Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1421-1430

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1421
Jeremy had not expected Linnie to walk over as well and he secretly glanced at the situation through the peephole from the corner of his eye before replying plainly, “I’m not. I was just about to open the door.”

He smiled softly before opening the door.

When the door was opened, Madeline was met with an alluring young lady standing right outside their room.

The lights may have been dim last night, but Madeline would remember such ethereal features.

Shirley watched Madeline give herself a good look and was reminded of how Madeline found out about her late-night talk with Jeremy. She smiled unconcernedly and was about to speak when Madeline suddenly walked up to her with a friendly smile.

“Hello. I’m Eveline, Jeremy’s wife. Jeremy already told me about how you helped him when he wasn’t doing well during that half a year. Thank you for letting my husband come back to me.”

“…” A confused look flashed through Shirley’s eyes.

She suspected if Madeline was mocking her, but the other’s smile was sincere.

“What’s your name?”

“Shirley,” the woman spoke as she gave a generous smile. “You’re too kind, Mrs. Whitman. I’m just a doctor. It’s my duty to help the injured. I’m glad as well to see that my patient’s situation is taking a turn for the better.”

She looked at Jeremy who remained silent as she spoke. “I’m glad I got to meet you here, Jeremy. I just came to say goodbye before I got ready to leave. Perhaps our paths will cross again in Glendale.”

A cold glint flashed through Jeremy’s eyes at her suggestion.

“Are you from Glendale as well, Miss Shirley?” Madeline was surprised.

Shirley nodded. “I am. My parents passed long ago, but I still have family there.”

She then chuckled bitterly and disappointedly. “I don’t have many friends outside of work, Mrs. Whitman. I’m wondering if you’d like to be my friend?”

Jeremy wanted to decline her offer, but he heard Madeline agree.

“Of course. I’d love to be your friend. You’ve helped Jeremy so much.”

“That’s great, then.” The woman’s expression was filled with glee. “If you’ll excuse me, Mrs. Whitman, Jeremy, I won’t bother you two anymore then. I wish you a nice vacation here.”

“Thank you. Goodbye.” Madeline bade and waved the woman farewell.

“Bye,” Jeremy spoke sharply and turned to take Madeline’s hand to close the door without even waiting for the woman to turn around.

Hearing the door close, the woman paused her footsteps and turned to glance back.

She could not help but doubt Madeline’s reaction. ‘Didn’t she see everything last night? So why is she acting like she doesn’t know anything?’

Despite being baffled, she did not think deeper into it. For the rejection she had caught in Jeremy’s eyes was enough of a reward.

In the suite.

Madeline began to pack their luggage after breakfast for today was their last day here.

She turned around to see the man dazed. Madeline was both curious and concerned. “What are you thinking about, Jeremy? Are you feeling unwell?”

Jeremy quickly snapped out of his thoughts and smiled as he walked toward Madeline. “I’m alright. I was just thinking about how I can conclude the rest of our trip more happily and perfectly.”

“As long as it’s with you, I’m happy with wherever and whatever.” Madeline gave the man a crescent-eyed smile as she took his hand. “Let’s go. To where we planned today.”

“I’m so glad I have you, Linnie.” Jeremy’s eyes were gentle, and he could not help but hug Madeline and kiss her. Holding hands, they left the room and took the elevator down.

Passing through the lobby, the receptionist called Madeline and Jeremy back.

“Are you Mr. and Mrs. Whitman from room 1818?”

Madeline and Jeremy stopped walking and looked over as a server approached Madeline with a prettily wrapped box.

“A woman told us to hand this gift to you, Mrs. Whitman.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1422
“For me?” Madeline took the gift confusedly and realized that there was a note on it.

On the note wrote: [I was in a rush and didn’t have time to find you a better meeting gift. I hope you’ll like this.] It was signed by Shirley.

Was this a meeting gift from Shirley?

Madeline was surprised. “Do you have Shirley’s contact information, Jeremy? I’d like to thank her.”

“No,” Jeremy replied curtly, “Let’s go, Linnie. We can leave this at the front desk.”

“Wouldn’t it be impolite to just do that when someone has given me a gift?” Madeline gave it some thought and finally decided to bring it back to the room.

Jeremy did not say much and returned to the room with Madeline.

On the way back, Madeline opened the box to find an aromatherapy kit inside.

The bottle’s shape was unusual as it was in the shape of a snake.

Madeline herself was sensitive to scents and coupled with her profession as a perfumer, she gave it an intrigued sniff.

However, except for a few usual aromatizers, she noticed a few scents that she had never smelled before.

“Let’s put it down and go, Linnie, lest we mess up our itinerary for the day.” Jeremy sounded like he was reminding Madeline of the time when in truth, he hated the gift.

Shirley’s words last night still echoed in his ears, but he could not tell Madeline that.

Madeline did not delay anymore and placed the aromatherapy kit on the cupboard by the entrance before she left with Jeremy again.

Today’s itinerary was simple and would be over in the afternoon, so Madeline decided that she would buy souvenirs today.

She video called Jackson so that the boy could choose what he wanted for himself.

Jeremy followed next to Madeline. Seeing Lillian quietly smiling through the camera, guilt weighed heavier in his heart.

‘It’s all Daddy’s fault, Lillian.

‘Daddy was too stupid then.’

Jeremy apologized internally, planning to spend time with the child when he returned so that she could break through her psychological obstacles and revert to the bright child she used to be.

“Lily wants this, Jeremy. Quick, go get it.”

Jeremy snapped back to reality when he heard Madeline calling him and took the small clay dinosaur on the highest shelf.

He smiled warmly at the camera. “Does Lily want this little dinosaur?”

Lillian nodded, her smile obedient and adorable.

“Be good and wait a little longer, okay? Mommy and Daddy will be back with your little dinosaur in two days.”

Lillian’s smile brightened further, shining through the gloomy clouds that had cast a shadow over Jeremy’s heart.

It was almost dusk when they returned to the hotel.

Madeline decided to take a shower before she went for dinner with Jeremy and walked into the bathroom.

Seeing that Madeline had gone to take a shower, he decided to keep the local specialties and souvenirs that they bought today away. As he packed the things, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Madeline had just taken her clothes off and readied herself for a bath when she suddenly heard a heavy bang. She looked into the room confusedly. “What happened, Jeremy? Did something fall?”

She asked, but there was no reply. “Jeremy?”

Finding it weird, Madeline wrapped the bathrobe around herself and quickly ran out.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1423
Madeline ran out of the bathroom and saw Jeremy lying on the floor next to the bed.


She frantically ran over and knelt by the man. The man’s sharp brows were knitted as if he was enduring severe agony. Madeline’s heart raced in panic.

“What happened, Jeremy? Is the poison acting up again?”

Madeline pulled Jeremy by his shoulders so that he could lean against her chest.

She wanted to carry him to the bed if she could but she was not strong enough.

“What happened? Adam himself said that the lapse between each attack would become longer and longer. Why is this happening now?”

Madeline was anxious as her tears began to fall without restraint, falling onto Jeremy’s face.

“Don’t worry, Linnie,” Jeremy spoke through the pain and reached out to caress Madeline’s cheek. “I’m already used to the pain. It won’t be for very long. I’ll be fine soon.”

He comforted her as his seductive lips were pulled into a small smile to placate her worry.

However, the more he was considerate of her emotions, the more Madeline’s heart ached.

“Adam. I’ll call Adam. He’ll know what to do!” Madeline scrambled for her phone and immediately dialed for the man.

However, the phone rang but no one answered the call.

Madeline waited nervously for Adam to pick up the phone and just as it was about to finish ringing, the call was connected.

The person who picked up was a woman.

Madeline could tell that it was the woman who looked just like Cathy.

“Miss Young, I’m looking for Adam. It’s an emergency, so could you pass the phone to him? Please! And quickly too!”

Amy heard the fright in Madeline’s tone and immediately replied, “Take a deep breath. I’ll pass the phone to Adam straight away.”

“Thank you!”

Madeline thanked her. One of her hands was holding onto the phone while the other gripped Jeremy’s shoulder so that the man could lean against her leg.

Seeing the man’s complexion turning pale from the pain, Madeline felt herself about to crack from the anxiousness.

“This is Adam. What happened?”

Adam’s voice sounded from the other end. It had not even been 20 seconds yet Madeline felt like it took forever.

“Jeremy is suddenly in pain, Adam! It’s the same symptoms as when the poison acts up. We’re not in Glendale now and it’ll take at least a few hours on the plane if we even get there. What can I do now? Is there anything I can do to lessen the pain?”

Madeline did her best to suppress her haywire emotions as she relayed the situation, but the tremble in her voice revealed her unease.

“Didn’t he just suffer a bout not too long ago? Why did it relapse again?” Adam was also curious, but now was not the time to investigate its cause. “Calm down for a bit, Eveline. There’s nothing much you can do now but feed him two pills of pain medication. If you can, I’d like you to get some ice. Get as much as you can. The ice will help subdue the pain.”

Adam then ended it with a word of comfort. “This isn’t the first time the poison is acting up and Jeremy should know of his own situation. You don’t need to be too worried. I promise you that he’ll be alright. This won’t put him in life-threatening danger.”

“Thank you!” Madeline thanked the man and looked down at Jeremy who had a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. “I’ll go look for ice, Jeremy. Just hold on for a little longer,” she said before getting up and rushing to the door.

She did not have the time to call for room service, so she went directly to the front desk and told them that she needed ice for analgesia.

The hotel staff understood and promised to send ice to their room immediately.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1424
Madeline quickly took the elevator upstairs. Just as she stepped out, she saw a familiar figure in the corridor.

“Shirley?” Madeline called out hesitantly.

The woman walking a small distance away halted her steps and turned around. “It’s me, Mrs. Whitman,” Shirley smiled and explained, “I left something in the room so I came back to take it.”

Madeline then ran toward Shirley. The woman was no different than a lifesaver to her at that moment.

“The poison in Jeremy’s body has suddenly relapsed, Shirley. You treated him once before, right? So that means you can help him again! Please, he’s in a lot of pain!”

At that, Shirley’s expression morphed into one of worry. “Where’s Jeremy now?”

“In the room!”

“Bring me there now!” Shirley quickly followed after Madeline.

Entering the room, Madeline saw that Jeremy had already managed to sit up and was leaning against the bed. She immediately ran toward him. “You’ll be alright, Jeremy. Shirley coincidentally came back to the hotel to get something. She’ll definitely be able to help you!”

Hearing that, Jeremy’s peach blossom eyes half-squinted as he saw Shirley walking toward him. He twisted his body away in disdain.

Shirley saw Jeremy’s distaste but pretended not to. With an expression of concern, she squatted by Jeremy’s side and took the opportunity to put an arm on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Jeremy. I’ll stop the suffering.”

“No thanks, I’ll be fine soon. I wouldn’t want to trouble you.” Jeremy declined politely. He would rather suffer than come in contact with this woman with ulterior motives.

He wanted to make Madeline understand, but he knew it was difficult to explain it to her now.

“My luggage is still downstairs in the lobby, Mrs. Whitman. The medication and the reagents that I need should be in my luggage. Could I bother you to help me bring them up?” Shirley requested.

Madeline immediately agreed. “I’ll go get them right now!”

She glanced at Jeremy again and immediately ran out without wasting another second.

“Linnie…” Jeremy wanted to call Madeline back but he did not have the strength.

Shirley curled her lips into a smile as she watched Jeremy suffer while enduring the pain. “With your intellect, you should already have guessed it, Jeremy. The perfume I got for your wife isn’t just any normal perfume.”

Jeremy raised his charming eyes that were still filled with killing intent. “What do you want, Shirley?”

“You should know what I want.” Shirley smiled intriguingly before she bent over to lean in front of him. “Relax, how could I possibly let anything happen to you?”

Shirley smiled as she touched Jeremy’s face amorously.

Jeremy avoided her hands in infuriation. “What’s your goal, Shirley?”

Shirley took her hand back and smiled. “Stop guessing what my goal is. Shouldn’t you worry more about your wife instead? She’s really worried about you. I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to worry so much, right?”

Jeremy’s brows knitted even tighter at the words.

He could not bear to see Madeline frantic and terrified.

“You have no choice, Jeremy. You can only listen to me.” Shirley quirked her lips proudly as she took out a syringe from her purse that she had prepared earlier. Then, she looked up and glanced at the bathroom…

Madeline went to the lobby and brought Shirley’s luggage up.

However, when she returned to the room, neither Shirley nor Jeremy were where she left them.

She was confused when she suddenly saw a hotel staff walking over from the bathroom. Madeline was about to ask him when she heard strange sounds coming from the bathroom…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1425
Madeline was stunned for a moment as she glanced at the bathroom where the glass door was tightly shut.

“It’ll be over soon, Jeremy. Just hold on a little longer.

“You can unleash the pain just like you used to before.

“I’m your doctor but I’m also your friend. I can help you, ah…”

Madeline heard Shirley’s voice sound non-stop from the bathroom until her last amorous whisper. Then, the bathroom turned silent.

The staff glanced at the bathroom weirdly before turning to Madeline to speak.

“I’ve already brought all the ice to the bathroom, Mrs. Whitman. I’ll be leaving then if there isn’t anything else you need.”

Madeline snapped back to reality. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The staff gave a small smile and left.

Madeline dragged Shirley’s luggage over to the bathroom and reached out to open the door only to realize that the glass door was locked from the inside.

“I brought your luggage over, Shirley. How’s Jeremy doing?” Madeline asked while facing the bathroom door but received no reply.

“Shirley? Shirley? Jeremy! Jeremy!” Madeline was growing frantic. She could not bear radio silence at such a time.

Knock, knock, knock. Madeline raised her hand to knock on the glass door repetitively, her knuckles starting to grow red before she knew it.

“Jeremy!” Madeline was getting distraught and could no longer keep calm.

She was about to knock down the bathroom door when it finally opened.

Shirley was drenched and her clothes looked disheveled when she appeared in Madeline’s line of sight.

Madeline was taken aback, but her heart was more interested in how Jeremy was doing. “Where’s Jeremy, Shirley? How is he?”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Whitman. I won’t let anything happen to Jeremy.” Shirley smiled softly. “I need to get something from my luggage. You can go in and take a look at him. I’m sure he’ll feel much better with you by his side.”

Madeline immediately strolled into the bathroom. Walking in, she saw Jeremy’s sharp brows furrowed and his eyes closed as he soaked in the large round bathtub. The shower above his head continued to spray water onto him as dense water droplets fell over his entire body.

Madeline had no idea when Jeremy took his top off, but the setting sun was splashed over his naked upper half from the floor-to-ceiling windows. His flawless skin was glowing white.

Madeline was not in the mindset to focus on such detail now. She quickly ran toward Jeremy. “How are you feeling, Jeremy?”

She reached out to cup the man’s fair cheek only to be shocked by how cold it was upon contact.


Madeline leaned over to place her cheek against his, trying to warm him up.

However, Jeremy’s entire body was cold as if he was some sort of cold-blooded animal. There was not an ounce of warmth in the man’s skin.

The thought that Jeremy had gone through such a situation so many times without her knowing brought heat to Madeline’s eyes.

Adam said that he was not the person who invented the slow-acting poison. Rather, he was tasked to invent its antidote.

Lana was the one who gave Jeremy the poison back then and Adam indeed had connections with her. However, now that she looked back on things, perhaps that was never the case at all.

Madeline grew more confused the more she tried to think about it. She came up with no leads regarding the poison.

All she wanted now was for Jeremy to get better so that the same situation would not happen again.


Madeline leaned against the man helplessly as her heart ached for him. Just then, she felt a familiar palm gently touching the side of her face.

Her misty eyes shot open and were met with Jeremy’s gentle peach blossom eyes.


“I’m sorry I made you worry, Linnie. I’m alright.”

His deep baritone voice drifted into her ears, but the man’s tone sounded especially weak.

“Are you really alright?” Madeline was still worried. “Why is your body temperature so low? It didn’t use to be like this.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1426
She touched his arm with eyes full of worry as the man’s body temperature had not increased at all.

“His body temperature is low because he’s soaking in ice.” Shirley’s voice sounded from behind.

Madeline turned her head and saw Shirley slowly walking over with a syringe in her hand.

“Could you wait outside, Mrs. Whitman? I don’t really like having someone watching over my shoulder when I’m treating my patients.”

Madeline understood and got up, only to have Jeremy hold her hand.

“Don’t go, Linnie.”

“Be good, Jeremy. Let Shirley give you that injection and you’ll be alright, okay?” Madeline hushed Jeremy as if he was a child before she let go of her hand.

“Thank you, Shirley.”

“You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to help those in need.” Shirley gave a small smile.

Madeline did not think too much of it and went out.

She gave Jeremy one last glance before she closed the door. She saw that the man’s half-squinted peach blossom eyes were tinted red.

He was looking at her delicately.

Madeline suddenly had the urge to return to Jeremy’s side, but Shirley suddenly turned to look at her as if checking if Madeline had left the bathroom or not.

It was then that Madeline took in Shirley’s figure. Her damp curls had been pulled into a low ponytail while her drenched dress stuck to her flesh and accentuated her curves.

Madeline closed the glass door and could not help but feel uneasy.

Jeremy was soaking topless in the bathtub while Shirley looked like that…

‘No, no, no.

‘Don’t take this the wrong way, Eveline Montgomery.

‘She’s saving your husband’s life.

‘She’s a doctor.

‘She even gave you a meeting gift. She wants to be your friend.’

Madeline continued to persuade herself while she paced outside the bathroom and waited…

In the bathroom.

Shirley walked toward the bathtub with the syringe in hand.

Jeremy did not even glance at her. Ignoring the searing pain that his body was suffering from, he took a towel from the rack and covered it over himself.

“Get out.” He shooed her away coldly. He would much rather soak in this bone-prickling cold than come in contact with this woman again.

“I’m here to help you, Jeremy. You don’t want your wife to worry, right?” Shirley brought up Madeline again. “She’s right outside waiting for news of your recovery. She’s going to suffer more than you if your pain won’t subside.”

She squatted down and reached out to Jeremy with the syringe.

Frost glinted sharply in Jeremy’s eyes. “Don’t touch me.”

Shirley ignored him and continued to lean over as she spoke amorously, “It’s not like this is the first time I’m touching you, Jeremy. What do you think will happen if your wife knows of what happened between us during that half a year…”

Shirley was interrupted by Jeremy whose hand suddenly wrapped around her throat.

“I don’t need you to remind me of what happened, but if you dare to continue disturbing Linnie while thinking that I’ll go easy on you because of that slightest bit of gratitude I have for you, then you can dream on!” Jeremy warned coldly before he pushed Shirley away unfeelingly.

“Cough, cough.” Shirley coughed twice and squinted her almond eyes.

Staring at Jeremy who oozed with frost, Shirley leaned forward undeterred and stabbed the needle into his arm before he realized.

Madeline was waiting outside the bathroom door when she suddenly heard a crash as if something had fallen.

It was followed by Shirley’s frantic voice. “Calm down, Jeremy!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1427

Madeline could not find it in her to continue waiting by the door at those comments. She opened the glass door and ran into the bathroom.

What met her was the sight of Jeremy oozing with anger and iciness while Shirley had fallen next to the bathtub.

Madeline had no idea what happened. Her priority was knowing how Jeremy was doing, but out of politeness, she moved to help Shirley up first.

She had just reached out when she felt Jeremy grabbing her arm tightly. The man was strong and Madeline felt a twinge of pain at his firm grip.

“Don’t touch her.”

Jeremy spat out the four words out coldly, his tone exceptionally chilling.

“Jeremy?” Madeline looked at the man’s sharp gaze. “Are you okay, Jeremy? What happened? Is Shirley—”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Whitman. I’m alright.” Shirley grabbed the side of the tub as she slowly sat up. She glanced at Jeremy’s cold gaze from the corner of her eyes before she turned to smile at Madeline.

“Jeremy doesn’t want you to touch me because I accidentally broke the needle, Mrs. Whitman. It would be bad if you get hurt due to my unprofessional slip-up.”

Madeline then saw the small broken needle that was sticking out of Shirley’s arm.

Shirley calmly pulled the needle out the next minute without even a crease in her brows.

“Jeremy’s doing much better already. He’ll be fine after a few more moments in the ice as the pain will subside.”

“Thank you, Shirley.” Madeline thanked her and turned back to Jeremy. Taking his slowly warming hand, her expression was still one of worry. “Are you feeling better, Jeremy?”

“Yeah. I’m feeling much better already, so don’t worry so much, okay?” Jeremy raised his hand to wrap them lightly around Madeline’s shoulders. “Come stay with me for a bit, Linnie.”

“Okay, I’ll stay with you.” Madeline leaned over and held Jeremy’s hand tighter.

Shirley’s eyes showed indignance at the scene but she had no choice but to leave resentfully.

Jeremy raised his brow to glance at Shirley’s turning figure, his eyebrows then furrowing together.

He looked at the woman who was worried about him as guilt and remorse bubbled within him.

‘I’m sorry that I can’t be frank with you, Linnie. I’m sorry I can’t tell you what happened during that half a year I was away from you.

‘I’m sorry…’

In the bedroom.

Shirley grabbed a dry towel and began to pat the water droplets on her face dry.

She was still shaking from the aftershock when she remembered how Jeremy evaded the needle and instead poked it into her.

Her only relief was that Jeremy would not tell Madeline the truth and Madeline would continue to think that she was helping Jeremy.

As far as she was concerned, that worked in her favor.

At that train of thought, Shirley’s smile returned to her face.

She glanced at the bathroom. Knowing that neither Madeline nor Jeremy would come out so quickly, she began to look around the room to her heart’s content.

Seeing the luggage in the room, she could guess that Jeremy and Madeline were about to leave.

“Returning to Glendale? It looks like it won’t be long before our fight.” Shirley smiled deeply and turned to see a phone on the bed. From the color of its case, Shirley deduced that it was Madeline’s.

Shirley walked over to take the phone when it suddenly rang.

Seeing the name on the screen, Shirley smiled and picked it up without hesitation.

“Is Jeremy doing better?” From the other end of the phone, Adam asked about Jeremy’s condition.

Adam was waiting for Madeline’s reply when he suddenly heard a woman sneering instead.

“He’s dying soon,” Shirley replied maliciously.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1428
Adam was stunned for a moment. “What? What are you saying? Who are you? Where’s Eveline?”

“Don’t you recognize me anymore? You’re just like your parents, Adam. Heartless and cruel,” Shirley mocked coldly.

Adam fell silent for a few seconds before he finally reacted.

“It’s you.” His mind was supplied with a certain identity.

He was dumbfounded by the identity and slightly surprised.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Shirley replied Adam without hesitation, “We’ll be meeting very soon, Adam. Although I don’t think you’ll be looking forward to it.”

Adam fell silent again and ignored Shirley’s words. He changed the subject, saying, “Why did you pick up the phone? Where’s Eveline? How is Jeremy doing?”

Shirley scoffed. “Didn’t I tell you? He’s dying soon and his wife is next to him, heartbroken.”

“Bullsh*t! He can’t possibly be in any life-threatening danger!” It was clear from Adam’s tone that he was panicking. “I won’t let you fool around like this!”

Adam quickly hung up the phone with that.

Shirley’s smile deepened as she stared at the slowly dimming screen.

“Who are you to stop me from fooling around, Adam? On behalf of the two of them who died so many years ago? Hmph.”

She scoffed disdainfully and threw the phone back on the bed before picking up her own suitcase. Leaving the room as if she owned the place, she grabbed the bottle of aromatherapy kit by the cupboard as she passed by the entrance as well.

In the bathroom.

Madeline stayed with Jeremy for a long time until the sky outside had slowly turned dark. She felt his body temperature slowly returning to usual.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, Linnie.” Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s hand. He could tell how tired and unsettled she felt.

“Let’s go home, Jeremy.” Madeline’s watery eyes were filled with concern. “I’m really scared that something will happen to you. We have another vacation again as long as you’re alright.”

Jeremy knew that he could not outargue Madeline, so he opted to nod obediently instead.

“Okay. Let’s go home.”

“Yeah.” Madeline hugged Jeremy’s neck and stuck her face in his face. “All is well as long as you’re well.”

Jeremy took a deep breath. It was a life worth living to have Madeline love and care so much for him.

Having decided, Madeline then booked a flight back to Glendale that very night.

It was midnight when the two returned, and they decided to go to the new house so as to not disturb their family back at the manor.

Although the trip had been cut short, Madeline felt much more relieved now that they had returned home. It was because Madeline would not need to panic about having no one to rely on if anything were to happen to Jeremy.

Madeline contacted Adam the first thing in the morning when she woke up the following day.

Adam’s heart settled knowing that Madeline and Jeremy had returned to Glendale.

Madeline and Jeremy’s phones were non-contactable last night and he thought that something had happened to them. In truth, they had merely taken a flight back to Glendale and their phones had run out of battery.

Adam sent Madeline an address and had them go over to his house.

Madeline waited for Jeremy to wake and made the man breakfast before they left for Adam’s home.

The address led them to a small villa in the countryside. The house was not large, but its surroundings were quiet and elegant.

Madeline was met with a refreshing scent of flowers upon arriving at the villa’s entrance.

She thought about Amy. From her memory, the woman seemed to love plants—especially yellow roses.

Seeing that Madeline and Jeremy had arrived, Adam got out to meet them.

“Come in,” he invited courteously. Just as he spoke, another car then pulled to a stop in front of him.

The car door opened and the person who got down from it rendered Adam stunned.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1429
Madeline was surprised as well to see the person coming down from the car. “Shirley, why are you here as well?”

Shirley let out a friendly smile that looked almost generous. “Didn’t I say before that I’m coming back home? This is my home.”

Madeline pointed at the small villa ahead. “This is your house?”

“Yup, this is my house.” Shirley nodded confidently. Then, she walked toward Adam who was looking all serious. “Adam, your sister is back home. Why aren’t you looking happy at all?”

That piece of information made Madeline flabbergasted. “Shirley, you’re Adam’s sister?”

“That’s right, I’m Adam’s sister. I’m his biological sister with the same father and mother.” Shirley raised her hand and gently tapped on Adam’s shoulder. She let out a mystifying smile. “Adam, why don’t you introduce your friends to me?”

Adam heard the comment and let out a smile that was not obvious. “There’s no need for me to introduce you since you guys already seem to know each other.” He took two steps ahead as if he was intentionally trying to avoid Shirley. “Let’s head in and talk.”

Shirley smirked and smiled brightly. “I haven’t been home for so many years. I guess I should really admire this house that used to accompany me growing up.”

As she was saying, she spun around and entered the house first.

Adam invited Madeline and Jeremy in, “Please enter.”

Madeline nodded and held onto Jeremy’s hand. She looked at the man who was deep in thought and felt sorry for him. “Jeremy, it turns out that Shirley is Adam’s sister. They’re both doctors who even saved your life before. Are there so many coincidences in this world?”

Listening to Madeline sighing made Jeremy grasp her fingers tightly. He let out a gentle smile, saying, “We should go in too.”

He held onto Madeline’s hand and made his move. His pair of cold and deep eyes were staring at Shirley’s back.

‘I’m afraid this is no coincidence but a scheme planned by someone a long time ago.’

However, he did not blurt out his thoughts and kept them to himself. He held onto Madeline’s hand and entered the house.

Shirley was occupied with herself upon entering the house, admiring every corner of the house as if in search of the memories from when she was younger.

Madeline scanned the surroundings as well and noticed that no one aside from Adam and Shirley was in the house.

Adam observed Madeline’s expression and asked with a faint smile “Are you looking for Amy?”

“Yeah, is she not in?” Madeline asked. Her face was wearing a remorseful expression. “She really looks like someone who used to be a friend of mine. Whenever I see your fiancée, I’ll think of that friend.”

“I think you must’ve met this friend Linnie mentioned,” Jeremy added to Madeline’s speech and looked at Adam who seemed to be quiet. “Back when I was at F Country, I once asked Cathy to look for you. You should remember her.”

“Yeah, I have a deep impression of her.” Adam calmly matched his eyes to Jeremy’s pair of deep eyes that were filled with inquiries. “Back then when I met that lady named Cathy, I was extremely shocked because she really looked like Amy, but I only met her once. Besides, she and Amy were two completely different people.”

“Amy? Who is this Amy?” Shirley entered the scene. She saw the pile of kid’s toys on the sofa in the hall. “Adam, are you married?”

Adam glanced at Shirley. “Amy is my fiancée. We already have two kids.”

“You even have two kids already? Cheeky fella.” Shirley smiled. “Then, where’s my sister-in-law? When can I meet her?”

“She brought the kids out,” Adam just casually answered. He raised his eyes and looked at Jeremy. “Jeremy, come with me. I’ll examine you.”

“Since Adam needs to examine Jeremy, then can you accompany me to have a chat, Mrs. Whitman?” Shirley walked toward Madeline.

However, in the next second, Jeremy suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Madeline’s. “Linnie, come accompany me. Without you by my side, I don’t feel safe.”

Madeline, feeling embarrassed, smiled gently at Shirley. “I need to accompany my husband. Have a seat for a moment, Shirley.”

“Okay.” Shirley smiled generously as if nothing mattered to her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1430
Adam did not attend to Shirley either as he led both Madeline and Jeremy into his room where he worked.

The room was spacious, and the interior was decorated in a way that was way more superior to those seen in the hospital. There was various equipment that seemed rather advanced placed beside.

Madeline stood aside and watched Adam conducting various examinations on Jeremy.

Finally, Adam took a blood sample from Jeremy and immediately placed it on a piece of equipment to conduct the analysis.

Madeline was feeling perturbed during the waiting process.

However, she just noticed that the color of Jeremy’s blood sample was not as dark as it used to be. That was a good sign.

Approximately ten minutes later, the result was out.

“Adam, is everything alright for Jeremy?” Madeline asked.

“Don’t be too worried, Linnie. My condition will definitely be better than before.” Jeremy held onto Madeline’s hand and comforted her.

“If you’re really much better, then why did your condition deteriorate suddenly on that day?” Madeline was still feeling worried and anxious.

Adam did not speak a word. He scanned through the analysis report twice. His eyes were gleaming but soon faded.

“Things are looking quite good. There’s nothing wrong,” said Adam as he looked at Madeline, “Don’t worry too much. He’ll slowly recover.”

Hearing it made Madeline let out a breath of relief. “Thanks, Adam.”

Adam let out a faint smile. He spun around and gave Madeline a reagent. “Take this for standby. Next time if his condition deteriorates, just give him a jab.”

“Thanks.” Madeline received the reagent, and things started feeling more realistic.

Even though Madeline never suspected anything, Jeremy had noticed that Adam’s eyes were glittering weirdly.

He attempted to find an excuse to make Madeline leave the scene so that he could ask Adam face to face. However, coincidentally, he received a call from Karen. Karen was asking Madeline and Jeremy to go over to the hospital.

Jeremy did not delay a single second, worried that something might have happened to Eloise. He brought Madeline to leave the scene.

Seeing them driving their car and departing, Adam went back into the house but Shirley was nowhere to be seen.

Just when he was guessing where Shirley had gone to, he suddenly heard a commotion coming from the second floor.

He thought perhaps Shirley had entered one of the rooms. Adam dashed up to the second floor. Just when he reached the second floor, he noticed the door of the room where his parents used to stay was left open and the sound of items being thrown was heard coming from inside.

Adam’s expression changed for the worst as he dashed into the room. As soon as he entered, he saw Shirley holding onto a photo frame on the shelf above the bed. She was about to discard it on the floor.

“Stop it!” Adam halted her.

Shirley came to a halt when she heard it, but she just let out a cold smile and threw the photo frame hard on the floor.

Crash! The glass photo frame broke into pieces.

“Shirley Jones!” Adam roared at Shirley. He went forth, exasperated and anxious as he picked up the pieces of the shattered photo frame. However, the old photo frame already had a crack on it.

“Why? Feeling sorry for the photo? Feeling sorry for the two dead people?” Shirley snorted.

Adam got up on his feet and glared. “How can you say that? These are your biological parents! You’re getting ridiculous!” He was mad and questioned, “Did you happen to do something to Jeremy again? His condition had obviously improved but why did the poison suddenly take a change for the worse? What the hell did you do?!”

Shirley curled her red lips disdainfully, raising her almond eyes and matching up to Adam’s infuriated ones. Then, she took out an item from her purse, not in a rush at all. “Look properly, what is this? Now, do you still need to ask what I did to him?”

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