Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1391-1400

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1391
Madeline strode toward the stairs that suddenly collapsed.

Sean was on the phone when he heard Madeline’s heart-wrenching screams. His expression changed drastically before rushing in.

Madeline panicked and ran to the place where Jeremy had fallen. When she saw the man lying motionless on the ground, she felt as if something had pierced through her heart.


With a pale face, Madeline ran to Jeremy’s side and knelt before him. She took his face and cradled it in her arms.

“Jeremy, wake up, Jeremy! Don’t scare me!” Madeline’s eyes looked lost while her hands trembled violently.

She brushed away the dust on Jeremy’s face. With trembling fingers, she stroked his beautiful eyebrows. Then, tears quietly escaped from her eyes.

“Jeremy, don’t scare me. Please don’t scare me. I really don’t have the ability to bear the possibility of losing you.

“Jeremy, I’m truly exhausted from this journey. For the rest of my life, I just want you to cherish me and take care of me. Don’t make me face the unknown future alone, okay? Please…”

Madeline lowered her head and pressed her forehead tightly against Jeremy’s forehead.


“Eveline, what happened?” Sean looked at Jeremy who was lying on the ground unconscious and then glanced at the hole where the staircase had collapsed above him. He then instantly understood what happened.

“Eveline, send Jeremy to the hospital now!”

Madeline held Jeremy’s head and raised her teary eyes.

When she saw Jeremy’s appearance, she completely lost the ability to think. Her mind went blank.

She really, really did not want to experience such a gut-wrenching feeling again.

Madeline hugged Jeremy while being stuck in a daze. She did not know where he was injured, but she felt more at ease holding him like this and feeling the warmth on his body.

The ambulance arrived soon after and they carried Jeremy onto the stretcher.

Madeline got into the ambulance with Jeremy while Sean followed closely behind in his car.

However, after arriving at the hospital, Sean suddenly felt his hands and feet going cold.

He had forgotten about Eloise!

Sean talked to Madeline and immediately returned to Montgomery Manor. However, after searching all over the ruins, no trace of Eloise was seen.

At the entrance of the emergency room of the hospital, Madeline paced anxiously back and forth.

Jeremy was still unconscious even after being inside for a very long time. She called Sean again to ask about Eloise, but he did not answer the phone.

She looked at the red light of the emergency room anxiously while continuously turning the wedding ring on her finger.

However, even after a long time, the rescue was not done yet.

Madeline felt even more restless.

“Eveline.” Sean’s voice came from one side.

Madeline looked up. “Dad!” She hurried over and looked behind Sean several times. “Where’s my mother?”

Sean furrowed his thick eyebrows. “After I went back, your mother was no longer there. I searched everywhere several times but I still couldn’t find her.”

Madeline’s heart sank again. She felt as if her whole mind was in a mess.

She closed her eyes in distress and felt as if the darkness was engulfing her body.

She had been too careless.

If she had not suggested bringing Eloise back to the ruins of Montgomery Manor, these things would not have happened.

“Eveline, don’t worry too much. Your mother will be fine. She’s only temporarily lost. I’ll go look for her now, so don’t blame yourself.”

Sean knew his daughter and could see that Madeline was blaming herself.

Madeline nodded and did not want to spread her negative emotions.

Sean glanced at the emergency room before comforting Madeline. “You and Jeremy have experienced so much, so I believe God won’t be so cruel. He’ll be fine.”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded dumbly. Then, the door to the emergency room finally opened.

When she spotted the doctor, Madeline rushed over and asked immediately, “Doctor, how’s my husband? Is he okay?”

Sean followed closely to understand the situation.

The doctor took off his mask and smiled. “Fortunately, he didn’t hurt his vital organs. He just passed out temporarily and will wake up soon.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1392
After receiving an affirmative answer from the doctor, the weight on Madeline’s heart was slowly lifted off.

However, even though Jeremy was fine, Eloise was still missing.

“Eveline, take care of Jeremy. I’ll find your mother.” Sean patted Madeline on the shoulder before turning around.

When Madeline watched Sean’s back as he hurried away, Madeline could understand how her father was feeling at the moment.

Eloise was the love of Sean’s life just like how she loved Jeremy. If something happened to the person she loved the most, the anxiety in her heart would be indescribable.

Jeremy was transferred to the general ward where Madeline stayed beside his bed.

She looked at the sunshine on his handsome and resolute face. His eyebrows and eyes looked so gentle.

Madeline held Jeremy’s hand, clasped his fingers, and kissed the back of his hand after lowering her head. “Jeremy, I knew you took the risk for me because you were concerned about my safety. Thank you.”

“We’re husband and wife. You don’t have to thank me.”

Suddenly, she heard a gentle and charming voice gliding into her ears.

Madeline lifted her head, her teary eyes meeting Jeremy’s smiling and passionate narrow eyes.

“Jeremy, you’re awake!” Madeline got closer to him.

“Yeah.” Jeremy lifted his hand and stroked Madeline’s cheek. “I’m sorry I made you worry, darling.”

“I’m fine as long as you are.” Madeline felt tears stinging the corners of her eyes. “Jeremy, I was so scared that something might have happened to you.”

“Don’t be scared. I promised that I’ll take care of you and stay with you for the rest of our lives. I won’t go back on my promise again.”

Madeline smiled with tears in her eyes and leaned down to press a kiss on the corner of Jeremy’s lips.

Jeremy smiled softly and suddenly remembered something. “Where’s Mom? I wanted to go upstairs to look for her, but when I stepped on the stairs, the wood under me collapsed. I don’t think she’s even upstairs.”

After he said that, Jeremy saw the melancholy on Madeline’s face.

“Mom’s missing.”

“Missing?” Jeremy sat up slowly. “Linnie, don’t worry. She’ll be fine. I’ll start sending people to look for her.”

“Jeremy, you should rest first.” Madeline stopped him. “Dad’s looking for her now. She should be around the ruins of Montgomery Manor. Rest well. I don’t want anything to happen to you again.”

Jeremy understood how Madeline was dealing right now, so he did not insist on it. On the other hand, he called Ken and told him to get more people to look for Eloise.

After he hung up the phone, Felipe called him.

Felipe wanted to ask Jeremy to pull some strings to get the camera footage from the junction that day. It was then he found out that Jeremy was in the hospital.

As his uncle, Felipe was truly concerned about Jeremy. Even though Jeremy told him he was fine, he still ran to the hospital with a worried heart.

Felipe hurried to the entrance of the hospital. When he was about to go in, a ball rolled to the side of his foot.

He lowered his head to look down. Then, he saw a tiny figure running toward him from the corner of his eyes.

“Uncle. Ball. Mine.”

He heard a childish voice talking next to him.

Felipe found that this voice was familiar. When he turned his head to look, he saw the little boy who held his hand on the side of the street that day.

He felt pleased when he saw his pure smiling face.

“Hey buddy, why are you kicking your ball at the door of the hospital?” Felipe smiled and handed the ball over.

The little guy blinked his lively eyes and explained seriously, “Mommy and I are waiting for Daddy. I didn’t kick the ball. The ball fell itself.”

It seemed that he was waiting for his father. Felipe smiled gently and lifted his head to caress his hair.

“Juan, who are you talking to? We’re going home.”

A woman’s sweet and melodic voice sounded from in front of him and Felipe was taken aback. When he lifted his head, his eyes met with a pair of extremely familiar large eyes.

Felipe was completely stunned.

He was sure that this was not a dream.

Felipe walked toward Cathy who was standing not far away absent-mindedly. Her face was how she used to look and not after she underwent plastic surgery.

Felipe did not know why this was happening, but he was so happy that he started sobbing.

“Cathy, it really is you…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1393
Felipe seemed to have fallen into a beautiful dream, but he knew that she was really in front of him.

His eyes were red, and the woman’s face was blurred gradually in his teary eyes. Even so, he could hear the irregular rhythm of his heartbeat clearly.

“Cathy…” Felipe called out softly. His voice was trembling very much and even his hands were trembling.

He slowly raised his arm to try to touch the sweet and beautiful face in front of him, but before he could touch her, she suddenly avoided him.

The woman glanced at Felipe who was stuck in a trance with tears in his eyes with a look of surprise on her face. Then, she quickly walked over to pick up the little boy named Juan.

“Juan, do you know this uncle?” the woman asked, but her question caused Felipe’s hand to stiffen in the air.

His heart that was beating with joy and delight seemed to freeze over. Then, he felt endless coldness overpower his breathing and heart.

“Uncle, car, danger,” the little boy said childishly, then he lightly patted the ball in his arms. “Uncle helped Juan pick up the ball.”

The little boy was too young, so he could not describe in detail what happened. However, the woman understood him.

She picked up the little boy before walking to Felipe who looked dazed. Then, she gave him a gentle and polite smile.

“Sir, thank you for helping my son pick up the ball.” The woman thanked him. Her clear and melodious voice passed through Felipe’s ears, and it was the same voice as in his memory.

“Juan, let’s go inside and wait for your daddy.”


Felipe’s heart palpitated suddenly when he heard the conversation between the woman and the child.

He seemed to have recovered his thoughts before he suddenly turned to look at the distant figure ahead.

“Cathy,” he called out again, but the woman did not stop.

“Cathy!” Felipe called out again as he was not willing to reconcile to this, but this time, the woman stopped.

She returned to her senses. Her graceful and moving eyes were filled with the ignorance of a young girl. She looked at Felipe who was looking expectantly before looking around.

“Cathy? Are you calling me, sir?”

Felipe could not accept it when he got this answer.

He strode to the woman. When his tall body was standing beside her petite figure, he was like a gigantic flesh wall towering over her.

“Cathy, why don’t you know me anymore? I’m your Felipe!” Felipe grabbed the woman’s shoulders and emphasized emotionally.

The woman knitted her eyebrows that looked like crescents and escaped from Felipe’s grip.

“Sir, I think you have the wrong person. I’ve never heard of the name Cathy and I don’t even know you.”

“How could you possibly not know me? I’m the only man in this world who you love and are concerned about!”

“…” The woman was taken aback. Then, she chuckled. “Sir, I think you really have the wrong person. I’ve never seen you before. The man I love and am concerned about the most is my husband.”


That word felt like a sharp knife with thorns as it stabbed directly into Felipe’s heart.

‘She has a husband.

‘She’s married.

‘Not only that, but she also has a child…”

The woman looked at him curiously when she saw that he looked like he was stunned. Then, she did not say anything before picking up her son to walk to the entrance of the hospital.

“Cathy!” Felipe chased after her hurriedly and blocked the woman.

The woman frowned in annoyance. “Sir, I really am not Cathy.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1394
“No, you’re not Cathy.” Felipe could not be more certain as he stared at the woman’s features.

The woman exhaled with an exasperated smile and was about to say something when a man’s gentle voice called out to her. “Amy.”

The woman broke into a smile at the voice and turned to look in the direction it came from while she held the little boy in her arms.

“Dad’s here, Juan. Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” The little boy nodded obediently and greeted lovingly in the direction of the man who was a slight distance away, “Daddy.”

Felipe felt his chest chill as he turned to look at where the other man was. Entering his line of vision was a rather familiar face.

While he had not been in any direct contact with Adam, Felipe knew that it was the other with one glance.

Adam seemed shocked to see Felipe as well. The man pondered outwardly for a moment before he strode over to Felipe.

“Felipe Whitman, Jeremy’s uncle?” Adam asked.

Felipe glanced at Adam before his gaze fell back on the woman who stood next to Adam.

Adam took in his behavior and gave a polite smile as he introduced, “This is my fiancée, Amy.”

“Fiancée.” Felipe rolled the word around his tongue and felt his heart burning as if thousands of ants were gnawing at it.

“We met when we were studying but never got married because of how busy we were with work. We even have children together but somehow not the time to hold an actual wedding ceremony,” Adam explained as he took the child from the woman’s arms. “This is Mr. Whitman, one of my friend’s uncles, Amy.”

Amy gave a slight nod and turned to smile at Felipe.

“Hello, Mr. Whitman, I’m Amy. You kept calling me Cathy just now. Do I perhaps look like her?”

Adam was shocked. “Cathy?”

Felipe’s eyes remained pinned on the delicate facial features of the flawlessly beautiful woman in front of him.

“Not just alike. You two look exactly the same.”

“…” Stunned, the woman then broke into a pure and surprised smile. “It never crossed my mind that there’d be someone who looks just like me. I’d love to meet her.”

Felipe felt his heart getting stabbed and shredded at the sight of the bright smile before his eyes.

He looked down and scoffed self-deprecatingly.

“She’s already dead, the girl who looks just like you.”


That took both Adam and the woman aback.

Felipe chuckled despondently when he saw the woman’s legitimately shocked expression. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go take a look at what happened to Jeremy.”

“Jeremy got admitted to the hospital?” Adam asked in surprise, “What happened? Did the slow-acting poison relapse?”

Felipe shook his head. “I have no idea. Do you want to come take a look yourself?”

“Yeah.” Adam did not hesitate before replying and handed the child back to the woman. “I’m going to go check on my friend, Amy. Wait for me in the car, hmm?”

“Your friend is my friend, Adam. I’ll come with you,” the woman suggested.

Adam did not think much of it and agreed. “Let’s go, then.”

“Hmm.” The woman nodded and turned to Felipe who was still staring at her. “Lead the way, Mr. Whitman.”

Felipe gave a slight tilt of the head and finally averted his deep gaze from the woman’s face.

In the elevator, Adam realized that Felipe’s gaze remained trained on the woman’s face. He was confused but did not ask about it.

Only after a while of persuasion did Jeremy finally manage to have Madeline leave the ward to sign his discharge papers.

He was well aware of his condition. It was merely a surface wound.

Seeing Madeline walking toward the door reluctantly, Jeremy smiled and was about to tease her when she suddenly froze in place by the door of the ward.

Worry began to creep up Jeremy’s handsome features. “Linnie? Linnie, what’s wrong?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1395
Madeline heard Jeremy calling her name but was too stunned by the sight her eyes caught.


“Linnie.” Jeremy lifted the blankets and got down the bed.

Watching the man running toward her worriedly, Madeline quickly went to help the man.

“What’s wrong, Linnie?” Jeremy ignored his condition. All his eyes saw was Madeline.

Just as he spoke, a face he had never expected appeared in his line of vision.

“Cathy?!” Jeremy was astonished.

Madeline nodded excitedly as well. “It’s Cathy! It really is Cathy!”

The woman wondered even more just how alike she was with this Cathy when she saw Madeline and Jeremy’s reactions.

She was about to explain herself but Adam was a step faster. “You’re mistaken. This is Amy Young, my fiancée. I understand that she looks a lot like this Cathy you speak of, but she isn’t Cathy.”

Madeline and Jeremy’s excitement slowly returned to normal.

“Hello. I’m Amy Young, Adam’s fiancée. I must really look like this Cathy you speak of, but I’m not her. Please don’t mistake me for her.”

Amy explained with a smile. Yet be it her smile or her voice, they were no different from Cathy’s.

Madeline was certain that she was not mistaken before. The woman from before who was buying yellow roses with two children in tow was this woman before her right now who looked exactly like Cathy.

Now, she was curious as to why Felipe would appear with Adam and Amy.

From Felipe’s expression, it seemed like the man had already accepted the cruel truth that she was not Cathy.

“Oh, right. What happened to you? Why are you in the hospital?” Adam asked Jeremy in confusion.

“Nothing much, I just got into a small accident.” Jeremy brushed it off with a simple response while his deep and inquisitive gaze remained on the woman by the name of Amy.

“Since when did you find yourself a fiancée, Adam? You even have a kid too?”

Adam smiled. “I told you, didn’t I? That we all have our secrets. With the job I used to do, there was no way I’d let anyone know about my family,” he explained, his mannerisms especially natural.

Madeline shared a look with Jeremy. There was much the both of them wanted to say, but they did not speak further.

“If it isn’t the slow-acting poison relapsing, then we’ll head back first, alright?” Adam looked at Amy with gentleness. “We still have a daughter waiting for us at home.”

Jeremy understood. “I’m alright. I’ll look for you if anything feels off.”

“Okay. We’ll get going, then.” Adam then wrapped his arm around Amy’s shoulders and urged the child in her arms. “Say goodbye to Uncle and Aunty, Juan.”

The angelic boy blinked his glistening eyes and bid them farewell obediently. “Bye-bye, uncles and Aunty.”

“Bye-bye, Juan.” Madeline smiled crescent-eyed at the adorable child.

Watching the couple leave, Madeline furrowed her brows.

‘Is it not you, Cathy?’

“Is she really not Cathy?” Felipe suddenly asked with a bitter smile. “I refuse to believe it. I have to check.”

He quickly strode after them, completely forgetting that he had come to the hospital to visit Jeremy.

Jeremy did not stop him for he knew that if he was in Felipe’s shoes, the truth would be the only thing that mattered to him at this moment.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1396
He fully understood how Felipe felt. Whether she was or was not Cathy, her existence was still a ray of hope to Felipe.

Madeline signed Jeremy’s discharge papers, and as they were on the way home, Madeline gave Sean a call. She asked if Eloise had been found yet, but Sean said no.

Eloise going missing had fueled Madeline’s unease.

Jeremy understood how Madeline felt. “Don’t blame yourself, Linnie. This isn’t your fault. Life is full of surprises and unexpected incidents, so we can’t prevent everything. Mom could be on the way home for all we know.”

Madeline smiled softly, knowing that Jeremy was only trying to console and comfort her.

“You’re right, Jeremy. It’s also impossible for us to know if the unexpected would be something good or bad. Like Cathy.” She looked up to meet the man’s gaze. “Do you remember how you asked Cathy to return to Glendale and asked Adam for pain medication when we were in F Country back then?”

“Yeah.” Jeremy nodded. “That’s what I was wondering about just now. If she truly is Cathy, then it’d be likely that she exchanged contacts with Adam.”

“I hope it’s Cathy.” Madeline prayed internally. “Hope is not lost as long as she’s alive.”

“That must be what Felipe is thinking too. As long as Cathy’s still alive, even if as someone else’s wife, I’m sure he’ll be happy.”

Madeline agreed with Jeremy but how were they supposed to prove that Amy was Cathy?

Less than 20 minutes later, Madeline and Jeremy returned to the manor. The first thing she did was ask Karen about Eloise’s situation. “Did my mom drop by, Mom?”

Karen was stunned. “Didn’t she leave with the both of you this morning? What happened to your head, Jeremy? What’s with all the bandages?”

“It’s just a surface injury, I’m alright,” Jeremy replied casually as he was more worried about where Eloise was. “Stay home and take care of the kids, Linnie. I’ll go meet up with Dad. Mom can’t go too far on her own.”

“Stay home, Jeremy. I know you said you’re fine, but I’m still worried.” Madeline held him back. “Go back to rest in the room.”

“I’m really alright,” Jeremy stressed.

Even so, Madeline was firm and gave a displeased expression. “I told you to go and rest, didn’t I? Or do you want to fight about this?”

“…” Jeremy conceded and returned to rest in the room as per Madeline’s orders.

Madeline exhaled a sigh of relief and notified Karen before she left the house to meet up with Sean.

The two made multiple rounds around the streets of Montgomery Manor, but there were no leads to where Eloise had gone.

Eloise had clearly walked into the ruins, so how did she just vanish into thin air?

Seconds turned into minutes, then minutes turned into hours. The sun had already begun to set before they knew it. Standing dazedly in the middle of the road where cars drove past beside her, Madeline frowned.

“Where are you, Mom? I’m so worried about you.”

Madeline’s expression was filled with frustration as she thought about the hardships and pain she had been through just for her family to finally reunite.

Now, her mother was missing.

With Eloise’s mental state, Madeline’s concern intensified.

Madeline was about to call the police when her phone suddenly rang.

She picked up the call from Jeremy without hesitation. “I haven’t found Mom yet, Jeremy.”

She stated straightforwardly, only to hear Jeremy speak in a strange tone. “Come home first, Linnie.”

Madeline found Jeremy’s tone unusual. “Do you have any news about Mom?”

Instead of explaining, Jeremy repeated himself and stressed, “Come home first, Linnie. You and Dad.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1397
Despite not knowing what was going on, Madeline could feel that something had occurred from Jeremy’s tone.

She was terrified that something had happened to Eloise.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Madeline immediately brought Sean back to Whitman Manor.

The two entered the living room and were met with Jeremy and Karen sitting solemnly on the sofa.

“Seriously, these people would do anything for money.” Karen groaned with a huff.

She shot up to her feet when she saw Madeline and Sean returning.

Hearing Karen’s complaint, the unease Madeline felt spiked.

She stared at the man who was slowly approaching her. “Do we have news on Mom, Jeremy?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, but his sharp brows were still tightly knitted.

Sean was elated, but the vibe in the air felt off.

“What happened? Is Ellie alright?”

Jeremy reached over to hold Madeline’s hand as he took in her worried expression. “I just received a call from an unknown number. They said they happened to find Mom on the streets and brought her back out of goodwill. They’re now asking for fifty million dollars repayment for watching over her or they won’t send Mom back. They won’t let us call the police or they’ll hurt Mom.”

Jeremy felt Madeline’s hands grow cold after he spoke.

“Don’t worry, Linnie. All they want is money.”

“Isn’t this just a kidnapping case?” Sean saw through the other’s plan.

What ‘happened to find’ and ‘goodwill’ were they talking about? This was blatant kidnapping and asking for ransom!

“We’ll give them the money if they want. As long as Ellie’s alright!” Sean was frantic. As far as he was concerned, no luxury would ever compare to the importance of his beloved.

Madeline shared the same thought. She looked at the man in front of her worriedly. “Jeremy…”

“I’ve already called the bank and they’re preparing the money. Don’t worry, Linnie. Mom will be alright.” Jeremy comforted, knowing how worried Madeline was.

Jeremy had just finished speaking when the house phone in the living room rang again.

Jeremy had a feeling that it was from the man who asked for ransom earlier. He picked up the phone and indeed heard the rough and gangster-like tone of the man.

“Do you have the money, Mr. Whitman?”

Jeremy replied calmly and softly, “It’s being prepared. As long as you ensure my mother-in-law’s safety, then we can negotiate this.”

“A trustworthy businessman you are, Mr. Whitman.” The man sounded satisfied and decided to increase the price. “However, we’ve just fed your mother-in-law, so I have to add on to the amount, right?”

“Get to the point. How much more do you want?”

“Mr. Whitman sure is pleasant to do business with! An extra million!”

“Fine,” Jeremy replied curtly, startling the man for he had not expected Jeremy to agree so easily. The man demanded again, “Have your wife bring the money over herself.”

Jeremy had no qualms paying them as much as they wanted, but the risk of endangering Madeline’s safety had his tone immediately turning frosty.

“Just take the money. I don’t like doing business with people who don’t know where to stop.”

The man was stricken by Jeremy’s icy tone, but he mustered up the courage to demand again after a moment.

“I said have your wife send the money. Or you can forget about having your mother-in-law returning safe and sound!”

Jeremy had answered the call on speaker, so Sean felt his heartstrings tug at the man’s words. His expression changed as he rushed to the phone. “Ellie! Don’t you dare hurt Ellie!”

“Hmph. Do as I say or the crazy b*tch gets hurt!” The man’s arrogance leaped.

Jeremy’s grip tightened around the phone. He did not want to compromise just like that.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1398
In that moment of unease, Madeline stepped forward and took the phone from Jeremy’s hand.

“I’m Jeremy Whitman’s wife as well as the daughter of the woman you kidnapped. I’ll bring the money if that’s what you wish. As long as you promise my mother’s safety, I’ll gladly bring you the money!”

The man immediately agreed, not expecting Madeline to be so quick to agree. “What a straightforward personality you have, Mrs. Whitman. It’s only right that I stick to my word as well. All I want is to be repaid for taking care of your mother, nothing more. Pay me and you shall have your mother back. I’ll be waiting!”

The man then hung up the call. Just then, Jeremy received a call from the bank telling him that the money had been prepared.

Madeline got ready to take a trip to the bank for the money. She would then go to retrieve Eloise. However, Jeremy was reluctant to let her go just like that.

“You can’t go by yourself, Linnie.” Worry filled the man’s expression as he refused to let go.

Madeline understood what Jeremy was feeling and turned to smile at the man. “I’ll take good care of myself, Jeremy. I also know that you won’t leave me all alone there, would you?”

Jeremy immediately understood what Madeline meant. He was fully aware that he would not be able to stop Madeline, but that did not mean he would let her face danger all alone. Jeremy would certainly find a way to watch over her from the shadows.

Jeremy finally loosened his hold only for Sean to take his place holding her back. Sean’s heart raced frantically. “Must you go personally, Eveline? I’m really worried about you. I’m worried about your mother too.”

Madeline gave a reassuring smile. “Jeremy will protect me. I’ll come home with Mom.”

Sean let go of Madeline reluctantly for she was their only option now.

Karen walked over to remind her kindly. “Be careful. Come home for dinner, alright? We’ll be waiting.”

“Yeah.” Madeline acknowledged. “I can’t wait to drink your soup!”

Karen let out a sigh of relief, having never expected to one day live so peacefully with Madeline. Here she was, regretting not treating her daughter-in-law better back then.

The sky had already started to grow dark.

Madeline took the money and made her way to the address of the transaction.

She had no idea who managed to lure Eloise to a small district more than ten miles away from the ruined Montgomery Manor. Eloise may not be in the best mental state, but she was still a living person. Unless they had kidnapped her by dragging her into a car?

As she wondered to herself, Madeline arrived at the entrance of the district and saw a rascally short man walking toward her. “Are you Eveline Montgomery?”

Madeline looked around and analyzed the man in front of her. “I am, and you—”

“You don’t need to know who I am. Take your things and come with me. I’ll bring you to see your mom.”

Hearing his voice, she knew he was not the kidnapper who took Eloise.

From the corners of her eyes, Madeline saw a car that was stopped by a road not too far away. She followed the man into the district where she was led to a house.

Opening the door, Madeline was met with a smelly gust of air. The environment before her was dirty and messy with takeout boxes thrown around and flies buzzing over them.

Madeline knew that this was not a gang-organized crime. Realizing that Eloise had been locked in such an environment for an entire day, her heart hurt.

“Where’s my mother?”

The man lit a cigarette and reached out his claw-like hands to Madeline.

“Where’s the money?”

Madeline pointed at the briefcase in her hand. “The money won’t run, and I want to see my mom first.”

The man bit on the cigarette and pointed at the door next to him. “Your mom’s inside.”

Madeline immediately strode over only to have the man hold her back, fiercely snatching the briefcase in Madeline’s hand. “Give me the money!”

The man was brutal and pushed Madeline harshly away.

Madeline’s ankle twisted and she staggered backward, hitting a door and knocking it open.

Losing her balance, she fell backward and was about to stand. However, the scene before her made her shocked. “Mom!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1399
The scene pierced into Madeline’s heart.

She quickly got to her feet and ran toward Eloise who was lying unconscious on the floor. “Mom! Mom!”

Madeline did not know if Eloise had merely fainted or if it was worse, but there was no response from her no matter how Madeline called out to her.

Eloise was currently bound by coarse ropes tied so tightly that lines of bruises had formed on her arms. There was a layer of dirt and dust over her face while her hair was a complete mess. It was a pitiful sight.

“Mom! Wake up, Mom. Eveline’s here. You wanted to see me, didn’t you?”

Madeline quickly unraveled the rope and carried Eloise to her feet before placing her against the wall.


She called out a few more times but Eloise did not respond.

Madeline shot up and fumed when she saw the man opening the briefcase and staring at the money with greedy sparkling eyes.

“What did you do to my mother? Why won’t she wake up?!” Madeline questioned furiously.

The man dangled the cigarette in his mouth as he replied disdainfully, “The crazy b*tch kept wailing about looking for her daughter or something. It was so annoying, so I shut her up and dosed her with sleeping pills. That’s it.”

Madeline suddenly clenched her fists.

Watching the man happily counting the money, she looked down to whisper at the rose badge on her collar. “You heard him, didn’t you, Jeremy? Mom has been dosed with sleeping pills and she’s still unconscious. I can’t bring her out alone now. Call the police first, then—”

“F*ck! Who are you talking to?”

A man’s irritated voice rang out from behind. Madeline did not have the time to turn around when the man reached out to pull the badge off Madeline’s clothes.

While it seemed like a normal rose-shaped brooch, the badge also doubled as a locator and a contacting device.

Rough as he was, the man ended up tearing off the first button on Madeline’s shirt.

Madeline’s collar opened, revealing her slim neck and fair white skin. The man’s gaze shifted as he gulped lustfully.

“I see you’re Glendale’s prettiest lady for a reason. Mr. Whitman’s wife, what a seductive figure!”

The man licked his lips wickedly as he spoke his vile words, the desire in his eyes growing.

“I’m rich now, so if I sleep with a beauty like you, wouldn’t you say that my life’s complete? Come on, baby!”

He spoke wretchedly as he reached out to pounce on Madeline.

Madeline gripped her opened collar and took hold of the baseball bat by the side, swatting it at the man with a sharp look in her eyes.

“Ow!” The man yelped in pain.

Madeline’s gaze was sharp, and her expression was void of fear.

After everything she had been through her entire life, why would she fear this mere man?

“Listen up you imp. My husband will be here very soon. You have two choices now. You can either waste your time here with me, but I can assure you that you’ll never touch a hair of mine, or you can turn and run for your life. There’s no third option.”


The man seemed taken aback by Madeline’s fierce aura, and admiration tinted his eyes.

“What a character you have there, Mrs. Whitman, but I think you’ve forgotten something.” The man reminded and pointed at Eloise behind him. “My third option.”

Madeline’s gaze sharpened. “What are you doing?”

The man smirked sinisterly and walked toward Eloise before he pulled a switchblade from his pocket. Flipping it open, he aimed the blade at Eloise’s neck.

“Don’t you dare mess around!” Madeline shouted at him to stop.

“If you want your mom safe, then throw that bat away and come over obediently!”

Madeline tossed the baseball bat to the side and walked toward the man fearlessly.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1400
“I’m standing right here. What more do you want? If it’s the money, just take it and leave.”

The man was stunned. He never expected Madeline to not fear him at all.

He admired Madeline’s courage, but her behavior made him feel undermined and it only enraged him. “You must really think that I’m a pushover, don’t you? I’m going to make you regret this!”

He tightened the hold on the blade and moved to stab Eloise.

Thanks to Madeline’s quick reflexes, she caught the man’s wrist.

“Don’t hurt my mom!” Anger crept up her gentle features.

The man was stunned for two seconds before he pulled himself out of Madeline’s grip and raised his foot to kick Eloise.

Still unconscious, Eloise fell to the ground with her head knocking heavily onto the floorboards.


Madeline ran toward her nervously and saw Eloise frowning as if she was deep in pain. Madeline reached out to hold Eloise.

She had just reached her mother’s side when Madeline felt a dull pain on the back of her neck. She lost consciousness the next second and fell beside Eloise’s body.

The man tossed the baseball bat away after seeing that Madeline had fainted. He then squatted in front of her with a wicked look and pulled her body toward him.

“Let’s see if you can keep being stubborn!” The man chuckled evilly as his hands fell on Madeline’s collar. He was impatient and wanted to quickly touch her.

It had not been a few seconds before he felt a strike on the back of his head.

“Ow!” The man cupped his head in pain and turned to see Eloise who seemed to have woken up sometime during the struggle. Eloise was holding the baseball bat while glaring at the man.

“You liar! I won’t let you bully this Eveline!”

“Fck! You crazy btch! When did you wake up? How dare you interrupt me?! I’m going to kill you!”

The man fiercely held the switchblade between them.

Eloise fearlessly raised the baseball bat again to whack the man.


After taking a hit, the man lost his grip on the switchblade.

“You crazy b*tch. I’m going to… Ow!”

He roared and bent down to pick up the switchblade when he suffered another hit on his back.

“I won’t let you bully this Eveline! How dare you?! I won’t let anyone bully her!” Eloise glared as she continued to hit the man without restraint. He shrunk into himself and began to beg for mercy.

“Stop, you crazy b*tch! Ow, ow, chupse…”

“I’ll kill you, you stupid liar! How dare you bully Eveline?!” Eloise began to hit harder, her bat smashing the man’s neck.

“Ah!” The man yelped and fell onto the floor.

Staring at the briefcase of money not too far away, he tried to climb up and leave, but his head suddenly felt dizzy.

He did not know if it was reality or an illusion, but he somehow smelled the scent of something burning in the air.

In his confused state, he saw a flicker of flame from the corner of his eye. He was about to flee when he lost consciousness and fell onto the floor instead.

Seeing that the man had stopped moving, Eloise threw the baseball bat away and ran to squat before Madeline.

“Hey, wake up.” Eloise patted Madeline’s cheek softly. “What are you doing here, Eveline? Silly girl, why are you sleeping here? Don’t you know that people will take advantage of you if you sleep here?”

Vaguely feeling that someone was calling her, Madeline opened her eyes confusedly to see Eloise looking at her.

“You’re awake. Quickly get up, then. I’ll send you home,” Eloise said seriously as she helped Madeline up.

Madeline frowned when she felt a slight ache at the back of her neck. She was about to say something when she caught sight of what was happening behind Eloise and her expression took a drastic shift.

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