Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1511-1520

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1511
Even though Adam told her not to worry, Madeline was still feeling anxious.

She washed her face in the toilet but did not dare to lift her head to look at herself in the mirror.

However, when she was washing her face, she could feel that her skin had gotten smoother. Although her face had progressively gotten better during the 30-day treatment, her skin was never this smooth before.

Madeline became excited, but she still washed her face gently. In the end, she used a towel to pat the water droplets on her face dry.

After a long while, she finally found the courage to lift her head.

The mirror in front of her was wide and the light on top of her head was bright. Madeline could clearly see the state of her face now.

She looked at herself in the mirror and lifted her hand to touch her face with some bewilderment.

At this moment, Adam appeared behind Madeline.

“I added a special ingredient to the gel just now. It helps to boost the rebuilding of your collagen and the tissues of your skin barrier, so that’s why your face feels flatter and more delicate now.”

After she heard what Adam said, Madeline’s eyes lit up.

Adam saw the joy on Madeline’s face, but he still had to tell her the truth.

“However, this is only temporary.”

“Temporary?” The smile on Madeline’s face faded. She turned around asked nervously, “Are you saying that I might revert to how I looked?”

“No, it just means that it’ll take a long time before you can go back to the way you look. Your scabs only fell recently and the red marks on your face can’t fade completely yet. However, if you put on some makeup, the red marks might not be visible.”

Madeline stayed silent for a few seconds after hearing that. After a while, a smile appeared on her face again.

“Thank you, Adam. I’m grateful and happy that I can recover to this extent. I thought I’d have these hideous scars on my face forever.”

“It’ll recover even better if you give it some time.” Adam encouraged her. “Actually, you might not feel so stressed standing in front of Jeremy now. Plus, I believe he won’t feel disgusted by you either.”

“I know he won’t.” Madeline touched her face. After staying quiet for a while, she picked up her mask to put it on. “I’ll be going back now. I’ll come again tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll walk you out.” Adam led the way.

Cathy was in the open kitchen preparing dinner. When she saw Madeline leaving, she walked over quickly.

“Are you leaving now? Don’t you want some dinner?”

Madeline stopped and looked at the woman in front of her.

Cathy looked almost the same as when she first saw her. She looked so clean and gorgeous. There were no traces of plastic surgery on her face at all.

Madeline started to feel sorry for this woman. “Thank you, Amy, but I have some things I need to take care of so I’ll get going now.”

After she said that, Adam’s phone rang. “Amy, I need to take this call. Help me walk Miss Montgomery out.”

“Okay,” Amy answered and walked to the outside of the house with Madeline.

The sky was not dark yet but the dusk in early winter was very cold.

Madeline walked out of the door and saw Cathy following behind her. “Amy, you should go in. I can just call a cab at the side of the road.”

Cathy smiled and nodded. However, there was a hint of melancholy on her face.

Madeline had a lot of things to say to Cathy, but she remembered what Adam said. He hoped Cathy could have a quiet life and not be disturbed by Felipe. As such, Madeline did not say anything.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1512
“See you tomorrow, Amy.” Madeline waved her hand and turned around.

However, after she took a few steps, she heard Cathy calling out from behind her, “Eveline.”

She called her Eveline.

Madeline turned around in surprise to look at the woman in front of her in excitement.

“Adam always calls you Miss Montgomery, but I remember that your name is Eveline,” Cathy furrowed her brows and said probingly.

“I keep feeling as if I know you from before, and I don’t mean recently but a very long time ago.”

She said and then went on to talk about what happened back then.

“There’s a man named Felipe Whitman and he was always appearing in front of me. He kept calling me Cathy but I’m sure I’m not Cathy. Yet, he still kept appearing in front of me until I said I hated him and told him to stop bothering me. It was only then he finally stopped appearing.”

When she said this, Madeline could see a flash of desolation in Cathy’s eyes.

“For some reason, after he stopped bothering me, I started having dreams about him. In my dreams, he would call me Cathy and I would reply to him. Am I really Cathy? Why do I have no memories about this?”

After she heard Cathy say this, Madeline felt conflicted.

She wanted to tell Cathy but stopped herself. She smiled, saying, “I think it’s because he always bothered you so that’s why you keep having the same dreams.”

Madeline finally said something that went against her heart. “You’re not Cathy and I’ve never seen you before. I think you’re just overthinking.”

Cathy frowned while feeling awkward after she heard that. Soon after, she smiled in relief. “Perhaps I really am just overthinking. I won’t hinder you from going back, then. Goodbye.”

“Yeah, bye.” Madeline turned around hurriedly after she said that. She was worried that she would tell Cathy everything the longer she stayed here.

However, what Adam did was right. This life right now might not be detrimental to Cathy.

Even if Felipe reunited with Cathy, he would not be able to give her happiness.

He had to pay for all of the crimes he did in the past and go to jail.

Madeline called a cab from the side of the road. She wanted to go back to Whitman Manor, but in the end, she got off at a mall nearby.

After she went into the mall, Madeline bought some basic makeup products. She hid in the restroom of the mall to put some makeup on her face using a small mirror.

After her skin completely absorbed the gel, the condition of her face was indeed not bad now. Even though its effects were only temporary and she might go back to having an ugly face with red marks after she woke up the next day, Madeline was satisfied at this moment.

She put on a thin layer of foundation on her face. After she set her makeup, her face did not look too different from how she looked back then under the dim moonlight.

Madeline’s heart was racing. She looked at herself in the mirror and could not believe that she was able to recover this fast.

At least, she could finally recognize this person as herself.

She put away her makeup and walked out of the cubicle to the vanity mirror. The lights on the mirror were bright but did not expose the flaws and red marks on her face.

The corners of Madeline’s eyes were wet, but she did not allow herself to cry. After she left the mall, she wandered all the way to Whitman Corporation.

She wanted to go see Jeremy, but after she thought about it, she gave up on that idea.

When Madeline was about to leave, a male employee accidentally bumped into Madeline’s shoulder when he hurried to get off work.

Madeline lost her balance all of a sudden. Before she could stable herself, she felt a familiar warmth on her shoulder.

She lowered her head to see a hand holding her shoulder firmly.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1513
Madeline’s heartbeat started to become erratic, and she was more than familiar with this rhythm.

This was the man she loved and the man who loved her, so they should be able to get along naturally. At this moment, however, Madeline was abnormally nervous.

Yet, she was more worried that the red marks and scars after her scabs fell would appear once again.

She still did not have enough courage to face this man.

However, her voice…

While she was pondering about this nervously, Jeremy’s hand grabbed her shoulder and he walked in front of her.

It was dusk, and the sunset shone silently on Madeline’s face, creating a halo of light.

Jeremy looked at Madeline, and there was an excited glint flashing across his bottomless eyes. However, it faded away as fast as it came.

After a few seconds, Jeremy smiled and parted his lips. “Linnie, why are you here?”

His tone was gentle and sounded like the breeze in April or May as his voice glided past Madeline’s ears.

Madeline was taken aback when she heard that.

‘If Jeremy is calling me that, it means that I don’t look much different from how I looked before.

‘However, he’s calling me ‘Linnie’. Is he mistaking me as that imposter, Naomi?

‘Or perhaps you’re also this gentle when you’re facing Naomi, Jeremy?’

Madeline could not help but overthink. When she was about to say something, she remembered the state of her voice and could only stay silent.

Even though her voice was not as coarse and rough as before, it still could not compare to her original voice.

Adam said he was not an expert in otorhinolaryngology, so he could only refer her to other professional doctors to treat her throat.

Jeremy lowered his head to get closer to Madeline when he sensed her discomfort. Then, he said softly, “Linnie, is your throat unwell? If it is, then you don’t have to talk.”

Madeline looked into Jeremy’s smiling and gentle eyes before nodding lightly.

Jeremy smiled lightly and turned around to walk next to Madeline. Then, he retracted the hand that was on her shoulder to pull her into his arms naturally.

Madeline’s heart started beating fast again. It had been so long since she felt this warm and affectionate hug.

This was also the embrace that she had longed for the most during this period.

“Linnie, it has been a long time since we ate in that restaurant. Why don’t we have some time for ourselves tonight?”

Madeline lifted her head and nodded when she heard Jeremy asking her softly in her ear.

Jeremy’s smile grew wider. He held Madeline as they walked to the restaurant.

On the way, Madeline saw Jeremy sending a message to someone on his phone.

There were some unhappy and happy memories in this restaurant. However, to Madeline, there were more happy memories here at the end of the day.

The last time she came here with Felipe, she had run into Jeremy.

Now that she thought about it, it seemed as if Jeremy was jealous last time.

It was dinner time and yet Madeline realized that the restaurant was almost empty.

When the manager saw Jeremy and Madeline, he smiled and brought them to the seat next to the window politely.

Jeremy took the menu and ordered some food. Since there was no one else, the food came pretty quickly.

Madeline felt at ease when she saw the food in front of her.

He knew her preferences clearly and all of the food on the table were her favorites.

He even ordered a bottle of red wine to pour for Madeline.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1514
Madeline lifted the wine glass. She wanted to down all of the troubles and unhappiness she experienced recently. However, Jeremy suddenly said something.

“Linnie, I think it has been a long time since we sat down and had a candlelight dinner with just the two of us.”

Madeline was taken aback when she heard that. Her clear and bright eyes were looking into Jeremy’s eyes.

It had indeed been a long time.

Madeline lamented silently. However, she thought about it after a while. If Jeremy said that, did it mean that he had not eaten with Naomi alone this whole time?

Madeline was glad. She smiled and lifted her wine glass at Jeremy.

Even though Madeline did not say anything, Jeremy understood what she meant.

He lifted his wine glass as well and clinked it with Madeline’s. When he saw the faint dimples on Madeline’s face, he smiled as well.

The stars were shining brightly outside and it was very romantic. At this moment, Madeline only had Jeremy in her eyes. He was her star. He would give her light and warmth when she was lost in the dark so that she would not be lost and give up.

After dinner ended, Madeline got up and Jeremy came over to hold her hand.

Madeline was glad when she felt their fingers intertwining.

She hoped this moment would last longer, just a little longer.

Jeremy seemed to see through her. He did not go home but instead, he held Madeline’s hand and strolled down the street leisurely.

Under the stars and moonlight, they looked like a couple madly in love.

They held each other’s hands and enjoyed this sweet time when there were only the two of them.

Even though Madeline did not say anything, it still did not affect them getting along with each other.

When they passed by a florist, Jeremy went in and bought a bunch of blue baby’s breath for Madeline.

“Lily’s favorite flower is blue baby’s breath and I know Linnie likes it a lot as well,” he said softly, holding Madeline’s hand again.

Madeline held the bouquet in her hand and felt sweetness enveloping her heart.

She lifted her head quietly and looked at Jeremy’s smiling side profile. She had the urge to tell him everything, but she stopped before she could say anything.


Suddenly, huge fireworks blossomed in the sky not far away.

Madeline stopped to lift her head to look over. Then, she spotted bright fireworks blossoming in front of her eyes.

Madeline could not control herself and exclaimed, “How pretty!”

However, after she said that, Madeline felt anxious.

She remembered the state of her voice now and was worried Jeremy would see through her. However, after a while, she heard Jeremy exclaiming as well, “There are so many things in this world and none of them can compare to how good you look in my heart, Linnie.”


Madeline was taken aback. Even though she was happy to receive Jeremy’s praises, she was curious. Had Jeremy not heard her voice?

Was it because the fireworks were too loud so they covered her voice and that was why Jeremy did not hear it?

Madeline thought about it and felt that this was more reasonable.

She let out a sigh of relief. She lowered her voice and looked at Jeremy. “Really? Do you mean what you said just now, Jeremy?”

Jeremy looked over to meet her expecting eyes. “Linnie, I’ve always been true toward you.” His eyes were filled with passion. “No matter how time changes or if your beauty fades, in my heart, you’re always the most perfect and flawless woman.”

Madeline felt tears stinging the corners of her eyes, and she was touched. “Even if I become so hideous…”

“No matter how you become, you’ll always be the love of Jeremy Whitman’s life.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1515
After she heard that, Madeline did not feel aggrieved or sad anymore.

All of the hurt she felt had been healed by this man at this moment.

When she was about to cry, Jeremy spread his arms and pulled her into his embrace.

“Linnie, stop overthinking. I only have you in my life and you’re the only woman I love.” His warm promise flickered next to her ear.

Madeline nodded with tears in her eyes. Her voice shook as she said, “I know.”

She knew. She always knew that he loved her, from the start all the way till now.

After the hug, Jeremy leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on Madeline’s lips.

However, after this kiss, Madeline felt as if she was Cinderella after the clock struck 12. It was time to leave.

Coincidentally, Jeremy’s phone rang.

He picked up the phone and said after listening for a while, “Tell Lily I’m coming home now. Tell her to stop crying.”

‘Is Lily crying?’

Madeline started to feel worried. She did not know why her child was crying.

Jeremy hung up the phone and Madeline immediately grabbed him to walk back. “Why is Lily crying? Let’s go home now.”

She said frantically, completely forgetting that the fireworks had ended a long time ago…

On the way back, Madeline did not say anything. She only had Lillian in her head now.

When they were back home, Madeline hurriedly ran into the house after she got out of the car.

When she was at the door, she suddenly remembered something.

Her identity had been stolen now and there was already another Eveline inside.

Madeline thought about this in her heart and took out her mask from her pocket to quickly put it on.

After she put it on, she strode into the house.

Lillian had stopped crying and was now sitting sulkily on the sofa. Madeline wanted to go over to comfort her, but to prevent exposing herself, she quickly went upstairs to change her clothes.

When she was coming downstairs, she saw Naomi walking out of the bedroom.

Naomi was looking carefree, and of course, she would not care about why Lillian was crying.

However, Naomi noticed Madeline. When she saw Madeline in a hurry, she could guess why she was so worried.

Naomi smirked sinisterly. Suddenly, she sped up and got in front of Madeline to stop her from going downstairs.

“Get out of the way,” Madeline said coldly. She wanted to walk around Naomi but Naomi did not give up.

“Do you know why your daughter is crying?” Naomi asked this question sinisterly all of a sudden.

Madeline lifted her cold yet stunning eyes to look at her. Something clicked in her brain. “Did you bully Lily?”

“Yeah, I did. I hit her when no one was paying attention. She’s mute anyway, so she doesn’t have the ability to tell on me.”

The fire in Madeline’s heart started roaring after she heard Naomi’s answer.

Madeline did not say anything before slapping Naomi heavily on the face.



Naomi did not expect Madeline to be so decisive and quick, so she did not have the chance to dodge. In the end, she received the slap firmly.

“How dare you slap me?” Naomi growled in a low voice.

“Naomi, do you really think I won’t expose you? Do you really think you can be absolutely unrestrained? I’m warning you, you can come for me but no one’s allowed to touch my children!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1516
Naomi clutched her face. When she saw the sharp and piercing cold glint in Madeline’s eyes, she was shocked.

After Madeline warned her, she pushed Naomi away to go downstairs.

Naomi was bitter about the unbearable grievances. When Madeline was not paying attention, she suddenly stuck her foot out to trip Madeline.

However, it was as if Madeline was prepared. When Naomi stuck her foot out, she retracted her foot and at the same time, she grabbed Naomi.

Naomi did not expect Madeline’s reflexes to be so quick. She was caught off guard after she was pulled and missed her footing before falling down the stairs. With a loud and muffled thud, she rolled down the stairs.


Naomi then rolled all the way to the first floor while accompanied by her pained screams.

When Jeremy saw this after he walked through the door, he stood motionless in surprise. However, he did not go over to help Naomi up even after a long while.

Karen was in the living room, completely stunned when she saw this. She quickly placed Pudding down and ran over to Naomi.

“Eveline, are you okay? How did you fall from the stairs?”

Karen asked in concern and quickly helped Naomi up.

Naomi clutched her waist and glared resentfully at Madeline from the corner of her eyes. However, she could only get angry without making any complaints.

It did not seem like something Madeline would do if she told on her.

However, after what happened last time, she did not know whether Madeline would have something else to get back at her again.

She did not want to make a fool of herself in front of Jeremy and the Whitmans again.

“Eveline, where did you hurt yourself? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Karen looked all over Naomi and was worried that Naomi might have gotten herself hurt.

Naomi was indeed in a lot of pain, especially her waist. However, she could only endure it.

“Mom, I’m fine. Don’t worry, I’m just too worried about Lily and want to comfort her, so that’s why I was in a hurry,” Naomi explained and packaged herself as a good mother.

Now, Karen was even more heartbroken. When she spotted Jeremy walking over from the door, she called out hurriedly, “Jeremy, it’s good that you’re back. Eveline fell from the stairs. Come quickly to comfort your wife.”

However, Jeremy looked indifferent when he heard this. “I heard. It’s good that she’s fine.”

He said flatly and looked at Madeline who was making her way downstairs. Then, he looked at Lillian who was sitting silently on the sofa.

“Lily, why did you cry? Do you miss Daddy?” Jeremy hurried over to ask Lillian.

Lillian lifted her eyes that looked as beautiful as the stars. She glanced at Naomi before burying her face into Jeremy’s chest like a scared deer.


The little princess called out to Jeremy childishly.

Jeremy felt his heart melting at that instant. He picked up Lillian and ignored his youngest son before going upstairs.

Madeline was on her way downstairs when she saw Jeremy walking over with Lillian. She had a strong urge to hold the child and comfort her. At the same time, she wanted to know where Naomi hurt Lillian. However, she did not have a reason to hold Lillian.

At the same time, Lillian, who was in Jeremy’s arms, lifted her head to look at Madeline.

When her eyes met Lillian’s teary eyes that were full of grievances, Madeline felt her heart aching even more.


“Mommy,” Lillian called out to Madeline.

Jeremy stopped in his tracks. Madeline also looked absent-mindedly at Lillian who was reaching out her hands for her to hold her.

Her teary eyes were staring straight at Madeline.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1517
The little princess called Madeline her mommy again.

Madeline could not express the excitement she was feeling right now with words. However, the overflowing joy in her eyes was evident.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s twinkling eyes and approached Madeline with Lillian in his arms.

“I think my daughter likes you a lot. Can you help me hold this child to comfort her?”

Madeline did not expect Jeremy to say that. Of course, Madeline would be more than happy to.

She nodded quickly and reached out her hands to hold Lillian.

When Naomi saw this from the living room, she felt agitated and nervous.

Was this because blood was thicker than water and Lillian was her flesh and blood?

Was that why the little thing could sense the woman holding her right now was her birth mother?

Naomi clenched her fists in silence when she saw Madeline carrying Lillian upstairs. Plus, she also gritted her teeth.

She could not let this continue. If the little girl had this feeling, it meant that Jeremy would know who was the real Eveline Montgomery sooner or later.

Naomi pondered silently and felt that she could not sit still and do nothing.

She did not have anyone left. She no longer had Ryan’s orders and instructions, so she had to depend on herself.

Madeline carried Lillian to her room where Jackson was doing his homework.

“Miss Quinny,” Jackson greeted politely as he blinked his lively wide eyes. “What’s wrong with Lily? Why are her eyes red?”

After Lillian heard what Jackson said, she lowered her crystal clear wide eyes aggrievedly.

Madeline patted the child’s back while feeling pitiful. She sat down on the sofa with Lillian.

“Good girl.”

She caressed the little girl’s head comfortingly. She wished that her voice would sound nicer now. At least, she did not want it so hoarse and grave because it did not sound gentle at all.

Lillian leaned against Madeline’s chest without saying a word while she played with her fingers.

Madeline remembered what Naomi said just now. After staying silent for a while, she asked Lillian probingly, “Lily, tell me where does it hurt?”

Lillian understood what Madeline was saying. She reached out her adorable finger and pointed at both of her arms.

Madeline quickly rolled up Lillian’s sleeves. It would be better if she had not looked. After she took a look, Madeline wanted so badly to rip Naomi into pieces.

She spotted the red and purple bruises on her daughter’s arms and could tell how violently Naomi had treated her.

Naomi knew Lillian could not speak and she was a slow, adorable little girl, so she chose to take action against this child.

She would hesitate if it was Jackson.

“Why are there red spots on Lily’s arms?” Jackson furrowed his brows in concern, looking worried.

Lillian leaned against Madeline’s chest aggrievedly. “Mommy, Mommy.”

Madeline felt her heart aching as she held the little princess in her arms tightly.

“Lily, Mommy won’t allow you to get hurt for no reason.”

Madeline finished saying that as calmly as she could. Then, she placed Lillian on the sofa, got up, and told Jackson, “Jack, watch your sister. I need to go out for a bit and I’ll be back soon.” Madeline turned around suddenly.

“Where are you going?” Jackson asked curiously behind Madeline.

Madeline suppressed her anger and turned back to smile gently at the child.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1518
“Jack, be a good boy and watch your sister.”

She smiled and urged before striding to the door.

Naomi was eating some fruits alone in the living room. She was planning how to get back at Madeline when she saw Madeline bustling downstairs.

She was taken aback, and as she was wondering what Madeline was going to do, Madeline had already charged in front of her like a gust of wind.

Madeline grabbed Naomi’s collar and did not hesitate before slapping her hard across the face.



Naomi wailed in pain. At the same time, her voice alarmed Karen and Jeremy who just went upstairs.

They came out of their rooms at the same time to go downstairs. Then, they saw Madeline holding Naomi’s collar.

Karen’s face turned pale from shock. She had no idea what was going on, so she quickly rushed over.

Naomi was startled by the sudden slap as well. When she came back to her senses, she glared at Madeline and warned in a low voice.

“Eveline, you psychopath! Would you cut it out? How dare you hit me again and again!”

“Yeah, you’re right. I am Eveline, so you’d best stop bullying my children. If not, a psychopath like me will give you double of what you did to my children!”

Madeline’s eyes turned sharp as she tightened her slender fingers around the flesh on Naomi’s arm.

“Hiss!” Naomi was in so much pain she started having goosebumps. She wanted to push Madeline away angrily, but Madeline moved to pinch her on the other arm even faster.

Naomi was in so much pain and anger. She stared straight at Madeline with her venomous eyes. “Eveline, take off your mask if you dare. Use your hideously disfigured face to tell them that you’re Eveline. If not, I’ll continue torturing your children. This time it was your daughter, next time it’ll be your son!”


Madeline slapped Naomi directly and efficiently before grabbing Naomi by the collar again.

“Try me!”

“What’s wrong with you? Let go of my daughter-in-law!” At this moment, Karen hurried over and used all of her might to pull away Madeline who was grabbing Naomi.

Madeline did not want to fight with Karen because she knew Karen was actually trying to defend her. As such, she could only exercise forbearance.

However, Karen did not know the truth. She barged over to Madeline to yell at her.

“What’s wrong with you? We hired you to take care of my in-law but why are you always going against my daughter-in-law?

“I can forgive you for being rude to the young madam, but now you’re hitting her! You have such a horrible temper!”

Karen berated as her face turned green.

“Go now! I don’t need you to take care of my in-law! I’ll transfer your pay to you tomorrow morning. Get out of our house now!”

Karen chased her away angrily.

Naomi clutched her face aggrievedly. At the same time, she pretended to urge like she was being understanding toward others.

“Mom, it’s fine. Quinny might just be in a bad mood so that’s why she did that. If she doesn’t have a job, she won’t have money to treat her face. We should give her another chance.”

“How is that possible? She slapped you!” Karen insisted on asking Madeline to leave. She kept on asking Madeline to leave, “Go! Go now! You even have the cheek to hit someone. I’m already being extremely kind for not calling the cops on you. Go now!”

Madeline clenched her fists and looked at Naomi as she lifted her eyebrows to provoke her. She almost could not stop herself from pulling down her mask.

Her face was almost the same as how Naomi looked now, so she could prove that she was the real Eveline.

‘Naomi, are you so confident that my face will never recover?

‘I want you to open your eyes and look closely now!’
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1519
Madeline was infuriated and could not endure Naomi’s behavior anymore. She lifted her hand to get ready to pull down her mask to fight head-on with Naomi.

When Naomi saw Madeline wanting to remove her mask, she was shocked.

Yet, she was not worried at all. She knew Madeline’s face was so horrible it was unbearable for one to look straight at it. As such, no one would believe that a person with that face would be the real Madeline.

At this moment, Jeremy appeared behind Madeline.

“Quinny,” he called out to Madeline softly.

Madeline stopped abruptly after removing one of the straps of her mask.

“Quinny, you don’t have to leave. Go back to your room first.” Jeremy walked to Madeline’s side and looked into her eyes with his deep eyes. His gaze was extremely gentle.

“How can we do that, Jeremy? She slapped Eveline! She slapped your wife!” Karen emphasized.

In Naomi’s heart, she wanted to use Karen to kick Madeline out, but on the surface, she had to pretend to be generous and magnanimous. She also had to pretend to make concessions in order to gain advantages.

“Mom, we should just forget it. I know Quinny must still be mad at me about what happened in the park last time, so I understand. Plus, I’m not hurt. I’ll stop looking into this, so just let her stay.”

Karen still could not accept this after she heard it. “No, she has to leave—”

“Since the person involved has already said it’s fine, then we should stop talking about this,” Jeremy interrupted Karen coldly.

Karen was infuriated, so she did not sense anything wrong with this statement.

However, Madeline and Naomi heard him. Jeremy had just described Naomi as the person involved.

Madeline felt that this was strange. Then, she heard Jeremy saying to her calmly, “Lily and Jack are still waiting for you in the room. You should go back now.”

“Wait!” Karen stopped Madeline who was about to leave. “Jeremy, how can we just let this go? How can you let Eveline suffer such grievance? It’s fine if you let her stay, but how can she not apologize to Eveline?”

“Mom, I don’t need Quinny to apologize to me. I don’t blame her.” Naomi quickly put on a show because she wanted to bring out Madeline’s understanding qualities.

When Karen heard that, her heart ached even more. “Eveline, you’re too kind-hearted.”

Naomi smiled softly before lifting her head to look at Madeline. “Quinny, I don’t blame you. Since Lily and Jack like you so much, then please take care of these children more in the future.”

Madeline scoffed when she saw Naomi’s fake mask. “I’ll definitely take good care of Lily and Jack, but don’t expect me to be magnanimous with you.”

“…” Naomi’s smile froze.

Then, sarcasm started surfacing in Madeline’s eyes. “I keep hearing that Mr. Whitman’s wife, Eveline, is a generous, magnanimous, wise, charming, bold, well-mannered, and sharp woman. However, for some reason, in my opinion, you look like a fake with an over-compensating persona. Plus, you’re just a goody-two-shoes pretending to be pure and noble.”


Naomi was shocked. She did not expect Madeline to describe her like this.

Karen was utterly shocked. She thought something was wrong with her ears.

After Madeline said that, she turned around and went upstairs confidently. Her attitude was imposing and domineering.

“W-What kind of person is this?” Karen was shocked and stammering as she spoke. “Jeremy, do you really want someone like that staying in Whitman Manor? Are you not worried that Eveline will be infuriated by her?”

Jeremy lifted his head to look at Madeline’s back. Then, he said profoundly, “Linnie won’t.”

“What?” Karen did not understand him. She did not know what Jeremy was talking about.

“I have some work to take care of, so I’ll be at the study,” said Jeremy before going upstairs.

Karen wanted to ask him but she knew what Jeremy was like. As such, she felt that it was not necessary to ask.

After that, she comforted Naomi for a while before going back to her room.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1520
Naomi clutched her cheeks that were still hurting from the slaps. She felt that she could not continue this anymore.

Madeline was almost fighting head-on with her. What made her uncomfortable and feel strange the most was Jeremy’s attitude.

It was obvious that he favored Madeline more now.

‘Did he sense something?’

Naomi started to panic.

Madeline went back to the children’s room. After she got rid of all her displeasure, she smiled and accompanied Lillian and Jackson with benevolence and gentleness in her eyes. Finally, she left their rooms after she put them to bed.

She went to look for Eloise. After seeing that Eloise was sleeping soundly, she went back to her room feeling relieved.

After she took a shower, Madeline removed the makeup on her face. The red marks appeared once again in the mirror.

Indeed, it was just like Adam said. The red marks would not fade away so easily.

The effects of the gel were just like a mask with quick results. The effects after it was absorbed into the skin were just temporary.

Madeline sighed in disappointment and frustration. She put on her mask to walk back to her room and coincidentally, she saw Jeremy walking toward her.

“I have a lot of work to take care of today. You make a good cup of coffee, so can you make some coffee for me and rearrange my documents for me like last time?” Jeremy requested.

Madeline held her worn clothes and hesitated before nodding.

“Of course.”

Jeremy smiled. “I’ll be waiting for your arrival.”


Madeline replied and looked at Jeremy’s tall figure. She went back to her room to tidy up her clothes and hair before coming to Jeremy’s study.

At this moment, he was sitting in front of his desk and his bony fingers were flipping the pages of the documents.

Madeline loved it when Jeremy was serious and focused. She did not disturb him. Instead, she quietly went over to the coffee machine and started making coffee.

After she was done, she took a cup and placed it on the desk. After that, she went to one side to help him organize his documents.

While she was doing that, Madeline’s eyes could not help but look over at Jeremy.

She stared at his handsome face and started to fiddle with the ring on her ring finger absent-mindedly.

‘Jeremy, I know you have some feelings for me. That’s why you subconsciously choose to protect me and side with me.

‘I’m more than thrilled to be able to have this kind of treatment.

‘At least you’re not ignoring me like I’m a stranger. You’re even concerned about my emotions and protecting me from all angles.’

Madeline thought about this and showed a smile without her realizing it.

Time slipped away silently, and it was already the middle of the night unbeknownst to them.

Madeline opened her eyes to realize that she had fallen asleep on the sofa without her knowledge. There was even a blanket on her. She lifted her head and saw Jeremy sleeping while leaning against the chair.

She got up hurriedly and took the blanket to tiptoe over to where Jeremy was. She placed the blanket on him.

She thought she would be able to let him sleep like this, but while looking at the faint melancholy and exhaustion in between his eyebrows, Madeline could not help herself and lifted her finger to caress his eyebrows.

However, the man who was sleeping opened his eyes all of a sudden.

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