Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1631-1640

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1631
Carter slowly walked in. He could vaguely guess that something had happened from Camille’s unhappy expression.

“Carter, you still have a chance to act since those relatives and friends are not here yet.” Camille sternly persuaded and looked back at Madeline. “How can you marry a woman who’s already married? You have to break off this marriage now!”

“I will not break off this marriage.” Carter’s answer was straightforward.

Camille was stunned for a moment, and her face was full of disbelief. “Carter, are you crazy? Jeremy and her are still husband and wife!”

“So what?” Carter asked nonchalantly, meeting Madeline’s resisting gaze. Suddenly, he smiled. “I only know that my marriage certificate with Eveline has already taken effect, and my marriage with her is protected by the marriage law in St. Piaf.”


Camille was speechless for a while.

Carter smiled lightly and looked at Madeline with a cold expression. “Get ready, the wedding ceremony will begin soon.”

“Carter!” Camille wanted to persuade him again, but Madeline could see that this man was determined.

Madeline did not want to waste her breath anymore and did not bother to deal with him.

She fearlessly raised her sharp and penetrating eyes. There was a proud and cold light shooting out from her gaze.

“Carter, since you’re so persistent about this, then I will stay with you to the end. However, I can promise you that you will regret it.”

Upon hearing this, Carter could not help but burst out laughing.

“Will I? Hmm… Suddenly, I want to know how you’ll make me regret this.”

Madeline responded with a calm and confident smile, “You’ll know soon.”

“Then I’ll wait and see.” Carter chuckled in an unconcerned manner before turning away.

Camille looked at the situation and felt that something was wrong. Suddenly, she turned back to remind Madeline.

“Eveline, don’t be impulsive and don’t mess around. This is St. Piaf, not Glendale!”

Madeline pursed her lips and smiled. “Of course, I won’t mess around, but if someone touches my bottom line, I won’t be able to sit still.”


For the first time, Camille felt like she had met someone who would be difficult to handle.

When she remembered Madeline’s calmness and unhurriedness when she was framed by Ada and her mother, she suddenly wanted to side with Madeline somehow.

Jeremy learned that Madeline and Carter’s wedding ceremony would be officially held in an hour. He was watching the broadcast of the good news on his phone in full screen. The host was praising Carter, and Jeremy turned off his phone unhappily.

He got up quickly, but another piercing pain came from his ankle.

However, he must stop this scene from happening no matter what.

How could his Linnie be someone else’s bride?


For today’s wedding ceremony, Carter had already planned everything down to the smallest detail.

He was the viscount of St. Piaf’s royal family, so the wedding ceremony was naturally attracting a lot of attention.

At the same time, Madeline had become a hot topic among the citizens.

Everyone wanted to see Madeline’s graceful bearing, and they also wanted to know what the future viscountess looked like.

In the bedroom, Madeline could hear all kinds of laughter and words of congratulations coming from outside.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1632
She stood by the balcony and remained unmoved, her eyes lingering on the bloodstain on the floor. It was the blood from Jeremy’s wound last night.

Looking at the dried-up blood, Madeline’s eyes were imposing and firm.

‘Jeremy, I took the wrong step.

‘But I think I won’t be wrong again in my next step.’


The sound of the door opening came from behind.

Madeline heard footsteps approaching her, but it did not sound like it was Carter.

Madeline calmly looked back and saw Ada wearing a gorgeous Lolita costume as she walked toward her with a look of disdain and arrogance.

“Hmph.” Ada sneered, “I really don’t know what kind of charm a married woman who has three children like you has. Eveline, what means did you use to get Carty to take you as his wife? Can you teach me?”

Seeing Ada’s disdainful face, Madeline behaved more contemptuously than her.

“Miss Ada, are you really stupid, or are you just pretending to be innocent? With a character like yours, it’ll be difficult for any man to develop feelings for you after seeing your true colors, let alone Carter, no?”

Ada’s expression suddenly became awkward. “You…”

“Ada, as long as you have a sliver of IQ, you wouldn’t be reduced to where you are now.”

“Eveline, do you really think you can teach me a lesson because you’re about to become the viscountess?” Ada stared at Madeline angrily, already looking a little frustrated.

Madeline slowly curled her lips into a smile. “No matter what my identity is, it won’t affect me in teaching you a lesson.”

“What…” Ada flew into a rage out of humiliation. She raised her hand suddenly to slap Madeline in the face.

Madeline’s reaction was quick. She held Ada’s wrist tightly while giving a slight smile.

“What a pity. You let your most favorite Carty see you make threatening gestures as well as the side of you that’s so sinister and hideous.”

“…” For a while, Ada did not understand Madeline’s words until the sound of approaching footsteps came from behind her.

Ada looked back abruptly. When she saw Carter’s frigid face that was as cold as an iceberg, she immediately retracted her hand in fright.

“Get lost,” Carter said coldly, making Ada leave.

Ada bit her lip unwillingly, and she finally could not hold it in anymore. “Carty, since you’ve seen it all, you should also have seen this woman’s true colors. She’s not gentle and virtuous at all. How can a woman like this be your viscountess?”

“You still don’t understand?” Carter asked with a sneer. “Her biggest qualification is the fact that I chose her.”

“…” Ada was dumbfounded for a few seconds. Then, she ran away aggrievedly with tears in her eyes.

Carter raised his eyes to look at Madeline, who was indifferent, and said with a light smile, “You truly stand out from the masses. It proves that my judgments are not wrong.”

“Carter, you don’t like me at all, so why bother making such a big fuss?”

“Indeed, I don’t, but you did make me have a good feeling about you. Feelings can be cultivated. I don’t mind. I know your past, and I need a woman like you to help me do something,” Carter said softly, but the look in his eyes was not soft at all.

“I’ll give you the utmost patience, but I hope you don’t challenge my bottom line.”

“What do you mean? Be clear.”

Carter did not beat around the bush and said bluntly, “This is St. Piaf. If Jeremy dares to mess around, I promise he won’t be able to return to Glendale safely. On the other hand, if you dare to mess around, you’ll know how harsh the punishment for people guilty of bigamy will be in St. Piaf.”

After listening to Carter’s words, Madeline fully understood what the man wanted to warn her about.

However, Madeline smiled and met the gaze of the man threatening her. “So, you’re telling me that I have no choice but to cooperate with you? Carter, I will still tell you the same thing, unless you break off this wedding immediately. Otherwise, you’ll only regret it.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1633
Listening to Madeline’s words and seeing the self-confidence on her face, the smile on Carter’s handsome face became deeper.

“What you just said makes me look forward to your next performance even more.” He smiled. There seemed to be a flash of excitement in his eyes.

Madeline was about to speak when she raised her eyes to see Camille walk in with a dull expression on her face.

“Carter, there’s still time. Think about this more clearly.” Camille persuaded again.

However, Carter was firm. “I’ve been thinking about this very clearly from the beginning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”


Carter glanced at the time on his watch nonchalantly and then summoned the maids.

The maids waiting outside the door trotted in immediately. “Mr. Carter.”

“Help the future young madam put her veil on. The wedding ceremony will begin soon.”

“Yes, Mr. Carter,” the maids responded immediately.

Madeline stood calmly, letting the white veil fall on her face. The sharpness and tenacity in her eyes were not concealed by the veil at all.

Carter stared into Madeline’s eyes until the veil covered her face.

He pulled the corners of his lips into a satisfied smile, and when he turned around, he received a report from his subordinates. He learned that Jeremy was among the guests, and Carter’s smile grew wider.

Madeline caught the smile on Carter’s lips, and she could roughly guess that something was going on.

‘Jeremy, this time, I won’t let you down again.’

Madeline squeezed the wedding ring in her hand and followed behind Carter.

Ten minutes later, Madeline arrived at the venue of the wedding ceremony according to Carter’s intention.

As soon as she stepped out, she saw a crowd of media and guests on both sides. It was a large-scale event.

Madeline was generally clear about Carter’s identity, but his purpose for doing this was still quite vague.

He did not have any emotional needs for her. It was as if he was just targeting Jeremy.

However, why was he targeting Jeremy?

Madeline did not care about the people around her at all. She was just thinking about these doubts in her heart.

However, as she walked forward, she felt a familiar heated gaze from within the crowd.

She did not need to guess to know that it was Jeremy.

Madeline squeezed the bouquet in her hand subconsciously, and her fingers gently twirled the ring on her ring finger.

“You know he’s here, don’t you?” Carter said in a deep voice and then assured Madeline. “If you cooperate, he’ll be fine.”

Madeline raised her eyebrows and replied profoundly, “What if I don’t cooperate?”

Carter frowned subconsciously when he heard the words. Then, he looked down at the beautiful smile vaguely showing from under the white veil.

However, he only thought that Madeline was trying to be brave. He did not think that Madeline would risk Jeremy’s safety.

Carter led Madeline to the podium where they would say their vows while feeling relieved.

The wedding was held according to Western culture. The priest in front of Madeline was speaking in the language of St. Piaf. Although Madeline could not understand him, she could roughly guess what the words meant.

At the end, the priest asked Carter in a language that Madeline could understand whether he would like to marry Madeline regardless of pain or illness, sadness or happiness.

Carter simply answered with two words, “I do.”

There was thunderous applause and a series of cheers followed after his answer.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1634
The priest nodded in satisfaction and then turned to ask Madeline.

“Miss Eveline Montgomery, are you willing to marry Mr. Carter Gray and be his wife?
Are you willing to marry him and support each other for life regardless of pain or illness, sadness or happiness?”

Madeline knew that everyone was waiting for her two-word answer, but she knew that there was one person who did not want to hear that.

“Miss Eveline Montgomery, please answer my question. Are you willing to—”

“I do not,” Madeline decisively interrupted the priest who was repeating the question.

Her distinct and resonant voice sounded very clearly in the empty field.

Those who heard Madeline’s answer were all stunned. Then, it was followed by all kinds of exclamations fueled by shock and surprise.

The priest stared at Madeline dumbfoundedly. “Miss Eveline, please answer again. Are you willing to—”

“I said, I do not.”


Again, Madeline’s straightforward answer sounded very outrageous.

The crowd was promised a sweet wedding, but why did this happen all of a sudden?

Great waves of emotions gradually appeared on Carter’s handsome face. He took a step toward Madeline. “Are you sure you want to risk Jeremy’s safety?”

Madeline raised her eyebrows and suddenly lifted the white veil in front of everyone.

When her exquisite and gorgeous small face was revealed, she attracted all kinds of gazes that were filled with admiration from around her.

However, Madeline’s sharp gaze met Carter’s dangerous eyes ostentatiously. “Carter, this farce is over. How could I marry you?”



Carter and the people around him who heard this were all stunned. The priest broke into a sweat with fright, quickly walking to Madeline.

“Miss Eveline, this is a sacred place. I hope you can take marriage seriously.”

“I am taking marriage seriously, so it’s even more impossible for me to marry this person.” Madeline glanced at Carter whose face was getting increasingly colder. “It’s because I’m already married. My husband and I are in a very loving and affectionate relationship. We have three children together, so pray tell, why would I marry him when I’m in this situation?”

“Wow…” Everyone was shocked again.


“How could there be such a thing?”

“No way! This woman is actually married and has three children? How did Carter choose such a woman among so many other women?!”

“Right? She only looks beautiful. How could he choose a married woman like her?”

Madeline looked back unsurprisingly, meeting those skeptical and critical gazes. She said frankly, “He picked me just to have me cooperate with him in his act. I never had a real relationship with him.”

“An act? How outrageous!”

The elders of the Gray family were a little angry. Meanwhile, Carter’s father had already fallen.

At this moment, Carter could not maintain his demeanor anymore. He bowed his head slightly, approached Madeline’s ear, and parted his lips to warn her.

“Eveline, I shall remind you one last time. Don’t risk Jeremy’s safety, and the fact that you just announced your marriage in public means you’re telling everyone that you’ve committed bigamy.”

After listening to Carter’s warning unconcernedly, a magnanimous smile appeared on her gentle and beautiful face. She spoke fearlessly in front of everyone.

“Carter, you don’t need to threaten me anymore. I am committing bigamy. I, Eveline Montgomery, am now admitting it to the public!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1635
After Madeline said this, Carter showed a never-before-seen look of surprise in his eyes.

He had thought it was the best threat to use on her because she was previously in prison where she suffered inhumane treatment and suffering, so she was deeply traumatized. It was impossible that she would still want to go back to such a place.

However, he never expected that Madeline would say that she was guilty of bigamy so confidently and magnanimously.

Although, he had been the one who designed this crime for her.

Ada, who was among the crowd, was also stunned when she saw this scene.

After being stuck in a daze, she quietly turned around and sneaked to the side.

Ada’s mother saw this and followed behind her.

When she was about to ask Ada what she wanted to do, she saw her daughter taking out her phone and quickly dialing a number.

“Hello, is this the police station? I want to make a report. There’s a woman here who committed bigamy.”

After reporting to the police, a happy grin appeared on Ada’s face.

When she turned her head, she saw her mother looking at her with a smile. Ada touched her chest in fright. “Why are you standing here without making a noise? You scared me.”

Ada’s mother gave her a thumbs up with admiration. “Honey, you’re truly quick on your feet. It seems that Eveline will go to jail soon and you’ll have another chance to nab the position of viscountess!”

Ada spread her hands, unconvinced. “I should’ve thought of this long ago. Although it is a bit late, Eveline did commit bigamy. It’ll be difficult for her to leave the prison in St. Piaf within a year or two.”

“One or two years is enough for you to win the position of viscountess!” Gradually, a greedy light was revealed in the eyes of Ada’s mother. “Ada, this time, we have to do this steadily. You have to please and flatter Camille. As long as you can handle her, you’ll be half-seated on the throne of the viscountess.”

Ada raised her eyes that were covered with delicate eye makeup and smiled triumphantly. “This time, I’ll definitely win!”

Back at the wedding.

After Madeline pleaded guilty to bigamy, the scene fell into chaos for a while.

The faces of the elders in the Gray family had fallen, and they called a stop to the wedding.

“Carter, you can’t marry this woman!”

“You’re so ridiculous! You’re married and you have a husband, yet you dare to provoke Carter?!”

“Do you know who Carter is? How dare you commit bigamy in St. Piaf?! St. Piaf’s marriage law will teach you a lesson!”

When Madeline was faced with these verbal abuses and warnings, she remained magnanimous. She did not flinch even when she met Carter’s increasingly cold gaze.

“Carter, I dare to commit bigamy, so why don’t you dare to admit that you deliberately set up a trap to frame me for bigamy?”

“…” For the first time ever, Carter felt that he seemed to be restrained by a woman.

So far, he had not met a woman who dared to challenge him like this.

However, Madeline, who was standing in front of him right now, dared to.

After Madeline said this, everyone around her was shocked again.

“What? Did she say that Carter framed her?”

“Would Carter actually do such a thing?”

“This woman is lying!” Ada pushed the crowd aside. “Don’t believe what this woman says! The elders present should know what kind of person Carty is better than me! This woman is the one who’s slandering Carty!”

With a righteous and just appearance, Ada strode up to Madeline.

“Eveline, why is your heart so dark? Carty saved your life when you almost died during that accident at sea so that you can get your life back, but you’re biting the hand that feeds you!

“You fancy Carty’s status as a viscount, so you deliberately appeared weak and fragile in front of Carty. You used the most despicable means to confuse Carty. Carty is too naive, so that’s why he was successfully fooled by you and believes everything you say. However, unexpectedly, you’re already married and have three children! Eveline, you’re so contemptible!”

Ada firmly vilified Madeline and defended Carter. She wanted to take this opportunity to win Carter over because she was undoubtedly helping Carter by doing this now.

However, just when Ada was feeling pleased that she could finally ridicule Madeline in public, an alluring and icy deep voice sounded from the crowd.

“It’s you who’s the contemptible rat who inverts right and wrong.”

“…” The smug smile on Ada’s face suddenly froze.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1636
She immediately realized who had arrived. This special voice remained freshly engraved in her memory.

Ada turned her head abruptly, and her eyes, filled with guilt, fell on Jeremy’s figure, silhouetted against the light outside.

She panicked and looked at Carter, but Carter’s expression remained unchanged, as if he had already expected Jeremy’s appearance.

Meanwhile, Madeline was much more certain that her man would appear.

She met Jeremy’s gaze, full of affection and longing, which filled her heart suddenly with a boundless sense of security.

She no longer cared what would happen next.

He was her most stalwart source of strength and support.

At this moment, murmurs rippled across the surrounding area, all were equally stunned by his appearance and curious at his stroll towards Madeline.

“Who’s that?”

“I think I’ve seen him somewhere before. He looks very familiar.”

“I know who he is! I saw him on the Internet. He is the young master of Glendale’s number one family, Jeremy Whitman!”

“What? So that’s Jeremy Whitman!”

“Why is he here in St. Piaf, and at Carter’s wedding, no less?”

As everyone voiced their disbelief, Jeremy walked over to Madeline and gently took her hand.

“I’m here to bring my wife home.”


“W-What!? Jeremy’s wife is this Eveline lady?”

“Carter’s fiancée is actually Jeremy’s wife?”

“My gosh!’

The exclamations came pouring one after another.

However, both Jeremy and Madeline remained extraordinarily calm and unperturbed. He held her hand, and this time, she did not break free.

“Linnie, I knew you remembered me.” Jeremy’s eyes were full of warmth, brimming with light once more.

“If you had truly known, you wouldn’t have been so persistent yesterday,” Madeline rebuked, but she saw that Jeremy’s eyes were twinkling with affection. Concerned, Madeline shifted her gaze to Jeremy’s injured ankle. “How’s your foot? Is it still hurting?”
“Not after you treated it.”

“How is it not hurting? You were bleeding so much.”

“…” Carter watched as this scene unfolded next to him, an inexplicable feeling of unhappiness welling inside him.

Just as he was about to speak, Jeremy glared at him sharply.

“Carter, did you truly think that Linnie and I would yield to you and your manipulations?”


“I dare you to use your status and power in St. Piaf to illegally imprison me and my wife. Otherwise, no one can stop me from bringing my wife home.”

As Jeremy finished raging at Carter, he clasped Madeline’s fingers and turned away with her.

Madeline briskly took off her wedding veil and got out of her dress, revealing the plain clothing she had prepared earlier in the morning.

Only then did Carter realize that Madeline had been preparing for this. He neglected to consider this.

However, at this moment, a few uniformed police officers rushed in, blocking Madeline’s and Jeremy’s path.

“Which one of you is Eveline Montgomery?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1637
The police’s sudden appearance stopped Madeline and Jeremy in their tracks.

Ada saw this and immediately ran to the police. “She’s Eveline Montgomery!” Ada yelled while pointing at Madeline.

Several police officers focused on Madeline. “Are you Eveline Montgomery?” one of them asked.

Jeremy, eyebrows furrowed, subconsciously stepped in front of Madeline to shield her.

However, Madeline pulled Jeremy’s hand away lightly and walked nobly toward the officers. “Yes, I am Eveline Montgomery.”

The officers studied Madeline. “Is it true that you have a marriage contract with two men at the same time?”

“Yes! She is!” Ada emphasized loudly. Then, she pointed at Jeremy. “This man is her husband, but she signed a marriage contract with Mr. Gray while she is still married to her husband.”

After hearing that, the officers looked at Carter who was standing a short distance away. Almost everyone in St. Piaf knew Carter Gray.

Talented and handsome, he not only possessed outstanding skills but also has an extraordinary background and social status.

Despite this, the officers still proceeded with their standard questions. “Mr. Gray, are you aware that Miss Eveline Montgomery signed the marriage certificate with you when she’s still wedded to another man?”

Carter looked coldly at Madeline and shook his head calmly. “This is news to me too. I didn’t realize that she was already married.”

Madeline was not surprised to hear this kind of answer. She saw through him and knew his true personality.

She also knew that even if she pointed out that this was a trap set by Carter, no one else would believe her aside from Jeremy.

“Eveline, this is St. Piaf. You are hereby under arrest for committing bigamy. You will then be prosecuted in court. Once you are convicted of the crime, you will receive a severe punishment.”

The officers moved to handcuff Madeline as they spoke. The sight of handcuffs brought Jeremy back to the scene many years ago.

He could not stand by and watch Madeline getting taken away by someone this way. Not again.

He could not let it happen no matter what!

Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s hand, his eyes as cold as ice, and firmly led her through the crowd.

“They’re running away! Get them!” The officers quickly chased after them.

Ada was completely baffled. “Are they throwing away their lives, running off like that? Heh, does he think he’s still in Glendale?”

Carter looked in the direction where Jeremy took Madeline. He glanced sideways at his bodyguard, signaling them to give chase.

The bodyguards promptly understood what Carter meant. They immediately followed the police, chasing after Madeline and Jeremy.

Madeline followed Jeremy out of the gates of Gray Manor. She looked behind her and saw the police and bodyguards on their tails.

“Jeremy, we can’t do this. I have to go with them. I was framed by Carter and I can appeal,” said Madeline as she tried to convince Jeremy to let her go.

However, Jeremy gripped her hand even tighter. “No, Linnie, I can’t! I can’t do what I did before. I knew you’re being framed and yet I still watched as you were sent to a place like that! I can’t do it!”


Madeline felt tears prickling the corners of her eyes. She could understand and comprehend how Jeremy was feeling right now.

“Stop!” The police were catching up to them.

Jeremy gave them a cold and stern gaze. Then, he pulled Madeline into the car he rented, and then slammed down on the accelerator.

Through the car window, Madeline saw that the police and bodyguards were planning to chase after them in their cars as well.

However, before the car got any further, Madeline heard Jeremy letting out a grunt of pain.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1638

Madeline turned her head hurriedly and saw Jeremy’s face gradually turning pale.

She quickly noticed that Jeremy’s right leg trembled slightly when he stepped on the accelerator. The thought of Jeremy’s injury pained her heart.

“Jeremy, stop the car by the roadside. I’ll drive.”

Jeremy glanced at the rearview mirror. After confirming that the coast was clear, he followed Madeline’s instructions and stopped the car by the roadside.

After the car had stopped, Madeline and Jeremy decisively exchanged seats. Madeline then started the car.

She was not familiar with the roads of St. Piaf, so she continued onwards, following the road the entire way until they reached a deserted path. After ensuring that there were no cars following them from behind, Madeline stopped the car.

“Jeremy, how are you doing?”

Madeline’s heart ached as she approached Jeremy’s side. When she saw the wound on his ankle bleeding again, she immediately got off the car and helped Jeremy out of the passenger seat.

She looked around but could not find a place at which to stop off. Madeline could only help Jeremy sit on a rock by the roadside.

She rolled up the legs of his trousers. The sight of the bleeding wound made her feel as though her heart was cut by a knife.

Although she had provided a cursory treatment on Jeremy’s injury last night, the wound seemed to have gotten bloodier overnight.

“Jeremy, let’s go to the hospital.” Madeline was really worried. She was not scared of getting arrested and sent to jail. The only thing that scared her now was Jeremy’s wound getting infected and advancing to a more severe state if he did not get treated in time.

However, just as she tried to pull him into the car, Jeremy pulled her into an embrace and held her tightly.

Madeline froze. “Jeremy.”

“Don’t speak.” Jeremy’s soft voice bloomed into Madeline’s ear. “Let me hold you.”

His low voice sounded a bit hoarse. Madeline felt as if her heart was being torn, the pain indescribable.

She raised her hand and held Jeremy tightly, pressing her face against the side of his face.

There was so much she wanted to say, but she felt that silence was better than any words right now.

“Linnie, I’m so scared that you will always be trapped in that deep sleep, always under Carter’s control, always thinking that he is the one you love, unable to ever wake again.” Jeremy voiced out the concerns and fears in his heart, hugging her even tighter.

Madeline stroked Jeremy’s head as if she was coaxing a child, comforting him patiently and tenderly.

“How is that possible? I will never forget the man I love the most,” she said soothingly. “Jeremy, listen to me. Let’s go to the hospital.”

“No, I won’t let you go into such a place again. Absolutely not!” Jeremy denied stubbornly. His eyebrows knitted together tightly.

As he continued speaking, he let go of his embrace and grasped Madeline’s shoulders.

“Linnie, you didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t need to bear such a crime.”

Madeline’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Jeremy, listen to me. I know this is a trap planned by Carter, but in a sense, I did violate the marriage law of St. Piaf and Glendale. I should go and explain this to them clearly.”

“You won’t be able to.” Jeremy’s gaze became deeper. “Do you know Carter’s background in St. Piaf? Do you know St. Piaf’s marriage law? You don’t know how serious bigamy is here.”

Madeline was slightly stumped for words. “I stayed at the Gray Manor for a while. I don’t know his exact identity, but I know that he has a viscount title.”

“His identity is not that simple, Linnie. I must take you back to Glendale first,” Jeremy said, pulling Madeline to her feet.

As soon as he got up to leave, however, there came the sounds of the chasing cars nearby.

The arriving cars surrounded them quickly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1639
Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s hand tightly and firmly pushed her back into the car.


“Linnie, go on ahead!” Jeremy said in a stern tone, “I won’t let them come near you.”

The determination on Jeremy’s face made Madeline breathless.

The police officers and bodyguards stopped their cars. They strode up close toward Jeremy. The police in the lead showed Jeremy their work permits.

“Jeremy Whitman, your actions just now have violated the law of St. Piaf. You and Eveline Montgomery are under arrest in the name of the law. Let me make this clear, no matter what status you might hold in Glendale, this is St. Piaf!”

As the officer finished speaking, he approached to handcuff Jeremy.

Madeline slammed the car door and rushed to Jeremy’s side at once. She gazed sternly at the police officers who wanted to arrest her and Jeremy.

“Running from the wedding was my idea. I instigated Jeremy. He didn’t violate any of your laws in St. Piaf. I was the one who forced him to take me away.”

Jeremy knew that Madeline was doing this for his sake, but he did not want to be the reason for her being charged with a heavier crime.

As he was about to step forward and take the blame, Madeline, however, lifted her beautiful eyes, using that subtle look to force Jeremy to give up on that idea.

“Arrest me. I’ll come with you.” Madeline voluntarily stretched out her hands, facing the handcuffs.

Watching this scene unfold made Jeremy feel as though his eyes were being pricked by needles, which was extraordinarily painful.

Years ago, he had already made her suffer such a serious and unwarranted disaster.

Now, he still could only standby and watch her getting impeached by others, feeling powerless.


The handcuffs were still secured around Madeline’s hands in the end.

Jeremy felt like his heart constricted similarly. The pain was so unbearable that it was difficult to breathe.

“Jeremy, don’t worry too much,” Madeline said while looking at the police officers with a sober expression. She further emphasized, “I believe that the law in St. Piaf will prove my innocence.”

Jeremy wanted to try stopping her again, but seeing the calmness and determination on Madeline’s face strangely made him feel more at ease.

He was worrying too much. She was no longer the Madeline she was back then.

“Jeremy Whitman, you must come with us to the police station as well. Contrary to what she’d said, the incident just now isn’t something that could be easily dismissed,” demanded the police.

In fact, Jeremy had intended to go with her. He did not want Madeline facing this alone.

After arriving at the police station, Jeremy considered listening to Madeline in pushing all the responsibility of escaping onto her, but he still could not bring himself to do it.

“My wife didn’t instruct me to do anything. I wasn’t going to let her be detained for dubious reasons.” Jeremy told the truth. He then emphasized with a serious expression, “My wife did not take the initiative to commit bigamy. She was framed by someone.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Carter Gray.”

The police officer who was taking notes paused suddenly, the pen still in his hand. Then, he inquired hastily.

“What? Are you saying that Carter Gray framed your wife for bigamy? Which Carter Gray?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1640
Jeremy opened his lips calmly and said, “It’s the Carter Gray of St. Piaf, the one of royal lineage.”

“…” The police officer was stunned by the words. Then, he immediately denied, “What nonsense are you going on about? Mr. Gray wouldn’t do such a thing. You are simply being outrageous!”

As soon as the police officer had finished scolding, the interrogation room door opened, admitting a seemingly more experienced, middle-aged police officer who politely invited in another individual.

Jeremy’s face was a mask of calm as he watched the man approach him, his hands hardening into fists.

Carter noticed Jeremy’s displeasure and pressed his lips into a complacent smile.

“I’ve reminded you a long time ago that challenging me will only ensnare her into this situation.”

Upon hearing this, Jeremy’s clenched fist slowly loosened. The corners of his beautiful lips burst into a smile that looked even more contented than Carter’s.

“Carter, do you think you’ve won in this situation? You’re wrong. If your eyes worked properly, you would have seen that this is exactly the situation that Linnie and I wanted to happen.”

“…” Carter’s smile faltered slightly. He understood what Jeremy meant.

Jeremy stood up and his cold gaze swept past Carter’s face, unconcerned. “Carter, I appreciate you saving Linnie’s life, but this doesn’t justify fooling her as you wish. If Linnie is hurt in any way, I will fight you to death.”

After hearing those words, a few moments passed before a forced smile appeared on Carter’s face.

“Mr. Whitman, my life and yours are very valuable. Surely, we don’t need to risk that for a woman…”

“This woman’s life is even more important than mine,” Jeremy interrupted Carter without hesitation.

Carter’s smile froze, and his expression darkened considerably.

“Since you’d debase yourself for her sake, then I’ll grant you your wish,” Carter said with a cold expression on his face. He turned around and smiled inexplicably. “Let me be frank, Jeremy. You have something in your possession that could be exchanged for your wife’s freedom. I just wonder if you’re willing to make that trade.”

Leaving his words to hang in the air, Carter turned around and walked out of the interrogation room.

He simply returned to the interrogation room next door quickly, where Madeline was currently in.

Just as the note-taking police officer was questioning Madeline about bigamy with Carter, the door of the interrogation room opened.

As Carter walked in with an aloof air about him, the police officer meekly left as per his superior’s wishes.

In no time, Carter and Madeline were the only two left in the solemn and quiet interrogation room.

“You certainly surprised me.” Carter was the first to speak, holding Madeline’s calm gaze. “I’d thought that, even if you were indifferent about being charged with bigamy, you’d at least consider Jeremy’s safety. I underestimated your relationship. I thought you’d rather go into prison together than let the other party face this trouble alone.”

Madeline looked calmly at that face, delicate as an iceberg. Her pink lips parted gently. “I’ve already told you earlier. You’ll regret this.”

“No, you’ll be the one who will regret this.” Carter walked in front of the table, his long and thin fingers pressed against the surface of the table before leaning toward Madeline. “Jeremy will get into trouble and you’ll be charged with bigamy.”

Madeline saw the look of glee in Carter’s eyes. She looked at him, unbothered by honor or disgrace. “Carter, I don’t know what you’re scheming in your heart, but the debt I owed you for saving my life was erased the moment you entrapped me.”

After she finished speaking, Carter only replied a few seconds later. “That’s right. I didn’t mean to save you then, but I did mean to lure you into this trap.

Finally. Carter confessed.

“You’re finally admitting to this. Back then, you deliberately tricked me into signing that marriage agreement so that you can threaten and manipulate me with it one day. However, you didn’t expect that I’d rather admit to bigamy than allow myself to fall under your manipulations.”

Carter looked at Madeline’s tenacious gaze and nodded lightly. “I certainly didn’t expect that.”

“Well, can you finally tell me? What’s your motive behind all of this?”

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