Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 231-240

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 231
Meredith stared at this stern face, dumbfounded. “Jeremy, what did you say?”
“Why don’t you leave?” He had lowered his tone, sounding as if he still had feelings for Meredith.
Meredith was so angry that she gritted her teeth. When she saw Madeline with her lips curled into a smile as Jeremy protected her behind his back, she felt furious.
Just when Madeline thought that Meredith would explode from anger, Meredith instead seemed to have turned into a different person all of a sudden. She let go of her fist and her anger disappeared. Then, she approached Jeremy and spoke slowly…
Meredith’s eyes were red as she looked sadly at the man before her who maintained his cold expression.
“I know I did something wrong and that has disappointed you, but I didn’t betray my conscience. Everything I’ve done is for Jack and you. I’ve never hurt innocent people.”
While she was speaking, she teared up as well. Her pitiful appearance was really well performed.
“Jeremy, I know it’s useless for me to say anything now, but I am innocent. I’ll keep waiting until you believe me.”
Without waiting for Jeremy’s response, Meredith turned away and walked out of the house looking lonely.
Through the window, Madeline could clearly see Meredith standing right in front of the gate. She was soaked in the rain, but she had a stubborn and resolute expression on her face.
History was truly so shockingly similar.
Madeline thought of her previous experience of having been wrongly accused by Meredith. After she had come out of prison, she was locked outside of the door by Jeremy. Her pregnant self had knelt on the ground under the rain with much difficulty while waiting for his trust. Yet, after all of it, it was only a heart-shattering ending that she got in return for her wait.
Madeline swept her indifferent gaze over Meredith and from the corner of her eyes, she saw Jeremy looking at Meredith who was outside through the window with a solemn expression.
‘Jeremy, does your heart still ache for her?
‘After all, she’s the love of your life who you cared about for so many years.’
Within a few seconds, however, Jeremy turned his gaze away and suddenly reached out to hold Madeline’s injured hand to stop it from being stabbed further by the glass shards. After wiping it with alcohol cotton pads, he then carefully put a band-aid on her as well.
“Let’s continue our dinner.” He curled the corner of his lips, but it did not turn into a smile. It was merely just a movement of his facial muscles.
He was starting to feel sorry for Meredith, as expected.
“I think it’s better to forget it.” Madeline refused with a smile. “If I remain here still, I’m afraid my life in Glendale will be even more difficult afterward.”
“I’m here. No one will dare to do anything to you.” Jeremy made such a guarantee to Madeline with almost no hesitation.
Madeline looked at him with a surprised expression on her face, but her heart was filled entirely with ridicule and irony.
‘Jeremy Whitman, during the time when I was married to you as your wife…
‘Have you ever treated me so protectively like this?
‘You and Meredith both brutally hurt me again and again.
‘Yet, what are you telling me now? That you’re here for me?
‘Was it not entirely because of you that I was tortured till I was all bloody back then?’
Outside, Meredith was drenched in the rain and was really considering going all out.
She could not think of any other methods at present and so, she could only use this bitter trick.
She now hoped that the rain would get worse, drenching her till she caught a cold that would then make her faint. That way, she could definitely attract Jeremy’s attention.
She still had her trump card in hand, after all.
Jeremy did not let Madeline go but still kept her for dinner.
Since Madeline was sitting at the dining table, she could see Meredith standing at the same spot in the rain from where she was. Meredith remained stationary, and the scene truly looked pitiful.
Yet, Madeline knew in her heart that this was simply Meredith’s bitter trick.
‘With a decade’s fate now taking its turn, Meredith, you will also have to face the same fate today.
‘Have you tasted what it’s like to be wrongly accused?
‘Does it feel good?’
Madeline curled her lips secretly and finished the contents in the wine glass in one sip, feeling very satisfied.

“Miss Vera, it seems that you can take your alcohol.” Jeremy praised.

Madeline smiled and replied, “Yes, even Felipe is no opponent to me.”

“Is that so?” Jeremy smiled, but he could not help but compare her to Madeline in his heart.

In his memory, Madeline did not know how to drink.

That one time she drank alcohol, she had gotten so drunk that she hugged him while being muddled, then saying such sweet lovey-dovey words.

Thinking about it now, those lovey-dovey words were really beautiful.

However, it was now an unattainable memory.

“Miss Vera, can we be friends from today onward?”

“As long as you no longer regard me as your ex-wife Madeline, we can be friends.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be a next time.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 232
Jeremy locked eyes with Madeline’s beautiful ones with guarantee. He then raised his wine glass.
“This is to apologize for the one who slapped you earlier,” Jeremy said before proceeding to finish the red wine in the glass. He then poured another glass. “This is to celebrate my acquaintance with such an excellent woman like Miss Vera.”
He spoke while he drank several glasses one after another.
The night became darker and darker. The rain had gradually weakened as well while Jeremy was done drinking the whole bottle of red wine.
His originally fair face was now flushed with slight tipsy redness, and his long, narrow, and alluring eyes were dazed from the alcohol’s effect.
“The future Mrs. Whitman, let me send you back.” Jeremy stood up, but obviously, he was already drunk.
“Mr. Whitman, you should rest. I’ll have Felipe come pick me up.”
“Him?” Jeremy laughed with a low voice. His low magnetic voice was filled with a kind of sexy charm.
He smiled and looked at Madeline. The halo of the crystal lamp had blurred his vision at the moment, and the face in front of him was the face of his dreams.
“I’ll send you off.” Jeremy insisted as he got up and walked toward Madeline.
However, his footsteps were feeble. His upright body was swaying and he was about to fall down before he reached Madeline.
Madeline did not want to bother at first, but as she thought of Meredith who was outside the window, she simply stretched out her hand to support Jeremy.
The weight of his body was pressed completely onto her own and Madeline confirmed then that he was really drunk.
“Mr. Whitman, let’s sit here for a while.” Madeline struggled to help him onto the sofa.
She also knew that the brighter the lights inside the house, the more clearly Meredith could see from the outside.
Right now, Meredith was probably about to burst from anger.
“Mr. Whitman, you’re drunk. I’ll help you to make a glass of lemon water to sober you up.”
Madeline pulled her hand back as she spoke, but as soon as she turned around, her wrist was clasped tightly by Jeremy.
“Don’t go,” he muttered to stop her.
Madeline turned her head and saw the man half-lying on the sofa. His gaze was slightly drunk and his cheeks were flushed. His thin lips were whispering softly, “Linnie…” Madeline heard Jeremy uttering out this name a few seconds later.
She stared at the drunken man blankly.
“Linnie, don’t go. Don’t leave me anymore…”
Madeline tightened her pink lips, knowing that Meredith was the one that Jeremy was calling for.
From the moment Meredith had snatched her identity as Miss Montgomery, Meredith also obtained another name—Eveline Montgomery.
She looked at Jeremy and sneered.
“Sure enough, you still can’t forget that villainous Meredith. It seems that the cancelation of your marriage contract to her is just a cover? How could you, Mr. Whitman, possibly be willing to let her go?”
Madeline mocked the drunk man and had wanted to withdraw her hand, but instead of letting go, Jeremy pulled the unguarded Madeline into his arms forcefully.
Crashing suddenly into his generous embrace, Madeline’s nose could pick up the familiar cold fragrance.
She suddenly raised her head, and her slightly disoriented gaze met Jeremy’s dark and misty eyes.
He narrowed his slender and alluring eyes, his slightly drunk gaze seemingly like a bottomless pool—mysterious and attractive, but also appearing to be as gentle as water.
However, looking at him like this, Madeline’s gaze was full of sharp edges.
“Jeremy, look at me clearly. I’m not the Linnie you’re asking for. I’m the ex-wife you hated and wanted to kill the most!”
She tensed her pink lips tightly and glared at this handsome face with hatred.

“Jeremy, I’ll take back what you owe me along with the interest accumulated. I want you to understand what it’s like to be manipulated and hurt by your beloved one!”

As soon as Madeline said this, Jeremy unexpectedly stretched out his arms and circled her tightly into his embrace.

“Linnie…” His deep voice bloomed in her ears with heat.

Madeline was stunned for a bit until she felt Jeremy’s lips pressing against her cheeks. She then finally came back to her senses and tried to struggle away from him.

“Jeremy, let me go!”

“I won’t let go. I won’t ever let you go again, Linnie…”

“I’m not your Linnie, Jeremy. Let go.”

Madeline pushed him away angrily, but Jeremy did not let her go no matter what.

Amidst their pushing and pulling, Madeline suddenly heard the sound of something dropping. It seemed that something had fallen out of Jeremy’s pocket.

She subconsciously looked at what it was, but after just a glimpse, she became completely stiff.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 233
Madeline could forget a lot of things in her life. She could forget the best moments of her life and the beautiful feeling she had when she was deeply in love with Jeremy, but she could never be unfamiliar with this thing in front of her for the rest of her life.
Dazed, she slowly reached out her hand to pick up the object that had fallen to the ground before placing it in her palm.
Looking at it, it was as if she could suddenly hear the sound of waves as well as the smell and the salty taste of the sea breeze. Even a boy’s gentle promise sounded in her ears, “Linnie, when I grow up, I’ll make you my bride…”
Yet, this promise was blown away by the breeze and ended up sinking to the bottom of the sea in the end. Things could never go back to that time again in this life…
Madeline stopped indulging in her walk down memory lane and looked toward Jeremy who was muttering.
He was still calling for Linnie.
However, the Linnie he was calling for was not her but Meredith—the vicious woman who he spoiled and loved without principles or limits.
Madeline glanced at the colorful shell in her hand and sneered coldly. She did not expect to see Jeremy still carrying the shell she had given to him when she was a child.
“Jeremy, why bother keeping this when you only have Meredith in your heart? The Linnie who had been waiting for you for more than ten years is dead now.”
Her hateful gaze brushed across his drunken face. Just as she was about to throw the colorful shell in her hand into the trash can, Jeremy grabbed her wrist all of a sudden.
“Linnie, don’t go. Please don’t go, okay…”
Madeline looked at the red-faced, drunken man who was sleep-talking. She felt ridiculed and flung his hand away.
“Jeremy, your beloved Linnie is putting on a show outside now. If you miss her so much, go look for her outside!”
After saying this indifferently, Madeline then left Jeremy on the sofa alone and left decisively with her bag.
As soon as she opened the door, she saw a surprised smile on Meredith’s face. She was still standing in the rain, but when she discovered that the person who had opened the door for her was Madeline, her smile instantly disappeared. Her fierce gaze was glaring straight at her instead.
Madeline stared at Meredith with an indifferent look. She opened her umbrella and walked gracefully toward Meredith, curling up the corner of her beautiful lips slightly.
“Things really aren’t easy for you, Ms. Crawford. It hurts me to see you standing here in the rain for so long just to make Mr. Whitman change his mind.”
After Madeline said this, Meredith chuckled coldly. “Tsk, Vera Quinn, you don’t have to pretend in front of me. Let me tell you this. Don’t you ever think that this will be enough to separate Jeremy and me. From the beginning till the end, I’m the only woman who Jeremy loves most in his heart!”
Meredith looked over with a provocative and arrogant gaze.
“Vera, I advise you not to challenge my patience anymore. Once you’ve angered me, be careful that you won’t even have a chance to regret it! And that slap you gave me, I’ll make you pay the price!”
Hearing this, Madeline smiled light-heartedly. “I’m suddenly looking forward to that day.”
“Mr. Whitman’s cooking is really good. He has invited me to come and taste his dishes again the next time.”
“Vera Quinn, don’t you dare cross the line—”
“But Mr. Whitman doesn’t drink very well. He started to speak drunkenly even though he didn’t even drink that much. He even held my hand and refused to let go.”
Madeline interrupted Meredith leisurely, but as soon as she said this, Meredith’s expression started becoming a little nervous and anxious.
“What did Jeremy tell you?”
“Do you want to know? You can head in and ask him yourself.”
When Meredith heard this, she glared at Madeline fiercely before immediately running toward the door.
Madeline looked at her calmly. “I’ve closed the door. It seems that you have to wait for Mr. Whitman to sober up if you want to go in.”
“You…” Meredith realized she had been tricked.

She furiously retreated back to Madeline and raised her hand again.

Madeline easily caught and gripped Meredith’s wrist once more. Her gaze was sharp and her words were like ice at this moment. “Meredith, you’d better not show your teeth and claws in front of me. I’m not the Madeline who can be bullied!”

She warned and threw away Meredith’s hand decisively.

It might be due to the fact that she had been standing for too long, coupled that she was frightened by Madeline’s aura at this moment, but as Meredith’s hand was flung away like that, it also made her stagger several steps back.

“If you like getting soaked in the rain so much, just keep getting soaked. I won’t be accompanying you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 234
Madeline had already turned around carefreely when Meredith steadied herself. Upon seeing the other woman’s back, Meredith became livid!

She pointed at Madeline’s back furiously as her wrath poured out from her mouth. “Vera Quinn, you b*tch! I’ll let you see what I can do! Just you wait!”

Meredith roared with all of her might. When she recalled what she saw through the window just now, her lungs felt like they were going to explode from anger.


She had to recompose herself.

Meredith reminded herself that Madeline was not her opponent. After all, how could a woman who looked exactly like that woman win against her?

“Vera Quinn, I’ll let you see what I can do soon enough!”

Meredith narrowed her sinister-looking eyes as if they were covered with a layer of venom.

Madeline waited for Felipe at the junction of the street. Then, he took her home.

It was in the dark of the night and Madeline was standing in front of the french window looking at the night view outside. The colorful shell kept appearing in her mind.

Why did Jeremy bring that shell with him everywhere he went?

Did he not deny making that promise a long time ago? Did he not deny what happened at the beach a long time ago?

Madeline could not figure it out. She turned around and looked at Lily who was fast asleep on the bed. She reached out and caressed her cheek.

“Daddy…” the little girl mumbled in her sleep.


She was calling for her daddy.

She thought Felipe was the greatest and best father in the world.

Perhaps, this beautiful misunderstanding would last forever.

The next day.

The sky was grey when Jeremy woke up from his sleep groggily.

He sat up with his head feeling heavy. He remembered fragments of what happened last night. He rubbed his temples and recalled that he had lost his cool last night. Not only did he hold Vera as he called out to Linnie, but he also kissed her cheek.

When he thought about this, Jeremy sat up in annoyance. He found his phone and called Madeline straight away.

After the call went through, he heard Madeline’s refreshing voice. “Mr. Whitman, you’re awake. You were drunk last night. I made you some breakfast and I’ll be at your place soon.”

Jeremy swallowed what he wanted to say initially as a strange feeling rose in his chest.

He did not reject her, and even a smile appeared on his face. “I’ll wash up and wait for you.”

He hung up the phone and took a shower before changing into a new set of clothes. When he went downstairs and walked past the sofa, he saw the fallen shell.

That shell…

Jeremy was stunned. He picked up the shell to examine it. Then, he remembered something and ran to the door.

Madeline walked into the house just in time to see Jeremy walking out.

Their eyes met under the dazzling morning light. Madeline noticed that Jeremy was not looking too good.

“Mr. Whitman,” Madeline called out to him.

However, after she said that, she heard a muffled thud coming from the courtyard.

Madeline and Jeremy turned toward the source of that sound and saw a drenched person on the ground.

It was Meredith.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 235
Madeline saw Jeremy hesitating for a while. In those two to three seconds, she did not know what he was thinking about. However, after a while, he looked at her with a complicated look in his eyes before rushing over to Meredith.

He knelt and pulled the seemingly unconscious Meredith into his arms.

“Mer, Mer, wake up.”

He patted Meredith’s cheek lightly with worry in his eyes.

Madeline held the breakfast in her hands as she stood at the entrance. When she saw what was happening in front of her, she smirked sarcastically.

‘Jeremy, you never disappoint me.

‘You’re still so concerned about that woman.

‘Despite all those horrible things she did, she’s still the love of your life?’

At this moment, Meredith opened her eyes slowly in Jeremy’s arms. They were brimmed with tears as she looked at him pitifully.

“Jeremy, I was wrong. I know my mistakes. Please don’t leave me, okay?” Meredith said weakly as tears started falling from her eyes.

“Jeremy, did you forget? You promised that you’ll take care of me forever. You said you’ll be good to me forever. My only wish in life is to marry you and become your bride. I want to be with you forever, Jez…”


As she listened to Meredith, Madeline tightened her grip on the breakfast she had prepared.

She looked at Jeremy and saw him frowning. His expression looked solemn as if he was thinking about something.

“Jez, can you forgive Linnie? I’ll listen to you in the future. I won’t do anything impulsive…”

Meredith called herself Linnie and started calling Jeremy Jez. She was looking at him with so many emotions in her eyes.

Her acting skill was getting better and better. It was so good that even Madeline started to feel a pang of pain in her heart.

Heh, what an amazing Jez.

“Stop talking. You’re a little feverish now. Let me take you to the hospital.” Jeremy’s voice was flat, and he helped Meredith up after he said that. However, Meredith hugged him all of a sudden. “Jeremy, are you still refusing to forgive me? If you don’t want to forgive me, I’d rather die right here…”

Jeremy frowned. “Stop saying those kinds of things.”

He sighed in distress before helping Meredith up.

He lifted his head and saw Madeline at the entrance, giving her an apologetic smile. When he was about to say something, Madeline said before him, “Take Miss Crawford to the hospital quickly, Mr. Whitman. It feels horrible when one has a fever.”

Jeremy stared blankly at Meredith.

Meredith peered at Madeline with the corner of her eyes. When she saw Madeline turning around, she smirked and said weakly, “Jeremy, I’ve been standing for the entire night. I don’t have any energy left. Can you carry me?”

Madeline had not gone far, so she could hear what Meredith said clearly. She felt an unknown agitation in her heart.

Jeremy would definitely carry her.

At least that was what she figured and it only made her agitated.

However, why should she still be concerned with whether he was getting close to another woman or not? She was upset because that vile b*tch Meredith was getting her way once again.

Jeremy, who was behind Madeline, did not carry Meredith. He drove the car out and let her get in. Then, he drove her to the hospital.

When he drove past the junction, he saw Madeline standing at the side of the street with the breakfast she had brought for him. He could not help but look at her for a few more seconds.

He was still concerned about that face at the end of the day.

After that day, Madeline did not see Jeremy anymore. These few days, he did call her and went looking for her at the shop, but Madeline chose to ignore or hide from him.

She once treated Jeremy like he was her entire world.

However, her world could be without him.

The only reason she allowed him back into her world was for revenge.

However, one should not try to run before one could walk.

Madeline knew she could not rush things now since Jeremy was starting to be concerned about her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 236
Since the fish had caught the bait, it was a matter of time before she reeled it in.


Madeline and Felipe had promised Lillian that they would take her to the amusement park.

Even though Lillian was not Felipe’s biological daughter, he still pampered her a lot.

He took good care of Madeline when she was pregnant until she gave birth. After Lillian was born, Felipe was even more considerate and caring than before.

Felipe was a perfect man that was one in a million.

However, Madeline knew that she was not worthy of him. She never thought about having any sort of romantic relationship with him.

“Daddy, I want that bunny.” Lillian’s sweet voice pulled Madeline’s wandering thoughts back to reality.

She saw Lillian with her arms around Felipe’s neck. Her legs were swinging happily as she nuzzled against Felipe sweetly. Her cute finger was pointing at a rabbit-shaped balloon in the distance.

“Please, Daddy?”

Felipe looked at Lillian with love in his eyes. “Of course, I’ll grant our precious Lillian’s every wish.”

He joked and carried Lillian over to the balloon seller.

Felipe rarely called Lillian by her nickname. He would only call her by her real name.

“Daddy’s amazing! I love you so much!” the little girl said sweetly before kissing Felipe’s handsome face cheerily.

Madeline smiled and followed behind them. She looked at the grin on the cute little face and felt that she had given Lillian the perfect name.

Lillian. Lily.

The flower Lily meant rebirth and that was what Madeline wanted for her and Lillian.

She did not want this child to be like her mother. Her mother was destroyed by the man she loved and died from a broken heart.

She wanted a perfect life for this child.

Felipe bought a balloon for Lillian and went on a few rides with the little girl.

Time passed quickly and it was now time for lunch. Lillian held Felipe’s hand happily and pointed to a themed restaurant in front of them.

“Daddy, I want to eat this! That burger is so big!”

“You’re such a greedy little girl. No one will want you if you become fat,” Felipe said while teasing.

Lillian blinked her pristine eyes blankly. She looked at Felipe seriously for a while and pouted before she started to cry.

“Boohoo… Daddy doesn’t want me anymore. I don’t want the burger. I don’t want it…”

Felipe did not think that the little girl would misunderstand him to the point that she even started crying devastatingly.

Felipe carried her in his arms and started comforting her while feeling remorseful. “You silly girl, how would I not want you? You’ll always be Mommy and Daddy’s baby.”

“Don’t cry, Lily. Daddy was just joking with you.” Madeline went over and comforted her as well. She wiped away her tears for her.

The little girl blinked her tearful eyes in disbelief. “So, Daddy, can I have the burger?”

“Of course. I’ll buy you anything you want to eat.” Felipe promised.

Lillian broke into a smile. “Daddy, I want to wee-wee now.”

Felipe looked at Madeline after he heard that. “I’ll go line up. You should take Lillian to the restroom.”

“Okay.” Madeline nodded and held the little girl’s soft hand.

Lillian held Madeline’s hand in one hand and held the balloon in another. She was happy, but when she did not pay attention, the balloon was blown away by the wind.

“Mommy! My bunny is flying away! My bunny!”

Madeline saw this and wanted to grab the balloon. However, she failed to catch it before it was blown even further away.

She watched as the balloon got away from them and at the same time, she was worried about Lily. As she was not paying attention, she crashed into someone behind her.

She felt a strong arm around her waist as a familiar scent wafted from behind her. Then, she felt a warm breath in her ear.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 237
When she smelled this familiar scent behind her, Madeline immediately knew who was the person holding her.

However, why was Jeremy here?

Had he brought Jackson here as well?

Was that child here too?

Madeline started thinking about Jackson all of a sudden. Then, she steadied herself and escaped from Jeremy’s arms.

“It’s that nice mister!”

Lillian called out toward Jeremy as a happy grin appeared on her pinkish face. It seemed that Lillian was pretty fond of Jeremy.

There was a slight smile on Jermy’s handsome face. He looked at Lillian, then shifted his gaze to Madeline.

“I guess I made the right decision to come out today.” He had some overtones in his sentence. “Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

Madeline lifted her head and faked a smile. “I’m sorry, Mr. Whitman. I’ve been busy spending time with Felipe and my daughter. I don’t have time to answer any meaningless calls.”

“Meaningless calls?” Jeremy lifted his eyebrow. When he saw Madeline turning around to leave with Lillian, he reached out his hand to grab Madeline’s arm.

Madeline stopped walking. “Mr. Whitman, please let go. I don’t want to get beaten up by Miss Crawford again if she sees us and gets jealous again.”

Jeremy stared at Madeline’s face intensely. The sun was shining down on her flawless face, making her look so pretty that she was glowing.

When he recalled what happened, his gaze became softer. “I caused you to come all the way over for nothing. I’m sorry for wasting the breakfast you made me. However, I couldn’t just leave her to die.”

‘Well, of course.’

Madeline smirked sarcastically.

‘Jeremy, did you ever help me when I was struggling and pleading with you while I was falling into despair?

‘Not only did you merely watch on as I was tortured, but you even came up to me and stabbed me in the back.’

“Vera, are you jealous?” he said that sentence out of the blue.

Madeline felt her heart tremble, and then, a nonchalant smile appeared on her face.

“Do you see this, Mr. Whitman?” She pointed at Lillian who was standing next to her. “I already have a child with Felipe, so how would I care about men who aren’t Felipe?”

Jeremy’s smile disappeared slowly after he heard what Madeline said.

He frowned, his thin lips pressing into a thin line.

“She’s your and Felipe’s daughter?” he questioned in an icy tone.

Madeline smiled. “Of course.”

“How long have you two known each other?”

“Three years.”

Three years.

In those three years, Jeremy kept on unconsciously recalling the day Madeline left him—the feeling of her icy body in his arms and knowing that she would never come back to life again.

It had also been three years since that day.

It had already been three years since she left him.

“Lily, let’s go.”

“Okay,” Lillian replied obediently and blinked her crystal-like eyes. “Bye-bye, nice mister!”

Jeremy pulled back his wandering thoughts when he saw Madeline leaving. He grabbed her once again, his cold hand holding her thin wrist tightly.

“Mr. Whitman?”

Madeline frowned in agitation when she saw Jeremy looking at her intensely.

“Is there anything else?”

“How old is your daughter?” he asked directly with a solemn expression.

“Two,” Madeline answered straightforwardly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 238
“You’ve known him for three years but she’s already two?” Jeremy frowned. He looked closely at Madeline. “It means that you started dating him after you got to know each other.”

“Felipe and I fell in love at first sight. I knew immediately that I wanted to be with him and give him children. Is there a problem?” Madeline replied straightforwardly without hesitating one bit.

Jeremy’s heart sank, but those disappeared suspicions rose within him once again.


Suddenly, Meredith’s shrieks penetrated their eardrums.

Madeline lifted her head to look over and she saw Meredith running over frantically. When their eyes met, there was obvious detest and anger in Meredith’s eyes.

Meredith looked pretty spirited today compared to that day in the rain when she looked ever so weak.

She ran over to Jeremy and grabbed his hand that was on Madeline’s. She peered at it before looking at Jeremy with worry in her eyes. “Jeremy, Jack is missing!”

Jackson was missing?

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat for some reason and she felt uneasy. However, she was calm on the surface.

She also noticed that aside from the hypocritical worried look on Meredith’s face, Jeremy’s expression was also unperturbed.

It was as if Jackson was not related to him at all.

“He must be somewhere here. You don’t have to worry,” Jeremy said calmly before letting go of Madeline’s hand.

“You should look for him, Mr. Whitman. There are so many people here and there might even be human traffickers among the crowd. Jackson is your only child. You’d be very upset if he goes missing.”

“Of course!” Meredith glared at Madeline in disdain. “Jackson is my and Jeremy’s flesh and blood. Of course, Jeremy is worried—”

“He’s not my only child.”


Before Meredith could finish, Jeremy interrupted her. Plus, it was as if he was replying to what Madeline was saying just now.

Madeline and Meredith were both taken aback at the same time. Then, they saw Jeremy smiling faintly.

“Jeremy.” Meredith grabbed his arm. “Jeremy, let’s go find Jack! Stop paying attention to these irrelevant people.”

Jeremy’s face fell, and it seemed that he was annoyed.

However, he still allowed Meredith to pull him away. Before he turned around, he looked at Madeline intensely with eyes that were as deep as the ocean.

Madeline felt uneasy after he looked at her like that. After bringing Lillian to the restroom, she went back to the restaurant.

Felipe had just ordered their food when they came. Lillian ran over to him happily. “Daddy.”

“Good girl.” Felipe caressed her little head and brought her to her seat. Then, he lifted his head to see Madeline spacing out.

“What happened?” he asked softly.

“I ran into Jeremy just now,” Madeline replied, “He and Meredith brought Jackson here to have fun, but it seems like they’ve lost Jackson.”

“By lost, you mean he’s missing?” Felipe asked.

“I don’t know. But I feel like Meredith’s deliberately ignoring the child.” Madeline voiced out the concern in her heart. Then, her eyes met Felipe’s gentle gaze. “Felipe, please watch Lily for a moment. I need to leave for a bit.”

“Are you going to look for Jackson?” Felipe could guess what Madeline was thinking about.

Madeline nodded. “Even though he’s Meredith’s son, he’s innocent,” she said before telling Lillian something. After that, she got up and left.

Felipe looked at Madeline’s back as the warmth in his eyes disappeared.

Madeline looked for Jackson alone. She saw Jeremy and Meredith walking past her a few times, but it seemed that they still had not found him yet.

Time passed quickly and it was now dusk.

There were fewer and fewer people in the amusement park now. There were only ten minutes left before the park closed.

Madeline finally realized that so much time had passed. However, she only grew more restless over time.

She was worried about Jackson for some unknown reason. She was so worried about him that she was inattentive to everything else.

Felipe called her and told her he would wait for her at the parking lot. After she hung up the phone, Madeline was still looking around in the amusement park. It was getting darker and darker, and she started to become frantic.

Then, she recalled Jackson’s peculiar behavior in her house. She immediately stopped in her tracks.

“C-Could it be that he’s there?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 239
At that moment, Madeline recalled something. She turned around quickly and ran toward a place.

The sky was already dark and the street lights were turned on. The empty amusement park had lost its liveliness from the morning. At this moment, there were only sounds of rustling trees.

“Jeremy, what should we do now? Jack must’ve been abducted!” At this moment, Meredith was leaning against Jeremy with fear and worry on her face.

“Jeremy, I can’t lose Jack! He’s our only child!”

She emphasized ‘only child’ and did not notice Jeremy’s expression sinking when she mentioned that.

When he was about to say something, he saw a familiar figure from the corner of his eyes.

“You should go back first. I have something to take care of,” Jeremy said to make Meredith leave before immediately walking away after that.

“Jeremy! Jeremy!” Meredith called out to him, but he continued walking without even turning back.

Meanwhile, Madeline went to several secluded locations based on her intuitions. Finally, she found Jackson behind a fake mountain.

The light from the street lights shone dimly inside the fake cave. Jackson’s small body was curled up in a corner, and he was hugging himself tightly with his thin, slender arms.

When Madeline saw this, she felt her heart tightening for some reason.

When she saw Jackson with his head lowered as he shook in fear, she felt like something was piercing her heart.

Madeline did not hesitate and walked over hurriedly.

“Jack,” she called out. Then, she saw Jack’s trembling shoulders stop moving for a second.

“Jack, I’m Vera.” Madeline squatted in front of him. She lifted her hand to caress his head.

Jack slowly lifted his pale face, and his lifeless yet horrified eyes were seen gazing at Madeline. Then, they started to well up with tears.


“Yeah, it’s me.” Madeline looked at Jackson with a broken heart. She reached out her hands to pull his tiny body into her arms.

It was the end of summer and the cold wind was blowing constantly. Madeline realized that Jackson’s body was cold. His soft hands held no warmth at all.

As if he had found a safe harbor, Jackson leaned against Madeline’s chest and held her tightly.

“Jack, tell me, why are you here all alone?” she asked softly.

“There are so many people out there. I hate it…”

Jackson’s childish voice was trembling as he spoke.

“It’s dark and I’m scared…”

Madeline was shocked when she heard his reply.

This child was scared of crowded places and he was also afraid of the dark. He got so scared that he even secluded himself in a corner. Why?

Madeline instantly thought about Meredith. Perhaps she was one of the reasons why Jackson turned out like this.

She thought about this while holding Jackson close to her, feeling a wave of sadness washing over her heart.

She could feel the loneliness, coldness, and helplessness coming from Jackson. These emotions were so intense.

Madeline carried Jackson and he did not resist her. On the contrary, he held Madeline even tighter. It was as if he could only feel safe like this.

However, when Madeline turned around, she saw Jeremy standing under the street light. It seemed that he had been standing there for some time now.

The yellow light dimmed the expression on his face. It was hard to tell what he was thinking about.

He walked toward Madeline, his deep eyes wandering across Madeline’s face.

He wanted to say something, but he did not.

The air between them felt eerie.

Madeline wanted to hand Jackson to Jeremy before leaving, but Jackson refused to let go of her no matter what.

She could only send a message to Felipe before following Jeremy back to his place in his car.

It was only when Jeremy got home did he realize he had left Meredith at the amusement park.

He comforted her with two sentences before hanging up the phone. He then walked to the door of Jackson’s room and saw Madeline putting Jackson to sleep. Jeremy became absent-minded as he witnessed Madeline’s gentle and kind side.

After a while, Madeline walked out of the room and closed the door.

She saw Jeremy outside the door and said flatly, “Mr. Whitman, at the end of the day, this child is the product of you and the woman you love. How can you be so inattentive?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 240
Madeline turned around as she said, “Also, I suggest that you take Jackson to the doctor. I’ll be leaving now.”

“He’s not my only son.”


Jeremy’s strange explanation sounded from behind her. He had also said this in the afternoon.

Madeline stopped walking, and she could feel Jeremy approaching her from behind.

“I have another daughter.”


Madeline felt her heart skip a beat as a flash of loss could be seen in her eyes.

Did he become suspicious after what she said in the afternoon? Perhaps he found out about something during this short period of time?

However, when Madeline’s mind started to wander, she heard Jeremy’s voice in her ears. “It was with my ex-wife.”


She widened her eyes slightly in shock, feeling a bone-piercing pain in her heart.

“Really?” she asked. She smiled as she turned around to look into the man’s eyes. “Where’s the child now?”

Jeremy stared deep into Madeline’s eyes. There was an unpredictable smile on his lips. “She’s dead.”


“She was killed by her cold-blooded father—me.”


Madeline clenched her fists uncontrollably. However, she still smiled slightly. “Mr. Whitman, you’re such a jokester. How could a father hurt his own flesh and blood?” she said as she looked at her watch. “I should really get going. Felipe will worry about me.”

After she said that, she turned around to leave.

The moment she turned around, the smile on her face disappeared as the endless darkness and pain began to drown her heart.

Madeline bit her lip and forced herself not to cry.

However, when she thought about the child who was killed by Jeremy, tears still escaped her eyes.

Jeremy stood on the second floor as he watched Madeline leaving in a haste He took out his phone and called Ken. “Look into Vera Quinn’s information again. I want the most detailed background check on her. Find out what Felipe has been doing and where he has been in the past three years. Update me the moment you find out something.”

On the other side, Ken did exactly as he was ordered.

After Jeremy hung up, his heart started racing for no reason.

He remembered his conversation with Madeline that afternoon and recalled Lillian’s naive, adorable face. Then, he remembered how he had dominated her in a fit of rage after seeing Daniel kissing her forehead three years ago.

After some calculations, if Madeline was not dead and if she got pregnant after that night, the child would be two years old as well.

He had deliberately said those things to Madeline just now. He noticed a strange expression flashing across her eyes after he said that he had killed his child with his own hands.

Madeline went back to the apartment and saw Felipe tucking Lillian into bed.

“Are you okay?” Felipe asked after he noticed Madeline’s worried expression.

Madeline told Felipe everything and also voiced out the concerns in her heart. “Felipe, I think he’s suspecting me again.”

“Don’t worry.” Felipe smiled softly, looking calm. “I won’t let him suspect you again.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“Yeah, I have a plan to make him stop suspecting that you’re Maddie.” Felipe smiled lightly. He was like the night sky outside the window, quiet and gentle.

“I wanted to let you relax today. In the end, you’ve become so restless and upset.” He caressed her cheek sadly. “Go take a shower and rest.”

When his fingertips touched her, Madeline trembled slightly. Then, she nodded. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Felipe watched as she went back to her room. His warm eyes became dimmer like the dark sky outside. There was another layer of unpredictable mysteriousness to his gaze…

Jeremy tossed and turned in bed the entire night. When he was about to fall asleep, he received a call from Ken.

He regained consciousness almost immediately and looked at the information Ken sent him.

“Mr. Whitman, I’ve sent all of the information to you. I didn’t find much to be suspicious about after glancing through it, but there’s one thing that’s pretty suspicious.”

Jeremy stopped flipping through the information. “What is it?”

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