Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1742

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1742

Shirley effortfully retracted her hand. “I don’t need your concern.”

“I certainly don’t want to be concerned about you. Even if you were to suffer and die by this poison, a pernicious person like you would deserve it.”



“However, I have not forgotten. I’m a doctor, and it is a doctor’s duty to save others. Just like with mom and dad, I won’t let anyone die by my watch, not even if they’re my enemies.”


Shirley’s movement immediately became sluggish when she heard these words.

It was as if the pain had stopped at this moment as well.

“Heh. Hehe…”

After a long while, she chuckled, coldly and bitterly.

When she returned to her senses, Adam was no longer in the room; only Cathy remained, standing at one side.

“Adam will be back soon.”

Shirley said nothing in response, no longer having the energy to speak.

Although she had developed the poison, she had never known that one of the components could cause such intense pain once inside the human body.

It was so cruel.


Shirley could not help but wail out in pain.

She could not imagine how Madeline had gone through this. She felt that she could not endure this any further.

However, she knew she would not die. The first three stages of this poison only consisted of physical torment. Once it had reached the final stage, the torment would be mental.

She would once again experience the memories she did not want to relive. Those lonely, cold, and dark days when she had been depressed…


The fourth stage has yet to arrive, but Shirley’s heart had already begun to have a splitting pain.

She tried to suppress her emotions, but she still could not control her tears.

Cathy, seeing Shirley’s pained look, went up to comfort her. “Hold on a little longer. Adam will definitely have a solution for this.”

“A solution…”

Shirley let out a light chuckle through her red, teary eyes.

“I developed this poison and I don’t even have the antidote. Who would have it? Get lost! I don’t need your sympathy.”

Shirley forcefully pushed Cathy’s hand away.

Cathy, caught off guard, nearly fell, but someone supported her from behind.


Upon hearing Cathy calling out to Madeline, Shirley spent all her might to lift her red, teary eyes and looked over.

Shirley remembered the moment when that mysterious woman had sat on Shirley and disfigured her. She also remembered what that woman had said to her.

“Shirley, don’t blame me for this. I’m merely doing this on someone else’s behalf. Think about who you have offended lately.”

As the phrase kept on repeating in Shirley’s ears, she tightened her grip on her clothes.

Upon seeing Shirley’s current state, Madeline calmly walked over to the bedside. Before Madeline could speak, Shirley suddenly pulled out the IV, which had been attached to the back of Shirley’s hand, and grabbed Madeline’s wrist, intending to stab the IV needle into Madeline’s neck.

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