Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1621-1630

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1621
Jeremy glanced around and realized that no one had noticed him.

He had not deliberately disguised himself to be low-key, and his clothes were the same as usual. He just did not want to be deliberately low-key and attract the attention of others.

However, was it really that easy?

Jeremy pondered upon this, then turned around to thank Ada before going upstairs.

Ada watched Jeremy go upstairs and called Carter after a while.

“Jeremy is on his way.”

When Carter heard this from the other end of the phone, the corners of his lips upturned. He got up and left the study to go to the designated room.

However, after he pushed the door to go in, he found that it was empty and there was no one inside.

Madeline was not in this room, and he knew that. However, it was strange that Jeremy was not here either.

He calmly took out his phone and called Ada. “Where’s Jeremy?”

Ada was confused when she was asked this question. “He went to the room you specified. I saw him go upstairs.”

“You saw him go upstairs but did you see him enter this room?”


Ada was speechless for a moment. She lifted her head and looked at a guest room on the second floor, only to meet Carter’s cold gaze mid-air.

Carter was standing at the door of that room, and his expression looked very horrible.

He knew that Jeremy had come to St. Piaf with him. He had planned for it because he wanted to give Jeremy a taste of his own medicine to embarrass him.

However, Jeremy had not appeared in this room as he planned.

Carter immediately rushed over when he started to suspect that Jeremy might have found the room where Madeline was really located. However, he only found that several maids were helping Madeline with her makeup and dress. There was nothing unusual.

Jeremy had obviously come upstairs, but it was as if he suddenly evaporated and disappeared.

Carter could not wrap his head around this and went to look in a few other rooms, but he could not find Jeremy.

At this moment, Jeremy was rummaging through Carter’s study for what he was looking for.

He remembered Carter taking out the crystal ball from his pocket that day, so his eyes fell on the suit jacket hanging on the hanger.

He quickly walked over, and as soon as he reached out his hand, he touched the crystal ball in the jacket pocket.

At this moment, footsteps sounded from outside the door.

Jeremy quickly put away the crystal ball and swiftly retreated behind the door to hide.

After a while, he saw Carter hurriedly walking in.

Immediately afterward, Ada also appeared in the study.

“Carty, I really saw Jeremy coming upstairs. I think he must be on the second floor.”

Jeremy’s eyes glinted when he heard Ada’s words.

Sure enough, he had not guessed wrong. This woman did not genuinely want to help him. Carter and she were in on this.

They wanted to catch him.

He was now in St. Piaf, and if he fell into Carter’s trap, he would be in trouble.

“Don’t you have his contact information? Call him right now,” Carter demanded.

Ada heard the words and immediately took action. The call was quickly connected, but no one answered.

Ada looked at Carter who had an icy look on his face helplessly and uneasily. “He’s not answering my call.”

Carter raised his black eyes and glanced at the door. “I don’t think he’ll answer your call either.”

“Carty, you mean…” Ada looked at Carter whose eyes were getting more and more treacherous in confusion.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1622
The corners of Carter’s lips twitched as he slowly walked toward the door of the room.

Jeremy heard Carter’s approaching footsteps and guessed that Carter might have noticed him.


Madeline’s sudden appearance halted Carter’s footsteps that were about to reach the door.

“Cart, I’m done. Can I go down to see your relatives and friends now?” Madeline asked with a slight smile. When she saw Ada standing in the study again, she could not help but wonder, ‘She’s here too?’

Carter glanced at Ada indifferently and smiled softly at Madeline. “We still have time, so you can go back to your room and rest for a while.”

Madeline furrowed her beautiful eyebrows with slight embarrassment. “Can you accompany me? I think I’m a little nervous.”

Carter quietly glanced at the door of the study from the corners of his eyes. Then, he smiled and nodded. “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

“Okay.” Madeline smiled and displayed her sweet dimples before reaching out to grab at Carter’s sleeve.

Carter did not say much and started to keep up with Madeline’s footsteps.

Ada looked gloomily at the scene of Carter entertaining Madeline. She mumbled a few words of dissatisfaction before leaving the study.

Jeremy never thought that Madeline would appear by chance at such a crucial time, but her appearance did save him from huge trouble.

Jeremy also quickly left the study. He was trying to find where Madeline and Carter had gone to, but suddenly, he saw Carter hurriedly turning back from not far away.

Anticipating that Carter might want to go back to the study to check if he was behind the door, Jeremy decisively dodged to the corner where there was no one around.

After waiting for Carter to enter the study, he quickly ran in the direction Carter had just walked in.

As he passed the door of a guest room, Jeremy caught a glimpse of Madeline sitting inside from the corners of his eyes. He dashed in without hesitation and quickly locked the door.

Upon hearing the sound, Madeline quickly turned her head and saw Jeremy as he strode toward her solemnly.

“Jeremy, it’s you again.” Madeline’s voice was cold, and she even sounded impatient. “How many times do I have to keep telling you before you understand? Stop pestering me already.”

Jeremy did not back away when he was faced with Madeline’s repulsion.

“Linnie, I want to take you home.”

“Home? This is my home.”

“No, Linnie, this is not your home.” Jeremy looked serious and focused. “I’ll let you know where our home is soon, Linnie.”

Madeline twisted her beautiful eyebrows together. When she was about to speak, she suddenly saw Jeremy take out a crystal ball. “Eveline, look at this crystal ball now.”


As Jeremy’s voice fell, Madeline seemed to be stunned. Her eyes were looking fixedly at the crystal ball in Jeremy’s hand.

Jeremy’s heart beat faster when he saw Madeline’s reaction.

Sure enough, props were very important.

This was the prop that Carter used to hypnotize Madeline. As such, he would use this to try to break Madeline’s hypnosis.

He was indeed not a professional hypnotist, but these days, he has been studying day and night. He had learned the relevant knowledge from Cathy as well. In any case, he had to give it a try.



Jeremy was about to get to the point when the locked door was suddenly opened.

He froze before turning to see Carter walking toward him with a subtle smile.

“Jeremy, you’re very smart, but I’m not stupid either.”

Carter glanced at the crystal ball Jeremy was holding.

“Now, let me tell you the correct usage of this crystal ball.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1623
Carter finished the sentence with a deep smile and strode to Madeline with the crystal ball in his hands.

He immediately captured Madeline’s gaze and issued the instructions.

“Eveline, look into this crystal ball. From this second on, your entire body will feel relaxed. You will not be affected by anyone. Just keep in mind that the man you love most now is Carter Gray.”

Upon hearing this, Jeremy was instantly angry.

He clenched his fist and charged forward to grab Carter’s collar. He snatched the crystal ball away.

“Carter, is this how you hypnotized my wife? Eveline loves me. Do you think you can really deceive her like this and fool her forever?” Jeremy roared in a low voice. The veins on his forehead and the back of his hands were popping out. He was unable to control his emotions at the moment. If he could, he really wanted to strangle the man in front of him to death.

Carter smiled disapprovingly. “Jeremy, I advise you to let me go right away. Do you know what’s the worst thing that can happen if she gets interrupted in the middle of hypnosis?”

Seeing Carter’s triumphant eyes, Jeremy’s fingers loosened subconsciously.

He could not risk his Linnie. He could not.

Carter felt Jeremy releasing him and smiled with satisfaction. He easily broke away from Jeremy’s hand and straightened his clothes slowly. Finally, he parted his lips leisurely.

“The worst thing that can happen after getting interrupted during hypnosis is that the hypnotized person may live in hypnosis all their life, or they’ll become a semi-crazy fool after losing all their ability to think.”

Upon hearing this, Jeremy felt as if his heart had frozen. His whole body seemed to be encased in ice.

He raised his eyes to look at Madeline, and her eyes were staring at the crystal ball without focus like a puppet without a soul—waiting to be manipulated.

Jeremy felt as though his whole body was in pain at the moment. He was so powerless as he watched the love of his life being teased by others.

While he was thinking about it, Carter took away the crystal ball in his hand and continued to hypnotize Madeline even deeply.

Jeremy could only watch as Madeline listened to Carter’s instructions. She then closed her eyes, lay down on the bed, and entered a temporary state of sleep.

Jeremy could not bear this anymore. “Carter, what do you want?”

“Nothing much,” Carter said leisurely, “Glendale is a very good place. I want to start my business there.”

As he spoke, he met Jeremy’s questioning eyes with his challenging gaze.

“The young master of the number one family in Glendale seems to only have a hollow reputation. How can a man who only has women in his eyes and mind reach the pinnacle of his career?”

Jeremy stared coldly at Carter. “The woman you’re talking about is my wife. In my heart, nothing is more important than her.”

“As such, you can only lose.”

Carter smiled, and there was something sinister in that smile.

“Jeremy, since you’re here today, I’m afraid that it’ll be difficult for you to walk away again and sneak into the doors of the Louis family’s manor to steal my wife. I think you have to bear the punishment for your crime. I want you to understand how harsh the legal system in St. Piaf is.”

After Carter said that, several men who were wearing formal outfits and seemingly looked like bodyguards suddenly appeared at the door of the room.

“Get him.”

Carter issued the order.

The men rushed into the room immediately to catch Jeremy.

Jeremy glanced worriedly at Madeline who was lying on the bed. However, he had no other choice but to run to the balcony and jump off it without hesitation.

Carter had not expected Jeremy to do that.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1624
He strode to the balcony and saw that Jeremy’s figure had passed through the guests. He was walking toward the door unharmed.

Carter did not expect Jeremy to have such jumping ability. However, he could not do anything right now.

He turned back to the room and saw Madeline who was still sleeping. He glanced at the crystal ball in his hand and walked slowly to the bed to wake Madeline.

After Madeline opened her eyes, she looked dumb for a brief moment. She was confused and ignorant about everything around her like she was a child.

After a while, she regained her senses.

“I saw Jeremy coming here,” Madeline voiced out the doubt in her heart.

Carter nodded. “He was here. He tried to take you away, but I’ve already driven him away.”

Madeline frowned upon hearing this. “He’s so annoying.”

“I won’t let him bother you again,” Carter promised. “After our wedding ceremony is completed, I’ll take you back to Glendale to settle down.”

“Back to Glendale?” Madeline looked puzzled. “Why are we going back to Glendale? Isn’t it good to live here?”

“Of course, it’s good to live here,” Carter said, turning slowly to face the French window. “However, going back to Glendale is something I must do.”

Madeline looked at Carter’s tall and strong back, her eyes flickering. “Why do you say that?”

Carter was silent for a while. Then, he looked back and met Madeline’s curious and beautiful eyes with a superficial smile.

“Let’s not talk about this. Get ready and I’ll take you to see the guests in a while.”

Carter deliberately changed the subject, and Madeline did not ask anything anymore. Rather, she obediently nodded and smiled at Carter. She raised her eyes and glanced outside the balcony.

After Carter left, he looked into Jeremy’s whereabouts immediately.

However, he could only see Jeremy leaving Gray Manor from the surveillance footage. After Jeremy exited the gate, Carter did not know where Jeremy had gone for the time being.

An extremely unpleasant look appeared on his face that rarely beamed with joy. Just as he was thinking of calling someone to follow after Jeremy, Camille pushed the door open and walked into the study.

“Carter, it’s almost time. You and Eveline should get ready to meet the guests,” Camille urged, her graceful and refined face full of joy. It could be seen that she was quite satisfied with Madeline now.

The most important thing was that what had happened last time had changed her view of Madeline.

Carter could only suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart now and give a slight smile.

“I’ll call Eveline now.”

“Okay, I’ll go down first and wait for you two to come down.”

“Okay.” Carter kept the small smile on his face. After walking Camille out, he went back to the original room to find Madeline.

When he saw Madeline standing by the balcony, watching the guests walking in the garden, Carter pondered before putting a smile on his face.

“Eveline, we should go down now.”

Madeline turned around when she heard his voice and looked at the man walking toward her. She headed to the bed, and her lips parted slightly in apprehension.

“There are so many guests, Cart. What if they don’t like me?”

“Their opinions are not important, you are,” Carter said, and he seemed to hesitate for a moment. However, in the end, he still reached out his hand toward Madeline.

Madeline glanced at the palm of Carter’s hand, smiled, and placed her hand on it. However, when she was about to touch Carter’s fingertips, Madeline suddenly closed her eyes and lost her balance. She fell on the bed.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1625
It happened so suddenly that Carter could not have expected it at all.

He hurried to the bed and reached out to pat Madeline’s cheek. “Eveline, Eveline!”

Carter yelled several times, but Madeline was unresponsive.

Unsure of what had caused Madeline to pass out, Carter called the family doctor immediately.

Camille was waiting for Carter to bring Madeline downstairs when suddenly, she heard the news of Madeline fainting.

She hurriedly walked back to the bedroom and saw that the doctor had just finished examining Madeline.

“What’s the matter? How could she have fainted suddenly?” Camille asked impatiently.

After the doctor’s examination, he frowned with a troubled look on his face. “After checking, Miss Montgomery has no other problems. Her blood pressure is normal too. It may be due to hypoxia that’s due to her hypoglycemia.”

“Hypoglycemia?” Camille frowned. “Then, when will she wake up?”

“She should wake up soon.”

Camille silently breathed a sigh of relief. “Carter, you should stay here with her first. I’ll go explain to the guests.” As she said that, she dismissed the doctor and servants. “You guys should go out.”

The doctor and the servants immediately followed Camille out of the room.

The atmosphere around Carter soon quietened down. Carter stood by the bed, and after thoughtfully watching Madeline who was unconscious, he took out his crystal ball again.

‘Is it because of hypnosis?’

He asked himself as his gaze fell on Madeline’s face.

Carter reached out and touched Madeline’s eyebrows lightly.

“You really are a little special. At least, you’re causing some obstructions in my hypnotism.”

As he said that, the corners of his thin lips were slowly raised into a deep smile.

“This is good. It’ll make this more challenging.”


Camille figured that Madeline should wake up soon, but as time passed and upon seeing those guests beginning to make veiled criticisms, Camille had to bite the bullet and explain that Madeline was feeling unwell. As such, she could not attend the celebration ceremony tonight.

Although the guests were dissatisfied, they could not complain. They left one after another to prepare themselves for Carter and Madeline’s wedding the next day.

Camille escorted all the guests away with a smile and then sat down on the sofa while feeling quite tired.

Not long after sitting down, someone appeared behind her and gently massaged her.

Camille thought it was a servant, but when she looked back, she saw that it was Ada.

“Why are you here?” Camille pushed aside Ada’s hand away while feeling slightly dissatisfied. She still remembered what had happened the last time.

Ada hurriedly apologized and explained, “Aunty Cammy, I know that I was wrong the last time, so please forgive me. Carty asked me to come today. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Carty later.”

Ada said before approaching Camille and simpered, “Aunty Cammy, I don’t dare to act rashly anymore. You watched me grow up, so what bad thoughts can I have? It’s just that I like Carty so much and I don’t want Carty to be snatched away by another woman.”

Ada showed a hurt look of helplessness. She raised her hand to try to worm her way into a relationship with Camille.

“Aunty Cammy, can you truly accept Madeline as your daughter-in-law? She was married and has three children. Carty is the only descendant of the Louis family. Plus, he has royal blood. It’s really not right for him to marry such a woman.”

Camille’s face seemed to change when she heard this. “She has three children?”

“Aunty Cammy, don’t you know?” Ada showed an exaggerated expression of surprise. “Aunty Cammy, you know too little about Eveline. Do you know, this woman used to—”

“Everyone is gone, right?” Carter’s cold voice suddenly sounded from the front.

Ada closed her mouth quickly and saw the man coming from in front of her. She squeezed her fingers nervously and stood up slowly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1626
Carter’s cold gaze swept across Ada’s face. “You can go back too.”


Ada pressed her lips together. Although she was very reluctant, she did not have another choice. As such, she could only pretend to be sensible and said to Camille in concern.

“Aunty Cammy, I’ll be heading back first. You’ve been busy the whole day today. Please rest early.”

Camille waved her hand. “Go back first, then.”

Ada did not dare to say much and left soon after.

“Is she still unconscious?” Camille’s tone was slightly dissatisfied.

Carter nodded. “Maybe she has been too tense these days, so that’s why she’s like this.”

“Does she already have three children with that Jeremy guy?”

Camille suddenly changed the subject, but Carter looked calm.

“I don’t care how many children she had before this.”

“…Y-You don’t you care?” Camille was surprised and stood up. “Carter, do you like Eveline to such an extent?”

“I do.” Carter listened to the words he said and smiled vaguely. “Rest early. We still have a lot to do tomorrow.”

“…” Camille still wanted to say something, but seeing Carter bluntly turning his back toward her, she felt that it was useless to say anything more.

Late at night.

Everyone in Gray Manor had fallen asleep.

A tall and slender figure quietly entered one of the bedrooms.

Madeline, who was lying on the bed, heard the sound and suddenly opened her eyes.

In the darkness, she saw a familiar silhouette quickly approaching her.


Jeremy’s deep and alluring voice blossomed in Madeline’s ears.

Madeline sat up quickly. “Why are you here again?”

“Linnie, I’m here to take you home.” Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s wrist. Although he was anxious, he still knew the strength of his grip.

Seeing that Madeline was looking at him without speaking, Jeremy decisively pulled Madeline to the door of the room.

However, after only two steps, Madeline suddenly stopped in her tracks and escaped from Jeremy’s grip.

“Jeremy, leave now.” Madeline’s voice sounded very decisive.

In the darkness, Jeremy caught Madeline’s steadfast gaze under the moonlight.

“Leave.” Madeline insisted, saying, “Jeremy, if you continue to stay here, you’ll only place yourself in a more dangerous situation. I’m not scaring you. You saw the situation yourself earlier today.”

“As long as I can take Linnie home, I don’t care what danger I encounter.”

“But I do,” Madeline talked back indifferently, “I don’t want to see you, do you know that? Leave now. If you don’t leave, I’ll call for someone.”

Jeremy’s clenched hand loosened slightly, but he still could not bear to let go.

Madeline furrowed her eyebrows and shook off Jeremy’s palm suddenly. “Get lost!”

It was unknown whether Madeline’s movement was too abrupt and shocking, but Jeremy was thrown to the side and ended up slamming into the wall.

He let out a muffled sound of pain, and his body doubled over reflexively.

Madeline saw Jeremy touching his ankle subconsciously. Even though the moonlight was not so bright, she still saw that Jeremy’s face was gradually turning pale. She felt her heartstrings tightening. “Jeremy, what happened to you?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1627
Madeline immediately turned on the lights, and at a glance, she saw blood seeping from Jeremy’s left ankle glaringly.

He was hurt.

It seemed that the injury was serious.

Jeremy looked down at the bleeding wound on his ankle. Despite the discomfort, he endured the pain to return to Madeline.

“Linnie, I can’t just watch you wed another man. I must take you out of here now.”

Madeline’s gaze stayed for a moment at Jeremy’s injured ankle, then she raised her tough and unyielding eyes.

“I won’t leave.” She was still so determined. “Jeremy, for the sake of our previous relationship as husband and wife, I’ll give you a chance to leave now. You’d better not throw yourself into this trap, do you understand?”

She stared at Jeremy’s increasingly lonely and hurt deep eyes. “Get out of here now.”

Jeremy stared into Madeline’s firm eyes. Suddenly, he tugged the corners of his lips into a smile. “Okay, I’ll leave right away.”

“There seem to be some strange movements in the room.” Suddenly, a maid’s voice came from outside the door.

“I wasn’t mistaken just now, someone really did sneak in!”

“How dare this bold thief come and steal things from Gray Manor?!”

Two or three sets of footsteps outside the door got closer and closer, accompanied by the voices.

After a while, the door of the room suddenly opened.

Madeline, who was standing by the bed, raised her eyes in shock.

When the two maids saw Madeline awake, they were startled and hurriedly apologized.

“Sorry Miss Montgomery, we heard sounds in the room and you were unconscious earlier, so we thought someone had sneaked into your room.”

The maid said and looked around in the room.

“Sorry, Miss Montgomery, I’m sorry to have bothered you. It’s great that you’re awake. Mr. Carter was worried about you all night.”

Madeline nodded slightly. “Thank you for your concern, I just woke up.”

“ I’ll tell Mr. Carter that you’re awake now.”

“No.” Madeline hurriedly stopped her. “It’s late, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

The maid also felt that it made sense. As such, she apologized again, closed the door, and left.

Madeline walked to the door before locking it. Then, she turned off the lights in the room and turned to the balcony.

However, after two steps, she remembered something. After she fumbled for a while in the dark room, she came to the balcony.

Although the moonlight tonight was not as bright, it was enough for Jeremy to see clearly what Madeline had brought over.

It was a small first aid kit.

Madeline squatted down and put the first aid kit down. She quickly took out the cotton pad soaked with alcohol and the gauze used for bandaging.

Jeremy did not speak. He just watched Madeline treat his wound in silence.

However, he vaguely saw that when Madeline was looking at his injury, her eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

He had jumped off from the balcony smoothly this afternoon, but something sharp had accidentally cut into his left ankle.

It only hurt a while at the time. After he got home though, he found that the wound was a bit deep.

In addition to that, he twisted his ankle just now when he was aggressively thrown to the side by Madeline. That was why blood oozed out from his carelessly bandaged wound.

When the cotton pad with alcohol touched his wound, a sharp pain spread instantly.

Jeremy frowned. He also spotted Madeline frowning with him.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1628
This response from Madeline was like a cure for the wound. Suddenly, Jeremy felt that it was worth it even if he was hurting.

He raised his hand naturally, and his cool fingertips landed on Madeline’s cheek.

Madeline paused. She did not resist. Instead, she just moved quicker to wrap the gauze around his ankle before putting away the first aid kit.

“Come with me.”

She stood up as she spoke. Under the dim light, she accurately found the door.

Jeremy understood what Madeline meant. She was going to take him out of here.

Even if Madeline’s expression was very cold and indifferent at this moment, Jeremy did not think so anymore.

Madeline bypassed the places where the maids who were still awake might pass by and led Jeremy to the back door.

“Go now.” Her attitude was still so cold and resolute.

Jeremy nodded very obediently this time. “Okay, I’ll leave right away, but Linnie, I won’t let you continue to stay in this place alone.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy after hearing the words.

The smile on Jeremy’s lips became deeper. “Linnie, wait for me.”

After speaking these last four words, Jeremy finally left Gray Manor decisively.

Madeline raised her eyes and looked in the direction Jeremy left. A faint light flashed in her eyes.

After standing in place for a while, Madeline was about to return to the room.

However, as soon as she turned around, she felt as if a pair of eyes were looking at her from somewhere.

She stopped and pondered for a few seconds before slowly raising her beautiful eyes.

Under the bright moonlight, her clear eyes met Carter’s deep and bottomless black pupils.

He was standing on the balcony of the living room on the second floor. He was wearing a dark blue night robe and holding a glass of red wine in his right hand. He was gently swaying the dark red liquid in the wine glass.

He looked at Madeline, curled his lips slightly, and showed an unpredictable smile.

Madeline looked into his eyes, and they looked at each other for a few seconds before she moved forward.

She went to the living room on the second floor and saw Carter standing at the same spot. His tall and handsome back was shrouded in the moonlight, exuding a mysterious and dark light.

Madeline approached him. Just when she was about to speak, Carter turned around.

“When did you wake up?” he asked, seemingly concerned.

Madeline smiled slightly. “I woke up just a while ago. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

Carter took a sip of the red wine. The curve on the corners of his lips somehow became more sinister.

“It’s only natural that I’m worried about you,” he said as he walked up to Madeline. He raised his palm and gently placed it on Madeline’s shoulder before patting it gently. “Do you still feel unwell?”

Madeline raised her hand to touch her forehead and furrowed her eyebrows slightly. “I still feel a little dizzy.”

“Really?” Carter frowned suspiciously. “Why did you faint suddenly? Did you feel unwell?”

“I don’t know what happened. I was very dizzy and then I lost consciousness.”

“I see.” Carter smiled insipidly, but it looked as if he was not fully convinced. “Why did you run downstairs in the wind after you woke up? It’s winter now, don’t you feel cold?”

“After sleeping for so long, I felt a little bored, so I wanted to get some fresh air,” Madeline explained with a smile. Then, she asked, “Cart, why are you standing out here drinking at such a late hour?”

Carter smiled, took another sip of red wine, and said slowly, “I’m admiring a woman. I wonder what kind of woman she is to not only have extraordinary endurance, perseverance, but also extraordinary acting skills.”


“Eveline, you’re not under hypnosis anymore, right?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1629
Upon hearing this, Madeline’s eyes froze for a second.

She stared at the deep smiling eyes in front of her, and suddenly, a shuddering sensation came up from the soles of her feet.

This man had seen through her, but he was so calm.

When he saw that Madeline was silent and did not look like she was going to conceal or defend herself, Carter’s eyes had a touch of appreciation.

“Can you tell me when this happened?” Carter asked mildly, “When did the hypnosis break?”

Madeline changed her docile attitude that she had from before. At this moment, her eyes were full of sharpness and even her tone suddenly became increasingly rigid.

“Then can you also tell me what’s your purpose for doing this? Why are you collecting information about my husband and why do you want to hypnotize me to instill that kind of information? Also, what’s your purpose of bringing me here?”

Madeline voiced out all of the doubts in her mind. After the series of questions left her lips, Carter laughed lowly.

He put down the wine glass in his hand. “There’s no purpose. I just think it’s very interesting.”

As soon as Madeline heard this, she knew Carter was hiding something. Of course, Madeline would not believe him.

“Carter, you saved me back then and I’m very grateful to you, but you can’t use this as a condition to deceive me into signing a marriage agreement with you.”

“I thought I was helping you solve your problem with Ada, and I believed you when you said that the engagement agreement was just for display, but in fact, it turned out to be a marriage certificate.”

Carter nodded and smiled without denying it. “Yes, according to St. Piaf’s marriage system, you’re now my legal wife. However, at the same time, you and Jeremy have a marriage contract, so strictly speaking, you’ve committed bigamy.”

“So this was how you threatened Jeremy last time and that’s why he agreed to let you take me away.”

“As you said, that’s what I told him,” Carter admitted magnanimously. “Eveline, if you don’t want Jeremy to get into trouble, I hope you can continue to cooperate with me.”

“Cooperate with you to continue this fake act to torture my husband?”

Carter smiled and asked, “Didn’t you want to continue this as well? Otherwise, why would you pretend to still be hypnotized by me?”

“…” Madeline was speechless for a while.

She had indeed been pretending to be hypnotized, but her purpose in doing so was to thoroughly understand Carter’s purpose.

However, it seemed that this man was not so easily deceived now.

“Was it that time?”

Suddenly, Carter asked again and then said out the guess in his heart.

“I went to find you at that man named Adam’s house that day. In the beginning, the woman named Cathy was helping you to break the hypnosis. In fact, she was really good, and she was almost done. However, she did not get to the final step because she needed the crystal ball that was used to hypnotize you. Although she also had a crystal ball, it wasn’t the same one.”

He narrowed his eyes and said the conclusion.

“Because of my appearance at the time and me shaking the crystal ball in front of you, it happened to make you completely wake up under Cathy’s order.”

After saying this, Carter paused. He looked directly into Madeline’s eyes.

“Am I right?”

“So what if it is? No matter what, I can’t let you hypnotize me a second time.”

Madeline’s eyes were firm, and her tone sounded as if she would not take any other opinions.

“Since you’ve seen through me, I can’t inquire anything from you. As such, our cooperation will end here.”

When she finished speaking, she turned around quickly. Carter looked at Madeline’s turned back and gently swirled the red wine in his glass. Suddenly he raised his eyebrows and waved his arm, throwing the wine glass heavily on the ground.

The glass quickly shattered, making a crisp and harsh sound.

Madeline stopped in her tracks abruptly. When she was about to turn her head, she saw maids and bodyguards rushing over to her.

Carter still had a calm smile on his face as he said casually, “Send Miss Montgomery back to her room.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1630
“Yes, Mr. Carter,” one of the maids quickly responded and walked to Madeline’s side.

Madeline glanced at Carter who was as calm as ever and then at the doughty bodyguards beside him. She did not have another choice except to go back to the room.

After returning, Madeline looked at the remaining bloodstains on the floor. When she thought of Jeremy bleeding out in pain just now, her heart ached.


Madeline fiddled with the wedding ring on her ring finger. When she thought about her cold attitude toward Jeremy before, she felt even more embarrassed.


The door was suddenly opened again.

Madeline looked up and saw Carter holding the doorknob as he stood leisurely in front of the room.

“Tomorrow’s wedding ceremony will be held as usual. I hope Miss Montgomery can continue to cooperate with me. I think you should also want to see Jeremy leave St. Piaf safely.”

After he said that, Carter closed the door decisively.

Madeline clenched her fingers and looked at the moon outside the French windows.

‘Jeremy, I’ve taken the wrong step.

‘I shouldn’t have acted on my own initiative.’

Madeline suffered all night in self-blame. When the sky started to turn bright the next day, a maid came in and announced to Madeline that she was here to help her get dressed.

Thinking of Carter’s threatening words of reminder last night, Madeline chose to cooperate.

After more than half an hour of torment, Camille came in. Her dress today looked more luxurious, looking as if she was dripping in jewels.

Camille also did not know that Madeline had only pretended to pass out yesterday. When she saw Madeline looking better today, she was very satisfied and relieved.

“Don’t faint suddenly again. Today is your wedding day with Carter.”

Madeline looked at herself in the mirror and quickly stood up.

The maid who was doing her makeup looked at Madeline in surprise.

“Miss Montgomery…”

“Mrs. Gray, I need to ask you for a favor.” Madeline landed her gaze on Camille’s face, seeking help.

Camille was surprised as she stared blankly at Madeline. “How can I help you?”

Madeline looked at the maids beside her. “Please go out. I have something to say to Mrs. Gray alone.”

The maids took a look at Camille before leaving.

“What’s the matter? You can tell me now,” Camille asked.

Madeline was straightforward and honest. “Mrs. Gray, to be frank, Carter and I don’t have any feelings for each other at all. He doesn’t like me and I’m not interested in him. He had saved me once before, so I helped him make Ada leave. Our relationship is fake, and Jeremy and I are still married.”

“…” Camille’s expression changed suddenly. “What? It’s fake? Then now…”

“It’s impossible for me and Carter to appear in front of so many people as a couple.”


Camille’s face looked more horrible. Then, at this moment, Carter pushed open the door and walked in.

He was wearing a decently tailored limited edition suit, looking radiant and graceful.

Carter frowned in confusion when he saw Camille’s gloomy face. “Did something happen?”

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