Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1531-1540

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1531
After hearing Madeline’s questions, Carter lifted his narrow eyes and looked into her eyes with a deep smile.

“Are you interested in my identity?”

Madeline was stunned for about two seconds before shaking her head. “I just want to know the person I’m working with.”

She pretended nothing had happened and avoided Carter’s gaze. “Before you came back, Ada’s mother kept telling me and emphasizing that I’m not worthy of claiming connections with you, so I’m curious about who you really are, Mr. Carter.”

Madeline tried to make the issue of her investigating him sound reasonable.

On the other hand, Carter did not suspect anything. He nodded before saying, “My identity is not worthy of mentioning. I’m just the same as those kids with rich parents who are born with a silver spoon.”

Kids with rich parents?

Carter was describing his identity like this.

However, Madeline did not think so. She knew that this man was not just someone with rich parents.

Plus, she did hear Ada’s mother mentioning the word ‘viscountess’ arrogantly just now.

Any woman who married Carter would become a viscountess, so if that was the case, Carter would be a viscount. However, what kind of status would a viscount have in the Louis family?

“What are you thinking about?” Carter’s voice sounded indifferent.

Madeline came back to her senses. “I’m wondering if you called me back to talk about the engagement, Mr. Carter.”

“Not entirely.” Carter’s answer was vague.

Madeline was confused. “Then, what is it?”

Carter’s cold gaze landed on Madeline’s face. “I wanted to see your impromptu reaction.”


Madeline was shocked when she heard that.

“You knew your mother was coming and you knew that Ada and her mother would cause trouble for me?”

After she said that, Carter curled his lips into a smile. However, he did not agree or deny it.

He walked to his desk and sat down lazily. Then, he said slowly, “You can leave now if there’s nothing else.”


Madeline was feeling a little infuriated. However, she suppressed it.

Carter was even more unpredictable than Jeremy.

She did not say anything before turning around to leave.

However, when Madeline was almost at the door, Carter stopped her.


“Anything else I can help you with, Mr. Carter?” Madeline maintained the smile on her face as she turned around to ask.

Carter looked at her inquisitively. “How’s your face? It seems that it has been a while since Dr. Lane looked at your face.”

Madeline shifted her gaze. “It’s recovering, but it’s not much different from how it used to be.”

Of course, she would not tell Carter the truth about the progress on her face. Plus, she needed to prepare this man.

“Right, Mr. Carter, will there be a lot of guests during the engagement party? I’ll still wear a mask during the party, so I have no choice even if your friends and family have any opinions about me. After all, my face is indeed pretty horrifying.”

Carter heard what Madeline said and looked at if he was in deep thought. Then, he nodded.

“You don’t have to worry about this. No one will dare to ask you to remove your mask.”

“Thank you, Mr. Carter.” Madeline thanked him before leaving the study.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1532
After he saw the door close, Carter took out his phone and started looking through the information he received. While looking at the contents on his screen, he curled the corners of his lips in interest.


Two days passed in a blink of an eye.

Madeline had received a call from Carter last night, asking her to come to the manor earlier.

In order to finish the task successfully, Madeline asked for leave. Luckily, Jeremy was on a business trip these two days, so it would be more convenient for her to go out.

Madeline arrived at the manor according to the time they agreed upon. However, the manor was still quiet at this hour and there were no guests at all.

On the other hand, the garden had been decorated beautifully for the engagement ceremony to take place.

Madeline did not have the mood to admire it, so she walked straight to the house. However, after she got into the door, she heard Ada grumbling furiously.

“Carty is insane! Insane, I tell you! He’s seriously going to get engaged to that freak in the garden later!”


Madeline smiled nonchalantly.

“No, Ada, if this woman is really engaged to Carter, then you’ll have no chance of being the viscountess,” Ada’s mother reminded her with a nervous look on her face. “We can’t let Carter get engaged to that woman!”

“Of course, I know that! However, how can we stop Carty? The engagement party will start in two hours!”

“Only Camille can stop Carter now!” Ada’s mother said and immediately turned around to look for Camille. The moment she turned around, she saw Camille coming downstairs, so she walked over quickly. “Camille…”

“I heard everything you said. I’ve told him everything I could think of, but you should know how Carter is.”

Camille frowned helplessly and comforted Ada.

“Ada, even though Carter is getting engaged to that woman, she’s right. We don’t know what’ll happen in the future. Plus, everyone in the Louis family has their mindset on you being our daughter-in-law. So, even if Carter likes that woman, she won’t be able to pass in regards to her appearance.”

Ada’s eyes lit up after Camille said that. She looked as if she had been enlightened with perfect wisdom as she simpered to Camille.

“Aunty Cammy, thank you for comforting me. Nothing’s more important than your support! Actually, I’m not after the position of the viscountess. I truly like Carty. However, not only is that woman hideous, but she doesn’t even care about Carty at all.”

Camille smiled and patted Ada’s hand. At this moment, they looked very harmonious.

Madeline initially wanted to go in, but now, she decided to turn around.

However, after she turned around, she saw Carter’s entourage.

The man smiled at her politely and led Madeline from the side door into the dressing room on the second floor of the manor.

Madeline saw a galaxy blue custom-made gown hanging in front of her, and she subconsciously felt that Carter had prepared this for her.

Indeed, the maid who came in after her walked over to help her change.

Madeline was not used to people helping her dress, so she dismissed the maid.

She stood in front of the French window and spaced out while looking at the gown.

She did not want to wear a gown for another man who was not Jeremy. However, today was a special case.

‘Jeremy, the only reason I’m wearing this gown is to investigate what Carter is doing. So, in some ways, I’m still wearing this for you.’

After Madeline thought about that, she felt more at ease.

She picked up the gown and walked to the full-length mirror to put it on. However, she could not reach the zip on her back.

When she was about to call the maid for help, she suddenly saw a figure wearing a suit appearing behind her.

“Let me help you.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1533
Madeline looked at the man who had suddenly appeared behind her in shock. She quickly turned around and pressed the collar of the gown against her chest.

Her eyes widened in shock. She looked at the custom-made suit on the man, and his figure was accentuated perfectly by the suit.

Carter was good-looking. He was extraordinary, from his rare temperament to his appearance.

However, Madeline was uncomfortable with his sudden appearance.

“Why are you here?”

“I’ve always been here. You just didn’t notice me.” Carter’s answer was natural.

“…” Madeline parted her lips and was speechless at that moment.

Carter had been here from the start!

Did that mean he saw her changing just now?

It was as if he sensed Madeline’s discomfort, but Carter’s eyes looked oddly calm.

“I don’t have the habit of watching people change. I was sitting there the entire time, and I have no idea what was going on over here.”

He explained.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief silently. She did not think that he was lying to her as well.

“So, can I zip you up now?” Carter continued asking.

“Thank you, Mr. Carter. I’ll ask someone else to help me.” Madeline still declined politely.

Carter did not force her as well. He turned around and opened the door of the dressing room to call a maid over to help Madeline.

After Madeline was dressed, the maid even considerately helped her with her short hair.

A few months had passed and Madeline’s short hair was slightly longer now. The maid was skillful, so she braided Madeline’s hair. At the same time, she put a scarf that was the same color as Madeline’s gown on her hair.

Madeline did not remove her mask, but when the maid saw her eyes, she could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Miss Montgomery, I think you must’ve looked super gorgeous before your accident. I hope your face will recover soon.”

“Thank you.” Madeline thanked her sincerely. Madeline felt that the friendliest people in this manor were the maids.

On the other hand, the person who was the most confusing and difficult to see through was Carter.

He did not show his emotions and neither did he smile a lot. Most of the time, he would be as cold as an iceberg.

He said he wanted Madeline to put on a show with him, but most of the time, he would behave disdainfully.

After Madeline was done, Carter came over to take a look.

He did not say anything, but after looking at Madeline’s eyes, he said, “Do you have any pictures of you from before your accident? I suddenly want to know what a woman with eyes so beautiful as yours used to look like.”

Madeline did not know whether Carter was praising her as the man had no expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Carter. You saw what happened. I fell into the sea during the accident and had nothing on me. I don’t have any old pictures as well. Plus, I looked pretty ordinary before I was disfigured. My eyes are the only decent things about me.”

“It’s enough to have these eyes,” Carter said, handing the notebook in his hand to Madeline. “Look closely at the requests written here. Don’t make any mistakes later.”

Before Madeline had a chance to ask him what it was, Carter had already left after lifting his long legs.

This man was cold and arrogant most of the time. It was as if he was looking down on everyone. However, sometimes he would have a gentle and soft side as well.

Madeline did not think much about Carter’s personality before opening the notebook in her hands. She would have no idea before she read it, but after she did, she was shocked.

Inside, there were so many rules and regulations about what she should say and do at the engagement party later.

Was it really just a show? There was even a script.

Madeline had no choice. In the next two hours, she stayed alone in the dressing room to memorize the requests written in the notebook.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1534
Madeline saw a lot of guests arriving one after another from the front door as she sat by the window.

Everyone who arrived was wearing expensive clothes and had luxury jewelry adorned on them.

Carter’s friends were wealthy and respectable people, indeed.

She noticed it was almost time for the party, so Madeline planned to tidy herself up before going out. However, at this moment, the door of the dressing room opened.

Madeline thought Carter was here to get her, but she saw Ada smirking coldly at her arrogantly and disdainfully while strutting over to her.

She looked at what Madeline was wearing and scoffed.

“Hmph, Eveline, don’t be so delusional and expect to have a Cinderella story happening to you. Even if you’re engaged to Carty, it doesn’t mean you’ll marry him.”

Madeline did not want to waste time bickering with Ada. As such, she smiled calmly and asked, “Who are you to think that I need a Cinderella story?”

“Tsk.” Ada rolled her eyes. “Are you telling me that you’re born a white swan? However, are there white swans as hideous as you? Hahaha…”

“That should be it. You won’t be able to affect me no matter what you say,” Madeline interrupted calmly.

Ada abruptly stopped laughing.

Madeline lifted her beautiful eyes to look at her frigidly. “You and your mother keep emphasizing and telling me to know my place and identity. I know my place, but I don’t think you can mention my name and yours in the same breath.”

“…” Ada was completely dazzled by what Madeline said.

‘What is this freak talking about?

‘Does this freak have a strong family background as well?


Ada spaced out for a while. When she came back to her senses, Madeline had left.

It was about time for the engagement party. After Carter met Madeline, he brought her to the garden.

When the guests saw Madeline, a lot of them started to whisper among themselves.

They had heard from Ada’s mother that this woman was extremely hideous. Her face was covered with scars because she had been burned by fire.

“Her eyes are indeed stunning, but how can a woman who has no guts to show her true face be Carter’s bride?”

“When did the Louis family allow such an indecent woman into their family?”

“Tsk, why does Carter like this woman?”

Madeline heard all the gossip about her, but she was not bothered. She was not really going to get engaged to Carter anyway.

According to Carter’s wishes, Madeline completed the ceremony cooperatively. However, in the end, the emcee handed two sheets of paper over and it seemed that printed on them were the contents of the contract.

Madeline glanced at it and there were no special requests in the contents. They were just to prove their relationship as fiancé and fiancée. They needed to stamp their thumbprints on them.

“It’s just the standard procedure. It’s not legally binding,” Carter reminded Madeline coldly.

Madeline finished reading it and felt that there was no problem with it before stamping her thumbprint on it.

When Ada saw this from a distance, her lungs were going to explode from anger.

Even though it was not confirmed that they would be married, this engagement ceremony was indeed happening right now.

How could she not be upset?

“Mom, how’s your preparation? I don’t want to see this woman walking next to Carty so arrogantly anymore.” Ada gritted her teeth and urged her mother beside her.

Her mother comforted in a soft voice, saying, “I’ve arranged everything perfectly. In a short while, everyone will see how horrendous her face looks!”

While she was saying that, Ada’s mother’s eyes started to twinkle. “Here he comes. Ada, it’s showtime. Don’t miss such a good opportunity.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1535
After Ada heard that, she looked over to where her mother was looking and saw a brat.

She knew that boy. He was the son of one of the guests attending the party. His name was Luke and he was very mischievous.

Ada did not like this boy because he had lost one of her limited edition earrings before this.

She did not understand what her mother was trying to say, but soon, she heard her mother whispering in her ear.

After a few sentences, an evil grin appeared on Ada’s face.

“Mom, only you can come up with such a scheme.”

“Of course!” Ada’s mother was feeling pleased with herself. “You should go and worm your way into a relationship with him using this opportunity.”

Ada previously wanted nothing to do with this child, but now, she approached him happily.

Madeline wanted to go back immediately after the party, but suddenly, a crowd started gathering around her unbeknownst to her.

These people were all congratulating Carter. However, after they congratulated him, they started gossiping about Madeline’s looks.

“Carter, when did you get a girlfriend? You’re so mysterious.”

“Yeah, you only told us when you were getting engaged. I’m guessing your girlfriend must be extremely beautiful and that’s why you’re hiding her because you’re scared someone might steal her away, right?”

“We have to see the gorgeous woman today no matter what.”

“We have to.”

Some people started heckling Carter. Even though they were praising Madeline, in reality, Madeline knew they only wanted to see how hideous and horrendous she looked after getting disfigured.

Madeline gave them a fake smile cooperatively and looked at Carter.

Carter was very respectful of Madeline regarding this. He looked at the people who wanted to see Madeline’s face and smiled softly like a gentleman.

“My fiancée’s face was hurt in an accident and it’s in the process of recovery. Her wounds will get infected if she removes the mask and I don’t want her to risk it. However, I can tell you guys that my fiancée was a very gorgeous woman before she was hurt.”


Carter was saying that seriously. He was so serious that Madeline had a feeling he had already prepared this speech beforehand.

“Oh, listen, Carter is so meticulous and protective of his fiancée.” The guests mocked and turned around to look at Carter’s mother who was not looking very happy. “Camille, as her future mother-in-law, you must’ve seen Carter’s fiancée, right? Is she gorgeous?”

Camille tugged the corners of her lips after she heard that and forced a smile. “Yeah, she’s pretty decent.”

Madeline thought Camille would use this chance to mock and ridicule her. She did not expect Camille to be so respectful.

However, instead of Camille being respectful to Madeline, it was more likely that she just did not want to embarrass herself.

She probably felt that she would be utterly humiliated if people knew that her son was engaged to a disfigured woman.

During this process, Madeline maintained a smile on her face according to Carter’s wishes. She thought that the social niceties should be finished any time soon, but when she turned around, she saw Ada holding a little boy who looked about four to five years old. In addition to that, the little boy was holding a glass of juice.

“Carty, Miss Montgomery, congratulations.” Ada was smiling pretentiously as she walked over to greet them.

Carter obviously did not want to talk to Ada, so he grabbed Madeline’s hand to walk away.

When Ada saw this, she pushed the little boy in her arms secretly.

The little boy started making a fuss. “Bride! I want to see the bride!”

Ada quickly displayed a troubled look. “Carty, look, Luke is being naughty again. I ran into him just now and he was making a fuss, wanting me to take him to see your future bride.”

Ada pointed at Madeline. “Luke, see, that’s Carty’s bride. Do you think she looks pretty?”

The little boy saw the mask and looked at Madeline with a smile in his beautiful eyes. Then, he stretched his body to try to get closer to Madeline.

Ada pretended to not have a choice as she carried the little boy to Madeline.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1536
“Bride! You’re a bride?” The little boy looked at Madeline and doubted.

Madeline nodded and smiled. “Hello, buddy.”

However, after Madeline greeted him, the little boy showed a look of contempt. “The bride’s voice is so unpleasant!”

When the guests around him heard this, their faces changed. However, they did feel that Madeline’s voice sounded hoarse.

However, Ada’s heart was thrilled, and she did not notice the changes in Carter’s expression. Then, she pushed the little boy’s hand again.

The little boy received Ada’s message and lifted his face to look at Madeline.

“I want to see the bride,” the little boy requested with a pout. “They say the bride is very beautiful, so I want to see the beautiful bride. I want to see!”

Carter smiled superficially. “If you want to see a bride so badly, you can go look at them in bridal shops. There are a lot of them over there.”

After he said that, he grabbed Madeline’s hand and displayed a rare but gentle smile. “I’ll go back to the room with you to rest.”

Madeline pretended to be docile as she nodded cooperatively. “Okay.”

How would Ada be fine with Madeline leaving just like this?

She glared at the little boy in her arms. “Do you still want the limited edition robot? If you want it, do what I told you to.”

After Ada spoke to the boy in a low voice, she placed him on the floor.

Even though the little boy was still young, he was quick-witted. He knew what he should do to get what he wanted.

Plus, he was famous for being a menace, and his favorite thing to do was pranks and things along the line.

“Bride! Don’t go, bride! Don’t go!”
Madeline heard the sound of running behind her, and the child sounded very anxious as well.

Madeline was a mother, so when she heard a child calling out to her like that, her heart softened and she stopped in her tracks.

“Hey, buddy. Slow down, you might fall,” Madeline reminded kindly.

When the child saw Madeline stopping, he beamed. At the same time, he ran even faster toward Madeline.

However, since he was in such a hurry, the bottom of the little boy’s shoes slipped against the grass and he lost his center of gravity.

Madeline quickly ran over to help him when she saw this. “Watch out!”

Ada was watching this from afar and knew Madeline had taken the bait.

She knew this brat, and she knew that he was very quick-witted and cunning.

Indeed, when Madeline went over to help him up, he pretended to lose his grip on the juice, but in reality, he was pouring the juice on Madeline’s mask.

Madeline only wanted to help the little boy, so she was not bothered by the juice all over her face. However, she heard exclamations coming from around her. “Oh no! Luke, how could you be so careless?”

Ada’s mother appeared ‘coincidentally.’ “Oh boy, Carter’s fiancée’s face is already seriously wounded. It’s going to get infected now that she’s covered in juice! Miss Montgomery, don’t quibble over this with a child. He’s unthoughtful. You should go and see if your face is fine.”

After she said that, people around her started to sigh loudly.

“Is this woman’s face that badly hurt?”

“Is the Louis family seriously taking a disfigured freak as their daughter-in-law?”

“Tsk, I wonder how ugly she is.”

Madeline smiled nonchalantly when she heard what was being said around her.

“Are you okay, buddy? I’m going to let go if you’re fine,” Madeline continued saying kindly to the little boy before letting go.

When the little boy saw her getting up to leave, a sudden sly smile appeared on his lips as he lifted his hand to grab Madeline’s mask. Then, he ripped Madeline’s mask away from her face in front of everyone!
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1537
Madeline did not expect a child that young to be so sinister.

It seemed that not every child was as innocent, guilt-free, pure, and wonderful as Jack and Lily.

“Wow!” the little boy exclaimed when he saw Madeline’s face. Everyone around her started to show looks of surprise on their faces too.

Ada and her mother stood somewhere not far away from Madeline. When they saw the little boy holding Madeline’s face mask in his hand, they looked at each other and beamed happily.

Finally, they had attained their goal!

They finally removed Madeline’s mask from her face!

They could finally let everyone see Madeline’s face that was covered with scars!

When Ada and her mother saw the guests’ shocked expressions, they quickly ran over to where she was. They could not wait to see Madeline’s horrendous face and how she would embarrass herself in front of everyone!

Carter’s mother also hurried over to see Madeline’s true face.

When Carter saw this, he furrowed his brows in displeasure and chased after those people to go over to Madeline’s side.

He grabbed the mask in the brat’s hand after reaching out his hand. Then, he grabbed the child’s hand and warned in an unhappy, stern voice, “Watch your hand. If your parents don’t know how to educate you, then I will.”

Luke’s face turned white. He was so scared he did not even dare to utter a word.

Carter flung the little boy’s hand away coldly and lifted his head to see the guests looking at Madeline with stunned expressions on their faces. Suddenly, Carter felt that something was not right.

Madeline sensed that Carter was going to turn around to look at her. She wanted to hide, but she knew in her heart that she could not hide anymore.

When she was having such considerations, Carter turned around.

The moment their eyes met, Madeline felt that she would be plagued with trouble despite seeing a hint of shock in Carter’s eyes.

“Camille, I didn’t think that your daughter-in-law would be so stunning!” One of the female guests came over to grab Camille who was coming over before praising Madeline continuously.

After Camille heard that, she was stunned abruptly. Then, Ada and her mother were also startled when they heard that.


Were their ears deceiving them?


Eveline was stunning?

How was it possible?

Ada did not forget how Madeline’s face was covered with wounds when she first saw her. She looked so disgusting that she did not even dare to touch the mask Madeline wore!

How would such a horrendous face have anything to do with the word ‘stunning’?


Ada’s mother and Camille had heard Ava describing Madeline’s appearance before. In their minds, Madeline was extremely hideous.

However, the instant they looked over, there were glints of praises flashing across their eyes instinctively.

Even though it happened quickly, the look in their eyes could not hide the fact that they were indeed surprised by Madeline’s features and beauty.

She was a beauty!

There were no scars on her face, let alone a single flaw.

Even though her face was soaked with juice, the droplets on her face looked like they were adorning her fair and glowing face instead. She looked exceedingly beautiful, pristine, and untainted.

Ada’s eyes were staring straight at Madeline.

“H-How is this possible?” Ada was in disbelief. A month ago, she saw with her own eyes how Madeline’s face looked hideous and horrendous like a rotten apple.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1538
How could she have recovered to this state in just one month?

Plus, Eveline’s appearance was so delicate and beautiful!

She did not want to admit it, but she did think that Madeline’s beauty was able to defeat hers.

No voices were mocking and ridiculing Madeline for being ugly anymore. Now, there were only compliments.

Since the start of the party, Camille’s face had been dark. However, things were obviously different now.

Madeline did not care how people viewed her. Now, she was only worried about how to muddle through this.

She did not say anything, but she felt Carter’s complicated gaze on her.

Carter looked at Madeline’s face that was as beautiful as a painting, and his eyes darkened.

Suddenly, he grabbed Madeline’s hand. “Let’s go back to our room.”

There was nothing wrong with his tone, but Madeline could feel his grip tightening on her hand.

Madeline could not escape from Carter’s grip now, so she could only follow him back to the house.

Ada watched as Carter left while holding Madeline’s hand. She was so angry that the flames in her body were burning brightly.

“Ada, what’s going on? Didn’t you say that the woman’s so ugly that it’s unbearable to look at her? However, you saw what happened just now. That woman’s face…”

“Shut up!” Ada angrily interrupted her mother’s sentence. She had already cursed Madeline a few times in her heart.

However, aside from scolding Madeline in her heart, she could not do anything else.

In the study.

Madeline tried to escape, but at this moment, Carter flung away Madeline’s hand in displeasure.

He removed his suit jacket and tossed it on the sofa angrily. Then, he turned around suddenly. His eyes that were filled with dark and complicated currents were staring straight at Madeline’s face.

Madeline did not hide. She looked into his eyes confidently.

“Are my eyes deceiving me?” Carter finally broke the intense atmosphere. “Not only has your face recovered, but your features are also almost the same as Jeremy’s wife.”

Carter frowned and scoffed. “The even more interesting thing is that not only do you look like his wife, but your names are also the same,” he said and walked step by step in front of Madeline, his handsome face inching closer to hers.

His dark and heavy eyes were filled with a dangerous aura as they captured Madeline’s features.

“Don’t tell me there are two Eveline Montgomeries in this world who look exactly the same.”

“Of course, there are no two people in the world who will look the same. Since it has come to this, I can only be honest with you.” Madeline showed a helpless expression, but her eyes were looking into Carter’s fearlessly.

“You know I love Jeremy, but he abandoned me for that Eveline. To get him back, not only did I get plastic surgery to look like her, but I even fantasized about being her and being the woman he loves the most.”

After Carter heard this, he looked at Madeline suspiciously.

Madeline was calm in the face of danger. She was still looking calmly into Carter’s suspicious gaze.

“Mr. Carter, why do you think I look the same as Jeremy’s wife? There will be differences even if we’re twins. Plus, Eveline doesn’t have a sister.”

After she said that, Carter suddenly curled the corners of his lips.

Madeline saw him lifting his hand to touch her face. When she wanted to dodge subconsciously, Carter grabbed her wrist one step ahead of her.

Madeline felt that something bad was about to happen, so she used all of her might to get out of his grip.

“Let go!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1539
Despite Carter’s aura being super oppressive, Madeline never showed any weakness.

He was strong, and she was on edge.

However, because of the power difference between them, Carter utterly defeated Madeline from this aspect.

Madeline saw a never-before-seen mischievous smirk on Carter’s face that looked like an iceberg.

“I finally know what kind of face a woman with such beautiful eyes and calm grandeur has.”

It seemed as if Carter was lamenting when he said the next two words in a thought-provoking manner, “Eveline Montgomery.”


Madeline sensed as if Carter had confirmed something. She clenched her fists, and when she was about to fight back, someone knocked at the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Carter, it’s me.” Camille’s voice sounded from outside.

Carter removed his hand that was trapping Madeline and lifted his narrow eyes indifferently.

“The door’s not locked.”

Click. Camille pushed the door open and came in quickly.

When she saw Madeline standing next to Carter, she walked in front of Madeline and started looking her up and down meticulously.

Since she knew she would not have the time to go over to Adam’s place for treatment, Madeline had applied the gel beforehand, so her face looked pristine and fair now. One could not see any red marks on her face.

Madeline’s features were already exquisite enough even without makeup.

Madeline felt like a puppet that was being watched. However, she could only allow Camille to look at her as much as she wanted.

“Your face is fine. Why did you lie and insist on wearing a mask?”

Camille asked in dissatisfaction. Then, she said in a tone that was laced with sarcasm, “Could it be that you think you’re too beautiful and you’re scared people will be jealous of your beauty?”

After Madeline heard that, she chuckled. “I guess there’s jealousy involved, but it’s not other people getting jealous of me that I’m worried about. It’s me who gets jealous of other people.”

“What? What do you mean?” Camille was confused.

Madeline wanted to say she got plastic surgery to look like Eveline Montgomery, but before she could say anything, Carter helped her explain.

“Eveline’s face was indeed burned in a fire. Actually, she’s still in recovery. I just didn’t want anything to happen to her face again, so that’s why I asked her to not take off her mask until now.”

She did not expect Carter to defend her with such an explanation. Madeline was feeling more and more confused about this guy.

He saved her life and even asked someone to treat her wounds and face. Now, he was indeed siding with her, so he seemed like a good man.

However, sometimes, he was abnormally frigid and his attitude was arrogant and disdainful. Just like how he had flung her hand away just now when they entered the study. He did not go easy on her at all.

However, it was evident that Camille was not happy with this answer. Her eyebrows were still knitted together, and she was looking at Madeline with hostility and suspicion.

“Carter, you’re so protective of your fiancée and in such a hurry to get engaged to her, but she has never even thought about marrying you.”

Carter’s smile widened after he heard that. “Eveline’s right. No one can be certain of what’s going to happen in the future. I’m happy as long as she’s the one next to me.”

“…” Madeline glanced at Carter while feeling impressed. She noticed that this man had the potential to be an actor.

Camille pressed her lips together and seemed to be speechless.

“Carter, I don’t want to interfere with your business, but this is your marriage.”

Camille advised earnestly. Then, she looked at Madeline. “She’s pretty, but her beauty can only help her pass the first stage.”

Camille left the room after she said that. However, it was evident that she was not happy with Madeline.

The moment Camille left the study, Ada and her mother hurried over to her.

“Aunty Cammy!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1540
“What’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Aunty Cammy, look at this. Look at this!” Ada handed her phone over and pointed to the people on the screen.

Camille lowered her head to look. On the screen, she saw the wedding pictures Madeline initially took with Jeremy. Plus, there were also some photos of them attending parties together.

“It seems that Eveline was married to the number one young master in Glendale, Jeremy Whitman!” Ada was almost roaring when she said that. Her voice was so loud that even Madeline and Carter could hear her in the study.

“What? Jeremy Whitman?” When Camille heard this, she stared at the pictures on the screen with her eyes so wide her eye sockets were about to crack.

“Eveline is someone with a family! This is way over the line!”

Camille turned back and barged into the study.

“Eveline, you…”

“I know everything about Eveline. I don’t care who she was with before. I don’t care if she’s married or if she has children. She’s my fiancée now.”

Carter interrupted Camille immediately and walked in front of Madeline to defend her without hesitation.

However, when Madeline heard this, she felt her heart skipping a beat.

Was Carter sure that she was the real Eveline Montgomery?

On the other hand, Camille’s head started to throb after she heard this. “Carter, you’re insane! She’s someone with a family and her husband is Jeremy—”

“I told you loud and clear. Even if she is, she’s already my fiancée now. Plus, she’s not Jeremy’s wife.”

Carter interrupted again, looking at Madeline before continuing.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask someone to check the location of Jeremy’s wife now.”

After Camille heard what Carter said, she looked into Ada’s eyes and took her phone. Then, she pointed at Madeline sternly.

“The woman in these pictures looks the same as her! Plus, Jeremy Whitman’s wife is also named Eveline Montgomery!”

“They just happen to have the same name,” Carter explained. “As for why they look the same, it’s because of plastic surgery.”

“What? Plastic surgery?” Camille, Ada, and Ada’s mother were shocked.

However, Carter replied calmly, “That’s right, it’s plastic surgery. It’s because Eveline’s face was hurt badly during the accident. You’ve seen it, no?”

He purposely glanced at Ada. She was dazed before nodding hurriedly.

Carter was satisfied. Then, he parted his lips again. “Since Eveline’s face couldn’t recover to the way it was before, she could only get plastic surgery.”


When Camille heard this, she was speechless.

Ada stared at Madeline’s face, unconvinced. ‘What? This is a face after plastic surgery?

‘She used this plastic face to seduce Carty into this state?’

Ada gritted her teeth in secret. How could she have lost to a plastic face?

How could she resign herself to this?

Ada turned her attention to Camille. She knew Camille was the only one who could talk Carter out of this now. As such, she stuck around Camille. “Aunty Cammy—”

“What nonsense is this? I don’t want to care about you anymore!” After Camille said that in agitation, she turned around to walk away.

“…” Ada was completely stunned. She could feel Carter’s icy stare at her from the corner of her eyes. She shrunk her neck and turned around to run away.

Madeline finally felt at peace when the people causing her trouble had left.

However, when she heard the footsteps behind her, her slightly relieved heart was once again suspended.

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