Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1748

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1748

Holding the breakfast in hand, Cathy saw the scene unfolded when she reached the hospital room entrance. After some contemplation, she decided to speak up. “ Adam, I have an idea, but I’m not sure how the both of you will feel about it.”

Shirley and Adam lifted their gaze at the same time.

Cathy slowly stepped into the room and suggested, “Adam’s house is big, and the guest room is always empty. Further, Adam, you’re Miss Brown’s doctor. If both of you were to stay at the same place, it’d be more convenient for you to keep a close eye on your patient’s condition.”

Cathy then paused, deliberately observing the changes in Shirley and Adam’s expressions.

“At the end of the day, Miss Brown is still your sister, and it’s very normal to have your sister staying with you. What do you think, Adam?”

After listening to Cathy’s suggestion, Adam darted a cold look at Shirley from the corner of his eyes, then sarcastically asked, “Does she still think that she’s my sister?”

“It seems more like you don’t want to have me around, Adam, and I simply won’t let you get what you want,” Shirley said through gritted teeth, then looked at Cathy.

“Help me with the preparations. I’ll be discharged shortly, then I’ll go and stay a t his house.” Cathy glanced at the silent Adam. “I misspoke. That’s not his house— that’s my house too!”

Adam was not bothered to quibble over what Shirley had said. He merely shot a glance at Cathy and turned to walk toward the entrance.

“Whatever,” he said without looking back.

When he walked past Cathy, Adam gave Cathy a knowing look.

Adam and Cathy’s eyes met, and then they smiled.

Soon after, Madeline learned that Shirley was moving in with Adam. While she was not in a hurry to look for Shirley, Jeremy was.

He handed the sample of the poison he had extracted from Shirley to Adam, hoping that Adam was able to find time in developing an anti-toxoid test reagent that could combat the poison as soon as possible.

Adam solemnly agreed, indicating that he would do it promptly.

As a doctor, he wanted to save people. Additionally, deep down, he hoped that nothing would happen to Shirley.

After all, they were siblings.

This was a relationship that he could never give up in his lifetime.

Even if Shirley had turned into a cold- blooded and cruel person.

At the end of the day, she was still his sister.

Shirley stepped into the house once again, but the feeling she had in her heart was different from the last time she had entered.

She had indeed read the diary Adam had given her.

However, she refused to face it or believe it.

Cathy cleaned the room for Shirley which Adam had assigned to her.

Although Adam and Shirley did not say it, Cathy could tell this was nothing like a guest room—it was Shirley’s old room.

She could also tell that despite Adam’s nonchalant expression on the surface, he had been behind the development of the situation.

The reason Shirley could move in was that Adam already had the opinion to have her move in Cathy had merely helped him by bringing this up.

While Carter had listened to Camille and had not gone to find Shirley any further, in reality, he still got people to seek out Shirley’s whereabouts.

Today, Carter finally got news about Shirley.

He cleaned himself up, put on a coat, then left in a hurry, deliberately avoiding Camille as he left.

Snow began to fall amidst the biting cold winter winds when Carter stood at the entrance of Adam’s house. He stopped momentarily, then stepped forward.

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