Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1371-1380

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1371
Before Jeremy could finish talking, Felipe smiled and nodded.

He stood under the tree next to the crosswalk and looked at the busy road. His eyes were filled with indescribable melancholy and loneliness.

“Cathy’s gone and I don’t have much to live for. Cathy wouldn’t have died if I didn’t choose the wrong path back then and touched something I shouldn’t.”

Felipe lowered his gaze in remorse. The hand hiding in his pants pocket was clenching around the small glass bottle.

The person he loved the most was there.

“I’ve done everything I need to do. The Stygian Johnson Gang has collapsed, Yorick is dead, and Ryan has been arrested, so I should go and surrender myself.”

After he said that, Felipe let out a sigh of relief.

The sun penetrated the green leaves and branches while creating mottled light rays on Felipe’s handsome face. He was smiling, but his smile looked bitter.

“Sometimes, I wonder why Eveline could still forgive you and how you could still pick up the pieces and start anew even after you had hurt her so badly. On the other hand, why couldn’t Cathy and I have the chance to start again?

“After that, I thought things through. I shouldn’t blame the gods for being unfair and accuse others. I was the one at fault and I was the one who brought trouble upon myself.”

Felipe turned around to look at Jeremy who was now frowning slightly.

“Jeremy, I wish you and Eveline all the happiness for the rest of your lives. This time, I’m wishing you sincerely.”

After Felipe said that, he crossed the road using the crosswalk.

Looking at Felipe’s unaffected figure, Jeremy felt his heart ache for no reason.

He knew Felipe was sincerely wishing him and Madeline all the best. However, he might not have the chance to come back after he left.

At this moment, he could feel Felipe’s concern and feelings toward Cathy.

Suddenly, he found it to be ironic and felt that Madeline was right when she said what she said back then.

Did all the Whitman men have weird fetishes? They loved hurting the women who loved them who were coincidentally also the women they loved.

They would only come to a sudden and complete realization after this woman was completely battered and bruised by them.

However, it would be too late when it came to this.

Jeremy was lucky because God gave him a chance to make up for his mistakes and repent for his sins.

However, as for Felipe…

The person he loved would never come back.

Felipe crossed the crosswalk and during this short distance, he carried a lot of pain in his heart.

‘Cathy, do you know how much I wish to hold your hand while crossing the road like normal couples do?

‘However, you’ve punished me with such a cruel method.’

When he recalled the scene of Cathy collapsing in front of him, Felipe felt his vision turning cloudy.

He looked at the sweet couples who were holding hands on the road, reminding him of his severe negligence and hurt toward Cathy.


Felipe stood in the middle of the road absent-mindedly like a statue. He completely ignored the cars around him as his mind became occupied with remorse he was unable to make up for.

‘Cathy, if we can do this again, please don’t love me so much anymore.

‘Your tragedy started when you fell in love with me.

‘However, I’m not worthy.’

Felipe sobbed soundlessly as his eyes turned red without his knowledge.

“Cathy, I’ll come to you soon.”

He smiled and knew what kind of sentence he would have to face.

Even though he was not the one who shot and killed Cathy, he was the one who ordered it.

Combined with his illegal trades throughout all these years, he would get a severe punishment.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1372
F Country retained the death penalty.

The death penalty was also exactly what he wanted.

Beep beep!

Suddenly, a harsh horn sounded from in front of him.

Felipe did not notice it while standing on the side of the road. As the car got closer and closer, a warm little palm held his hand tightly all of a sudden.

Only then did Felipe feel something and abruptly jolt back to his senses.

He lowered his gaze to see a pair of clear and round eyes. Before he could take a closer look at the child, Felipe noticed that a car was quickly approaching them. As such, he picked up the child and retreated safely to the sidewalk.

Felipe put the child down only to realize that it was a little boy who was about one or two years old. He was still very young and tender.

The little guy blinked his big eyes and looked at him, then he opened his mouth to say incoherently, “Danger. Mommy said cars are danger.”

Felipe understood what this child was saying. He was trying to tell him that cars were dangerous.

Felipe’s mind started to wander when he looked at the toddler’s fair and adorable face.

“Thank you, buddy.” Felipe thanked the little boy. When he was about to say something to the child, a woman’s voice called out to him from not far away.


Felipe lifted his gaze to look over. Then, he saw a young woman wandering into his vision with a bouquet of yellow roses.

The woman squatted and had her back toward him. She was tidying the clothes of a little girl who looked to be about one or two years old.

“Mommy is calling for me. I have to go,” the little boy said childishly and turned around on his chubby legs. Then, he ran toward the young woman who was holding a bouquet of yellow flowers while holding the hand of a little girl.

Felipe looked at her figure and stared at her involuntarily for some time. While he was staring, he felt that this figure looked very familiar.


He was unsure of his guess. When he was about to go over to take a look, Jeremy walked over to him and said seriously, “Even though you might have to pay a huge price for your crimes back then, you might get a lighter sentence because of the clues you provided just now, coupled with the fact that you surrendered yourself.”

Jeremy lifted his hand to pat Felipe’s shoulder.

“Grandpa hopes that you can go back to Whitman Manor so that we can reunite as a family. However, Grandpa is old now and we don’t know how much longer he can wait,” said Jeremy with a stern look in his eyes. “So please don’t do anything rash just because you want to repent your sins for Cathy.”

“Cathy. I think I saw Cathy,” Felipe looked in the direction where the thin woman had left and said absent-mindedly.

Jeremy looked over to where he was looking. “You saw Cathy?”

“Cathy, Cathy…”

Felipe’s eyes lit up as he started running in the direction.

However, after chasing some distance, he did not find anything.

It was as if everything just now was merely an illusion.

Jeremy chased up to Felipe and looked around. He did not see any familiar figures but he recalled something Madeline said not long ago.

‘Cathy. Is Cathy really not dead?’

Jeremy had this question in his heart. However, when he saw Felipe’s desolate eyes, he meditated in perfect silence for a few seconds.

“Perhaps Cathy isn’t dead yet. Perhaps you and Eveline did not see wrongly.”

Felipe lifted his gaze immediately after he heard that. “Jeremy, what did you say?”

“In the morning when I came back from Interpol’s branch with Eveline, she also said she saw a woman who looks like Cathy. I got out of the car to look around with her but we didn’t find anything. Linnie also felt that maybe she was seeing things. However, now that you saw her as well, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

Jeremy’s expression became more and more solemn.

“Is it possible that Cathy is still alive? Do you still remember the doctor who operated on Cathy back then? Do you think that the doctor might be suspicious?”

Felipe immediately recalled the doctor back then. “Impossible. He’s my private doctor. He wouldn’t lie to me.”

He denied it, but then he quickly remembered something else. “That’s right, he’s my private doctor who has been working with me for many years. However…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1373
Felipe paused as his heart started beating faster.

“However what?” Jeremy asked curiously.

Felipe did not beat around the bush. He said frankly, “This doctor has been with me for so many years, so Cathy was familiar with him as well. He always treated Cathy like his daughter and Cathy looked up to him.”

Jeremy remembered something when he heard this. “Is the doctor you’re talking about the same one who treated me?”

Felipe nodded. “Cathy pulled some strings with the doctor. If not, normal people wouldn’t be able to get this doctor to treat them.”

“Don’t overthink things first. Call that doctor right now to ask him about this.” Jeremy reminded him.

Felipe’s heartbeat became more and more erratic. He took out his phone, and at that moment, he felt his hands getting weak.

Should he make this call?

If he got a denial, his heart would feel as painful as if it was being sliced by a thousand knives.

However, if he did not ask, he would lose his last hope.

Jeremy knew why Felipe was hesitating. “Do you need me to help you make the call?”

“No. No need.” Felipe came back to his senses and rejected him. He looked at his phone and after some hesitation, he finally made the call.

After a while, the call got through.

Felipe spaced out absent-mindedly for a few seconds before asking the question he had in his heart, “Is Cathy still alive?”

His tone sounded light, but he felt that his heart was beating abnormally heavy right now.

The person on the other end was obviously taken aback. “Mr. Whitman, why are you asking this question?”

The doctor sounded confused. “Miss Cathy passed away a long time ago, have you forgotten? Miss Cathy was such a poor soul. She was shot in the heart and there was no chance of saving her anymore.”

Felipe felt a bolt from the blue after hearing that answer.

His vision seemed to be dyed red and the redness was the blood from Cathy’s body.

She had loved him so much.

She had been with him for so many years without complaints.

However, it was too late for him when he finally realized the feelings of a woman like her toward him. He only realized she was the one he had been thinking about for so many years after she died.


Felipe mumbled Cathy’s name silently while bearing the pain in his heart. Then, he turned around in desolation.

Jeremy was about to go up to him to comfort him, but at the same time, Madeline called him.

He was worried that something might have happened to Madeline, so he immediately picked up the call. Then, he heard Madeline’s sweet and gentle voice from the other end of the phone. “Jeremy, is Felipe still with you? Grandpa said he hopes to have dinner with everyone tonight and said that you have to bring Felipe back.”

Jeremy looked at the depressed Felipe and promised without thinking, “Linnie, tell Grandpa to not worry. I’ll bring him back now and we’re definitely having dinner tonight.”

He purposely said this for Felipe to hear.

After he hung up, he patted Felipe’s shoulder. “You should’ve heard me just now. Grandpa hopes to have dinner with you. I know you want to surrender yourself, so I’ll go with you after dinner.”

Felipe hesitated for two seconds before agreeing in the end.

After they got back to Whitman Manor, Felipe was not in the mood to eat. His mind was occupied with Cathy.

When he saw Madeline, he asked anxiously, “Eveline, did you also see a woman who looked like Cathy on the streets today?”

“Also?” Madeline could sense something amiss in his sentence. She looked at Felipe and then back at Jeremy who was next to him. “Did you guys see her just now too?”

“I didn’t, but Felipe did,” Jeremy explained.

“So it means that I’m not imagining things and there’s indeed a woman who looks like Cathy out there?” When Madeline thought about this, she started to feel emotional as well. “Do you think that the woman is indeed Cathy?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1374
After Madeline asked that question, flames of hope started burning in Felipe’s heart again.

After the dinner, he followed Jeremy out of the gates of Whitman Manor. Then, he suddenly stopped.

“I want to know something.” Felipe lifted his gaze. Under the glow of the streetlights, the glint in his eyes was clearly reflected.

Jeremy turned around because he had sensed it a long time ago. “I’ll pretend that you’ve surrendered yourself to me and I’ll do my best to buy you more time so that you can get a chance to investigate what’s going on with that woman who looks exactly the same as Cathy.”

“Thank you.” Felipe thanked him sincerely. “I want to go take a look at the place where I saw the woman. I’ll come back later.”

After he said that, he turned around carefreely. Jeremy stood where he was for a while before turning back to go to the house.

Madeline was sitting on the sofa talking to Eloise. Jeremy could tell that Madeline’s emotions and mental state had become much better.

He wondered if she was triggered again when she saw Ryan getting shot and collapsing in front of her, so the negative impacts canceled out on each other and that was why she was better now.

When Madeline saw Jeremy coming in, her eyes went to the man immediately.

Of course, Eloise did not notice that. She held Madeline’s hand reluctantly. “Eveline, let’s—”

“Ellie, it’s late. We should go to bed.” Sean could see the love Madeline had in her eyes for Jeremy, so he tactfully pulled Eloise back to their room.

Madeline wanted to stay with Eloise as well, but at this moment, she had so many things to say to the man.

It was completely silent right now.

Madeline leaned against Jeremy and genuinely felt as if she was free from anxiety. She never had this feeling before.

Jeremy’s long fingers ran through Madeline’s hair. When he touched her short hair, he was still heartbroken.

The hair that was cut from her head made his heart ache.

Ryan was so cruel.

He lowered his eyes to look at the woman who was nestling against his chest while feeling safe and pampered. Then, he tightened his arms around her.



“I’ve always had a thought.”

“What is it?” Madeline opened her lively and charming eyes to look at the man who was holding her.

Jeremy looked into those clear eyes and smiled softly. “I want to give you another wedding ceremony.”


“I know you had a bad impression of me when you married me back then, that’s why I want to—”

“Not at all.” Madeline denied it. Her sweet smile had the charm of a young girl. “I was happy the day I married you. Truly. Even though you looked reluctant, I was truly feeling happy and blessed. As for the unhappiness that came after, they all happened after the wedding.”

“I’m sorry, Linnie.” Jeremy held her and apologized. Then, he kissed the corner of her lips.

He had only wanted to have a taste of her sweet kiss but could not control himself anymore.

However, the moment Jeremy’s lips landed on Madeline’s face, he paused and had a pained expression on his face.

“Jeremy, what’s wrong?” Madeline sat upright worriedly. “Is the poison acting up again?” she asked. Actually, she could tell from Jeremy’s reaction.

However, she did not know where the reagents Adam gave to her back then were.

Jeremy handed his phone to Madeline. “Call Adam. I know he’s back in Glendale. Tell him to come over now.”

Madeline was taken aback in surprise. She did not know why Jeremy would voluntarily ask Adam to come over.

However, there was nothing more important than Jeremy’s life. As such, she quickly called Adam and it went through after just a moment. When Madeline was about to say something, to her surprise, she heard the familiar voice of a woman from the other end of the phone.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1375
“Hello, who is this? The woman’s pristine and sweet voice glided into Madeline’s ears.

Madeline held the phone dumbfoundedly. She could not believe what she just heard.

This voice was so familiar. It left quite an impression in the deepest part of her memory.

“Cathy?” Madeline asked probingly.

“Who?” the woman asked in confusion. It was as if she did not know the name ‘Cathy’.

Madeline was also taken aback. When she was about to ask again, it sounded like the phone was handed to someone else. Then, she heard Adam’s voice. “Jeremy? Can I help you?”

When Madeline heard Adam’s voice, she hurriedly told him about Jeremy’s situation. “Adam, the slow-acting poison in my husband’s body is acting up again. You must have a way to save him! I’ll send the address to you now. Please come over as soon as possible.”

“Got it. I’ll come over right now.” Adam agreed quickly.

Madeline thought she sounded courteous enough. When she thought about Adam ganging up with Ryan back then, she only felt anger in her heart.

After she hung up, Madeline held the man who had broken into a cold sweat. Her heart was in so much pain that it felt suffocating.

It was as if she could feel the pain that Jeremy was enduring right now.

“Jeremy, Adam will be here soon. Hold on.” She held him as she comforted him. Tears escaped her eyes uncontrollably. “When can you finally recover? I don’t want to see you in so much pain.”

Jeremy knew Madeline was feeling pity for him, but he was already used to this kind of torture.

Plus, he knew that with Adam around, he had a huge chance of recovering.

“Linnie, don’t be scared.” Jeremy gasped and comforted her while enduring the debilitating pain. “I promised that I’ll stay with you and the kids as we go through all four seasons. I’ll definitely fulfill my promise this time.”

He lifted his hand to wipe away the tears in the corner of Madeline’s eyes. Then, he curled his lips into a smile.

“Don’t cry, okay?”

Madeline held in her tears as she nodded. However, despite the man’s comforting words, tears still rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably.


More than ten minutes later, Adam arrived.

He looked stern and imposing. He did not bring anything aside from the reagent.

After quickly injecting the contents into Jeremy, he started to slowly recover.

Madeline stopped feeling anxious. However, she was still worried. “Adam, how long will it take before Jeremy can fully recover? This time, don’t lie to me.”

Adam knew Madeline was not sure about him interacting with Jeremy. As such, he understood why Madeline was being hostile toward him. However, he remained calm.

“It should take around five more treatments before he can fully recover. If the period between his outbursts becomes longer and longer, it means that he’s starting to get better.”

“Thanks.” Jeremy thanked him, and at this moment, he felt much better.

“Jeremy, are you feeling better?” Madeline asked in concern. She was worried that he was just forcing himself to endure this.

Jeremy lifted his hand to stroke Madeline’s hair. Then, he smiled softly. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I think as long as Adam is around, I’ll get better much quicker.”

Madeline was surprised at the trust Jeremy had for Adam. When she was about to ask, she heard Jeremy explaining.

“Linnie, you were always in a daze back then so I didn’t tell you some things. However, I want to tell you now that Adam and Ryan weren’t working together.”

“Jeremy, are you telling the truth?” Madeline was surprised when she looked at Adam who was standing at one side.

There were countless scenes of Adam helping Ryan torture her in her head. However, were they all not real?
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1376
Madeline could not wrap her head around the new information. Plus, she also remembered the woman who picked up Adam’s phone just now.

“Adam, do you have a girlfriend now?” Madeline probed.

After she said that, Madeline saw Adam slightly taken aback. On the other hand, Jeremy also looked at Adam curiously.

“Linnie, why did you ask that?”

“It’s nothing. When I called Adam just now, a woman picked up his phone and I think I know that voice from somewhere,” Madeline explained with a smile. She looked extremely calm right now. “Adam, is that woman someone we know?”

“No, she’s not.” Adam quickly denied it but then, he admitted a little, “However, she’s indeed my girlfriend.”

He said and looked at the time. “I have to go now. My girlfriend is timid and feels unsafe being home alone at night.”

Adam said before turning around to leave.

After Madeline walked him to the door, she quickly went back to the room.

She took a towel to wipe the sweat away from Jeremy’s forehead. She had some fears in her beautiful eyes.

“Jeremy, what happened between you and Adam? Why do you trust him so much?”

“It seemed that he was forced to stay with Ryan due to some unknown reasons,” explained Jeremy. Then, he held Madeline’s hand as he looked passionately and gently into her eyes. “Actually, he has never hurt us. Back when you were carrying Jack and was locked up while you were sick, the medicine he asked Daniel to give you was not part of an experiment.”

Madeline widened her beautiful eyes and was even more confused. “What do you mean?”

“He was sincerely trying to help us this entire time. However, for some unknown reasons, he had to pretend himself lest others knew his true intention,” Jeremy explained.

Madeline fell into deep thought. She recalled that Adam had not hurt her once when she was imprisoned and hurt by Ryan.

Every time she was hurt, he would appear almost immediately to treat her. However…

“No, he injected me with a lot of things before. He even told me that those were the reagents that will wipe away my memories.”

“He was lying to Ryan. He was only injecting you with nutrient injections.”

“Nutrient injections?”

Madeline was even more taken aback now.

“Plus, when I was hurt by Ryan and was going into shock from loss of blood, he was the one who saved me. Then, you got hurt and I couldn’t find you. I was on the brink of an emotional breakdown and he was the one who messaged me to tell me that you’re fine. In the end, he’s also the one who told me where Ryan locked you up, so that’s how I finally saved you.”

She did not expect Adam to have done so much for them. Madeline was in disbelief.

However, putting the other matters aside, Madeline seemed to have made an associative connection with Adam’s girlfriend.

The woman’s voice from just now sounded so familiar.

Plus, Adam’s reaction just now was so strange.

He looked like he was dodging the question.

Jeremy asked in concern when he saw Madeline lost in thought, “Linnie, what are you thinking about?”

Madeline did not hide from Jeremy and said, “Jeremy, do you know whose voice I heard on the phone just now?”


“Cathy,” Madeline answered definitively, “I’m sure that it was Cathy’s voice. Jeremy, Cathy might still be alive. However, I can’t imagine what kind of relationship Cathy would have with Adam.”

However, Jeremy suddenly remembered something. “Could it be because of that time…”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1377
“That time?” Madeline got closer to Jeremy in curiosity. “Jeremy, do you know the relationship between Adam and Cathy?”

“I’m not sure.” Jeremy shook his head lightly. However, there was a look of joy in his narrow eyes. “Linnie, if that’s the case, Cathy might really be alive. Adam is not an ordinary doctor. He has the ability to make Cathy live.”

Madeline’s heart started beating faster. “It’ll be great if Cathy is still alive.”

She beamed and circled her arms around the man. ‘Jeremy, it was so difficult for us to get the chance to start over. I really hope that Cathy and Felipe would have this chance too.”

“As long as Cathy is still alive, I think Felipe will be happy even if they don’t have a chance to start over.”

“Yeah,” Madeline replied and leaned against Jeremy’s chest.

Madeline felt as if she was free from anxiety when she indulged in the warmth and strong support of the man’s chest.

The next day, Madeline wanted to tell Felipe about the possibility of Cathy still being alive after she woke up. However, Jeremy stopped her.

“Linnie, let’s not talk about it if we’re not completely sure in case we give him hope and then disappoint him right after.”

Madeline felt that Jeremy had a point, so she did not say anything for the time being.

After breakfast, Madeline wanted to find an excuse to go look at the situation at Adam’s house, but Eloise was sticking around her like a child.

“Eveline, are you free later? Can you go out to buy some things with me?” Eloise looked at her expectantly, the smile on her face as innocent as a child’s.

Madeline had almost fully recovered, but when she saw her mother still acting like she was demented, she was naturally heartbroken.

“Alright, I’ll go with you,” she agreed. She knew Sean would need to manage the business in Montgomery Enterprise and he also needed to rebuild their family, so he truly had no time.

As his daughter, Madeline felt she had the responsibility to share the load with her father. At the same time, she also had the responsibility of taking care of her sick mother.

When Jeremy saw Madeline going out with Eloise, naturally he would choose to go with them.

He already had a taste of losing Madeline all because of some sudden occurrence, so he did not want to risk this at all. However, when they were about to leave the house, Jeremy received a phone call. The person on the other end told him that Ryan was awake.

After Ryan woke up, he refused to cooperate. He only asked to see Madeline and before she arrived, he would not utter a word.

In the hospital.

Last night, Ryan was transferred from the ICU to a normal ward.

Even though he looked pale, his life was not in danger anymore.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones were relieved because at least their son’s life was not in danger anymore. As for his crimes, they had pulled some strings to try to help Ryan get away with it. They even paid a lot of keyboard warriors online to target Jeremy and Madeline to make Ryan into the victim instead.

At this moment, Mrs. Jones was bringing a flask of soup to Ryan’s room. When she was about to go in, she was stopped at the door by the person who was standing guard.

“Ryan Jones is a felon, so no one can visit him.”

Mrs. Jones’ face fell. “My son is not a felon. He’s being framed by Jeremy Whitman! The Whitmans have harmed us so many times, so why don’t you arrest them? Is it because they’re the number one wealthy family in Glendale and that’s why you don’t have the guts to do so?”

After she said that, Jeremy appeared behind her with an imposing aura.

Mrs. Jones shut her mouth in terror.

Jeremy was not interested in wasting his time arguing with Mrs. Jones, so he went into the room immediately.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1378
Now, Mrs. Jones was even more unhappy. “Why can he go in but I can’t go in to see my son?”

“Mr. Whitman is from Interpol’s Internal Investigation Unit and he’s the senior agent who’s looking into your son’s case. So tell me if you think he can go in?”

“…” Mrs. Jones had nothing to say, so she could only back away.

However, the longer she waited, the more frustrated she became. After thinking about it, she went out to make a call.

Inside the room.

Ryan was like a lifeless statue as he stared emotionlessly at the man who was walking toward him.

“I want to see Eveline, not you,” Ryan said. It was as if he had exerted a lot of force before he could say that sentence.

Jeremy’s gaze scanned across Ryan’s face coldly. “Do you think you’re worthy to see my wife now?”

Ryan lifted his gaze, and his tone was still filled with hostility toward Jeremy. “She’s the one who woke me, so she has the responsibility to finish what she wanted to say to me.”

“Ryan, do you really think that my wife will have something to tell you?” Jeremy chuckled coldly. “My biggest limit is to let Linnie give you the will to survive. She won’t see you anymore. Just stop being hopeful.”

A look of loss dashed across Ryan’s face. Then, there was extreme dissatisfaction in his eyes. “Jeremy, I didn’t lose to you! I just didn’t want to hurt an innocent person.”

After Jeremy heard that, his handsome face was filled with dark clouds.

“You hurt my wife so badly and you’re finally realizing that she’s innocent?” His face was filled with rage while his eyes were like piercing icepicks. “Ryan, you said you’re seeking revenge for your grandfather but have you ever investigated the true reason behind your grandfather’s passing?”

After Ryan heard this, a cold smirk of disdain appeared on his face.

“Jeremy, are you trying to prove that old fart’s innocence using this opportunity? Let me tell you, stop being delusional.”

“Ryan, my grandpa never did anything outrageous. You’re so desperate to avenge your grandfather, but at the same time, I won’t allow my grandpa to bear any false accusations,” Jeremy said with a stern look on his face.

“Back then, Whitman Corporation and Riverdawn Corporation were competing for Project ZF. My grandpa successfully got the winning bid for the project, and because of the completion of the project, Whitman Corporation built its foundation in Glendale and became stronger and stronger.

“However, your grandfather told you that my grandpa stole his proposal so that was why he lost the bid. Because of that, your entire family thinks that my grandpa betrayed your grandfather who ultimately died in melancholy, is that right?”

After Jeremy recounted that, a spark of hatred appeared in Ryan’s eyes.

“Your grandfather killed my grandpa!” Even though he was weak, he was still insistent to express what he wanted to say.

Jeremy did not want to bicker with Ryan, so he threw a letter in front of Ryan. “If you insist on thinking that’s what happened, then open your eyes and read this.”

Ryan peered at the letter in disdain. However, he spotted the words ‘written by Hank’ on the envelope.

Hank was the name of Ryan’s grandfather.

Ryan’s expression changed when he looked at the handwriting.

“I think you should know your own grandfather’s handwriting, right?” Jeremy reminded him. “This is a letter your grandfather wrote to my grandpa after the bidding of the project. Open it and take a look for yourself.”

Ryan did not want to pay attention to what Jeremy was saying. However, this was a letter handwritten by his grandfather, so he could not ignore it.

He lifted his head challengingly and touched the letter before opening it slowly. When he read the contents of the letter, Ryan was instantly shocked…
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1379
Ryan took the letter in his hand and his eyes scanned the familiar handwriting. Each and every word was reflected in his eyes clearly.


Ryan’s breathing started to become erratic.

He grabbed the old letter and read the words on it again. However, no matter how he read it, those words would not change.

“No, Grandpa wouldn’t do something like that…”

Ryan could not accept this. His pale and dried lips started mumbling repeatedly. His gray eyes were also filled with endless loss.

“Ryan, I know it’s hard for you to accept this but it’s the truth,” Jeremy parted his lips and emphasized calmly.

“Impossible!” Ryan used all of his strength to roar out that word. In the next second, he clutched at his heart with a pained expression.

Jeremy could see the changes in the data on the equipment and he knew Ryan must have been triggered. However, he did not feel sorry for him.

In his mind, Ryan was only like this today because he brought this upon himself.

Being able to wake up was already a huge blessing for him.

Despite this, Jeremy still called the doctor over for Ryan.

However, the moment the door opened, a huge crowd of journalists appeared out of nowhere and were fighting to know the situation inside the room.

When Mr. and Mrs. Jones saw the doctor rushing over with a solemn expression, they started to panic.

“Did something happen to Rye? Something must have happened to him!” Mrs. Jones guessed in horror. Then, she saw Jeremy walking out of the room so she rushed over to him. “Jeremy, it’s you! You went in to purposely cause trouble for Rye, right? You want to kill Rye and you don’t want him to have a good life! How can you be so cruel?

“15 years ago, the old man from your family used a heinous method to steal the opportunity from the Joneses bidding on Project ZF in order to solidify Whitman Corporation’s status in Glendale. He caused our old master to die in melancholy. Today, the descendants of the Whitmans are still trying to harm the descendants of the Joneses, huh? You’re so sinister!”

After the journalists heard this, they all exclaimed while feeling shocked.

“So this is the beef between the Whitmans and the Joneses!”

“Project ZF from 15 years ago? Could it be that it’s that project? I heard about it. It was what everyone was talking about back then!”

Everyone started a discussion among themselves. When Mr. and Mrs. Jones saw that they had attracted the attention of so many people, they felt even more encouraged to expose more things.

“That’s right! Everybody in Glendale knows about this project 15 years ago. The Jones had a pretty huge chance at winning, but my father-in-law wrongfully trusted that old man and showed him his proposal. In the end, that old man turned around and turned that proposal into his!”


After Mrs. Jones said that, she caused another huge wave in the crowd.

The passerby and journalists were all casting suspicious glances at Jeremy.

However, Jeremy did not want to explain too much. If the truth about this got out, the Jones family’s reputation would be ruined and it would affect the deceased old master as well.

He still wanted to save some dignity for the deceased. As for the truth, it would be fine if Ryan was the only one who knew about it.

However, Mrs. Jones did not want to give up. She pointed at Jeremy and started yelling at him.

“Rye grew up with his grandpa ever since he was young, so he’s close to his grandpa. The reason Rye got onto this path is that he wanted to seek justice for his grandpa. He had no other choice!

“The people who gave him no choice were you Whitmans! Especially you, Jeremy, and your wife, Eveline! You’re horrible people!”

Mrs. Jones blamed Jeremy and Madeline for all of Ryan’s crimes.

“You people are the reason my Rye chose this path!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1380
“If you think you can help Ryan get away with his crimes like this, then you’re seriously even more naive than my son and daughter.”

A bright and pristine voice sounded suddenly from the noisy crowd.

Jeremy’s racing heart became filled with joy when he heard this voice. He lifted his head and saw Madeline elegantly walking toward him while pushing the crowd away.

The journalists pointed their cameras at Madeline using this opportunity. Then, they started questioning.

“Mrs. Whitman, are you trying to say something on behalf of Mr. Whitman by appearing at this moment?”

“What’s your relationship with Ryan Jones?”

“I heard that your mental state isn’t the best at the moment and someone even said that you’re a half-wit now, so are you—”

“Do you guys think I look like an idiot or a lunatic?” Madeline walked to Jeremy before turning around. Then, she faced the cameras confidently. “I didn’t come here to say anything on anyone’s behalf. I just hope this matter will come to an end soon.”

Madeline lifted her head to look into Jeremy’s eyes. “Jeremy, I know you’re trying to save some dignity for some people, but this should go both ways. Since they don’t want to extend the same courtesy, then why do we need to give ourselves so many grievances? Plus, we can’t let them accuse Grandpa for no reason.”

“Linnie, you’re right. I’ll listen to you.” Jeremy agreed with Madeline and decided to listen to her.

Upon seeing this, Mr. and Mrs. Jones arbitrarily asserted that Madeline and Jeremy were purposely making this unnecessarily complicated. “Stop trying to fool the masses with your lies. You’ll never be able to prove your innocence with what happened back then!”

“We don’t have to. What happened back then was just a misunderstanding,” Madeline said calmly and opened the letter in Jeremy’s hand. Then, she showed the letter to Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

Madeline purposely turned her back toward the journalists so that they could not see the contents of the letter.

However, she wanted Mr. and Mrs. Jones to see clearly what was written on there so that they could see that the truth they knew was nothing but a man-made misunderstanding.

“This is your old master’s handwriting. I think Mr. Jones should be able to recognize this even if you don’t, Mrs. Jones?” Madeline looked at Mr. Jones. The expression on his face changed instantly.

“H-How is this possible? How can this be?” Mr. Jones widened his eyes and shook his head.

After Mrs. Jones saw this, she was also shocked. “Is this really Dad’s handwriting? How is this possible?”

Looking at the changes in the couple’s expressions, Madeline was sure that they understood and could finally see things clearly.

“I think you understand now why Jeremy’s grandpa kept his silence and did not explain himself after all these years.

“Grandpa only hopes that his old friend can pass away peacefully, but if you want the deceased to be unable to rest, then continue making a fuss. If this is exposed, the Jones family will be the ones suffering from embarrassment.”



Mr. and Mrs. Jones understood what Madeline meant. The hatred in the couple’s eyes started fading away after reading the letter.

It turned out that they did not have the right to get mad. They also did not have the right to accuse or even seek revenge.

The passersby and journalists noticed Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ shift in attitude. They were all curious and wanted to know what was written on the letter Madeline was holding.

However, it was clear that Madeline did not want to publicize this. She put the letter away and handed it to Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones looked at Madeline’s gesture in disbelief. His face looked as if it was covered with a layer of shame.


Mr. Jones stammered and thanked her. However, when he was about to get the letter, a hand appeared from one side and snatched the letter away.

“Let’s see what’s in here!”

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