Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1745

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1745

Adam calmly completed the injection, then his gaze drifted over to Shirley’s hostile face. He had not a single ounce of intention to explain, and he could not be bothered with quibbling with Shirley about this.

He looked at Cathy who stood by the bedside and gently said, “Cathy, you should head back. I’ll watch her.”

Cathy shook her head. “I can still watch her. You must be exhausted today.”

Adam unenthusiastically glanced at Shirley. “I can’t help that I’m related to this person.”

He sounded disgusted as he uttered this.

“…” Shirley was speechless.

Cathy had wanted to advise Adam again to rest, but she also figured that Adam might want to have a word with Shirley, so she spoke no further.

“I’ll bring breakfast tomorrow. You should get some rest soon as well, Adam,” Cathy said and grabbed her bag.

Adam sent Cathy to the entrance and did not forget to remind her, “Be careful.”

After sending Cathy off, Adam returned to the hospital room.

Color had returned to Shirley’s face; she now looked better than before. At least the poison was not tormenting her further. However, the injury on her face and legs would not heal so easily.

“How did you hurt your face? There are injuries on your legs too,” Adam asked coldly, not sparing another glance at Shirley.

Shirley chuckled softly and leaned backward. “It was Eveline. She had someone do this to me.”

Adam briefly froze, then lifted his eyes. “Did you say Eveline was behind this?”

Upon seeing Adam’s reaction, Shirley smiled with even more disdain. “I knew you’d react like this.

You’d rather believe that woman than believe your biological sister.”

“Well, so you still remember that you’re my sister, huh?“ Adam asked. “You should reflect upon yourself while you’re here. Besides, I can assure you that Eveline would never ask anyone to do this to you.”

Adam spoke sternly, then turned to leave the room, closing the door securely behind him.

Facing the empty hospital room, Shirley’s negative emotions immediately overwhelmed her.

She touched her face, then looked at her unmoving legs, feeling as though the night sky outside the window was slowly swallowing her whole.


She murmured Carter’s name, clenching her fists.

This time, she truly had no chance. Although she had carried out his orders perfectly, it did not matter.

After leaving the hospital room, Adam immediately went to the temporary office the hospital had arranged for him.

He had previously asked the driver r to send Shirley to the nearest hospital, and this hospital was not the hospital he was working in.

Moreover, the hospital did not hand Shirley to him.

This was merely an excuse that he had come up witlt to treat Shirley.

It was the middle of the night when he took out the old notebook to find a photo in between the pages.

The photo showed a family of four. It was the photo that he had picked up and kept safe after Shirley broke the photo frame.

The corner of Adam’s eyes grew dry upon staring at this photo.


Could he still rediscover his proactive sister who had been full of life, who used to stand up for him?

It was past midnight.

The light in Carter’s study remained on. He answered one call after another, but still, nobody had any news of Shirley for him.

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