Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1731-1740

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1731
Jeremy suddenly relented.

Madeline quickly turned, facing Jeremy’s firm expression, though she did not find this unexpected. He relented solely because of the concern he had for her.

The corner of Carter’s lips raised at these words. This was the answer he wanted.

“Carter, state your terms,” Jeremy requested, not showing much patience for Carter.

Carter did not beat around the bush. “Let Shirley go,” he said bluntly.

Madeline had thought that Carter’s demand would be something very difficult or unreasonable. However, she had not expected Carter’s only stipulation was Shirley’s release.

Jeremy too found this doubtful. If this was the only stipulation, why should he not oblige?

After all, his main purpose in kidnapping Shirley was to exchange her for the anti-toxoid test reagent.

“I can let her go, but I have to see the anti-toxoid test reagent first. She told me herself that there’s no completed product, so I’d like to verify that you’re telling the truth and that there’s truly an anti-toxoid test reagent,” Jeremy asked carefully, probing.

He could not afford any more mishaps. Madeline’s safety depended on this.

Understanding Jeremy’s concerns, Carter slowly turned and walked toward a mini-fridge. Once Carter had entered a passcode on the fridge, the door opened.

Madeline and Jeremy shared a look, then saw Carter retrieving a vial of transparent anti-toxoid test reagent from the fridge.

It looked the same as the anti-toxoid test reagent Shirley had given them back then.

“She’s not lying. There isn’t a complete product that can heal you completely. This one’s just a half completed. You can use it to alleviate your symptoms for the next flare-up.”

It was just a half-complete product.

Disappointment flashed across Jeremy’s eyes, but it was better than nothing.

He could not standby and watch Madeline flare up and suffer through those horrendous past experiences again, no matter the cost.

He reached out his hand to Carter. “Give it to me.”

Carter shook his head lightly. “I won’t give it to you until I see Shirley.”

“Carter, I’m a businessman, and trust is vital in businesses. Once I, Jeremy Whitman, have promised something, I’ll certainly fulfill it.”

“However, I’m not a businessman,” Carter said with a cold expression, then placed the anti-toxoid test reagent into his coat pocket. “Mr. Whitman, lead the way.”

Carter was asking Jeremy to take him to Shirley.

Jeremy, without hesitation, grabbed Madeline’s hand and turned. “Follow me.”

After saying two words to Carter, Jeremy turned and went back the way he came.

Jeremy and Madeline got into the same car while Carter followed them in his car.

Jeremy looked at the rearview mirror, glancing at the car that was tailing them closely as his expression became grimmer.

Madeline was silently in thought when she heard Jeremy suddenly speaking.

“You already knew what’ll happen. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Madeline quickly understood what he meant. She shifted her gaze from the snow drifting outside the window onto Jeremy, who wore a cold expression on his face.

“I’m not scared,” Madeline said softly, “there’s nothing I can’t handle.”

“Linnie, this isn’t about whether you can handle it or not, it’s…”

“I understand. I do understand.” Madeline earnestly looked at the agitated man and softened her tone. “Jeremy, I truly do understand.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1732
Jeremy gave Madeline a serious look, saying nothing in response.

The snow grew heavier over time, gradually piling on the ground.

Half an hour later, Jeremy’s car stopped at the villa’s gates once again.

When Madeline got out of the car, her eyes were immediately drawn to the two lines of tire tracks that were imprinted on the snow.

This villa was detached. Under normal circumstances, no one would be passing by this place, let alone leaving tire tracks at the gates, unless they came here deliberately.

“I see. You’ve locked her up here,” Carter said as he got out of the car. “Lead the way.” He seemed impatient, but his expression still looked perfectly calm.

Perhaps Jeremy was still worried about Madeline, for he did not notice the tire tracks on the snow.

He opened the gates and led the way with Madeline in tow.

“Jeremy, something’s off,” Madeline said, expressing her concern.

“Off? What do you mean?” Jeremy asked, confused. However, when he was at the entryway opening the door, he immediately felt an uneasiness hanging in the air.

Madeline too realized that something was wrong. She sniffed the air around her, then her expression suddenly changed.

“I think something has happened!” Madeline said with emphasis, immediately running upstairs.

Jeremy strode behind her.

Upon seeing this scene, Carter, who stood behind them, felt that something was amiss and quickly ran upstairs with them, toward the entrance to the guest room.

“Why are you two running so fast suddenly? What’s wrong?” Carter asked in displeasure, then his eyes fell upon the guest room door.

He saw that the door lock was broken and there were footprints on the door, suggesting someone had forcefully kicked it.

Carter’s expression immediately changed. “She’s here?”

Jeremy was silent while Madeline, her beautiful eyebrows slightly furrowed, said, “I smell blood.”

Madeline’s words put Jeremy and Carter on guard, their eyes simultaneously narrowed. Carter, however, was one step ahead of Jeremy as he violently pushed the door open.

The smell of blood intensified, and Madeline swiftly entered the guest room. She immediately saw a horrific puddle of blood, still fresh, that stained the snow-white rug. The room also showed signs of struggle.

However, Shirley was nowhere to be seen.

“Jeremy, where is she? Where’s Shirley?” Carter asked impatiently.

This was the first time Madeline saw such an extreme expression on this man’s usually emotionless face.

“Shirley was right here when I left. Carter, you can see that someone had clearly been here,” explained Madeline.

“Sorry, I don’t see it.” Carter’s face fell, looking at the blood on the rug, and he clenched his fingers one by one.

“This was your plan all along, isn’t it, Jeremy? You had intentionally put on such a good show! You said you want to make a deal with me, exchanging Shirley for the anti-toxoid test reagent, but the reality is that you didn’t even want this deal at all!”

Carter’s face was cold, his tone brimming with accusation.

“I would never pull this kind of trick. Someone had barged into this room and taken Shirley away. If you’re truly worried about her, I can help you in finding her current location.”

“There’s no need!” Carter rejected him coldly and suddenly took out the half-complete anti-toxoid test reagent from his pocket. “Since she’s nowhere to be found, this deal is off, Jeremy. Don’t even think about laying your hands on this anti-toxoid test reagent!”

As his voice fell, he suddenly lifted his hand and violently threw the anti-toxoid test reagent out of the balcony.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1733
Jeremy shouted, attempting to stop Carter, but Carter had made up his mind.

With all his might, Carter hurled the vial of anti-toxoid test reagent out of the balcony, ensuring that neither party won.

However, Jeremy was unwilling to stand by and watch Carter throwing out the anti-toxoid test reagent. At that moment, he launched himself toward the trajectory of the vial, leaping forward like a sword flying from its scabbard, his entire person seemed to soar with the vial.

Madeline’s heart suddenly leaped as this scene unfolded.

“No! Jeremy…”

Madeline cried out in alarm and ran over to Jeremy.

However, she could not catch up with Jeremy’s speed. She watched as Jeremy jumped down the balcony, trying to catch the vial of anti-toxoid test reagent.

“Jeremy!” Madeline ran hurriedly to the balcony and looked down. She then turned to head downstairs to find Jeremy.

However, when she ran past Carter, he suddenly reached out a hand, grabbing her arm.

“Let go!” Madeline struggled angrily.

Displeasure colored his face. “What did you guys do to her? Where did you hide her?”

Madeline looked Carter in the eyes, unflinching from his suspicious gaze.

“Listen, Carter. Shirley was here initially. Before I’d left, I’d let her bathe, eat, and sleep comfortably. Now that something bad has happened to her, it should be obvious that someone else is behind this. Why should I put up this act with you? Do you think I could’ve predicted that you’ll make this deal with my husband and come here?”

Carter’s brows furrowed at Madeline’s questions.

While he still gazed at Madeline with suspicion, his grip loosened noticeably.

Madeline used this chance to break away from Carter’s grip and quickly ran downstairs.

She rushed straight to the ground level beneath the guest room balcony where she found Jeremy squatting, and she darted toward him.

“Jeremy, how are you? Did you hurt your leg? You still have a scar from the time when you jumped out of a balcony in St. Piaf! How could you be so reckless and jump like that again?”

Madeline was speaking incoherently, torn between caring for Jeremy and scolding him.

She wanted to check whether Jeremy had injured himself, but when she reached out her hands, Jeremy grabbed them.

“Linnie, I’m fine. Really.” Jeremy smiled. He had just jumped down from such height, yet his expression betrayed no sign of discomfort.

“Linnie, look at this,” Jeremy opened his palm and asked, “where’s Carter?”

“I think he’s still in the guest room. Was that really Shirley’s blood? If so, who kidnapped her?”

“It should be hers.” Jeremy was certain.

As his voice fell, he heard hurried footsteps coming from the living room.

A slight change came over Jeremy’s expression. “Linnie, the anti-toxoid test reagent that Adam gave you, you bring it with you at all times, right?”

Madeline nodded. “Yes, I always keep it with me.”

“Good. Give it to me. Quickly.” Jeremy reached out his hand.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat as she grew very nervous. “Jeremy, are you unwell? Could it be that you…”

“I’m fine, Linnie. Let’s leave it at that for now. Quickly, give it to me.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1734
At Jeremy’s urging, Madeline questioned no further. She quickly retrieved the anti-toxoid test reagent she kept in her pocket and handed it to Jeremy.

Jeremy took it just as Carter walked out from the entryway.

He immediately spotted Jeremy and Madeline, then walked straight over.

He shifted his gaze toward the vial of anti-toxoid test reagent that laid next to Jeremy. Upon seeing the shattered pieces of the vial, Carter’s eyes flashed with delight, then darkened further.

“Jeremy, that was the only available vial of anti-toxoid test reagent that could help Madeline, and now it has been shattered. Now, you can only watch the suffering of your beloved. Unless you release Shirley. She’ll then have time to develop the anti-toxoid test reagent.”

After listening to Carter’s words, Jeremy calmly stood up.

Madeline got up as well. She lightly patted away the snowflakes on Jeremy’s coat, looking at the shattered vial by Jeremy’s feet with a grave expression.

“Carter, you still dare think so highly of yourself. Since you’ve already thoroughly investigated Linnie and me, you should know that I’d never risk my wife’s safety.”

Jeremy walked up to Carter; Jeremy’s eyes blazed with anger despite the biting cold winter snow.

“Truth be told, I’d never wanted to let Shirley go. That’s not all. I’d even locked her in the basement with neither food nor drink for the entire night.”

Carter furrowed his brows. “Jeremy!”

“That woman has developed such a twisted and damaging thing to harm Linnie and me. Do you think I’d still be kind to her? Even if I’d truly tortured her, she’d only be getting what she’d deserve.”

“You…” Carter’s mouth set into a hard line, and his eyes glowed with rancor.

“I’m not finished,” Jeremy interrupted Carter coldly, Jeremy’s deep, alluring eyes were more imposing than Carter’s. “If it weren’t because of my wife’s urging, I wouldn’t have even let that vile woman sleep in the villa guest room in comfort. A despicable reprobate like her, who only sees the life of others as experiments, is unworthy of any sympathy.”

A vile woman.

A reprobate.

Upon hearing Jeremy’s description of Shirley, Carter’s fists slowly clenched as the raging flame within him was about to erupt at any moment.

However, at the brink of Carter losing control of his overflowing anger, Madeline suddenly spoke.

“I treated Shirley kindly not because I pity Shirley, but because I pity how she’s being manipulated,” Madeline said while looking into Carter’s eyes, which suddenly had a confused look.

“Shirley is very detestable, and she did many despicable deeds. However, the one who is even more detestable, more despicable, is the one who’s behind her instigating her to commit these deeds. Wouldn’t you say so, Mr. Gray?”


Carter immediately fell silent.

He knew very clearly that Madeline was referring to him.

That is correct. Shirley had only been following his orders.

If she was a vile woman and a despicable rat, then he would be even worse.

This thought made Carter chuckle.

The white snowflakes fluttered past his eyes, and in that second, it was as though the snowflakes had turned black.

Carter’s elegant face finally revealed a never-before-seen sinister smile.

“Seems that I wasn’t the only ones who have done a thorough investigation. You guys have investigated me thoroughly as well,” he said provocatively, an abnormal chill in his voice. He shifted his gaze to the shattered vial on the ground, then to Madeline.

“Madeline, for the sake of our relationship, I didn’t initially want to see you in so much pain. However, there are no longer any anti-toxoid test reagents, and you guys seem unwilling to release the one who developed the anti-toxoid test reagent. Further, your husband insisted on making me his enemy. I guess you can only resign yourself to fate now.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1735
With that, Carter turned and left with a carefree demeanor.

Madeline, staring at Carter’s back as he walked away with such finality, felt slightly uneasy.

She felt her chest tightened upon seeing the vial of anti-toxoid test reagent shattered on the snow.

Noticing the changes in Madeline’s mood, Jeremy, whose face was surprisingly happy, held her hand and comforted her.

“Linnie, I know you’re worried about me, but your condition is more urgent now. Even if poison inside me were to flare up, it wouldn’t be much of a problem with Adam around. However, it’s a different story for you. Carter would never genuinely give you the anti-toxoid test reagent.”

Madeline could not deny that Jeremy had a point. Nonetheless, she was still fairly upset seeing the shattered vial.

Once Carter had left, Madeline and Jeremy returned to the guest room once again.

Jeremy examined the room’s condition and inspected the puddle of blood.

It was indeed human blood, and judging from the state of which it had dried up, this incident had likely happened not long ago.

“Jeremy, who do you think wanted to kidnap Shirley? What would they benefit from kidnapping Shirley?”

Jeremy, who seemed to be in thought, did not answer Madeline’s question, but instead responded with a question of his own. “Linnie, what kind of relationship do you think Carter and Shirley have?”

Madeline pondered for a few seconds and said, “Honestly, I think Carter has romantic feelings towards Shirley.

“You’re saying that Carter has feelings for Shirley?”

“Yes.” Madeline nodded. “That’s what I think.”

“I think so too. Carter doesn’t merely think of Shirley as a pawn,” Jeremy agreed, then his handsome eyebrows furrowed slightly. “I have an idea who is likely to be behind this. This kind of trick could kill two birds with one stone, and there’s only one person who would benefit most from this.”

As Jeremy analyzed the situation, his deep eyes flickered with foresight.

Madeline looked into those eyes and seemed to immediately have some idea what he meant.

‘It seemed that only one person could benefit from this.

‘However, would that person truly be bold enough to do this?’

In a damp and dark basement.

Shirley once again woke up from her stupor, feeling a chill all over her body.

Due to her blood loss, her body was lacking in warmth.

Amidst her grogginess, Shirley felt a sudden, dull pain in her stomach.

“Hiss.” She curled up in pain. Through her blurry vision, she saw a woman, who wore a cap and face mask, aggressively kicking her.

“I thought you were dead,” the woman mocked. She then bent down and yanked Shirley’s collar. “Who asked you to get in my way? Let me tell you this. You have yourself to blame for this outcome!” she warned fiercely.

The woman then pushed Shirley away. Prone, Shirley lifted her head with great effort. She tried standing, but felt a fiery pain in her ankles.

Even now, Shirley, feeling neither afraid nor panic, calmly posed her question instead.

“Who… the hell are you? You said I got in your way, but can you at least tell me how I got in your way?”

As Shirley’s voice fell, the woman suddenly yanked Shirley’s collar again in rage and lifted her hand, slapping Shirley’s face twice, without even saying a word.

“Shirley, don’t think that you can get away with this because you now have a bit of talent and looks. He didn’t belong to you before, and he won’t ever belong to you!”

As the woman spoke, she suddenly got up and took a fruit knife from the table at the side.

While Shirley felt dizzy and dazed, she could still clearly see the woman walking over to her, the fruit knife in hand.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1736
The light in the basement was dim, so Shirley could not see the woman’s face. However, she could imagine how malicious this woman’s face would look now.

“What are you trying to do?” Shirley supported herself with both hands and tried her best to move backward.

She was not scared of the torture this woman would inflict on her, but she could not accept sustaining any injuries on her face.

No woman could accept this.

The woman waved the fruit knife and strode in front of Shirley, towering over her as she arrogantly peered askance at Shirley.

“Shirley, I know I can never compare to you in some aspects and I can never replace you. The only thing I can do now is to change your physical appearance.”

After Shirley heard this, she was even more certain that this woman wanted to disfigure her.

She knew if she did not fight back, her face would be atrociously disfigured in her hands.

She could not sit here and resign to her fate.

When she saw the woman waving the knife at her face, Shirley used all her might to push the woman away.

The woman thought Shirley had lost all resistance, so she was completely caught off guard when she was suddenly pushed. She fell to the ground, and the fruit knife in her hand also dropped.

The woman muttered angrily while picking up the fruit knife in a hurry. However, Shirley was even faster than her and was now holding the fruit knife.

Fearing that the tables would turn at this critical moment, the woman pressed Shirley’s hand down and the two of them started fighting.

Since Shirley was weak, the woman managed to trap Shirley under her.

The two of them fought for the fruit knife, and amidst the chaos, the sharp blade slashed across the woman’s palm.

“Ah!” the woman screamed in pain, and at the same time, flames of rage filled her heart.

She snatched away the fruit knife that Shirley was holding tightly in her hand as her eyes turned aggressive.

“Go to hell!”

She held the handle of the knife and slashed the sharp blade across Shirley’s right cheek.


An overwhelming sharp pain immediately washed over Shirley.

Shirley was instantly alert without a trace of muddle-headedness.

She lifted her hand to clutch her wound, the blood quickly staining her palm red.

“Shirley, do you feel the pain now? Who asked you to offend someone you shouldn’t? You should think about who you offended back then. Don’t blame me, I’m just doing this under someone’s instructions. Think about who you’ve offended recently.”

‘Who I’ve offended recently?’

Shirley clutched her face that was bleeding profusely, and she was in so much pain that her bones were trembling. She could not think. The only rivals whom she could think of were Jeremy and Madeline.

When she remembered how Madeline had let her take a shower, change her clothes, eat, and sleep in such a friendly manner, Shirley could not help but chuckle sarcastically.

“Eveline, I almost believed you. I didn’t expect you to be so good at acting.”

Shirley said in self-mockery before pushing away the woman who was restraining her. Then, she stood up shakily and stumbled toward the door.

The woman initially wanted to stop her but when she heard what Shirley had just said, she felt that it was unnecessary.

She removed her mask and cap before curling her red lips to display a sinister smirk. She was pleased that she managed to get away with this.

“Shirley, it’s good that you’ve arrived at this conclusion. Remember to go back to Carter and tell him who did this to you.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1737
Shirley clutched her face and ran forward without bothering which way she was going, braving the biting cold wind and snow.

The blood that seeped through the gaps of her fingers fell on the white snow drop by drop, and beautiful blooming flowers seemed to appear on the ground in a split second

Shirley did not know how long she had been running for, nor did she know where she was headed to. Her consciousness was getting more and more blurry. When she almost fainted, she rushed out into the road.

A taxi could not stop in time and directly crashed into Shirley who was running around blindly.

The taxi driver quickly hit the brakes and was so scared by this sudden incident that he was holding the steering wheel without budging an inch.

“It’s not my fault. She ran out into the road. It’s not my fault.”

The driver kept emphasizing.

When Adam and Cathy saw this from the backseat, the two of them opened the door and got out at the same time.

As a doctor, Adam would not leave the wounded to die without trying to save them.

Adam initially thought it was just a stranger who had carelessly dashed out into the road, but when he saw the face that was covered with dirt, Adam’s heart palpitated with fear.

“Shirley? Shirley!”

He called out to Shirley repeatedly but she was not reacting at all.

Adam tried to feel for Shirley’s breath, and her weak breathing caused his heart to plunge violently.

He carried Shirley, who was covered in blood, back into the car. Cathy also quickly got back into the car. The moment she sat down, she heard Adam roaring at the driver frantically.

“To the nearest hospital, hurry!”

The driver did not dare to delay it for even half a second. He immediately pressed down on the accelerator to speed to the nearest hospital…

Madeline and Jeremy went back to the hospital.

Karen was taking care of Lillian who was getting an intravenous infusion.

When Karen saw the two of them, she pointed at the bouquet of powder blue baby breaths on the table and said, “A masked man came to visit Lily just now. That man was very weird. He didn’t say anything and just left after putting the flowers down.”

“A man?”

“He looks like he’s in his 20s. He’s tall and handsome. I think he looks somewhat familiar but he was wearing a mask so I can’t be sure,” Karen explained.

Madeline walked to the bouquet and noticed that there was a glass jar full of colorful candies behind the bouquet.

When she saw the candies, Madeline arrived at a conclusion with much certainty. “It was Fabian. He left the flowers and the jar of candies.”

Jeremy approached Madeline to take a look. Indeed, there was a jar of candies behind the flowers.

“I don’t know what he’s trying to do. He wants to cut ties with us but he still cares about our daughter so much.”

Madeline smiled and sighed. Then, she turned around to look at Jeremy.

“Jeremy, what are you planning to do with Shirley? Can you get the security footage to see where she is right now?”

“Alright, I’ll get someone to do it now,” Jeremy said and walked to one side to make a call.

Madeline walked to the side of the bed to caress the sleeping little princess. As she watched the cold liquid seeping into the child’s body little by little, she felt incredibly helpless.

“Lily, you have to stay strong and make it through this.”

“Our Lily will be fine. However, I heard that something has happened to your body recently. What’s going on?” Karen asked with a friendly tone.

Madeline smiled. “Don’t worry, Mom. We’ll all make it through this.”

She promised, and at the same time, she was giving herself the confidence to make it through this.

Then, she recalled the test tube that Jeremy had broken himself.

She took out her phone and called Adam.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1738
She would not feel assured if she did not have the anti-toxoid test reagent that Adam gave her with her.

If Jeremy were to experience another flare-up at a sudden timing, she would not know what to do.

However, even though she could get through to Adam, no one was picking up the call.

Madeline figured that Adam might be busy, so she thought she would call him later. However, when she was about to put her phone away, Adam called her back.

Madeline quickly answered the call and heard Cathy’s voice from the other side.

“Evie, it’s me.”

“Cathy, are you with Adam? Is he unable to come to the phone now?”

“Evie, he can’t come to the phone because…”

After Madeline heard what Cathy said, her eyes flashed suddenly.

Jeremy came back into the ward after making the call. When he saw Madeline’s strange expression, he strode to her and asked, “Linnie, what’s going on?”

“Something bad has happened to Shirley.” After Madeline said that, she grabbed Jeremy’s hand to walk out of the ward. At the same time, she turned around and said to Karen, “Mom, I’m going out with Jeremy for a bit. Please look after Lily.”

Karen waved her hand. “Go ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll look after Lily.”

After getting a reply from Karen, Madeline held Jeremy’s hand and quickly walked out of the ward.

“Linnie, where are we going?”

“The operating room.”

“Operating room?” Jeremy was puzzled. Then, he had an assumption and asked, “Is Shirley in the operating room?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded and started to increase her walking pace without realizing it.

Soon, they arrived at the corridor that led to the operating room.

From afar, Madeline could see Adam sitting on one of the chairs with a heavy and worried look on his face. Meanwhile, Cathy was sitting beside him.

When Cathy saw Madeline and Jeremy, she walked over to greet them.

“Evie, Jeremy, she’s still inside and we don’t know her condition yet.”

Jeremy looked at Adam who looked dispirited and spotted the bloodstains on Adam’s clothes. He could guess that the dried blood came from Shirley.

Shirley had disappeared from the villa, so how did she suddenly show up here?

Jeremy was confused. “What happened? Why is Shirley in the operating room and why was she with you guys?”

Cathy shook her head lightly. “I’m not sure what’s going on as well. When Adam and I were on our way home, we saw Shirley darting out into the road all of a sudden. The taxi driver couldn’t stop the car in time so he crashed into her. However, before the car hit her, she was already hurt. Plus, there was a very deep knife wound on her face.”

“She’s been disfigured?”

“Someone did it to her,” Adam said something at this moment.

Madeline looked at Adam and saw that he had a look of dismay on his face.

Even though he did not approve of a lot of the heinous things Shirley did and he abhorred her actions deeply, they were still siblings who were related by blood. Nobody would be able to be unaffected under these circumstances.

Madeline and Jeremy could guess who was the person who had kidnapped Shirley, but they did not expect them to be so heinous.

“Do you know who did this?” Adam saw the light flashing across Madeline and Jeremy’s eyes.

When Madeline was about to say something, the door of the operating room opened.

Adam turned around and rushed over immediately. “Dr. Lewis, how’s the patient?”

The doctor shook his head with a heavy look on his face. “Dr. Brown, I did everything I could. Perhaps it’ll be better if you perform the surgery.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1739
After hearing this, Adam felt his heart turn ice-cold. It was as though it had been submerged in bone-chilling ice water, causing his entire body to freeze.

When Madeline heard this while standing at the side, she found the situation to be strange. She did not dare to believe that Shirley would die just like this. “Doctor, how’s the patient doing now?”

When the doctor saw that Madeline was with Adam, he explained in detail, “Judging from the current situation, she may end up losing her mobility and will have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. The wound on her face is also abnormally deep, so it can be said that she’ll be disfigured.”

Disability and disfigurement.

Madeline immediately recalled her own situation from back then.

She had been blind and also disfigured. It could be said that she had gone through the exact same thing as what Shirley was going through now.

“This is the patient’s current state. Perhaps she might improve after a recovery period, but it might take a very long time or even a lifetime.”

After Adam heard this, he nodded gently to show that he understood. “Thank you, Dr. Lewis.”

He turned around slowly, the back of his figure looking abnormally bleak.

“Evie, Jeremy, I’ll go stay with Adam.” After Cathy informed Madeline and Jeremy, she quickly followed Adam.

Madeline lifted her eyes to look into Jeremy’s eyes. There was a complicated look in both of their eyes.

Madeline did not know whether this encounter and ending were Shirley’s karma. If it was, then what about the things she had experienced before?

Cathy and Adam came to the garden below the hospital.

It was still snowing and a thick layer of snow had already piled up on the ground.

Adam stood amid the snow and the wind like a statue. He showed no emotions and was not speaking.

Cathy tried to get close to him. “Adam.”

She called out. She initially thought Adam would not pay attention to her, but he still turned his head.

“Cathy, it’s cold out here. You should go in first. Let me stay here for a while.”

“Adam, you were with me during the most torturous and coldest time of my life, so I’ll return the favor. I’ll be with you no matter what the circumstances are.”

Upon hearing this, Adam’s expression changed slightly.

He wanted to tell Shirley to leave again, but he felt that Cathy might not listen to him.

He smiled softly and walked forward slowly. The fluttering snow flew past his shoulders and landed on his hair.

“I really miss my childhood,” Adam lamented.

Cathy was touched by this sentence as well because she also missed her childhood.

She missed the year, the month, and the day when she first met Felipe at the beach.

Back then, their encounter had been so pure, but ultimately, he still could not escape what life had planned for him.

He was dead now.

They would never meet in this life again.

“She used to be a good sister and was amazing.” Adam reminisced sincerely. “She thought Mom and Dad only loved me and they neglected her because they wanted to care for me. However, she didn’t know that only one of us could study abroad in St. Piaf and our parents gave the chance to her. She thought they did this to abandon her.”

Adam furrowed his thick eyebrows in distress.

“I had given her the notebook. She wouldn’t have wasted time on insoluble problems if she had just read it. Why is she still so stubborn in going about things the wrong way?

“Back then, she said she wanted to be a great medical scientist like Mom and Dad, but now, she has become a witch who only knows how to harm people and use poison on them…

“How did things become like this?”

Adam lowered his eyelids in pain while sighing with melancholy.

Cathy placed her hand gently on Adam’s shoulder. “Sometimes, a misunderstanding or complication can cause someone to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way. They will only come to the realization after you solve the matter that gnaws at their mind.

“Adam, your sister will be very devastated after she wakes up and sees the condition she’s in. When that happens, you have to stay with her and care for her. I’m sure she’ll feel your sincerity.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1740
“I don’t know if her leg will recover, but I’m sure you have a way to heal her face, right?”

When Cathy asked this, her eyes were twinkling.

She believed that Adam had this ability.

After she asked that, both of them fell into a brief moment of silence.

Adam looked as if he was thinking about something. After a while, he lifted his head and looked at Cathy with a small smile on his handsome, flawless face.

“Thank you, Cathy.”

“If you thank me, you’re treating me as an outsider. Adam, you’re like my family member, so you don’t have to be courteous to me.”

Family member.

When those two words reached Adam’s ears, he felt happy yet disappointed at the same time.

However, he was feeling more delighted than anything.

After all, a family member went beyond a friend; it was a special presence.

Shirley was transferred to a private hospital ward.

After being unconscious for a day, she woke up in the middle of the night.

Despite feeling very weak when she lifted her hand, she still used all her might to touch her face.

The thick layer of bandages on her cheek proved that what had happened before was not a dream but reality. Her face had really been disfigured.

Shirley felt her heart turning cold, and when she was about to move, she suddenly realized that her legs were not responding to her. She wanted to move but could not. She had even lost all feelings in her legs.

‘How is this possible?’

Beads of cold sweat appeared on Shirley’s forehead. She tried to move again but she still could not move her legs.

In that instant, it was like a bolt from the blue and it struck her straight in the heart, splitting it into two.

She felt as if all of the blood in her body had been drained and her entire body was cold.

In addition to that, it felt as if the night sky outside the window had shrouded her. She felt that everything in front of her was black and icy.

While she was feeling distracted, Shirley saw a figure from the corner of her eyes. Then, she turned her head to see Adam sitting on the chair at the side of the bed with his eyes closed. He looked exhausted because his brows were still furrowed even when he had fallen asleep.

When Shirley thought about her current situation, she felt that this was oddly laughable.

At this moment, Shirley felt as if her heart had lost its normal rhythm. Soon after, her breathing started to become rapid.

She reflexively lifted her hand to press it against her heart, but she still could not soothe this uncontrollable feeling.

She knew very well that this was one of the symptoms when the poison flared up.

She did not forget how Jeremy had personally injected the poison into her veins that day.


She chuckled coldly with self-mockery. This was karma.

This was karma, indeed.

Shirley gritted her teeth and gripped the blanket tightly. She looked at Adam who was sleeping soundly and slowly moved her upper body.

At this moment, she only wanted to leave. She would get out of here even if she crawled.

However, her lack of energy and the injuries she sustained after the accident would not allow her to do so. Plus, due to the poison in her body, she would have difficulties breathing. How could she crawl out of here?

However, Madeline was still determined. She endured the debilitating pain to try to move again, but her body tilted to one side and she lost her balance before falling straight to the hard floor.

However, at this moment, a pair of warm hands held her.

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