Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1746

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1746

For someone who had weathered many storms, he had expected himself to be unmoved by this, but right now, he was fretful.

Up until daybreak, Shirley’s whereabouts still eluded him.

Carter then decided to search for her himself. However, as he got up, someone abruptly pushed the study room door open.

Through the entrance came Camille.

Carter found this unexpected. “Why are you in Glendale as well?”

Camille did not answer Carter, but asked, “Are you looking for Shirley?”

Carter paused briefly when he heard that, then calmly admitted it. “I am.”

“Why are you still looking for her?” Camille’s expression turned extremely sour in an instant. “You should have seen through this kind of woman a long time ago.”

This kind of woman.

The corners of Carter’s eyebrows seemed to furrow slightly at Camille’s description of Shirley.

“Carter, don’t tell me that you’re still concerned for this woman. If you recall what she’d done back then, you shouldn’t still have feelings for her.”

Camille’s words were laced with repulsion and hatred of Shirley.

Carter put away the vexed emotions portrayed between his brows, and his handsome face instantly wore a cold expression, reverting to his usual stone- cold expression.

“I haven’t had any feelings for her for some time. The reason I’ve tolerated her presence is to have her gradually pay back for the things she had done to me.”

Camille’s expression changed upon hearing the words “pay back”.

“You should just let this kind of woman go. What’s the point in getting payback?”

Camille did not want to see Carter committing anything unreasonable or cross any lines.

“I’ve heard that she has even developed some type o f poison that harms humans just to sell them at a high price to certain sketchy individuals. That woman could not be saved, Carter. You ought to stop dealing with her. Since she left so decisively all those years ago, you should now just think her dead.”

As her voice fell, the air around them plunged into silence.

Carter knew that Camille despised Shirley. Camille was a reasonable woman who valued relationships, so her hatred toward Shirley was not without reason. This he understood enough.

However, he corild not understand his heart.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t had any feelings for her for some time. My current dealings with her have only been work-related.”

Camille did not want Carter to get into contact with Shirley, not even for work. However, she knew she could not force Carter to a corner because it would only produce the opposite of the desired outcome.

After Camille had left, Carter slowly returned to his seat and turned on his phone.

Shirley seemed to truly vanish from the face of the earth; he could not get hold of any news of her.

Of course, Carter, still suspicious of Madeline and Jeremy, did have them followed, but there was nothing suspicious about the two of them.

Now that Camille had told him this, he temporarily gave up looking for Shirley. However, his mind brood on.

Shirley has stayed in the hospital for approximately ten days. during which she had another flare-up. Even though Adam had given her the injection which could soothe her, he had intentionally waited for Shirley to experience the poison’s torment and pain before giving her the injection.

He wanted Shirley to experience how scary and heinous the poison she had developed was.

Shirley could only tolerate this. Now, she was a good-for-nothing without any power to resist. She could only endure this.

After being bedridden for half a month, the thing she cared about most was still the injury on her face. When the time to remove the bandages had finally arrived, Shirley impatiently asked Adam for a mirror.

“A person may not be beautiful, but if she has a kind heart, she won’t be ugly; if her heart is black, she’ll be ugly no matter how beautiful she may be.” Adam gave Shirley a cold look, then tossed the mirror to her.

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