Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1461-1470

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1461
Madeline raised her slightly trembling fingers and stroked her cheek.

The smoothness from the past no longer existed. What was left were just bumpy and ugly scars.

Except for the small wound on her forehead and her eyes that were intact, the other parts, especially the sides of her cheeks, were damaged to the extent that it was unbearable to look at.

Madeline squeezed the handle of the mirror and forced herself to calm down. However, no woman in the world could accept their initially flawless face getting ruined like this—neither could Madeline.

“It’s still in a preliminary state. Your face will heal after some treatments.” The doctor beside Madeline gave her some hope.

“Thank you, I’ll cooperate with the treatment.” Madeline put on a smile and thanked him.

Back then when she laughed, there were sweet dimples. Now, there was not an inch of intact skin on her face, let alone dimples.

Madeline put down the mirror and clenched the ring on her ring finger before casting her eyes down in despair.

‘Jeremy, you probably won’t recognize me anymore now that I’m like this, right?

‘Even if I stand in front of you, you’ll only pass by blindly.

‘Just like that dream, you and I are now just strangers to each other.’

“Have you seen what you look like now?” The cold voice sounded next to her.

Madeline lifted her head. Her clear and lively eyes met the man’s narrow and black eyes calmly.

“I have,” she replied calmly. Her emotions were flat as well. “I still need to thank you, or else I wouldn’t even be alive now.”

The man furrowed his thick eyebrows and peered at Madeline with interest. “Your reaction is a little special now that you’ve seen yourself.”

Madeline understood what the man meant. She looked at him as her eyes lit up. “You said being sad is the most useless thing in the world. I can’t change what has happened, so what can I do aside from accepting it? Plus, I’ll still have hope as long as I’m alive, right?”

After she said that, there was a fleeting look of admiration in his eyes.

She was indeed very different from how he imagined. He thought this woman would be wailing loudly and inconsolable after she saw how badly she was disfigured.

However, Madeline’s reaction shocked him.

Of course, no one could understand how Madeline was feeling at the moment. How could she be completely calm? She just did not want to face this pessimistically.

She could only cooperate with the treatment and wait for the day when she fully recovered.

At least, she could move freely now. Plus, she also had the strength to eat and drink.

To get more information on why the man was investigating Jeremy, she deliberately got up early the next day.

She knew that this man would have his breakfast in the dining room at eight o’clock sharp every morning, and during this period, his entourage would report some things back to him.

Madeline calculated the time and only went downstairs when she saw the man walking into the dining room.

The man was very observant. When he saw Madeline, he invited her courteously. “Are you interested in having breakfast with me?”

Madeline walked to the side of the dining table. “Aren’t you worried that my face will ruin your appetite, Mr. Carter?”

The man stared emotionlessly at Madeline’s face for a few seconds. “Sit down.”

Madeline knew in her heart that the man did not care about how she looked, although her face was indeed too horrifying.

The maid served Madeline some breakfast as well. Madeline ate some of it, and after a while, she saw the man’s entourage coming up to him to report some information to him.

“Mr. Carter, we can go to Glendale tonight. I heard that Jeremy is going to celebrate a special day with his wife, so he has been busy decorating these few days. He rarely goes to the office nowadays.”

After hearing what the entourage said, Madeline’s hands that were holding the fork and knife froze.

Special day?

Madeline quickly racked her brain, but she did not remember any anniversaries coming up.

‘However, Jeremy has been preparing a surprise for this woman these days?

‘What surprise will it be?’

Madeline’s brain was filled with questions. She wanted to know, but at the same time, she was even more reluctant to see Jeremy preparing a surprise for an imposter who was impersonating her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1462
She clenched the fork and knife tightly in her hands, trying hard to suppress her emotions. After she took a deep breath, she said, “Can I go to Glendale with you?”

The man lifted his head to look at her after he heard that.

Madeline looked confidently into those deep and cold obsidian eyes. “My home is in Glendale. I miss my home.”

“You want to go home looking like this?”

“No, I just want to go back to take a look.” Madeline knew her current condition. She did not want to stand in front of Jeremy while looking like this.

Perhaps he would not mind that she was disfigured.

However, Madeline did not dare to find out. She was scared that Jeremy might not even recognize her if she were to stand in front of him like this.

When she thought about that scene, she felt as if her heart had been stabbed by needles.

She did not have the courage to try.

“You’re from Glendale, so you should know about a lot of things in Glendale, right? If that’s the case, you should’ve heard about Jeremy Whitman in Glendale?”

Madeline could not deny it. She nodded lightly. “I’ve heard about him. He’s the young master from the top wealthiest family in Glendale. However, I’m not sure about the rest.”

She answered calmly. Then, she asked while taking advantage of the situation for her benefit, “Are you asking about Jeremy? Do you want to do business with him? What do you do? Where is this place?”

After Madeline asked these questions, she realized she might have gotten a little too anxious.

When she saw the man examining her with his deep eyes, she shifted her gaze calmly.

“I’m just curious.”

“Everyone is inquisitive. It’s not strange,” the man said flatly, “Since you want to go home so badly, I’ll send you on the way.”


Send her on the way.

This sounded a little strange, but Madeline did not think that this man would do anything to her.

He saved her and even got a doctor to treat her. It could be seen that he was a pretty kind-hearted person.

However, who was he? Madeline had no idea. She did not even know what this man’s full name was.

After breakfast, the man ordered the maids to make the preparations before heading to Glendale.

The maid considerately gave Madeline a mask and a scarf so that she could cover the sinister-looking and ugly wounds on her face.

After Madeline thanked her, she found the man to ask for Ryan’s urn.

He was gone, so it did not matter what happened between them in the past anymore as they were all gone with the wind. The last thing she could do for him was to take him back to his home.

To be frank, Ryan was not that horrible. At least the smile and warmth he gave to her at the beginning were all from the heart.

They went back on a yacht and Madeline could not help but recall what happened that day. Finally, they reached Glendale amidst her anxiety.

When Madeline stepped foot inside Glendale, she started feeling more at ease.

“Are you planning to go home now?” the man walked up to Madeline and asked.

Madeline wanted to nod, but she hesitated.

“I want to send my friend home first.” Madeline lifted Ryan’s urn, then turned around while seemingly in a predicament. “Can you lend me 100 dollars?”

The man paused before asking his entourage to give Madeline a generous wad of cash.

Madeline took one of the 100 dollar bills. “Thanks,” she said before turning around to hail a cab from the side of the road.

In order to prevent people from seeing her horrifying face, she put on a mask and wrapped a scarf around herself so that her face was completely covered.

She hailed a cab and quietly sat in the backseat. As she held Ryan’s urn in her arms, her heart started to feel heavy.

Then, the car stopped at the red light and Madeline lifted her head to look out the window. However, after looking, there was debilitating pain in her heart that was already hurting.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1463
She was always imagining the scene of her reunion with Jeremy. However, she did not expect to see the man she loved and the woman impersonating her in such a situation. They had just picked the children up from school and were wandering in the busy streets happily.

Madeline felt as if her heart had been slashed open and the cold autumn wind was penetrating through it.

When she saw Jeremy and that woman holding Jackson and Lillian’s hands to cross the road, Madeline suddenly lifted her hand and rolled down the window.


She could not help but call out his name. However, the voice that came out of her lips sounded as hoarse as the voice of a heavy smoker. At that moment, she was completely stunned.

Even so, it was as if Jeremy had sensed something or heard something. He looked in Madeline’s direction, but at that instant, Madeline shifted her gaze in a panic and quickly rolled up the window.

They were separated by the window but Madeline could feel her face heating up as if a fire was burning her face.

She could vaguely feel the gaze that she was familiar with. However, she did not dare to turn around.

The light turned green at this moment and Madeline saw Jeremy’s tall figure passing by from the corner of her eyes.

At that moment, she felt as if her body had been stabbed by something sharp. Her eyes had turned red, but she was forcing herself not to cry.

That man was right. Getting sad was the most useless thing in the world. She would only see hope and light if she faced it bravely.

Madeline arrived at the front door of Jones Manor in the cab.

After she got out of the car, she saw that the doors were tightly shut.

The wind from the late autumn kept attacking her. The wind felt as if it was seeping into her skin and the coldness was inching into her heart.

She held the urn and walked to the door before pressing the doorbell.

After a while, a maid came to open the door.

“Who are you?” The maid curiously looked at Madeline up and down. The maid thought that Madeline was someone who was terrified of the cold because she was wearing a mask with a scarf. Plus, the only thing she could see was her eyes. If she was not, then she had no reason to wrap her face up so tightly.

“Are Mr. and Mrs. Jones home?” Madeline asked.

When the maid heard Madeline’s dry and hoarse voice, the look in her eyes changed. Perhaps she did not expect a woman with such beautiful eyes to have a voice that was so unpleasant to hear.

“They’re not home. Who are you? What do you want?” The maid started to get impatient.

Madeline did not waste any time. She handed over the urn in her hand. There was also a card that she had written before she came to Glendale.

“Please hand this to Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Please tell them to restrain their grief and accept fate.”

“What? Restrain their grief?” The maid looked at Madeline with a weird look on her face.

Madeline did not say anything more. She placed the urn carefully on the shelf near the door before turning around.

However, the moment she turned around, she saw Mr. and Mrs. Jones coming back in their car from outside. When their eyes met, Madeline pondered for a few seconds before leaving.

What she wanted to say was all on the card.

After Mr. and Mrs. Jones got out of the car, they looked in the direction where Madeline had hurriedly left. “Who’s that woman? Why is she coming out of our house?”

“She looks familiar, but I can’t remember for now.”

Mr. Jones was puzzled as well. His eyebrows were tightly furrowed.

“I wonder what happened to Rye. He hasn’t been back in so many days. If someone exposes him, I’m worried that he’ll get into trouble again. It was so hard for me to pull the strings to change Rye’s sentence. I hope nothing will happen again.”

“It won’t. There won’t be any problems. Rye is someone who knows to do things within the norms.”

“His norms completely changed after he met Eveline.” Mr. Jones sighed helplessly. When he walked into the door and the courtyard, he saw the maid standing in a daze next to the shrubs. “What are you looking at?”

“There was a woman just now. She left this urn and card before leaving.” The maid pointed at the urn and handed the card over hurriedly.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones looked at the urn nearby and opened the card curiously.

When they saw the contents of the card, Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ visions turned black almost immediately. They felt as if they had plunged into the bottomless sea where coldness started penetrating their bones and blood.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1464
The words on the card were simple and explained two situations to them.

[Ryan’s dead.

[His ashes are in the urn.]

“No, how is this possible? How is Rye dead just like this? How can this be Rye’s ashes?”

Mrs. Jones’ face was as white as paper while her eyes were filled with terror. “No! Who brought this here? Why are they pranking us like this?”

She questioned the maid emotionally. The maid was also taken aback.

‘Young Master is dead?

‘And his ashes are in the urn?’

Mr. Jones took the card and froze where he was, absent-minded and astonished.

He did not want to believe this. However, it had been such a long time since they could contact Ryan, so he needed to accept the possibility that Ryan might truly be dead.

After Madeline left Jones Manor, she walked alone for a very long distance.

She was extremely distracted. She had no idea when the sky turned dark and she also had no idea when it started to drizzle.

Madeline continued walking forward like this. From time to time, she would grab her scarf as she was worried that the scarf and mask would fall.

Perhaps everyone would be scared by her current face. She did not dare to stand in front of her children. Her children were still young and they would not be able to handle seeing her hideous face now.

What she saw by the road just now was occupying her brain right now.

Jeremy and that imposter had strolled down the street with the children.

She felt as if a sharp knife had penetrated through her heart. She turned the ring on her ring finger lightly as her heart plunged into a bottomless abyss.

‘Jeremy, have you always been with that woman during this period?

‘Do you hold her to sleep every night?’

Madeline could not help but let her imagination run wild. She wandered aimlessly across the crosswalk when suddenly, she saw a lot of people gathering in front of her.

She wanted to experience the lively atmosphere to dispel the haze and darkness in her heart, but unexpectedly, what she saw in front of her hurt her eyes and heart.

She saw Jeremy holding a bunch of fiery red roses and handing them to the woman who was impersonating her. That woman shyly accepted it. She indeed looked like her in every frown and every smile.

She looked like her indeed.

She looked almost the same as her.

“Isn’t that Glendale’s young master, Mr. Whitman?”

“Yeah, it’s him. I heard that he hated the woman the old master forced him to marry back then. Now, I guess it’s just a rumor.”

“It seems that today is their anniversary. Mr. Whitman even prepared a surprise for his wife.”

“Tsk, I guess the saying is correct. You can tell whether a man loves a woman from his eyes. Look at the way Mr. Whitman looks at Eveline. You’ll only get that twinkle if you truly love someone.”

Madeline could hear all kinds of envious and lamenting words next to her ears, and all of them were like sharp knives to her heart when they glided into her ears.

Madeline looked at the man who was not far away. There was indeed a twinkle in his eyes and that was the true expression of real love.

Her body went cold. She felt the drizzle getting heavier, but she stayed until the crowd had dispersed. Now, she was the only person watching.

In the rain at night, she saw Jeremy holding the umbrella for that woman. They were walking in her direction side by side.

Madeline stood motionlessly in the rain as she watched Jeremy walking toward her step by step. Then, Jeremy quickly noticed Madeline who was standing motionlessly in the rain.

He lifted his charming and narrow eyes as his intense gaze landed on Madeline’s body uncontrollably.

The moment their eyes met, Jeremy abruptly stopped in his tracks.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1465
The woman walking next to Jeremy stopped walking as well. Her face was filled with a grin that she could not hide. She then asked in a sweet voice, “Jeremy, what’s wrong? What are you looking at?”

Madeline could not believe this. This woman’s voice was almost the same as hers back then too. However, she never had that tone that was full of pretense.

Jeremy ignored the woman next to him at this moment. He was staring at Madeline absent-mindedly.

For some reason, Jeremy felt as if his heartbeat and breathing were under the control of the pair of eyes that were not far away from him.

‘Could there be another woman with the same eyes as Linnie in this world?’

Jeremy had this question in his heart. He could not help but take a step forward and walk toward Madeline who was quietly standing alone in the rain.

Immediately, the happy woman who was holding the roses had an annoyed expression on her face when she saw Jeremy suddenly walking to a woman who had her face covered while holding an umbrella.

The woman curled her lips unhappily at Jeremy’s back where he could not see before following him.

On the other hand, as Madeline watched Jeremy walking toward her, her heartbeat started to get erratic.

This was the man who she had been dreaming about this entire time. He was now walking toward her, but somehow, she had the urge to back away.

She hoped that Jeremy would recognize her, but at the same time, she was also scared that he would.

He fixed his deep eyes on her, and Madeline felt the grievances that were hidden in her heart about to pour down in torrents.

This was the man she wanted to depend on the most in her lifetime. She wanted to remove her tough armor in front of him and only wanted to be protected and loved by him.

Madeline could not control her emotions anymore. She looked expectantly at Jeremy. Before she could stop herself, she parted her lips.


“Jeremy, who’s this? Do you know her?”

After Madeline uttered the first syllable, the imposter interrupted her.

The woman walked up to Jeremy and her gaze landed on Madeline’s face.

When the woman saw Madeline with a mask and a scarf as well as the small scar on her forehead, she shifted her gaze coldly. “Jeremy, let’s go home now. The children are waiting for us.”

When she heard this, Madeline’s eyebrows furrowed.

She stared straight at Jeremy as her eyes bled with the desire to say something, but she still swallowed the words down in the end.

On the other hand, Jeremy did not know why but he handed his umbrella over to her with no explanation as he looked at those eyes that appeared as if they could talk.

“For you.” He parted his lips slightly, his tone so gentle.

The woman looked at Jeremy strangely. “Jeremy, is this your friend?”

Jeremy did not say anything. He merely stared at Madeline and noticed that she was also spacing out while staring at him. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Madeline’s right hand to stuff the umbrella into her hand.

“Don’t stay in the rain even if you’re in a bad mood. You’ll get sick,” he advised kind-heartedly.

Madeline’s heart was trembling furiously. The moment Jeremy held her hand, her tears almost escaped her eyes disobediently.

Jeremy was at a loss about what to do as he did not expect Madeline to cry. Plus, he also did not know why his heart would feel the pain of being burnt by her tears.

“Jeremy, let’s go. The rain is getting heavier.” The woman urged again. When she saw Madeline crying, she was even more curious. “Jeremy, does this woman know you? Why is she crying?”

Jeremy finally let go of Madeline’s hand and shook his head. Then, he parted his lips and said to the woman, “Let’s go home.”

Madeline lowered her head dully after she heard that. “Thank you.”

She said softly, but after she said that, her voice made Jeremy and the woman look at her again at the same time.

Madeline felt their gazes on her and smiled. She hid the wedding ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Then, she held the umbrella Jeremy gave her with her right hand and walked forward.

Jeremy turned around and looked at Madeline’s thin back that was getting farther and farther away. He unconsciously spaced out in the rain for a long while.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1466
“Jeremy, Jeremy?” The woman was confused at Jeremy’s reaction.

Even Jeremy himself did not understand why those eyes were able to make him feel so disconcerted. Plus, the view of that woman’s back caused him to feel a sharp pain in his heart for some reason.

This was so strange.

However, he did not have time to look into this before he was urged away by the woman by his side.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Madeline held the umbrella, and after she walked for a while, she slowly stopped walking.

She did not know when the sky turned black. When Jeremy walked past her earlier, she felt as if her vision had turned black.

Her heart was in immense pain, but right now, the wounds on her face started to burn painfully.

Madeline placed the umbrella down while feeling unwell. However, the moment she removed her scarf and mask, a passerby suddenly exclaimed, “Damn, what a scary face!”

The passerby’s unintentional words sounded so piercing as they penetrated Madeline’s eardrums.

She silently stood where she was and watched as the passerby ran away hurriedly after being shocked by her face. Madeline started to adapt and get used to being looked at in a weird light.

Of course, she did not care about the passerby’s gaze. The only person she cared about was the man named Jeremy Whitman.

However, he…

Madeline lowered her gaze in desolation and allowed the dense raindrops to crash onto her body.

In the silence, she heard footsteps getting nearer to her. Then, an umbrella appeared above her head.

“Do you not want to recover?” The man’s cold and clear voice sounded flat. “Have you ever considered that you might affect your recovering face if you stand in the rain like this?”

Madeline clenched her fists and put away her negative emotions. After she put on her mask, she turned around.

Under the streetlight, she saw the man holding the umbrella with his icy poker face looking extremely frigid.

“Why are you here?” Madeline was curious.

However, the man did not answer her. “Come with me.”

After he said that, he turned around. When he saw that Madeline was not moving, he shifted the umbrella slightly toward her.

“You’ve been wandering aimlessly for the entire afternoon. You’re homeless.”



Immediately, Madeline felt a coldness in her heart.

Glendale was her hometown. Her maternal home and in-laws were all here but now, she really had nowhere to go…

Madeline followed the man back to a modern-looking European manor.

The man asked the doctor over to treat Madeline’s face. Madeline lay on the bed like a lifeless doll as she allowed people to do anything they wanted to her.

After a while, Madeline finally felt the burning dryness and itchiness on her face slowly disappearing.

She picked up the mirror to look at her face. She could not bear to look at the area under her eyes.

Madeline placed the mirror down. When she was about to sit up, she saw the mysterious and graceful man walking in.

The man’s hands were in his pockets and there were no emotions on his icy face.

He walked over to Madeline, and his eyes that were glinting ominously were staring piercingly into Madeline’s eyes.

“It seems that you’re hiding something important, am I right?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1467
After Madeline was asked this question, she started to feel unsure.

She did not know if the man had seen through something or perhaps found out something. In short, the way he was looking at her right now was pretty sharp.

Madeline lifted her confused and innocent eyes. Then, she asked in puzzlement, “Can you explain to me? I’m not sure what you mean?”

A hidden smile flashed vaguely across the man’s icy face. “Jeremy Whitman has always been a frigid man who’s not amenable to reason with everyone in Glendale. However, he gave his umbrella to you and willingly stood in the rain with the woman he loves most.”

He said before pausing. His gaze became deeper as he looked at Madeline. “Why is he so considerate toward you?”

Madeline was puzzled by this question as well.

He was right. Jeremy was indeed someone like that, but he was not completely cold-blooded. Sometimes, he would also help people in need. However, what happened just now would indeed confuse some people.

“I don’t know why he did that. Maybe he thought I looked pitiful.” Madeline found a reason but she herself had no idea what the true reason was.

“Pitiful?” The man watched the changes in Madeline’s expression like he was examining her. “I guess the young master of Glendale is not as cold and cruel as the rumors say.”

The man said lazily. However, one could hear the deeper meaning in his words. Plus, his eyes were filled with questions as well. It was clear that he did not accept the excuse Madeline came up with.

Then, Madeline heard the man saying.

“A woman who didn’t cry when she realized that she was disfigured was moved to tears on the streets after Jeremy gave her an umbrella. Don’t you think your behavior is a little conflicting?”


Madeline felt that she could not continue hiding anymore.

She truly had no idea that this man had been tracking her every move since the afternoon.

He even knew of her crying after Jeremy handed her the umbrella.

“Not only that, when you saw Jeremy, you reacted strangely as well. I think you have an extraordinary relationship with him.”

The man came to such a conclusion in the end.

Madeline looked at his wise black eyes and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yeah, you’re right. I have an extraordinary relationship with him.”

The man’s gaze changed when he saw Madeline admitting to this.

“What’s your relationship with him? Why is he so concerned about you? Also, why were you moved to tears because of what he did?”

Madeline got up slowly after she heard that. She curled the corners of her lips into a sarcastic smirk. “Do you think I was moved to tears because he was concerned about me?”

The man lifted his handsome eyebrows in confusion. “Hmm?”

“He wasn’t concerned about me. He just wanted to make up for his mistakes in the past. I wasn’t moved, I just hate him.”

When the man heard that, his clear head suddenly became muddled.

“He’s making it up to you and you hate him?”


Madeline gave a definite answer without thinking and then looked into the man’s suspecting eyes before starting to seriously spew nonsense.

“Back then, I used to like him very much. I didn’t hesitate to throw away my dignity and self-respect to chase after this man. He said he liked me too, but in the end, he played with my feelings and abandoned me to marry another woman. He hurt me all over and now, I still can’t get over the trauma he has caused me. That’s why I despise him.”

After she said that, Madeline gritted her teeth seriously to show her hatred.

However, she did not think that she was completely lying when she said that. Jeremy had indeed let her down when she was passionately chasing after him back then.

However, the fact was that Jeremy married her in the end. The person he loved was her.

“You’re saying that Jeremy toyed with your feelings? And somehow, the woman he married is also coincidentally named Eveline Montgomery?”

Madeline nodded and tried her best to show her hatred toward Jeremy as well as her reluctance to let him go.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1468
She also noticed that the man was not looking at her with as much suspicion and inquiries anymore. On the other hand, he seemed to understand the entire situation now. “So is this why you only praised Jeremy and said Eveline is so-so when you saw their photos last time?”

“Yes,” Madeline replied cooperatively. Then, she praised, “You’re so smart, Mr. Carter. You’ve seen through everything.”

The man gave her a fake smile when he heard that. Then, he looked at Madeline with a sneer on the corners of his lips. Madeline felt a little guilty when looking at him.

“The number one socialite in Glendale, Eveline Montgomery, is only so-so to you. I guess you really despise Jeremy. At the same time, you must also despise that Eveline Montgomery who has the same name as you, right?”

“…” Madeline hesitated for a few seconds. Then, she answered with a deeper meaning, “That’s right, I hate the woman next to Jeremy even more. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have become like this.”

‘That’s right. Things only became like this after her appearance.’

Madeline despised the imposter who was impersonating her. How could she not hate the fake that was staying next to Jeremy?

After the man scanned Madeline’s face, he said, “I’ll ask someone to send your dinner here. Rest after you finish eating.”

“Thank you, Mr. Carter.” Madeline thanked him quickly.

The man looked into Madeline’s eyes before nodding. Then, he turned around to leave.

After she saw the door closing, Madeline let out a sigh of relief.

‘He believes me, right?’

The reason she made up sounded pretty convincing.

However, why was this man investigating Jeremy?

Madeline could not wrap her head around this. Then, she recalled what happened on the streets not long ago.

‘Jeremy, why did you give me the umbrella?

‘Is it because I gave you a special feeling?’

As Madeline pondered, her heart stopped feeling so unwell.

The next day after she woke up, Madeline heard someone throwing a tantrum when she was about to go downstairs.

She put on her mask while she was at it and walked downstairs. As she made her way down, she heard the angry screams of a woman.

“Where’s Carty? Are you all idiots? You can’t answer any question I ask! Do you believe that I’ll fire all of you?”


Madeline subconsciously knew that this woman was talking about Mr. Carter.

She walked downstairs and looked at the source of the voice. At the same time, the woman turned her head over as well.

The woman looked young. Even though she was throwing a tantrum, it did not affect her outstanding beauty. She was wearing a gothic lolita outfit and had curves in all the right places. She would stand out among other women in terms of her face and temperament.

However, even though she was dressed so prettily and nobly, she was shrieking and roaring. It truly did not match her appearance.

When she saw Madeline, she turned around to question her, “Who are you? Why have I never seen you among Carty’s maids? How dare you wear a mask when you see the matriarch of this house? Do you have any decorum?”


‘So, is this woman the man’s wife?’

Madeline pondered. When she was about to greet her politely, the maid next to her introduced, “This is the woman Mr. Carter saved at sea back then.”

When the woman heard that, her expression changed as her eyes looked aggressive. “It’s you! So the reason Carty ignored me back then is because of you?”

“…” Madeline did not know what was going on. Then, she saw the woman stomping over to her. After that, she reached out her hand to try to remove Madeline’s mask.

“I want to see what you look like. I want to know why Carty is ignoring me!”

Madeline did not expect her to react so violently. When she was about to dodge from her, a hand landed on her shoulder and held her suddenly.

“What are you doing?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1469
She heard the man’s cold and displeased voice in her ears. The hand the woman was reaching over to grab her mask was also halted.

Madeline lifted her head and saw the side profile with amazing features.

She quickly got out of the man’s arms and walked to one side.

The man looked at Madeline. Then, his cold gaze landed on the unruly and headstrong woman.

“Who allowed you to come here? And who gave you the courage to mess with her?” he asked in dissatisfaction.

The woman bit her plump red lips. Her beautiful face was filled with grievances. “Carter Gray, how dare you speak to me this way for that woman?!”

‘Carter Gray.

‘So this man’s name is Carter Gray.’

Finally, Madeline knew.

However, she was confused about the relationship between this woman and the man.

They did not look like husband and wife. However, this woman did say she was the matriarch of this house.

“Who do you think you’re talking to right now?”

When Madeline was contemplating, she heard the man asking the woman in an extremely icy tone.

His tone sounded cold and flat, but the hidden temperament of his voice was suffocating.

Madeline saw the woman’s arrogance slowly dying down. Her tone even started to soften almost in an instant. Plus, her expression also turned from a ferocious tigress to a cute little lamb.

“Carty, I didn’t mean to be this fierce. However, you didn’t contact me for so many days and you’re even keeping this woman with you. As your fiancée, of course, I’ll mind and get jealous.”

She was his fiancée.

Madeline immediately understood. However, she just felt that this woman was extremely passionate about Carter, but she could see that this man did not have any special feelings for this woman. He even looked a little annoyed at her.

Madeline heard the man scoffing in the next minute.

“Are you seriously so innocent to think that you’re the future matriarch of the Grays just because that old man said he wants to play matchmaker for us?”

After the woman heard that, the smile on her beautiful face started fading. “Carty, what do you mean? I really like you. Also, Aunty said—”

“I’ll never marry you,” Carter answered straightforwardly, not giving her any chances.

The woman frowned while looking depressed. Then, she bit her red lip as her face became filled with reluctance. “Why? I’m so gorgeous and have such a hot body. Plus, I like you so much too! Why won’t you marry me?”


Madeline felt a little helpless when she heard this question.

If she was able to make someone she liked reciprocate her feelings for him based on all of that, then this relationship would be too shallow.

However, Madeline could tell that Carter did not want to quibble with the woman anymore. Plus, he was also tired of explaining. As such, he lowered his head to look at Madeline.

“Come upstairs with me.”

“Oh,” Madeline responded to him and then followed the man as he turned around.

“Carter, are you abandoning me because of that woman?”

The woman questioned in dissatisfaction. She ran furiously in front of Madeline and stared at Madeline’s bright, beautiful eyes.

“I want to see how beautiful she is and how she’s able to defeat me to win the heart of the viscount of the noble Louis family!”

Madeline did not have time to digest Carter’s identity that was exposed by the woman before she saw her hand reaching over to try to remove her mask.

However, the moment she lifted her hand, Carter grabbed it tightly once again.


He pushed the woman’s hand away in displeasure, causing the woman to stumble backward.

“Carter, how dare you push me for another woman?!”

However, Carter completely ignored the woman’s feelings. A piercing cold glint appeared from the bottom of his eyes as he reminded her coldly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1470
“I’m warning you, don’t touch my person.”


His person?

When did she become his person?

Madeline knew clearly in her heart that this man was only using her to get rid of the woman.

However, he did not give her any chance to explain before he grabbed her wrist suddenly and walked upstairs.

“Carter! Carter!” The woman yelled angrily behind them in dissatisfaction, but the man did not have the desire to stop at all.

As they were going upstairs, Madeline tried to remove herself from the man’s grip several times. However, he only grabbed her even tighter.

“She can’t see us anymore, so can you let go now, Mr. Carter?” Madeline asked in displeasure.

Carter stopped walking and turned back to look at Madeline. When he saw the resistance and dissatisfaction in Madeline’s eyes, he let go immediately.

“Come in.” He walked into the study first.

Madeline followed after him. She remembered his identity that the woman had just exposed and asked after pondering for a few seconds. “Your name is Carter Grey?”

The man paused for a while before nodding lightly. “I trust that you haven’t forgotten about the fact that I saved your life?”

He asked suddenly, and Madeline could vaguely feel that that man might be trying to request something from her. She nodded nonchalantly. “Of course, I won’t forget. You saved my life.”

“Good,” the man said and looked into Madeline’s eyes. “So, from now on, you’re my fiancée.”


Madeline had already predicted this, but she did not expect it to be true.

Of course, she did not want to play a role like this. “Mr. Carter, no one will believe that a noble young master like you will be attracted to a woman who has been disfigured to this extent.”

After she said that, the look on Carter’s eyes when he looked at Madeline changed subtly. Of course, he did not forget how someone had just exposed his identity downstairs just now.

Even though Madeline might not know what kind of family was the Louis family, she could at least analyze it a little.

“You don’t need to worry about whether people will believe us or not. You just have to cooperate with me.” Carter was determined, and he did not want to give Madeline any chance of rejecting him.

She was left with no options. The only thing she was wishing for right now was to not run into the woman again. If not, she would be annoyed to death.

Madeline found a reason to get out of the house. Then, unbeknownst to her, she arrived downstairs at Whitman Corporation.

She never knew that the wind on an autumn afternoon could be so cold.

She initially wanted to wait here to see if she could run into Jeremy. However, to her surprise, she spotted an ad for a job vacancy.

Whitman Manor wanted to hire a maid.

Madeline had the idea to go for the interview. When she arrived at the gates of Whitman Manor, she saw that there were a lot of people here for the interview as well. Plus, there were also a lot of beautiful young girls in line.

Through their conversation, Madeline knew that the Whitmans were looking for someone to take care of Eloise.


Madeline’s heart started to ache.

It had been so long and Eloise still had not recovered.

“Mr. and Mrs. Whitman are back!”

“What a match made in heaven.”

“If I can become the maid for the Whitmans, it’ll be such a blessing because I can see Mr. Whitman every day!”

Madeline finally understood why so many young girls were here for the interview. Soon after, she saw Jeremy and the woman impersonating her walking out together from the front door.

While looking at the man who was walking toward her, Madeline could feel her heart beating erratically again.

When she was wondering how she could ace the interview, she suddenly noticed Jeremy walking straight to her.

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