Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1381-1390

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1381
This sudden act of robbery caused Madeline to be at a loss.

She lifted her head to see a shifty-eyed reporter snatching away the letter to take a look.

However, if the contents of the letter were exposed, the destruction of the Jones family’s reputation would be nothing compared to disturbing the departed spirit of Old Master Jones.

Madeline ran up to snatch the letter back when she saw that the reporter was about to read out the contents of the letter without permission. However, when she was about to do it, Mr. Jones instantly charged up to him like a lion that had been enraged. He grabbed the reporter’s collar and ordered through gritted teeth, “Give me back the letter!”

The reporter was shocked. However, at the same time, he knew he was holding an important piece of news, so he could not let go of it.

“Give it back to him.”

Suddenly, Jeremy’s voice sounded neither too quickly nor too slowly. Even though his tone was unperturbed, his aura was enough to make the reporter feel anxious—especially with how Jeremy was looking at him right now. His eyes were like an eagle’s as they exuded a spine-chilling aggressiveness.

“Why? Are you going to give it back to him or not? Or do you want me to get it myself, hmm?” Jeremy was talking slowly, but what he was trying to say was invulnerable.

The corners of the reporter’s mouth twitched. Then, he hurriedly and timidly handed the letter that he had just gotten to Mr. Jones.

After Mr. Jones got the letter, he put it away carefully as if it was a piece of treasure.

He then looked over the contents of the letter carefully again. After that, his face became even paler.

He looked at Jeremy and Madeline. After a long while, he held the letter and looked into the cameras brought by the media.

“Everyone, I need to make some things clear using this opportunity,” Mr. Jones announced earnestly, “I want to sincerely apologize for the statements my wife and I put out about the Whitmans killing my father 15 years ago and them killing my son now. There were never any entrapments or conspiracies. This entire time, it was only a huge misunderstanding.”


Everyone looked at each other and started asking with doubts on their faces.

“Misunderstanding? Mr. Jones, can you tell us what misunderstanding it is?”

Mr. Jones answered without hesitating, “The Whitmans got the project 15 years ago with their own ability and it had nothing to do with the Jones family. My father and Old Master Whitman had been good friends the entire time even up to the point of my father’s passing. As for my son…”

Mr. Jones sighed in low spirits and heartbreak.

“This entire time, Rye had misunderstood. He chose the wrong path these years and did some horrible things. As his parents, we can’t push the responsibilities to someone else. This has nothing to do with Mr. and Mrs. Whitman. I’m apologizing to them and the Whitmans right now in front of everyone. I’m sorry.”

Mr. Jones sounded sincere and he also bowed to them slightly.

It was evident he was being genuine.

However, the reporters were still unwilling to give up. “Mr. Jones, what’s in the letter and why could it change your mind so quickly all of a sudden? Is this letter—”

“Please don’t make any nonsensical guesses,” Mr. Jones interrupted, “This is just a farewell letter my father wrote to Old Master Whitman before he passed. I won’t tell everyone the details of the letter but I can tell you that my father explained clearly what happened during the bid 15 years ago. It was all just a misunderstanding.”

Mr. Jones was sincere, then he looked at Jeremy before thanking him. “Thank you, Mr. Whitman. You too, Mrs. Whitman.”

Madeline and Jeremy looked at each other and smiled with tacit mutual understanding.

At this moment, the room of the ward opened.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones ran up and asked nervously, “Doctor, how’s my son? How is he now?”

The doctor was feeling helpless as he sighed in agitation. “The patient said he wants to see some woman named Eveline Montgomery. If he doesn’t see her, he’ll be refusing all treatments.”

The reason Madeline dropped by was to prevent Jeremy from handling all of the allegations alone. She did not expect that she would need to see Ryan again.

To be honest, she did not want to see Ryan.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1382
When she saw that man, she would be reminded of how cruel he treated her back then.

“Linnie, let’s go home.”

Madeline grabbed Jeremy’s arm. “Okay.”

However, when they were about to turn around, Mrs. Jones grabbed her hand all of a sudden.

“Mrs. Whitman!”

Mrs. Jones grabbed Madeline frantically, her eyes filled with pleading and a rare look of apology.

“Mrs. Whitman, please. Please go in to see Rye!”

Madeline could understand how Mrs. Jones was feeling right now, but she truly did not want to see Ryan.

“Mrs. Whitman, I know I said a lot of horrible things to you back then. On behalf of our past relationship as mother and daughter-in-law, I hope you can forgive me for being rude and impetuous.

“Rye was wrong. He shouldn’t have hurt you that way. Whatever punishment he may face later will be his karma. However, Mrs. Whitman, I’m begging you now. Can you please preserve Rye’s life for the time being?”

Mrs. Jones was bawling and holding onto Madeline’s hand while refusing to let go. “Mrs. Whitman, you’re a kind person. You’ve saved him once, so please save him again. I’m sincerely begging you from the bottom of my heart!”

Mrs. Jones begged repeatedly. Her attitude right now was completely different from before. It was evident she was being extremely sincere.

“Mrs. Whitman, please. Can you go in and see Rye, please?”

“Mrs. Whitman, I’m begging you as well. Please give my son the hope to keep living.” Mr. Jones also walked over to beg her.

Madeline was moved. However, she suddenly remembered something. She should end this with Ryan.

She looked at Jeremy. When she was about to say something, the man smiled knowingly.

“Go.” Jeremy let go of Madeline’s hand gently. His deep eyes were filled with encouragement. “I’ll always support you no matter what you do.”

Madeline smiled softly. She did not say anything more before going into the room.

Ryan was lying in bed when his dull eyes suddenly reflected Madeline’s figure. Then, a flash of light appeared in his eyes.

The excitement in his heart was displayed clearly in his eyes. However, he was still in control of himself. “Eveline, you’re here.”

Ryan looked at Madeline who was walking slowly toward him. She said flatly, “Yeah, I’m here,” Madeline said calmly.

Ryan was shocked when he saw Madeline’s calm composure. Then, he was even more surprised when he saw Madeline’s wide and brilliant eyes.

“Eveline, you…”

“When I saw you collapsing in front of me after getting shot, I was greatly triggered. It seemed that it awakened my thoughts and memories,” Madeline explained slowly, “I’m back to normal now.”

Ryan let out a sigh of relief when he heard her answer.

His overly pale face was adorned with a smile. The guilt in his heart was finally lessened.

However, when he recalled what he did to Madeline, he still could not bear to think about it.

“I heard what you said to me that day,” Ryan said weakly and without strength. He then looked straight at Madeline. “You’re the one who pulled me back from death, and I remember that you have something to say to me. You said you’ll tell me after I’m awake. What is it?”

Ryan took a deep breath and asked again, “Eveline, what do you want to tell me?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1383
‘What do you want to tell me?’

Ryan wanted to know as he looked fixedly at the gentle and elegant woman in front of him. The sunlight outside the window was scattered all over her body and she was standing against the light like a person in a painting. She looked so earthly and yet so beautiful.

However, he could not have her in this way.

“Actually, does it matter what I want to tell you? I just wanted to give you hope at the time. It’s as simple as that.”

Madeline’s explanation caused the light in Ryan’s eyes to fade.

“No, you’re lying to me. You must have something to tell me.” His eyes were full of expectations. His appearance had returned to the former gentle and elegant air but it was now full of anxiety.

Madeline walked to the bed and looked at his pale and frustrated face. She also found it a bit ironic and ridiculous, but pity arose in Madeline’s heart from noticing his complicated emotions.

She looked at Ryan’s expectant face and parted her lips gently. “The day you said that you have no other requests… You said you’ll be happy as long as I obey you and do this last thing with you. You wanted me to watch the fireworks with you so that you could comfort yourself with the fact that I once belonged to you in the short period before the fireworks ended, right?”

Ryan did not say a word after Madeline accurately guessed what he had been thinking. However, he just stared at Madeline quietly.

“Before you were shot, you told me that you never thought of driving me crazy. You just wished I could stay by your side, but Ryan, feelings cannot be forced. Even if you control me and tamper with my memory, those are also fake and not real.”

Madeline’s words pierced through Ryan’s heart.

He finally understood this now and no longer had the ridiculous idea of ​​wanting to force her anymore.

“Ryan, I really hated you initially and I also wanted you to die, but the moment you fell to the ground in front of me after being shot, I figured it out.”


“You said you’re sorry, so I’ll answer you now. Everything is over, so it’s fine.”


After she said that, Ryan’s Adam’s apple bobbed lightly. The corners of his eyes were also warming up as they turned red.

His thoughts were almost occupied with endless shame and regret.

Madeline was very calm at the moment, and she could see everything clearly now.

“Ryan, I’d be lying if I say that I don’t hate you or blame you, but I don’t want to be entangled in these things that have already happened and cannot be changed. Soon, you’ll bear the responsibility for all the things you did. If you really feel guilty toward me, then you’ll also be tortured by your conscience. These are the best punishments for you.”

After listening to Madeline’s words, Ryan felt even more pathetic, hateful, and ridiculous.

How could he have been so cruel to treat her like that back then?

He was not worthy of such a tough, tenacious, and wise woman.

Ryan laughed in self-mockery before sighing long and hard.

How did he forget that he once said to Yorick there was no other woman in Glendale who was a match for Jeremy? However, this still applied the other way round. Perhaps Jeremy was the only one in Glendale or even the whole world who could make Madeline fall head over heels with him.

They were the best match regardless of appearance, heart, or even wisdom.

“I’ve lost. I’ve lost completely.”

Ryan sighed weakly and smiled bitterly.

“For so many years, I’ve been trapped in a hatred that does not exist at all. Not only have I hurt the innocent and my parents, but I also lost myself in it.”

He closed his eyes, and everything in the past played back in his mind like a movie.

If he could do it again…


There were no ifs in this world.

“Eveline, you’re right. People like me are not worthy of true love.” He laughed at himself. “Thank you for coming to see me and telling me this answer. I hope that you can forget the unhappiness I’ve caused you.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1384
As he said that, he finally smiled and said the last words.

“I wish you and Jeremy happiness.”

“Thank you for your blessing. My husband and I will be very happy,” Madeline said with a small smile and turned around, but before she could walk away, Ryan stopped her suddenly.


Madeline stopped. “Is there anything else?”

Ryan smiled gently. “I’ll entrust a lawyer to handle the divorce procedures. From now on, we’re no longer lawfully wedded. You can return to Jeremy’s side and continue to be Mrs. Whitman.”

Madeline also thought about going through the divorce procedures with Ryan later, but she did not expect that he would take the initiative to bring it up.

She nodded and turned the handle of the door.

As soon as the door opened and she met Jeremy’s eyes, Ryan’s voice came from behind again.

“That time in the hotel, I was the one who orchestrated the situation so that you thought you had gotten in bed with me. When in fact, nothing happened to us. You’ve always belonged to Jeremy from beginning to end.”

Although Madeline had long guessed that nothing happened between them, Ryan’s honesty at this moment completely removed the thorn in Madeline’s heart.

Jeremy, who was standing at the door, also heard Ryan’s words clearly. To be honest, he was not bothered by it.

As long as the person he loved was Madeline, he would love her no matter what.

They had been through so much, and Madeline was the most unique and most flawless treasure in his heart that no one could replace.

After Madeline came out of the ward, Ryan began to accept treatment from the doctor.

Judging from what the doctor said, Ryan would no longer be in a life-threatening position, but it would take a long time for him to recover.

Plus, he would indeed have a long, long time to recuperate his body, but he would never be free again.

When Madeline followed Jeremy out of the hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Jones could not help but thank them. The reporters were super confused.

Mrs. Jones was the one who broke the news that she was going to come to the hospital to accuse Jeremy, so why were they thanking him now?

Furthermore, all the doubts seemed to be in that old letter.

However, this letter was destroyed by Mr. Jones not long after.

He did not want people with ulterior motives to find this letter and neither did he want his father’s resting soul to be disturbed.

After stepping out of the hospital door, Madeline felt much better.

The sun poured over her face and her whole body was warm. The dim and dark unhappiness disappeared like mists.

“Jeremy, I want to buy a bunch of flowers to take home.” She smiled and suggested.

Of course, Jeremy would not refuse. Therefore, he drove Madeline to a nearby flower shop.

As it was difficult to find a parking space that was nearby, Madeline asked Jeremy to wait on the side of the road. She would return after buying the flowers.

Madeline quickly got out of the car and walked into the flower shop. The dazzling array of flowers came into view and Madeline felt even more wonderful.

She walked straight to the baby’s breath and picked a powder blue bouquet.

This was her baby girl’s favorite flower.

She had not forgotten.

Madeline chose the flowers and paid for them. Suddenly, the familiar voice of a woman came from behind her.

“Hello, I want a bunch of yellow roses.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1385
Yellow roses?

Madeline suddenly thought of the woman with two children holding a bunch of yellow roses whom she saw on the side of the road that day.

However, what surprised her at the moment was the woman’s voice.

It was clearly Cathy’s voice!

Madeline turned around suddenly and looked for the owner of the voice. Coincidentally, she caught a young woman holding a bunch of yellow roses walking toward the door of the flower shop.

This thin figure belonged to the woman she saw at the door of the flower shop that day.

‘Is this Cathy?’

This thought appeared in Madeline’s head while she was in disbelief.


She yelled toward the woman’s back, but the woman seemed to turn a deaf ear and walked directly out of the door of the shop.

Madeline turned around and tried to catch up. The salesperson in the shop hurriedly called out to her, “Madam, you forgot your flowers.”

“Thank you!” Madeline took the packaged baby’s breath and hurried out of the flower shop.

Jeremy had been looking in the direction of the shop. At this moment, he happened to receive a call from home. When he raised his eyes and looked over, he saw Madeline running out of the flower shop in a hurry.

His heartstrings were tightened as he got out of the car to run toward Madeline without hesitation.

“Linnie, what’s wrong?”

Madeline glanced at both sides of the flower shop. “Jeremy, did you see a young woman coming out of the shop before me?”

Jeremy frowned and tried to recall. “My mom called me just now to ask me something, so I wasn’t paying attention. What’s wrong?”

“I think I saw Cathy.”


“Yeah!” Madeline nodded solemnly. “She bought a bunch of yellow roses and left.”

“Linnie, are you really sure that it’s Cathy?”

“I didn’t see her face so I’m not a hundred percent sure. However, that voice really belongs to Cathy!” Madeline was extremely sure. She looked around again, and suddenly, her eyes landed on a woman who was on the crosswalk.


Madeline pointed to the sidewalk not far away.

Jeremy followed Madeline’s gaze and saw a young woman holding a bouquet of yellow roses.

The height of the woman was indeed similar to Cathy’s, but the woman was very thin and petite. Just like Madeline, she had short hair which fell to her ears. It was a hairstyle that looked clean and refreshing. Her hair was making it difficult for them to see the features of her side profile.

Cathy had also saved Jeremy before, so Jeremy was quite concerned about whether Cathy was still alive.

He held Madeline’s hand tightly and hurried over in the direction where the woman was heading. The red light opposite the road came on, so Madeline and Jeremy had to stop and wait.

While waiting, Madeline and Jeremy saw a little boy and a little girl walking to the woman from one side.

The two children appeared about a year old and looked very smart and cute. She could tell that they were a pair of twins at a glance because the facial features of the two children looked almost exactly the same.

Although she could not hear what they were talking about, Madeline could read the boy and the girl’s lips. They were calling the young woman their mommy.

Madeline froze for a moment. ‘If this is Cathy, are these her children?

‘If this is Cathy, then the father of these two children…’

Just as Madeline was pondering silently, a familiar figure of a man suddenly appeared in her vision. He was walking toward the young woman.

“Jeremy, look at who it is.”

Jeremy raised his eyes and looked over when he heard Madeline’s reminder, then a look of surprise appeared on his face.


“Yes, it’s Adam!”

Madeline was even more convinced that she had not made a mistake.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1386
“The woman’s voice that I heard on the phone that night was the same as Cathy’s, and now Adam appears next to this woman. What is the relationship between them? If it is Cathy, why is she with Adam?”

Her heartbeat sped up a bit and she could not wait to see the face of this young woman.

At this time, the light turned green. Madeline and Jeremy quickened their pace and walked over, but coincidentally, Adam took the woman and two children into a car nearby.

It was too late when the two of them caught up.

However, it was also because of this that Madeline felt even more suspicious.

This woman with Adam was very likely to be Cathy.

Although Madeline did not know what Cathy experienced afterward, it would be exceedingly fortunate as long as she was still alive.

After returning to Whitman Manor, Madeline and Jeremy did not tell Felipe about the incident. They were worried about giving Felipe false hope before they were certain.

After knowing that Jackson and Lillian were doing their homework in the room at this moment, Madeline hid the bouquet of baby’s breath behind her back and walked into the room.

“Jack, Lily.”

Jackson and Lillian paused at the same time when they heard that. They raised their eyes to see that Madeline was coming and then the children blinked as if they were in a daze. It was because Madeline was always not home a while ago, and when she finally came back, she was very cold with them. Her indifferent and unfamiliar attitude toward the siblings before had puzzled them.

Madeline knew that she had neglected the children when she was not right in the head. She showed a loving and gentle smile while reaching out to the two children. “Jack, Lily, what’s the matter? Don’t you remember your mother?”

Jackson and Lillian returned to their senses. The two of them put down the pens in their hands and ran toward Madeline at the same time with their short and chubby legs.

“Mommy!” Jackson hugged Madeline’s beautiful legs before raising his clear and big eyes at her. “Mom, do you recognize me now?”

“I’m sorry, Jack. Mommy was sick before and didn’t mean to ignore you.” Madeline stroked the little guy’s cheek. Seeing Lillian smiling and silently watching her, she handed the bouquet to her. “Lily, this is for you.”

The little girl stretched out her hand to take Madeline’s bouquet. She wanted to thank her, but it seemed that something got stuck in her throat. The only word she could say now was ‘Daddy’.

Madeline squatted and pulled the two children into her arms while feeling heartbroken.

“Jack, Lily, don’t be mad at me. I’ll never be apart from you again.”

Her gentle promise and the sense of steadfastness while holding her children warmed up her heart.

When Felipe passed by the door of the room, he happened to see this scene. He could not help but think of the past few years after looking at Lillian’s cute little face.

This child had called him her daddy for three years.

Now, however, she could only say the word ‘Daddy’.

Although he had no affection nor romantic feelings for Madeline anymore, Felipe still had deep feelings for Lillian.

However, he did not want this child to misunderstand that he was her father.

At the same time, Jeremy came upstairs and saw Felipe standing at the door of the room watching the heartwarming scene inside. Then, he suddenly thought of the scene he had seen on the street with Madeline not long ago.

If that woman was really Cathy, then who was the father of those two children? Was it Adam?

He was silently pondering when Felipe turned around.

The nephew and uncle looked at each other while smiling slightly.

“I plan to try my luck at the place from before,” Felipe said. Jeremy knew where he was talking about.

Jeremy had the urge to tell Felipe what he had encountered on the side of the road today, but he stopped himself and just nodded lightly.

Felipe came to that street again. He was looking around aimlessly on the street bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun. He was trying to see the face he had been thinking about day and night.

In front of him, a woman holding a bouquet of yellow roses and her boyfriend walked past intimately. Felipe could not help but lose his spirit while looking at the bunch of yellow roses.

Yellow rose.

It represented true love and waiting. It represented waiting for the love that belonged to you.

‘Cathy, are you waiting for me?

‘But how could it be possible that you’re still waiting for me?’

Felipe’s vision seemed to go blurry all of a sudden. He just wanted to suppress the painful emotions back inside, but suddenly, the face that he yearned day and night for appeared on the road opposite him!

The woman’s delicate face and sweet smile suddenly blossomed in his eyes.

Suddenly, Felipe’s heartbeat accelerated wildly. “Cathy?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1387
Felipe could not believe what he was seeing before his eyes, but the face that appeared before his tearful eyes was so real.

“Cathy, Cathy.”

He muttered to himself. Then, he raised his hand and fiercely wiped the tears from his eyes.

The seemingly familiar figure that flashed across from him turned and walked toward the other side.

Felipe hurried to keep up, but this was the peak hour of people getting off work. Even if he wanted to run a red light to the opposite side, he would not have such a chance.

“Cathy, Cathy!”

Felipe shouted to the young woman’s back, but from a long distance away, the woman walked forward while minding her business. It was as if she did not hear Felipe yelling at her. It was also as if she had no impression of the name Cathy.

Felipe could not find the opportunity to run to the opposite side, so he could only move ahead along this street and catch up with the woman. Soon, the woman turned the corner at the end of the road.


Felipe could not accept that he could not see her figure anymore. He ignored the traffic and rushed across the road.

A lot of drivers rolled down their windows and poked their heads out to yell at Felipe, “Do you want to die? You deserve to die for charging out into the road like this!”

Felipe had no mood to care about these people. He also knew that he was the one at fault, but he had no choice.

He was afraid that the person he was thinking of day and night would disappear from his eyes again.

He was terrified.

However, when Felipe ran up to the corner, he realized that the shadow from just now had disappeared.

“Cathy! Cathy!” Felipe yelled and screamed with a flustered expression, but there were only passersby who looked at him in confusion. The familiar figure never appeared again.


Felipe lowered his dull eyes as if his whole heart was hollowed out.

‘Could it be that what I saw just now is just an illusion because I’m missing you too much?


‘You’re already dead.’

Felipe laughed bitterly, his heart full of desolation.

‘I asked them to shoot you. I was the one who ended your life.’

Felipe burst into tears. He recalled the moment Cathy lay in his arms and died…

He could not forget how at the end of her life, she was tearful as she smiled and said to him, “I guess you’ll feel sad for me too, Felipe.”

‘Cathy, you silly goose. Of course, I’ll feel sad for you.

‘I was too stupid and only understood your importance to me when it was too late.

‘You said you’ll pester me forever.

‘But why is your forever so short?’

With tears in his eyes, Felipe turned around in a daze.

After he turned around, a young woman came out of a toy store nearby while holding a good-looking little boy in her arms.

“Mommy, Daddy said we’re going to have din-din soon, so we have to go home fast,” the little boy said childishly. Although he was a little inarticulate, he still wanted to express himself.

The woman looked at the boy in her arms and raised her eyebrows while showing a crooked smile. “Let’s go home now. Let’s not make Daddy and your sister wait too long.”

“Yeah!” The little guy nodded and smiled. Then, he nestled in the woman’s arms.

Those big, clean, and full eyes looked around quick-wittedly. Suddenly, he seemed to see a familiar figure.

“Mommy, it’s that uncle.”

He pointed to Felipe who was standing on the side of the road not far away, looking inattentive.

“It’s that uncle again.”

“Which uncle?” The woman stopped and looked curiously in the direction her son was pointing.

Under the light of the setting sun, the man’s long and handsome body came into her sight coldly and desolately.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1388
The woman’s thoughts started to wander while she looked fixedly at this figure.

“Mommy, Mommy…”

The woman came back to her senses dazedly when she heard her son calling out to her.

“Mommy, home. We have to go home quickly.”


The woman nodded and turned around again while holding her son.

However, after turning around, she could not help but glance in the direction where Felipe had left.

Whitman Manor.

After dinner, the whole family sat in the living room and chatted.

Madeline felt that she was swamped. Her three children and her now demented mother were all over her.

Fortunately, Jackson and Lillian were sensible and did not need her to spend a lot of effort to coax them. On the contrary, it was Eloise who needed company and comforting the most.

At this moment, her youngest son, Pudding, was also all over Madeline. He kicked his short legs and crawled onto the sofa before pestering Madeline to give him hugs and kisses.

“Mommy, hug!”

The little boy blinked his lively big eyes and innocently asked for a hug.

When he was about to stretch out his hands, his small body was carried away by Jeremy.

“Pudding, Daddy will hug you.”

“Mommy! I want Mommy!”

The little guy stubbornly kicked his short legs and stretched his little hands in Madeline’s direction. It was as if Jeremy was a stranger to him.

Jeremy also understood this, but it was because of this that he wanted even more to have a good relationship with this little guy.

When he recalled how he also played a part in Madeline’s premature birth, he felt more tolerant toward this willful little guy and cherished him even more.

Pudding was gradually lured by Jeremy after he coaxed him with various toys and snacks.

Madeline smiled at ease and chatted with Eloise with peace of mind.

Eloise was still the same. There were no improvements to her condition. At this moment, she took Madeline’s hand and kept emphasizing, “Sean said that after the house is rebuilt, my Eveline will return, but I won’t ignore you when that happens, Eveline.”

Madeline nodded and smiled. “Okay, I know.”

“It’s good that you know.” Eloise’s expression was serious. Suddenly, she furrowed her delicate eyebrows. “However, will Eveline be jealous if she knows how well I’m treating you?”

She was worried all of a sudden. Then, she turned around to look at Sean who was sitting next to her.

“Sean, do you think Eveline will be mad at me when that happens?”

“No, she won’t.” Sean comforted gently.

Eloise suddenly lowered her head while looking lonely. “Yes, Eveline won’t be angry. Eveline doesn’t even want to care about her mother at all.”

“Ellie, stop thinking nonsense.” Sean patted her on the shoulder and looked up at Madeline. “Eveline, I’ll be busy with the company and rebuilding our house for the time being. I’m going to have to trouble you and have you take care of your mother.”

“How is it troublesome? She’s my mother.” Madeline looked at the sad Eloise while her heart broke into pieces. She was feeling sadness in her heart as well.

She did not know how to get Eloise to go back to normal.

However, she suddenly thought of her symptoms at the time and an idea flashed across her mind.

Would triggering Eloise again make the negative impacts cancel out each other just like what happened to her last time?

Madeline had this idea, so she told Sean and Jeremy about it.

The next morning, they brought Eloise to the original site of Montgomery Manor that was being rebuilt.

The huge house was burned into just its frame after the fire. Madeline felt her heart aching when she looked at it.

She remembered how much pain she was in when she knew that Jeremy was the one who set the fire.

Sean suddenly thought of something at this time. He turned his head and asked Jeremy with a solemn expression, “You seemed to have something to tell me about the fire when we were on the plane back to Glendale. What was it?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1389
After Sean mentioned this, a trace of gladness flashed across Jeremy’s heavy eyes.

The important memories that he had lost because of the special cigarette Lana made for him at that time were very clear in his mind at this time.

“I didn’t set the fire at that time.”

Jeremy finally had the opportunity to tell the truth. Sean and Madeline looked back at him at the same time.

Sean frowned. “You told me this before. Although you lost your memory and were used by Lana at that time, the fire—”

“Lana asked someone to set the fire in advance. Then, she called me to come here as a scapegoat. Her purpose was to make Eveline think that I set the fire so that the relationship between the two of us would break apart.”

Jeremy’s answer shocked Sean and Madeline.

Of course, they did not question what Jeremy was saying currently because Lana was indeed capable of doing such a thing.

“Jeremy, why did you never tell me about this?” Madeline looked at the man while feeling pity for him. Suddenly, she felt extremely guilty.

He had been burdened with such grievances and even lost her and their marriage because of this, yet he never once defended himself.

“Back then, I smoked too many of the special cigarettes that Lana gave me so I was too confused. I didn’t even know what I had done. I really thought that I was the one who set the fire and you came so coincidentally after I got here.”

After hearing what Jeremy said, Madeline recalled the situation at the time.

When she saw the raging fire in front of her back then, she instantly lost all of her sanity.

She did not even think that it would be one of Lana’s traps that was done with a hidden agenda.

She only thought that Lana took advantage of Jeremy’s memory loss and asked him to set the fire.

However, as it turned out, this was not the case.

“It wasn’t until a while ago that I took a plane to Y Country. There was some turbulence and I knocked my head because I couldn’t stand still. That was when I remembered everything.”

Jeremy took a step toward the ruins in front of him with loneliness and regret in his eyes.

“In fact, I knew about this before Lana sent someone to set the fire. As such, I notified someone and that person was Ryan.”


Madeline and Sean were shocked again, but because of this, everything became clear.

No wonder Ryan had become Sean and Eloise’s savior. It turned out that something like happened in between all of these.

“Lana wanted to kill Mom and Dad because you were investigating the affairs of the Stygian Johnsons. She wanted to kill them so that word of this wouldn’t get out,” Jeremy told them the reason behind Lana’s ruthlessness.

Sean knew about this reason from a long time ago.

Come to think of it, Lana was so cruel and cold-blooded that it was almost perverted.

“The two burnt corpses back then were only props. I could tell that those were not human in the hospital, but I wasn’t sure what happened during the process, so I didn’t say anything.”

Jeremy told them the reason he kept his silence.

His passionate gaze landed on Madeline’s concerned and melancholic face. Then, he smiled gently.

“Linnie, I’m so sorry for making you so upset back then.” Jeremy lifted his hand and caressed Madeline’s cheek. “I know you must’ve been so heartbroken back then. You couldn’t accept the fact that the man you loved killed your beloved parents, so you had no choice but to break things off with me.”

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been so arbitrary when making that decision back then.” Madeline blamed herself.

“You weren’t. I would’ve done that as well if I were you.” When Jeremy looked at Madeline, his eyes were filled with intense passion and tolerance.

He felt that he owed Madeline a lot during this time.

He would use his whole life to make this up to her.

“Ah! I found it! I found it!”

Suddenly, Eloise’s exclaims sounded from not far away.

Madeline and Jeremy looked over to see that Eloise had wandered into the ruins unbeknownst to them.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1390
She was squatting there and it was unknown what she had found. She was looking at it emotionally while holding it in her hands.

“I found it! Sean, come look! It’s Eveline!”

Eloise turned back to call out to Sean. She was jumping up and down while waving a blackened family photo in her hand.

Sean walked hurriedly to Eloise and helped her up from the ground.

“Ellie, get up.”

“Sean, look. It’s our Eveline.” Eloise pointed at the figure on the almost completely blurry photo. “Eveline is here.”

Madeline’s eyes welled with tears when she saw what was happening in front of her.

She walked to Eloise and grabbed her hand lightly. “Mom, Eveline is here.”

Eloise looked at Madeline like she understood her but not really. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Oh? This Eveline looks almost the same as my Eveline.”


Eloise was saying that in all seriousness. That statement hurt Madeline’s heart so much.

She was the daughter who Eloise was yearning for every day, but she was treating her as someone else.

“Sean, don’t you think so? She looks almost the same as our Eveline.” Eloise pointed at Madeline. Her beautiful big eyes were filled with curiosity and surprise.

Sean smiled softly. “Yeah, they look the same. Ellie, just treat this Eveline as our Eveline.”

“How can I do that?” Eloise rejected sternly. “We only have one precious daughter. Plus, this Eveline has her own parents too, right?”

After she said that, she looked at Madeline seriously.

Madeline forced back her tears sorrowfully. The reason they were here today was to help Eloise recover.

Jeremy noticed Madeline’s sadness and disappointment. As such, he held her shoulder and comforted her.

“Eveline, Jeremy, what do you think we should do now? Your mother’s condition… Should we recreate what happened that day?” Sean was concerned.

Madeline was a little worried as well. Suddenly, she did not dare to take the risk. What if them recreating the fire caused Eloise’s condition to worsen? What should they do then?

“Dad, why don’t we take Mom back to the manor?” Madeline could only get rid of this idea.

When Sean was about to answer, Eloise suddenly walked into the burned house.

“Eloise, be careful,” said Sean before following her. At the same time, his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was from the company, so he answered it.

Madeline and Jeremy were afraid that Eloise would hurt herself in the ruins, so they followed her immediately.

However, they did not see Eloise after they went in. This gigantic building was only left with a frame after the fire and they could see everything at a glance.

The only possibility was that Eloise had gone upstairs.

“Mom,” Madeline called out toward the stairs but she did not hear Eloise’s response.

She walked up the stairs and it started creaking loudly. It was so dangerous.

“Linnie, be careful.” Jeremy held her arm anxiously. “This is too dangerous. You should go out first. I’ll bring Mom down.”

Madeline did not want Jeremy to worry about her, so she nodded. “You should be careful too. Dad and I will be waiting for you outside.”


She nodded and let go of the man’s hand. Then, she turned around to walk out.

However, the moment Madeline got to the door, she heard a loud thud coming from behind her all of a sudden.

She stopped abruptly in her tracks and hesitated for a while before building the courage to turn around.


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