Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1581-1590

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1581
Jeremy was wearing a neat and ironed limited edition suit. He was sitting in front elegantly with a dignified posture. When he saw Naomi appearing in front of him, he smiled lightly without a trace.

Naomi lifted her eyebrow at Jeremy while feeling pleased with her position. She said to the reporters in front of her, “Since everyone is present today, I want to announce something too.”

Announce something?

Everyone looked at each other before pointing the cameras and microphones over to Naomi.

“Mrs. Whitman, are there problems with your relationship with Mr. Whitman?”

“You’ve been seen entering all kinds of bars and clubs with different men. Are you admitting to this?”

“Will you divorce Mr. Whitman soon?”

Naomi glanced arrogantly at Jeremy who did not say anything while facing the reporters’ continuous questions. She started seriously spewing nonsense to the live stream, “It’s true that I was seen hanging out with a lot of men recently.”


They did not expect ‘Eveline’ to admit this so carefreely. Everyone at the scene was beyond shocked.

When the netizens who were watching the live stream heard this, they immediately spammed the comment section and yelled at her for being shameless.

She did such things without even her face turning red. Plus, she even acted as if what she was doing was inevitable and right.

However, Naomi felt at ease when she saw these people’s reactions. Today, she would drag Eveline through the mud completely.

She wanted Madeline to not be able to clear her name even in death!

After all, nobody here at the scene knew that she was an imposter except for Jeremy!

“Mrs. Whitman, why did you do such things? Is there a crisis in your and Mr. Whitman’s relationship?” the reporter asked.

“There’s no crisis,” Naomi answered directly, “It’s nobody’s fault that I’m a fickle and promiscuous wh*re.”



“I’m not like what all of you saw. The composed and noble socialite image I used to have is fake! I’m bad to the bone!”


Everyone was once again startled. They could not believe the young madam of the Whitman family was the one saying all this!

Naomi was satisfied with everyone’s reactions. She turned around and looked at Jeremy who was still sitting on the same spot while furrowing his eyebrows.

“My good husband, you must’ve felt troubled after marrying a fickle woman like me, right? Now, I’ll be announcing our divorce here. This way, no one will be able to say that you’re cuckolded by your wife, and at the same time, I’m able to keep hanging out with other men. What do you think?”


Everyone at the scene could not believe what they had just seen or heard. W-Was Eveline insane?

Or perhaps this was Evelines’s true face?

How disgusting!

The internet blew up as the netizens were all criticizing Eveline’s moral standing.

Was this the number one socialite of Glendale?

She could even say such statements. How extremely shameless!

The reporters were also stirred up. The reporters who had integrity could not help but criticize, “Mrs. Whitman, have you ever considered the fact that you’re also a public figure? Aren’t you worried that your reputation will be ruined by saying that?”

“What reputation do I have? This is my truest form.” Naomi looked nonchalant. “I was just pretending back then. Now, I don’t want to pretend anymore. What you’re seeing now is the true face of Eveline Montgomery.”


The public was once again speechless from shock after hearing what Naomi said.

However, they had no idea that the Naomi they were seeing in front of them was not the real Eveline. Right now, they only knew that Eveline was exposing her shortcomings as well as how she was a fickle wh*re with no sense of shame.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1582
However, what surprised them was how Jeremy never denied or said anything to stop her from the start.

Did this mean that he was agreeing to this tacitly?

One of the reporters could not take it anymore, so she asked Jeremy, “Mr. Whitman, are you not going to stop or explain why Mrs. Whitman is acting like this?”

After the reporter asked that question, Naomi did not give Jeremy a chance to talk. She immediately answered, “Don’t cause trouble for my husband. I’ve already said this, so what else can he do? I can’t help that I’ve affected the stocks of Whitman Corporation and Montgomery Enterprise. I can’t help it that I’m someone like this.”

While she was speaking, she looked at Jeremy provokingly.

“Am I right, dear?”

Jeremy looked calmly at the beautiful face and finally said, “Do you think you’re qualified to call me your dear?”

“…” Naomi was slightly stunned. However, she reacted quickly. “You’re right. We’re going to get divorced soon. How can such a shameless wh*re like me be qualified to be your wife?”

Jeremy was calm when he saw Naomi trying her best to slander Madeline. “Naomi, you should stop acting now.”



“Who’s Naomi?”

“Why did Mr. Whitman call his wife Naomi?”

The reporters were curious about the name Jeremy called out. However, some people had an impression of that name.

“I remember Naomi is Ryan’s ex-girlfriend. A video of her hanging out with a group of men in the club was posted online once. That’s the woman Ryan broke up with after.”


Naomi did not expect someone to still remember her dark past. Immediately, her face fell.

She wanted to change the topic now, but then she heard Jeremy chuckling coldly.

“It seems that you’re quite popular.”


“Naomi, do you really think you can slander my Linnie like this?” Jeremy asked profoundly. Then, his tall figure stood up slowly. Immediately, his cold and penetrating aura started pressuring Naomi.

“Do you think everyone will be fooled and lied to by you just because you got plastic surgery to look like Linnie?”


“What? Plastic surgery?”

“That’s not Eveline? She’s Naomi after plastic surgery?”

“No way! She looks so similar to Eveline! It’s impossible. How can plastic surgery make them look exactly the same?” Most of the people were in disbelief. Even though plastic surgery was common now, it was such a fantasy to look exactly the same as the other person using plastic surgery.

Even twins would look slightly different, let alone someone who has gone through plastic surgery!

Naomi used this chance to quibble. “Of course, it’s impossible! I’m Eveline. The reason Jeremy is saying that is so that he won’t embarrass himself. If I’m not Eveline, then who else would be Eveline?”

“Me, of course.”

Suddenly, a woman’s hoarse but calm voice sounded from the crowd.

Naomi froze instantly as her pupils constricted subconsciously.

‘No, it’s impossible.’

She kept on hypnotizing herself and did not want to turn around to look at the source of the voice.

However, exclaims of surprise started sounding from all around her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1583
“Gosh! There’s even something like this?”

Sounds of exclamation and shock came continuously from the crowd.

“I never knew there’s such plastic surgery!”

“They look the same!”

“There’s even no difference in their eyes!”

When everyone at the scene saw Madeline walking over, they were all flabbergasted.

When Naomi heard the exclaims from the crowd, she could feel her breathing getting erratic. She turned around to look in disbelief. When that familiar face was reflected in her eyes, Naomi felt as if her heart had stopped beating at that moment.

‘How is this possible?

‘How is this even possible?

‘Eveline isn’t dead!’

However, Naomi had clearly pushed her into the river.

When that happened, Eveline was still unconscious. How could she still be alive?

Plus, what was up with her face?

She had been so hideous after the fire. Her face had been covered with scars but now, it was so delicate and flawless. Plus, she even looked fair and elegant.

Compared to her face that was covered with heavy makeup, Madeline looked even more attractive and charming.

There was not much surprise in Jeremy’s eyes when Madeline appeared. On the contrary, his eyes were filled with softness.

Madeline calmly walked over to Naomi when she saw her stunned and stupefied expression. Two seemingly similar faces were looking at each other, and this scene looked extremely shocking.

After the reporters were done feeling dazed, they started taking pictures and videos one after another.

Meanwhile, the netizens who were watching the live stream suddenly felt that this was getting interesting after they recovered from their shock.

They were starting to compare the differences between the two faces. While they were looking, they found some differences between the two of them.

Madeline’s features looked more delicate than Naomi’s. Of course, the most important thing was how Madeline’s eyes looked livelier. She had an elegant and noble temperament that seemed to encompass her in every move she made.

“You didn’t expect this, right? I’m not dead.” Madeline parted her lips calmly. A beautiful curve appeared on the corners of her pink lips.

“…” Naomi parted her lips. She only came back to her senses after being dazed for a few seconds. She immediately accused Madeline, saying, “Who are you? Why did you get plastic surgery to look like me?”

She knew Naomi would say such things, so Madeline was very calm. “Naomi, stop trying to make pointless arguments. You’re a fake, so you’ll still be a fake at the end of the day.”


“Do you think you can smear my name by using my face to destroy my reputation and even saying those shameless things in public?”

Madeline lifted her beautiful eyes. There was a powerful sharp and cold glint in her eyes.

“You’re even more innocent than my one-year-old son.”

“…” Naomi was not someone powerful, so when Madeline started pressuring her, she was speechless for a moment. However, she knew she could not admit defeat at this moment.

“What rubbish are you talking about?” Naomi roared angrily. Her face started to look wretched.

They had the same face, but Naomi could never copy or impersonate Madeline’s calmness and composure.

“I don’t know where this plastic face came from. How dare she say I’m a fake?! Heh!” Naomi scoffed and crossed her arms across her chest. “Everyone, listen. Listen to this woman’s voice. It’s as rough as sandpaper. I guess all of you should have already heard how my voice sounds, right?”

Naomi felt that she had found a way to defeat Madeline. That was right, it was her voice.

Madeline’s face had recovered, but her voice had not.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1584
After everyone heard Naomi saying that, they thought she made sense.

That voice was not Eveline’s voice indeed.

After carefully hearing it, they found that Naomi’s voice was more similar to the one they had heard before.

When she noticed the people around her starting to side with her, Naomi started to feel pleased with herself. She pointed at Madeline and lifted her eyes. “You imposter, you’re in this state and you still want to impersonate me. You’re only here to make a fool of yourself!”

Madeline had an unperturbed attitude the entire time while facing Naomi’s provocations. “We’ll know who’s the one here to make a fool of themselves soon.”


Naomi started to feel anxious after seeing Madeline’s calmness.

She was wondering how could Madeline prove herself to be Eveline when she spotted Madeline walking next to a female reporter. “Do you have any perfume with you?”

The reporter looked at Madeline and was stumped for words while feeling confused. Then, she took out a mini bottle of perfume from her bag to hand it to Madeline.

“Thank you.” Madeline reached her hand over to take it.

Then, she opened the cap of the perfume in front of everyone and took a sniff.

After she took a sniff, she brought the perfume in front of Naomi.

“You say you’re Eveline, so you must know how to blend fragrances. If that’s the case, tell everyone here what blend is this bottle of perfume.”

“…” Naomi was immediately baffled.

She did not know how to blend fragrances, so how would she know about the process of making a bottle of perfume?

However, everyone started to remember Eveline was also a perfumer after being reminded.

“I guess you don’t know, right?” Madeline smiled softly and looked at the baffled Naomi. “Then, let me tell you.”

After that, Madeline listed out the ingredients of the perfume and used some professional jargon.

Naomi was stunned after hearing her. She had no idea.

Now, she understood that everyone around her was starting to side with Madeline.

Madeline returned the perfume to the reporter and thanked her.

She turned around to look at Naomi who had a look of embarrassment on her face and parted her lips to continue. “Aside from being a perfumer, you might also not know that Eveline has another occupation and it’s a jewelry designer.”


“Since you claim that you’re the real Eveline and I’m the imposter, then I shall ask you some basic questions about jewelry.”


“How are diamonds formed?”


This was a professional question that everyone in the jewelry industry knew about.

However, it was evident that this question stumped Naomi.

Naomi’s mouth was gaping, and she did not know how to answer this question.

Perfume blending? Jewelry? Aside from this face, she had no idea about the professional knowledge Madeline knew.

On the other hand, the answer was obvious after everyone saw her look of loss.

“You don’t even know this basic question and you have the guts to say that you’re Eveline?” Madeline asked. While observing Naomi’s more and more deranged expression, she smiled softly.

“If those can’t convince you, then what about these?” Madeline opened her palm and Ken appeared next to her without everyone’s knowledge. He placed a stack of documents in her hand.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1585
Naomi stared straight at the documents Ken had placed in Madeline’s hand. Even though she had no idea what they were, she could feel that they were evidence extremely detrimental to her.

Madeline opened the documents calmly and displayed the contents in front of Naomi as well as all of the cameras.

“Naomi, this is the information about your plastic surgery in Y Country. Plus, the documented pictures on here clearly state that you’re an imposter from head to toe.”

“…” Naomi widened her eyes, and at that moment, she was completely speechless.

“Wow…” Everyone at the scene gasped in surprise.

They now understood why Eveline had been so unrestrained and shameless these few days. They also understood why she could have the guts to say something so shameless in public. It turned out that this woman was not Eveline at all!

The reason she said and did those things was to slander the real Eveline.

“What a lunatic. She can even go as far as to use this kind of method to smear someone’s name!”

“No wonder she could do things like hanging out with a group of men. It’s not the first time she has done this after all.”

“How can there be such a person on earth? This is beyond reasonable limits!”

“Eveline is so pitiful for running into this psychopath.”


When she saw everyone siding with Madeline and the truth, Naomi felt as if she was at a loss. Plus, she was so flustered and rattled that she did not know what to do.

“Naomi, your show is over and it’s time to pay for what you’ve done.” Madeline’s statement made Naomi feel scared as she fell into a deep abyss.

After Madeline said that, Naomi saw some uniformed officers walking in front of her.

“Naomi Lionel, you’re involved in an attempted murder. Please go back to the station to assist in the investigation.”


‘Attempted murder.’

Naomi felt her hands and feet turning cold immediately.

She knew what the officers meant by attempted murder. It was true that she had wanted to kill Madeline, but she did not know how Madeline could show up here unharmed.

She had pushed the unconscious Madeline into the river with her own two hands. What was going on?

Naomi was confused. While she was spacing out, the police placed the handcuffs on her wrist.

At that instant, she came back to her senses abruptly. “I didn’t kill anyone! What do you mean by attempted murder? I don’t know what you’re talking about?!”

Naomi argued. Despite her beautiful face, her expression right now had utterly fallen apart.

She could never learn the elegance and calmness Madeline had.

The only thing similar she had to Madeline was the good-looking face.

“I’m Eveline Montgomery. This woman is the imposter! Why are you arresting me? Let go of me!” Naomi kept struggling and quibbling.

“Naomi Lionel, we already have sufficient evidence to prove that you’re impersonating Eveline and have defamed her everywhere. It’s useless no matter how you argue. The police only carry out tasks based on evidence.”

“What evidence? Can a few words from that woman amount as evidence? I’m unconvinced!”

Naomi screamed and glared furiously at Madeline. She knew it would be useless for her to keep quibbling, so she decided to just go all out.

“Eveline, do you think you’ve won? Haha! Let me tell you! When I was impersonating you, I slept with your husband! I’m even pregnant with his child!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1586
Naomi shrieked, and her statement caused an uproar in the crowd.

However, Madeline was not affected at all. She did not believe her. She did not even want to pay attention to what Naomi had said.

She knew clearly in her heart that Naomi was doing this to disgust her on purpose.

She would not go and cause trouble for herself.

Plus, she knew this was impossible because…

“Eveline, you must be extremely devastated right now, right? Haha! I didn’t lose! I didn’t!” Naomi started cackling sinisterly as if she was possessed.

After she exposed this, the reporters all shifted their gazes to her flat stomach at the same time.

‘Is this imposter pregnant with Jeremy’s child?

‘If it’s true, then wouldn’t there be a hurdle between Jeremy and Eveline?’

Everyone’s faces were painted with curiosity. On the other hand, Naomi felt extremely pleased while looking at Madeline’s silent expression.

“Eveline, so what if I got plastic surgery to look like you? So what if you’ve exposed me in public? I’m happy to go to jail now! However, you must be so heartbroken right now because I’m pregnant with your husband’s child, right?”

“I’m sorry, but two months ago, I had a small surgery in the hospital and this surgery caused me to lose my ability to have children. So, your lie is pretty pathetic.”


Nobody thought Jeremy would suddenly expose this news to prove his innocence, and even Madeline had not expected this.

She knew he had a vasectomy but did not think that he would announce it in this situation.

On the other hand, Jeremy did not care and was ignoring how people were looking at him right now. He looked into Madeline’s eyes with a gentle and smiling gaze.

“Aside from my wife Eveline Montgomery, I’ve never touched another woman in my life. I won’t touch the hair of a woman like you even if you’ve planned everything and look exactly like my wife.”


Naomi felt as if she had been slapped a few times heavily across the face. It was burning painfully, and she was feeling extremely terrible.

How would she know that Jeremy had undergone this kind of surgery because of Madeline?

She thought she would be able to regain a small win for herself and at least make Madeline feel horrible and uncomfortable because of this, but as it turned out, she was the one feeling horrible now.

Naomi was then brought away by the officers under everyone’s eyes.

On the other hand, Jeremy walked to Madeline in front of everyone and pulled her into his arms without hesitation.

“Linnie, you can finally come back to me.”

Madeline lifted her hand to respond and promised him, “Yeah, I’m back. I won’t leave you again.”

She would not leave. She could not leave anyway.

Now that her identity was exposed in front of everyone, she believed that Carter would have seen this as well. As such, she could not go back to Carter’s place to be on the lookout anymore.

At this moment, Carter was sitting in the car watching the live stream on his tablet. Then, he lifted his head to look at the entrance of Whitman Corporation.

After a long while, he put down his tablet to lift his hand to push the car door open.

His long and lean body stood in front of the car and then he parted his long legs to slowly approach the door of Whitman Corporation.

Madeline and Jeremy were walking out hand in hand, not paying attention to the reporters following behind them.

However, the moment they got out of the door and saw the man approaching them, the smile on Madeline’s face disappeared slightly before she stopped in her tracks.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1587
Jeremy spotted Carter as well. Immediately, the information he found out about Carter a few days ago flashed in his mind.

Madeline was sure Carter had seen what happened just now at the press conference, however, she was not sure what was the reason for him to show up all of a sudden like this.

‘Is he here to target Jeremy?’

Madeline pondered silently, and in the next second, Carter had already walked up to her.

He looked at Jeremy and then his gaze landed softly on Madeline’s face.

“I’m here to take you home.”

Carter’s words were brief and to the point, plus his tone sounded so calm. However, to Jeremy, Carter’s words were laced with intense provocation.


His Linnie only had one home.

Madeline could sense Jeremy’s displeasure. She knew the reporters were about to come out at any second now and since she did not want to cause more gossip and misunderstanding, she politely smiled and said.

“Mr. Carter, let me introduce you to my husband, Jeremy Whitman. Thank you for saving my life at sea back then. My husband thanks you too.”

Jeremy understood the hints in Madeline’s eyes. As such, he displayed a smile and said gently, “Mr. Gray, thank you for saving my wife back then. If there’s anything you need, feel free to voice out.”

After Carter heard what they said, he did not give any reaction. However, his eyes were still on Madeline. Compared to his calm tone from just now, his tone sounded colder now.

“I think you need to give me an explanation regarding some matters. Eveline, how will you reconcile with your conscience after lying to someone who had saved you?”

“…” Indeed, he already knew that she was the real Eveline.

Madeline did not hide anymore. However, when she was about to say something, Jeremy was one step ahead of her.

“Mr. Gray, my Linnie did not mean to lie to you. You had indeed saved her, but in that situation, you were just a stranger to her. Understandably, she did not want to tell you her true identity.”

Naturally, Jeremy was defending her.

“Mr. Gray, if there’s anything you’re unhappy about, we can talk about it in my office now.”

Carter lifted his narrow and cold eyes but was still not looking at Jeremy. He only said to Madeline, “I think you know this won’t end like this. The reporters will come out soon and I don’t want to put you in a difficult situation. I’ll be waiting in the manor tomorrow morning at ten for you to come and give me an appropriate explanation.”

Before Madeline could answer, Carter turned around and walked away freely and easily.

Madeline and Jeremy watched as Carter left before looking into each other’s eyes with mutual understanding.

“Linnie, let’s go home.”


Madeline nodded. After she grabbed Jeremy’s arm, they walked to the parking lot.

More than ten minutes later, she felt excited after stepping into the doors of Whitman Manor once again. She could finally come back to her home as Eveline.

When Karen saw Madeline back with Jeremy, she was excited as well.

“Eveline, it’s so good to see you! I thought something bad had happened to you,” Karen said while feeling fortunate. She then lifted her hand to wipe away the tears in the corner of her eyes.

Madeline could feel Karen’s worries and longings for her. Therefore, she went over to hug Karen while feeling touched.

“Mom, I’m fine.”

Karen patted her shoulder. “It’s good that you’re fine. Tell me, what happened? Naomi said she pushed you into the river and Jeremy went to find you but couldn’t find anything. What in the world happened?’

Karen asked the question she had in her heart as Madeline looked at the man next to her with a smile.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1588
“Naomi was right. She did push me into the river to drown me, but I was still conscious at that moment. After she pushed me into the river, I was fully conscious in the blink of an eye. Then, I swam back to shore myself.”

After Karen heard that, she was suddenly enlightened. However, there was still something that she could not understand. “When did you learn how to swim? I remember that you don’t know how to swim.”

“Jeremy taught me when I went out to have fun with him back then.” Madeline smiled and leaned against Jeremy. Jeremy naturally reached out and held Madeline’s shoulder.



Two clear and melodic voices of children sounded from one side. Jeremy only held Madeline for less than a few seconds before there was an emptiness in his arms.

Madeline turned around to look at the siblings running toward her. She squatted and opened her arms to welcome the children.

Jackson and Lillian ran into Madeline’s arms, nuzzling against her intimately before kissing her cheek.

“Mommy! This mommy now is my real mommy,” Jackson exclaimed. He finally knew why his mother back then would glare at him so maliciously.

It was because that was not his real mother.

Madeline held the two children while feeling heartbroken, especially when she was holding Lillian.

Back then, Naomi had bullied Lillian. Although she had already vented out on the little girl’s behalf, the little girl’s trauma was real and valid.

Jeremy thought Madeline would spend some time with him first after she came back.

However, Madeline stayed with the children the entire time so Jeremy could only stay at one side while feeling jealous.

After she tucked the children into bed at night, Madeline finally went back into Jeremy’s arms.

Naomi had slept in this room before, so they chose to sleep in the guest room for the time being.

Jeremy held Madeline tightly in his arms, and when he saw the faint red marks on her cheeks, he did not mind them. On the contrary, he kissed them while feeling heartbroken.

“You must’ve been in so much pain back then, right?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded and put down her tough mask. At this moment, she was a woman who had been wronged and was showing weakness in the arms of the man she loved. “It hurt so bad, but as long as I can come back to you, I’ll be able to endure pain worse than this.”

Jeremy felt a stab in his heart as he pulled her closer to him, feeling more pitiful. “Linnie.”

“Jeremy, I’ve decided to drop by Carter’s place tomorrow.”

Jeremy loosened his arms that were wrapped tightly around her and furrowed his brows. “You don’t have to explain anything to him. If he’s so dissatisfied, I’ll negotiate with him.”

“He did save my life back then, so I should at least go over and thank him with my real identity.”

“Linnie, if you really want to go, then I’ll go with you.”

“Okay.” Madeline smiled and pressed a kiss on the corner of Jeremy’s lips with her pink lips. “Jeremy, I love you.”

After Jeremy heard that, he unfurrowed his brows. “I love you too, Linnie.”

He smiled, and in the silence, he kissed her…

The next day, Madeline woke up early to wash up. After breakfast, she got ready to go over to Carter’s place with Jeremy.

However, when they were about to leave, Madeline saw a familiar car parked outside the door.

She got closer to take a look and saw Carter’s driver getting out of the car to walk to her.

“Miss Montgomery, please get in. There has been a change in the meeting point and Mr. Carter asked me to drive you over.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1589
After Madeline heard that, she looked at the time. She smiled and parted her lips, saying, “I’ll arrive at the place Mr. Carter has arranged on time, so you don’t have to drive me. My husband will go with me.”

The driver smiled. “Miss Montgomery, you’ve misunderstood me. Mr. Carter asked me to drive you because he wants you to go alone. Plus, Mr. Carter doesn’t want people to know the place I’ll be bringing you to.”

What a mysterious place.

Madeline was hesitating. She then heard the driver saying, “Mr. Carter knows that you want to return the favor of him saving you, so it’s best if you go yourself, Miss Montgomery.”

Madeline had to admit that she did want to return this favor. This way, she would be able to stop getting involved with this man.

However, why was this person investigating Jeremy?

While she was wondering about this, Jeremy drove over in his car.

When he saw what was happening at the door, he stopped the car, got out, and walked over.

“Linnie, who’s this?”

“He’s Carter’s driver.”

After Jeremy heard that, he lifted his deep eyes and looked at this man up and down.

The man smiled politely at Jeremy. “Mr. Whitman, Mr. Carter is inviting Miss Montgomery for a small meeting. I hope you don’t mind.”

Jeremy furrowed his brows slightly. “What do you mean?”

Madeline grabbed Jeremy’s hand when she detected his displeasure. “Jeremy, I’ll just go alone.”


“Yeah, don’t worry. He won’t do anything out of line to me.” Madeline was certain.

At least, she was sure that Carter did not have any romantic feelings toward her.

He had sided with his mother when she was framed by Ada and her mother last time. He did not even trust her.

“Jeremy, he did save me and I did lie to him. I should apologize to him because it would only be polite to do so.” Madeline tried to get the man to nod his head.

In the end, Jeremy gave in. He lifted his head to stroke Madeline’s cheek gently.

“Stay in contact with me always.”


Madeline nodded. She got up to Jeremy and planted a kiss on Jeremy’s cheek before getting into the car.

Jeremy looked at the car that Madeline was in as it got farther and farther away from him. For some reason, he could feel anxiety creeping into his heart.

‘It won’t.

‘Stop overthinking.’

He calmed his heartbeat that was starting to race suddenly. In the end, he still decided to drive his car and follow them.

The driver had said there was a change in the meeting place, but Madeline realized that they were at Carter’s manor after the car stopped.

The driver had lied.

However, why did he lie?

Was it to make her get into the car alone?

When Madeline thought about this, she started to feel vigilant.

While she was thinking about this, Madeline saw the young man who was always with Carter walking toward her.

“Miss Montgomery, Mr. Carter has been waiting for you. Please come with me.” The man invited respectfully.

Madeline looked around her before lifting her legs to follow him.

She thought that person would bring her to Carter’s study, but after they walked past the corridor of the living room, he brought Madeline to the door of the basement instead.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1590
After the door was opened, Madeline saw a room filled with warm tones that was decorated comfortably.

She felt curious. There was even such a feminine room in this manor and it was in the basement.

While Madeline was feeling curious, she heard the man’s deep and charming voice from her side.

“You’re here.”

Madeline froze and turned around to see Carter sitting in front of a desk. There was nothing on it aside from a beautiful, sparkling, and translucent crystal ball.

However, Madeline was not in the mood to admire this. She walked in front of the desk and looked at the man who had an unknown expression on his face. She thanked him sincerely, “Mr. Carter, I’m really thankful for you for saving my life and allowing me to go back to my home. I didn’t mean to lie to you back then, but—”

“You found out that I’m gathering information on Jeremy Whitman, so as his wife, you were curious but at the same time concerned for him. That’s why you decided to beat me at my own game and stay with me to scout out more information, is that right?”

Carter was right about what Madeline had been thinking in her heart back then. However, at this moment, she could only admit magnanimously.

“Yes. I’m still curious until now. Why are you investigating my husband, Mr. Carter?”

“Uh-huh.” There was a rare smile on Carter’s icy yet handsome face.

He lifted his bottomless dark eyes and looked straight into Madeline’s eyes.

“Before I answer you, can you answer my question?” His tone rarely sounded so gentle. His eyes were the same too.

Madeline looked into his eyes as a gesture of courtesy. “What do you want to ask me, Mr. Carter?”

Carter lifted the corners of his lips. “What’s your name?”

Madeline was flabbergasted and stumped for words for a while. She said, “My name is Eveline Montgomery.”

“Who’s Jeremy Whitman to you?” Carter asked quickly right after.

“He’s my husband.”

“You love him a lot, right?”

“Yes, he’s the only man I love in my life.”

When Carter heard this, a mysterious smile appeared on the side of his lips.

“No, you’re wrong. He’s not the man you love the most.” Carter denied it neither too slowly nor too quickly. “If you don’t believe me, look into this crystal ball.”

Madeline was confused as she stared blankly ahead. She did not know what Carter meant by that. However, her eyes still landed on the crystal ball after Carter’s guidance.

This crystal ball was exceptionally beautiful. Inside the translucent crystal ball was a blue liquid.

It looked like the starry sky and also the sea. There was an abstruse yet attractive power to it.

For some reason, the more Madeline looked at this crystal ball, the more she felt her breathing and heartbeat losing their normal rhythm. Even her thoughts were starting to get out of her control.

In the next second, the lights in the room started to dim.

In the darkness, the only thing Madeline could see was this crystal ball and the elegant, refined, and mysterious-looking man who was sitting in front of the crystal ball…

Jeremy had followed them to the gates of Carter’s manor. He sat inside the car and waited for about an hour. Eventually, he got out of the car because he could not wait anymore.

When he was about to go inside, a middle-aged man who looked like the butler walked over to stop him.

“Sir, this is a private manor. May I know who you’re looking for?”

Jeremy said calmly, “I’m looking for my wife. An hour ago, she was invited to see Mr. Carter Gray.”

The man furrowed his brows in confusion after he heard that. “Sir, have you made a mistake? There are no guests today.”

Jeremy’s expression became colder after he heard that. “I saw with my own eyes Carter’s driver bringing my wife in here and now you’re telling me it isn’t the case?”

The butler quickly calmed Jeremy down after he saw that he was infuriated. “Sir, don’t be mad. Maybe I didn’t notice because I was away just now. I’ll help you ask around immediately.”

The butler said, and he was about to go ask someone. However, before he could turn around, Carter’s entourage walked to Jeremy. “Mr. Whitman, Mr. Carter is inviting you inside.”

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