Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 251-260

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 251
After the manager and head of design said that, the atmosphere in the hall became livelier.

Mrs. Longford, who had been accusing Madeline, was completely stunned. On the other hand, Meredith was looking at Madeline in disbelief. All of them had their jaws on the floor.

“W-What did you say?” Meredith frowned while pointing at Madeline. “Did you say that she, Vera Quinn, is the chief designer of Miss L.ady?”

Meredith was feeling reluctant when she asked this question.

However, she got an affirmative answer instantly.

“That’s right. This is the founder of Miss L.ady and the chief designer of the brand, Vera Quinn.”



Meredith was instantly shocked. Her mouth dropped open as she looked at Madeline who was calm and composed. She was utterly dumbstruck.

Eloise and Jeremy’s mother looked at each other. They could not believe what they were seeing and hearing at this moment.

This woman had so much up her sleeves!

Moreover, the most popular jewelry in their circle for these past two years were all designed by this woman.

They could not believe this.

How was this possible?

“So, Madam, why would Vera want to steal your bracelet? We also believe you’ve been scammed into buying a counterfeit,” the head of design asked her confidently.

“How could this be a counterfeit? I spent 100,000 dollars on this!” That woman shrieked and looked at Madeline while feeling unconvinced. “It’s obvious that this woman stole my bracelet! You people are in cahoots with each other!”

“So I guess you’re still insisting that I stole your bracelet, huh?” Madeline lifted her eyebrow and asked flatly.

That woman pointed at Madeline angrily. “It is you!”

“Alright,” Madeline said calmly before looking at the head of design. “Sasa, contact Mr. Moore for me right now and ask him to draft me a letter. I want to sue this person for slander.”

“Alright, I’ll do it now.” The head of design carried out the order that was given to her. She felt more at ease now.

They needed to teach this woman a lesson!

“…” The woman’s expression changed. She did not expect Madeline to fight back like this. Now, she was even more furious. “How dare you sue me? You stole my bracelet and you’re still so arrogant. You—”

“Honey! Honey, what are you doing? Didn’t you say you want to show your friend your bracelet?” Suddenly, a man in a suit walked over to the woman. There was an amethyst bracelet in his hand that looked the same as Madeline’s.

However, compared to the one Madeline had, the one in his hand had a darker color and there was no luster. It was obvious which one of them was fake.

When the woman saw the bracelet in the man’s hand, her expression changed frantically. “W-Why is my bracelet with you?”

“Didn’t you ask me to hold it for you? I went to the restroom just now and I couldn’t find you after I came out.” The man explained aggrievedly.

“…” The woman’s face immediately turned red. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stammered. She could not form a sentence even after a long time.

This was a sudden plot twist. Everyone who had looked at Madeline with suspicion earlier was now looking at the woman. The three of them who sided with Meredith earlier were feeling extremely uneasy now.

Madeline smiled softly. “According to my professional judgment, your fake product costs no more than four digits.”

“What?” The woman widened her eyes in shock. Her face turned from red to white. She did not expect the thing that she wanted to show off to just be a cheap counterfeit!

The woman did not want to stay anymore after seeing so many people from her circle criticizing her. She turned around angrily to walk away.

“You falsely accused someone and you want to leave without apologizing?”

Suddenly, a voice as cold as night cut through the crowd.

The woman stopped in her tracks. Then, she saw a young and handsome man in front of her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 252
Felipe was wearing a fitting tailored suit, looking elegant and smart. At this moment, there was anger in his eyes. It was the opposite of his usual calm and graceful face with no emotions.

“Apologize to my fiancée now, or else, it won’t be as easy as just a lawsuit.”

“…” The woman did not know who Felipe was, but she was horrified by the coldness coming from his eyes.

Madeline walked over to Felipe and grabbed his arm naturally and intimately. “It’s fine, Felipe. I don’t need a hypocritical apology. It’s enough that everyone knows that I’m innocent.”

“How can I let that happen?” Felipe looked at Madeline gently. “I won’t let anyone bully or tarnish your name. I won’t allow it even if it’s one word.”

His defensive words were filled with the overprotectiveness of a boyfriend.

Madeline looked into Felipe’s eyes. Perhaps it was the lighting, but she saw deep love and overbearingness that she had seen before in his eyes.

Her heart raced. Before she could say anything else, she saw a few younger socialites blushing when they saw Felipe.

Perhaps they were melting at what he said just now.

Meredith was extremely jealous of what she was seeing right now.

She already despised this woman who looked exactly the same as Madeline. Tonight, she had wanted to see Madeline making a fool out of herself, but she did not expect such a plot twist!

“What are you waiting for? Are you going to apologize only when we’re at the police station?” Felipe asked in a cold voice.

That woman trembled after she saw Felipe’s icy gaze. She apologized hurriedly and frantically. “I-I’m sorry! I made a mistake! I’m sorry for wrongly accusing you!”

It had been three years.

Madeline did not expect that she would one day get this woman’s apology.

However, if Jeremy had not been so heartless back then, she would have gotten this apology three years ago.

Madeline was lamenting this in her heart. When she lifted her head, she saw Meredith looking at her from head to toe.

When she saw Madeline looking at her, Meredith averted her eyes quickly.

After that woman apologized, she wanted to leave quickly. However, Felipe stopped her again. “Not only should you apologize to my fiancée…”

He started to say profoundly.

The woman froze in confusion. Then, she heard Felipe saying again.

“Just now, you said there was a girl who looked like my fiancée back then who stole your bracelet during the Whitmans’ birthday party, right?”

“Right! That’s right! It’s all because your fiancée looks so much like that maid. If not, I wouldn’t have mistaken her for that recidivist!” The woman was trying her best to shift the blame. She wanted to shift all the responsibility to Madeline who had been the thief three years ago.

There was a layer of ice on Felipe’s handsome face. He said, “Listen carefully, that girl wasn’t the Whitmans’ maid. She’s my nephew and Jeremy’s wife, Madeline. Also, the person who stole your bracelet wasn’t Madeline, it was her.”

Everyone was already shocked by what Felipe said before, but now they had their eyes widened in disbelief after they heard what followed.

They looked over to where he was looking and saw Meredith who was standing there like a deer in headlights.

Meredith’s expression changed. However, she did not stomp her feet in anger but instead remained her usual pitiful saint-like image. “Mr. Whitman, even though you’re Jeremy’s uncle, how can you accuse me like that? When have I ever stolen someone else’s belongings?”

“You’re the one who stole Mrs. Langford’s bracelet back then. After that, you shifted the blame onto Madeline.” Felipe then slowly recounted what had happened back then. “A lot of the guests who attended the party back then are here as well. I believe that they still remember that incident. After that, you posted what happened online and made such a huge fuss. Maddie suffered so much because of that. She even had to bear so many insults and accusations.”

“Nonsense!” Eloise interrupted him angrily. “Felipe, what are you talking about? How could my daughter do such a thing? You’re accusing my daughter unjustly in front of so many people. I won’t let this matter go so easily!”

“Mom…” Meredith stood next to Eloise while looking extremely aggrieved. “I really have no idea what my future uncle-in-law is talking about. I’ve never done anything like that!”

“Felipe, are you trying to reopen old wounds just because your fiancée looks like Madeline?” Jeremy’s mother walked over and started siding with Meredith.

At this moment, Felipe’s eyes darkened. There was a coldness in his thin eyes. “You’re right. I’m here to reopen old wounds indeed. But I’m not doing this just for the sake of it, I’m doing this to prove Madeline’s innocence.”

Meredith could not hold back her laugh after she heard that. “Mr. Whitman, so you’re insisting on wrongly accusing me of something I didn’t do?”

“You’ll know who’s the one accusing who after you watch this video.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 253
Everyone was curious after they heard this.

Meredith trembled as the confidence and arrogance that was on her face previously froze instantly.


‘What video?

‘What is Felipe talking about?

‘Did someone capture the scene of me stealing the bracelet and blaming Madeline that night?

‘How is that possible?

‘If Felipe had that video, he would have uploaded it way earlier!’

As Meredith contemplated, she no longer felt as nervous as before. She smiled calmly.

“Felipe, don’t worry. A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. I didn’t do it, so I’m not afraid of any video you’re going to show!”

“Mer, I believe you!” Eloise grabbed Meredith’s hand, her eyes filled with trust and love.

“I hope you won’t say such blatant lies after you watch this video,” Felipe said to Meredith coldly.

The corners of Meredith’s lips twitched as a bad feeling arose in her chest.

After that, she saw Felipe gesturing to his assistant who was standing at one side. Then, the assistant clicked on the remote in his hand.

After a few seconds, the lights in the hall dimmed. Then, a clear image appeared on the LED screen in front of everyone. This scene shocked Meredith so much that her eyes were about to fall from their sockets.

The events of three years ago were displayed on the screen. Madeline was rushing into Whitman Manor in a hurry. Her face was pale and she was dressed casually. However, the moment she walked in, the arrogant Mrs. Langford bumped into her.

After Mrs. Langford bumped into her, she pushed all of the blame on Madeline. After that, Mrs. Langford even yelled at Madeline while pointing at her.

In the video, Madeline was obviously not doing too well. However, she did not argue with Mrs. Langford. What happened next shocked everyone.

Mrs. Langford was grabbing Madeline as she accused her of stealing her bracelet. At this moment, Meredith walked over to try to smooth things over, but during this process, she placed a bracelet into Madeline’s pocket secretly. Then, Meredith ‘found’ the bracelet in Madeline’s pocket while putting on a show of affection.

Madeline furiously tried to explain herself, but eventually, she still became a despicable thief in everyone’s eyes.

Even though Madeline had watched this video multiple times before, she still felt a lot of mixed emotions in her heart when this was displayed in front of the public.

She did not know whether she was feeling pleased because she finally got to prove her innocence, or perhaps she was feeling wronged because of all the grievances and humiliation she had to suffer.

The lights in the hall were switched on again. Madeline lifted her spirited eyes and looked at Meredith who was extremely pale and had her jaw on the floor. Then, she smirked.

“So this is Madeline who looked exactly the same as me. Such a poor soul she was. Oh, to be framed by her own sister like this…” Madeline exclaimed deliberately. She noticed a vague expression in Meredith’s eyes. The woman clearly looked extremely uncomfortable.

“Miss Meredith Crawford, your acting is such an eye-opener. There are so many other people in the video but they were all overshadowed by your amazing acting skills.”

“…” Meredith’s face fell. She was wearing such delicate makeup and yet it could not hide her wicked heart.

“Uh… Meredith, why did you steal my bracelet to frame Madeline? I’ve not offended you in any way. Even if you wanted to frame someone, you shouldn’t have used me! If you hadn’t done that back then, I wouldn’t have blamed someone innocent today!” Mrs. Langford quickly shifted all responsibilities from herself. Then, she questioned Meredith confidently.

The socialites and gentlemen around them were suspicious of Meredith after watching the video.

“That woman who got unjustly accused is Mr. Whitman’s ex-wife?”

“I was there too. I thought she was the one who stole the bracelet, but I didn’t expect her to be wrongfully accused.”

“Meredith is the daughter of the Montgomeries yet she’s still doing such things.”

“She looks so weak and vulnerable, but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. I heard she’s going to marry Jeremy Whitman soon. What a peculiar relationship.”

Meredith could not handle the accusations and discussions around her anymore. “That video is fake! You must have created that recently! That’s not Maddie in the video! It’s Vera! I, Meredith Crawford, have never done anything immoral! Honest to God!”

Her eyes were red from feeling aggrieved. She turned around and leaned against Eloise.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 254
“Mom, you have to believe me. That video isn’t real!” Meredith looked at Jeremy’s mother after she said that. “Mrs. Whitman, you should know what kind of person Madeline is. Why would I want to harm her? She’s not someone who’s upright anyway!”

“Mer, don’t cry. I believe you.” Eloise chose to believe Meredith without even hesitating. Then, she looked at Madeline and Felipe with hatred in her eyes. “Felipe, you’re falsely accusing my daughter in public to ruin her reputation. I won’t let you get away with this so easily!”

“Your daughter?” Felipe snorted. “Just because she’s your daughter, you’re willing to turn a blind eye even if she has done something so heinous?”


“You can see it in the video clearly. Everyone here would know if it’s fake. Meredith, you said this video was taken recently, so let me ask you this. Even if Vera was impersonating Madeline in the video, then who’s that woman who looks exactly like you? Plus, who’s impersonating those guests and Jeremy’s mother?”

“…” Meredith parted her lips and said nothing when faced with Felipe’s questions.

She could not find any excuses to mislead the people here anymore.

The reason was that Felipe was telling the truth.

“Enough!” Eloise glared at Felipe. “Madeline stole Mer’s boyfriend and kept hurting her again and again. She deserved what happened to her. It has nothing to do with my daughter! She deserved to be wrongly accused. Who told her to have such a bad personality?”

“So I guess the truth isn’t important to you, Mrs. Montgomery. The most important thing is that everything your daughter did is right and justifiable, is that so?” Madeline’s melodic voice sounded.

Eloise peered at her in contempt. “What does this have to do with you?”

“It has nothing to do with me. I just pity Madeline. She’s dead and she still had to carry the burden of such a heinous crime.” Madeline lamented as she stared straight at Eloise.

“Mrs. Montgomery, you’re so protective of your daughter, but have you ever considered that Madeline also has parents? If her parents find out about the grievances she had suffered, how heartbroken they would be? Or perhaps, Mrs. Montgomery, you can put yourself in their shoes. If Madeline was your daughter—”

“I don’t have such a shameless daughter!”

Eloise’s words felt like a sharp knife slicing Madeline’s heart.

It was just a lie when she said she did not care.

Her heart would still ache.

“Mer, I’ll support you no matter what. Ignore these people. Let’s go!”

Eloise scowled at Madeline in disgust and was about to leave while holding Meredith’s hand.

Madeline pressed her lips together in devastation. She could feel tears pricking the corners of her eyes.

When the loving mother-daughter duo was about to walk out of the crowd, they stopped all of a sudden.

“J-Jeremy?” Meredith widened her eyes in shock. She stared at the man who had seemingly appeared in the crowd out of nowhere. She stammered, “Jeremy, why are you here? W-When did you get here?”

Jeremy did not answer her immediately. On the other hand, he strode over to Madeline.

His stance was graceful, and he looked like an overbearing tyrant. There was an icy glow on his expressionless but handsome face.

Madeline gracefully stood where she was. In reality, however, she was at a loss as she watched the man walking toward her.

Jeremy’s eyes were on her. There were whirlpools in his narrow eyes, and it felt as if she would be sucked in if she looked at him for more than a few seconds.

Meredith felt that something was not right. She let go of Eloise’s hand and ran over to Jeremy, holding his arm without caring about anything.

“Jeremy, let me explain—”

Jeremy stopped. “You don’t have to explain.”


“It’s so rare to have everyone from the upper-class and the media in one room. I want to use this opportunity to announce something,” he said as his eyes landed on Madeline. He had a strange expression in his eyes.

“Miss Vera, you don’t mind me saying a few words in your territory, right?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 255
“Go ahead, Mr. Whitman.” Madeline smiled calmly. “I want to know what you’re going to announce as well.”

Jeremy curled his seductive lips. “You’ll know soon enough,” he said before looking at Felipe who was standing behind Madeline. Then, he turned around and faced the crowd as well as the cameras held by media personnel.

Meredith realized that perhaps Jeremy was going to announce he was breaking off his marriage to her. Her heart started racing as she grabbed Jeremy’s arm frantically.

“Jeremy, listen to me. That video is fake. Don’t believe it! Don’t make the announcement for that, please? I can’t be without you. Please don’t leave me…”

Her voice was so soft that it was barely audible, but Jeremy could hear her clearly.

Jeremy listened to Meredith’s pleads and lowered his deep, narrow eyes. “You don’t have to explain anything to me. If it’s about that video, I can tell you that I saw it three years ago.”

“W-What?” Meredith’s face was white while her eyes were huge.

He saw that video three years ago?


However, he never mentioned anything about it!

Which meant that he was still siding with her!

When she thought about this, Meredith regained some confidence.

“Jeremy, if that’s the case, that must mean you still trust me. Then please, don’t make the announcement for that, okay? I can’t be without you…” She pleaded softly. There was a pitiful expression on her gorgeous face.

Jeremy looked at her face and her eyes. The image of Linnie appeared in his head all of a sudden.

After a few seconds, he pulled his arm away from Meredith and faced the crowd again.

Everyone, I would like to announce that my marriage with the daughter of the Montgomeries is now cance—”


“Mer! Meredith!”

When Jeremy was about to say the most important word, Meredith unexpectedly collapsed in front of him.

Eloise ran to Meredith hurriedly, crying frantically.

“Jeremy, what are you doing? Get Mer to the hospital now!” Eloise urged. Her eyes were filled with pity and worry for Meredith. “Mer! Mer, please be okay!”

“Jeremy, what are you waiting for? Get Mer to the hospital now!” Jeremy’s mother came over and gave him a nudge.

Madeline could not see Jeremy’s expression. However, she could see him carrying Meredith and walking quickly to the door.

Everyone in the room was talking among themselves now. They were wondering what was going on while some of them were wondering what Jeremy had wanted to announce.

Madeline watched the disappearing figure in front of her as a sarcastic smile appeared on her face.

Suddenly, she felt a warm touch on her shoulder. She lifted her head and saw Felipe’s warm black eyes.

“Don’t be sad. If your parents know you’re their biological daughter, they would feel remorse for not appreciating you.” His comforting words caressed her heart silently.

Madeline smiled lightly. “Felipe, thank you for everything you did for me tonight. Even though I might never get the chance to reunite with my birth parents in this lifetime, I finally got to prove my innocence.”

“What are you going to do next?” Felipe asked softly.

An ominous glint flashed across Madeline’s eyes. She looked in the direction Jeremy had left in. “I want to know which hospital they’re going to.”

Half an hour later.

Madeline put on a coat and walked into the hospital in front of her.

When she walked into the inpatient department, she saw Sean hurriedly walking into the elevator.

His face was filled with worry, and it was obvious that he was worried about Meredith.

However, Meredith was only pretending to pass out earlier. Madeline had seen too much of this already. It was just that these people would choose to believe her no matter what.

Even her birth parents doted on Meredith.

Madeline came to the corridor outside of Meredith’s room. When she turned the corner, she saw Jeremy walking out of the room

His resolute and handsome face looked cold, but there was also worry in his eyes. It seemed that he was worried about Meredith as well.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 256
Madeline chuckled softly before walking forward.

When Jeremy saw the person in front of him, he stopped in his tracks. He seemed surprised. “Why are you here?”

“Don’t you want to see me, Mr. Whitman?” Madeline asked with a fake smile on her face. Then, she added, “Actually, I’m worried. However, I’m not worried about Meredith. I’m worried about you.”

Jeremy was taken aback. He looked at the woman who was smiling at him under the dim lights. There was an ominous glint in his eyes as he walked in front of her. “Follow me.”

He grabbed Madeline’s hand all of a sudden, the coldness of his hand traveling to her heart instantly.

She did not pull her hand away, but at the same time, she did not feel as reluctant to let go as before.

Jeremy brought Madeline to the roof of the hospital. With no one there, the place looked tranquil and eerie.

The stars were scattered in the night sky as they twinkled brightly. The cool autumn breeze caressed both of them gently.

“Why did you bring me here, Mr. Whitman?” Madeline looked at the quiet man in puzzlement.

The cool moonlight shone down on Jeremy’s handsome face. One could not read his expression.

“If you’re not going to say anything, then I’ll leave,” said Madeline before turning around.

However, before she could walk away, Jeremy grabbed her hand. “Don’t.”

He stopped her, sounding like he was begging her.

Madeline curled the corner of her lips in secret. She could only make concessions to gain advantages now.

“Can you stay with me?”

“Stay with you?”

Madeline turned around and saw Jeremy’s deep narrow eyes staring at her.

After staring at each other for a while, Jeremy shifted his gaze before letting go of her hand.

He walked to one side and lit a cigarette. The wind brushed past them, blowing out the lit cigarette and leaving behind the faint smell of tobacco.

As Madeline looked at him, she thought that his tall and slender body looked so desolate and lonely under the moonlight.

“Is your fiancée okay?” Madeline asked as she broke the silence.

Jeremy exhaled a long puff of smoke quietly. “She’s not my fiancée anymore. I won’t marry her.”

“I don’t believe you,” Madeline said with a chuckle, “Felipe told me you like Meredith a lot. You like her so much that you’ll do anything for her. If not, you wouldn’t have despised the woman who married you, Madeline. If not, you wouldn’t have felt elated and not shed a single tear when Madeline died. I think you must have been ecstatic when Madeline died, right, Mr. Whitman?”


After Madeline said that, she heard the man chuckle lowly in front of her.

His chuckle sounded deep and unreadable. She could not tell whether he was happy or not.

Jeremy then turned around, his narrow eyes traveling down from Madeline’s stunning face. Then, his gaze lingered on her left chest that was vaguely covered by the material of her nightgown.

He put out his cigarette and approached Madeline.

Suddenly, he reached out his hand and slammed it on the wall behind Madeline. He had successfully trapped Madeline between him and the wall.

They were standing so close to each other that Madeline could even feel his breath. It smelled like tobacco and it was brushing against her skin lightly. He stared into her eyes intensely, looking like he was going to dominate her.

He had not drunk any alcohol, but his eyes looked dazed.

“Why do you care so much about my ex-wife?”

Madeline smiled calmly. “Maybe I care about her because I look like her.”

“Then, do you care about me?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.” Madeline looked into his eyes with an equally dazed look.

Jeremy did not say anything. Suddenly, he lifted his hand to caress Madeline’s cheek.

Madeline was shocked. She quickly dodged away from him, but Jeremy did not give her the chance to escape.

He grabbed her face and tightened his grip. However, perhaps he was afraid of hurting her, so he loosened his grip slightly.

Madeline’s heart started racing when she felt the warmth from his hand seeping into her skin. “Mr. Whitman, what are you trying to do?”

“I want to do something I’ve never done with my ex-wife before.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 257
His warm breath dispersed on Madeline’s cheek. She was stunned, and everything Jeremy did to her back then appeared in her head.

He was cold-blooded and heartless, so he had done every cruel thing in the world to her.

Madeline could not think of anything that he had not done to her.

While she was spacing out, she noticed Jeremy’s face inching closer to her.

Madeline’s heart started racing irregularly. She thought Jeremy was about to kiss her, so she was about to run away when he pulled her into his arms.

He lowered his head and buried his face between her neck and shoulder. He seemed to be exhausted. With this hug, he was releasing all of his unknown pressure and stress. He was indulging himself during this hug with her.

Madeline was taken aback while stuck in Jeremy’s embrace.

She was not wearing very thick clothes, so she could feel Jeremy’s warmth through the material of their clothes since they were in such close proximity. His warmth seeped into her skin, slowly spreading. It was so hot.

His breath was so close to her ear as well. His cool scent lingered in her nose, disrupting her breathing and heartbeat.

Madeline looked at the moon and was stuck in a trance.

However, she immediately recalled those sinister things he did to her.

Her racing heart went back to normal and she could not find the passion she had for him anymore.

Madeline lowered her eyes and looked at the man who was leaning against her shoulder. Then, she pushed him away.

However, the moment she moved, Jeremy’s arm circled her waist tighter.

“Don’t move,” he muttered, “I won’t do anything to you.”

“Mr. Whitman, I don’t think this is appropriate. I’m your future aunt-in-law.” Madeline made her standpoint clear to him.

Jeremy opened his piercing yet deep eyes while curling his thin lips. “Shouldn’t the future aunt-in-law comfort her nephew at a moment like this?”


His voice was deep and charming, gliding past her ear so seductively and alluringly. Madeline felt her face heat up, then she used all of her might to push this man away from her.

She tidied her clothes and looked at the man in disapproval. “Mr. Whitman, is this what you mean by wanting to do something you’ve never done with your wife before?”

There was a smirk on Madeline’s lips. “I guess you really hated Madeline. She married you and gave birth to your child, but you’ve never even hugged her before,” she smiled and said. However, she did not know why her heart was crying.

The moonlight was dim, and she looked at the man she used to love. She had placed all of her emotions and passion on him back then, but in the end, she did not even get a hug in return.

How pathetic.

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a smile on his face. “Yes, I’ve never hugged her like that before.”

“Why did you hug me? Do you feel remorseful because you know the truth now? Have you now realized that you falsely accused your ex-wife so you want to redeem your sins by treating me as your ex-wife in order to feel better?”

Madeline questioned with a slight smile on her face. There was intense accusation in her eyes.

“Jeremy, do you think you’ll be able to shed all responsibility by doing that? No, you can’t. You’re one of the reasons why Madeline had such a lamentable ending!”

After she said that, a cold breeze brushed against her.

Jeremy frowned as he looked at Madeline’s angry face. “It seems that you’re very concerned about my ex-wife.”

Madeline was slightly taken aback after she heard that. She realized she had almost exposed herself just now.

She lifted her hand and ran her fingers through her long hair to hide her franticness. Then, she said, “Maybe I’m so concerned about her because I look like her.”

She found an excuse that she felt was appropriate. However, she noticed Jeremy was looking at her with a weird look.

“Since you’re fine, I won’t be staying.”

Madeline turned around after she said that. Before she could go far, Jeremy grabbed her wrist.

His hands were cold after getting blown by the wind. They were pressed against her skin so tightly, causing the strange sensation to penetrate her skin.

“Vera, I have a question…”

Buzz, buzz.

Before Jeremy could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the buzzing of his phone.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief because she had a feeling that Jeremy’s question would be tricky.

She could not let the cat out of the bag now.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 258
She had just begun enacting her plan for revenge, so she would not allow anything to disrupt it.

Jeremy answered the call but he did not let go of Madeline. She could not escape even if she wanted to.

She looked at Jeremy as he started frowning. Then, his tone became colder. “What? Jackson is missing?”

When Madeline heard this, she felt her heart skip a beat.

‘Jackson’s missing again?’

She started to worry as well.

While she was spacing out, Jeremy walked to her with a frown on his face. “My son is missing again, but I think you can find him.”

“Me?” Madeline was surprised. However, she did not want to argue with him. Her racing heart told her that she wanted to know Jackson’s whereabouts as well. “I can look for him with you.”

“Let’s go then,” he said, letting go of his hand. Then, he placed his coat on top of Madeline’s thin coat.

This gesture shocked Madeline. Before she could react, Jeremy pulled her downstairs.

On the way, Madeline sent a message to Felipe to let him know what was going on.

Felipe supported her decision as usual.

The car drove into Jeremy’s house. Madeline did not have time to reminisce about all the things around her when she returned to the place she used to live in. At this moment, she only wanted to know where Jackson was.

She followed Jeremy into the house. When they walked in, the maid ran over and explained frantically, saying, “Young Master Jackson was in his room. When I went upstairs after doing the dishes, he was gone! I’ve looked all over the place but I can’t find him!”

Jeremy heard what the maid had to say with an icy expression on his face. Then, he looked at Madeline who had a frown on her face. “He won’t be able to go far. Let’s look nearby.”

“I think the child should be in this house,” said Madeline calmly. There was an ache in her heart when she thought about the previous times she found Jackson. She recalled how she found him holding himself tightly while shaking furiously.

“No, that can’t be! I’ve looked all over. I even called out his name, but I didn’t get a response.” The maid dismissed Madeline’s guess.

However, Madeline shook her head and looked over to the front of her before walking upstairs.

She was wearing high heels and a long dress, so she was not able to move as freely. However, it did not hinder the strong feeling she had for wanting to see Jackson.

Madeline quickly walked into Jackson’s room. After looking around, her eyes finally landed on the bathroom that was attached to the room.

Jeremy followed behind her. When he was at the door, he heard a soft voice of a woman. “Jack, it’s me, Vera.”

Was Jackson really in there?

Jeremy felt that this was outrageous. He quickly went to the bathroom and saw Madeline squatting on the floor. Jackson was in her arms with his eyes closed. There were tears in the corner of his eyes.

He was shocked. Suddenly, he remembered Madeline suggesting he take Jackson to the doctor.

Was this child psychologically ill?

He could not find an answer now, but he felt relieved when he saw that Jackson was fine.

Madeline wanted to leave after she found Jackson, but this child refused to let go of her. Plus, she was also feeling heartbroken for him, so she was reluctant to let go as well.

Madeline decided to stay after feeling this weird emotion. She carried Jackson to the bed and coaxed gently, saying, “Jack, you should sleep now. I’ll be here with you.”

Jackson’s bright but insecure eyes stared straight at her. “Really, Vera?”

“Yeah.” She nodded and promised before this little guy finally closed his eyes to go to sleep.

Jeremy brought some clothes and necessities for Madeline. “These pajamas belong to my ex-wife. You can wear it for the night if you don’t mind.”

He handed her the clothes. Madeline felt weird when she looked at the familiar clothes in her hands.

He had not thrown away her pajamas.

What was he thinking?

After Jeremy closed the door and left, Madeline continued to watch Jackson. At the same time, she called Felipe to tell him why she could not go home tonight.

After she hung up, she walked into the bathroom.

However, after she showered, she realized she forgot to bring the pajamas. She could only use a towel at this moment.

She wrapped it around her body hastily and quickly walked back to her room. When she was about to put on the pajamas, the door opened.

She subconsciously gripped the towel around her chest tighter. She lifted her head to look into Jeremy’s eyes that were staring at her intensely. What she was concerned about the most was how Jeremy was looking at the area of the left side of her chest…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 259
There was a mole on her left chest that could prove that she was Madeline.

It was a mark that she did not want to destroy because she did not think that Jeremy would ever get the chance to see this part of her body after she ‘came back to life’.

She was here for revenge, not to start a relationship with him. As such, she did not remove the mole and it was still on her left chest.

When she noticed Jeremy’s gaze, she pulled her towel upward before turning her back toward Jeremy.

“Why didn’t you knock before coming in?” she asked in agitation.

She thought Jeremy would close the door and leave tactfully, but instead, she heard his footsteps approaching her. He stopped right behind her.

“Why did you come in? Get out.” Madeline wanted to chase him away and spoke in an icy tone. She clutched the towel closer to her chest and walked further away from him. She was barefooted.

However, the moment she took a step forward, Jeremy grabbed her slender arm.

His hand was so cold, but the moment he touched her, she could feel her skin heating up.

“Why are you so scared, Future Aunt-in-law? Do you think I’ll eat you up?”


Madeline had nothing to say. She just felt her heartbeat speeding up and her cheeks growing hot.

At this moment, Jeremy walked closer to her again. She could feel his warm body pressing up against her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. I just have a question for you.”

“What question?” Madeline asked impatiently. “Let me go first.”

Jeremy froze slightly after he heard that. He looked at the woman’s body in front of him as he started to space out.

Her body was fair and flawless while her skin was so soft and supple. When he saw this, he could not help but recall the gruesome wounds and scars all over Madeline’s body.

He felt a pang of pain in his heart as he let go of his hand all of a sudden.

“Never mind. I have nothing to ask you now.” His tone became icy out of the blue. “Thank you for finding my son and staying with him for the night. I’ll thank you properly.”

After he said that, Madeline heard the sound of the door closing behind her.

He was here to ask her a question, but then he left all of a sudden because of a change in his mood. What happened?

Madeline was confused, but she did not think much about it. She changed into her pajamas and locked the door before sleeping next to Jackson.

She felt at ease when she looked at the adorable little face before her that was fast asleep.

The more she looked at him, the more she realized how Jackson was actually rather similar to Lilian.

They were siblings with the same father but different mothers after all, so it was not weird that they would look alike.

However, Madeline was curious why she had a special connection with Jackson.

She smiled gently and caressed Jackson’s smooth little face.

“Sleep well. I’ll be here with you. Don’t be scared,” she muttered softly before closing her eyes.

On the other side, Jeremy was leaning against the railing on the balcony lazily. His shirt was unbuttoned casually and his collarbone was showing.

He let out a trail of smoke from his thin lips. Then, he lifted his head to look at the wedding photo above his bed.

She was so beautiful in the photo.

However, what was left of her was only this photo.

“Jeremy, you’ll regret this!”

What Madeline said back then kept replaying in his head.

He remembered him saying in disdain, “I don’t know the meaning of the word regret.”

Jeremy started mocking himself. “Hmph.”

He looked in the direction of Jackson’s room while feeling as if he was miles away. He stared in that direction for a long while.

The cigarette between his fingers lit up and dimmed down from time to time. It was as unpredictable as the expression in his eyes.

The next day after Madeline woke up, she watched as Jackson brushed his teeth and washed his face. The little guy was feeling much better now. He had a rare smile on his handsome face.

When they went downstairs, the maid told her that Jeremy had gone out first thing in the morning.

Madeline could only send Jackson to kindergarten and see Lilian while she was there.

Where had Jeremy gone so early in the morning?

A cemetery in the suburbs.

Jeremy held a bouquet of 88 roses before going to the familiar cemetery.

It was dawn, so it was still foggy. There was only the sound of wind in the empty cemetery.

Jeremy knelt and placed the flowers down. He ran his knuckles across the words on the tombstone, his eyes flashing with emotions.

“You must have despised me, right?” he muttered to himself, “You must have been in despair when I destroyed the only evidence that could prove your innocence.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 260
He asked, feeling a debilitating pain in his heart.

When he recalled Madeline’s helpless expression when she was explaining herself with tears streaming down her face, he felt like such an irredeemable sinner.

How could he be so cruel to hurt a woman who loved him so much?

How could he only realize that he had fallen for her when it was already too late?

Now, he finally understood why Old Master Whitman asked her that question when she said she wanted to divorce him.

The old master had asked her whether they slept together after marriage.

Of course, he did. Multiple times.

He said he was disgusted by her, but he still could not stop himself from touching her.

It turned out that he was just unable to restrain his emotions, but when he found out about it, it was too late.

Jeremy gathered his thoughts and looked at the tombstone. “She looks just like you, so I keep having misconceptions. I hugged her last night, but I was really hoping she’s you.”

His tone was filled with so much emotion and gentleness that had never been there before. Then, he closed his eyes.

“I really hope that she’s you…”

Jeremy turned around after a while. His body left a trail of loneliness in the morning sun.

Madeline left the kindergarten and went back to her shop.

It was still early, so it was not opening time yet. However, she saw a lot of people gathering in front of her shop and even the media was here.

She thought maybe this was the effect of what happened last night, so she walked in through the back door. The moment she sat down, she received a notification of a viral tweet.

She clicked inside and saw the video that Felipe played last night being retweeted furiously.

Everyone was going to Meredith’s profile to curse at her.

She was the young lady from the Montgomery family, but she went as far as doing something so despicable. It was such an irredeemable dark past!

Someone even felt bad for Madeline’s previous self. She had been wrongly accused and was forced to suffer in silence. Plus, she was even cyber-bullied for some time. It was so lamentable now that she was dead.

Even though justice arrived late, it still managed to prove her innocence.

Madeline was reading the comments. She felt conflicted, but at the same time, she felt rather pleased.

“Meredith, don’t surrender so easily. You have much more to go through in the future.”

She curled her lips and clicked into Meredith’s selfies that she had posted to Twitter. She was flexing her wealth relentlessly in her pictures.

“Miss Montgomery? Meredith, I want to see how long you can stay in this position.”

After she said that, she saw a family photo in Meredith’s album.

Meredith was sitting in between Eloise and Sean. There was so much love and doting in their eyes. They truly treated Meredith as their one and only little princess.

She could not help but use her finger to lightly caress the husband and wife in the photo. Their faces looked so benevolent and kind, but unfortunately…

Madeline recalled the hatred in Eloise and Sean’s eyes when they looked at her. Plus, she also recalled the resentment she felt from them when they slapped her heavily across the face.

It had been so long, but she could still feel the pain in her face. Her heart ached even more now…

At this moment, she heard some commotion from outside the shop. She looked at the time and noticed that it was opening time. Some of the employees had already arrived and opened the front doors. That was when the people gathering outside came in.

Madeline recomposed herself and walked out with her head held high.

When she walked out, the so-called customers were all staring at her.

“Oh my God, she looks so much like Mr. Whitman’s ex-wife!”

“They’re exactly the same!”

“No way. I don’t think they look the same. Their temperaments are completely different!”

“Right. Madeline looked like a country bumpkin and she was so weak, which was why she allowed just anyone to bully her, but this…”

The Madeline they saw in front of them had a stunning figure. She looked gorgeous and was extremely classy.

Aside from their faces, everyone would think that they were two different people.

Just when everyone came to that conclusion, someone emerged from the crowd and ran in front of her. “Maddie!”

Madeline was taken aback when Ava appeared out of the blue. However, she quickly displayed a calm smile on her face. “It’s you. I told you, I’m not Madeline…”

“You are!” Ava looked at her with certainty. Her eyes looked expectant but sad. “Maddie, what happened? Why don’t you remember me? Do you have amnesia? Or are you pretending to not know me?”

“Miss, I really don’t know you, and I don’t have amnesia.” Madeline calmly explained. “I just look the same as Madeline Crawford.”

“Alright, you say you’re not her, but do you have the courage to see someone with me?” The expression in Ava’s eyes changed.

Madeline smiled. “Miss, I’m busy. I don’t have time to play games with—”


When Madeline rejected Ava, she heard a voice that shocked her.

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