Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1591-1600

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1591
Jeremy looked at the lying butler and did not waste his time questioning him. He followed Carter’s entourage into the living room.

Carter was sitting on the sofa of the living room. He was flipping through a book lazily while sipping on his tea. When he saw Jeremy, he put down his book and teacup before getting up to greet him courteously.

“Mr. Whitman, welcome to my house. Please sit.”

Jeremy looked around the living room but did not see Madeline anywhere. He furrowed his brows and felt an unknown sense of anxiety in his heart.

“Mr. Gray, I’m not here as a guest. I’m here to take my wife Eveline home.” Jeremy was feeling agitated, but he was trying his best to control himself and stay cool.

Carter looked at the deeply worried look that was showing faintly in Jeremy’s eyes. However, he displayed a confused look instead.

“I’ve asked my driver to drive Mrs. Whitman home ten minutes ago. Did she not tell you?”

“You asked your driver to send my wife home?” Jeremy was confused. He had been waiting at the gate the entire time and did not see any cars coming or going.

“Yeah,” Carter answered with certainty. Then, he explained, “When we send our guests off, we’ll normally use the back door. So you might not have run into them on the road that leads to the front door.”

This explanation sounded reasonable, but it felt off to Jeremy.

“If you don’t believe me, you can call her now to ask if she’s on her way back,” Carter reminded him.

Jeremy did not hesitate before taking out his phone to call Madeline. After ringing for a while, she picked up the phone.

“Linnie, where are you now? Are you home?” Jeremy asked impatiently.

Madeline’s soft and gentle voice sounded from the other end of the phone. “Jeremy, I’m home now. My phone is running out of battery. I’ll see you later.”

It was indeed Madeline’s voice, so the weight on Jeremy’s chest was finally lifted.

“Alright, I’ll see you later,” he replied. Perhaps Madeline’s phone had run out of battery because before he could hear her reply, he heard the sound of the phone hanging up.

“Mr. Gray, thank you for saving my wife back then. If you need anything in Glendale, you can look for me anytime.” Jeremy thanked Carter.

Carter smiled. “You’re too courteous, Mr. Whitman. It doesn’t matter who was the one in the water back then, I’d still save them no matter what. It’s a human life, after all.”

“Thanks.” Jeremy thanked him again. “I’ll not disturb you then. I’ll see you in the future if we have the chance.”

“Alright, I’ll see you if I have the chance.” Carter nodded lightly and gestured to his entourage to send Jeremy off.

Looking at Jeremy’s back, Carter pressed his lips together and seemingly smiled. He then turned around and walked into the basement.

Jeremy quickly drove back to Whitman Manor. However, after he arrived, he did not see Madeline anywhere.

After asking the maids and Karen who was taking care of his youngest son, they all told her that Madeline never came back.

Jeremy’s heart started to feel perturbed. He then called Madeline’s number again but he got the automated voice telling him that she had turned off her phone.

He kept calling but her phone was still off and she could not be contacted.

“Did something happen to Eveline again?” Karen started to feel anxious as well.

“I shouldn’t have let her go by herself.” Jeremy started to regret it. The uneasiness in his heart started spreading all over his body.

Gray Manor.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1592
Carter sat leisurely at the desk and watched Madeline who was lying on the bed silently. His long fingers were fiddling with the recording pen.

After he turned the switch on, the recording pen repeated these sentences, “Jeremy, I’m home now. My phone is running out of battery. I’ll see you later.”

After listening to it a few times, Carter tossed the recording pen to one side.

Then, he took out a book about psychology on the table. When he was about to read it, he noticed signs of Madeline, who was on the bed, waking up from the corners of his eyes.

He closed the book, and his round fingertips glided across the book about hypnosis. He walked to the side of the bed.


He called Madeline’s name softly.

Madeline furrowed her brows. She wanted to open her eyes, but it seemed as if she was stuck in a deep dream.

“Eveline, imagine a gigantic crystal ball in front of you. Now, the crystal ball will bring you to the world that initially belonged to you. Now, open your eyes.”

Madeline was in a deep slumber, but after hearing what Carter said, she slowly opened her eyes.

Madeline blinked while looking at her surroundings. When she was about to sit up, she heard the man’s warm voice next to her.

“Are you awake?”

Madeline looked over after she heard the voice. While looking at the man who was looking at her with a smile, she stared at him for a while before sitting up slowly.

Carter reached out to help her up and Madeline did not reject him.

“Cart, how did I fall asleep? What time is it now?”

When Carter heard Madeline addressing him this way, he curled the corners of his lips in secret and then replied, “Yeah, you were tired, so you took a nap.”

Madeline knitted her eyebrows together. “I think I had a very long dream. I dreamt of a man who kept calling my name…”

Carter lifted his hand to stroke Madeline’s hair gently. “Don’t think too much. It’s just a dream. Get up and wash your face. My mom wants to see you later.”

“Okay,” Madeline replied. She got out of the bed and followed Carter into the living room. “I’ll go back to my room now.”

“Okay.” Carter nodded. While looking at Madeline’s back as she walked upstairs, he curled the corners of his lips in satisfaction.

His hypnosis skills had not gotten worse at all compared to before.

However, he had to take out the crystal ball that he had not used in a very long time to hypnotize people with very strong willpower like Madeline.

Carter sat down leisurely on the sofa. However, the moment he picked up a book, Camille walked in hurriedly.

“Carter, I saw the news just now. What’s going on?” Camille’s mind was full of question marks. “Who’s this Eveline Montgomery? Is the Eveline you got engaged to the same one who’s married to Jeremy Whitman?”

“Yes, she’s actually Jeremy’s wife, Eveline. She’s the daughter of the Montgomeries and they’re one of the four richest families in Glendale,” Carter stated Madeline’s real identity with certainty.

“She didn’t get plastic surgery and that’s her real face. However, she was involved in an accident that caused her face to be badly burnt, but it has recovered now.”

Camille finally understood. “I was wondering how it was possible for a plastic face to look so natural and so delicate.” She sighed ruefully. Immediately after, she remembered something. “Then why did she hide her identity to stay with you? What did she want? Do you still want to keep her around now?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1593
After hearing what Camille said, Carter continued to flip through the book in his hand slowly.

He understood Camille’s concerns, but he had his own plans.

“I know what’s her purpose, so don’t worry. Everything’s in my control.” Carter’s tone was irreverent. However, the assurance in his voice sounded pretty confident.

After Madeline went back to her room to wash up, she went downstairs.

When she saw Carter and Camille in the living room, she walked toward Carter naturally and smiled before greeting Camille.

“Hello, Aunty Cammy.”

“…” Camille did not expect Madeline to greet her like this.

After that night, she had a pretty good impression of Madeline. However, when she remembered Madeline and Jeremy’s relationship, she felt a headache coming again.

She did not ask too much. Instead, she smiled and walked away.

Carter placed the book in his hand down and walked over to Madeline. A warm smile appeared on his handsome face. “Do you feel better after the nap? Do you want me to take a walk with you?”

Madeline looked at Carter, and a sweet glint appeared in her eyes. “Okay.”

“Okay.” Carter nodded and reached out to hold Madeline’s hand. However, halfway there, he retracted his hand.

When they got to the car, he gentlemanly opened the door for Madeline before getting in himself…

Jeremy was waiting for Madeline to come home. However, after a long while and after calling her until his phone ran out of battery, Madeline had yet to come back. This entire time, her phone was shut off.

While watching the time pass, Jeremy started to feel more and more anxious.

“Linnie, where are you?”

Jeremy could not sit here and wait. As such, he decided to go to Carter’s place again.

However, when he got there, he was told that Carter had gone out.

Jeremy knew he could not know more about Madeline’s situation since Carter was not home. As such, he could only leave.

He tried to find some clues about Madeline along the road going back to Whitman Manor, but he got nothing.

Madeline still had not appeared in his vision even when the sky was dark.

Everyone in the family including Jackson and Lillian started to worry.

They had waited until their mother finally came home after a very long time, but after less than a day together, their mother had disappeared again. This disappointment overwhelmed their little hearts.

Karen and Sean felt the same way. “Did anything happen to Eveline? How is it possible for her to not come home after so long?”

“Did Carter really ask someone to send her home?”

“I’ll go to his place again,” Jeremy said while getting up. He drove his car to the gates of Carter’s manor.

Carter was having dinner in the dining room at this hour. When he heard the butler telling him that Jeremy was here, he looked at Madeline who was eating next to him before dispatching the butler to make Jeremy leave. “Tell him I’m busy and don’t have time to entertain him.”

The butler received Carter’s orders and went to tell Jeremy, “Mr. Whitman, Mr. Carter is busy. Please come again on another day.”

Jeremy kept his last ounce of cool. “I have some urgent business, so I have to see Mr. Gray now.”

“However, Mr. Carter is—”

“I’m sorry.” Jeremy ignored the butler’s perfunctory words and barged inside.

“Mr. Whitman! Mr. Whitman…” The butler went up to stop him but Jeremy had already barged through the front door.

Carter heard the voices from outside and could guess what was going on.

However, he was not frenetic or worried. On the contrary, he continued his meal calmly.

After Jeremy barged in, he saw the people in the dining room and walked straight over. “Mr. Gray, you said you asked someone to send my wife home, but… Linnie?”

Jeremy’s words stopped as abruptly as his footsteps near the dining table.

He looked at Madeline who was having dinner with Carter at the dining table and strode over to her.

“Linnie, you’re still here.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1594
He was happy to see her because he thought something bad had happened to her.

However, at the same time, Jeremy felt dissatisfied. “Carter, you lied and said you sent my wife home. If that’s the case, why is she here?”

Jeremy questioned Carter. Then, he grabbed her hand to take her home.

“Linnie, I’ll take you home.”

Jeremy grabbed Madeline and was about to leave but unexpectedly, Madeline removed her hand out of his grip all of a sudden.

“What are you doing?” Madeline asked with displeasure on her face.

Jeremy heard that and his expression changed immediately as well. He asked, “Linnie, what’s wrong?”

“Why are you calling me in such an intimate way? Do I know you?” Madeline asked coldly.

In that instant, Jeremy felt a chill surging from the bottom of his feet to his heart.

He looked absent-mindedly at Madeline who looked impatient. For a second, he was at a loss.


When Madeline heard Jeremy calling her again, she furrowed her brows and walked over to Carter.

“Cart, who is this man? He looks familiar but I can’t remember who he is.”


When Jeremy heard this, his heart stopped beating.

What did she say?

She could not remember him?

How was this possible?

Jeremy kept denying it in his heart, but from Madeline’s face and eyes, he could not find any traces of her remembering him.



There was nothing abnormal about her looks and expression. She did not look like she had lost her memories from some sort of trauma.

Finally, Carter got up slowly and walked to Madeline. He said softly, “He’s your ex-husband Jeremy, have you forgotten?”


When Jeremy heard this, he felt a fire of rage surging from the bottom of his heart instantly.

“Carter, what nonsense are you spewing?”

“I’m not. You can ask Eveline yourself,” Carter replied calmly. His bottomless eyes looked into Madeline’s clear and clean wide ones.

“Eveline, tell him if I’m right.”

Madeline heard what Carter said and looked quietly into his eyes.

Jeremy would not accept this. He got up and held Madeline’s hand. “Linnie, what’s going on? Look at me.”

Jeremy’s words broke Madeline’s train of thought. She came back to her senses abruptly and furrowed her brows while looking at the man who was holding her.

“Jeremy Whitman.”

She called out his name.

Jeremy nodded. “Linnie, I’m Jeremy.”

“Why are you still here?” Madeline escaped from Jeremy’s grip. “I’ve divorced you, so I’m not related to you anymore. Stop coming to find me.”

Jeremy was confused. At the same time, he emphasized while feeling flustered, “Linnie, what are you talking about? We’re husband and wife. We’re not divorced.”

However, Madeline was looking at Jeremy with repulsion in her eyes. “We are. My current husband is Cart.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1595
Madeline’s answer felt like a clap of thunder striking above Jeremy’s head.

He felt as if his thoughts were being tugged at violently. He could not believe what he had just heard.

However, Jeremy tried his best to control his emotions and make himself calm. He explained patiently, “Linnie, you’ve never married another man aside from me in your life.”

Yet, Madeline only peered at Jeremy coldly. “I know my business. You don’t have to spew so much nonsense with me. I don’t want to hear it.”

Madeline said while walking to Carter.

Carter curled the corners of his lips quietly and pulled Madeline behind him.

When Jeremy saw this, he felt his heart growing cold. Back then, she would only stand behind him and they would face everything together fearlessly. However, she was standing behind another man now.

The more Jeremy thought about this, the more confused he was. He could not accuse Madeline of anything, so he shifted his questioning and hostile gaze to Carter.

“Mr. Gray, aren’t you going to explain this?”

Carter furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Do I need to explain anything to you?”

Jeremy felt the fire of rage in his heart spreading. “Eveline is my wife.”

Carter did not refute fiercely. Instead, he parted his lips and explained calmly, “But she’s now my wife. Plus, Eveline doesn’t want to have any interactions with you now.”

“How could Linnie be your wife?”

“If you don’t believe me, take a look at this, Mr. Whitman.” After Carter said that, his entourage delivered an envelope to them just in time.

After getting his hands on it, Carter took a look before handing it to Jeremy.

Jeremy reached out to take it and realized that it was a photocopy of an engagement agreement. It was clearly stated that Carter Gray and Eveline Montgomery had gotten engaged not long ago.

On the bottom right of the document, there were signatures and thumbprints of both of them.

Jeremy remembered Eveline telling him that she was only pretending to get engaged to Carter.

“I think you’ve already investigated my background and who I am, Mr. Whitman. So, you should know that from where we’re from, an engagement means a valid marriage. Hence, Eveline and I are now lawfully wedded husband and wife. Of course, if you insist that you haven’t divorced Eveline, then it means she has committed bigamy.”

While Carter was saying that, he paused for a while. A deep smile then appeared gradually on the corners of his lips.

“I wonder if you’ve ever investigated how they sentence people who’ve committed bigamy? Actually, you don’t have to calculate it according to our law. According to the laws in Glendale, you’ll be locked up for more than two years for bigamy. Is this what you want, Mr. Whitman?”

When Jeremy heard this, he completely understood.

Carter had come prepared.

Asking Madeline to help him get rid of the person he hated and cooperate with the act were just excuses.

What Carter wanted was the marriage certificate that was protected by the law after this paper took effect.

However, perhaps what made Jeremy feel the worst was not the marriage that had taken effect, but instead, it was Madeline’s coldness and alienation—also her repulsion.

How did his Linnie become like this, and all it took was an afternoon?

This was so strange.

Jeremy could not wrap his head around this.

“Cart, I don’t have an appetite anymore. I’ll go upstairs now.”

“Alright, you should go. I’ll join you in a bit.”


Madeline replied. Before she turned around, she stole a glance at Jeremy.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1596
However, the way she looked at him was cold and there were no emotions.

Jeremy could only watch as Madeline went upstairs.

Jeremy did not want to cause any trouble for Madeline, so he only questioned Carter after Madeline went upstairs.

“Carter, what did you do to my wife?”

Carter remained calm. “She’s staying out of her own will. I didn’t do anything to her.”

There was depth behind his words. “Perhaps I have some secrets that she wants to find out so that’s why she’s doing this. What do you think, Mr. Whitman?”

After Carter asked this, Jeremy suddenly remembered something.

‘Is Linnie doing this because she wants to know why Carter is investigating me?’

Jeremy asked himself. This was the only reason that he could think of to explain why Madeline was being so cruel to him.

However, no matter how he thought about this, Jeremy could not see through the way Madeline had looked at him and the way she treated him just now. It did not look like she was pretending or acting. It looked more like how she truly felt.

“Mr. Whitman, I’m going upstairs to be with my wife now. Please help yourself,” Carter said before turning around.

His tone sounded peaceful, but there was obvious provocation and a sense of victory in his words.

Jeremy knew it would be useless for him to stay here anymore because it was evident that Madeline would not listen to what he said.

After getting back to his car, he lifted his head to see Madeline’s figure moving around in one of the bedrooms.

He gripped the steering wheel tightly and watched Madeline’s every move. However, what comforted him was that Carter did not stay too long in Madeline’s room.

Jeremy unlocked his phone and read the information he found out not long ago.

Carter Gray. One could not tell that he was mixed from his features. However, according to the information he found, Carter was indeed mixed. His father had the blood of the nobles from West Europia, so of course, Carter would naturally inherit this lineage.

As for why he came to Glendale and why was he investigating Jeremy, Jeremy still had no idea.

However, there was one thing Carter did not lie about. His marriage with Madeline had taken effect, and for Madeline, she had already committed bigamy.

Bigamy would be sentenced no matter where she was. When Jeremy thought about the word ‘prison’, he felt as if his head was going to explode from pain.

He would not allow Madeline to go back to that place.

No way.

Jeremy stayed in his car the whole night. He only closed his eyes to rest after he saw the lights in Madeline’s room turning off.

However, he could not have a peaceful sleep no matter what. He spent the night in the car while being in and out of sleep.

At dusk, Jeremy started to pay attention to the situation in Madeline’s room.

However, after a while, he received a call from Adam out of the blue.

After he heard what Jeremy said, he reluctantly looked in the direction of Madeline’s room before getting back to the car. “I’ll go over now. Tell him to stay put.”

After saying that to Adam, he turned his steering wheel and left.

Carter stood in front of the French window of the living room on the second floor as he watched Jeremy’s car leaving. Then, he turned around indifferently.

After Jeremy received Adam’s call, he rushed to the hospital immediately.

When he passed the corridor that would lead to the hospital room, he spotted a familiar figure standing dazedly in front of the door of a room at first glance. Plus, there were also two men in suits watching the door.

Jeremy quickly walked over. “Cathy.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1597
After saying that, Jeremy realized he just had a slip of the tongue.

“I’m sorry, Miss Young.” Jeremy quickly corrected himself.

“You didn’t get my name wrong. I am Cathy.” Cathy lifted her sad eyes and looked into Jeremy’s surprised eyes.

Jeremy was confused. When he was about to ask what was going on, Adam walked out of the room.

When he saw Jeremy, Adam looked as if he was letting out a sigh of relief. “Go in now. I think you should be able to buy some time for him.”

“Got it.” Jeremy expressed his acknowledgment. When he was about to go in, he heard Cathy asking worriedly.

“Is he really going to prison?”

Jeremy stopped in his tracks and turned around. He saw intense melancholy on Cathy’s face and in her eyes.

“Do you hope that he’ll go to prison or do you hope that he’ll be fine?” Jeremy gave Cathy a multiple-choice question.

Cathy stared blankly at Jeremy. At that instant, she did not know how to answer him.

Jeremy did not say anything after seeing her spacing out. He knocked on the door lightly before turning the doorknob to enter the room.

When the Interpol agent saw Jeremy while he was questioning Felipe, they greeted each other courteously.

Jeremy looked at Felipe who was lying on the bed. His entire body was wrapped in bandages, and his complexion looked horrible.

He did not know what Felipe had encountered to suffer such horrible injuries. However, at the end of the day, he was still his uncle and someone who was related to him by blood. As such, it was impossible for him to feel unmoved.

“Why are you hurt so badly? Who did this?” Jeremy furrowed his brows and asked.

“It’s the people from his previous company.” The Interpol agent at one side answered for Felipe. “We received an anonymous complaint, so we asked someone to come here to investigate.”

After he said that, he looked at Jeremy seriously.

“Mr. Whitman, you’re also an Interpol agent. Did you know about the illegal business your uncle did in F Country and his relationship with the Stygian Johnson Gang?”

“Jeremy doesn’t know anything.” Despite having no energy, Felipe still sounded as if he was full of vitality when he said this.

He took a look at Jeremy and hinted at him with his eyes. Then, he continued speaking, “Everything I did in F Country, I did them alone. It has nothing to do with my family.”

“Are you admitting to your crimes right now?” The Interpol agent confirmed with Felipe with a serious look on his face.

Felipe lifted his lifeless and tired eyes. He could see those familiar eyes from the small window of the hospital door.

He smiled and nodded.

“That’s right. I’m admitting to all of the crimes I’ve committed including inciting someone to kill the woman I love the most.”


Jeremy was shocked by Felipe’s answer. His colleagues beside him were surprised as well. Then, the agent asked, “Did you say you incited someone to kill the woman you love? When did that happen? Why did you want to kill her?”

Felipe looked indifferent while facing all those questions.

He looked into those clear and beautiful eyes outside the window and there was a small warm smile on his pale face.

“She found out about my illegal business, so she collected the evidence of my crimes and was going to report me. I asked my men to shoot her in front of the door of the police station.”

After he said that, Felipe felt that his heart had taken a trip around purgatory.

He looked at Cathy who was standing at the door, and his eyes slowly turned red and hot.

After the Interpol agents who were here to arrest Felipe heard what he said, they felt that Felipe was involved in a much more serious crime.

This was murder.

“Felipe Whitman, not only are you involved in illegal business, but you’re also involved in a murder. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be spending the rest of your life in prison.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1598
The Interpol agent warned seriously.

“Felipe Whitman, we’re going to arrest you for these two crimes. You have the right to hire a lawyer to help you with your case, but the chance of you winning is near to zero…”

“I plead guilty.” Before the person could finish talking, Felipe opened his mouth. “I plead guilty to all of the crimes.”

“Felipe.” Jeremy almost could not control himself as he said, “Cathy’s not dead. Amy is Cathy. You didn’t kill anyone.”

“Mr. Whitman, are you saying that the victim of Felipe’s planned murder is still alive?” the Interpol agent asked in surprise.

Jeremy nodded in certainty. “Yes, that woman is still alive and well.”

“Where is she now?”


“Jeremy,” Felipe called out to Jeremy, “I’ve admitted to my crimes, so there’s nothing to say now.”

After Felipe said that, the door of the room was pushed open.

“I’m here.”

Cathy walked in straight.

“I’m that woman and I’m not dead. Also, I don’t plan to sue this person.”

Felipe looked at Cathy who was walking toward him in surprise. He then sat up abruptly.

However, since his movements were too extreme, the wounds all over his body were affected.

He looked at her who was standing almost within reach in disbelief. He could see all of the cruel things he had done to her in front of his eyes.

Had she remembered?

Felipe’s heartbeat fell out of rhythm. He stared straight at this face and was hoping that he would be able to look into her eyes. However, Cathy was only looking at those Interpol agents who were going to arrest Felipe.

“Can I talk to him in private?”

The Interpol agents hesitated because, for them, Felipe was a serious criminal.

“Give them a few minutes. I can guarantee that he won’t run away.” Jeremy guaranteed for Felipe.

The two Interpol agents hesitated for a few seconds before agreeing.

“Just be quick about what you want to tell each other. We can give you two ten minutes max.”

Ten minutes.

Felipe felt that these ten minutes would be the most satisfying moments in his life. He would not have any regrets anymore even if he would be given the death penalty.

Jeremy and the two men left the room together. After they walked out, they saw Adam standing alone at the end of the corridor without saying anything. The melancholy between his eyebrows refused to go away no matter what.

Jeremy could guess what Adam was worried about. He turned around to look into the room through the transparent small window. Then, he walked over to worry about what was going on with Madeline right now.

Inside the room.

Felipe sat there motionlessly. His eyes were red as he sobbed and watched the woman who was walking toward him.

“You want to ask me whether I remember what happened back then, right?”


“I don’t.” Cathy denied it. “I’ve forgotten everything in the past, but they told me about what happened back then, including everything we went through.”

She said calmly and indifferently. Her expression looked calm as well, but there was a wave of emotions flashing across her eyes silently and without a trace.

“Felipe, can I ask you a question?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1599
After Cathy said that, Felipe felt as if something had struck his heart.

She had not asked anything, but he already felt extremely nervous.

However, he looked very calm despite this apprehensive contradiction.

“Go ahead.”

His black eyes were staring straight at Cathy, and he did not hide at all.

“Have you ever regretted this?” Cathy’s voice sounded light. However, when it landed on Felipe’s heart, it felt as heavy as if it weighed a few thousand pounds.

She was asking him whether he regretted this.

Of course.

Of course, he regretted this.

However, he knew it was too late to feel regretful now.

Felipe looked at the face that used to feel so familiar yet was foreign now. He curled his pale lips and smiled.

“I’ve never regretted it.”

‘I don’t regret giving up on the huge power and wealth that I wasted so much time and effort building. I also don’t regret almost dying just to see you again.

‘Cathy, I don’t have the right nor the ability to make you stay and make up for the cruel hurt that I caused you.

‘Since you’ve forgotten what happened in the past, then don’t remember any of it.

‘Your emotions won’t be affected whether I regret this or not.’

After hearing Felipe’s answer, Cathy seemingly furrowed her brows. However, her expression still looked calm.

“I understand,” Cathy said flatly. Her eyes scanned Felipe’s face before she turned around. “Even though I can’t remember what happened between us back then, don’t worry, I’ll show up to court to prove that you didn’t kill me.”

Felipe looked dazedly at Cathy as she turned around carefreely. He was more shocked about what he had just heard.

How could she still help him like this?

No. Impossible.

He had brought this upon himself. He was guilty and deserved to be punished.

He did not deserve forgiveness and was not worthy of her help and resurrection.

On the other hand, Felipe could not deny the joy that was surging from the bottom of his heart.

It was all because she was still looking at him.

Felipe felt the brink of his eyes getting warm, and tears were blurring the figure that was walking farther and farther away from him.

He parted his lips and called out her name with a sob, “Cathy.”

Cathy stopped in her tracks after she heard him calling out to her. However, she did not turn around.

“I’m sorry.”

In the silence, Cathy heard those two words from behind her.

Felipe’s apology was clear as it entered her ears.

Cathy stood quietly and motionlessly. A few seconds later, she finally said indifferently, “You don’t have to apologize to me because I can’t remember what happened back then. So, it doesn’t matter how you had hurt me back then or how you had asked someone to kill me because I can’t remember.”

She paused after saying that. Then, she let out a chuckle.

“So, I don’t need your apology.”

After she said that, Cathy walked out of the door decisively.

However, tears silently escaped Cathy’s eyes from where Felipe could not see.

Felipe’s eyes were wet with tears as he watched Cathy’s figure disappear from his vision.

The moment the door closed, his heart plunged into an icehouse.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1600
After Cathy got out of the room, the Interpol agents went back inside.

Jeremy temporarily composed his frustrations and walked toward Cathy.

He saw her being dazed. There were visible tears in the corners of her eyes and on her cheeks. She had been crying.

She was crying for Felipe, so Jeremy knew what it meant in his heart.

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Cathy. “You remember the past, including what happened between you and Felipe, right?”

Cathy lowered her gaze and looked at the handkerchief Jeremy handed her. Tears welled up in her eyes even more wantonly.

The past that she could not bear to look back at was all appearing in her head as clear as day.

“Yes, I remember everything now, including all of the cold-blooded and cruel things he has done to me.”

Cathy admitted. She remembered everything.

However, the moment she finished saying that, a figure appeared behind her.

“When did that happen?” Adam’s tone was peaceful as he asked. There was even a slight smile on his handsome face. “When did you remember?”

Cathy turned around after she heard him. While looking at Adam who was standing in front of her, she felt intense remorse and also endless gratitude for him.


She was calling his name the way she had used to call him back then.

Adam felt a disparity in the bottom of his heart immediately, but at the same time, he felt relieved.

Actually, he knew that this day would come. He knew the memories she lost would be retrieved one day.

When the time came, it would mean that he was going to lose her.

However, he did not expect this day to come so quickly and suddenly.

He thought he was still able to spend more comfortable and unrestrained time with her this way.

“Adam, thank you for taking care of me and the children for more than a year. I want to thank you for helping me get back to a new life.”

After listening to what Cathy said, Adam understood that this whole time, Cathy had only felt gratitude and appreciation for him. There was never any romantic relationship between them. He smiled magnanimously, “As long as you’re safe and well, then everything I did was worthwhile.”

After experiencing so many things, Cathy knew very well how Adam felt about her. However, at this moment, she was unable to give him an answer regarding this.

The two of them knew that they never had a moment when they were each other’s sunshine. There was only a companionship of mutual respect between them.

Despite his natural and unrestrained behavior, Adam could not neglect the disappointment and listlessness in his heart.

At this moment, the door of the room opened. One of the agents walked out and approached Jeremy.

“The related procedures have been completed and we’ll hand Felipe Whitman to the administration of justice. After that, we’ll arrange for them to officially charge him with his crimes.”

He said while looking at Cathy who was standing at one side.

“We’ll verify whether Felipe had indeed hired someone for the murder. Even if the victim is still alive, we’ll still charge him with attempted murder.”

After Cathy heard this, she furrowed her brows.

At the end of the day, he still could not hide from this.

“If he’s convicted of this, how long will he serve in prison?” Cathy asked. She looked emotionless, but in reality, she felt extremely anxious.

“If he’s convicted, those crimes would be enough for him to get the death penalty.”

Death penalty.

When those two words glided past Cathy’s ears, she felt as if her vision had gone black.

When Jeremy saw the changes in Cathy’s expression, he comforted and said, “I’ll hire the best lawyer for him, so don’t worry.”

Cathy curled the corners of her lips into a smile. “There’s nothing for me to worry about. He said he doesn’t regret this, so why would he care about my worries? If he didn’t care back then, then he won’t care now. The only reason he came back to look for me is that he has a guilty conscience.”

She made the conclusion and turned around slowly.

“Don’t tell him that I’ve regained my memories. I don’t want him to suddenly know that there’s an idiot who still loves him on the day he’s getting his death penalty. Plus, I don’t want him to know that he has a son and a daughter in this world.”

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