Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1411-1420

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1411
Hearing Karen’s reply, Madeline made a confused sound of disbelief.

Jeremy’s narrow and charming eyes snapped open and his gaze fell on Madeline’s serious small face.

Madeline locked gazes with Jeremy as she continued to listen to Karen speak over the phone.

Soon after, Madeline hung up the phone.

Jeremy pulled her into his arms and asked caringly, “Did something happen to Mom?”

Madeline shook her head. “She’s fine. It’s just…”

“Just what?” Jeremy stared into Madeline’s glistening eyes.

Madeline took Jeremy’s phone and tapped into Twitter where she found today’s number one trend. She felt conflicted.

“Look, Jeremy.” She handed the phone to him and her frustration deepened.

Jeremy glanced at the content and a cold look flashed in his deep eyes.

The contents of the letter Old Master Jones wrote to Old Master Whitman were trending!

The lead was from an insider who knew of the truth behind the grievances between the Whitman and the Jones family 15 years ago.

“I remember giving the letter to Ryan’s dad and he said that he would destroy it. How could there be pictures of its contents uploaded online?”

Madeline was confused. This was indeed a troublesome incident.

“Now all of Glendale and even the entire world knows about this. Who knows how Ryan and the Jones family will feel if they saw this?”

Jeremy was deep in thought as he hugged Madeline. They were both in sitting positions.

“Grandfather and Ryan’s grandfather used to be good friends back then. It was this project ZF that caused a rift in their relationship.

“Grandfather had shown the project bidding book to Ryan’s grandfather out of trust back then. Ryan’s grandfather thought that some of the contents in the bidding book were very constructive and adaptable, so he plagiarized a few of the points. Grandfather found out about the plagiarism in the end and pointed it out to Ryan’s grandfather. Knowing that he had made a mistake, Ryan’s grandfather chose to disqualify himself.

“Whitman Corporation outstood everyone in the end and successfully got the project. After Riverdawn Corporation’s defeat, Ryan’s grandfather fell into depression. It was most likely because he wanted to maintain the image his family had for him, or perhaps he was angry at that time so he decided to tell his family that Grandfather was the one who plagiarized him instead. The Jones family believed it, so they all thought that Grandfather was the one who indirectly caused their grandfather’s death half a year later. That was how the two families’ hatred began.”

Jeremy’s tone was solemn as he spoke of everything that happened back then.

“The Jones family had no idea that their old master wrote a letter to Grandfather before he passed.”

Jeremy looked at the contents in his phone as he spoke.

The letter relayed Old Master Jones’ apology to Old Master Whitman as well as the truth of the entire incident.

He also spoke about how he had told such a ridiculous lie because he wanted to protect the reputation he had in his children and grandchildren’s eyes.

He had slandered his friend and in return suffered in remorse until he ultimately died in despair.

Jeremy, Madeline, nor the Whitman family had ever thought to publicize the contents of the letter, yet here it was, available for the world to see.

Now that the Jones family were no longer seen as the victims, many netizens began to comment and scold them as well as the late Old Master Jones after the letter started trending.

Madeline and Jeremy got up and went to eat a simple breakfast.

After breakfast, Madeline heard the adjacent table also talking about the trending topic. She could not help but feel frustrated.

“Should we go back, Jeremy?”

Jeremy lifted his beautiful peach blossom eyes. “What for?”

“Shouldn’t we do something about this?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1412
“I’ve already told someone to delete as much as they can and try to out-trend it with something else. I’ve done all I can, so let’s just leave the Jones family to worry about the rest,” Jeremy replied frankly and tried to console Madeline.

“We aren’t guilty of anything, Linnie. We can’t change how others want to think either. All we can do is our own part.”

With that, Madeline’s emotions calmed greatly.

He was right.

The Whitman family had done most of what they could. Jeremy even went the extra mile to help as well. They had done enough.

“I brought you here so you could be happy and relax, Linnie. Stop worrying about those kinds of things already, hmm?” Jeremy scratched the tip of her delicate nose gently.

Madeline wrapped her arms around the man’s arm as a sweet smile that showed her dimples graced her lips. She asked coquettishly, “Well then, husband of mine, where are you bringing me today?”

Jeremy raised his sharp brows and quirked his seductive thin lips as he replied playfully, “How could I not have everything prepared if I’m going to bring my wife out?”

“Is that so?” Madeline looked curious, her eyes brimming with expectations.

The man smiled mysteriously and intertwined his fingers with Madeline’s.

“I’ve wasted too much time when I should’ve been cherishing you, Linnie. So let me try to make up for those happy times.”


‘How are you planning to make up for lost time?’

Madeline was curious and more hopeful about where Jeremy was about to bring her.

Before they left, Jeremy brought Madeline back to their room to change into another set of clothes.

Madeline never expected Jeremy to buy such an outfit for her. It was a white short-sleeved button-up and a dark blue plaid dress.

She turned to look at the man who was donned in an ironed white shirt and a navy blue tie with pants that were in the same midnight blue.

Looking at their outfits, Madeline felt that she had been brought back to when they were still students.

She remembered how she resembled a clumsy doe, knocking right into his chest.

She had flushed as she apologized while he gently placated her and told her it was fine.

It had been years ago, yet it felt like it was just yesterday.

Jeremy dragged Madeline to a university nearby where he had already contacted the professor there. He entered one of the lecture halls naturally. He walked toward the window seat by the last row and sat down with Madeline by his side.

No one suspected that they were not students as the two looked so youthful that their true age was impossible to guess.

Madeline sat by the window where the bright sun splashed on her face. Her flawless cheeks glowed with a youthful tint.

Jeremy sized Madeline up. The sweetness and quiet of the moment seemed to have freed the heart-wrenching remorse he kept locked away.

‘If I could’ve let go of my memory of you when we were children, Linnie, then perhaps I wouldn’t have let you go when we met again.

‘Yet it’s still you. Be it when you were young or when you grew up, I couldn’t help but fall for you in the end.

‘Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me another chance to start over.’

Jeremy thought to himself as he quietly reached his hand under the table.

In order to gain extra knowledge, Madeline was listening intently to the professor when she felt the touch of a familiar palm. Her heart skipped a beat as her face immediately flushed red.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1413
She turned to look at the man beside her to see him staring gently at her. Madeline felt her face growing hotter and her heart racing faster.

Despite already being in love with the man for quite some time, she was dazed as if she had been turned into a lovesick young lady.

She looked up to see the professor teaching the subject passionately. Madeline could not help but play along with the man next to her, allowing him to hook his fingers with hers. Their fingers were intertwined until the bell that signified the end of class rang.

Madeline could not imagine how it would be if she and Jeremy had gotten the chance to relive their school days. If the past could be rewritten, she wondered if he would turn into the bossy handsome kid who would surround her every day during and after classes, preventing other boys from coming close to her.

Most likely.

Madeline smiled sweetly. From how bossy he was on the beach yesterday, she would not be surprised if he did anything he could to make her his.

Strolling by the campus where even the atmosphere was filled with youthfulness, Madeline found her mood greatly lifted.

The gloom and worry from moments ago seemed to have been swept away. All she wanted to do now was spend some quiet time with this man.

Jeremy and Madeline spent the entire morning in the university. He even brought her to the canteen for lunch during lunchtime.

There were many couples in the university, but it was the first time the students saw such a pretty and loving pair.

“When did our school have such handsome and pretty students?”

“I’ve never seen them before. They don’t seem like our students.”

“Why would they be wearing our uniform if they’re not our students, then? Are you stupid?”

Madeline and Jeremy shared a knowing smile at the conversation around them.

After lunch, Jermey brought Madeline and left the university.

The two strolled under the trees where rays of sunlight would shine through the leaves. Madeline could not help but tease the man, saying, “Who would’ve thought that Mr. Whitman would be so eye-catching? They were right. You’re indeed a handsome student. I’m pretty sure the number of girls who liked you back in Glendale University would be enough to surround the campus!”

The man quirked his lips proudly. “Are you sure it’s just enough to surround the campus? Not the entirety of Glendale?”

“Yeah, yeah, enough to surround the entire Glendale. I’m the luckiest one to be acknowledged by the great Mr. Whitman.” Madeline played along in mock annoyance before she chided, “You were the one who wanted to get married to me. Yet you just had to pretend to be the victim and made it seem as if Grandfather was the one who forced you. You’re a scheming man, Jeremy Whitman.”

Jeremy’s smile grew even prouder. “If I wasn’t a little scheming, how else would I be able to marry such a great wife?” He smiled before his gaze turned gentle and his voice grew soft. “You have no idea how popular you were back in school, Linnie.”

“I was popular?” Madeline pointed at herself in disbelief. Looking back, the only people who talked to her back in her university days were Meredith, Ava, and Daniel.

Forget the boys, but not even girls tried to be friends with her.

Jeremy came to a halt as he stared at Madeline’s confused expression. The man then smiled and told her the truth that he had kept away for a long time.

“There were so many boys who tried to pursue you when you first entered university, Linnie. Love at first sight, you know? They tried so many ways to get your contact information and some even wrote love letters for you.”

Madeline was even more confused. “But I didn’t receive any love letters at all, nor did anyone text me their confession. I only remember Dan confessing to me during the graduation ceremony and you ended up thinking that we were together, you doofus.”

“Cough cough.” Jeremy coughed twice as an embarrassed expression spread on his attractive features. He then spoke in a serious tone. “Don’t you know that a jealous man is the pettiest? Daniel completely ignored my presence by confessing to you during the graduation ceremony.”

“Why do people need to acknowledge your presence, though? Nothing was going on between us back then.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1414
“Wasn’t there?” Jeremy asked back with a smile. “You just didn’t know about it, Linnie, but all the men who fancied or tried to pursue you knew very well that you were mine.”

“What? What are you talking about, Jeremy?” Madeline was feeling progressively confused only to see a slight red flush on the man’s handsome features. “Tell me already, Jeremy. Just what did you do behind my back?”

“Cough.” Jeremy cleared his throat to cover up the slight franticness. “I had someone warn the guys who tried to chase after you so that they knew I was watching over you. Everyone kind of knew better than to offend Glendale’s number one bachelor.”


Madeline was stricken by the news.

She never expected Jeremy to have done something like that behind her back.

Now that she thought about it, she was not surprised at all.

Jeremy was a dominant man. He was now and he was the same back then.

She had merely never dared to think of such things.

During those blooming days, all Madeline knew was that she had a crush on Jeremy but the person Jeremy loved was Meredith.

When in truth, he had fallen in love with her at first sight when she knocked into him.

Seeing the shock on Madeline’s pretty face, Jeremy suddenly felt his heart clench.

“I’m sorry, Linnie. Forgive your husband for being such a deceitful man.” Jeremy’s warm fingertips fell on Madeline’s cheek. “I’m really blessed that not only are you the woman I fell in love with at first glance, but you’re also the little girl I yearned for since the beginning, Linnie.”

He leaned his head down slowly to push his face right before Madeline’s.

Spots of halo were scattered over each other’s faces as their eyes sparkled brightly.

“No matter how time passes, Linnie, you’ll always be the angel I want to protect the most in my heart.”

Madeline smiled sweetly. “What if one day your angel grows old? Would you throw me away then?”

“No matter what you look like, you’ll always be my only love.”

Following his promise, he sealed his lips over Madeline’s.

The sun’s scorching radiance was like the love he had for her, burning hotter by the minute.

He had dreamed of kissing her on the streets on a summer day with no one staring at them. At that moment, he realized that as long as they were together, no matter when or where they were or what they were doing, it would all be worth remembering.

Leaving the school grounds, Jeremy then brought Madeline to walk around in a nearby market.

Dusk was approaching, and Jeremy carried an exhausted Madeline on his back as he walked almost an entire mile before he reached the hotel.

It was exhausting, but Jeremy found himself enjoying it.

The two took a soothing bath back in the room before they got ready to eat in a restaurant. Then, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Neither Madeline nor Jeremy knew anyone here. Madeline went to open the door curiously. However, Jeremy held her back and stood in front of her warily to protect her. “I’ll open it.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1415
After all the accidents and unexpected incidents that had occurred, Jeremy was now exceptionally careful.

Even more so when Madeline was concerned. He simply refused to slack off.

Opening the door, they were met with a smiling server in his uniform.

“Dearest VIP customers, there will be a masquerade party atop our hotel’s terrace in an hour. Our esteemed guests are welcome to join if they wish. Here are your invitations, and I hope that the two of you will leave with unforgettable and happy memories during your stay here.”

It turned out this was what it was. Madeline took the invitations. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The server smiled politely and turned.

Both Madeline and Jeremy had come here to have fun, so there was no reason for them to miss out on such an activity.

However, Madeline found herself shocked to know that Jeremy knew of such an event and had even prepared their outfits. He even helped Madeline into the impressive black long gown he had specially chosen for her

Watching Madeline standing in front of the full-body mirror, Jeremy went up to hug her from behind. His words were heavily weighted with jealousy. “You look so beautiful, darling. I really don’t want any other man to see such a mesmerizing side of you.”

Madeline met the man’s gaze in the mirror with a smile before she lifted her hand to pat the man’s handsome face lightly. “What are you jealous of? I’m yours anyway, aren’t I?”

“Is that so? I don’t think I believe you. Unless you kiss me.”

Madeline found herself easily giving in to the man’s coquettishness.

She turned without hesitation and pecked Jeremy’s lips thrice. “Muah, muah, muah. Happy now, Your Majesty, King of Jealousy?”

The man immediately broke into a smile. It was one that only ever appeared in front of Madeline.

A cool wind blew that midsummer night.

Madeline linked arms with Jeremy as they made their way to the terrace. The party had not started yet, but the atmosphere was burning with passion.

Men and women who were dressed casually or in weird costumes wore all sorts of masks as they chatted and fooled around on the terrace carefreely.

A server by the door handed Jeremy and Madeline two masks. Madeline took the wolf-shaped one which covered more than half her face, leaving only her twinkling eyes and cherry blossom-pink lips to be seen.

Meanwhile, Jeremy took the cat-shaped mask. For an inexplicable reason, Madeline could not help but laugh at the sight of a company’s aloof president wearing such a mask.

“Is this funny to you?” Jeremy asked seriously, feeling the urge to make her laugh more at the sight of the dimples that appeared next to Madeline’s lips.

He wrapped an arm around Madeline’s waist before taking his phone to snap an intimate picture of the two of them and then posting it on social media.

Soon after, Jackson was the first to like and comment, praising Madeline. [Mom is so beautiful. You can tell she’s a beauty just from her dimples.]

Jeremy looked at the comment, feeling conflicted as he felt a jealous urge surge within him despite how unnecessary it was.

Just then, the host announced that the party was about to start.

Everyone understood the rules of the masquerade party and kept their true identities hidden. Under the fantastical lights, people let loose and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

No one cared who the other person was for all that mattered was to have fun.

However, Madeline and Jeremy were different as they knew who each other was. They only attended to enjoy the atmosphere and had no plans to converse with strangers, let alone rave on the dance floor.

The music started and Jeremy pulled Madeline to the center of the dance floor.

Madeline used to be clueless, but she was now skilled in basic ballroom dances.

However, Jeremy did not only plan to dance ballroom with Madeline. Holding her in his arms, the two danced freely in the center of the dance floor. At this moment, they only had each other in their eyes.

After a while, Madeline felt hungry, so they both went to grab some food by the bar table.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1416
They had only sat down for a while when one masked man after another came over to ask Madeline for a dance.

Despite the fantastical lights and the mask on Jeremy’s face, Madeline could easily imagine what expression the man was wearing at the moment.

After merely seeing the frost that was pouring out of the man’s icy gaze, Madeline could already guess how pissed the man was. Not even drinking something cold would quell his anger.

Now that she thought about it, it was weird that no women had come to ask Jeremy for a dance despite the man’s outstanding appearance.

Madeline reached for the cold drink and was about to tease the pissed man in front of her when a young woman in a witch outfit walked over to Jeremy.

The party was loud, but Madeline could easily hear the woman greeting Jeremy.

“I didn’t think I’d see you here, Jeremy. What a coincidence!”

Jeremy did not realize she was there at all until he heard her speak.

She had a large pumpkin mask on her face and Jeremy could not recognize who she was.

Seeing Jeremy’s confusion, the woman took off her mask coolly.

Bright lights swept past the woman’s face and Madeline was met with an ethereal appearance. The woman had flirty and energetic almond eyes.

A sour tinge of jealousy spread in Madeline’s chest at that moment.

She finally understood how Jeremy must have felt all this while. Perhaps, the jealousy she was feeling at this moment was worse.

It was because she did not recognize any of the men who were asking her for a dance.

Yet this woman managed to recognize Jeremy despite the mask he wore and called his name so intimately.

She was about to ask Jeremy who the woman was when she looked up to catch a look of shock and desire to escape in Jeremy’s expression.

Madeline’s heartstrings tightened. ‘Why would Jeremy make such an expression?

‘Or did I imagine it?’

She wondered internally when she heard Jeremy make a confused sound. “What a coincidence. What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been too busy with work lately, so I decided to come over and take a vacation. What about you? How are you doing lately?” the woman asked with a smile when she realized Madeline sitting next to Jeremy. “This is…”

“This is my wife. I brought my wife here for a vacation,” Jeremy explained as he wrapped an arm around Madeline’s shoulder affectionately.

Out of respect, Madeline smiled softly at the woman.

The woman returned her smile with a polite one before her gaze fell back on Jeremy. “The fact that you can bring your wife here means that you should be alright now, then. Keep it up, alright? Don’t waste all the hard work I’ve put on you over those six months.”

Those six months?

The woman’s words awoke some of Madeline’s memories.


How could she have forgotten that the man had been refusing to tell her what happened during those six months he disappeared?

This woman was part of Jeremy’s disappearance, then.

Madeline’s suspicion grew and she wanted to quickly understand the issue. Just then, the woman excused herself as she had something to tend to.

After the woman left, Madeline gave Jeremy a deep look. “I have something to ask you. Outside.”

“…” Jeremy had a bad hunch and went after her without a moment’s pause. “Linnie!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1417
Jeremy chased after her. He could already feel that Madeline was not in a great mood.

Looking back at those six months, it was not a memory he wanted to revisit.

Madeline sat on the beach by the hotel and took off her mask. She faced the night breeze head-on as she walked forward with no destination in mind.


Jeremy’s voice sounded from behind and Madeline’s footsteps slowly came to a halt.

She did not want to fight with him, but it would not change the fact that she was upset.

Jeremy strolled over to stand in front of Madeline. The sea breeze blew and ruffled her short hair. Under the yellow street lamps, the melancholic look on Madeline’s small face was clear for Jeremy to see.

His sharp brows furrowed in apology as he opened his arms to pull Madeline into a tight embrace.

“It’s not what you think, Linnie.” He held her tightly, his slow and gentle voice sounding by her ear. “We’re just friends.“

Madeline stared into the boundless sea quietly and parted her pink lips. “She could recognize you despite the mask you wore. She even called you Jeremy so intimately.”

“Linnie.” Jeremy loosened his grip to cup Madeline’s cheeks with both his hands. His lips were pulled into a small smile in an attempt to recover the atmosphere. “Is Linnie being jealous?”

Madeline remained silent and did not deny it.

Jeremy quirked a corner of his thin lips, and his attractive features were tinted with a few extra shades of glee.

“Linnie looks cute when she’s jealous. It makes me very happy.”

“But I’m not.“ Madeleine looked at the mirthful man seriously. “When you finally returned after disappearing for six months, I asked you before where you had been and what you did, Jeremy. Yet you refused to tell me, or you would just brush me off with a few simple sentences. I really want to know and it matters a lot to me.”

The smile on Jeremy‘s face vanished at Madeline’s words.

“We’ve been through so much, Jeremy. What more do we have to hide from each other? I love you and I care about everything that involves you. Even if these aren’t good things, I’m willing to listen and accept. As long as you’re alright and as long as we can be together, I’m willing to accept all of it.”

Jeremy’s brows furrowed with regret.

He wrapped his arms around Madeline’s shoulders again and pulled her into his chest. This time, he cherished her more and was more protective of her.

“I’ve made you sad again, Linnie.” Jeremy sighed and placed a peck on Madeline’s forehead. “You’re right, I’m running away from the half a year that I spent without you in my life. That was one of the lowest moments in my life, to the point that I would rather die than suffer the pain I went through.”

‘I would rather die than suffer the pain I went through.’

Madeline felt her heart tighten immediately at Jeremy’s description.

She pushed herself away from the man’s embrace lightly and lifted her beautiful eyes that were filled with heartache. “Can you tell me what happened, Jeremy?”

Jeremy knew that Madeline was concerned about him and her heart was aching as well. He did not plan for this woman to worry anymore about him.

He smiled and took Madeline’s hand as they walked along the beach.

“After I secretly saw you one last time that day, I decided that I had to leave. I thought that at least with me leaving, I would leave with you thinking I’m still alive. I would take that over me decaying and dying in front of you one day when the poison decides to attack.”

At that, Madeline’s footsteps came to a sudden halt.

Her chest felt like it had been stabbed by a sharp knife. Despite knowing that Jeremy was recovering, she could not ignore the ache that was slowly spreading from her heart to every part of her body at the thought of Jeremy’s mental and physical state back then.

Jeremy stopped walking as well. He could tell what Madeline was thinking from her expression, and he gave a reassuring smile as he comforted her. “As long as I can return to you, Linnie, enduring a worse pain would’ve been worth it.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1418
Madeline’s vision slowly blurred as she stared at the peaceful expression on the man’s face.

“Do you know why the color of my hair and irises have changed?” Jeremy asked with a smile. “It does have something to do with the slow-acting poison Lana gave me, but there’s more to it.”

As he spoke, his handsome brows suddenly furrowed.

“It has more to do with how I tried all sorts of unknown medication just so that I could live longer. That woman just now was the doctor who invented the medication that would prevent the spread of the slow-acting poison. I spent half a year struggling in despair as I tried to survive.

“She told me that there was no way to completely dispel the poison from my body and I would only have two more years at most. That was why when I returned to you and the kids, I found myself in a very conflicting position.”

Jeremy chuckled despondently.

“I wanted to be with you and reciprocate your love with everything I had, yet I was afraid of being too passionate. I didn’t want to end up leaving you with more pain in the end. The same went with Lillian. I was afraid that she would lose her dad right after she finally recognized him, so I decided to just be cold to her and let her hate me. It was only after that I realized I was wrong.”

Madelyn felt something piercing her heart when she heard that. “Jeremy…”

“Linnie,” Jeremy interrupted, meeting her glistening gaze. “It was a grave mistake. I should never have been cold to you and our children. Every extra day I have with you should be met with optimism instead.”

The man shot her a gentle smile.

Madeline bit her lip as tears brimmed in her eyes.

“Don’t cry, silly. Aren’t I recovering right now?” Jeremy wiped Madeline’s tears away gently. “Don’t cry anymore, okay?”

Jeremy’s words of comfort did not stop Madeline’s tears from falling.

It hurt her to think of how the man had suffered through the hellish torment over those six months.

Seeing Madeline’s tears flowing harder, Jeremy decided to go all the way and capture her lips in a kiss.

Stunned, Madeline found her sorrow slowly vanishing under Jeremy’s deepening kiss.

The waves crashed against the shore and washed away traces of their intertwined footsteps, but it could never wash away the gentle love they shared…

Standing by the hotel door with a glass of red wine in hand, the woman stared at the romantic scene on the beach a distance away before she curled her red lips and downed the glass.

Her gaze lingered for a few more moments on the man embracing Madeline before she turned back to the terrace. She was no longer interested in watching them kiss.

At the hotel suite.

It was already midnight.

Upon returning from the beach, both Jeremy and Madeline went straight to bed.

Sleep refused to come to him and the man sat up, looking down at the small woman deep in sleep by his side. He lifted his hand to caress Madeline’s cheek.

“I’m sorry I lied to you, Linnie.”

Jeremy furrowed his brows in frustration before he leaned down to kiss Madeline’s lips.

At that moment, his phone vibrated and he was notified of a text message.

Jeremy’s instincts told him that it would be bad news.

He reached out to take his phone to read the message and his eyes darkened at its contents.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1419
After reading the contents of the message, Jeremy looked up to glance at Madeline.

Afraid to disturb her sleep, he lifted the covers lightly and got off the bed.

Just as Jeremy slipped on his slippers to leave, he heard Madeline murmuring his name, “Jeremy.”

Jeremy halted and turned around guiltily. When he realized that Madeline was only sleep talking, he let out a sigh of relief. However, guilt bubbled in his chest.


‘I’m sorry.

‘I’ll come back to you once I deal with this.’

Jeremy promised silently before pulling on his wind blazer. With light steps, he left the suite.

The hotel’s terrace was empty and silent now that the party had already come to an end.

Jeremy walked inside to see a woman sitting by the bar.

Under the faint yellow street lamps, the woman could be seen holding a glass of wine and casually sipping on it. Her purple curls were splayed over her smooth shoulders, and her curvy figure looked more alluring under the lights.

Even so, Jeremy was not interested in admiring such a beauty. He made his way to stand behind the woman and spoke calmly, “I never thought we’d meet again, Shirley.”

The woman, Shirley, paused mid-drink and placed her glass down before flicking a lock of her dense curls. Then, she turned around completely.

The street lamps shone on her slightly intoxicated face, giving it a more enchanting tint.

In her heels, the woman slowly walked toward Jeremy and reached over to touch his face. However, Jeremy quickly avoided her.

“Don’t fool around.”

“How is this fooling around?” The woman quirked her lips into an amorous smile. “Did you forget those six months, Jeremy? About the numerous times we ‘fooled around’?”

She reached out to place a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder as she spoke.

Jeremy grabbed the woman’s wrist coldly and pushed her away.

“I see you as my friend, Shirley. But if you don’t want to be friends, I don’t mind being strangers the next time we meet.”

Jeremy stated his ground, his firm voice leaving no space for negotiations.

“I’m grateful that you gave me a chance to return to the woman I love the most, but gratefulness is all there is. I don’t feel anything else for you.”

“But I do. I have feelings for you.” The woman arched her brows bewitchingly. “I’ve been looking for you ever since you left without saying goodbye last time. I can’t forget your warmth, your scent, and your—”

“Shirley,” Jeremy frowned icily as he interrupted. His gaze was determined and scorching. “I already have someone I love. I will not love another but my wife for the rest of my life.”

“Your wife? Ha.” The woman scoffed disdainfully. “Your wife is indeed a gorgeous woman. I’m sure there are plenty of men who fancy her, aren’t there?”

Jeremy’s gaze darkened as displeasure bled from his eyes. “What are you trying to say?”

“Nothing much.” The woman waved her hand while she looked at Jeremy, seemingly intrigued. “You seem to have recovered a lot. It appears that Adam is indeed more skilled than me. He actually came up with a reagent to dispel the poison. Hmm, I suppose their deaths were not for naught.”

The woman sneered as a thick layer of hatred tinted her eyes. Even so, there was an interesting spark that ignited in her eyes for Jeremy.

“You can always look for me if you need me, Jeremy. I’ll be there the moment you call.”

“Never,” Jeremy replied curly, “ Please wake up.”

Jeremy turned to leave. Just as he was about to walk away, he vaguely caught a familiar face in his line of vision.


Jeremy’s heart lurched as the figure turned and ran not too far away. He quickly chased after her.

On the other hand, Jennifer watched gleefully as Jeremy panicked. Then, she turned back to the bar and picked up her glass again.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1420
She swirled the liquid in her glass and scoffed indignantly.

“There’s no way I’ll lose to you, Adam. Did you think you’d really be able to save Jeremy? Hmph. There’s no way I’ll let you stick your hand in my experiment subject!”

Jeremy ran from the terrace all the way back to the hotel’s entrance but he suddenly lost sight of Madeline.

He was worried that Madeline would get the wrong idea after what she heard from their conversation. Not to mention that it was midnight and Madeline was in a strange setting. Jeremy was scared that Madeline would get lost.

He quickly returned to the suite. Seeing the empty bed, Jeremy felt his heart sink deeper.

He took out his phone to search for Madeline’s location. Just as he was about to walk to the entrance, he heard the sound of water running coming from the bathroom.

Jeremy’s footsteps came to a sudden halt as he looked up to see Madeline squinting blearily while walking out of the bathroom.

Dressed in a loose sleeping gown, it did not look like she had left the room at all.

“Where did you go, Jeremy? I thought you went to the bathroom,” Madeline mumbled as she walked toward the man drowsily. She then leaned into his chest adorably.

Jeremy quickly raised his hands to hug Madeline back as his heart thumped erratically.

“I was a little hungry so I went to eat something at the restaurant.” Jeremy could not help but lie.

Madeline did not suspect him and buried her head into Jeremy’s broad chest intimately as she spoke coquettishly, “Are you done eating, then? Come back to bed with me. I’m sleepy.”

“Alright. I’ll come with you.” Jeremy then bridal-carried Madeline to the bed. Taking off his jacket, he got in bed as well.

Just as he lay down, Madeline burrowed into his arms. “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

Jeremy’s heart felt sweet but it was even more so remorseful. He placed a peck on the space between her brows and whispered, “Goodnight, Linnie.”

Madeline smiled sweetly and contently before she fell comfortably asleep in Jeremy’s warm embrace.

Jeremy did not think too much either. Tightening his arms around her, he held his beloved to sleep…

Morning came.

Madeline woke naturally from her dreams and saw Jeremy still asleep. She pecked his cheek before she got up to get ready. She called for breakfast.

By the time Jeremy woke, the server had arrived with their breakfast.

With the cooling breeze, Madeline and Jeremy enjoyed their breakfast lazily on the open balcony in their suite.

Madeline placed the bacon from her plate onto Jeremy’s. “Eat more, or you’ll get hungry again later.”

Jeremy paused in memory of what happened yesterday and reined his thoughts back before smiling. “I have enough to eat, Linnie. You should eat more though, you’re too skinny.”

He brought the bacon right to Madeline’s mouth to feed her.

Madeline did not turn away and ate what he fed in courteousness.

She gave a crescent-eyed smile, having never thought that a honeymoon could be so sweet.

“Let’s go to Adam’s first when we get back, Jeremy. I want to have him do a full-body check-up on you so we can have an update about the poison in your body. I don’t want anything to happen to you if it suddenly relapses.”

“Don’t worry. I know my body, I’ll be fine,” he promised.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“Did you call for more room service?” Jeremy asked.

Madeline shook her head. “I only ordered breakfast.”

Jeremy nodded and went toward the door. He had a bad feeling just before he got to the door, so he made sure to peep outside first through the hole in the door.

His hand froze on the doorknob mid-turn the moment he saw the person standing outside.

“Who’s outside, Jeremy? Why are you daydreaming by the door?”

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