Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1351-1360

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1351
It was also at this moment Madeline felt something warm splashing her face.

Then, the dazzling bright red liquid started gurgling from where Ryan’s heart was.

The horrifying sight of blood was reflected in Madeline’s eyes.

She opened her beautiful eyes in dumbfoundedness and could not believe what just happened.

Ryan did not expect that someone would have secretly aimed the gun at him. The bullet passed through his heart, and in an instant, he knew that his life had come to an end.

Yet, it seemed that there was still something he could not let go of. This obsession was still in sight.

Ryan clasped Madeline’s wrist tightly and subconsciously tightened his hold. Then, his eyes gradually lost their luster and focus.

Before he collapsed, Ryan inaudibly uttered some words to Madeline.

Madeline’s eyes widened as she watched Ryan slowly collapsing in front of her eyes. The only thing in her mind right now was the bloody scene she just witnessed and what Ryan said before collapsing.


When Madeline was in a daze, she heard a man screaming in her ears.

In the next second, she felt a familiar scent approaching her, and then a pair of strong arms was holding her tightly.

However, Madeline could only see the crimson in front of her right now and felt dizzy.

Before she had time to see the man who was hugging her, her eyes went dark and she fainted.

“Linnie, Linnie!” Jeremy nervously picked the unconscious Madeline up. He also caught the sight of Ryan who had fallen to the ground and could no longer resist.

Jeremy did not expect the police to shoot him, but he could guess that Madeline fainted from shock after witnessing Ryan suddenly collapsing in front of her.

The policemen quickly rushed over, and Jeremy frowned slightly as he looked at Ryan who had his eyes half-opened in a pool of blood.

“Call an ambulance and take him to the hospital right away. Maybe he can still be saved.” After he finished speaking, he immediately left with Madeline in his arms.

Whitman Manor.

Sean was unable to sit still as he waited for news about Madeline. When he suddenly heard a voice coming from outside, he hurriedly strode out.

He spotted Jeremy walking inside with Madeline, so he ran forward nervously. “Eveline, Eveline.”

He called out to her twice. After seeing that Madeline was not responding, he asked Jeremy anxiously, “What’s wrong with Eveline? Why is there blood on her body?”

Jeremy lowered his eyes and looked at the woman in his arms. His eyes were filled with distress. “Don’t worry too much. Linnie just fainted. The blood belongs to Ryan.”

“Ryan?” Sean was shocked. “Why is Ryan’s blood on Eveline’s body? What happened?”

As soon as Jeremy finished talking, Eloise hurried over.

Seeing Madeline lying unconscious in Jeremy’s arms with a lot of bloodstains on her face and dress, Eloise suddenly panicked and nervously grabbed Sean’s hand to question him.

“What’s wrong with her? Sean, what’s wrong with Eveline?”

Sean hurriedly held Eloise’s shoulders and gently soothed her. “It’s okay. Eveline is okay. She’s just asleep, don’t worry.”

Eloise glanced at Jeremy suspiciously. “Is that true?”

Jeremy spoke cooperatively, “It’s true. I’ll take Eveline back to her room for her to get some rest. I’ll ask her to look for you after she wakes up.”

Eloise nodded. “Then hurry up and take Eveline to bed. Let her have a good rest.”

Although she could not recognize the woman Jeremy was holding in his arms to be her baby girl whom she talked about every day, her consideration and concern for Madeline was still evident.

After Jeremy carried Madeline to bed, he called his colleagues to ask about Ryan’s situation.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1352
The colleague who was waiting outside the operating theatre informed him of the latest situation. “The bullet hit him pretty close to the heart and he has lost a lot of blood. I’m afraid the situation is not looking too optimistic.”

Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows when he heard the words. “Why did you shoot him? I was confident that I could make Ryan let my wife go.”

“The police saw that your wife and Ryan seemed to be in a dispute and Ryan looked as if he wanted to forcibly take your wife away. In order to ensure the safety of the hostage and also since Ryan was a wanted criminal, they opened fire.”

Jeremy did not say anything anymore after knowing this.

In fact, he had already thought about it at the time. He was ready to explain to Ryan about the grievances from the previous generations. When that happened, Ryan would naturally release Madeline.

However, he did not expect the police to fire.

Ryan was still in the emergency room and his chance of survival was slim.

Jeremy’s gaze landed on the woman who was asleep on the bed and his eyes softened.

‘Linnie, you must’ve been so frightened at the time.

‘A living person just collapsed in front of you like that.

‘It must’ve been triggering.’

Jeremy stayed by Madeline’s side for a while when suddenly, he saw Sean walking to the door of the room. He called out to him softly, “Let Eveline rest. Jeremy, come out for a bit.”

After Jeremy put the blanket on Madeline, he walked out of the room quietly.

Sean asked straightforwardly, “Is Eveline really okay? Has Ryan been caught?”

Recalling the scene not long ago, Jeremy frankly told him, “Ryan wanted to take Eveline away forcibly. The police were worried about Eveline’s safety, so they shot Ryan. It’s currently unsure whether he’ll make it or not. He’s being rescued in the hospital now.”

Sean was surprised, but he was more concerned about Madeline’s situation. “Could it be that Eveline fainted because she saw Ryan getting shot in front of her?”

Jeremy nodded sadly. “I’m guessing so.”

“Ryan Jones!” Sean said resentfully, his eyes full of worry. “Eveline isn’t in the best state of mind now but she received such a scare as well! We don’t know if her condition will deteriorate after she wakes up.”

Jeremy was also very worried about this.

When he was trying to comfort Sean, Eloise hurried over. “Jeremy!”

Seeing Eloise’s panicked face, Jeremy was puzzled. “Why are you so anxious?”

“Is Ryan dead? Is it true?” Eloise said in a hurry, “Was it you who shot him in the heart? Is it true?”

Upon hearing this, Jeremy asked calmly, “Where did you hear this?”

“Just now, a friend of mine called and told me. I watched the video that’s going viral on the internet and the man who fell to the ground was really Ryan!”

Jeremy did not expect that the situation at that time would be photographed by tourists and passersby who then uploaded the content to the internet. He also did not expect that they would think that he was the one who shot Ryan.

Jeremy took a look at the video circulating on the internet and also read the comments left by the netizens.

Many people believed that Jeremy shot Ryan for Madeline.

Others even ridiculed the love triangle between them.

Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows tightly after he saw that. He could ignore them thinking that he was the one who shot Ryan, but he could not tolerate them adding a third party to the two-way relationship between him and Madeline.

They only had each other in this relationship.

“You should take care of Eveline. I need to take care of some things,” Jeremy said, walking to the door.

However, as soon as he walked to the living room, he saw the maids blocking two people while stopping them helplessly. “Sir, madam, please don’t do this. Mr. Whitman won’t—”

“Jeremy Whitman, get out of here now!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1353
The man’s furious voice came from the hallway harshly.

Jeremy raised his eyes to see the people who had barged in and instantly understood their intentions.

He signaled the maids to go on with their business and then said in a light tone, “If you have time, you should go to the hospital and not come here to expose your low IQs.”

“What? Jeremy, you killed Rye and you still dare to pretend that it has nothing to do with you?! Jeremy, let me tell you, I’ll never let Rye die like this without doing anything about it!” Mrs. Jones cursed with tears in her eyes, looking extremely distressed.

Mr. Jones was also furious as he gritted his teeth. “Jeremy, even if our Rye really killed the woman named Lana Johnson, it should be the police convicting him! Who are you to shoot Rye just like that?

“Do the Whitmans have a habit of persecuting the Joneses? Not only did you people kill my dad, but now you even killed my son!”

Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows as indignation appeared in his eyes. He emphasized with a serious expression, “No matter in the past, present, or future, the Whitmans have never harmed anyone.”

He looked imposing with his eyes looking magnanimous.

“I will only say this once. The death of the old master has nothing to do with my grandfather. If Ryan really dies from this gunshot, then he only has himself to blame and it has nothing to do with others.”

“Y-You’re actually saying that our Rye is the one to blame?!” Mrs. Jones could not accept this. Out of frustration, she pushed the blame to someone else. “You and that Eveline Montgomery are clearly the ones who killed our Rye! Eveline is a fickle woman who played with our Rye’s feelings. You’re even more hateful. In order to vent for that woman, you shot Rye to death!

“Jeremy, don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because the Whitmans are the number one family in Glendale. I’ll definitely seek justice for Rye!”

“Do you even know what justice is?” Jeremy was enraged all of a sudden.

Mrs. Jones’ words seemed to have triggered something in him.

She could berate him all she wanted, but she just had to involve Madeline.

His deep eyes froze over immediately and coldness swirled in his eyes. “It was your son who approached my wife with an ulterior motive from the beginning. My wife treated him as a friend, but what did he do? He was just using her for revenge!

“Linnie was a healthy, imposing, and confident person. Now, she has been turned into a half-witted fool by your son. Who do you think you are to stand here and blame my wife?

“Let me also tell you this. Even if Ryan really dies, this matter will not be over. Linnie has suffered so many injuries and torment that I want the Joneses to pay the price!”

After Jeremy finished warning them, he strode toward the door.

His impeccably strong aura stunned both Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

“Hmph, you still have the cheek to criticize him so violently?” Karen sneered, “Your son killed someone and pushed the blame to my son, even causing my daughter-in-law to be in the state she’s in now. We didn’t even ask you to settle accounts, but you came to us first? Jeremy is right. Your son is the one to blame if he really kicks the bucket!”


Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ faces were green with anger. Flames of anger were burning inside their chests.

However, when they suddenly recalled what Jeremy had just said, the couple turned around in a hurry.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones also followed after Jeremy when they saw that he was about to drive away.

“Rye might still be alive! If we follow him, we’ll definitely know where Rye is now!”

Jeremy knew that Mr. and Mrs. Jones were following behind him, but he did not want to bother about them. As such, he drove straight to the hospital where Ryan was undergoing surgery.

When he arrived, the red light in the operating theatre just went out and the surgeon stepped out.

Jeremy glanced at Mr. and Mrs. Jones who were following him before striding forward and asking the doctor, “What’s the situation of the person who was shot? Can he still be saved?”

After hearing Jeremy’s question, Mr. and Mrs. Jones felt as if something was clenching at their hearts tightly. It was getting difficult for them to breathe.

In the next second, they saw the chief of surgery shaking his head helplessly. “The bullet was taken out, but the injury is serious. He has been transferred to the ICU now. If he can wake up, then there’s still hope, but the probability is very small.”

After listening to what the doctor said, Mrs. Jones was stunned for a second. Then, she wailed in pain. “Rye!”

With tears streaming down her face, she suddenly raised her finger to Jeremy. “Jeremy Whitman, you murderer! You’ll die a horrible death! Eveline Montgomery will also die a horrible death! Your whole family will die horrible deaths!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1354
Mrs. Jones cursed viciously.

Hearing this, Jeremy instantly raised his eyebrows. When he was about to warn her, Mrs. Jones seemed to be overstimulated and suddenly passed out.

Jeremy suppressed his anger before walking to one side to make a call.

He blocked all of the videos that were being spread on the internet and handled all the comments mentioning Madeline.

However, after dealing with these, more public opinion surged on the internet.

They were saying that Jeremy was having a guilty conscience after killing Ryan, so he spent money to withdraw the trending tweets.

He did not care about the opinions of the netizens. He only did this because he did not want to see Madeline being involved in this matter.

After Ryan was sent to the ICU, Jeremy went to visit him.

The noble young master who was once known by his gentleness and humbleness was now bearing the shameful identity as a murderer.

How ironic.

‘Ryan, since you’re such a clever person, why didn’t you investigate your grandfather’s affairs clearly instead of manifesting hatred that shouldn’t exist at all because of ignorant attachments?

‘You’re the one to blame for what has happened to you.

‘You caused my Linnie to be like this.

‘I’m the one who should be seeking revenge.’

Jeremy’s eyes narrowed, and he did not stay for a long time.

When he returned to Whitman Manor, it was almost late at night. He thought that everyone in the family would be asleep by now, but when he returned to the room, he found that Karen and Sean were sitting on the sofa by the French window in the bedroom and talking softly.

Eloise was sitting on the side of the bed, staring almost intently at Madeline who had not yet awakened.

Seeing that Jeremy had returned, Sean and Karen walked over to inquire about the situation.

“Jeremy, is Ryan really dead?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline who was not awake before parting his thin lips. “He’s currently in the ICU. It’s unknown whether he’ll wake up or not.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Upon hearing this, Eloise suddenly walked over with a solemn expression. “You said it’s unknown whether Eveline will wake up or not? What do you mean? You said before that she’s just sleeping.”

After hearing that, it was obvious that Eloise had misunderstood him.

Jeremy was about to explain when Sean went over to hold Eloise’s shoulders. “Ellie, you’re mistaken. We’re not talking about Eveline. It’s late, so let’s go to bed. Eveline will wake up when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Really? As long as I sleep and wake up again tomorrow, Eveline will wake up too?”

“Yeah.” Sean coaxed Eloise like she was a child. Then, he took her hand and went back to their room.

After Eloise and Sean left, Karen asked in a low voice, “Is Eveline really alright? Don’t lie to me.”

Jeremy frowned. “You should also go back to your room to rest. Rest assured, I’ll take care of Linnie.”

Karen was still a little worried, but she did not want to probe further and left.

Jeremy closed the door gently before walking to the bed and sitting down. Then, he noticed that Madeline was no longer in her blood-stained dress. At this moment, she looked as calm and peaceful as a sleeping child.

He caressed her eyebrows with distress. “Linnie, I’m not a good husband. You’ve suffered so much because of me for so many years. What should I do to better protect you?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline and asked himself. Then, he bowed his head and gently kissed the corner of her lips.

However, the moment before Jeremy’s kiss fell, Madeline suddenly opened her eyes in horror.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1355
Jeremy instantly felt Madeline awakening.

However, when he lowered his head, he saw that Madeline’s eyes were full of panic and confusion.

She looked at the ceiling somewhat blanky, and after a few seconds, Madeline seemed to realize that there was someone next to her.

When she saw Jeremy who was extremely close to her, she grabbed the blanket and leaped away immediately. “Get away from me!”

Jeremy’s heart sank. At that moment, he felt as if he had fallen into the bottom of a cold lake.

Sure enough, what he was worried about had happened.

“Linnie, I’m Jeremy,” Jeremy explained.

However, Madeline seemed to be ignoring him. She shrank to the corner of the bed with a panicked expression. Her big, smart, and beautiful eyes were looking ahead in confusion. They were out of focus.

“Linnie, what’s wrong with you, Linnie? I’m Jeremy. Don’t be afraid.” Jeremy slowly approached while coaxing patiently and tenderly. “Don’t be afraid, Linnie. It’s over. Ryan won’t have any more opportunities to control and hurt you.”


Madeline seemed to be reacting to this name. She looked forward blankly and muttered to herself like a child.

“Ryan said he would take me to find Jeremy. He also said that as long as I’m obedient, he’ll let my parents go and personally send me back to Jeremy. However, Jeremy came to me and I wanted to go with Jeremy, but he wouldn’t let me go. And then…”

As Madeline was talking, her face turned paler. In her head, there was a scene of Ryan getting shot and falling to the ground in front of her.

The blood that came out from Ryan’s wound seemed to be burning hot on her cheeks.

She really did not want to think about it anymore, but she just could not get rid of that scene in her mind.


Madeline suddenly raised her hand and held her head in pain.

“Linnie!” Jeremy hurried forward and held Madeline who was in pain. “Don’t be afraid, Linnie. Don’t be afraid.”

“He’s dead! Ryan is dead! Dead!” Madeline repeated incoherently in Jeremy’s arms. Her eyes turned red unknowingly while tears filled her eyes.

She did not forget those words Ryan said to her in the last second before he lost consciousness.

“I’m sorry.”

Ryan had only whispered weakly, but those three words lingered clearly in Madeline’s mind.

At that moment, she saw the sincerity and regret on Ryan’s face.

Ryan’s most unforgettable regret was driving her to the brink of insanity.

He knew that he was not qualified to be forgiven by Madeline, but at least, he wanted her to know that he did not actually want to push her to such a point.

He just hoped that she could stay by his side with a little more docility.

However, it turned out that she would still love the man named Jeremy even if it meant going completely crazy.

He really could not force one’s feelings.

It was a pity that he only understood this at the end.

Jeremy hugged Madeline who was out of control as he patiently and gently comforted her.

Madeline’s mood eased a little, but she was still restless and tense. Her entire body was even trembling slightly.

However, she finally stopped resisting him and Jeremy felt a little joyous.

Time slipped away silently as Jeremy sat on the bed holding Madeline for a long time. She was nestled in his arms where she gradually stopped trembling and feeling afraid.

Jeremy stroked Madeline’s head lightly. “Linnie, go to sleep if you’re tired. I’ll always be with you.”

After he said that, Jeremy felt Madeline’s hands tightening his collar.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1356
He felt that she was getting anxious. “Linnie, don’t be afraid. I won’t let you out of my sight again. Don’t be afraid, okay?”

Madeline was stunned for a moment. Then, she finally raised her head and met Jeremy’s soft eyes that were as gentle as a spring breeze. There seemed to be a flash of clarity in her eyes and suddenly, she had a clear recognition of the man in front of her.

“Jeremy? Are you Jeremy?”

“Yes, I am Jeremy. I’m your husband, Eveline Montgomery.” Jeremy gave an affirmative answer.

Madeline’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly as if she was in distress. “Jeremy, I don’t seem to recognize you, but I remember that Jeremy is the love of my life.”

Jeremy felt as if his heart had been pierced by a needle when he heard that. “Linnie…”

“Why don’t I even recognize the man I love most? Jeremy, will you blame me for this?”

“You dummy, why would I blame you?” Jeremy stroked Madeline’s worried face before bowing his head and kissing her gently. “You didn’t mean to forget me. You’re just sick.”

Madeline raised her head and eyes that were filled with anxiety. “Then when will I be better? Will I never be better? Will I just forget you completely?”

“No,” Jeremy affirmed without hesitation. He held Madeline who had lost a lot of weight and stroked her hair. His fingers were running through her soft short hair as they became entangled with each other.

“Linnie, even if you really forget me completely one day, I believe you’ll fall in love with me again. The bond between us can’t be erased so easily.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s worried eyes tenderly. “Linnie, no matter what happens to you, I’ll take care of you forever. I love you.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy blankly as a small smile blossomed on her face. Then, she leaned against his chest and closed her eyes without any worries.

The next day when Jeremy woke up, he saw a lot of public opinion on the internet. The netizens were all focusing on the fact that he was abusing his influence to retaliate against Ryan. Someone even said that the Whitmans and the Joneses had some beef between them.

They said that the Whitmans killed someone from the Jones family more than ten years ago.

In just one night, the Whitmans got into a lot of negative news.

Jeremy could guess that Mr. and Mrs. Jones were the ones behind this. They wanted to use public opinion to retaliate against him.

Old Master Whitman saw everything and felt it was necessary to come forward to clarify that the grievances of the previous generation should not be dealt with by the younger generation.

However, Jeremy stopped the old man. As a descendant of the Whitmans, he had the responsibility to share and bear all the doubts for this family.

However, the biggest public opinion on the internet was still about Jeremy shooting Ryan. What was even more outrageous was that a group of reporters was blocking the gates of Whitman Manor early in the morning, saying that they were here to find out the truth.

Jeremy frowned unhappily when he looked at Madeline who had been awakened.

If it was not because he needed to take care of Madeline, he would have already gone down to drive these people away. Now, he could only let Karen deal with them.

However, when Madeline finished washing up and went downstairs to eat, more and more people started gathering around the gates. Madeline was finding it strange when she was eating breakfast.

“Why is it so noisy at the door?”

Jeremy caressed her head. “It’s just a bunch of annoying flies. I’m going to chase them away now. Linnie, stay here and eat your breakfast like a good girl.”

Madeline nodded half-believingly and looked at Jeremy’s back blankly.

Karen was chasing the reporters away at the gates, but those people were clearly prepared and asking extremely tricky questions.

When they saw Jeremy coming out, they turned their microphones and cameras to Jeremy one by one as they rushed to ask questions.

“Mr. Whitman, what are your comments about the internet saying that you shot Ryan?”

“Why was Ryan with Mrs. Whitman when he was shot? They were also seen pulling and pushing at each other. Have you always been in a love triangle?”

“Did you shoot Ryan because he falsely accused you of killing someone? You’re using your power to deal with personal matters, right?”

“Or are you just venting your anger because Eveline Montgomery was having an affair with Ryan?”

After listening to these questions, Jeremy felt that these people were just digging their own graves.

He raised his eyebrows indifferently and his imposing manner alone scared these people into gulping.

When he was about to warn them, the journalists’ eyes suddenly lit up as they all looked behind him…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1357
Jeremy noticed something amiss, so he restrained himself and looked back only to see Madeline standing not far behind him with a look of doubt.

It was unknown when she followed him here. Plus, there was a possibility that she had heard all the questions asked by these journalists. That would explain why Madeline’s expression looked a little off.


Jeremy turned and walked toward her, but at this moment, the group of journalists behind him turned the cameras to Madeline and started asking questions.

“Miss Eveline, was Ryan with you when he was shot last night?”

“Mrs. Whitman, what is the relationship between you and Ryan?”

“The reason why Mr. Whitman shot Ryan was that he was jealous of you being with Ryan, right?”

Jeremy was furious when the journalists asked such stupid questions.

He turned around swiftly and looked at them with his eyes as sharp as ice knives. “You’re willfully speculating and putting false crimes on people under the guise of pursuing the truth. Just wait to receive a lawyer’s letter from me.”

As soon as Jeremy said this, coupled with his impeccably fierce aura, the group of people in front of him was all startled.

“The job of a journalist is to find the truth, not fabricating the facts!”


Jeremy’s eyes were full of coldness, and no journalists dared to speak anymore for fear that they would offend Jeremy again.

“Get lost now. Don’t show up in my sight again.”

He dropped these last words and turned around to take Madeline into the house, but when he turned around, Madeline had already walked to his side.

Her elegant face was stained with deep confusion and incomprehension. “What did they just say?”

Madeline asked inexplicably, her beautiful eyebrows slightly furrowed. “What do they mean by a love triangle? Why did they say that I’m having an affair with Ryan?”

Jeremy quickly explained and comforted, “Linnie, don’t listen to their nonsense. You didn’t, and there isn’t anything between you and Ryan.”

However, Madeline was obviously a little bit triggered because of this. Her eyebrows furrowed tighter and tighter, and she even began to speak incoherently, “Ryan… Ryan is dead. He died in front of me. There was so much blood. There was also his blood on my face…

“B-But how could it be that you’re the one who killed Ryan? How could it be you? No, it can’t be like this…”

Madeline denied repeatedly in distress. Her complexion that had finally recovered a little became awful again.

Jeremy held Madeline’s shoulders with a broken heart and gently persuaded her, saying, “Linnie, don’t pay attention to what others are saying. Don’t think about it. Please calm down.”

Madeline shook her head and glanced at the journalists who were looking at her questioningly. She suddenly felt that her head was very heavy and her thoughts were all over the place, but the scene of Ryan collapsing to the ground last night was once again so clear in front of her.

The journalists watched Madeline’s dazed and empty eyes while whispering among each other.

“Does Eveline look a bit off to you?”

“I heard some gossip saying that she has gone crazy.”

“What? Crazy?”

“Half-crazy and half-dumb, it seems like. I heard that she can’t even take care of herself anymore.”

“Seriously? I wonder if it’s the retribution of playing with other people’s feelings.”

Jeremy’s hearing was very sharp and he looked back in anger.

“Shut your mouth!”

The reporters were so frightened that they did not dare breathe.


Jeremy drove them away in a rage, and then he turned back to see that Madeline’s complexion was getting worse.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1358

“Ah!” Suddenly, Madeline held her head uncomfortably and asked strangely, “Why is this happening? Why?”

“Linnie!” Jeremy grabbed her shoulders nervously and looked at her pained look. He also felt his heart aching along with her. “Linnie, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t think about it. Let’s go back to the house.”

He took Madeline’s hand before looking back and reminding Karen. “Call the police. Tell them someone is making trouble in front of our house.”

Karen nodded and stared angrily at the panicked journalists. “I’ll call them now!”

After she said this, these journalists all left one after another.

If this was another place, they would not leave even if the police were involved.

However, there were at the gates of Whitman Manor and it was not a good idea to provoke Jeremy.

However, judging from Madeline’s reaction just now, most of them had already thought about what they were going to release next.

The madam of the richest and dignified Jones family was actually crazy?

This was such big news.

Of course, what was worthy of attention was not that Madeline had become a lunatic. From what Madeline just said, they had a lot to work with.

After Jeremy took Madeline back to the house, her emotions became out of control again.

Eloise had just gotten up and was coming downstairs. When she saw Madeline, she walked to her happily. “You really are fine after a good night’s sleep. They didn’t lie to me. Sean said that he would accompany me to buy clothes later. You should come with me.”

However, after Eloise’s expectant invitation, Madeline went upstairs without even looking at Eloise.

Madeline’s indifference caused the smile on Eloise’s face to shatter in an instant.

She stood where she was while feeling at a loss. Loneliness covered her entire face. “My Eveline doesn’t want me as a mother anymore, and this Eveline doesn’t want to care about me now. Why does Eveline hate me so much? Why…”

Jeremy walked over to comfort her after hearing Eloise blaming herself while feeling horrible.

“Mom, don’t overthink it. Eveline doesn’t hate you.”

After he said that, Karen also walked in from outside.

Jeremy was more worried about Madeline at the moment. Sean was not here right now, so he had to hand over Eloise to Karen.

“Mom, take care of my mother-in-law for me first. I need to go upstairs to see Eveline.”

Karen was stunned for a moment, but before she could agree, Jeremy hurried upstairs.

Seeing Eloise standing by the stairs with a look of loss on her face, Karen stood there and hesitated for several seconds before walking over.

“Hey, in-law,” Karen called out with a gentle smile on her face.

Eloise frowned and looked at Karen suspiciously. “Who are you calling?”

“…” Karen was stunned. She did not think that Eloise would become an almost demented fool. When she recalled the previous hostile scenes with Eloise, Karen felt sorry, but at the same time, she also found it unbearable.

She felt so distressed when she saw a mother who became like this because she missed her daughter too much.

Karen put on a friendly smile and patiently explained, “Eloise, have you forgotten? Your daughter Eveline and my son Jeremy are married. We’re a family.”

“Eveline married your son?” Eloise’s beautiful eyes widened, then they were followed by sadness. “Eveline got married and didn’t tell her mother. She really hates me…”

“No, Eveline doesn’t hate you, really,” Karen said, “Come on. Let’s sit down and talk slowly.”

Eloise glanced at Karen and followed without resistance.

Jeremy returned to the room as quickly as possible but did not see Madeline.

His heartbeat became very unstable for a while. When he was about to turn around and go to another room on the second floor to look for Madeline, he heard a strange noise coming from the bathroom inside a bedroom.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1359
Jeremy got nervous as he approached the bathroom for some reason.

He was sure that Madeline was in the bathroom, but judging from this strange sound, he did not know what Madeline was doing.

Jeremy sped toward the bathroom and pushed the door open.

He glanced inside but did not see Madeline. He only heard the sound of water coming from the area where the bathtub was placed.

“Linnie?” Jeremy called out Madeline’s name and quickly walked in without thinking.

As soon as he saw the scene in front of him, Jeremy felt something tugging at his heartstrings while he felt every cell in his body was in pain


Jeremy ran over to grab Madeline who was desperately pouring cold water all over herself.

She was drenched all over and her short hair was completely wet. Her pale face was also covered with beads of water.

“Linnie, what are you doing?” Jeremy snatched the showerhead away and picked her up aggressively.

Madeline looked at the nervous and worried man with dull eyes but she only opened her lips in an unusually calm and even colder manner.

“Leave me alone. Go away.”

“How can I not care about you? Why are you hurting yourself like this?” Jeremy felt as if a knife was slicing through his heart. When he looked at her wet body, his heart ached for her.

However, Madeline was still calm while her initially lively pupils looked as indifferent as a pool of water.

“I’m not hurting myself. Didn’t you say that I’ve gone crazy? A lot of my memories are blurry, so I just want to regain clarity,” she said as she forcefully pushed Jeremy’s hand away.

“Let go.”

“Linnie, you’re not crazy. Don’t listen to those people’s nonsense.”

“They’re not talking nonsense. I really feel that something is wrong with me,” Madeline said calmly with a glint of deja vu in her eyes. “Let go of your hands.”


“I said let go,” Madeline said in a cold voice.

There were thousands of urges in Jeremy’s heart to carry Madeline outside, but at this moment, her eyes and attitude looked like that of another person.

He had no choice but to slowly loosen his clasped hands. No matter how domineering and strong he was, he felt weak at this moment.

He could only listen to her. He did want to irritate her or offend her.

After Jeremy released his hands, Madeline picked up the showerhead and put it on top of her head again. She allowed the cold water to pour down from her head to her toes.

Madeline closed her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows. She tried to remember some of the messy memories she had forgotten, but it seemed that apart from the penetrating coldness, those memories were covered in dust and torn apart. It was difficult for her to piece them together again.

Jeremy stood by and watched. He watched the water dripping all over Madeline’s body. Then, he clenched his fists slowly as his brows locked together.

How could he stand by and watch her torture herself like this?

He could not do it!

Jeremy stepped forward uncontrollably and decisively stopped Madeline.

“Linnie, that’s enough! This is enough!” He clasped her shoulders tightly, his eyes having grown red at some point. “Don’t torture yourself anymore. You’ve done nothing wrong. I won’t allow you to hurt yourself like this!”

Madeline glared at Jeremy irritably when she heard the words. “I just want to calm down. Why are you bothering me? Can you just leave?”

“I won’t leave. I’ll be wherever you are! Eveline Montgomery, I said I’ll never let anyone hurt you again, so you’re not allowed to hurt yourself too!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1360
A firm glint appeared in Jeremy’s deep eyes. He grabbed Madeline’s thin shoulders and wanted to take her back to the room to change.

However, Madeline was not obedient. She desperately broke free with a domineering look in her eyes. “I told you to leave me alone. Don’t you understand?”

“I can ignore anyone in my life, but I just can’t ignore you.” Jeremy’s aura at the moment was more domineering than Madeline’s.

He could not let this continue anymore. However, just as he grabbed Madeline’s arm and took a step forward, he suddenly received a firm slap on his face.

With a slap, Madeline’s palm landed on Jeremy’s face heavily.

Jeremy was stunned for a while as his handsome face was turned to the side. He was unable to feel the pain on his cheeks, but his heart really hurt.

He did not know what he could do for Madeline. The least he could do was calm her down so that she was not as emotional as she was now.

However, just when Jeremy was about to recompose himself and continue to comfort Madeline, she suddenly raised his hands and held his face.

Jeremy looked at the little woman whose emotions had changed quite unexpectedly. Her gaze was soft at the moment, and her beautiful eyes were filled with heavy apologies and worries.

“Jeremy, I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened to me. I didn’t mean to slap you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Madeline apologized nervously, looking extremely sad.

Jeremy held her hand to his lips and kissed it softly. “Linnie, no one is blaming you. I won’t blame you either, so don’t blame yourself.”

After listening to Jeremy’s words, Madeline felt even more guilty. She raised her misty eyes and was feeling troubled. “How did I become like this? How could I hit you?”

“Linnie, look at me.” Jeremy stretched out his hands and cupped Madeline’s cheeks to make her face him.

Now that they were looking into each other’s eyes, there was a gentle glow in his orbs.

“Linnie, you’ll eventually recover. Don’t be so hard on yourself or even hurt yourself. If you feel uncomfortable and need to vent, just come to me.”

As he said that, the look in his eyes became more pampering.

“Linnie, I’m your husband. I’m your strongest support and also the haven for you to shelter from the wind when you’re tired. I’m also the object you can release your anger on when you’re unhappy, so you don’t need to apologize to me because you’re my wife.”

Madeline listened to the words that were escaping from Jeremy’s lips and the tears in her eyes slipped quietly down.

“Don’t cry.”

Jeremy bowed his head to kiss the warm teardrops rolling down her eyes as his heart shattered into pieces. Then, he took Madeline who was soaking wet into his arms.

“Linnie, as long as you’re fine, you can treat me however you want.”

Madeline felt her heart aching as she hugged the man tighter in her arms. “Jeremy…”

Jeremy breathed a sigh of relief in silence. Although Madeline’s mood was stabilized for now, he had bigger worries.

Her mental state was not doing well. She might go out of control even with a little stimulation.

‘But Linnie, what should I do to make you go back to who you were in the past?’

Two days later, Jeremy learned that Ryan had not regained consciousness yet and was still in a coma in the ICU.

Jeremy planned to drop by, but when he was about to go out, Madeline stopped him.

“Jeremy, I’ll go with you.”

Upon hearing Madeline’s request that she took the initiative to make, Jeremy seemed to hesitate. “Linnie, do you really want to go with me?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded, a faint light flashing across her dim eyes. “You stand up where you fall.”

Madeline suddenly said that sentence in a very serious tone. At this moment, she did not seem to be crazy nor half-witted at all.

Jeremy smiled and nodded before taking Madeline’s hand and heading to the hospital.

As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the ICU, Jeremy saw Mr. and Mrs. Jones standing at the door with panicked expressions. Mrs. Jones was even crying as she looked into the ICU through the glass window. “Rye! Rye! How could this happen?”

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