Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1744

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1744

After Madeline had finished speaking, she left.

She had initially come here to look for Adam. While she was at it, she went to check up on Shirley. She had not expected to nearly have another brush with trouble.

Regardless, just as she and Jeremy had expected, whoever kidnapped Shirley had achieved their goal of making Shirley misunderstand Madeline.

Madeline had a hunch regarding this person’s identity.

In the hospital room.

Jeremy was telling Lillian a fairytale.

The little princess drifted into sleep while listening to the delightful fairytale. Jeremy then planted a soft kiss on the little princess’ cheek before tucking her in. As he was getting up, he saw that Madeline had returned.

Madeline and Jeremy looked at the little girl who had fallen asleep, then shared a look and a smile. With a tacit understanding, they then walked toward the chairs by the entrance and sat down next to each other.

“Linnie, what’s the situation over there?”

“Coincidentally, Shirley had a flare- up while I was there. With those injuries on her body, her condition seemed terrible.”

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand, intertwining his fingers with hers, and his eyes were gentle and filled with concern. “Even if her pain worsens, or her condition worsens, she’s not worth your sympathy , Linnie.”

Madeline pressed her lips together into a slight someone who has harmed us so cruelly. It’s just that if we still don’t identify the poison’s components, I’m afraid we’ll be under Carter’s control forever.”

“We won’t,” Jeremy said with perfect certainty, his grip on Madeline’s hand tightened as well.

“Linnie, there’s something I have yet to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“When I injected the ant-toxoid test reagent poison into Shirley, I extracted a small sample should’ve immediately handed it to Adam, but I have not got the chance this turn of events.”

This news was indeed completely beyond Madeline’s expectations.

If they had the specimen, it would not be difficult to develop an anti-toxoid test reagent that could combat the poison.

“In fact, I contacted Adam when you went to see Shirley. He said he was on his way home. He sounded frantic.“

“I think Adam is going to get the anti -toxoid test reagent that could eliminate the poison in Shirley. He truly still cares a great deal about this sister.”

As Madeline was making her conjectures, Adam had been on his way back for the anti-toxoid test reagent as Madeline had guessed.

When Adam rushed back into the hospital room, Shirley was curled up in bed. Cathy, unable to do much else, had only stayed by the beside.

Adam swiftly assembled the syringe, then grabbed Shirley’s arm, identifying the location of her vein, and expertly injected the syringe.

Shirley grunted. The moment of sharp pain was immediately followed by a cool sensation, which slowly soothed the pain all over her body.

Shirley slowly lifted her head and, with disbelief, looked at Adam who was Administering the injection.

“How… How did you get the anti-toxoid test reagent? Did you come up with it just from your deductions?” Shirley gasped and asked, using all her strength, her eyes betraying her displeasure. “ Impossible! You can’t come up with the anti-toxoid test reagent just like this. Adam, you can’t be smarter than me in this!”

Shirley denied hysterically. “Tell me, where did you get this?”

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