Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1541-1550

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1541
Madeline did not want to be the passive one. She turned around and looked into Carter’s eyes calmly.

“Mr. Carter, thank you for helping me out of trouble just now. If you hadn’t helped me just now, I don’t think your mother would’ve believed anything I said.”

Carter looked at her with his deep and dark eyes. “I’m just telling her the truth. Your name is just a coincidence and your face is plastic, no?”


Madeline had nothing to say to that.

Did Carter believe what she said?

Madeline was suspicious, but looking at Carter’s expression, it did not seem as if he was suspecting her.

“You can’t leave for the time being. You can only leave after all the guests have left.” Carter reminded Madeline, and his gaze once again landed on her face.

This face was delicate and flawless. Plus, it was fair and glowing. There were no signs of it having been burned at all.

The doctor who treated Madeline must be someone with extraordinary skills.

“How did your face manage to recover to this extent in such a short time?” Carter asked the question out of curiosity.

Of course, Madeline would not mention Adam to him, so she tried to find an acceptable reason.

“I need to thank the doctor you found for me, Mr. Carter. Dr. Lane is an amazing doctor. He has been treating me for some time and my face has been improving. After more than a month of treatment, my scabs fell off unbeknownst to me.”

Carter nodded slightly as if he was in deep thought. “Since your face has recovered, why are you still pretending like the way you were before?”

After he said that, Madeline sighed softly. At the same time, she furrowed her brows. “I changed my face according to Eveline’s face since Jeremy loves Eveline the most. Sometimes, I don’t even want to look at this face when I see it in the mirror. I despise this face, so that’s why I want to wear a mask.”

Madeline felt that this was reasonable. At the same time, she saw that Carter seemed to accept this explanation.

“You should stay here and rest for a while. I’ll go out to handle the guests.” Carter picked up his suit jacket and put it on himself freely and easily before walking out.

Looking at the empty study, Madeline felt the air around her turning fresher.

Back then, she only had one-on-one interactions with Carter, so she did not feel a lot of pressure or trouble. However, the people who appeared out of nowhere were all creating trouble for her now.

At this moment, Madeline could hear Camille complaining from downstairs. “Carter, are you serious? That woman has had plastic surgery and she even changed her face to look like Jeremy Whitman’s wife. Don’t you feel uncomfortable getting engaged to a woman like that?”

“Yeah, Carty. You have to think this through. This woman must be a bad person!” Ada used this opportunity to slander Madeline.

“If I hadn’t thought this through, I wouldn’t have gotten engaged to her,” Carter answered slowly, “I like her as a person and it has nothing to do with how she looks. It’s just like those people I hate. Even if they look gorgeous, I won’t even want to look at them.”

“…” When Ada heard this, her face went red.

The person he mentioned he hated was obviously her!

Camille could sense this too. However, it would not be good for her to say it out loud. Eventually, she just emphasized, “Carter, if you want to bring this woman into the doors of the Louis family, you know best what kind of consequences there’ll be!”

Camille was saying this like it was something serious. However, Madeline did not care. She would not marry Carter anyway.

Of course, she did not think that Carter would be bothered about this.

After a while, Madeline walked back to the study after there was no sound of activity downstairs.

Looking at the desk in front of her, Madeline suddenly had a thought.

She walked to the desk and flipped through the documents on the desk. However, she did not see anything out of the ordinary.

Even so, this was Carter’s study, and if he was investigating Jeremy, there would definitely be some clues.

Madeline decided to look further as this chance was so hard to come by. Under normal circumstances, she would not be able to stay in Carter’s study alone.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1542
Madeline closed the door of the study lightly before locking it. Then, she went back to the desk. After rummaging for more than ten minutes, she finally found a stack of information about Jeremy in the drawer.

The information was very detailed. The trifles that happened to Jeremy when he was in school were also recorded.

‘What is Carter trying to do?’

The more Madeline read the information compiled, the more anxious she felt.

Jeremy must have no idea that this mysterious man was investigating him, right?

After Madeline read the stack of documents, she tried to see if she could turn on Carter’s computer.

She thought the computer was locked, but she accidentally found that she could turn it on directly.

Madeline saw the few folders on the desktop and she opened one randomly. However, she did not expect her photo with Jeremy to appear on the screen.

The moment she saw the photo and information, Madeline felt fear and trepidation in the face of disaster

Anyone would feel uncomfortable if a stranger was investigating them like this.

However, Madeline did not forget how Carter had saved her before.

Madeline looked through the computer again. When she could not find any new details or information, she shut down the computer before reorganizing the desk. Then, she pushed the door open.

She sat on the sofa as if nothing had happened. She was waiting for Carter to tell her that she could leave.

While she was waiting, Madeline felt tired, so she fell asleep. While she was half-conscious, she could hear Carter’s deep voice vaguely.

“Are you sure Jeremy Whitman will come back to Glendale tonight at eight?

“What about his wife?

“Alright, got it.”

After he said that, Madeline heard footsteps walking past her.

She opened her eyes groggily, and when she got up, she saw a blanket on her. Plus, the sky outside had already turned dark.

Madeline looked at the time, and it was already six in the evening.

Although she was sleeping groggily just now, Madeline was sure that she had not heard it wrong.

‘Jeremy is coming back to Glendale from a business trip at eight o’clock tonight. Carter must have his purpose to inquire about this.’

Madeline thought for a while and decided to follow Carter this evening. This was the only way she could ensure Jeremy’s safety.

While she was thinking about it, Carter walked in from the door.

“You’re awake.” He walked to Madeline. “The guests have already gone back. You can also go back to Whitman Manor.”

“I suddenly don’t want to go back.”

Madeline’s words caused Carter’s attention to fall on her.

“You’re not going back? You want to stay here?”

Madeline tried her best not to show her intention to follow Carter. Then, she smiled self-deprecatingly. “I figured out a lot of things in my sleep just now.”

Carter walked over to Madeline with great interest. Those mysterious eyes that could not be explored looked intensely into Madeline’s eyes.

“I also figured out one thing, and I’m sure that what I think is the same as what you’d think.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1543
In the past, Madeline felt that Jeremy’s eyes seemed to make her feel as if she was being seen through, but at this moment, Carter’s gaze also gave her this feeling.

“You know what I’ve figured out, Mr. Carter?” Madeline asked with a puzzled smile.

Carter smiled without saying a word. His gaze moved closer to Madeline, and the slight smile on his lips looked very intriguing.

“You want to tell me that you’ve figured it out and you don’t want to fall in love with that Jeremy like a fool anymore. You don’t even want to go back to Whitman Manor and you want to stay by my side, no?”


Madeline was stunned. She had indeed wanted to tell him this lie, but she never thought that Carter could see through her at a glance.

Seeing Madeline looking at him blankly, the smile on Carter’s lips became deeper.

“What a coincidence. I think so too. If you don’t want to go back, you can stay by my side in the future.” His tone softened a lot. “I’m going out now. Do you want to come with me?”

Carter’s tone suddenly rose by a few decibels. Madeline felt something pulling at her nerves, and her distracted thoughts were suddenly pulled back.

She nodded hurriedly. “Yes.”

She wanted to follow him. She had to figure out Carter’s purpose for investigating Jeremy’s whereabouts, so she needed to follow him.

Seeing Madeline’s reaction, Carter just smiled and followed suit.

When he went downstairs, Madeline saw Ada and Camille sitting in the living room. Camille looked slightly better, but Ada’s face was very gloomy.

Ada clenched her teeth secretly after seeing Madeline walking with Carter.

She was not convinced!

She could not get over this no matter how she thought about it.

After seeing Carter going out with Madeline, Ada got up and sat beside Camille.

“Aunty Cammy, this woman’s face is fake. Maybe her name is also fake, and her feelings for Carty may not be true. What a hypocritical woman. If you continue to let her stay with Carty, Carty will definitely suffer a loss!”

Ada looked like she was not exaggerating this at all.

“Aunty Cammy, I’m telling the truth. If she doesn’t have feelings for Carty, then she must be here for Carty’s status and money. You can’t let such a snobbish woman continue to rely on Carty’s love so arrogantly and make life difficult for you.”

After listening to Ada’s words in silence, Camille spoke after a while.

“She’s not making my life difficult, but if she dares to play with Carter’s feelings, I’ll make her pay a heavy price.”

This made Ada a little dissatisfied. “Aunty Cammy, you’re saying—”

“Neither you nor I can change Carter’s decision. Right now, I can only decide as things progress. If this Eveline pulls anything, I’ll teach her a lesson when that happens.”


‘When that happens? When will that be?’

She still had to wait for Eveline to pull something?

Ada had no patience to wait until that day came.

After thinking about it, she picked up the phone and turned to the internet news she found not long ago. Ada raised the corners of her red lips as she looked at Madeline who was standing with Jeremy in the photo.

‘Got it.’

The sky had gradually darkened.

Madeline was sitting in Carter’s private car while she looked at the rapidly changing scene outside the car window. At this moment, she was feeling very nervous.

After pondering for a while, Madeline turned her head to look at Carter who was sitting by the other side of the window. He was reading a book, and Madeline could not help asking.

“Mr. Carter, where are we going now?”

Carter continued to flip the book in his hand. At the same time, he parted his lips slightly. “I’m taking you to see the person you’re thinking about in your heart right now.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1544

Madeline was dazed and astonished. The person in her heart right now was Jeremy.

Noticing Madeline’s silence, Carter slowly closed the book and faced Madeline’s unique starry eyes.

“Jeremy Whitman. You still miss this person in your heart, right?”


‘This is great.’

Madeline simply did not want to look into Carter’s eyes. She felt as if he could see through everything at a glance.

“I heard that Jeremy was in Y Country for business in the past two days. He’ll arrive at Glendale Airport on time at eight o’clock tonight. I can take you to see him now.”

Madeline wanted to pretend to be nonchalant, but what Carter said made her unable to calm down.

He actually knew Jeremy’s whereabouts clearly, and he even knew that Jeremy had gone to Y Country.

“It’s very difficult to really forget about someone, so I understand that you’ll still want to see him,” Carter added.

Madeline curled the corners of her lips. Her smile at this moment appeared extremely stiff. “Thank you for understanding, Mr. Carter.”

“Yeah.” Carter nodded before reopening the book in his hand to continue reading. He did not speak to Madeline again.

Madeline’s heart was beating ferociously. She felt that Carter’s mind was completely beyond her expectations.

Most importantly, Madeline still did not know what the man wanted to do.

Whether she asked directly or indirectly, the man would avoid answering.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of Glendale Airport.

Madeline looked fixedly at the entrance. She was looking forward to seeing the familiar figure in her heart.

However, it had been a very long time and it was already past eight o’clock but Madeline still did not see Jeremy coming out of the airport.

Carter also noticed the time. After waiting for another half an hour, he said to Madeline with a sense of disappointment, “It looks like I’ll be disappointing you tonight, but it doesn’t matter, there are still many opportunities.”


“If you want to go back to Whitman Manor now, I can ask the driver to take you there.”

“No, I don’t want to go back now.” Madeline’s reply did not ring true to her convictions. “I’ll go wherever you go, Mr. Carter.”

Carter smiled upon hearing this and ordered the driver to drive them back.

Jeremy’s plane had arrived in Glendale without a delay. Instead, he was ahead of schedule.

On the way back to Whitman Manor, he tried to make a few calls to Madeline, but no one answered.

Whitman Manor.

Naomi knew that Jeremy would be back from his business trip tonight. As such, she specially dressed up to try to please this man.

Coincidentally, the other people in the family had been invited to a hotel for a banquet tonight. This was the best opportunity for her to get Jeremy drunk and get intimate with him.

She had to implement such a plan because she felt an impending crisis.

Madeline could expose her at any time, and she would only win the game if something really happened between her and Jeremy.

Naomi ordered the servants to prepare a sumptuous dinner and then sent all the servants to their rooms. She picked up the bottle of red wine and quietly added something inside to liven things up. Just when she was done with this, she heard some movements from the door.

Naomi fiddled with her short hair and walked quickly to meet Jeremy.

As soon as she saw the graceful figure, she quickly imitated Madeline’s smile and curled her lips.

“Jeremy, you’re back.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1545
Hearing this gentle and sweet voice, Jeremy slowly raised his deep gaze. He looked at the woman who was walking in front of him, and what he found during his investigation in Y Country these two days flashed across in his mind.

Naomi saw that Jeremy was looking at herself so intently. As such, she pretended to blink shyly and then spoke in a coquettish tone.

“Jeremy, I really missed you during the two days you were away. We haven’t had the time for just the two of us to have a candlelight dinner. Our parents and children are not here tonight, so let us enjoy the time with only the two of us, okay?”

Jeremy thought of that night not long ago.

He had a candlelight dinner with her in the restaurant.

After that, he walked hand in hand with her on the street. He had even kissed her on the street where fireworks bloomed.

“Jeremy, what are you thinking about?” Naomi approached curiously, trying to take Jeremy’s hand, but Jeremy merely took off his suit jacket. She did not get to hook her hand around Jeremy’s arm, but she was flexible enough to take the coat Jeremy took off.

“Jeremy, I’ll help you.” Naomi was performing Madeline’s role seriously.

She put the jacket on the sofa and saw Jeremy going to wash his hands. She took this opportunity to pour the red wine that had been opened and drugged into the wine glass.

After Jeremy washed his hands and came out, he saw Naomi sitting upright on the side of the dining table. There was a gentle and beautiful soft smile on her pretty small face.

“Jeremy, sit down and drink some red wine. Eat something too. I made these dishes myself.”

Jeremy glanced at the dishes on the table. “Really? You made them all? Then, I really want to taste them.”

Naomi smiled shyly and put the vegetables on Jeremy’s plate considerately.

“Where have my parents and in-laws gone?” Jeremy asked casually.

“A friend is having a birthday party in a hotel, so he invited our parents. The three children went along as well.”

Naomi explained, then she raised her eyes and stared at Jeremy with a serious look.

“Jeremy, tonight is a rare opportunity for us to be alone. I hope to spend an unforgettable night with you.”

Jeremy pursed his lips and smiled. His deep and electrifying eyes scanned Naomi’s face. “I promise you that I’ll definitely make this night unforgettable for you.”

Naomi immediately smiled with joy when she heard the words. She was feeling confident about tonight.

‘Hmph, Eveline, so what if you decide to expose me? As long as I’ve slept with Jeremy, you’ll still be the person suffering from the most pain!’

Naomi was silently overjoyed, and immediately, she raised her glass to prompt Jeremy to drink first.

“Jeremy, I personally prepared this red wine for you. Would you like to taste it?” She stretched out her arm and wanted to clink glasses with Jeremy.

However, Jeremy did not take the wine glass. “I’m a little hungry. Let me try your dishes first.”

Naomi’s smile gradually became stiff, but she could not force Jeremy to drink now. As such, she smiled and nodded. She figured that it would not be too late to urge Jeremy to drink later.

Naomi was thinking about her plan when she heard Jeremy suddenly asking, “Is Quinny not around too?”


The corners of Naomi’s lips twitched. She did not expect Jeremy to bring up Madeline at this moment. She pretended to be jealous.

“Jeremy, this is the time for the two of us. Why are you bringing up another woman? Are you not worried that I might get jealous?”

“Why should I?” Jeremy asked without hesitating.

Naomi was stunned for a moment. For a while, she was unable to understand why Jeremy asked such a question.

“Jeremy, I’m your wife. Of course, I’ll be jealous.”

“Are you my wife?” Jeremy slowly put down his fork and picked up the wine glass on his side.

Naomi thought that Jeremy was about to drink it, and she was feeling happy. However, she did not expect Jeremy to suddenly raise his sharp eyebrows and splash the red wine in his glass onto Naomi’s face in a flash.


Naomi exclaimed and stood up quickly.

She wiped her face with a few tissues and looked at the icy man in astonishment.

“J-Jeremy? What are you doing?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1546
“It’s to wake you up.”


“Do you really think that you can fool me, Jeremy Whitman, so easily? Do you think I can’t even tell who my wife is?”


Naomi’s flushed face suddenly seemed to be drained of blood. Now, she looked as pale as a sheet of rice paper.

He knows?

‘Did he see through me a long time ago?’

Naomi repeatedly asked herself in her heart while panicking. From Jeremy’s cold eyes that were shining sternly at the moment, she felt that she had found the answer.

He had indeed found out about it a long time ago!

During this period, he did not even have the intention to approach her at all!

However, Naomi did not compromise. She tried to argue for herself and showed an aggrieved look. “Jeremy, I don’t know what you’re talking about. How could you…”

“I can tell you that there’s no banquet at all tonight. I was the one who distracted everyone in order to put an end to your performance tonight.”

“…” Naomi looked at Jeremy in disbelief after he said this. This was something he had planned long ago?

Seeing Naomi’s panicked look, Jeremy got closer to Naomi step by step.

“Did you think your performance was seamless? You successfully imitated about 80 to 90% of Linnie from your appearance to your words and moves, but at the end of the day, you only look like her. No one is able to imitate Linnie’s quick wits and charm.”


“Do you know why I haven’t exposed you even after so long? Because I don’t want to embarrass my Linnie.”

His Linnie!

Naomi immediately understood!

It turned out that Jeremy could already tell who the real Madeline was!

Even after Madeline was disfigured and became hideous, Jeremy still felt it!

Naomi had already begun to panic, especially when she was facing Jeremy’s sharp and cold eyes that were covered with thorns. She suddenly thought of Jeremy’s sinister look when he choked her and pointed a gun at her head.

Just when Naomi was panicking, she heard Jeremy spitting out two words coldly from his lips.

“Naomi Lionel.”


Naomi looked at Jeremy dumbfounded.

It turned out that he also knew who she was!

Naomi knew that it was useless to continue pretending, so her first reaction was to run!

Naturally, Jeremy chased after her, but he did not expect Sean and the others to come back suddenly with the children.

They were all stunned when they saw Naomi running out.

“Eveline? Where are you going in such a hurry?” Karen asked suspiciously and walked over to grab Naomi.

Naomi suddenly revealed her fierce and evil nature and pushed Karen to the ground.

“Go away!”


Karen fell to the ground with a dazed expression.

Of course, Naomi ignored her and ran directly to the gates. When she was thinking about which way to run, a car stopped in front of her suddenly.

The window of the car was then lowered and a female voice came from inside. “Are you Eveline Montgomery? If so, just get in the car. I have some work for you.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1547
Naomi did not even know who the woman in the car was, but she knew that this person had now mistakenly identified her as Eveline and said that she needed to work with her.

Hearing the sound of chasing footsteps behind her, Naomi opened the car door without hesitation and quickly got in.

“Drive now!”

Ada did not know why Naomi was so flustered, but she did not hesitate and stepped on the accelerator.

The moment the car started, Ada saw Jeremy coming from one side from the corner of her eyes. Although the light from the streetlamp was not so bright, Jeremy’s appearance and facial features stunned Ada for a moment.

This man was Jeremy.

He looked even more attractive in real life than in the pictures she had seen.

Ada pondered quietly and glanced at Naomi who was sitting in the back seat.

Sure enough, that plastic freak looked exactly like this Eveline!

‘Hmph, the technology for plastic surgery nowadays is so advanced.’

Ada thought while feeling unconvinced. Then, she realized that Naomi did not look so good. “Eveline.”

She called out to Naomi, and Naomi was startled for a moment. It took a few seconds for her to finally react.

“Who are you? You just said you want to work with me, so what is it?”

Ada raised her eyebrows and said in a haughty tone, “Eveline, there is something you may not know. There’s a woman who looks almost the same as you posing as you right now.”


Upon hearing this, Naomi immediately became energetic.

She almost immediately understood that the woman Ada was talking about was Madeline!

However, what Ada did not know was that Naomi was the fake one between them.

Yet, Naomi deliberately pretended to be surprised. “What? Someone is impersonating me?”

“Yes, this woman also says that her name is Eveline, and…” Ada glanced at Naomi through the rear-view mirror again. “Even your eyes look almost the same.”

Naomi was even more sure that Ada was referring to Madeline.

Madeline’s face was now disfigured, and her eyes were the only things that still looked good.

“There’s someone who looks the same as me?” Naomi pretended to be surprised. “What has she done while pretending to be me?”

“Nothing much, but I can’t stand her using that disgusting plastic face of hers to seduce someone I like.”

“…” Naomi’s face fell slightly. The words ‘plastic face’ sounded very unpleasant to her ears.

After all, she was the one who underwent plastic surgery and she was also the one impersonating others.

“Who do you like?” Naomi pretended to be curious.

Ada displayed a pleased smile when she heard the words. “The person I like is the best man in the world.”


“That plastic freak is actually using your face to trick the man I like into getting engaged to her!”

“What? Engaged? You’re saying that this woman posing as me is engaged to the man you like?” Naomi was shocked. Madeline was actually engaged to another man?

Was this possible?

However, Naomi did indeed see the dissatisfaction on Ada’s face, which showed that what Ada said was true.

However, how could Madeline have gotten engaged to another man? Would there be such a good man who would like her despite her horrendous face?

Would there really be a man who fell in love with her so absurdly because of her eyes?

“What are you thinking?” Ada asked while staring at Naomi who had a look of loss on her face.

Naomi suddenly raised her head and expressed her displeasure. “I was just wondering… You’ve been talking to me for so long, but what exactly do you want me to do?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1548
She put on a cold attitude. “I don’t care who the person you like is. I just want to know why you came to me so late?”

As Naomi’s voice fell, Ada suddenly stepped on the brakes and stopped the car on the side of the road.

She turned her head and stared at Naomi a little angrily.

“Don’t you want to teach this person who’s pretending to be you a lesson? You’re Jeremy’s wife and a famous socialite in Glendale, am I right?”

“…” Naomi was stunned, then she stated her position, “Of course, I’ll teach this person a lesson. How dare she pretend to be me? I’ll make her life a living hell.”

“That’s right.” Ada was very satisfied with Naomi’s reaction. “I’m like you, I also want to teach this woman a lesson. So, let’s work together.”

Naomi originally wanted to deal with Madeline. Now that Jeremy had seen through her, someone suddenly appeared and told her she would cooperate with her to deal with Madeline. Of course, Naomi could not ask for anything better.

She agreed, “Okay, I’ll work with you.”

Madeline followed Carter back to the manor. She thought that Carter would do something to Jeremy tonight, but because Jeremy did not show up at Glendale Airport, nothing happened.

Madeline tossed and turned in bed all night. The next morning, she quietly went out to go to Adam’s place to continue receiving treatment.

Perhaps due to her early arrival, Cathy was the only one there when Madeline arrived.

Cathy was surprised to see Madeline, yet she still hosted her enthusiastically. “You can go and lie down inside first. Adam got a phone call and went to the hospital, but he told me what I should do when you get here.”

Madeline felt lucky. At least these friends were treating her sincerely.

Despite all the setbacks, she still felt warm and saw light when she was experiencing darkness.

After applying the gel, Madeline saw that her face was in better condition than before.

She also had confidence that in time, her face could be restored to the way it was before.

Cathy stood behind Madeline. While looking at the clean face in the mirror, she also felt happy for Madeline.

“Your face has recovered very well. It’s completely different from when I first saw you.”

Madeline smiled and turned around. “It’s all thanks to Adam. He really helped me a lot. I was only able to give birth to my son safely back then because of him.”

“Your son? Do you also have a son?” Cathy asked curiously.

While they were on the topic of children, Madeline’s face naturally showed a gratifying smile.

“I have two sons and a daughter.”

“You’re so amazing.” Cathy admired.

“You’re more amazing than me. You got a boy and a girl in just one go.” Madeline jokingly followed Cathy into the living room.

Madeline looked at the twins who were playing with each other. Their charm and the look in their eyes were similar to Felipe indeed.

It turned out that when Cathy was shot, she was already carrying Felipe’s children.

However, Cathy had no idea that her two children belonged to Felipe.

Madeline never thought about telling Cathy this fact anyway. After chatting with Cathy, Madeline left.

After Madeline left, Cathy looked at the opposite side of the road with disappointment in her eyes.

She recalled how Felipe would stand on the road opposite every day and wait until she appeared, but he never appeared again now.

From then on, she always dreamed of Felipe.

Cathy was confused, but as she thought about it, the cold autumn rain started falling from the sky before she knew it.

A cool breeze came over, and she tightened her coat to get ready to turn back to the house.

However, just as she turned around, the sound of hurried footsteps sounded from behind her.

Inexplicably, she felt that the footsteps sounded a bit familiar. When she was about to look back to see who it was, she heard a heavy thud next to her feet suddenly.

Cathy looked down and was surprised to see a blood-stained palm next to her feet.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1549

Cathy exclaimed in surprise.

Following the blood-stained palm, she saw a familiar face.

Felipe lay unconscious on the rainy ground, and his bloody fingers were weakly holding onto Cathy’s trousers.



Cathy repeated the word with Felipe, and after the last syllable, Felipe’s hand that was tightly holding her trousers also loosened.

After seeing Felipe suddenly losing consciousness in front of her, Cathy did not know why her heart seemed to ache so severely.

The rain of late autumn penetrated her skin with a bone-chilling coolness, but a scene appeared in her head vaguely.

It seemed to be raining cats and dogs as well. It had been at night when such a person fell in a pool of blood too. She had walked toward the injured man with an umbrella. She did not remember what happened afterward because the scene ended here.

“I saw him running here just now!”

“He must be nearby! Find him now!”

“Don’t let him run away again this time!”

Suddenly, she could hear some malicious words from a distance. Cathy suddenly raised her eyes and saw a few fierce-looking men who were dressed like thugs. They looked like they were looking for something along the street while holding weapons in their hands.

Cathy thought about something subconsciously. She lowered her head to look at Felipe who was lying at her feet. Without thinking too much, she bent over and pulled Felipe into the house.

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Why is this uncle sleeping here?”

The two innocent children were asking such innocent questions. They were not sensitive to blood, but they were just curious about the sleeping uncle lying here.

“Felipe must be nearby!”

“Split up and find him!”

The voices were getting closer, and Cathy’s heartbeat speeded up inexplicably. A layer of cold sweat started to appear on her forehead without her knowledge as well.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure approaching. She did not know where this force came from. Suddenly, she pulled Felipe into the house with all her strength.


She fell to the ground and let out a long sigh of relief. She raised her eyes to see two men with scars on their faces walking by the gate. Cathy quickly sat up and closed the door.

Then, she looked at Felipe who was covered in blood. After calming herself down, Cathy pulled him into the room Adam worked in with all her might.

She exerted a lot of force before she successfully placed Felipe on the reclining chair.

She no longer remembered that in order to please Felipe, she had studied medicine and hypnotism according to his wishes. She had learned a lot of things that she had no intention of learning.

Even though she did not remember, when she looked at the wounds of different sizes and depths on Felipe’s body, she was still very skilled in treating Felipe’s wounds.

When she saw Felipe frowning unconsciously because of the pain, Cathy subconsciously made her movements lighter and softer.

After some time, she had cleaned up all the wounds on Felipe’s body.

She felt an inexplicable pain in her heart when she saw the bucket full of alcohol swabs used to stop the bleeding.

When she saw the melancholy between his eyebrows, Cathy could not help but stretch out her hand toward Felipe’s face.

Just when her fingertips were about to touch Felipe’s cheek, she paused.

“What am I doing? What’s the matter with me?” Cathy asked herself without knowing the reason and slowly lowered her head.

She frowned and thought of Adam for a moment. Then, she could not help but feel a little guilty.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1550
‘However, it’s right to save people, right?’

Cathy seemed to have found a reasonable reason for herself, so she wanted to turn around and leave.

However, as soon as she got up, her eyes suddenly paused on Felipe’s right wrist.

She stretched out her hand uncontrollably and slowly held Felipe’s arm. She looked at the red rope around his wrist and suddenly, a wave surged beneath her clear pupils and she saw a handsome young man accompanied by the rustling sea breeze.


Adam’s voice suddenly rang behind her ears, and Cathy abruptly withdrew her wandering thoughts.

Adam saw Felipe sleeping on the recliner at a glance. When he saw the blood trail across the floor, he walked to Cathy in astonishment.

“What’s going on? How did he get so badly injured?”

“I don’t know what happened. It seemed that a few men were chasing him and he happened to collapse in front of our house, so I dragged him in,” Cathy explained. Seeing the frown on Adam’s face, she apologized in a soft voice. “Adam, did I do something wrong?”

Adam understood that Cathy thought he was blaming her, so he raised his hand and gently held Cathy’s shoulder.

“You did a good thing. No matter who it is, we can’t just let them die like this.”

Hearing Adam’s answer, Cathy pursed her lips and smiled. The burden in her heart seemed to disappear all at once.

“Go and watch the children. I’ll check and see if he has any other problems.”

“Oh, okay.” Cathy nodded. She felt more at ease this way.

Adam was a very professional and excellent doctor, and the patients who were treated by him could be considered lucky.

After Cathy left, the gentle smile on Adam’s face gradually disappeared. He put on a white coat and a pair of rubber gloves.

When he walked to the reclining chair and looked at the frowning man, Adam’s expression became solemn.


Felipe muttered in his dream.

Adam furrowed his brows even more. “What’s the point of regretting only after you’ve lost her? What’s the point of wanting to cherish her after losing her?”

He asked Felipe softly, but of course, he knew that Felipe would not hear him.

In the next second, there was a never-before-seen sharp glint in Adam’s eyes.

“Felipe, I won’t let Cathy go back to you and I won’t let you have another chance to hurt Cathy again.”

Madeline called a cab on the side of the road and went straight back to Whitman Manor. On the way there, she was only worried about Jeremy.

Jeremy had not shown up after she waited for him at the airport last night. She did not know if he was in any trouble, but she was thankful that he had not shown up. If he had, she did not know what Carter would have done to Jeremy.

When Madeline arrived at the manor, the rain became heavier.

The torrential rain in late autumn and early winter was accompanied by the cold wind. It was extremely chilling.

After getting out of the car, she hurriedly ran past the iron gates under the rain. However, after just a few steps, an umbrella suddenly appeared above her head.

Madeline paused and raised her head abruptly.

Her bright and beautiful eyes which looked like stars met a pair of gentle almond eyes that were bottomless like the ocean.


Madeline shouted Jeremy’s name in her heart. While looking at the man who was still graceful and unrestrained, the worries and longing in her heart slowly disappeared.

“Mr. Whitman, thank you.” Madeline smiled and thanked him. She had the urge to take off her mask because her face was almost recovered by now, but her voice was still very unpleasant.

Jeremy lifted the corner of his lips and stared into Madeline’s eyes. Only then did he part his lips and say gently, “Miss Quinn, I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask you this whole time we’ve been acquainted.”

Madeline widened her eyes in confusion. “What do you want to ask me, Mr. Whitman?”

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