Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 241-250

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 241
Ken hesitated. Then, he voiced his suspicion, saying, “Felipe’s company and business have been in Glendale this whole time, but for some reason, he left to go to F Country.

“Felipe has been staying in F Country for the past three years and rarely left. According to sources, he met Vera on the plane and fell in love with her at first sight.”

F Country.

Jeremy remembered that Vera was also from F Country. However, from her appearance, she was obviously not a native of F Country.

After he hung up the phone, Jeremy read through the information slowly.

Nothing about Vera’s information was suspicious. However, he saw a date that he would never forget from Felipe’s file.

That day three years ago, Madeline’s cold body had laid in his arms. She was no longer breathing nor did she have a pulse. She had left him forever.

However, it was that day Felipe left Glendale to go to F Country.

It was evident on Felipe’s entry and exit information.

Madeline died that night and Felipe left Glendale without any special reasons.

Was this a coincidence?

Jeremy woke Jackson up with this suspicion in mind. After cleaning Jackson up, he brought him to kindergarten.

Jeremy drove his car and looked at Jackson from the rearview mirror. He was silent in the backseat the entire time. Suddenly, he recalled what Madeline said to him last night, ‘I suggest that you take him to see a doctor.’

Her words kept repeating in his head after she said them.

“Jackson, are you feeling unwell?” Jeremy asked.

Jackson’s dark eyes shifted slightly after he heard that. He held his bag tightly with his head lowered and shook his head.

Jeremy frowned.

Jackson had never been this depressed in his memory. Back then, he would always follow behind him and call him ‘Daddy’. He used to be so cheerful and loving.

However, this child stopped calling him ‘Daddy’ after some time. In addition to that, he started drifting further and further away from this child.

Jeremy did not ask him anything anymore. He clearly knew the answer to this question.

When he realized just how much he liked Madeline, a lot of people and things changed…

Jeremy walked Jackson into the kindergarten. However, he did not leave immediately, but rather, he parked his car at the corner.

After a while, a familiar figure walked into his vision.

He looked at the woman who looked exactly like Madeline. She was walking Lillian into the kindergarten with a gentle smile on her face.

Jeremy narrowed his eyes and imprinted that beautiful smile into his mind.

His heart started beating faster as he grabbed the steering wheel. After Madeline got into the car and drove away, he drove to the entrance of the kindergarten. Then, he got out of the car and walked in.

Even though Lillian’s homeroom teacher was responsible for the older children, when she saw Jeremy, she knew he was not a stranger. Moreover, she also knew that he was Jackson’s father and was a VIP in Glendale.

Thus, when she saw Jeremy at the classroom door, she approached him with a smile.

“Mr. Whitman, are you here for Jackson? He’s next door.”

“I’m looking for that child.” Jeremy pointed at Lillian who was playing with her classmates.

The teacher looked over to where he was pointing. “You mean Lillian Whitman?”

Lillian Whitman.

That was the child’s full name.

Jeremy nodded. His intense gaze was locked on Lillian’s fair and adorable face. “Yes, her.”

The teacher smiled when she realized what was going on. “Oh, so Lillian is also one of the Whitmans. I was wondering why she’s so close with Jackson. As it turns out, they’re siblings!”


That word penetrated Jeremy’s heart.

His heart trembled, and he could not shake this complicated feeling away.

Lillian was brought out quickly. When she saw Jeremy, she smiled and displayed her dimples. “Hello, nice mister.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 242
She called out in a bright voice, her face looking almost exactly like Madeline.

Jeremy squatted and caressed the little girl’s head.

“Hello, Lily. I’m Jackson’s daddy.”

“I remember you.” The little girl blinked her bright eyes. “Are you here to play with me, nice mister?”

Jeremy smiled warmly before taking out a doll from his pocket.

“I sent Jackson here today, so I came to see you since I’m here. This is for you.”

“Wow, what a cute bunny!” Lillian was completely attracted to the delicate doll.

Using this opportunity, Jeremy plucked a single hair from Lillian’s head.

Looking at this innocent and adorable face in front of him, he had too many expectations and yearnings in his heart.

Jeremy then came to a DNA screening agency with an indescribable feeling in his heart. He pulled some strings and fast-tracked his test.

The staff told him it would take at least eight hours before he could know the result.

After he left the DNA screening agency, Jeremy drove to Felipe’s company.

After hesitating for a while, he eventually drove away.

If Felipe genuinely wanted to hide the situation about Madeline, he would not get an answer from him no matter how much he questioned him.

The eight hours were oddly tormenting.

At that moment, Madeline received a parcel from the company. She started to prepare for the commercial dinner party for the second anniversary of her jewelry brand. After working for the entire day, she was about to pick Lillian up from school. However, when she was at the entrance, she saw Jeremy’s car stopping in front of the shop.

She remembered what she said to Jeremy last night and quickly recomposed herself in a few seconds.

“Mr. Whitman? Are you here for me? Don’t you have anything to do?” Madeline smiled and asked when she noticed Jeremy looking at her intensely. She looked into his eyes calmly and smiled. “Why are you looking at me like that, Mr. Whitman? Is there something on my face?”

Jeremy walked toward her and a domineering air enveloped her in an instant. “I can’t move my eyes away because you’re so stunning, Miss Vera.”

“…” Madeline did not expect him to say something so amorous in a public setting. She was taken aback. “Mr. Whitman, both of us are engaged to someone else. It’s easy to elicit misunderstandings if you say that.”

Jeremy ignored the looks from passersby and said, “Are you picking your daughter up from school?”

Madeline nodded. “So what if I am?”

“I’m going to pick up my son as well. Let’s go together.”


“Plus, I have something I want to ask you. It’s about my son.”

After Jeremy said that, Madeline did not want to reject him anymore.

Despite not knowing the reason, she did want to know more about Jackson.

She got into Jeremy’s car and the car started quickly. It started driving along the busy street.

Inside the quiet interior of the car, Jeremy said in a mocking tone “So, Future Aunt-in-law, how do you know my uncle?”

She knew Jeremy must have investigated her behind her back, so Madeline replied without holding back, “On the plane. We fell in love at first sight.”

“Really?” Jeremy gave a fake smile and scanned Madeline’s face sharply. “What was it about my uncle that attracted you the most?”

“I’m attracted to him in every way. He’s mature and reliable. In addition to that, he’s gentle and handsome. He’s one in a million. Meeting him is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me in my life.”

The moment Madeline stopped talking, Jeremy stepped on the brakes all of a sudden. The traffic light in front of them had turned red.

She frowned and lifted her head, coincidentally meeting Jeremy’s deep eyes.

There was a thought-provoking smile on the man’s face. He moved closer to her and leaned his body toward her, immediately making the distance between them amorous.

“What do you think of me then?”

Madeline looked at him calmly and smiled. When she was about to say something, Jeremy’s phone rang, interrupting her answer.

Jeremy was unhappy. However, after he looked at the caller ID, his expression changed as he quickly picked up the phone.

“Mr. Whitman, we have your DNA result. I’m sending the data and results to your email. If you have any questions, you can call this number.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 243
After he heard what was said from the other end of the phone, Jeremy tightened his grip on it.

Upon hanging up, he opened the app on his phone and saw the latest email he received. His pupils constricted as his finger lingered above the screen, but he did not tap the screen.

Honk, honk!

The cars behind them started honking as the light had already turned green.

“Are you alright, Mr. Whitman?” Madeline looked at him curiously.

Jeremy pressed down on the lock key and tossed his phone to one side. “I’m fine.”

He pressed down on the accelerator. His deep eyes looked at Madeline intensely before he looked back to the road ahead.

Madeline wanted to know more about Jackson, so that was why she got into the car. However, after that phone call, the air inside the car became tense and horrifyingly quiet.

After the car stopped in front of the kindergarten, Madeline picked Lillian up but she did not run into Jackson. The teacher told her someone had already taken Jackson away.

Madeline felt dispirited when she did not get to see Jackson.

However, she was also worried if Jackson was taken away by Meredith. Would Meredith do something heinous to that child again?

Jeremy stood at one side as he looked at the mother-daughter duo walking into the nightfall. He pressed his lips together.

There were a million expectations in his head but that was also the reason why he refused to look at the email. He was afraid that he would see something he did not want to see.

No matter what outrageous thing happened three years ago, he would be able to accept it. At this moment, he wished the woman in front of him was her.

Jeremy thought about that as he looked at Madeline. Suddenly, a car stopped in front of him.

Felipe walked out of the car and made his way over to Madeline. He picked up Lillian who was standing next to her. After conversing for a while, Felipe walked in front of Jeremy and smiled at him.

“Jeremy, thank you for driving Vera over to pick up Lillian.”

Jeremy looked at him with a piercing gaze. “No need to thank me. I only did this to get closer to her.”

His answer was frank and there was a hint of willfulness as well as brashness in it.

Felipe smiled lightly after he heard that. “So, you’re still suspecting that Vera is Maddie?”

“Is she not?” Jeremy looked into Felipe’s eyes and probed.

He hoped to find some flaws from Felipe’s eyes, but there were none.

Felipe smiled calmly. “Vera isn’t Maddie, of course. Maddie has already left this world. You should know this. Even if she’s still alive, why would she stay with me if she loves you so much? Vera even gave birth to a daughter for me.”

Jeremy felt his heart ache when he heard Felipe saying that.

Felipe was saying that with such a calm tone, but Jeremy felt like he was boasting. He was boasting to him that he owned her now.

He was still unable to prove that Vera was indeed Madeline.

“Vera and I will get married soon. I’ll go back to the manor to announce this after a few days.”

Felipe walked to Madeline who was waiting by the car after he said that.

“Vera, let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Madeline nodded. She leaned against Felipe’s body intimately.

She turned around and said goodbye to Jeremy casually before getting into the car.

In a blink of an eye, her body and smile disappeared from his vision.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief inside the car. “He’s indeed suspecting me again.”

“You two have the same face, after all. It’s difficult not to make anyone suspicious, especially Jeremy. He’s more observant than the average person.” Felipe held Madeline’s hand after he said that. His warm smile and gaze caressed her worried face like a spring breeze. “Don’t worry. I’ve arranged for everything. He won’t suspect anything after a few days.”

Madeline felt slightly at ease after she heard Felipe’s promise.

He was her light and safe harbor when she was in despair and met with trouble.

Madeline knew she could never repay him. She had heard him earlier as well. If Felipe wanted to marry her, she would not reject him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 244
After a painful experience with her previous relationship, she would choose to be loved again if there was a choice.

Jeremy returned to the house while holding the phone tightly in his hand. There were answers in it that he could not wait to know.

However, as soon as he entered the house, he saw Meredith cooking in the kitchen while the maids instructed and helped at one side.

This scene made Jeremy think of Madeline.

He recalled the nights that she would be here making dinner for him and yet, he would just ignore her. He instead spent the night outside rather than coming back to face this woman who he thought was dirty and heinous.

When Meredith heard him coming back, she turned around and ran to him. “Jeremy, you’re back. I picked Jack up and I made dinner especially for you guys tonight. This is my first time making dinner, so I hope you’ll like it.”

She looked at Jeremy with passionate and loving eyes. “Jeremy, today my mother received an invitation card for Miss L.ady’s anniversary party. Will you go with me?”

Jeremy furrowed his brows. “I’m not available.”

“Jeremy.” Meredith’s smile disappeared gradually. “Are you still refusing to forgive me? It’s been so long since that incident. I was forced by Maddie. Why do you have to be so heartless over a trivial matter like this?”

“A trivial matter?” Jeremy suddenly smiled upon hearing these two words. His smile was obscure and indistinct. It was hard to read his expression, but his voice suddenly went cold. “I’ll find a time to announce to the public as soon as possible that I’ve already broken off my engagement to you.”

“…” Meredith looked at Jeremy’s back in confusion before hastily stopping him. “Jeremy, please don’t do this. You promised. You promised me back then that you’d take care of me for the rest of my life!”

Recalling the promise from back when they were at the beach, Jeremy knitted his eyebrows together.

Jeremy would only be acting rashly if he did not take into consideration their relationship back then.

A few seconds later, he parted his lips coldly.

“I’ll take care of you, but I won’t marry you.”

“…” Meredith’s face turned white. “Jeremy, why? Why are you doing this to me?”

She nagged and pursued, losing control of her emotions.

“Is it because of Vera? Do you think you owe something to Maddie, so now that a woman who looks so much like her has appeared, you want to make up for this debt through Vera, right?”

“I told you, this has nothing to do with her.” Jeremy’s agitated gaze landed on Meredith’s contorted face. “You’re asking me why? Why don’t you ask yourself?”


“I like the Linnie I married back then. She was innocent and kind, but now, you’ve changed. You’re not the Linnie I used to know.”

“…” Meredith was at a loss as she looked at Jeremy’s face that was gradually turning colder.

She had changed?

No, she had never changed.

It was because she was not the Linnie who Jeremy fell in love at first sight with.

She was just a fake good!

Jeremy indifferently retracted his arm and went upstairs.

Meredith ran over to him and put her arms around his waist from the back. “Jeremy, don’t do this to me. Please don’t. Yes, I’ve changed. The only change is that I love you even more now. I was afraid that you’ll get pestered by Maddie because of marriage. I was afraid of losing you, so that’s why I did something so stupid.” She explained frantically. Tears started streaming down her cheeks.

“Jeremy, will you change your mind and not break up with me if I turn back into the Linnie from back then?”

Jeremy did not answer her, and he even pried her fingers away forcefully.

Meredith kept shouting his name from behind him, but he did not turn back. He walked straight into his bedroom.

He could not find any trace of Madeline on the double bed. However, he still sat on the spot that she used to sleep in out of habit.

After sitting down, Jeremy opened the email on his phone.

The result of Lillian’s and his DNA test was in front of him.

This time, Jeremy did not hesitate before tapping into the email.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 245
Immediately, Jeremy saw a column of professionally analyzed data. He hastily glanced through it and scrolled directly to the end of the email.

After seeing the results, his breath froze for a second.

The doubts, expectations, and any traces of ridiculous hopes from the bottom of his heart turned into nothing in an instant.

The report clearly stated that he was not Lillian’s biological father.

However, their chromosomes were identical, and there was only one reason why they were identical. It was because Lillian was really Felipe’s biological daughter, which was why his DNA and Lillian’s DNA showed a kinship.

The phone slipped from Jeremy’s fingers unbeknownst to him.

The glow from the sunset scattered on his emotionless face. Jeremy eventually lifted the corners of his lips after a long while and let out a low laugh.

‘It turns out that there are indeed people who look so similar in this world.

‘The actual fact is, you’ve left me.’

His heart started aching as he recalled the loss from three years ago. Those feelings of regret and loss would be forever irreparable. He would never be able to sleep peacefully ever again.

Madeline was sure that Jeremy would not suspect her again, so she focused all of her time and energy on preparing the dinner party that was to be held two days later.

The most luxurious hotel in Glendale was without a doubt the six-star hotel that was owned by Whitman Corporation. Madeline had reserved the place beforehand. When she was about to go sign the contract, she saw Meredith walking to her shop the moment she stepped out of the door.

She looked down. Her usual vulnerable and pretty face was covered in sadness. She did not look as aggressive as she was after tearing away her hypocritical mask.

When she saw Madeline, Meredith quickly walked over to her. “Miss Quinn, I wonder if I can occupy some of your time? I need to talk to you.”

Madeline looked at the hypocritical woman in front of her, peering at her in disdain. “There’s nothing to talk about between us, Miss Crawford.”

She walked away after she said that.

“Vera, I’m begging you.”

Meredith’s petty pleads sounded from behind her.

“I won’t take up much of your time.”

Madeline stopped in her tracks. She turned her stunning face around slightly. “Since you’re begging, Miss Crawford, I’ll give you ten minutes.”

“Thank you.” Meredith thanked her in a grateful manner.

However, this sounded extremely hypocritical to Madeline.

In a cafe nearby.

After they sat down, Meredith ordered some food and drinks courteously. She was smiling the entire time.

“Miss Crawford, just spit it out. I have something to take care of.” Madeline did not waste any time beating around the bush. Then, she placed her phone on the table and started playing with it casually.

Meredith clenched her fists that were hiding under the table when she saw how coldly Madeline was treating her. There was a sad expression on her charming face.

“Vera, to be honest, you look exactly the same as my sister, Maddie. However, please, I’m begging you, don’t repeat the same things my sister did, okay?”

After she heard this, Madeline lifted her head to look at Meredith with a smile. “Miss Crawford, please just be frank. What do you mean by not repeating the same things Maddie did?”

Meredith sighed, and her tone was soft when she spoke, “I hope you can stop pestering my fiancé.

“Miss Quinn, you’re so beautiful and you have such good qualifications. Plus, you have the recognition from a brand like Miss L.ady. You’ve even joined their franchise and became the shop owner. There must be a lot of men after an exceptional woman like you. So, why do you want to be the third party in this relationship?”

Madeline finally understood what was going on after she heard this.

Meredith came all the way here to poison the well.

The third party in this relationship?

Madeline wanted to laugh at that term.

Before the silence could even set in, Meredith’s eyes went red as she said with devastating pettiness, “Miss Quinn, I’m begging you. Please don’t ruin my relationship with Jeremy. Please don’t tarnish yourself as well. You won’t be able to lift your head in this lifetime the moment you become the third party in a relationship.”

Meredith’s words sounded like well-meaning advice, however, Madeline burst out laughing after she heard that.

“The third party?” She scoffed. Her spirited eyes were shooting out invulnerable looks at Meredith without restraints. “It seems that you’re holding your head pretty high, Miss Crawford. If not, how could you sit here and tell me that so shamelessly?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 246
After she heard that, Meredith’s face froze. However, she did not forget to maintain her vulnerable and pitiful expression. Her voice sounded so aggrieved as if she was going to cry at any second. “Miss Quinn, are you saying that you’ll keep pestering my fiancé and continue to be the third party?”

Madeline parted her pink lips and said slowly, “Do you know why I gave you a mirror on your birthday?”

“…” Meredith’s face fell.

“I guess you’re still confused about your position. No wonder Jeremy still refuses to marry you after so many years.” Madeline displayed a thought-provoking smile on her face before getting up and leaving.

Meredith stood up immediately as her hypocritical mask cracked. “Vera Quinn! I’m showing you kindness and yet you’re refusing to accept it! Alright! If that’s the case, just you wait. You’ll know the consequences of crossing me soon enough!”

Madeline turned around nonchalantly. When she saw Meredith’s furious face, she smiled even wider.

“Let that day come sooner. I can’t wait,” she said, holding her phone tighter.


She could not wait.

‘Just come at me, Meredith.

‘I’m ready to take anything you throw my way.

Meredith angrily ran to a room next to her after Madeline left the cafe.

“So? Did you get it?” she asked angrily.

That person shook the phone. “I got it all filmed.”

Meredith was slightly relieved. She narrowed her sinister eyes.

“Hmph, Vera Quinn, since you refuse to accept my conditions, then I’ll thoroughly ruin your reputation! I’ll let you experience what Madeline experienced back then!”

Madeline went to the hotel after she left the cafe.

She did not expect Jeremy to be the one to welcome her.

Plus, Madeline noticed Jeremy looking at her much more normally compared to last time.

Perhaps Felipe had successfully stopped him from suspecting her.

Of course, Madeline did not tell him about her meeting with Meredith. She only focused on finishing the tasks at hand.

After that, Jeremy said to her, “Miss Vera, can I have the honor of buying you lunch? Just think of it as a taste test.”

Madeline agreed. Then, she followed Jeremy into the VIP room.

The third floor was not too high up. The light breeze rustled the branches outside the french windows. The yellow leaves spun in the air like butterflies, fluttering across the window quietly.

The early fall after summer was much cooler.

Jeremy poured some wine for Madeline and he had some himself as well. After a while, there was a tinge of redness on his cheeks. His narrow eyes looked even more alluring now.

“It’s best if you don’t get drunk, Mr. Whitman,” said Madeline with a smile, “If not, you’ll babble nonsense to me again like that day. I don’t want to hear those words again.”

Jeremy looked into Madeline’s eyes. “What did I say that night?”

Madeline lifted her glass and nodded. Then, she said profoundly, “You grabbed me and said, ‘Linnie, don’t go’.”

After she said that, Madeline noticed a curious spark in Jeremy’s eyes.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat. She quickly took a sip of her wine to hide her awkwardness.

That night, Jeremy had called her Linnie. Despite her knowing that he was calling out to Meredith, she could not deny that she was hoping for him to call out to her. When they were young, he had looked after her when they were at the beach…

A few seconds passed and Jeremy lowered his gaze, hiding the emotions behind his eyes. “Aside from that, what else did I say?”

Madeline looked at him. “You kept telling me, ‘Linnie, don’t go. Don’t go’. Who is this Linnie? Isn’t Meredith the person you love the most, Mr. Whitman?”

She deliberately asked him this question. Then, she added, “Right, that day, you were holding a colorful shell as well. It doesn’t seem like something valuable, so why were you holding it so nervously?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 247
There was a hint of misery in Jeremy’s slightly intoxicated face. “It’s her.”

After staying silent for some time, Madeline got an answer from him.

It was her.

The person he loved the most was Meredith.

Madeline’s grip on the wine glass tightened slowly.

The fire of rage in her heart started burning brightly, but it was unable to destroy the unwillingness and bitterness in her heart.

“Linnie, I’ll stay with you forever. I will protect you forever. I’ll take you as my bride…”

The little boy’s promise was like the autumn breeze outside the window, caressing her ear before drifting away.

Madeline held the wine glass and downed the contents inside it.

She felt as if a million needles were piercing her heart. They were so light yet they hurt so bad.

She was feeling sad for her past self. She was so innocent for believing his promise to marry her. She ended up waiting for him to reunite with her like a fool. However, in the end, all she got was this man’s merciless torture.

Madeline looked at the melancholic man in front of her with an icy gaze. There was hatred in her eyes.

‘Jeremy, I thought you were just cruel and could never be satisfied with what you had. However, the truth is that you were never serious about me.

‘You keep going on and on about Linnie, but that’s just a hypocritical show of affection.

‘Meredith Crawford.

‘You love her, right?


‘I’ll let you love her until you can’t love her anymore!’

Jeremy did not know when he had fallen asleep on the sofa of the room. After he woke up, the room was empty and Madeline had already left.

He massaged his temples and recalled what he said to Madeline before he passed out.

He quickly took out the colorful shell from his pocket and looked at it in his palm as his mind wandered. It was as if he was back to that year…

His grandfather had brought him for a vacation by the beach, but he was not happy as he had a lot of pressure on his back. He had lost the carefreeness and happiness people his age should have… All until a little girl appeared.

She said her name was Linnie.

It was such a simple name that sounded so pleasant to the ears and was easy to remember.

He could not forget it. The girl’s eyes would become crescent moons when she smiled and she had light dimples on her face. Plus, her eyes were so clear and pristine like crystals. They looked so lively.

She called him Jez. Her voice was so sweet that it sounded as if it had been drenched in honey.

He would hold her hand as they ran barefoot on the beach. Without knowing, he had let go of all his troubles and stress. He had never been so happy before.

After that, he was brought away by his grandfather without even getting the chance to say goodbye to her.

He had been thinking about this girl named Linnie for so many years… Until the day he met Meredith.

Meredith had dimples when she smiled as well, so it caused him to have a misconception. After that, Meredith told him firmly that she was the same Linnie he met from when they were kids.

He was shocked, but he did not feel intense joy because whenever he faced Meredith, he kept feeling like something was missing.

Despite that, he still tolerated and indulged Meredith to no end just because she was the Linnie who he had been missing for more than ten years.


Jeremy was conflicted.

He should throw this shell away now.

After all, he did not love the girl who gave him the shell anymore.

The Linnie in his heart right now was the deceased Madeline who had hurt him so much that it felt as if he was skinned raw.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 248

Two days later, the dinner party went on as scheduled.

Since Miss L.ady was getting big, the rich and famous from the upper-class were all here. Most of them were socialites and wealthy women.

Madeline had been ready for a while, but at this moment, she felt complicated.

She knew Eloise would be here tonight as well.

This person was her mother who gave birth to her and lost her.

After she got the call from the manager of the headquarters, Madeline sashayed into the venue.

When she walked in, she saw a lot of socialites and wealthy ladies gathering around while chatting. They were boasting about the expensive, limited, and custom-made jewelry that they were wearing.

When Madeline walked in, she earned shocked gazes from the guests there.

Her champagne-colored dress accentuated her perfect figure while her black hair contrasted the fairness of her flawless skin. She would leave a trail of sweet fragrance wherever she went. One would not be able to stop themselves from taking in a few more sniffs.

“Is that woman Vera Quinn?”

“I heard she’s the one who won the shop on First Crystal Street. She’s even working with Miss L.ady and is the shop owner.”

“She’s the shop owner of Miss L.ady on First Crystal Street? She’s so beautiful and talented.”

“Talented? I heard she’s just some rich man’s sugar baby.”

“No wonder. I was wondering how she could have such a nice life without any backup. She finally has a chance to show her face now that Miss L.ady’s anniversary dinner is being hosted in Glendale.”

Madeline heard all kinds of malicious questions and suspicions coming from around her. She only smiled softly and continued walking.

After a while, she saw the manager from the headquarters as well as the head of design of Miss L.ady. They were talking to a few clients.

She was not seeing things. Among the clients, two of them were Meredith and Eloise.

While they were talking, the manager of the headquarters and the head of design spotted Madeline. “Everyone, let me introduce you to this lady.”

The head of design looked at Madeline in admiration. Eloise and Meredith turned around at the same time. There was shock and surprise on their faces. However, disdain and contempt immediately replaced their looks of surprise. Meanwhile, there was a sinister smile in Meredith’s eyes.

As the star of the night, Madeline walked over magnanimously with a huge smile.

The head of design gestured to Madeline and introduced her, saying, “This is Miss Vera Quinn. She’s the shop owner of the first branch of Miss L.ady in Glendale. She’s also Miss L.ady’s…”

“I was wondering who it was. It’s just this woman,” Eloise said in a strange tone. She looked at Madeline with disdain. “Mer, let’s go sit over there. I’m afraid I won’t have an appetite to eat if I continue to stay here and look at a woman like this.”

Madeline felt like someone had just stabbed her heart, but she still smiled.

She would never imagine the mother who she had fantasized about in her dreams for countless nights to be a woman who would feel disgusted from just looking at her.

How could this be the mother she longed to hug?

It seemed that Eloise was not bothered about Meredith admitting to working with Tanner to harm Madeline. On the contrary, she pampered her even more now.

Right, Meredith was her precious baby after all. How could she scold her?

“Mom, don’t say that,” Meredith smiled and said softly, “It mustn’t have been easy for Miss Quinn to join Miss L.ady. It’ll be bad if Miss Quinn loses her qualification after you say that. After all, I heard they have high requirements for the people who want to join the company.”

Meredith was saying that innocently. However, it was obvious she was trying to start something.

The manager and head of design looked at each other curiously while smiling. “Do Mrs. and Miss Montgomery have some misunderstandings about Vera?”

“No!” Eloise interrupted in agitation. Her tone also became colder. “I’m glad that Miss L.ady is finally launching in Glendale, but it’s such a waste for a heinous woman like her to join you and manage the shop. She’s touched so many delicate and exquisite jewelry of Miss L.ady. How filthy! You shouldn’t let a woman like her join your company! She’s not worthy!”

Meredith was ecstatic when she heard Eloise belittling Madeline. She also noticed a lot of people looking at Madeline with suspicion in their eyes.

This was good because she needed this kind of attention. Now, she was about to give Madeline a huge ‘gift’ to make her look bad!

“…” After she said that, the manager and head of design’s faces turned grim. They started looking at Madeline nervously.

However, Madeline only smiled and looked at Eloise with a weird glint in her eyes. “Mrs. Montgomery, you said I’m not worthy, so I wonder if the owner is your daughter, would she be worthy—”

“You thief! You stole my bracelet again!” Suddenly, a woman’s shriek interrupted Madeline.

Madeline vaguely felt as if she had heard this voice before.

She lifted her head in confusion. However, she did not expect the woman to reach out and grab her slender wrist. She pointed at the amethyst bracelet with tassels on her wrist.

“I was wondering who would be so gutsy to steal my bracelet at an event like this. You’re a recidivist! You’ve stolen once before at the Montgomeries’ birthday party and now you’re even wearing my bracelet so brazenly after stealing it! Back then, Mrs. Whitman stood up for you, but now, I want to send you to the police!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 249
The woman’s ear-piercing shrieks penetrated everyone’s ears. The loudness of her voice attracted the attention of a lot of people around them.

Madeline lifted her head to look at this overbearing face. Immediately, the scene of her being falsely accused and bearing the burden of being called a thief appeared in her head as clear as day.

After she got news of her illness that day, she needed to go to Jeremy’s mother’s birthday party at Whitman Manor as per Jeremy’s order.

However, the moment she walked in, this woman in front of her ran into her. This woman did not apologize but instead accused Madeline of running into her. She even accused Madeline of stealing her bracelet.

In the end, Meredith helped Madeline out of ‘kindness’. However, during the commotion, she placed a bracelet into Madeline’s pocket. Madeline was weak back then, so she got framed as the person who stole the bracelet and was berated horribly after trying to prove her innocence.

The most humiliating part was after Felipe sent her the evidence that would prove her innocence, it was overtly destroyed by Jeremy. He loved Meredith, so he would indulge Meredith in everything she did with no limits.

Madeline had not forgotten about it. Back then, this woman called her a beggar while Meredith had addressed this woman as Mrs. Langford intimately.

“What are you looking at? Take off my bracelet now!” Mrs. Langford was dressed extravagantly. She had a death grip on Madeline’s wrist as she warned furiously.

Madeline stopped recalling what happened before and glanced at the woman’s hand with her beautiful eyes. “Let go of your hand.”

Her tone was cold. Despite the light smile on her face, there was a powerful aura around her.

The woman was shocked by the overbearing aura. She hesitated for a while as her grip on Madeline’s hand loosened slightly. However, when she realized Madeline was talking to her with this attitude, she tightened her grip on Madeline’s wrist again.

“Pah! Are you threatening me?” The woman was boorish. “Just look at yourself. How dare you steal from me in an event like this?” she said arrogantly as she lifted her pejorative gaze to look Madeline up and down.

“Tsk tsk, it seems that you’ve stolen a lot of things during this period. If not, how would you have the money to dress up like this? Or perhaps you’ve gotten yourself a stupid rich man? If that’s the case, why would you go as far as stealing at a dinner party?!”

“Madam, have you perhaps misunderstood something? Why would Vera steal your bracelet? Please let go of her now!” The manager approached them and started breaking them up.

The head of design came to Madeline’s side hurriedly as well. She glared at the woman in agitation. “Madam, how can you falsely accuse someone with no proof? You’re saying that Vera stole your bracelet and even claiming that she stole your amethyst bracelet? Do you know that this bracelet—”

“Where did you come from? How dare you accuse me of accusing her?” The woman scoffed and interrupted, saying, “Miss Crawford, you saw this woman stealing my bracelet back then with your own two eyes.”

After she said that, she looked in another direction. Madeline noticed that Jeremy’s mother was here as well. At this moment, the woman said, “Mrs. Whitman, you were there as well. You even pleaded for leniency on behalf of her. You said she’s your maid, so that’s why I let her off the hook. You have to be my witness!”

After she heard this, Madeline finally knew that Jeremy’s mother had told this woman she was their maid when she whispered in her ear back then. That was why the woman stopped pursuing this matter.



How ridiculous!

Aside from Old Master Whitman, none of the other Whitmans had ever treated her as she was one of them.

She was just a maid in the Whitmans’ eyes!

No, she was even more lowly than a maid!

“Vera Quinn was the Whitmans’ maid?”

“She used to be a maid but she’s able to get to where she is now. I’m sure she stole a lot from her master.”

“A person like her even managed to join Miss L.ady. I have to reconsider whether I want to buy from them anymore.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 250
At this moment, harsh words of criticism started sounding out from all around her. Meredith was grinning as she said something in Eloise’s ear.

After a while, Meredith walked over. She looked at Madeline and sighed. “Miss Quinn, I didn’t expect you to be as careless as Madeline despite you two looking exactly the same!”

Meredith mocked her with contempt in her eyes. “Mrs. Langford, you’re right. There was someone who stole your bracelet in front of everyone in Whitman Manor back then. However, it’s not this woman you’re holding onto right now. They just look the same.”

“What? It’s not her? I remember her face so clearly!” the woman pointed at Madeline’s face and said definitively.

“Mrs. Langford, it’s not her.” Jeremy’s mother walked over as well. She was looking down on Madeline too. “Vera, I didn’t expect that as the shop owner of Miss L.ady that you would go as far as to steal a client’s bracelet. Are you sick in the head?”

“She’s not just light-fingered, but she even has the habit of stealing other people’s fiancé!” Eloise added. She was looking at Madeline with despise and contempt.

The atmosphere of the dinner party changed with everyone looking at Madeline with suspicion and disdain.

Mrs. Langford grabbed Madeline’s wrist even tighter now that she was feeling more confident. “So, even though you’re two different people, you still stole my bracelet! Hmph, you shameless thief! I’m taking you to the police station now!”

She screeched rudely. At the same time, she started pulling Madeline with brute force.

The manager and the head of design could not watch this any longer. They were about to help Madeline, but before they could do anything, they saw Madeline standing her ground. Not only was she not budging, but she also got out of the woman’s grip after pulling with all of her might.

The woman lost her footing and stumbled backward. Coincidentally, she stepped on Meredith’s ankle.

Meredith wailed in pain and pushed the woman away furiously.

When the woman saw this, she targeted Madeline again. “You b*tch…”

“If you dare you to cause trouble for me again, I promise that when the police get here, they won’t be arresting me but you instead,” Madeline said, her melodic voice interrupting the woman’s sentence.

Despite being faced with all kinds of criticizing gazes, Madeline was still composed and calm.

She stood with her head held high. Her beautiful twinkling eyes looked frigid and strict on her charming face. At this moment, she looked like a queen.

“You said that I stole your bracelet? This bracelet?” Madeline lifted her left hand, the amethyst bracelet shining dreamily under the light, looking very pretty.

Mrs. Langford gritted her teeth angrily. “You stole it! My amethyst bracelet is custom-made from Miss L.ady’s limited edition collection! I asked someone to bring it back for me from overseas. I’m the only one with this bracelet in Glendale! I deliberately wore it today for my friends to admire!”

As she said that, a pleased smile appeared on her face. She said it was for her friends to admire, but in fact, she just wanted to show off.

This amethyst bracelet was indeed special, and it looked lovely. Plenty of socialites and wealthy women in the upper-class would want their hands on it, but unfortunately, they could not.

“No wonder Miss Quinn wanted to steal it. It’s a custom-made limited edition bracelet, after all,” Meredith said. She was trying to add fuel to the fire.

“Do you guys still want to let a person like her become a member of your brand?” Eloise peered at Madeline and jeered, “If you continue to let a woman like her become the shop owner, all the gorgeous jewelry will be tarnished!”

“Right, you should remove her name immediately. If not, I won’t go to your shop no matter how gorgeous your jewelry is!” Jeremy’s mother joined in opposition to the same adversary. She started to boycott Madeline along with Meredith and Eloise.

When Mrs. Langford saw so many people siding with her, she felt loftier. “What do you have to say now? Give me back my bracelet now and go to the police station with me!”

After the manager and head of design heard this, they looked at each other. Their faces fell as they then said coldly, “Madam, you’re right. This bracelet is a limited edition, but I guess you have no idea that we never sold this bracelet to the public.

“This bracelet was designed by the chief designer of Miss L.ady, Vera. She designed this bracelet as a birthday present to herself. There’s only one of this in the entire world and now it’s on her wrist. So, pray tell, why would she steal her own bracelet?”

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