Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 301-310

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 301

Madeline smirked, irony apparent in her eyes.

‘How can you still say such a thing, Jeremy Whitman?

‘Be it the person I used to be or the person I am now, what did I do to deserve Meredith’s bullying?

‘Is everything she does just correct in your eyes?’

Madeline’s fingers tightened around the stem of the glass while Jeremy remained deep in thought. After a while, he raised his deep gaze to stare at her.

“I owe it to her,” he replied.

Madeline frowned in confusion. “What do you owe her?”

Staring at Madeline’s clear and sparkling orbs, Jeremy’s gaze trailed to stare at the horizon across the sea before them.

“I couldn’t fulfill what I promised her. So I thought perhaps I could make it up to her in another way.”

Madeline scoffed lowly at his reply.

‘You can’t fulfill the promise you made to Meredith, so instead, you’re now trying to make it up to her?

‘But Jeremy, since when have you fulfilled any of the promises you made me? And since when did you make up for those you could not keep?

‘You disregarded me when I told you how we met when we were young and trampled over the promise you made.’

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I cannot do that.” Madeline smiled lightly, her eyes staring straight ahead. “Everyone must face the consequences of their actions.”

“Didn’t you say you want to thank me for saving you the other day? You can thank me by not pressing charges,” Jeremy replied in a heartbeat. Madeline’s eyes widened in shock as a cold and ironic scoff laid at the tip of her tongue. Her eyes settled on the rather attractive features in front of her.

‘Oh, Eveline Montgomery.

‘This is the man you fell and yearned for the past dozen years? This very man who cannot even tell right from wrong?’

“Very well then. I shall grant your wish.” Madeline placed the glass down, her tone heavy with mockery. “You must love Meredith Crawford a great deal to go to such lengths for her. So stop beating around the bush and get married already. The two of you surely are a ‘match made in heaven’!”

She made sure that her tone when she said ‘match made in heaven’ was dripped with irony.

Madeline turned around coolly after and made her way to leave, only to have Jeremy pull her back by her wrist.

“I won’t let your sacrifice be for naught.” His deep voice drifted warmly by her ear. “Anything you ask for in the future, Vera, I’ll do it with no questions asked.”

“You’re really going all out for Meredith.” A mocking smile graced Madeline’s features. “Remember the words you just said. It’ll be too late when you regret them in the future.”


This very word again.

Jeremy felt his heart jolt as he stared at the alluring features in front of him, his gaze meaningful.

He refused to do anything that he would regret in the future.

The night grew and the bottle was finished, mostly by Jeremy.

As far as Madeline was concerned, he had called her out to get drunk over Meredith.

What was so good about Meredith that gave Jeremy the need to have and protect her?

Sure, he had said that he would void their engagement. Yet everything Jeremy said and done since then was still for Meredith.

Madeline found it ridiculous.

If this was how true love looked like, then true love was preposterous.

Lifting her wrist to look at her watch, Madeline realized that it was getting late. Her phone rang from inside the car, but as she opened the door, Jeremy suddenly pushed her inside.

Madeline frowned in displeasure, her tone grumbling. “Jeremy. What are you…”

She paused suddenly as she was met with Jeremy’s deep eyes mere inches away just as she turned around. The influence of alcohol was potent in them. He was most certainly drunk.

The distance between them was almost non-existent, and she found herself unable to escape as he pressed her between himself and the car.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 302

“You fancy me, don’t you?” His seductive tone drifted into her ear with warmth. “I can feel it.”

His tone was decisive, and confidence was the only thing in his peach blossom eyes that had glazed over.

Madeline found herself slightly at a loss with how close they were and the words he was saying.

“You’re drunk,” Madeline responded calmly, though doubt was flashing in her eyes.

Was he actually drunk, or was he just pretending?

“It’s nice being drunk. At least then I get to see her…” He smiled, the ‘her’ spoken so quietly that she almost missed it.

The night wind blew past them, ruffling the wisps of his bangs. His eyes were gentle, tinted with fondness and adoration under the hazy colors of the night that Madeline had never seen before.

He stared at her, then closed their distance even more. The scent of wine tickled her face with every breath of his.

“I missed you so much…” he suddenly proclaimed, staring at her.

Madeline’s heart shook and she was about to push him away. However, the man only reached over to caress her face.

Skin met skin, and she stared into Jeremy’s eyes, stunned. There was a subtle flicker of light within that had given her cheeks a warm flush.

“Let me go, Jeremy.”

“No. I’ll never let you go again…” he muttered as his fingertips continued to trace her brows. Every touch was gentle like he was touching his beloved treasure.

Madeline was at a loss and her heart began to thump erratically in her chest.

She had no idea what Jeremy was thinking, but she was certain that his eyes were filled with so much tenderness that she might just fall for him again if she stared any longer.

Once again, she reached out to push the man away, only for Jeremy to lean down to press his cold lips against hers, mingling their heated breaths.

Madeline’s eyes shot wide open. She never expected Jeremy to kiss her.

His eyes closed as his thick lashes fluttered, falling into two sets of shadows under the street lights.

His expression had never been more serious.

Getting the feeling that Jeremy was about to deepen the kiss, Madeline immediately turned her face to the side.

His lips were planted on the side of her cheek instead. He then buried his head in the crevice of her neck as he leaned weakly against her. “I’ve missed you so much…” he murmured. His eyes and heart were filled with Madeline Crawford in his drunken haze, the very Madeline Crawford who he realized too late he was in love with…

Madeline felt that she would have fallen had it not been for the car behind her supporting her up.

A person’s weight doubled when they were drunk, and Jeremy had just drifted off to sleep during the absurdity of the situation.

The autumn wind began to blow, clearing the flush and warmth on her face.

The first light of dawn broke through the horizon, waking Jermey from his dream. Opening his eyes, memories of the night before slowly surfaced in his mind. Madeline had felt so real, and the warmth of their kiss seared in the back of his head.

He took a look at his surroundings and realized that he had fallen asleep in his car. His clothes were unkempt, and Vera was nowhere to be found.

Alighting the car, he was met with a familiar silhouette meeting the morning wisps of autumn wind just as he turned around. Barefoot on the sand, the woman’s flushed cheeks and fair elegance was a replica of the woman in his dreams.


He muttered the name internally and made his way toward her.

Seeing Jeremy make his way over, Madeline turned her back against the sea and smiled at him. “Awake?”

Jeremy nodded, his eyes slightly apologetic. “Did I… accidentally do something improper to you last night?”

Madeline furrowed her brows in distress. “I suppose the phrase ‘alcohol is a precursor to sex’ isn’t entirely wrong.”

Jeremy’s expression immediately changed. “You mean…”

“How do you plan to take responsibility, Jeremy?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 303

Jeremy’s pupils contracted. “You mean, last night, we…”

Madeline nodded before he could finish speaking.

Distress immediately surfaced on Jeremy’s features.

He admitted that he was infatuated with the woman in front of him, but he was also clear that such infatuation was an extrapolation of the yearning he felt for Madeline.

He meant it when he said he wanted to marry her, but he had never thought of engaging in any form of skin-on-skin relationship with another woman after Madeline.

He had approached Vera out of selfishness. He wanted to stare at the features of someone who looked exactly like Madeline a little longer, just so he could ease the guilt within him.

Yet right now…

He felt like a b*stard.

He claimed that he loved her, yet he found himself unable to withstand the allure of another woman in his moment of drunkenness.

“Look at you. You seem distressed. Why? Because I remind you of the ex-wife you hated so much? You must feel disgusting and dirty.”

Madeline’s frigid words brought him back to reality.

Staring at her innocent features that were glowing under the morning light, she looked just like ‘her’. He found himself unable to describe such angelic beauty with the word ‘dirty’.

While he could not remember every detail of the night before, Jeremy admitted that he had a nice dream last night—one that involved the warmth of Madeline’s body.

Staring at the complex feelings swimming in Jeremy’s eyes, Madeline’s lips quirked into a smile before they were pressed into a cold line.

“I get it. Please don’t look for me ever again, Mr. Whitman. Our relationship ends here.”

She brushed past him just as her cold tone fell.

Jeremy immediately snapped back from his thoughts. “Vera.”

He ran after her in big steps to pull the woman who did not even spare a glance behind her back.

Madeline pulled her arm out of his grasp and continued to make her way forward. She must have stepped on something, for she felt a sharp stab of pain shoot up from the bottom of her feet, causing her to bend forward instinctively.


“What’s wrong?” Jeremy reached out to support Madeline’s arm in concern. Seeing the frown on her face and how she was tiptoeing on her right foot, he immediately held her foot and squatted to take a look.

Amidst the white sand was a sharp shard of glass, its tip tinted with blood.

Without a second thought, Jeremy immediately went to hold Madeline by her waist. “Let me have a look at your wound first.”

“I don’t need your help.” Madeline pushed him away, tiptoeing her way forward by herself.

Jeremy could not help but be reminded of Madeline as he stared at the woman’s stubborn figure.

That was just how strong she was. She would stubbornly hold her head up no matter how horrid the torture she was suffering.

Quickly reining his thoughts back, he took wide steps to catch up to Madeline and carried her horizontally with a hand on her waist.

“What are you doing, Jeremy Whitman? Put me down!” She protested, distaste apparent on her features.

Paying Madeline’s struggle no heed, Jeremy continued to make his way along the street with her in his arms. His expression was unchanging.

He walked purposefully along the path that led to April Hill’s small town.

Madeline stopped fighting back as well, for the path reminded her of the scene from more than ten years ago.

Her foot had also been pierced by a shard of glass back then, and a 12-year-old Jeremy then piggybacked her to the town’s health center.

She remembered how he had comforted her the entire way as well as the promises he made to protect her from then onward.

In the end, not only had he not given her the slightest protection, but he even took part in causing her pain.

Her eyes reddened without her noticing. She never expected such details of the past to still mean so much to her.

Jeremy lowered his gaze to find Madeline’s eyes brimming with tears. He was confused and stunned. His heart was clenching inexplicably at the sight.

For a moment, Jeremy found himself unsure whether the pain in his heart was for the Madeline he had loved a little too late or for the woman currently in his arms.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 304

The two fell silent and the atmosphere around them turned inexplicably weird, though not uncomfortable.

The center was over 500 yards away. It took Jeremy about three minutes to carry Madeline over.

It had almost been 20 years and the health center was still there, albeit renovated.

The two never expected to see the very same doctor, who despite being at the age of retirement now and having a head full of white hair, she remained at her station out of a passion for her work.

She recognized Jeremy the moment he carried Madeline into the clinic.

“I remember you, young man. Your features are very distinctive.” The doctor smiled warmly as she treated Madeline’s wound, dressing it in no time.

Madeline smiled gratefully. “Thank you, Doctor.”

“You’re welcome.” She squinted and readjusted her reading glasses as she analyzed Madeline. “I knew that the two of you would end up together.”

Madeline was stunned. Pushing the gloom down, she wore a confused expression instead. “You knew?”

“Yeah! This young man had piggybacked you over so nervously back then too. You could see the worry on his face. He was sweating all over since he ran all the way under the scorching summer sun! I always thought the two of you looked good together when you were young. It’s been years now but you two left quite the impression on me!”

Madeline did not expect to find someone else who remembered the past.

However, this person was not Jeremy.

Jeremy had forgotten about it long ago.

She lifted her gaze to look at Jeremy who was standing by the side and was shocked to see the man’s brows that were furrowed sharply. His expression showed that he was deep in thought.

‘What’s this? Are you remembering a piece of the past you hate, Jeremy?

‘Are you remembering the ex-wife who you promised to protect forever?’

“Alright, young man. It’s time to bring your wife home. She’s alright now. You should’ve gotten married already, right? It must be nice, being together with your childhood friend.”

Childhood friends.

What immense irony those two words brought.

Sure, their lives were deeply intertwined, and to call them childhood friends was technically not a lie. She had also become his wife, but while the doctor had guessed the first half of it correctly, she did not guess the ending right.

Jeremy carried Madeline in his arms again.

Walking the same path he took, he had a dazed look in his eyes as he stared forward.

The doctor’s words echoed in his mind.

The doctor was right. He was indeed the boy years ago, but the girl back then should have been Meredith, no?

Could the doctor have misrecognized Madeline for Meredith since they looked alike? That had to be it.

“You can put me down now. I’ll hail a ride back from here,” Madeline spoke lightly, “Let’s just pretend last night never happened.”

Jeremy stopped mid-step and turned to Madeline with a complicated look in his eyes. “I’ve already told you I want to marry you. That’s not going to change, even if last night never happened.”

Jeremy was determined. “Your wedding with Felipe won’t be held as planned, because I’ll make you my wife before that can happen.”

His tone allowed no protests, and his aura held a dominance that oozed from between his brows.

He then sent Madeline back to her apartment and even carried her upstairs in all unscrupulousness.

Madeline took a bath after he left. Standing in front of the misty mirror, she wiped it to stare at herself. Her angelic and carefree eyes were now tinted with newfound complexity and scheming.

She smiled, knowing that she was one step closer to getting her revenge.

Jeremy’s heart calmed when he returned home and found that everything had now reverted back to how they originally were. The things that were thrown away earlier in the day were restored as well.

The only thing that brought him displeasure was the fact that Meredith was still sitting expectantly in the room.

Realizing he had returned, Meredith approached him softly to greet him, her gaze full of hurt. “Where did you go last night, Jeremy? You must think that I’m tainted now, right? Do you not want to see me anymore?”

Jeremy stared indifferently at Meredith’s face, suspicion growing in his eyes as the doctor’s words echoed in his mind. “When we first met years ago, you gave me a rainbow seashell. I remember giving you something back. Do you still have it?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 305

Meredith was stunned and slightly anxious. “Why are you asking me this so suddenly, Jeremy?”

“Did you lose it?” Jeremy pressed on coldly.

“No! How could I?!” Meredith immediately ensured, saying, “It’s something you gave me, so I made sure to keep it really well.”

Jeremy stared at Meredith with doubt in his eyes. “Where is it?”

“…” Meredith halted before breaking into a gentle and small smile. “Are you wondering if I yearned for you all those years? Of course, I did. That’s why everything you gave me is in safekeeping. I can take it out for you now if you don’t believe me!”

With that, she ran out the door.

Half an hour later, Meredith returned with a small bookmark made from a leaf in her hands.

The leaf was real, for it was laminated between two pieces of plastic—still whole and unbroken after all these years.

“Look, Jeremy.” Meredith handed the bookmark over with a sweet smile on her face, her tone sounding meaningful. “I really miss how it used to be back then, Jeremy. Back when I was the only one in your heart.”

Jeremy reached out calmly to take the bookmark as he listened to Meredith’s words.

Indeed, it was the one he had made all those years ago.

Meredith was indeed that girl.

Shoving the suspicion back into his chest, he placed the bookmark aside.

Meredith let out a slight exhale of relief.

Meredith had someone investigate Jeremy’s whereabouts on her way back, having felt that Jeremy was suspicious about something. She found that he had made a trip to April Hill.

It was highly probable that suspicion had risen within him due to something or someone there.

Thank goodness that she found the diary she had stolen from Madeline at home and the bookmark was pressed between its pages, or who would have known what sort of trouble Meredith would find herself in.

Now that Jeremy’s expression was no longer as frigid, Meredith decided to play the emotional card and forced upset tears to fall from her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Jeremy. I shouldn’t have gone into your room without your permission. Forgive me, please?”

She slowly lifted her hands to hold Jeremy’s arm.

“I really want to stay here. I’m so afraid that someone might just come up behind me and take advantage of me. I’m terrified…

“But with you and Jack, the people I love most, here, I feel like I can slowly forget the pain.”

Jeremy pulled his arm back coldly at her words.

“Stay if that’s what you want.” His lips parted emotionlessly.

It did not matter whether Meredith lived here or not, not when the last clean spot had already been tainted.

Meredith was elated. “Really, Jeremy? Then this family of ours won’t need to be separated anymore!”

She skipped over to Jeremy with an affectionate look in her eyes. “I just knew you wouldn’t dump me like that, Jeremy. You promised to take care of me forever…”


An indescribable smirk tugged at the corner of Jeremy’s lips at the word.

Madeline relayed everything about the night before to Felipe, leaving nothing out as the latter listened silently by the floor to ceiling windows. He was deep in thought.

“He believes me. He thinks that something happened between us, so he was determined when he said he’ll marry me.”

An ironic glint sparkled in Madeline’s beautiful eyes as she stared at Felipe’s lithe figure.

“Jeremy has always refused to believe anything I told him back then and opted to believe Meredith instead as she would frame me time and time again. So now, I’m going to give them a taste of how it feels to be played and framed.”

Her words fell, bringing the duo into a short lapse of silence.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 306

Felipe turned around a few seconds later, concern tinting the gentleness on his chiseled features that were enhanced by the warm rays of the setting sun.

“I just want to ask you one last time, Vera. Are you sure that this is what you want? It wasn’t easy escaping the claws of a monster. Are you sure you want to be caged by him again?” His tone was warm like the winds of spring, but in his eyes held a fierce glint.

Madeline hesitated for a confused moment before a revengeful flare shone in her eyes.

“I can take the pain and humiliation they gave me, but I’ll never forgive the two of them for teaming up to destroy the ashes of my precious child. The death of my child is something I must avenge!”

Madeline balled her fists as hatred imprinted itself deeply onto her gentle features. There was a sharp and strong-willed look swimming in her eyes.

After being gifted with rebirth, taking revenge was the top goal that gave her the determination to continue living!

Felipe did not persuade further as he took in the determination in her eyes.

Instead, he raised her hands to place a gentlemanly and loving peck at the back of them.

“Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself no matter what. Should any problem arise, I want you to look for me.”

Madeline was stunned for a moment and the cold anger in her eyes slowly melted away under Felipe’s gentle warmth.

She broke into a smile, locking gazes with the glistening eyes in front of her.

“Thank you, Felipe. I promise I’ll come back to you after I take my revenge, then we’ll go back to F Country with Lillian where we’ll live simply and happily together.”

“Alright.” Felipe smiled faintly, pulling Madeline gently into his embrace.

With her warm figure held close, the corners of Felipe’s lips lifted vaguely. He was hiding a dark secret within.

Satisfied, Meredith began to live in Jeremy’s villa. Her attitude toward Jackson had undergone a complete 180 change to persuade Jeremy into marrying her. She would go to great lengths to pretend and fake how close and intimate their mother-son relationship was.

She would wake up early on weekdays to make breakfast for Jackson before sending him to school herself.

Jackson, however, did not like Meredith’s fake pleasantries. They only made him dislike her more.

Meredith would not stop searching for topics to engage Jackson in as they rode to the kindergarten while the latter remained silent the entire time.

Meredith spared the baby face a displeased glance.

Oh, how Meredith wished to strangle this bstard son of a btch.

She should have killed him all those years ago. Now, he was the eyesore he was today.

Meredith rolled her eyes in distaste when she saw Jackson looking at the display on his phone. The boy tapped on an app that listed a bunch of figures that Meredith could not understand before the screen showed a small moving red dot in the end.

She found that the appearance of the red dot brought along a hint of a smile on Jackson’s expressionless face.

The car pulled to a stop just as Meredith wondered what it was all about.

Meredith looked out to realize they had already reached the kindergarten.

“We’re here, Jack. Come on, Mommy’s going to send you…” Meredith smiled before turning her head only to realize that Jackson had already alighted the car himself.

She glared at him, feeling pissed. When she followed after him, she realized that there stood Madeline by the kindergarten gates.

As surprised as she was to find that Jackson was walking toward Madeline, she was baffled to find that his reticent baby face was smiling widely because of that woman.

Meredith immediately ran over to pull Jackson back.

At that moment, a car began to speed uncontrollably toward the kindergarten gates.

Someone shouted and Madeline turned to look in that direction. The first thing she saw was Jackson’s crescent-eyed smile that warmed her heart. Madeline was about to greet him when she realized the uncontrolled car was currently making its way to where Jackson was.

“Ah!” Meredith exclaimed. Her first reaction was to throw Jackson away and turn back to hide.

The car was about to hit Jackson. Madeline felt her heart drop as she ran instinctively to the boy. “Jack!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 307

Madeline ran toward Jackson without care, completely disregarding the danger of the situation. Her body made the instinctive decision to protect Jackson, even if it meant getting hurt in the process.

Holding Jackson in her arms, Madeline had not the time to run. She prepared herself to get hurt as she felt the car coming into contact with her body.

In the nick of time, someone shrieked, thinking that a horrible accident was about to occur. However, the car suddenly came to a stop.

Meredith swore as she stared at the scene from afar.

Oh, how she had hoped the car would rid her eyesores, both Vera and Jackson, from her life with this accident!

The car braked, and Madeline felt the world around her grow silent.

Carefully, she opened her arms to stare at the little boy buried in her embrace. She could not help the sudden burn around the corner of her eyes.

“It’s alright now, Jack. Big Sis Vera promised you, didn’t she? I promised to protect you, so I will.”

Madeline raised a hand to pat Jackson’s small head affectionately.

The little boy lifted his innocent orbs that were glistening with complicated emotions within.


He was calling her that again.

Madeline was stunned, her heart tightening and clenching in her chest.

She held Jackson tightly in her arms again.

Meredith was horrible to him, which was why he hoped to have a mother that loved him. He could not help but call her ‘Mom’ every time he found himself upset or in peril.

“Jack!” Meredith’s fake concern drifted over. “Let go of my son, Vera Quinn! Who let you touch him?”

Madeline had just lifted her gaze when she felt a strong push from Meredith as she pulled Jackson away.

“Are you alright, Jack? You almost scared Mommy!” Meredith held Jackson tightly in mock concern.

Jackson frowned. Pushing Meredith away, he turned to run back to Madeline, immediately fishing out his handkerchief to dress Madeline’s scratch when he saw her leg.

Madeline was stunned, warmth trickling into her heart once more.

The child may not have said anything, but his actions were more than enough to move Madeline.

“Bid Sis Vera’s alright, Jack. Don’t worry.”

She reached out to pat Jackson’s head, but Meredith swatted her hand away.

“Don’t touch my son!” Meredith warned fiercely. “Did you think I wouldn’t know how you’re trying to use Jack to get closer to Jeremy? I won’t let you!”

Bracing through the pain of the scratch, Madeline slowly stood.

Standing on her feet, she stared elegantly at Meredith whose aura was slowly weakening.

“You disregarded your son’s life just to save your own. Wow, Miss Crawford, I never expected people like you to exist in this world.”

Meredith’s expression shifted into mortification as she pulled Jackson’s hand and changed the subject. “I’ll bring you to the hospital, okay, Jackson?”

Jackson frowned as he was dragged away, evidently not wanting to go with Meredith.

Madeline was about to stop them, but the traffic police had just arrived.

The main culprits of the accident were a young couple who had been quarreling over a petty matter. It was thanks to the girlfriend taking the steering wheel and stepping on the brakes did the accident end before lives were taken.

The couple apologized repetitively to Madeline, regretful of their preposterous actions.

Regret always came a little too late.

Jeremy had just arrived at the company when he saw the news about a horrible car accident at the gates of a kindergarten.

He had never cared much about the happenings on the news, but for some reason today, he could not help but click in to understand more.

Reaching his eyes was the scene right before the car crashed. He watched how a familiar-looking figure had run without care toward a small boy in uniform with a small yellow hat perched on his head.

The body of the car promptly covered the figure, making it seem like a collision occurred.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 308

The video ended.


Jeremy rewatched the video twice as his heart thumped loudly in his chest. Quickly putting on his blazer, he dialed for Madeline.

The call was left unanswered.

He then sped to the location of the crash. Jeremy received a call just before he arrived.

Jeremy felt his heart calm greatly at the caller ID.

Tapping on his Bluetooth earphones, he answered the call nervously. “Vera?”

“It’s me.”

A familiar voice echoed through, soothing the taut hold over Jeremy’s nerves.

He met Madeline ten minutes later, his gaze heavy as he scanned her unharmed appearance. He pressed on, asking, “Are you really alright?”

Madeline stared calmly at the scratch on her leg. “It’s a small issue. Rather than worrying about me, Mr. Whitman, I’d rather you worry about your son instead.”

Jeremy’s brows furrowed. “Jackson?”

“Yeah. I have to ask you, is Jackson really Meredith’s son?” Madeline inquired confusedly.

“I was shocked to see her leaving her son to be hit by a car and make a run in the face of danger.”

Jeremy’s sharp brows furrowed deeper. Remembering the video he watched, it dawned on him that Jackson was the boy Madeline had risked her life to protect.

He did not remember seeing Meredith in the video, though.

“Let me send you home.” Jeremy walked up to help Madeline, reaching around her shoulders naturally.

“I’d like you to bring me with you instead if that’s alright? Meredith just brought Jackson away. I’d like to know if he’s alright.”

Jeremy stared at the attractive side profile in front of him and nodded. “Alright, I’ll bring you over to my place.”

Jeremy kept glancing at the rearview mirror the entire ride, suddenly interested in whether she was actually doing alright.

In a way, she meant differently to him than others.

Madeline entered the villa again. Walking through the doors, she could not help but be reminded of how Meredith had framed her for pushing her down the stairs and how Jeremy forced her to kneel an entire night in the rain after a violent beating in prison.

How cold he had been to the child she was pregnant with, and how limitlessly he had allowed this wicked woman to do whatever she wanted.

He had watched from the sidelines how she suffered under the harsh pitter-patters of the rain.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Jeremy’s baritone voice sounded by her ear.

Madeline reeled in her thoughts and smiled. “I was just thinking if I should let you in on a piece of great news.”

“Great news?” Jeremy’s eyes squinted slightly to meet Madeline’s mirthful ones.

The car stopped before the gates that very moment and out came Meredith and Eloise with a cold-looking Jackson in tow.

Upon entering the courtyard, Meredith was stunned to find Jeremy and Madeline standing together. She quickly ran over.

“What are you doing at my house, Vera Quinn?” She interrogated, her tone sounding harsh.

Jeremy turned to look at Meredith with displeasure. “Watch your tone. Vera is my guest.”

“Vera?” Meredith felt anger ignite within her. “Why did you bring this woman into our house, Jeremy? And why are you calling her name so affectionately?”

“Are you questioning me?” Jeremy parted his lips to ask coldly, his gaze piercing and fierce. “How about you answer me first? What were you doing when Jack was about to be hit by a car? You’re his mother.”

“I… I was about to save Jack, but I twisted my ankle!” Meredith opened her mouth to give an excuse.

“You twisted your ankle?” Madeline smiled at the absurdity of the situation. “At least try to make your lies logical, Miss Crawford.”

“It’s you again, Vera Quinn. You’re the one spreading rumors about me in front of Jeremy!” Meredith sounded wronged. “I wouldn’t have twisted my ankle if you hadn’t pushed me! I would never have let the car hit Jack! You have to believe me, Jeremy! Don’t let yourself be fooled by this woman’s lies!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 309

Meredith looked at Jeremy with her charming almond-shaped eyes that were filled with grievances as she said angrily, “Jeremy, Jack is our precious son. I wouldn’t allow him to be hurt at all as if my life depended on it. How could I have abandoned him?”

Just then, Eloise slowly walked over with Jackson. Her contemptuous gaze was directed at Meredith. “Miss Quinn, I heard that you’re about to marry Jeremy’s uncle, so why are you still hanging around here all day long with my daughter’s fiancé? Have your parents never told you that it’s shameless for you to do this?”

Faced with Eloise’s sarcasm, Madeline merely gave a tranquil and composed smile. “You’ve asked a good question, Mrs. Montgomery. My parents didn’t teach me this because not long after I was born, they brought someone else’s child home and abandoned their biological daughter due to their moment of negligence.”

When Madeline mentioned her life experience all of a sudden, Jeremy looked at her unexpectedly.

Seeing the elegant smile on her beautiful face, he felt a prick in his heart for some reason.

Eloise and Meredith were respectively taken aback.

‘It’s actually so similar to Madeline’s life experience?’ Meredith thought silently.

However, Eloise was a little lost, and her face no longer carried the contemptuous smile.

Sensing the changes in Eloise’s expression and Meredith’s face, Madeline’s pretty lips twitched.

“Although my biological parents didn’t teach me this, the person who raised me later on did, so now it’s my turn to question you, Mrs. Montgomery. Since you’re so accomplished, why was this daughter of yours brought up to be so despicable, indecent, and so indifferent toward family affection that during a dangerous moment, she would abandon her own son to escape alone? It seems that your upbringing isn’t much better, Mrs. Montgomery.”

“You, what nonsense are you talking about here?!” Eloise said angrily, “You dare slander my daughter like this? You’d better apologize to Meredith immediately. Otherwise, I will have to look into it till the end!”

“Mom…” Meredith’s eyes reddened as tears of grievances started to pool. “Jeremy, did you hear that? I’ve tolerated this Miss Quinn time and time again, but she provokes and vilifies me non-stop. She continues to slander me to this day. The reason why I have suffered so much harm is all because of her. Why is my life so bitter…”

Listening to Meredith’s crying voice, Eloise comforted her distressingly, then pointed a finger at Madeline.

“Vera Quinn, you planned for my daughter’s humiliation! You shameless woman! You’ll do everything possible to interfere with Jeremy and Meredith’s relationship just to get him, you… “

“The one who has been pestering isn’t Vera. It’s me.”

Suddenly, Jeremy’s low and cold voice interrupted Eloise intensely.

His eyebrows were tightly furrowed while his face was stained with frost.

“This matter ends here. No one is allowed to mention it again.”

“What? This woman asked someone to kidnap Meredith and you just want to forget it?” Of course, Eloise could not accept it. Her eyes were full of anger as she said, “I will never let Meredith be bullied in vain! Meredith, don’t worry. I will definitely seek justice for you!”

Meredith’s eyes flickered. In order to avoid suspicion, she could only continue to play the victim. “Justice be the will of the people. I believe one day people who have done bad things will be severely punished!”

When she said this, she looked at Madeline firmly.

Madeline opened her mouth meaningfully, “Miss Crawford is right, and I also believe that some people will soon be punished for their evils.”

“…” Meredith was stunned and began to avoid Madeline’s gaze with a guilty conscience.

“Since Jack is okay, then I can rest assured.” Madeline smiled gently and looked at Jackson who had been looking at her. “Goodbye, Jack.”

Jackson looked at her. His big bright eyes were flashing with emotions of wanting to speak, but in the end, he still did not.

“Are you leaving?” Jeremy’s gaze was deep.

“Should I just stay here and continue to be cursed by others, then?” Madeline smiled, feeling that Eloise’s eyes were still full of disgust.

Although she kept telling herself not to care anymore, in the end, Eloise was still her closest relative and she could not completely ignore it.

“I’ll drop you off.” Jeremy offered.

Meredith’s face sank. “Jeremy, Jack and I had just received quite the shock. Are you still going to leave us be?”

“Mr. Whitman, you can stay. Don’t worry about me, an outsider.” Madeline glanced at Jeremy, then turned around freely.

“Hmph, consider her an acquaintance!” Eloise rolled her eyes.

Meredith was also very satisfied, but she was only happy for a few seconds as she soon saw Jeremy quickly walking toward Madeline.

“Jeremy!” she shouted, but Jeremy completely ignored her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 310

Madeline, who had not gone far, smiled quietly.

This action of retreating to advance was very successful, and sure enough, it was her who Jeremy cared more for now.

Jeremy kindly opened the car door for Madeline.

Madeline got into the car and saw Meredith bursting from anger in the rearview mirror. She felt happy thinking about it.

After the car started up, Madeline said while looking embarrassed, “Although I’ve promised you to no longer pursue the kidnapping case, it seems that they’re going to sue me instead? A robber acting like a cop. I can’t bear this kind of grievance.”

“I won’t allow this to happen.” Jeremy promised.

Madeline looked at him with interest. “You’re really working hard for Meredith.”

Jeremy’s eyes sank when he heard the words. He wanted to deny it, but in the end, he did not say anything.

After a moment of silence, he seemed to have thought of something. “You told me just now that you have good news to tell me. What good news is it?”

Madeline raised her delicate eyebrows and smiled carefreely. “This matter…” she said faintly, looking at Jeremy’s profile with beautiful, clear eyes.

“I want to go to your house tonight and have another taste of the candlelight dinner you made me back then. Then, I’ll tell you what the good news is.”

Jeremy’s eyes flickered when he heard her words. When he saw the red light in front of him, he almost rushed past it.

Lifting his eyes to meet Madeline’s crooked smile, his heartbeat was inexplicably fast for some reason.

Jeremy brought Madelene around and finally went to the supermarket. The two were like newlyweds. She picked out vegetables while he carried the shopping basket for her.

After they were done shopping, Jeremy returned to the villa with Madeline.

Once they had put away the purchased ingredients, Jeremy received a call from the company and had to head back for a bit. He offered to let Madeline into his room to wait for him to return.

Madeline went.

Upon entering the bedroom, an unspeakable ambivalence sprang up in her heart the moment she stepped in.

She should hate it here.

However, seeing the furnishings and displays in the room looking almost exactly the same as three years ago, she was in a daze.

The outdated but simple dresses were still hung in the closet while the sheets had not been changed. She had bought them herself, but the color was much lighter now.

She had been full of joy then, but in the end, the day when he could gently and peacefully hold her to sleep on their wedding bed did not come…

Suddenly, there was movement downstairs, interrupting Madeline’s thoughts.

She went out to look downstairs and saw Meredith opening up the ingredients she and Jeremy had bought with a smile on her face. Then, she started to fiddle with them.

When it was becoming dusk, Meredith was almost done preparing all the dishes. She had also set up a candlestick on the table. It looked like she was going to have a candlelight dinner with Jeremy.

Madeline then heard Meredith calling Jeremy, but the phone call did not get through and she switched to leaving a voicemail instead. Meredith suppressed her voice and said in a pretentious tone, “Jeremy, it’s Meredith. I’ve prepared a candlelight dinner for us. When are you coming back? We haven’t had dinner together for a long time. I’ll wait for you to come back. You need to have dinner with me tonight no matter what.”

Meredith hung up after speaking shyly. Then, she ran back to the guest room.

Madeline walked downstairs slowly. She walked into the kitchen, looked at the sumptuous dinner table, and smiled.

Not long after, Meredith came.

Seeing Madeline sitting in the kitchen, Meredith’s expression suddenly changed. “Why are you here? Who allowed you to sit here?!”

Madeline raised her eyes leisurely and saw that Meredith was wearing a sexy dress that exposed some of her chest. It was obvious that she wanted to seduce Jeremy.

She was also obviously wearing very expensive perfume, but because she had sprayed on too much, it smelled pungent and cheap.

Madeline raised her eyebrows proudly and looked at Meredith with a gloomy expression. “I will be the mistress of this house soon, so why can’t I be here? What about you? Why do you keep loitering here? Do you want me to drive you off personally?”

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