Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 171-180

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 171
Meredith had just called her a moment ago, and her tone was quite aggressive. How did she sound even remotely like someone who might do something stupid?

However, she saw that Jeremy’s face was solemn. He seemed to have believed it and was now concerned about Meredith’s safety.

“If Mr. Whitman is busy, I can just get off right now.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline, seemingly hesitating. It took him a while before he stopped the car.

Madeline got down from the car quite briskly, waving to Jeremy after. “Mr. Whitman, see you another time.”

After that, she turned around and left.

Jeremy did not leave immediately and looked at her walking away with his rearview mirror as he replayed the scene earlier in his head.

Why did he so frantically reach out for her? That answer was quite clear in his heart.

It was only until Madeline heard the car moving did she stop to look back.

She immediately hailed a taxi to tail after Jeremy’s car. She did not expect that the car would go all the way to April Hill.

This place held one of her happiest memories. It was the place where she met Jeremy for the first time when she was still young.

She wondered why he suddenly came here, but she was even more curious as to why he had held her so tightly as he called her ‘Maddie’ earlier.

Before she could dwell on it, she saw a woman standing next to the shore.

It was Meredith.

Madeline smiled. It turned out that they had met here for the first time as well.

When Meredith saw Jeremy approaching, she started to sob as she looked at him.

“Jeremy, do you still remember the first time we met?” she asked him, but Jeremy looked at her with an expressionless face.

“We were so happy here back then. You said you’d marry me and treat me well for the rest of my life. You said you’d protect me, and I believed it. I’ve been waiting for so many years, thinking that it would finally happen. I never expected that despite all that’s happened between us, we’d still not truly be together.” She wiped away her tears pitifully while walking over to Jeremy.

“Jeremy, have you stopped loving me? Was it Madeline’s slanderous words before she died that affected you? Is that why you don’t want to be together with me or marry me anymore?

“If that’s true, then let’s just let everything end here…”

Meredith turned around and started to walk toward the sea after that.

Jeremy looked at her for a good while before reaching out to pull her wrist.

Meredith happily smiled as she took the chance to fall into his embrace. “Jeremy, I knew that I’m still in your heart. These few years, I didn’t mind even if people called me a homewrecker. I’m content as long as I can be with you!”

Madeline stood on the road in the distance, looking at the two of them hugging with a sneer on her face.

The sea breeze was blowing, bringing a wet and salty taste to her lips.

The sunlight shone brightly, and the tranquil sea looked as if thousands of stars were shining on it.

It was a perfect scene.

However, Madeline felt exceptionally disgusted by it.

She turned around and left, but at this exact moment, Jeremy looked up and saw her.

The sun was very bright, preventing him from seeing clearly, but he got a good look at that face.


He pushed Meredith away who was trying to lean further into his embrace and turned around to chase after the other woman.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 172
Madeline got on a taxi at the side of the road before leaving immediately. As she looked at the signs on the road, the words ‘April Hill’ hurt her eyes.

She suddenly felt that the cleanliness in her heart had been polluted.

How filthy.

When Jeremy finally caught up, he did not see Madeline at all and only saw a car moving along the roads of April Hill in the distance.

His mood sank again, sinking into the sea next to April Hill.

‘She’s gone.

‘She left three years ago.’

He reminded himself again, but he had never accepted that fact in the first place.

“Jeremy, what’s wrong?” Meredith hurriedly ran after him, not understanding Jeremy’s actions or expression.

Jeremy glanced at her, his voice sounding distant. “Get in the car.”

Meredith hurriedly got into the car. Her show had concluded, and she planned on cashing in on it.

“Jeremy, it’s my birthday the day after tomorrow. I’m actually quite content just being by your side, but Jack is growing up. He’s starting to understand a lot of things, and I’m worried that others will call him a b*stard, so… let’s get married.”

Jeremy suddenly lifted his foot off the gas pedal and shot a distant gaze at Meredith’s tearful eyes. “Can you give me an honest answer to my question?”

Meredith was quite shocked by Jeremy’s gaze, but on the surface, she maintained her innocent facade. “Jeremy, I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“Did you know before I did that Madeline was pregnant?”

She did not expect that Jeremy would ask that question. A look of shock flashed across Meredith’s face, but she quickly shook her head.

“Madeline never talked to me about her pregnancy.”

“Is that true?” Jeremy asked meaningfully. After that, he stepped on the gas pedal again. His gaze caused Meredith to feel uneasy.

She clenched her fists in silence, cursing at Vera in her head. That woman was a thorn in her side. If that woman had not suddenly appeared, Meredith was certain that Jeremy would not suddenly suspect her or think about Madeline!

After Jeremy dropped Meredith off at the Montgomery household, he went to the cemetery alone.

As the evening sunlight fell on his back, the summer winds blew past the branches and brushed against his face.

Jeremy slowly walked to the front of a tombstone, bending down as he placed a bouquet of 88 roses in front of it.

Roses represented love, and 88 roses represented remorse.

Alas, remorse was the most useless thing on earth.

What was the point of his belated love?

Looking at the name on the plaque, Jeremy lit a cigarette. As the sun started to set, night soon fell, obscuring his expression.

The next day, Madeline went back to the shop and noticed someone in the VIP room after sending her little girl to school.

Ever since she came back to life and had her eyesight restored, she spent an entire year establishing her own brand—Miss L.ady.

She personally designed every piece of jewelry. Since the designs were unique, they were very well received. Her business boomed because of that, quickly becoming a household name internationally. She received quite a few famous VIP customers thanks to that.

That was why the person who was browsing the limited edition jewelry in the VIP room could be considered as a high-class member.

Madeline was about to greet the person inside and express her gratitude, but she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Her feet suddenly felt like lead as her footsteps became abnormally heavy.

“I definitely want this set. Do you have anything else? How could one set be enough for my daughter’s birthday?” Eloise’s voice was filled with endless love for Meredith.

Madeline thought that with her giving up on Jeremy, her yearning for parental love would be gone as well. She did not expect that her heart would suddenly hurt so much.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 173
Her mother…

No, she was Meredith’s mother.

Madeline laughed at herself mockingly, her mind filled with the scenes of Eloise and Sean slapping her in the face for the sake of protecting Meredith.

She even remembered that last kick from Sean which caused her to spit out blood.

They never looked at her until the end.

Madeline’s grip on the door was extremely tight, and at that moment, Eloise took out her phone to give Meredith a call.

“Mer, you can come out now. I’ll bring you for a spa session later, then we can look for something to wear. It’s your birthday tomorrow, and Jeremy will propose to you as well. I want to make sure you’ll look the prettiest you can be. I’ll turn you into the most dazzling princess in the world. Dear, you’ll always be my precious daughter.”

Princess? Precious daughter?


Madeline wanted to laugh hearing all that. She no longer wanted to continue listening.

She turned around, but she did not see that one of her employees was carrying coffee and snacks over.

With a clank, the cups and tray all fell to the floor.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Vera, so sorry!” The employee frantically apologized.

Madeline knew she was the one at fault for being distracted, so she consoled him and said, “No need to apologize. It’s not your fault.”

The moment she finished saying that, she saw that Eloise had walked out.

“What happened?” Eloise asked curiously, lifting her gaze to look at Madeline who was standing by the door. “You are—”

“This is our store manager, Miss Quinn.” The staff member explained briefly.

Madeline’s back was turned toward Eloise, she softly said, “I’m terribly sorry. I have an important matter to attend to. All of you make sure you treat our customers well. I’m heading off.”

After leaving, Madeline’s thoughts were still on Eloise and Meredith’s call earlier.

Looking at the cars coming and going in the bustling city, a deep smile presented itself on her face.

Thanks to Meredith’s current status, her birthday celebration was going to be very grand and plenty of influential, rich people were invited.

After all, Meredith wanted to use public pressure to force Jeremy to propose to her on that day.

Meredith spent the whole morning putting on her custom-made gown and fixing her makeup as she put on her luxury branded jewelry. She wanted to make sure that her entire being would look immaculate tonight.

She stood at the balcony as she looked down on the guests who were conversing with each other. From her high vantage point, she immediately spotted Jeremy’s car stopping in front of the main gate. She hurried down to receive him.

She had thought that since it was a special day, Jeremy would have formal attire on, but disappointingly, he only had casual wear on.

Even so, he was still unrivaled when it came to looks.

Meredith was a little unhappy, but she still went to receive him with a bright smile on her face.

“Jeremy, you’re here,” she said, “Jeremy, do you know? As long as I see you, I’ll be exceptionally happy.”

“As long as you’re happy,” Jeremy replied coolly.

Meredith felt like there was a hidden meaning to his words, but she did not dare press the matter.

She followed Jeremy into the garden as a tall, seven-layered cake was pushed out. The cake was beautiful beyond compare, and on top of it were the figures of a newlywed couple.

The crowd surrounded them as Eloise and Sean gave him a push. “Jeremy, my precious daughter has been waiting for you to propose for so long. Shouldn’t you finally make a move?”

“Jeremy, it’s Meredith’s birthday today. Why don’t you make use of this happy occasion to propose?”

“Propose! Propose!” the crowd started to chant as well.

Meredith looked at Jeremy with an embarrassed face. “Jeremy…”

Right as she spoke, a melodious and graceful female voice could be heard in the distance.

“Miss Montgomery’s birthday really is quite sensational. There’s even a proposal going on? It looks like I didn’t come here tonight for naught.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 174
Meredith had a shy look on as she waited for Jeremy’s response. Her mood was soaring.

She never expected that just as everyone was shouting for Jeremy to propose, an unwelcome voice would be heard.

Meredith’s smile froze on her face as she clenched her teeth in dissatisfaction. She said, “Why is she here?!”

Jeremy immediately turned around when he heard the voice, and the face he had been dreaming of every night entered his sight.

Following that, everyone else looked toward the direction where the voice had come from as well. A graceful and beautiful woman entered their sights, but once they took a clear look at her face, Eloise and Sean widened their eyes in shock!

“This… Madeline?! How… How is that possible?” Eloise’s face was pale, obviously scared as she unconsciously took a step backward. If not for Sean supporting her, she might have fainted from shock.

A dead person had appeared in front of them, so it was only natural that she was scared.

Sean was also taken aback, but he was still a man and had never done another against his conscience. That was why he was not as scared as Eloise.

To him, it was a person in front of them. It was impossible for her to be a ghost.

However, Madeline had clearly died, so how could she be right here?

It was one thing if she was not dead, but was she here to cause a scene again? He would not allow that woman to bully his precious daughter!

Meredith had thought that she would definitely be the center of attention that day, but with the sudden appearance of Vera, she suddenly felt like she had been sidelined.

Meredith raised her hand, about to pull at Jeremy’s sleeve, but she saw that Jeremy had already started walking toward Vera.

“Jeremy…” Meredith called out to him with a wounded look, but he did not stop.

Madeline had a gown on, and her elegant figure was complemented with the refined smile on her face. Her exceptional looks were also accompanied by a graceful demeanor.

Looking at Vera, thoughts of Madeline filled Jeremy’s head.

They looked exactly alike, which meant that Madeline was just as beautiful last time. It was just that he had never paid her any attention back then and never really appreciated her beauty…

“Mr. Whitman.” Madeline greeted. “It looks like it was right for me to come here today. I’ve never seen an actual proposal in all my years alive. It looks like I’ll get to experience one today.”

Looking at her beautiful face, Jeremy said, “Then I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.”

“Oh?” Madeline raised her eyebrow.

“Miss Quinn, why did you come to my house so suddenly?” Meredith put on a smile as she faked a curious face.

Madeline smiled back. “I heard that it’s Miss Montgomery’s birthday today, so I came here bearing gifts.”

Meredith’s expression changed into one of surprise. “How did you know it’s my birthday today? We’re not that familiar with each other, so how could I receive your gifts?”

In her mind, she could not help but think back to her engagement with Jeremy three years ago. Madeline had also appeared similarly, claiming to have come bearing gifts. In the end, the engagement ceremony did not conclude. She certainly did not want her birthday to be ruined in the same way.

Madeline looked at Jeremy and smiled. “I know because someone cares for you a lot.”

Hearing that, Meredith glanced at Jeremy, thinking that he was the one who told her.

Even if she was not happy that Jeremy was close to that woman, those words still made her feel quite happy.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 175
Madeline’s next words rained on Meredith’s parade very quickly. “Yes, I’m obviously referring to your mother.”

“What?” Meredith looked like she had been slapped in the face. “What does this have to do with my mom?”

“Yesterday, your mother came to my shop to buy two sets of jewelry for you.” Madeline explained calmly.

Meredith finally understood, but she had lost her smile.

Looking at the scene, Eloise and Sean exchanged a look. “What did Meredith call Madeline? Miss Quinn?”

Sean was also filled with doubt, not knowing what was happening. The moment they saw Madeline face Meredith, the two of them immediately walked over as they were afraid that Madeline would do something to Meredith.

Upon walking closer, they heard Jeremy say to Madeline, “Since you’re here, come in and have something to eat.”

“No! How can we let that woman into our home?!” Sean hurriedly shouted.

Madeline ignored the wave of hurt and continued smiling while looking toward the source of the voice.

In front of her were her mother and father, but they were staring at her with even more intense hatred than three years ago.

Madeline suspected that she must have accumulated a lot of bad karma to warrant being tortured so much in this life.

“These two must be Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery? Let me introduce myself, I’m Vera Quinn.” She smiled as she offered her name card.

Eloise and Sean looked over the name card before sizing Madeline up with a suspicious gaze once more.

“You’re not Madeline? How could that be? How could two people look so alike?” Eloise mumbled.

Sean had his doubts as well. “You’re called Vera?”

“Yes.” Madeline nodded earnestly. “This is my first time in Glendale.”

“Impossible!” Eloise denied it, staring at Madeline. “How could there be two people who look so similar in this world?”

“There are many miracles in the world. I heard that the two of you managed to find your long lost daughter after over 20 years, isn’t that a miracle as well?” Madeline asked with a smile.

Eloise did not know what to say to that and merely smiled coldly. “Madeline, stop lying! You never died! Back then, you were just putting on a show for us in order to ruin Jeremy and Meredith’s engagement! With your sudden appearance today as well, it’s obvious you’re trying to do the same thing. Madeline, you’ve never changed. How despicable…”

“Enough.” Jeremy suddenly interrupted angrily, his tone extremely harsh.

Eloise was shocked into silence and looked at Jeremy in surprise. She saw that Jeremy’s face was ice-cold as if a layer of frost had formed over his features.

“I don’t want to hear anything like that again.” He looked at the innocent-looking Madeline. “They’re clearly two different people. You should be careful of how you speak. Respect others and respect yourself as well.”

“Mom, Dad, Jeremy’s right. Miss Vera really isn’t Madeline. Madeline left us forever three years ago…” Meredith faked a tear when she said that. Then, she introduced them, saying, “Mom, Dad, she’s Vera Quinn. I’ve met her before. She’s completely different from Madeline and they’re clearly separate people.”

Eloise and Sean’s expressions changed as they apologized to Madeline. “Since Meredith and Jeremy have said so, then it must be true. Please forgive us, Miss Quinn.”

Meredith smiled. “I’m already quite used to this.”

Eloise and Sean paused awkwardly. “Since Miss Vera is friends with Jeremy and Meredith, then please come inside and witness Jeremy’s proposal to Meredith.”

“Very well.” Madeline smiled, sending a meaningful look toward Meredith. “This is the present I picked out for Miss Montgomery. I prepared it in a bit of a rush, but I hope you’ll like it.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 176
Meredith wanted to reject it, but to keep up her gentle appearance, she accepted Madeline’s gift with a smile. “Thank you.”

After that, she pulled on Jeremy’s sleeve. “Jeremy, let’s go in. We shouldn’t keep the other guests waiting.”

“Indeed, the two of you head inside first.” Eloise and Sean urged, their expressions full of happiness. “Make use of the happy occasion today and quickly set a date for your marriage.”

Meredith smiled shyly at Jeremy. “Jeremy, I can finally marry you and become your bride.”

Looking at Meredith’s smiling face, Madeline shot them a gentle smile as well.

As they returned to the garden, quite a few gazes fell onto Madeline, all of them trying to guess her status and origin.

Sensing all their attention on Madeline, Meredith started to get unhappy.

Seeing that Jeremy did not seem to be willing to propose today, Meredith had an unsettled feeling. It would be quite embarrassing if it did not come to pass today.

With that in mind, she turned to Eloise and Sean before saying, “Mom, Dad, I’m feeling a bit unwell. I want to go back to my room to rest.”

Eloise and Sean walked over, full of concern for her. “What’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“I’m okay. Could the two of you take care of the guests?” Meredith smiled gently. “Jeremy, could you accompany me back to my room?”

Jeremy did not agree immediately. Instead, he looked at Madeline. “Miss Vera, please make yourself at home. I have something to see you about later.”

Madeline smiled and nodded.

Staring at that scene, Meredith turned around and headed inside with a dark look on her face.

Looking at the retreating backs, Madeline calmly made a move as well.

No one minded her, and even her own parents did not spare her a glance.

Madeline walked through the luxurious courtyard alone, admiring the scenery around the villa as she stepped on the pavement.

Even if it was not the greatest of mansions, it was still significantly luxurious and splendid.

If it was not for the mistake that happened over 20 years ago, this would have been the garden where she grew up in.

Madeline did not know how she was lost all those years ago but wondered if it was just her fate.

However, she knew very clearly what her goal was today.

She walked for a while, then slipped into the house when no one was paying attention to her.

The moment she stepped inside, Madeline could hear the chilling sounds of a crying woman.

Madeline was once on the brink of death herself, so she did not carry a shred of fear in her, only curiosity. She wondered why someone was hiding in the corner, crying away at this time.

Following the voice, she spotted a middle-aged woman wiping away her tears in the corner. In her hands was a photograph.

“Brittany, oh my Brit…” The woman continued sobbing.


Madeline immediately thought of Brittany Montgomery.

“Brit, today should have been your birthday, but you were murdered by that despicable woman, Madeline! That woman deserves to die. You were so kind and smart, you shouldn’t have left so early…”

It was Brittany Montgomery.

That woman was certain that Madeline was Brittany’s murderer.

What Madeline could not understand was why she was sobbing so much for Brittany?

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 177
Looking at her attire, she did not seem like a servant of the Montgomeries, and neither did she look like a guest, so who was she?

Madeline did not have the chance to think about it. She hurried upstairs when she saw that the woman was wiping away her tears and preparing to leave.

Before she could clear the mystery in her head, Madeline heard Meredith’s voice coming from inside one of the rooms.

She walked toward the room and stood outside. She did not know how Meredith did it, but she heard her voice shout out in elation, “Jeremy, I’m so happy. Marrying you is my greatest wish in life!”

It would seem that Jeremy really was going to propose to Meredith, and they were going to be married quite soon.

“I’ll definitely fulfill my promises.” Jeremy’s voice followed, sounding like someone who always kept their promises.

Madeline felt like those words were grating against her ears. ‘Jeremy, when have you ever fulfilled your promises to me?

‘You destroyed everything that I waited and hoped for from you for over ten years. You even wanted to end my life in the end, and yet here you are, living a happy life with another woman.

‘I won’t allow you such happiness.’

Madeline clenched her fists, quickly hiding when she heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

“I’ll go downstairs first. You should wipe away your tears and redo your makeup before coming down.” Jeremy walked out of the room.

Once he went downstairs, Madeline returned to her original spot.

When she looked inside, she quickly spotted Meredith doing her makeup in front of the dressing table with a victorious smile on her face.

As she enjoyed herself, she suddenly remembered something and turned around to unwrap the present Madeline had given her.

When Meredith opened it, her face immediately sunk.

“A mirror?” Meredith did not understand, but she viciously threw the mirror on the floor the next second. “Vera Quinn! Where did that sl*t come from?! Does she think she can seduce Jeremy just because she’s pretty? That’s right, she’s quite good looking, but alas, she looks exactly like Madeline. Jeremy will only feel disgusted looking at her!”

Meredith clenched her teeth in anger. “Who do you think you are, trying to steal Jeremy from me?! Jeremy will never marry anyone other than me!”

Meredith had an ace up her sleeve as she smiled. “I have a trump card! With this trump card, no one can stop me!”

Madeline looked away, not batting an eyelid.

Trump card?

Did she mean Jackson Whitman?

‘Oh Meredith, so what if you have a trump card? The day you saw my comeback was the beginning of the end for you.’ Meredith sneered as she walked downstairs gracefully.

When she reached downstairs, she stumbled upon the returning Jeremy.

Seeing her, he furrowed his eyebrows. He walked toward her as he asked, “Why are you in the house?”

Madeline shot him an innocent look as she said, “I’m looking for the washroom, but I couldn’t find it.”

She looked around as she said that, catching a glimpse of Meredith exiting her room.

Remembering how tightly Jeremy held her the other day, Madeline did not hesitate as she acted like she tripped, making herself fall to the side.

Madeline could not deny that it was a gamble, but she won the bet. Jeremy sped over just like that day, holding her tightly.

Madeline had a shocked look on her face as she locked eyes with Jeremy, but she noticed Jeremy was looking at her face with a lost look. That look was very complicated and hard to make out.

She laughed coldly in her heart.

‘Ah, Jeremy, are you remembering your dead wife again?’

“Jeremy!” Meredith’s screech could be heard, causing Madeline to feel like her eardrums were about to be ruptured. The next second, her arm was forcefully pulled aside. “Vera, you sl*t! So this is how you’re seducing my fiancé!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 178
Meredith raised her voice. It was probably the first time she had been so hysterical in front of Jeremy.

She wildly pulled at Madeline who was in Jeremy’s embrace, shrieking. “Vera Quinn! I knew you didn’t have good intentions. Giving me a present? You’re clearly here to seduce Jeremy!”

Madeline was getting quite annoyed with Meredith’s high-pitched voice. If it was not for the fact that she had a plan, she would probably have slapped Meredith.

However, Madeline did not do so and instead frowned in mock dizziness. “Miss Crawford, you’re mistaken.”

“I’m not mistaken! I saw it with my own eyes! You despicable woman!” As Meredith shouted, she decided to send her palm straight toward Madeline’s face.


Meredith’s palm did not find her target. Instead, it was grabbed firmly by Jeremy.

Jeremy’s eyes coldly looked at the hysterical Meredith. “I was just helping her up. Do you have to shout at her like that?”

His voice was so cold that Meredith almost cried from hearing it.

“Jeremy, you’ve never talked to me like this before…” Meredith started to cry as she said that.

Jeremy released his hand, his expression still serious. “I’ve talked like this before. You don’t have to read into it, but your actions just now really crossed the line. Apologize to Miss Vera.”

Madeline widened her eyes in disbelief. “What? You want me to apologize?”

She clenched her teeth as she looked at Madeline. “I will not apologize to her!”

“It’s fine, there’s no need to apologize. It’s my fault for not keeping my balance,” Madeline said softly before turning to the angry Meredith. “Miss Crawford, I’m sorry for causing you grief.”

“Vera, quit your acting! Do you think I don’t know what intentions you have for Jeremy? Who are you to even apologize to me?”

“You’re still going!” Jeremy interrupted her coldly, staring at Meredith with ice in his eyes.

“Today is your birthday, and Miss Vera is a guest. Are you supposed to treat your guests like this? Apologize immediately.”

Meredith acted like the victim as her eyes reddened. “I won’t apologize to her! She clearly did it on purpose!”

On purpose!

Madeline smirked subtly. She really did do it on purpose.

‘Don’t forget, Meredith, this is just what you taught me!

‘That day, you held onto the divorce papers and humiliated me in front of Jeremy. You provoked me and even pretended to be pushed down by me to mislead Jeremy. You made him force me to apologize to you, have you forgotten that?

‘You might have forgotten it, but I’ll never forget that my whole life!’

Flames of vengeance burned brightly in Madeline’s heart as she looked at the expression Meredith had on at the moment with extreme satisfaction.

“Fine, if you won’t apologize, I’ll just leave right now.” Jeremy turned around and looked toward Madeline’s face. “Miss Vera, would you be willing to accompany me?”

Madeline furrowed her eyebrows awkwardly. “Well…”

“Don’t go, Jeremy!” Meredith grabbed onto Jeremy with a worried look. “Jeremy, don’t leave. You’re right. Today’s my birthday and I shouldn’t treat my guests this way, but I only lost myself because I love you too much!”

Meredith refused to let go of Jeremy’s arm, reluctantly saying, “Jeremy, I can do anything as long as you’re happy. I’ll apologize right now!”

She turned to Madeline as she said that.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 179
Even though her eyes were filled with hatred, Meredith still managed to put on her signature mask as she smiled gently.

“I’m sorry, Miss Quinn. I just love my fiancé too much and lost my composure for a moment. I hope you don’t mind.”

Madeline smiled back. “I can see how much you care for Mr. Whitman. I can understand how you feel. I always get jealous when my boyfriend gets too close to other women as well.”

Hearing that, Madeline could feel a subtle change in both Jeremy and Meredith’s gazes.

“Miss Quinn, you have a boyfriend?” Meredith somewhat managed to recover a bit of her smile.

Madeline laughed gracefully. “Yes.” She nodded softly, pretending to accidentally meet Jeremy’s gaze.

Seeing that Jeremy’s gaze was still on Madeline, Meredith hurriedly shifted the topic. “So Miss Quinn has a boyfriend. Why don’t you call him over and we can get to know each other.”

“He’s temporarily not in Glendale, but I’ll definitely introduce all of you if we have the chance.” Madeline smiled brightly.

Meredith did not continue and wiped away her tears as she once again put on a warm smile. “Jeremy, let’s go. We shouldn’t make everyone wait.”

Jeremy did not utter a word. All he did was pull back his arm and walk outside.

Meredith’s smile faded a bit, but she did not care as she chased after him. “Jeremy, you won’t disappoint me, right? You promised me you’d propose when we were in the room!”

Madeline heard Meredith pleading with Jeremy.

She was quite curious, wondering if something had happened in these three years that caused Jeremy to stop adoring Meredith as much.

However, he still liked Meredith. Otherwise, she would not be able to remain by his side for so long.

Even so, Madeline had a feeling that Jeremy had begun to be interested in her, even if she did not know what he was actually thinking.

Madeline was quite certain that her face had successfully attracted Jeremy’s attention.

That was the first step toward her revenge.

She followed them into the garden, but as she walked, she suddenly felt as if someone was silently observing her.

She turned around but failed to notice anything.

It was only until she left the house when the person who was hiding behind the walls walked out, casting a venomous and hateful gaze on Madeline’s back.


‘You’re still alive!’

When Jeremy and Meredith returned to the public eye, they were once again surrounded by those who were pushing for a proposal.

Meredith maintained her shy look as she sweetly stood next to Jeremy. Her smile was full of confidence, confident that Jeremy would definitely propose to her. This caused Madeline a lot of annoyance.

“Jeremy, Mer is waiting for you to pop the question!” Eloise said.

“It looks like I’ll have a son-in-law soon,” Sean said happily.

Looking at her own parents fighting so hard for the happiness of their fake daughter, Madeline could not help but laugh.

She averted her gaze and saw Meredith leaning into Jeremy. “Jeremy…” She urged him.

Madeline felt like it was about time. She looked at Jeremy who was about to say something as she casually took out her phone and placed it against her ear, saying, “Really? I miss you too. I’ll go over right now, so wait for me.”

She could feel Jeremy’s gaze on her when she was done talking.

Madeline let out a smile as she headed toward the entrance. She had not even taken a few steps when she heard Meredith’s desperate shouts, “Jeremy, Jeremy! What’s wrong? Where are you going—”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 180
Meredith’s voice shook as she said, “Jeremy, don’t go. Where are you going? Our marriage—”

“I don’t have the mood today,” Jeremy replied coolly, pulling his hand away from Meredith’s grip.

“Jeremy!” Meredith continued to shout, but Jeremy had already left.

The Montgomeries and the guests did not understand what they just saw.

However, they could clearly see Jeremy’s attitude. He was very obviously frustrated with something.

The crowd was suddenly suspicious. Jeremy did not seem to love Meredith as much as the rumors seemed to claim. Otherwise, why did their marriage keep getting delayed? Even today, Jeremy left Meredith just for the simple reason that he was not in the mood.

Meredith lifted her dress as she chased after him. She saw that Madeline was walking in front and Jeremy had driven his car next to her, opening the door for Madeline like a gentleman as he invited her in before leaving.

Meredith tightly grabbed onto her dress at the sight of the scene, and in her eyes was a murderous rage.

“Vera Quinn!” she uttered the name with her teeth clenched, so angry that even her lips were trembling.

Madeline was actually not certain that Jeremy would have followed her, but he not only left Meredith behind, he even invited her into his car.

He drove the car around, finally stopping at the beach next to April Hill.

Madeline was quite surprised, but when she recalled Jeremy and Meredith embracing each other at the beach here, she felt a bit disgusted.

She was forced to get out of the car when Jeremy opened the door for her.

As the summer breeze blew past them, the scent reminded her of her youth.

She suddenly heard the sound of a lighter and turned around to see Jeremy holding a cigarette.

He casually leaned against his car as his alluring lips let out a puff, the white smoke obscuring his flawless looks.

His expression seemed melancholic.

She wondered when he started to smoke. In her memory, it was not a habit he used to have.

“Mr. Whitman, why did you leave your fiancé behind and bring me here?” Madeline looked at him with a perplexed expression. “I have an appointment with someone, so I can’t stay here too long.”

Jeremy looked over, his smile reaching his eyes. “With your boyfriend, Miss Vera?”

Madeline nodded. “You even managed to guess that?”

“It’s not just women who have a sixth sense. Men have their intuition as well.” He smiled. A strong flirtatious tone could be heard in his voice as he continued speaking, “My intuition also tells me that you’re interested in me.”

Madeline was not shocked by what Jeremy said, but she was quite surprised that he said it so bluntly at that moment.

She did not have a shred of panic as she smiled serenely. “A perfect and successful man like Mr. Whitman would attract attention without fail. It’s just a pity that we met at the wrong time,” Madeline said that with a sorry look on her face, but Jeremy suddenly walked in front of her. His breath closed in on her, carrying the faint smell of cigarettes.

His gaze was deeply alluring as it swam across Madeline’s face. Slowly, his expression changed from the usual sharp and cold look to one of strange tenderness.

“Are you suspecting that I’m your ex-wife Madeline? Is that why you’re giving me so much attention?” Madeline said calmly, “If I remember correctly, you hate your ex-wife quite a bit. I even heard that you didn’t shed a single tear when she died. It seems like Madeline was quite the horrid person…”

Jeremy snapped back to reality when he heard that, and a fake smile was on his face as he turned around to look at the vast sea.

“She was quite horrible indeed,” Jeremy said softly.

‘That’s right, she was quite horrible for leaving just like that, not even giving me the chance to say goodbye.’

She was horrible for leaving just like that, leaving him with countless sleepless nights spent thinking about her.

After hearing Jeremy say that, Madeline could not help but feel angry.

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