Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1747

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1747

Of course, Shirley understood what Adam meant, but she cared not for that now.

As a woman, she could not accept her face to be disfigured.

Now that she had lost the ability to feel and move her legs, and no one would help her to a mirror, she could only pick up the small mirror Adam had tossed to her.

Before she looked, Shirley was mentally prepared because, even if she could not see them, she could feel the uneven scars on her right cheek.

She held her breath and brought the mirror to her eyes. Despite the small size of the mirror, she could still clearly see the hideous scar on her initially flawless face.

Shirley’s eyes widened, staring at the scar for about ten seconds. She then violently threw the mirror at the floor, smashing it.


She could not accept this reality even though she had already acknowledged this earlier.

Adam coldly observed Shirley by the side as she leaned against the bed. Her face was pale, both hands clutching the bedsheet. In the end, she could not muster the courage to touch or see her face again.

“Shirley, this is what you reap for your evil deeds. You said Eveline has someone do this to you. Even if it was truly her, you have absolutely no right to complain.

“just look at what you’ve done to them. Even now, the poison inside Jeremy and Eveline is still not completely cleared!”

Adam berated sternly.

After being stumped for words for a moment, Shirley sudden burst out laughing.

“You’re right. This is what I deserve.”

Shirley lifted her teary, red eyes. “Adam, you’re cold and ruthless, just like the husband and wife who died a long time ago. You’re also so cold-blooded in dealing with your family members!

“I am your sister, and you’ve spared no sympathy or concern despite my current state, yet you care for Jeremy and Eveline, whom you are not related to at all, instead.

“Adam Brown, you certainly are something. You’re indeed their most precious, most highly regarded good son!”

In the face so Shirley’s mocking and ridicule, Adam did not want to offer any explanation.

He took Shirley’s medical report and lowered his eye, taking a glace.

“Your body’s condition no longer shows any other problems now. As for the condition of your face and legs, You’d need to have regular checkups.”

“Adam, what are you trying to say?”

Adam slowly closed the medical report. ” I’m saying that you can be discharged now.”

“Will you be needing my help in informing your superior? Adam asked, a cold expression on his face.

Shirley seemed confused by the word “superior”, but then quickly realized that Adam was referring to Carter.

In their eyes, was she merely Carter’s subordinate?

She laughed at herself. ‘That’s still fine. At least this was slightly better than being used.’

Adam, noticing better than being used.’

Adam, noticed the change in Shirley’s expression, pretended to be perplexed and asked, “Is Carted not your superior? Don’t you listen to everything he says? You had a work accident, so as your superior, he should bear some responsibilities, no?”

“This has nothing to do with him,” Shirley suddenly said, her tone abnormally firm and quick. “There’s no need for you to inform anyone. You should just need to get me a ride and I’ll leave on my own.”

Adam looked at Shirley, betraying no emotion. “I am not your subordinate, so I’m not obligated to get you a ride.”

“What would you have me do then?” Shirley said anxiously.

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