Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1741

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1741

Shirley could tell that those hands were that of a woman.

Dazed, she lifted her eyes and was met with a pair of clear, wide eyes.

“The doctor said that your injuries will need proper care to recover, so it’s better if you rest,” Cathy said gently as she slowly helped Shirley back to the bed.

Shirley sat back down, then gave a cold chuckle.

“Which quack said that? Could I ever recover from my current condition? If they can’t even make the most basic of judgments, they shouldn’t even be doctors!”

She mocked cynically while enduring her pain.

“Do those pompous quacks think that they’re being kind by telling such lies? I don’t need such hollow kindnesses! Just say that I am crippled and disfigured! There’s no hope for recovery!”

Upon seeing Shirley giving in to despair, Cathy sternly emphasized.

“Of course there’s hope! Yes, there might be a lot of unqualified doctors out there, but there are also a lot of good doctors, like Adam, who’s also your brother. Believe in him. He’ll definitely help you recover and return to your old self.”

“Shut up!” Shirley huffed, interrupting Cathy. “Who do you think you are? You dare shamelessly spew such nonsense at me? Do you think I know nothing about medicine?”

She turned her face and peered at Adam who was still asleep. “I know everything he knows! However, he might not know what I know. I understand my current situation perfectly. Heh. If I’m helpless at this, what hope can I have for him?”

Arrogance flashed in Shirley’s eyes.

Cathy finally saw the dissatisfaction within Shirley.

It was the extraordinarily intense determination to surpass her brother whom she thought her parents had loved more.

In other words, she was jealous.

However, her jealousy was entirely misplaced.

“You’re Cathy, right?” Shirley stared at Cathy while suppressing the debilitating pain in her body. “Get the nurse for me, immediately. I don’t intend to stay here. I don’t want to see this person, or anyone related to him. I want to leave this hospital immediately!”

Shirley was very emotional, but Cathy still looked at her calmly.

“If you still want to get better, you should continue resting. If you want to be crippled and disfigured for the rest of your life, then you can continue making a fuss.”

“…” Shirley bit her dried lips. “Are you threatening me? Heh.”

She gave a cold chuckle, laced with contempt, then suddenly reached out to press the call button.

However, before she could reach it, her hand was met with a palm that felt familiar to her.

Shirley turned and saw Adam, who had awakened unbeknownst to them, standing on the other side of the bed, his upright body emitting a resilient aura.

He retracted his hand that was blocking the call button and pushed Shirley’s hand back.

“You ought to be a little more compliant if you don’t want to die,” Adam warned, his gaze penetrating.

Shirley was briefly stumped for words, then chuckled mockingly and said, “Adam, I don’t need you to pity or feel sorry for me. I certainly don’t need you to cure me.”

“Do you think I want to save you?” Adam asked her coldly. “I’m a doctor in this hospital, and they have passed you to me. I’m just following the standard operating procedures. If it weren’t for my performance appraisal, I’d have handed you to the other doctors.”


Shirley had not expected this answer. She had wanted to refute Adam when he turned to walk away with a cold expression, but the poison intensified at this moment.

Her pain was so excruciating that she could not straighten herself, and her face abruptly blanched.

Cathy could tell something was wrong with Shirley, so she hurriedly called out to Adam, “Adam! She doesn’t look too good.”

Adam abruptly stopped in his tracks. He hastily looked back and saw Shirley, her head lowered, clutching her shirt around her chest, breathing too erratically and rapidly.

Adam quickly strode back to the front of the room and grabbed Shirley’s wrist, checking her pulse.

He noticed that Shirley’s pulse was unsteady and irregular. This situation was critical yet familiar.

“Do you have the same poison in you as Eveline?” Adam asked in disbelief.

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