary, she just smiled calmly.

When she walked out of the hospital, the warm winter sun landed on her thin face. She did not feel any warmth now, especially when she thought about how Jeremy treated her. It was as if she had a huge crack in her heart and the cold wind was invading it mercilessly.

Madeline was going to take the bus, but she saw a familiar figure at the side door of the hospital. When she looked closer, she saw that it was Eloise and her husband, Sean.

Even though Eloise was biased against Madeline and despised her after what her precious daughter told her, for some reason, Madeline still felt that Eloise looked amiable.

She saw Eloise frowning, looking pained. Then, she heard her mentioning something about the hospital, birthmark, and daughter.

Madeline figured she might be talking about her daughter, Brittany. As such, she did not want to disturb her. She turned around to leave.

At this moment, Meredith walked out of the hospital while grumbling. She knew Madeline was staying in this hospital. She wanted to come to insult Madeline when Jeremy did not have time to accompany her. However, she was told that Madeline had left before she got here.

She swore in agitation. Then, she lifted her head and saw Eloise and Sean standing at the side door.

Meredith put on a gentle and lovable smile. When she was about to go over and greet them, she saw Eloise leaning against Sean’s chest sadly while saying, “I wonder where our daughter is? I wonder if she’s doing well. Sean, please don’t let Brit know that she’s not our biological daughter.”

“Don’t worry. Our daughter will be the only 24 years old young woman in this world with a butterfly birthmark on her lower back. I’ll find her even if I have to flip the entire Glendale over!”

Meredith was stunned. She could not believe what she just heard.

She was pleased with the fact that Brittany was not their biological daughter. However, she was unable to accept what Sean said.

She remembered clearly that Madeline had a butterfly birthmark on the left side of her lower back! Plus, Madeline and Brittany’s birthdays were on the same day. She was also 24 this year!

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 38
Madeline went back to the house. She wanted to leave after packing some clothes. However, when she saw the baby clothes on the sofa, she could not help but hold them in her hands while feeling reluctant.

When she remembered that Jeremy was the one who bought these baby clothes for Meredith, she felt a pang of indescribable pain in her chest.

She touched her three-month pregnant stomach. She could feel tears pricking the corner of her eyes.

However, Madeline wiped away her tears quickly.

She hated herself for failing to live up to expectations. That man was so cruel to her and yet she was still deeply worried and longing for this man who she could not get.

Madeline took a set of baby clothes and went downstairs. However, she did not expect to run into Jeremy and Meredith at the door.

When she saw Meredith walking over while holding Jeremy’s hand intimately, Madeline’s heart started hurting as if it was being stabbed by a million needles.

“Maddie, where are you going?” Meredith asked while blinking innocently. She looked at the bags in Madeline’s eyes and pretended to be curious. “Eh, Maddie, when did you go to the maternity shop? Do you want to give my baby a present?”

Madeline had never seen a mistress who had so much courage like Meredith before.

She peered at Meredith in disgust. “You’re proud of being pregnant with the child of a wedded man. Meredith, you’re so thick-skinned.”

Meredith’s face fell. She looked at Jeremy aggrievedly. “Jeremy, I think I should go home. I’m worried that Maddie will get jealous again. It’s fine if she hurts me, but if she hurts our child, I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep him.”

She was saying that innocently, but she was obviously trying to enrage Jeremy.

“You’re not the one who should leave.” Jeremy looked at Madeline with an icy gaze. “Scram. Don’t ever appear in Mer’s vision anymore.” He warned coldly. Then, he pointed at the baby clothes Madeline was holding.

“I bought those for Meredith’s child. Who allowed you to touch them? Don’t you know how filthy you are? How is my son going to wear the clothes you’ve touched?”

He was calling her filthy. He was calling it his son.

Madeline could not endure the excruciating pain in her heart. She looked at the face that she had loved for 12 years and her heart ached.

“Jeremy, why are you so cruel to me? Is it just because you think that I planned for you to sleep with me? Is that why I’ve become an eyesore to you? However, do you know that time—”

“Maddie,” Meredith interrupted suddenly. She walked over to advise her. “You can’t blame Jeremy for being mad. He’s a neat freak. You had so many relationships with different men and even slept with so many men for money. I can’t even accept this, let alone Jeremy.”


Madeline wanted to burst out laughing. Meredith’s every word was filled with hypocrisy and provocation. However, Jeremy believed her every word.

His face became gloomy immediately. He then pulled Meredith back into his arms.

“Don’t you think that she’s filthy? How can you touch her? Come, let’s go back to our room.”

He held Meredith’s hand and turned around. Madeline’s eyes hurt from looking at the two of them. The pain went straight to her heart. Plus, Meredith even turned around and gave her a victorious smirk.

Madeline’s heart sank. She knew that no matter what, she would not be able to hide how Jeremy felt about her.

She forced herself to not think about him. She worked hard to make her life go back to normal. After all, she was still hoping that she would be able to hold on until the birth of her child.

Madeline transferred Len to another hospital. It was obvious that Meredith had bribed the nurse from before.

Madeline left after she settled her grandfather’s matters.

She then passed by a maternity shop. After hesitating at the door for a while, she went in.

She picked out two sets of clothes—one pink and one blue.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 39
The baby in her child would be able to wear these no matter what their sex was.

Madeline was about to pay for the clothes. However, when she turned around, she saw Meredith.

It seemed as if she was alone. She had a sinister smile on her face. Madeline wanted to walk past her, but Meredith stopped her.

“Maddie, you’re in so much trouble and you’re still in the mood to shop? Aren’t the police looking for you?”

Madeline was confused about what she was talking about. Then, Meredith continued. “You’re such a character as well. It’s fine if you don’t have talent, but why did you plagiarize other people’s work? The company, Minora, is suing you for ruining their company’s name. Plus, they’re also suing you for breaching their intellectual property rights. If you’re convicted of this crime, you’re going to jail.”

Madeline was puzzled. The company that Meredith mentioned was the company that entrusted her to design the couple rings.

However, that was her own creation. She never stole any designs, so how was this plagiarism?

“Meredith, stop spewing nonsense! You’re ruining my reputation by slandering me like this.”

“Maddie, stop pretending. This is not the first time you did something so heinous,” Meredith said with pity.

Madeline did not want to fight with Meredith anymore. She had been at the losing end a few times. She did not want Meredith to have any chance of framing her again.

However, it was as if Meredith knew that Madeline wanted to leave, so she grabbed her hand hurriedly and said in a gentle but loud voice, “Maddie, I know you hate me, but please don’t kill my child. Come at me if you want revenge. The child is innocent!”

This again.

Madeline had fallen for it the first time, so she would not allow Meredith to set her up again.

However, Meredith was even more devious than Madeline imagined. She pulled Madeline’s hand and swung it all of a sudden. Then, she fell backward as if she had lost her balance.

“Ah!” she yelled out in pain. The staff and customers of the maternity shop all looked over.

Then, Jeremy appeared just in time. He saw Meredith on the floor holding her stomach in pain. He carried her hurriedly. There was a puddle of blood where Meredith was lying on just now.

At this moment, Meredith’s eyes were red. She shrieked at Madeline bitterly and hatefully, “Maddie, why are you so cold-blooded? Why’d you steal my boyfriend? And now, you even want to kill my child! I’m your sister!”

She fell into Jeremy’s arms while looking like she was in immense pain. “Jeremy, I can’t keep the child anymore. I can feel him slipping away from my body…”

The onlookers all glared at Madeline in unison.

Jeremy was looking at her with so much malice. It was as if he wanted to kill her. “Madeline! If anything happens to my child, I’ll bury you along with him!”

Madeline felt a gust of cold air rising from her feet. A bad feeling washed over her entire body.

Jeremy left her with a warning before leaving hurriedly with Meredith in his arms.

Madeline turned around to chase up to them, but the moment she stepped out of the shop, she was stopped by two cops. Someone had called the cops.

This familiar scene caused Madeline’s scalp to feel numb. She remembered how she was beaten up badly when she was in the lockup. She almost lost her child.

If she went into lockup again, she might die there. She wanted to see the birth of Jeremy and her child before she died. She did not want to go in!

“I didn’t push her! She purposely fell!” Madeline was on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

Then, the sounds of criticism and gazes of disdain from the people around were all aimed at her. Everyone was sure that she was the one who did that heinous crime.

The cops handcuffed Madeline when they saw that she was refusing to cooperate. Then, they brought her into the cop car.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 40
Madeline was being held in the lockup. Two days later, she finally met Jeremy.

It was the same meeting room as last time. However, she looked even more battered than before. On the other hand, the man looked even angrier than last time.

He was like a demon from hell. The moment he came in, he grabbed Madeline’s collar as his icy gaze almost penetrated her like an ice sword.

“Madeline, what did I warn you about? Is it so hard to live a quiet life? Do you have to look for death?”

“Jeremy, I didn’t push her. Meredith was the one who purposely let go of my hand after grabbing me! You can look at the security footage if you don’t believe me! There must be security cameras in that shop! Jeremy, you’ll know the truth after you see it!” Madeline was holding onto the last chance at life. She kept on emphasizing her words.

“The truth is you pushed Mer! It’s clear as day on the security footage!”


Meredith was stunned. Her mind went blank.

Jeremy showed her the footage. Madeline did not expect that this angle really made it look like she was the one who pushed Meredith.

All of her explanations had turned into lies.

She had nothing to say in front of this ‘evidence’ that was presented to her.

The fire in Jeremy’s eyes burnt Madeline’s heart.

“Madeline, what do you have to say for yourself now? Mer lost her child. Are you happy now?”

She could not believe this.

Meredith really lost her child?

Madeline clutched her stomach subconsciously. The feeling of doom became more and more intense. She looked at the man’s furious face and tried to explain herself. “Jeremy, I really didn’t push her. I didn’t push her this time and I also didn’t push her the last time. These are all traps she set for me!”

“Heh.” Jeremy scoffed when he heard that. That scary smile caused Madeline to shiver. “Meredith lost her child and you’re still trying to accuse her of framing you? Madeline, how can there be such a filthy, lowly, cruel, and evil woman like you?”

When he was saying that, he was grinding his teeth.

His deep hatred and resentment were evident.

“Not only did you hurt Mer, but you even have the nerve to plagiarize other people’s work to scam others for money. Madeline, don’t even think about seeing the sunrise tomorrow. I’ll let you wish you’re dead.”

After he said that, he pushed Madeline away before leaving. His malicious eyes peered at Madeline deviously. Aside from hatred, there was more hatred in his eyes.

Madeline wanted to get up after she was thrown to the ground. However, the pain in her stomach stopped her from doing so.

She grabbed Jeremy’s pants with all her might when she saw that he was about to leave.

“Jeremy, why are you so cruel to me? I’m carrying your child too!”

“Then you should bury that b*stard child in your stomach along with Mer’s child!” Jeremy said angrily. Then, he kicked Madeline’s hand that was holding his pants.

Madeline’s vision was blurred by her tears instantly. She was curled into a ball on the cold cement floor.

It was the winter in December, but it was not as cold and bone-piercing as the words that came out of his mouth.

Hot tears rolled down her cheeks, causing Madeline’s vision to turn grey.

Everyone said happiness was like falling leaves on a mountain. Some people would get more, some people would get lesser, while she might not even have the chance to get some.

Indeed, Madeline was convicted.

Plagiarism, infringement of rights, and an assault that led to a miscarriage.

She had to serve time for all of her crimes at the same time. Without a lawyer, Madeline was sentenced to three years in prison.

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