Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1401-1410

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1401
Madeline ignored the pain and suddenly shot to her feet.

“Hey, why are you ignoring me?” upset, Eloise grabbed Madeline’s hand. She had no idea what was happening behind her.

“Why would I ignore you, Mom?” Madeline held Eloise’s hand tightly. Her heart ached at the sight of the dirt and dust on Eloise’s innocent child-like appearance.

She did not have a clue what happened while she was unconscious, except that Eloise had woken up and the man was now unconscious on the floor by the door.

Madeline did not have the time to entertain those thoughts. Seeing the spreading flames that had started some time ago, she took Eloise’s hand and walked toward the exit.

The spreading flames blocked their way, and Madeline found herself coughing from the pungent billowing smoke.

It was only then that Eloise seemed to have noticed that the house was on fire. Staring dazedly at the raging flames, she seemed lost.

“Mom! Cough. We have to leave now!” Madeline squeezed Eloise’s hand. She tried to escape through the room’s door, but the piles of garbage and takeaway boxes ended up contributing to the rapid spread of fire.

“Cough cough!”

Madeline fell into a violent and uncomfortable coughing fit when she suddenly heard a violent crash outside.

It was followed by the main doors being kicked open with a bang.

Jeremy kicked down the door and was shocked when he was met with a strong scent of blazing black smoke once he walked through.

“Is it you, Jeremy? Jeremy! Cough, cough, cough…” Madeline shouted at the door. Her senses told her that Jeremy had arrived, and the irregular rhythm of her heartbeat never deceived her.

Jeremy covered his mouth and walked along the entrance to the outside of the room where Madeline and Eloise were trapped in.


Through the heavy black smoke, Jeremy’s half-squinted peach blossom eyes caught sight of Madeline and Eloise’s figures.

“Don’t worry, Linnie. I’ll come in and bring you and Mom out right now!”

“Don’t! Don’t come in, cough! It’s still somewhat safe in here. Ensure your own safety before you come and save me and Mom, Jeremy! Do you hear me?”

Madeline persuaded him to stop, even though she wanted nothing more than to bury herself in Jeremy’s arms where it would feel safe like no other place. Still, him entering the room rashly would not do anything to help them.

“Fire! What a big fire!”

Eloise suddenly screamed.

“Eveline’s still in the fire! It’s all gone! The fire has burned everything away!”


“Eveline! I have to save Eveline!” Eloise murmured to herself before she suddenly pushed Madeline’s hand away and ran toward the flames.

Madeline pulled Eloise back. “Eveline’s right here, Mom. I’m right here!”

“No. You’re not Eveline, you’re not my Eveline! My darling daughter, Eveline Montgomery, is still inside! She’ll be burned to death! It’s Lana, she’s the vile witch who wants to kill our entire family!

“Eveline, my child. Mom knows she has never taken good care of you or protected you but won’t you forgive Mom? Please? Come back to me,” Eloise rambled, her expression especially solemn under her dust-covered face.

She seemed to have remembered the day Montgomery Manor was burned to ruins for she kept repeating about how she needed to save Madeline.

Madeline’s heart tightened as if something had taken hold of it. She had no idea if her eyes were burning from the smoke or something else but she could not seem to stop the tears from flowing.

“Eveline is safe, Mom! She’s standing right in front of you!”

“No, no, my Eveline is still in the fire! I have to save her! Let go of me!”

Eloise pushed Madeline away again and rushed desperately toward the raging flames before her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1402
She had only one thought and it was to save Madeline.

Madeline did not expect Eloise’s strength to grow so exponentially either in order to save ‘her’.

She ended up staggering two steps backward before she knocked into the bookshelf beside her.

The bookshelf swayed twice as if it was about to fall.

Knocking into it hurt slightly, but Madeline did not have the time to worry about herself as she saw Eloise already stepping into the fire.

“Mom!” she exclaimed and ran over to embrace Eloise as tears fell freely from her burning eyes.

“Look at me, Mom. I really am your Eveline!” Madeline hugged Eloise and stressed the words.

“My Eveline…” Eloise was stunned for two seconds as she stared blankly at Madeline’s face. Her eyes were filled with doubt and question. “No, you’re not. Eveline would never talk to me. She hates me. You’re not… Cough cough, you’re not…”

Madeline tightened her arms around Eloise. “Eveline stopped hating you a long time ago, Mom. I know you didn’t hurt me on purpose. Eveline doesn’t blame you anymore.”

“Eveline doesn’t blame me anymore?” Madeline’s words seemed to have gotten through to Eloise who raised her hand to touch Madeline’s teary cheeks. Her delicate brows became furrowed. “Do you truly not blame me anymore, Eveline?”

Madeline nodded and squeezed Eloise’s hand. “Truly. Eveline doesn’t blame her mother. Eveline loves her mother. Cough cough.”

Eloise seemed to have understood Madeline and gave a relieved smile. “Will you come home with me then, Eveline?”

“Yeah! I’ll go home with Mom! Our family won’t be separated anymore!”

“Okay.” A loving smile broke on Eloise’s face. She raised her hand to caress Madeline’s head, but a look of horror suddenly tinted her kind gaze.

Madeline had no idea what was going on, but she saw Eloise suddenly rush behind her.

The swaying bookshelf lost its center of gravity and fell with a bang, crushing Eloise, who had run over to protect Madeline, to the ground.

It then dawned on Madeline that Eloise had suddenly run behind her to protect her.

“Mom!” Madeline screamed and hurried over to Eloise.

“Mom, cough cough…” Feeling unwell, Madeline fell into another coughing fit. The pile of garbage around the room had given the thick smoke an abnormal smell that attacked her nose.

“Linnie! Can you hear me, Linnie?” Jeremy’s anxious tone crept closer.

“Jeremy…” Madeline tried to shout back in response but something seemed to be stuck in her throat. It threw all her efforts to waste.

Her vision began to blur and even breathing became more difficult.

“Linnie! Linnie!” Madeline heard Jeremy shouting heart-wrenchingly before her senses were overwhelmed by the scorching high temperature that enveloped her.

Amidst the confusion, she thought she felt a cool gust of air blow over her. It was accompanied by a scent and a familiar sense of security that slowly calmed her inner anxiety and fear.

“Jeremy…” Madeline murmured, seeing Jeremy’s face appearing vaguely in her blurred vision before everything in front of her eyes turned black.

She began to have nightmares about Eloise still crushed under the bookshelf and covered in blood.

She kept screaming ‘Mom, Mom’ but Eloise never woke up.

“Linnie. Linnie, are you awake?”

The man’s magnetic, gentle baritone voice drifted into her ears and Madeline’s eyes shot open. When she sat up, her eyes were filled with confusion. “Mom! Jeremy!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1403
“I’m right here, Linnie.” Jeremy sat down on the bed and wrapped his arms around Madeline’s shoulder to comfort her. “Everything’s alright now, Linnie. It’s okay, calm down.”

Madeline’s nervous heartbeat gradually settled when she felt the man’s familiar warmth engulf her.

Thinking back to what happened before she fell unconscious, she clenched her fingers through the aftershock as her beautiful pupils shone with unease.

“The bookshelf fell and Mom got crushed under it to save me.” Madeline threw off the covers and got off the bed.

Jeremy rushed forward to hold Madeline. “Where are you going, Linnie? You haven’t fully recovered yet.”

“I know Mom is in the hospital as well! Bring me there, Jeremy. I need to know how Mom is doing.” Her expression was frantic as her eyes became swirled with panic and fear.

Jeremy’s sharp brows were knitted together. “Mom’s alright, Linnie. Be good and rest, okay?”

“I’ll rest, I promise, but I need to know how Mom is doing first.” Madeline was persistent as she took Jeremy’s hand with a stern expression. “Just bring me there, Jeremy.”

Even so, Jeremy hesitated as if taking the step was a difficult feat to accomplish.

Madeline had a foreboding thought that something was wrong. Her expression shifted as she let go of his hand. “Mom is in bad condition, isn’t she?”

“Nonsense. She’s fine, Linnie. You’re overthinking it.” Jeremy comforted, trying to pull Madeline back before she broke down.

Madeline regulated her emotions and nodded calmly. “I won’t overthink it. I’ll just ask the doctor, then!”

Madeline moved quickly and immediately ran to the nurse’s station to ask if there was an Eloise Patton who was also hospitalized here.

The nurse did a quick search and affirmed it. “We do have a lady by the name Eloise Patton who was just admitted to the hospital. She’s in the VIP ward in front.”

Hearing this, Madeline felt her heartstrings tighten suddenly. “Can you tell me how my mother is doing?”

Understanding that Madeline was the patient’s daughter, the nurse told her everything she knew.

“The patient is in a rather critical state. She was crushed by a heavy object and broke two of her ribs in the process, one of which had pierced her lung and caused massive internal bleeding. The situation was urgent when she first arrived at the hospital, but she’s no longer in life-threatening danger. She’ll be alright with enough rest and recovery,” the young nurse explained with a smile before she ended with words of comfort.

“Don’t worry too much. Your mother is not in life-threatening danger.”

Still, Madeline remained dazed. “Thank you.”

She then turned to see Jeremy walking over to her.


Madeline looked at the man despondently. “I want to see Mom.”

Jeremy knew that Madeline had come to know of Eloise’s situation and took her hand gently. “I’ll come with you.”

“Hmm.” Madeline hummed softly in response and followed Jeremy to Eloise’s room.

Before they walked in, Madeline found Sean sitting by the bed with both his hands clasped around Eloise’s. His very handsome features were filled with concern.

It was evident how much Sean cared about Eloise.

Madeline’s heart twinged, and she suddenly turned to lean against the wall. Her eyes were staring at the ground in defeat.

Jeremy quickly grabbed Madeline’s shoulders. “It’s not your fault, Linnie.”

One glance was all he needed to see through her, to realize that she was feeling guilty inside.

Madeline remained silent, and Jeremy decided to pull her into his arms. “It’s only natural for a mother to protect her children. As long as you’re okay, I’m sure Mom will feel at ease.”

Hearing the man’s comforting words, Madeline lifted her teary gaze at him.

“Thank you for consoling me, Jeremy. I won’t overthink it anymore.”

“We’re husband and wife, silly. You don’t need to thank me for this, hmm?” Jeremy lifted his finger to scratch the tip of her delicate nose.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1404
Madeline pursed her lips and smiled before suddenly frowning.

“What about the man who kidnapped Mom?”

“He has been brought in by the police and is now in the detention ward. He confessed to everything.”

“What did he say?” Madeline pressed further.

Jeremy stroked Madeline’s tired cheeks while parting his lips to reply. “He said he saw Mom by the road near the ruins of Montgomery Manor. He recognized her from her looks, so he conned Mom to follow him to where he lived. Then, he called us and asked for ransom.”

When he said that, Jeremy felt slightly regretful.

“I made the wrong decision to let you go in alone. I was fully capable of subduing that b*stard by myself, yet I ended up putting you in that kind of danger.”

Jeremy cupped Madeline’s face, his narrow and deep eyes overflowing with remorse. “I was so scared that you’d get hurt again, Linnie.”

Madeline looked up to stare at the man’s enchanting peach blossom eyes, feeling incomparably adored.

She leaned into his embrace without hesitation and felt the weight above her chest lighten.

“I’m so glad to have you, Jeremy.”

Jeremy smiled and caressed Madeline’s head. “Silly.”

Madeline smiled in relief, feeling much better now.

It was the following morning when Eloise finally woke up. As her condition was slightly critical, it affected Eloise’s physicality greatly and all she could do was look at the person in front of her with her eyes open. She could not say a word.

Madeline’s heart ached tremendously at the sight.

Still, regardless of how muddled Eloise’s mind was, Madeline could still feel that her mother cared about her.

Eloise’s tired gaze would always be filled with gentleness and love when they trained on Madeline whenever she entered the room.

Karen would also come to the hospital every day to take care of Eloise, bringing freshly brewed warm herbal soup and personally feeding Eloise one sip at a time. Karen would even comfort the other as she fed, saying, “Get better soon, Eloise. It has to be uncomfortable staying in the hospital every day. Get better and come back to the manor. We’ll spend each day chatting and making snacks like we used to.”

Eloise did not reply, but she looked at Karen with an expression that seemed to show her understanding.

Madeline found herself comforted when she noticed the change in Karen and Eloise’s relationship.

Eloise’s mental condition had recovered greatly over the past few days. She would even say a couple of words here and then, even though it would be particularly strenuous for her.

Madeline would shuffle between home and the hospital every day, but she did not find herself complaining about how difficult it was. She was content as long as she got to be with her family. It was mainly because she had lost too many opportunities to spend time with her family, so she cherished every minute she had now.

Jeremy’s heart clenched at the sight of Madeline being so busy every day, so he secretly arranged a vacation for the both of them. He was thinking about taking Madeline out on a trip to destress.

Madeline had been pulling herself taut all this while and he would do anything to have her relax for once.

Madeline had no idea that Jeremy was planning a trip for the both of them. Having sent the kids to kindergarten as usual, Madeline then made her way to the hospital to take care of Eloise.

Madeline was in the car, waiting for the light to turn green at the intersection when she suddenly received Jeremy’s call.

The man’s warm and gentle voice that was like a spring breeze drifted into her ears and tickled her heart. “Where are you now, Linnie?”

“What’s this? Is Mr. Whitman missing me?” Madeline jokingly teased Jeremy.

The man chuckled lowly and replied cooperatively, “Yeah. I miss my wife, so I’m wondering if my wife is free to come over and elevate my yearning?”

Sweetness filled Madeline’s heart, but she kept a cold facade. “Very well, then. I suppose I could grant your wish this one time.”

She hung up the phone with a smile. Watching the light turn green, Madeline then stepped on the accelerator.

She looked up and her eyes zoned in on the person walking on the zebra-crossing right in front of her.

The early autumn breeze blew, and Madeline looked at the silhouette of the person who entered her line of vision. She wondered if something was wrong with her eyes.

‘How… How could it be?’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1405
Madeline gripped the steering wheel as she watched the familiar face a small distance away pass by…

Honk, honk, honk!

The sound of cars honking and urging her sounded from behind, causing Madeline to snap back to her senses. When she looked up again, the face she had just seen was nowhere to be found.

‘Did I imagine it?’

Madeline’s mind fell into a short daze, but she did not think too much into it and stepped on the accelerator.

Upon meeting up with Jeremy, Madeline came to know that the man had booked flight tickets for their relaxing holiday trip and they were leaving tomorrow.

As she understood Jeremy’s intention, Madeline did not reject the idea.

In retrospect, she and Jeremy had never gone on a decent honeymoon with how they kept separating and getting back together all these years.

After deciding on the itinerary, both Madeline and Jeremy went to visit Eloise at the hospital.

They were leaving tomorrow and Madeline was most worried about her mother.

“Go and relax with Jeremy, Eveline. Your mother is already recovering and she has your Dad to take good care of her. Don’t worry and go relax.” Sean patted Madeline’s shoulder and promised that she could have peace of mind.

Madeline knew and trusted her father to do everything to take care of Mom, but she could not help but miss her mom.

After all, Eloise only suffered such a serious injury because she wanted to protect Madeline.

She sat by the bed and took Eloise’s hand, looking into her mother’s tranquil and kind features.

“Eveline won’t be gone for very long, Mom. You have to listen to Dad and take good care of yourself, okay?”

Madeline urged softly and saw Eloise looking back at her with confusion. Her heart sank slightly and she felt a little lost.

Jeremy saw Madeline’s disappointment and walked toward her. He put his hand on her shoulder and patted comfortingly.

“Don’t be disheartened, Linnie. I’m sure Mom will remember that you’re the daughter she has been missing someday.”

“He’s right. Your mom will recover, Eveline. Don’t worry.” Sean came over to comfort her as well.

One was her beloved husband and the other was her father. Feeling the care and love these two men had for her, Madeline felt joy flood her heart.

At that moment, Madeline suddenly remembered the scene on the road not too long ago. She wondered if it was her own illusion and was still considering whether to tell Jeremy about it when Karen brought in a bowl of warm soup.

Knowing that Madeline and Jeremy were going on a trip tomorrow, Karen picked up the soup and walked toward Eloise. She spoke in an encouraging tone, “Yeah, take a trip. Look at you two. You already have three kids. Jack and Lillian aren’t babies anymore, but you haven’t even had your honeymoon.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Eloise,” Karen promised while smiling at Eloise. “Don’t worry, Eloise. With me visiting you every day, you’ll never get bored.”

At that, Elosie nodded slightly as if she was in agreement with what Karen said.

Madeline could tell that Karen would take good care of Eloise. “I’ll have to trouble you for the next few days then, Mom.”

“It’s no trouble. We’re family, aren’t we? I’m just doing my part.” Karen sighed with a pitying tone while she brought a spoonful of herbal soup to Eloise’s mouth. “I must’ve been blind before with how I couldn’t see the truth even when it was in front of my eyes. I made you suffer so much, Eveline, and I fought horribly with Eloise. Looking back on it now, it was absolutely ridiculous.”

Karen chuckled self-deprecatingly as she locked gazes with Eloise.

“How unfortunate now that Eloise is suffering such consequences when she already can’t recognize her own daughter. Sigh.”

She sighed involuntarily before she realized that the hospital room had grown silent just as she finished speaking. She found Eloise frowning and staring especially heavily at her. A moment later, Karen immediately backtracked.

“What am I saying? Pretend I didn’t say anything, okay? Don’t worry, everything will turn out okay in the end.”

She quickly changed the subject and began to encourage Eloise.

“You’ll get better Eloise. You will.”

Eloise must have understood for she smiled softly in return.

In the custodial ward in prison.

Ryan sat indifferently on the sickbed, resting his eyes while the wounds on his body began to heal.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1406
Just then, the door of the ward suddenly opened and a prison guard walked in. “Someone’s here to see you, Ryan.”

Ryan slowly opened his starry gray eyes at the sound of the guard’s voice.

He had not expected anyone to come and visit as who else but his parents would come?

‘Who else, if not my parents?’ he thought to himself, but a face he had never expected surprised him by suddenly appearing before his eyes.

He never thought he could see her again.

He also thought that the meeting that day would be their last.

Ryan was about to speak when he heard the woman in front of him sneering. It was a sound that turned all of Ryan’s pleasant surprise and hopes into dust.

“As the one who arranged my future, Rye, did it not occur to you that your future would end up like this?”

The woman curled her lips slightly and a scornful smirk appeared on her picturesque, small face.

“I’m so upset, Rye. Why did you become like this? What’s the point of me being like this if you’re going to stay in such a place for the rest of your life?”

Ryan stared at the flawless beauty in front of him and looked away indifferently.

“Leave. It’s all over already.”

The woman’s delicate eyebrows furrowed indignantly. “What are you talking about, Rye? You can’t just give up like this! How could you? What am I supposed to do if you give up?”

Ryan glanced coldly at the fury that donned her face. Even when she was furious, the woman was beautiful and could move hearts. Even so, he did not feel the slightest bit in love.

The woman grew more frustrated at Ryan’s lack of response and seemed moments away from gnashing her teeth.

“The game isn’t over, Ryan! What do you have to give up like this?

“I’m telling you. I won’t let it end like this!

“Just because you’re giving up doesn’t mean I will too!”

Ryan frowned when he heard this. “What do you want to do?”

The woman chuckled coldly and raised her hand to point at her delicate, beautiful face. “This appearance is my capital. After all that I’ve suffered, I refuse to give up before I get my profit!”

“Don’t you dare mess around,” Ryan warned.

“Hmph. Stop lying to yourself, Rye. You can’t possibly be content with how it has ended, can you, Rye?” The woman provoked, saying, “In that case, I’ll just do what you couldn’t then!”

With that, the woman turned around and left hastily.

Ryan sat up abruptly in bed. He wanted to stop her, but every move he made pulled at his wounds.

He furrowed his eyebrows deeply and looked at the closed prison door as he clenched his fists firmly.

‘Are you content with how all this ended, Ryan?’

He asked himself, knowing that the question was without an answer.

The following day.

Madeline and Jeremy boarded a two-hour flight and arrived at their destination.

The weather in the resort reminded her of midsummer Glendale when the sun shone brightly in the sky.

Madeline and Jeremy left their luggage at the hotel and changed into comfortable leisure clothing before going to the beach.

There were many tourists on the beach, filling the area with young ladies in bikinis, men with exposed abs, and children with their parents.

Surrounded by such a lively atmosphere, Madeline’s mood brightened as well.

Staring at the azure body of water that stretched infinitely into the horizon, a bold idea suddenly popped into Madeline’s mind.

She was about to turn around and tell Jeremy her idea when the world around her suddenly fell dark.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1407
“Stop looking at those men.” The man’s seductive baritone voice drifted clearly into her ears.

Sensing his jealousy, Madeline raised her hand to push Jeremy’s palm away from her eyes. She turned around and met the man’s narrow and charming gaze with mirthful eyes.

“Why can’t I look? Eyes are meant to admire the beauties of the world,” Madeline replied innocently before she turned back to continue admiring the beautiful view of the beach.

Jeremy walked up to Madeline domineeringly and pushed his handsome face in front of Madeline’s eyes, blocking her sight as her gaze wandered around the beach.

“I’ll get jealous if you keep looking, Linnie,” he stressed seriously.

Madeline tugged the corners of her pink lips prettily into a rare mischievous smile. “Perfect. I’d like to see what my husband looks like when he’s jealous.”

“I think it’s best you don’t.” Jeremy’s expression grew heavy as a cold look that deterred challengers took over his face, though his gaze then turned gentle again a short moment later. “I’ll let you see as much as you want when we get back to the hotel tonight if that’s what my wife wishes, but your eyes can only be on me right now.”

Madeline found it sweet and stopped teasing the stingy man.

“Fine, then. I’ll only look at my husband.” She gave a crescent-eyed smile and wrapped her hands around Jeremy’s shoulders before leaning against his arm intimately.

Jeremy looked down at the woman leaning against him and a bright smile graced his attractive features.

If he could, he wanted the moment to stay forever. He wanted to stay by her side every day and make her happy.

He still remembered what Madeline said when she first returned for revenge. She wanted a quiet and peaceful life, yet she never got to experience it despite her long wait.

‘All I want to do right now is fulfill your simple and small wish,’ he thought to himself before leaning down to place a peck on Madeline’s forehead.

Madeline broke into a light smile and looked up to meet the man’s glistening eyes. “I want to do something bold, Jeremy.”

“What bold thing?”

“I want to learn to swim,” Madeline replied frankly, “Be honest with me, Jeremy. You thought about it too, didn’t you? That’s why you brought me to a place by the beach.”

“I’m sure my talented wife will pick it up very soon.” Jeremy ruffled Madeline’s short hair as his gaze turned serious. “I want to be by your side to protect you all the time, Linnie, but I’m afraid that something unexpected might happen.”

Madeline understood what Jeremy meant as well as the worry he felt.

They had been through too much distress as of recent. The things that she had gone through made him feel uneasy and wary.

“We won’t be separated anymore, right, Linnie?” Jeremy suddenly grabbed Madeline’s hand to placate his unsettled thoughts.

“Nope. Don’t overthink it, Jeremy. Linnie will be right here with you, from now on until forever.” Madeline then got on her tiptoes to place a peck on the corner of Jeremy’s lips. “Come on, teach me how to swim already.”

Madeline was about to take off her UV protection jacket only for Jeremy to pull it back on for her before she could completely take it off.

Jeremy looked around to see predatory gazes everywhere. He decided that he did not want other men seeing Madeline’s sensual figure in her swimsuit.

“We have a swimming pool in our room, darling. I’ll teach you there.”


It finally dawned on Madeline just how prone to jealousy this stingy man was.

It was not that she was averse to it, for the stingier he was and the more he wanted to keep all of her to himself, the more he loved her.

She had come to spend time with this man and the man’s bossy willfulness was filling her with glee.

Seeing as Madeline did not decline, Jeremy then turned her around with a hand around her. They did not expect a young lady to walk by them just as they turned around.

Madeline ended up knocking the woman’s hat off which landed just next to Madeline’s feet.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1408
“Sorry.” Madeline apologized before quickly bending down to pick up the hat and handed it back to her.

The moment she looked up, Madeline realized that the woman was wearing a large pair of sunglasses that covered more than half her face.

Despite that, Madeline could not help but be stunned as she took in the woman’s features.

“It’s alright.” The woman took the hat back and smiled, then turning to walk to the beach.

Madeline glanced at the woman’s back mindfully and fell silent for a few dazed moments.

“What are you looking at, Linnie?” Jeremy wrapped an arm around Madeline’s shoulder. “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“Did you see that woman’s face, Jeremy?” Madeline followed Jeremy but turned back to take another glance.

It may have been a coincidence, but the woman turned around to look at Madeline as well with an intrigued smile on her face.

“I have no interest in looking at any other woman who isn’t you, Linnie,” Jeremy replied curtly.

Madeline felt like she had been fed a spoonful of honey, but her heart seemed to grow inexplicably unsettled.

Although, the unsettled feeling quickly vanished under the man’s sweet and gentle words.

The hotel Jeremy booked was grand and had a large swimming pool of its own.

Thinking back to how she had jumped into the river without a second thought to retrieve the reagent, Madeline decided that she would learn to swim no matter what.

At least that way, she would be able to save herself if a similar occasion ever occurred.

Under Jeremy’s kind guidance, Madeline managed to learn the basic foundations of swimming that afternoon.

Dusk began to fall and the sunset rays tinted the clouds with bright and blooming colors.

A server brought over red wine and an exquisite dinner.

Donned in a cool and seductive swimsuit, Madeline stood partially submerged in water as she looked up to watch the sunset.

Jeremy stood next to Madeline with the loose bathrobe lazily worn over his shoulders. Submerged in the pool, the two watched the sun set.

A warm midsummer breeze blew lightly across the night sky and Madeline leaned coquettishly against Jeremy.

“I want to live carefreely with you forever, Jeremy.”

“We can, Linnie, as long as that’s what you wish.” Jeremy leaned down to place a peck on Madeline’s cheek and went to pour the wine into two glasses. He then handed one of them to Madeline.

Madeline took the glass and moved to clink their glasses together, only for the man to intertwine their arms together to toast.

A sweet smile that showed off her dimples graced Madeline’s features before she downed the wine cooperatively.

Madeline placed the glass down after drinking and suddenly realized that Jeremy was staring at her.

Madeline’s face was flushed, be it either due to the setting sun or the wine she drank. It was still cold moments ago, yet now she felt like she was burning up.

“Why are you staring at me?” Madeline averted her pretty eyes away from Jeremy’s gaze in embarrassment.

“You still have some red wine here.” Jeremy parted his lips softly as a slender finger fell on Madeline’s lips.

He approached her, and the sound of the sloshing water around them tugged at Madeline’s heartstrings, causing ripples that broke the calmness of Madeline’s heart.

Jeremy leaned down and engulfed Madeline with his unique, cooling scent.

“I love you, Linnie.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1409
As much as Jeremy’s confession was expected, it was still surprisingly sweet when it got to her ears.

Madeline pursed her lips and smiled, meeting the man’s deepening gaze.

“Me too. I’ve wanted to be with you forever since the day I met you. To the end of the world, wherever you go, I’ll come with you.”

Hearing this, Jeremy’s eyes were soft as the look in them grew more tender. “I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this day, Linnie.”

“If the wait leads me to you, then it’ll be worth it.”

With Madeline’s words, Jeremy placed an unrestrained kiss on her lips, pouring in all the emotions he had suppressed in his heart.

“Linnie, how about we have another baby?”

“Can you even afford to raise so many kids, Mr. Whitman?”

“What do you say?” the man asked with a low chuckle but then made a serious promise. “I don’t want you to suffer anymore, Linnie. I’m very content with Jack, Lillian, and Pudding. Though most importantly, I have you.”

The man said tenderly, and Madeline’s reply fell into a small murmur in the end.

The evening breeze caused the candlelights on the table to flicker, and the two tender shadows were reflected on the wall. Their love would continue to prosper…


As usual, Karen brought soup to the hospital and took care of Eloise. As soon as she entered the ward, she saw Sean struggling to stay awake due to his exhaustion.

She walked to the bed and urged Sean to go home. “You haven’t had a good rest for so many nights now, Sean. Go back and sleep. I’ll take care of Eloise.”

Sean did feel a little tired, but he did not have it in him to leave Ellie alone.

Eloise was not clear-headed now and she had no idea who anyone was but him. He was afraid that Eloise would feel scared if he left.

He hesitated when he suddenly heard Eloise speak, “Go home. Rest.”

Although it had taken some effort for Eloise to speak, those three words were still clearly pronounced.

Karen and Sean were elated now that Eloise could speak a few more words. Sean felt a large weight lifting from his shoulders. “Then, I shall go back to rest, Ellie. I’ll come back later.”

Eloise looked at Sean and nodded gently.

After Sean left, Karen then picked up the bowl of soup and sat by the bed to feed Eloise.

“You’re getting better day by day, Eloise. I’m sure you’ll be able to get out of bed by the time Eveline comes back from vacation.” Karen blew on the steaming soup and then brought it to Eloise’s mouth, her actions all done with familiarity now. “It’s hot.”

Eloise blinked and looked at Karen as if there was something she wanted to say. However, she only frowned and listened to Karen instead because that was all she could do.

“I was truly ridiculous at the beginning, wasn’t I? I don’t know where the sense of superiority came from but I looked down on Eveline even when my heart longed for the Whitman and Montgomery family to be wedded. When it turned out that Eveline is the Montgomeries’ precious daughter, oh how the whiplash I gave myself had hurt.”

Karen scoffed self-deprecatingly, her eyes no longer holding that haughty and contemptuous color.

“To be honest, Eveline really is a rare and great child. I blame myself for being deceived by that Meredith Crawford. Otherwise, Eveline wouldn’t have had to suffer so many grievances.”

The words seemed to have resonated with Eloise for Karen saw regret and annoyance tinting the other woman’s eyes.

Elosie hated Meredith as well, perhaps even more than Karen herself.

Karen was also surprised. ‘Does Eloise remember who Meredith Crawford is?’

While they were deep in thought, two middle-aged women donned in gold and silver suddenly appeared by the door.

“Oh, I heard that Mrs. Montgomery is still alive. I thought they were joking, but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“So the claim that Mrs. Montgomery is paralyzed and stupid is true, then?”

The two women completed each other’s sentences with such ominous words as they rolled their eyes at Eloise, their faces filled with arrogance.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1410
“How dare your adopted daughter accuse my son of being unworthy when he tried to pursue her back then, Mrs. Montgomery? Your daughter played my son and look where that got her? She’s dead now!”

The woman crossed her arms and smirked in schadenfreude.

“Mrs. Montgomery, you took a heinous and vile woman as your own daughter and in return caused your darling daughter to go through so many sufferings. Wouldn’t you call this retribution?”

“Exactly! It’s probably because of how unlucky the daughter she gave birth to was that she almost tore the Whitman family apart, or so I heard. When the Montgomery family recognized her, their house got burned down. Her mom gets left paralyzed and becomes stupid. What a misfortune! Haha…”

“You’re right! Haha…”

The two women started sneering incessantly.

Seeing this, Karen immediately grabbed an apple from the fruit plate and threw it at them forcefully.

The two women stopped laughing abruptly and dodged in fright. In the end, both their foreheads collided and it was followed by painful screams. The two immediately yelled, “Is this how housewives of rich families act? How can you start hitting people?”

Karen sneered unhurriedly and said, “I don’t think I hit a person, though.”


“Eloise’s adopted daughter died a long time ago. How could you use a deceased person for the sake of your own entertainment? And you dare to call yourself a person? Do people say such things?”

“…” The two women flushed at the words but they could not say anything to refute.

Karen walked straight up to them and chided with unrestrained anger, “I’m already going easy on you by just throwing an apple considering how you’re gloating in the face of someone else’s misfortune. Leave, before I call the police to have you two arrested!”

“You… Fine!” The woman curled her lips and turned around indignantly, but she had walked too quickly and ended up twisting her ankle. Her heavy body was sent falling to the ground with a thud.


The other woman who followed tripped as well and their screams filled the air.

Karen could not help but smirk contemptuously at the scene.

“Now this is what I call retribution. In the same lifetime as well!”


Karen glared before she closed the door and returned to Eloise.

Seeing Eloise’s heavy expression, Karen quickly comforted her. “Ignore them, Eloise. These kinds of people just have nothing better to do. It’s great that you don’t remember the past, or you might be even angrier.”

Karen picked up another apple. Turning back, she found Eloise looking at her intently. She then coaxed Eloise like one would a kid. “I’ll peel you an apple, okay? Don’t be angry anymore.”

Eloise quietly watched Karen who was peeling the apple for her as tears unconsciously brimmed her bright eyes…

The next day, at the resort.

Madeline woke up In Jeremy’s warm embrace and the first thing her bleary eyes met was the man’s sleeping face. She rolled over and lay down beside Jeremy lazily.

The gentle morning halo scattered over the man’s resolute and refined features. Madeline lifted her finger and began to gently trace the man’s eyebrows.

‘I wish that you’ll be the first thing I see whenever I wake up for the rest of my life, Jeremy.’

She leaned in to kiss Jeremy only for the man to raise his hand and hold the back of her head the moment she inched forward.

Caught off guard, Madeline found her lips pressed against Jeremy’s thin ones. Blood rushed to her face. “So you were awake all along, Jeremy?”

Jeremy curled the corners of his thin lips and smiled. Just as he was about to talk to Madeline, his phone rang.

Madeline helped him reach for the phone and realized that it was from Karen. She immediately picked up the phone. “Why are you calling so early in the morning, Mom? Did something happen to my mother?”

Madeline was worried that something had happened to Eloise, but Karen’s reply astonished her. “What? Really, Mom?”

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