Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 161-170

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 161
When he heard Madeline’s words, Jeremy’s face went cold.

He pressed his thin lips tightly together and grabbed Madeline’s chin all of a sudden.

Madeline did not expect him to do this. However, she managed to quickly dodge away. “Mr. Witman, you have a fiancée. Please have some respect for yourself.” She reminded him.

However, Jeremy’s face was icy as he stared piercingly at Madeline. “You say you’re not her, but do you have the guts to show me your left chest area?”

He would never forget the mole on Madeline’s left chest. It was extremely glaring on her fair and smooth skin.

After he said that, Madeline’s face fell.

“Mr. Whitman, are you joking? Do you think I’ll let you see that part of my body? Please let go of me.”

He stared at the beautiful eyes in front of him. “Are you feeling guilty? Is that why you won’t show me? Madeline, why aren’t you dead yet?”

‘Why didn’t you come back to me if you’re alive and well?’

‘Why am I not dead yet?

‘Am I such an obstacle in your life just because I’m alive? Do you want me to die again so badly?’

After he said that, Madeline smiled. “Mr. Whitman, you’re hilarious. I told you my name is Vera Quinn. I’m not your ex-wife, Madeline Crawford. If you don’t let me go, I’ll call the cops.”

At this moment, a car stopped next to Madeline. The window of the car was rolled down and a woman’s voice called out to her.

“Vera, I heard you won the auction and you’re now the owner of the shop. Let’s go have a few drinks to celebrate! Who’s that? Why is he holding your hand?”

Jeremy felt that this questioning voice sounded extremely annoying. Then, he heard Madeline introducing him calmly. “This is the young master from the most influential family in Glendale. He’s also the president of Crawford Corporation, Mr. Jeremy Whitman.”

“Oh, it’s him. Why is he holding your hand?”

Madeline chuckled lightly. “He says I look like his dead ex-wife.”

“Pah! There are so many similar-looking people in this world and you look like someone who died? Say, Mr. Whitman, is this a trick to get to know Vera? I’ve seen all kinds of cheap tricks, but there are too many men out there who want to get to know our Vera. If you’re interested, you can get in line.”

Jeremy’s face became icier when he heard that. His bottomless eyes were still glued on Madeline.

Madeline used this chance to retract her hand. Then, she got into the car.

In an instant, Jeremy felt an emptiness in his hand. At the same time, he felt his heart getting empty as well.

“I’ll see you when I see you, Mr. Whitman.”

Madeline sat in the car and smiled at Jeremy. Then, the window was rolled up slowly.

The car drove further away. Madeline looked at the tiny figure in the rearview mirror and lifted her hand to tidy the hair on her forehead.

Jeremy stood in place as the darkness of the night blurred his vision.

They had the same face, but she said she was not her.

Jeremy frowned.

His heart started beating normally again.

Indeed, she was not.

Madeline would not have that sharp and mature gaze. Plus, she would also not have such a thought-provoking smile.

She had always been simple, and she simply loved him for so many years.

Jeremy’s heart sank once again.

Meredith had looked all over for Jeremy before she finally found him. “Jeremy, why are you here? The woman just now…”

Jeremy ignored Meredith and just went straight home.

On the way, he contacted his trusted assistant, Ken Baker. “Investigate a woman named Vera Quinn for me. I need the information tomorrow morning.”

On this night, Jeremy tossed and turned in bed. In the end, he could only fall asleep with the special aromatherapy kit.

The next morning, he sped to the office. Ken followed behind him and handed him the information he got. When Ken looked at the photo of the woman, his expression was abnormal.

“Mr. Whitman, isn’t this Madeline, your ex-wife who has been dead for three years?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 162
After Jeremy heard that, his hands froze as they were trying to flip open the documents. “You’re dismissed.”

Ken did not ask much before leaving.

Jeremy flipped through the documents quickly, and the information on them was simple.

Vera Quinn was from F Country. She grew up in F Country and had never come to Glendale before. She studied psychology in university and had lots of interests. There was close to zero information about her social life.

It just stated that she had a very close male friend.

Her boyfriend.

Jeremy felt a thorn in his heart. When he first met her in KFC, he remembered she was wearing a ring on her ring finger.

Was she engaged?

Jeremy lit a cigarette and white smoke escaped from his lips. The smoke then blurred his expression.

While looking at this photo, his mind started to wander.

After a short while, Jeremy started to put his attention on Ava.

Back then, Ava was the one who brought Madeline’s body to the funeral parlor. When he got there, she was the one who walked out with the urn.

He never suspected whether it was Madeline’s ashes or not.

However, now…

Jeremy went to Ava’s office and followed her for the entire day. He also hired someone to track Ava’s calls for the past few days but found nothing suspicious.

Ava was Madeline’s best friend. If she was still alive, it was impossible for her not to contact Ava.

Although, she could intentionally choose not to contact Ava so that he would not be suspicious.

If he was able to do a DNA test on the ashes, he would have done it.

Unfortunately, he could not.

Madeline woke up early and braided her daughter’s hair. Then, she sent the little girl to kindergarten.

When she was about to leave, Madeline turned around and her attention was attracted by a little boy who was talking toward the entrance.

Madeline could tell immediately that it was Jackson.

Since it had been three years, he would be five years old now. His young and childish face changed a lot. He looked more handsome now and his eyes looked similar to Jeremy’s.

This was Jeremy and Meredith’s child. Madeline knew she did not hate or resent Jackson, but every time she saw him, she would recall her child who had died tragically.

Madeline pursed her lips as the fire of resentment rose in her heart uncontrollably.

At this moment, Jackson spotted Madeline.

There was shock on his cute face. “Maddie,” he called out to Madeline.

Madeline unclenched her fists in secret and smiled gently at Jackson.

“Are you calling me, little boy?”

Jackson was curious about Madeline’s question. His long and thin eyes looked at Madeline up and down in puzzlement. Then, he averted his gaze quickly. “I’m sorry, I got the wrong person.” After he said that, he walked to the front door.

“Jackson.” At this moment, Jeremy’s voice sounded from not far away.

Madeline stopped in her tracks. She turned around to look at him.

Jeremy was walking over with a frigid and elegant aura surrounding him.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but when she looked into Jeremy’s eyes, she felt that it was abnormally glaring.

Jeremy looked at Madeline thought-provokingly. Then, he walked to Jackson and handed him his lunchbox.

Jackson took the lunchbox before leaving. The father and son did not say anything to each other, looking more like strangers instead.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 163
Jeremy was already quite used to meeting her this way. He raised his eyebrows, gazing deeply at Madeline’s unblemished, picturesque face.

He obviously did not forget that there used to be two deep wounds on the right side of Madeline’s face. Those wounds never really healed, up until the day she stopped breathing.

However, the face in front of him had a flawless smile, and her skin was completely smooth. In short, she was stunning.

“Miss Vera, our fates seem quite intertwined,” Jeremy said in a casual tone.

Madeline looked at the man in front of her and let out a vibrant smile. “It seems like Mr. Whitman is quite sober today. You’re no longer mistaking me for your dead ex-wife.”

Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows, looking quite dissatisfied.

However, he did not voice it out and instead continued smiling as he said, “I wonder if I can have the honor of treating you to dinner?”

Madeline knitted her eyebrows together. “Dinner might not be possible, but I’m free for lunch today.”

Jeremy was very happy at Madeline’s agreement.

However, the happiness lasted for only two seconds before his heart started to ache.

He suddenly thought of Madeline.

He recalled the days when they were married, how she would prepare his meals every day, waiting for him to get home. However, he never once treated her well.

Now, he was trying to use this woman who looked exactly like Madeline to regain the happiness and love that used to be his.

Madeline went back to the store, checking on the renovations as she prepared for the grand opening.

Before it even struck 11, Jeremy arrived.

Jeremy had changed his car. He was currently driving a white limited edition sports car.

As he stopped in front of the shop, he drew quite a lot of attention. The attention was all focused on Jeremy when he got out of the car.

He was a young man in his prime, coupled with Jeremy’s flawless looks, he was the dream guy in every woman’s heart.

He opened the door for Madeline in a gentlemanly manner before leaving.

As Madeline sat on the passenger seat, she could not help but mock him in her heart. She had loved him so much before and even married him. However, he hated her and thought she was filthy. He never even let her touch his car, let alone sit on the passenger seat.

However, he now invited a woman he only knew for more than a day to sit in his car.

It was obvious to her how low her position in his heart was back then.

Jeremy brought Madeline to the restaurant in the middle of the city. Madeline remembered this restaurant very clearly.

They even sat in the exact spot next to the window. Even though they had changed since then, she never forgot the humiliation she suffered at his hands.

Jeremy ordered a few dishes, and Madeline remembered that they were pretty much the same as what was ordered that day. Even the drinks were the same.

‘So, he still thinks I’m his despicable dead ex-wife? Did he invite me for a meal just to investigate?’

“Miss Vera, it’s your first time in the city, and you probably don’t know much about our local specialties. I’ve specifically ordered these dishes for you. They’re all signature dishes of the restaurant. Please have a try.”

“Thank you, Mr. Whitman, but I’m quite partial to grapes, and the best drink to pair with steak is wine. Do you mind ordering a bottle of wine for me?”

Jeremy paused for a second before shooting her a seductive smile. “Of course.”

Meredith had felt that something was off since last night. She kept feeling like Jeremy seemed to be interested in the woman who stole the store from him.

She got someone to follow Jeremy at the start of the day, and she received a slew of photos of Jeremy together with another person thanks to that.

The photos were taken outside of Jeremy’s view, and they had to be sneakily taken, so they were not very clear. However, there was the obvious silhouette of a woman. It was just that the woman’s face could not be seen.

“Seductress!” Meredith exploded in anger.

The moment she knew Jeremy brought that woman to the restaurant, Meredith immediately grabbed her bag and rushed over there.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 164
When Meredith reached the place, she immediately saw Jeremy sitting next to the window. Even if she had only seen his back, Meredith would never mistaken him for anyone else.

However, Meredith did not see another woman sitting in front of Jeremy. After thinking about it, she figured that the woman could have just gone to the washroom. Meredith did not bother greeting Jeremy and headed straight to the washroom instead.

Looking around, she failed to find anyone who was wearing the same outfit as the woman in the picture she saw.

Meredith cursed in her heart before tidying her appearance and putting on her best smile to go look for Jeremy. However, the moment she headed over, she noticed that Jeremy had disappeared as well.

She hurried down the elevator but only managed to see Jeremy’s white-colored sports car speeding away in front of her, and in the passenger seat was a woman.

Meredith gritted her teeth in anger, immediately calling Jeremy. The phone call went through, but no one answered.

At night, Madeline was earnestly designing some new jewelry on her computer when a little girl ran next to her. She climbed up her leg and into her embrace. It was just like a kitten cozying up to a human.

“Mommy, Mommy, I met another boy today. He gave me a cute lollipop. I really liked it.”

Madeline looked down at the little girl who was cuter than a doll, kissing her tenderly as she said, “Is that so? Then did you give the boy something back?”

“Yes!” Lily nodded earnestly. “I gave the boy the yellow duck you gave me, but he said he didn’t want it.”

“Is that so…”

“I know, I’ll give this to Jackie tomorrow!” Lily suddenly jumped off Madeline and ran toward the coffee table.

Madeline’s expression changed subtly. “Lily, what’s the boy’s name?”

“Jackson Whitman. He has the same surname as I do!”

Madeline was stunned and momentarily speechless. Suddenly, the phone rang, snapping her back to reality.

Looking at the caller, Madeline immediately picked it up. A man’s gentle tone could be heard from the other end. “Are you used to being back in Glendale?”

“Yes.” Madeline nodded, going silent for a few seconds before asking, “When will you be back?”

The man astutely realized something was off. “Did something happen?”

“Lily met Jackson Whitman. She seems to like him, so I’m a little worried.”

“Both of them are just little kids. Don’t overthink it. Nothing will happen, so get some rest.”

Madeline calmed down significantly after listening to his words. She smiled. “You should get some rest as well. Good night.”

Her mind was still active after the call.

If not for that man, she would have died years ago.

Instead, her dreams came through and she was living the life she always wanted. She even had the ability to return to Glendale to seek revenge.

Madeline managed to find some pictures of Jeremy and Meredith’s engagement from the internet. Remembering how she had gone there to offer her ‘gift’, her expression drastically changed.

Meredith’s birthday as the daughter of the Montgomeries was fast approaching. That day, Madeline would give her a birthday she would never forget.

In the few days that followed, Madeline was very busy preparing for the opening ceremony of her shop on First Crystal Street.

No one knew what she had gone through in the past three years.

Behind everyone’s clueless backs, she knew that she had to make herself even more powerful in order to make the ones she hated pay the price.

In the following days, Meredith noticed that Jeremy had pretty much visited the shop at Crystal Street every day. He never entered and only waited inside his car, but Meredith could clearly see that he was always talking to a woman.

She clearly saw that the woman’s silhouette was the same as the woman she had an incident with at KFC—the same woman who looked incredibly similar to Madeline. After investigating, she found out that the woman was called Vera Quinn.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 165
Meredith felt like she was in trouble, so she once again put on a show of spraining her foot. She made Rose exaggerate the story of her injury to Jeremy, wanting to trick him into visiting her at the Montgomery household.

The room was large and beautiful, elegantly decorated. Even the cloakroom was filled with various luxury goods.

Meredith was obviously enjoying everything that should have belonged to Madeline. She had never felt a shred of remorse, and even Brittany’s death caused her to swell with pride at how decisively she handled it.

Only an intelligent and capable woman like her deserved the life of the upper society.

Madeline and Brittany were unworthy of being her opponents.

As such, how could she possibly lose to Vera Quinn—a woman who had appeared out of nowhere?!

While indulging in her own thoughts, Meredith heard the sound of Jeremy’s footsteps. She immediately lay in bed like a frail patient, putting on a pair of pitiful eyes. “Jeremy, you’ve come to see me.”

Jeremy saw Meredith’s right leg wrapped up in bandages and asked, “Are you alright?”

“Since you’re here, I’ll be fine.” Meredith reached out her hand to Jeremy, craving to touch him.

However, Jeremy did not hold her hand and stopped his advance. “Since you’re fine, I’ll just head off for now. I still have a lot of things to do.”

Meredith was stunned as her expression changed immediately. “Jeremy, don’t go!”

She pretended to fall off the bed in agitation, sobbing as she reached for Jeremy.

“Jeremy, don’t go! Please don’t leave me!” As she cried, she immediately put on a hurt face.

“Jeremy, why have you been treating me so coldly? It’s been three years. Why are you still unwilling to marry me? Have you stopped loving me? Did you forget your promise of making me your wife all those years ago? Did Madeline’s death cause you to believe her slander, that it was me who blinded her?”

Jeremy stopped in his steps, her words causing his face to visibly freeze.


Why did he feel like that word was a joke?


Meredith was still trying to continue when Jeremy’s phone rang. As soon as he picked it up, the graceful and clear voice of a woman could be heard on the other end. “Mr. Whitman, thank you for the flowers. I like them a lot.”

The room was very quiet, so quiet that Meredith immediately recognized the voice as belonging to Vera!

Her heart was immediately filled with rage as she listened to Jeremy speaking to that woman in a warm tone. She felt like exploding on the spot!

“Get some rest. I’m going to get some work done,” Jeremy said coldly before leaving.

Not long after that, Meredith heard the sound of a car starting outside her window. She jumped up in embarrassment and anger, throwing things around her room in frustration.

After venting out her anger, she changed into a set of expensive clothes and picked up an expensive bag before rushing over to the shop on First Crystal Street.

When she got there, the front of the store was filled with flowers. Soon, she managed to spot the basket that Jeremy had given, causing Meredith’s rage to soar.

She went inside while forcing herself to maintain a smile as she wanted to protect her graceful image in front of everyone.

There were a lot of shops around here and she was afraid that she would be photographed by someone.

However, recalling that Jeremy had basically forgotten her for this woman, Meredith struggled to maintain the smile on her face.

“Vera Quinn! Who’s Vera Quinn? Come out!” she shouted, attracting a lot of attention.

A female staff member immediately went outside. “Miss, do you need anything from our boss?”

“Boss?” Meredith smiled coldly, arrogance shining in her eyes as she said, “Where’s Vera Quinn? Tell her I wish to see her!”

Meredith was just done shouting when she felt someone come up behind her. “I’m Vera. Miss Crawford, we meet again.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 166
When Meredith heard the voice, her eyes lit up in fury.

These three years, she had been quite unhappy with Jeremy’s cold treatment. Now, this woman came out of nowhere to attract Jeremy’s attention, causing her to snap in anger.

However, due to the incident at KFC, Meredith was working hard to control her temper. She put on a smile as she said, “So you’re that Vera woman who has been getting very close to my fiancé lately…”

She said those words as she turned around. However, before she could even finish her sentence, she gazed upon Madeline’s beautiful and smiling face that instantly made her freeze.

Her eyes widened as she gaped at the face in front of her in disbelief.

“How, how… Madeline?!” Meredith’s tongue was tied as she retreated. “How is this possible…”

She denied it in her heart.

‘How is that possible?!

‘That blind b*tch had long since turned into ashes, so how could she appear in front of me like this now!

‘That’s impossible!’

Madeline smiled as she looked at the rapidly changing expressions on Meredith’s face. Her frantic expression gave Madeline quite a bit of comfort.

‘Meredith Crawford, so you do understand what fear is.’

“Miss Crawford, are you okay? You look quite unwell. Do you want me to send you to the hospital?”

Madeline walked closer toward Meredith, but the latter frantically retreated in fright.

Looking at her honest reaction, Madeline smiled and said, “What’s wrong, Miss Crawford? Why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost? Do you think I’m going to eat you?”

Meredith finally composed herself at those words, furiously putting on an astonished face. “Madeline, you’re not dead?”

She stared at that beautiful face, uttering, “How is that possible? How are you still alive? Your eyes, your face…” How did they recover so flawlessly?!

Looking at Meredith’s astonished look, Madeline suddenly feigned realization. “I think you’re mistaking me for that dead Madeline just like Mr. Whitman?”

Meredith stared at Madeline in suspicion. “What you mean is that you’re not Madeline?”

Madeline smiled, adopting a casual posture as she stood in her high heels in front of Meredith. “Miss Crawford, you’re free to take a good look. Do I really look that much like your dead sister?”

Madeline was a little taller than Meredith, and she was smiling as she looked down. Meredith looked up for a while before slowly composing herself. After a few seconds, she let out a cold laugh like nothing had happened.

“You do look quite alike, but you’re very different from Maddie.” Meredith’s attitude changed drastically as she looked at Madeline in contempt. “My sister was obedient and mindful. She wouldn’t have seduced an engaged man like what you’re doing now!”

Meredith made sure to shout that last sentence loudly, causing the workers and customers in the store to look at Madeline curiously.

“Vera Quinn, I’m here today to tell you this. If you care at all about your reputation, you should stop seducing my fiancé. I’ll never let anyone destroy my marriage!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 167
“Miss Crawford, you’re free to shut up if you don’t know how to speak properly. No one will think you’re mute if you don’t talk. Mr. Crawford and I have done nothing out of the ordinary. Even if you don’t trust me, surely you should trust your own fiancé?”


“If my memory serves me right, even Miss Crawford was a mistress before this. Don’t you think the words that are coming out of your mouth are quite funny?”

Meredith was speechless as her face soured. She saw that the gazes surrounding them were quickly changing, so she adopted a look as if she was wronged.

“Miss Quinn, I don’t know where you heard those rumors from, but I’ve always been together with Jeremy. It’s my sister Madeline who fell in love with him and hatched a plot to sleep with him, forcing Jeremy to marry her. Now, Madeline is already dead, so I don’t enjoy bringing this up, but I won’t allow anyone to insult me like that!”

“You won’t allow anyone to insult you, but it’s fine if you insult me to my face? Miss Crawford, I heard that you’re the daughter of the Montgomery family. Does a noble lady like you think she’s above basic manners?”

Meredith was speechless, but she reacted quickly. She reddened her eyes as she gently said, “Miss Quinn, I didn’t mean it like that. I just love Jeremy so much, which is why I… I’m sorry, I’ve troubled you.”

Meredith said those words and walked away tearfully.

After a while, two other people walked into the shop. Madeline would never forget the evil faces of Rose and Jon Crawford.

She once believed that they really did treat her as their own daughter. However, it was all proven false in the end. She had treated them with such loyalty, but they still decided to beat her up, even almost costing her her life.

Madeline naturally knew they were here to question her under Meredith’s orders. The moment the two of them stepped inside, they were looking around frantically.

A young worker politely greeted them. “Do you two need any recommendations?”

Rose and Jon dismissively looked at the jewelry on display. “We want to buy a bracelet for our daughter, but we don’t know how to pick one out. Ask your supervisor to recommend something to us.

Their goal was obvious, and when Madeline heard their words, she casually turned around.

When the staff saw Madeline, he greeted her. “Miss Vera, the two customers here wish to pick out a bracelet for their daughter. Are you free to help them?”

Madeline smiled. “Of course.” She walked toward Rose and Jon after that.

When they looked at the source of the voice and saw Madeline walking over, they were instantly surprised.

They had done so many wicked things, so it was hard not to be frightened when looking at Madeline’s face.


“You… How are you still alive?!”

Rose and Jon said at the same time.

Madeline furrowed her eyebrows when she heard that and proceeded to put on a casual smile. “It seems like I really do look quite a bit like this woman named Madeline. Did the two of you come here because you were curious about how I look?”

“Look like? You’re definitely Madeline!” Rose pointed at Madeline accusingly. “I’ll never forget your face even if I die! Speak up, why are you not dead? What have you come back for? Are you trying to ruin Meredith and Jeremy’s relationship? How could you be so despicable?! So what if you’re alive? I’ll kill you anyway, you despicable b*tch!”

A slew of insults flew out of Rose’s mouth as she raised her hand up and aimed it right at Madeline’s face.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 168

Not only did Rose’s slap not hurt Madeline at all, but she was currently holding onto her wrist tightly.

Madeline still vividly remembered all those slaps and beatings she had suffered before.

The moment she regained her sight, she had sworn to herself that she would never let anyone bully her again!

“You, let me go!” Rose shouted as she struggled in anger.

However, Madeline was quite strong. Thanks to the strength her hatred had given her, she was no longer a weakling anyone could pick on!

“Madam, please watch your tone! If you’re here as a customer, I’ll welcome you anytime. However, if you’re here to cause trouble, then get lost right now!” Madeline’s eyes were piercing as she put force into uttering every word, looking very imperious.

Rose stared for a few seconds, seemingly shocked into silence by Madeline’s imposing manner.

At that time, Jon started to get angry. He reached out to help Rose.

However, Madeline did not give him a chance. She immediately pushed Rose’s hand away. Rose did not manage to stabilize herself and her fat body went tumbling into Jon.

Jon had wanted to avoid the crash, but he was not quick enough. Rose caused him to slam into one of the counters as the two of them fell down, even causing the accessories on the counter to fall as well.

“Ouch!” Rose shouted in pain before shouting, “Madeline, you b*tch!”

Madeline sneered as her eyes lit up in anger.

Was she going to make a scene just because of that?

That was barely a scratch compared to everything the two of them had done to her!

Rose and Jon angrily stood up before turning around to prepare to curse at Madeline when a staff member next to them picked up the broken accessories. “Two of you, you’ve broken our accessories. According to the law, you need to pay for all of them!”

“Pay for what?! I only fell down because that btch pushed me!” Rose pointed at Madeline. “Madeline you btch, you don’t even know how to die properly! You dare push me? I’ll kill you right now!”

Rose was preparing to rush over, but Madeline stepped forward without even intending to retreat. She could not bother to put up with any more nonsense and took out her phone right away. “Officer, I’m here at First Crystal Street. There are two crazy people causing a scene here. One of them is saying that she wants to kill me. I’m scared, so please send someone here immediately to take care of them.”

“What? You dare make a police report?! You even said we’re crazy people?! Madeline, you seem to have forgotten how we taught you last time. How we lacerated your skin until you didn’t even dare to lift a finger! Look at you pretending right now! You…”

“So you treated Madeline Crawford like that in the past? I’m quite curious, who exactly are you? Did Madeline kill your entire family? Why are you still holding onto your grudge against her even though she’s dead?”

“Madeline, stop pretending! You’re obviously Madeline!”

Rose was going to make a move again, but security came just in time and stopped both Rose and Jon.

Not long after that, the police arrived as well.

Meredith had been sitting in a car outside waiting for the results, but she did not expect to see the police.

She did not know what happened, but she saw Rose and Jon being taken into a police car.

Only after an hour did Meredith finally see Rose and Jon walk out of the station.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 169
She immediately brought Rose and Jon to the little villa they stayed in nowadays which was given to them as thanks for raising Meredith.

Rose cursed and swore as she recounted the events in great details to Meredith.

After understanding the matter, Meredith was deeply suspicious, but Jon shook his head.

“That’s definitely not Madeline. Madeline was never that bold!”

Rose was originally certain as well, but she was wavering since stepping out of the station. “Meredith, I think that woman just looks like her. She definitely isn’t Madeline. She’s been dead for three years and even her corpse would have rotted by now. Jeremy personally brought back her ashes, so how could she return to life?!”

Even if that was the case, Meredith was still full of doubt. “Could there really be two people who look so much alike on earth?”

“Maybe she somehow saw a picture of that woman and felt that she looked good, so she did plastic surgery to look like Madeline. No matter what, that Vera woman is definitely not Madeline! Your dad is right. How could that idiot ever be this imposing?! It’s impossible! That piece of trash was never able to fight us!”

Listening to Rose and Jon, Meredith’s doubts slowly disappeared. A smile returned to her face.

“That’s true. Madeline was just a useless idiot, so how could she be so imposing? Furthermore, she could never have gotten enough money to buy that shop on First Crystal Street. She even got the trending brand, Miss L.ady, into the shop.”

Rose could not help but complain. “What kind of rotten brand is that? Just a stinky breast pin cost me 300,000, and a diamond even fell off it!”

Meredith proudly showed off her bracelet and ring. “That’s not a rotten brand. It’s the most popular jewelry brand among women in these two years. The designs are impeccable and highly sought after. Mom, I’ll give this to you. That Patton woman insisted on giving it to me some time ago, and it’s worth 100,000!” she said that as she passed the bracelet to Rose.

Rose’s eyes lit up as she hurriedly received it. “What a filial daughter I have. Anyway, what’s going on with Jeremy? I feel like he’s been neglecting you recently. Your fake birthday is almost here, so why don’t you get Jeremy to propose to you on that day? There’ll be a lot of people there. If we pressure him together, he won’t have a good reason to refuse!”

Hearing that, Meredith smiled happily as a sinister glint flashed through her eyes.

“Jeremy is mine. It doesn’t matter if it’s Madeline or Vera. I’ll kill anyone who tries to steal my man!” Meredith said as a plan began to hatch in her mind.

This time, she would succeed!

After the two incidents in the morning, Madeline felt quite refreshed.

Remembering the shocked and frantic looks on Meredith and that couple’s faces, her determination to get her revenge strengthened.

She looked at the time and was about to leave when Jeremy’s car stopped in front of her shop.

Jeremy stepped down, his tall body a picture of elegance.

“Miss Vera, would you like to have lunch?” he said warmly as he walked toward her.

Madeline smiled coldly. “I don’t think so. Your precious fiancée might run over and accuse me of seducing you.”

As she said that, she turned around to leave.

Jeremy frowned as he quickly understood what Madeline meant.

He immediately chased after Madeline and saw her accidentally stepping on a rock. She was falling right in front of his eyes.

Jeremy did not know what came over him as his heart stopped. He immediately rushed over as he grabbed onto her tightly. “Maddie.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 170
Hearing Jeremy call her that caused a wave of emotions to wash over Madeline.

She did not think that Jeremy would have rushed to her side and hold her like that.

Madeline looked up and saw the concerned look on Jeremy’s face.

Was he worried about her?

A brief moment of doubt could be seen in Madeline’s eyes as she felt Jeremy hug her tightly. She could even clearly feel the warmth from his chest.

It was the warmth that she used to long for, but today, she no longer craved it.

“Thank you, Mr. Whitman,” Madeline said calmly.

Jeremy sobered up at that, relaxing his hug.

Madeline tidied up her clothes as she shot a meaningful look at Jeremy. “If I’m not mistaken, did you call me Maddie just now? According to your fiancée, you deeply hate your ex-wife. Not only was she constantly clinging to you, she even trapped you and forced you to marry her. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you hate me as well? Why did you help me just now?”

After that, there was an air of silence around them.

It took a while before Jeremy spoke again. He showed Madeline a fake smile as he said, “If you want to know, then get in the car.”

Madeline awkwardly wrinkled her eyebrows before nodding. “Fine. To satisfy my curiosity, I’ll get in your car.”

Not long after she got in his car, Madeline’s phone rang. She looked at the screen and saw that it was Meredith. She was definitely calling to ask about the aromatherapy kit.

Madeline looked at Jeremy who was driving the car as she answered the call, even switching on the speaker. Meredith’s questions could quickly be heard.

“It’s been a few days. Where’s the aromatherapy kit I asked for? What have you been doing after receiving my money?”

The car was already very quiet, and thanks to the speaker, Jeremy could clearly hear what was being said. He was already starting to feel that the voice was familiar when Meredith spoke yet again, “I’m warning you, if you don’t give me the product in three days, I’ll report you to the police for fraud!”

Madeline calmly replied in a low voice, “If you can wait, then wait. If you can’t wait, then don’t bother looking for me. I don’t need your money.”


Madeline hung up before Meredith could even say anything else, immediately refunding her payment.

After the car quietened down, Jeremy curiously asked, “Who was that on the phone just now?”

Even though he knew it was Meredith, he still found it strange that Meredith would give such a phone call to Vera. He even heard Meredith mentioning an aromatherapy kit.

Madeline casually smiled. “It’s just an unreasonable customer.”

“Customer? Other than managing the jewelry shop, do you have other businesses as well?” Jeremy looked at Madeline with interest.

Seeing that Jeremy was interested, Madeline let out a mysterious smile. “Mr. Whitman, you’ll find out very quickly.”

Hearing that answer, Jeremy smiled and did not press on.

In Madeline’s eyes, it was quite funny. When had he ever smiled at her when they were together in the past?

‘Jeremy Whitman, you really are living a good life. It seems like my death really was a good thing for you.’

As she was thinking that, Jeremy’s phone started to ring.

Jeremy looked at the screen and ignored it, but the phone kept on ringing. He finally put on his Bluetooth headset in annoyance.

“What is it?” Jeremy asked coldly.

Madeline heard the sharp shrieking voice of a woman on the other end of the call. She thought that the voice was quite familiar, and after listening closely, she realized it was Rose.

“Jeremy, Meredith left a note and went missing. She said she’s exhausted and depressed. She said she’s going to the place where she first met you for some peace and quiet. I really don’t know where you first met her. Hurry and go see if Meredith is really there. Don’t let anything happen to her!”

Madeline could clearly hear the words that were said toward the end.

She had long gotten used to Meredith’s usual tricks.

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