Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1321-1330

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1321
Jeremy sounded like he was pleading with her as he hugged her even harder for fear that she would slip away again, but Madeline seemed to be triggered by him as she struggled with her last remaining strength.

“Let me go, I have to wait for Jeremy! He’s coming to pick me up soon!”

Jeremy was heartbroken. His eyes were red as he sobbed. Then, he held up Madeline’s panicking face. “Linnie, I am Jeremy! I’m here to pick you up.”

Madeline paused and then raised her unique, beautiful eyes to meet Jeremy’s affectionate and gentle ones.

She looked at Jeremy seriously again for some time as if she was exploring something.

Seeing that Madeline was not so emotional anymore, Jeremy stroked her cheek lightly. “Linnie, take a closer look. I’m the love of your life, Jeremy.”


“Yeah, Linnie, it’s me,” Jeremy answered without thinking.

Just when he thought that Madeline was gradually getting an impression of him, in the next second, a look of resistance appeared on her small face.

“You’re lying to me again. Jeremy hasn’t come yet. He asked me to wait for him, but he’s not here yet, so I have to continue to wait for him.” After Madeline finished speaking, she pushed Jeremy away and continued to walk to the door.

Jeremy hurriedly went to grab Madeline’s hand, but the moment he touched her finger, Madeline’s anger seemed to ignite. “Stop bothering me already!” she looked back and scolded.

Then, with an annoyed expression, she pushed away Jeremy’s hand that was approaching her. At that moment, her beautiful eyes were filled with extreme displeasure and anger.

She stared at Jeremy who was now dumbfounded and then warned him seriously, “Stop following me! You’re so annoying!”


The word penetrated Jeremy’s already injured heart with great lethality.

Despite knowing that Madeline was not intentionally behaving this way, how could Jeremy not feel distressed?

He really hated Ryan so much. He actually forced such a tough and tenacious woman into this state.

After seeing that Madeline had already reached the door and was planning to open it to leave, Jeremy was left with no choice.

However, he did not force her to stay like how Ryan forced her to. Instead, he followed her quietly and did not separate from her.

Although Madeline’s mental state was not good, she still had basic common sense.

She went to take the elevator, so Jeremy followed her inside. He also helped Madeline press the button to the first floor.

Madeline looked at Jeremy suspiciously, then moved her gaze away arrogantly. Then, she warned, “I told you to stop following me already. If Jeremy finds out about this, he’ll definitely teach you a lesson.”

Jeremy did not expect that Madeline would take the initiative to speak to him and that she would say something like that.

He looked at her beautiful side profile with affection and deliberately went along with her. “Really? Then I really want to meet your Jeremy.”

Madeline looked at Jeremy as if she was looking at a strange person.

She ignored Jeremy. As soon as the elevator reached the first floor, she walked out on her own.

Jeremy followed Madeline silently while keeping a safe distance. However, if Madeline was in any danger, he would rush over to protect her as soon as possible.

However, Madeline was unfamiliar with the surroundings. She looked around, and perhaps she started to panic a little from being lost.

Jeremy saw everything, and the corners of his eyes became wet more than once.

The clothes on her body were thin and she had not eaten for almost two days. The thing that was supporting her right now was the nutritional injections given to her by Adam.

He was really worried that she would suddenly collapse from exhaustion.

However, just when Jeremy started to have this concern, a man was riding toward Madeline on an electric bike from the opposite direction.

“Get out of the way!” the man yelled, ordering Madeline to give way.

Jeremy’s eyes darkened suddenly. How could he tolerate this man talking to Madeline like this?

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1322
The man was in a hurry, but when he saw Madeline completely ignoring him and having no intention to give way, he hurriedly swerved his bike. He ended up hitting a tree in front of him and fell to the ground in a wretched manner.

Madeline stopped when she saw someone suddenly falling in front of her.

The man screamed in pain and raised his head to see Madeline standing in front of him. Then, he opened his mouth to curse ferociously.

“Did you not hear me telling you to get out of the way? You look beautiful, but are you blind or deaf? You caused me to f*cking fall!”

“Who do you think you’re talking to? Say that again if you have the guts!” Jeremy stepped forward to pull Madeline behind him. When he looked at the man with his cold and sinister eyes, the man shivered.

He bent down and stretched out his hand to grab the man’s shirt. Then, he warned frigidly, “You’re riding in the opposite direction of the sidewalk and you still dare to criticize others? Apologize to my wife immediately. If not, don’t even think about standing up.”

Jeremy was already full of anger with nowhere to vent. Coincidentally, this man came to them and started digging his own grave.

The man had never seen such a terrifying look on a person before, so he immediately apologized to Madeline timidly.

“I-I’m sorry! It’s my fault! I’m sorry!” He apologized incoherently.

Jeremy pushed the man and drove him away in an imposing manner. “Get lost.”

The man was afraid that the fire of rage in Jeremy’s would burn him if he stayed for another second. As such, he hurriedly got up, hopped onto his electric bike, and left in a hurry.

After Jeremy taught the man a lesson, his knuckles were still itching.

The thought of Madeline being forced into this state by Ryan made his anger skyrocket.

He restrained his emotions, put on a gentle smile, and turned his head back.

However, when he turned around, Madeline was gone!

He looked around and found that Madeline had crossed the road to the opposite side by herself.

In addition to that, she looked extremely shaky as if she was about to fall in the next second.


Jeremy rushed into the street while ignoring the red light. A car zoomed past him and almost knocked him down.

The driver poked his head out to scold Jeremy, but he did not care. The only person he could see right now was Madeline.

“Where is this? Where the hell is this?” In an unfamiliar environment, Madeline muttered to herself in confusion, “Jeremy, I’m going back to wait for Jeremy.”

“Linnie.” Jeremy ran over and grasped Madeline’s cold hand. His eyes were filled with distress. “I’ll take you to find your Jeremy!”

Madeline originally wanted to push Jeremy’s hand away. However, she stopped and looked at Jeremy. When she was about to say something, she suddenly raised her hand and put it on her belly.

Then, Jeremy also heard the rumbling noise.

“I’m hungry.” Madeline sounded a little childish.

Jeremy lifted his eyebrows and smiled. “I’ll take you to go eat.”

Madeline knitted her eyebrows together. “I don’t have the strength to continue walking.”

“I’ll carry you.” Jeremy stretched his arms toward Madeline, but she resisted and took two steps back.

“Only Jeremy can carry me like this.” Madeline’s expression was serious. Then, she suggested, “Can you give me a piggyback ride?”

“Of course!” Jeremy agreed without hesitation. As long as Madeline was willing to pay attention to him, he would be happy to do anything for her.

After putting Madeline on his back, Jeremy realized that she was really light.

The late summer breeze caused him to suddenly recall that many years ago, he had also traveled a long way with the young Madeline on his back.

He was reminiscing silently when suddenly, he heard a voice in his ears.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1323
Jeremy slowed down because of that word.

It had been so long since he heard that name, and he would still feel sweet when he heard it.

The memory that seemed to be covered in the dust as time passed was once again unfolded before his eyes.

Jeremy figured that Madeline was also probably thinking of the unforgettable memory of being at the beach with him back then.

He smiled knowingly, and suddenly, he had an urge to tease Madeline.

“Is the Jez you’re talking about a very important person to you?” Jeremy asked deliberately in suspicion.

Madeline snapped back from her memories and answered seriously without thinking, “Of course, he’s important.”

“How important?”

When Madeline was about to answer, she suddenly retorted unhappily, “Why should I tell you?”

“…” Jeremy had nothing to say at that moment. In fact, he knew the answer in his heart a long time ago.

‘Linnie, I’ll make you slowly remember that I’m the Jez who’s very important to you,’ Jeremy promised silently. Just then, he felt his shoulders getting heavier.

Madeline seemed to be exhausted. She leaned on his shoulder and gradually entered a state of sleepiness.

When Jeremy returned to the apartment with her on his back, she was already asleep.

When he came back, he realized that the noodles he was cooking earlier were now overcooked.

He took Madeline back to the bed and lay her down. Then, he immediately cleaned up the kitchen and started cooking some porridge.

He did not know when Madeline would wake up, so he planned to stay by her side. Not long after he sat down, the doorbell of the apartment rang.

Jeremy saw his colleague from Interpol through the peephole. He opened the door and asked about Ryan’s whereabouts. “Is there any news about Ryan?”

His colleague shook his head and said with a serious face, “There’s no news about Ryan for the time being. The higher-ups are worried that he might come to you for revenge, so I’ve arranged flight tickets to send you, your wife, and your wife’s family back to Glendale tomorrow.”

Jeremy did not reject. He also felt that letting Madeline return to the home she was familiar with might do her condition good.

“I’ll be here with another colleague tonight to protect you and your wife in case Ryan comes to trouble you.”

“Thank you.” Jeremy thanked him and closed the door before going to pack his luggage.

When he was almost done, Madeline woke up.

Jeremy brought the cooked fish porridge to Madeline. “Aren’t you hungry? Eat some.”

He blew on the porridge for her considerately. He wanted to feed her, but he was afraid of being rejected by Madeline again.

Madeline stretched out her hand to hold the porcelain bowl, but as soon as she touched it, the heat of the bowl penetrated her injured palm. She retracted her hand from the heat.

“Linnie.” Jeremy held her hand, feeling distressed. “Shall I feed you?”

Madeline seemed hesitant, but perhaps she saw the sincerity on Jeremy’s face, so she nodded gently and agreed.

Jeremy’s face blossomed in joy. This was a good start for Madeline to start accepting him again.

He took a spoonful of food and blew on it before delivering it to Madeline’s mouth.

Madeline opened her mouth and swallowed the food obediently.

Her gaze was glued on Jeremy’s face. After she finished the last bite, she said, “I think I know you from somewhere.”

“Not only do we know each other, but we’re also…” Jeremy said before stopping himself. He did not want to trigger Madeline anymore. Perhaps the step-by-step approach was the most suitable way to get along with her right now.

After Madeline finished eating, she went to the bathroom to wash up. Her face did not look so haggard anymore, but her expression was still solemn.

“When can you take me back? Take me back to that guy Ryan’s house as Jeremy said he’ll pick me up there.”

She solemnly emphasized to Jeremy.

She was indeed not right in the head.

She had finally escaped from Ryan but now she was saying she wanted to go back for a man who made her wait until she was tired and desperate. Besides, this horrible man was him.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1324
He was the man who made her wait for too long until Ryan was able to torture her into this state.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll take you back to wait for Jeremy.” He coaxed her as he was left with no other choice.

Tomorrow, he would take her back to Glendale.

After all, this was Y Country. This place would not be as comfortable as her hometown.

When night fell, Jeremy made a sumptuous dinner by himself. Madeline was satisfied with the meal. She did not resist him as much as before and was willing to eat the shrimp that Jeremy peeled for her.

Moreover, there was a small and elegant smile on her face.

For a moment, Jeremy also felt that he was content with their current state.

She had experienced too many bumps and pains along the way. She only had a handful of happy days.

Suddenly, he hoped that she could be as carefree as she was now. He hoped that she would be able to live a carefree and peaceful life with a childlike nature.

After nightfall, Jeremy prepared a bath for Madeline before heading to the room to make the bed for her.

After he was done, Jeremy was at a loss when he looked at the only double bed in the apartment.

If Madeline’s mental state was normal, she would certainly not resist him, but now…

Jeremy seemed to foresee Madeline kicking him out of bed.


He suddenly thought of Madeline’s injured sole and then quickly came to the bathroom door.

“Linnie, there are several wounds on your body that can’t get in contact with water. Do you want me to go in and help you?” Jeremy asked worriedly, but he did not hear Madeline’s answer aside from the sound of running water.

“Linnie,” he called out again, but still, he did not get a response.

Jeremy was worried. He was afraid that Madeline had fainted or something might have happened in the bathroom. As such, he opened the door and rushed in without hesitating.

Madeline was drying her body when she turned her head curiously upon hearing movements behind her. All of a sudden, she saw Jeremy with a nervous expression appearing in front of her eyes.

She was stunned, and the towel she was holding in her hand fell to the ground. In that instant, warmth started crawling from the base of her ears to her cheeks.

However, Jeremy was more concerned about Madeline’s physical condition at the moment. He walked straight to her and took her hand. “Linnie, are you okay? Why didn’t you respond when I called out to you?”

Madeline pulled her hand back, her expression changing drastically. “Y-You…”

Her small face turned red immediately as she turned to grab the bath towel. However, since she was in a hurry, she forgot about the injury on the sole of her foot. After stepping heavily on the ground, she shuddered in pain.

“Ah.” Madeline gasped in pain.

Jeremy dashed behind Madeline to support her shoulders with both hands.

The moment he touched Madeline’s skin, Jeremy’s heart started racing. It was as if he had only realized his current situation now.

He had barged in when she was completely naked.

If it was before, of course, there would be no problem.

However, Madeline was treating him as a stranger now.

Worried that Madeline would react excessively, Jeremy immediately let go of her after stabilizing her.

“Linnie, I’ll be waiting for you outside. Scream for me if you need anything.” Jeremy hurriedly left for fear of making Madeline unhappy.

However, after he exited the bathroom, his heartbeat became more excited. Plus, the blood in his whole body seemed to be ignited as it began to boil.

“Jeremy Whitman, what are you thinking about at this time?!” he scolded himself and forced himself to stop thinking about it, but he could not get rid of what he just saw in his mind.

As his heartbeat sped up wildly, Madeline’s soft voice came from the bathroom.

“Can you come in for a bit?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1325
Jeremy thought he had heard it wrong, but soon after, he heard Madeline calling him again.

“Are you there?” she asked. There was no longer the sound of running water coming from inside, so her voice was particularly clear.

“You said you’ll be keeping watch at the door, but now you’re not answering me when I’m calling you, you liar.”

Madeline’s complaints fell into Jeremy’s ears.

He never knew that he would be so happy even after being accused of being a liar.

Jeremy did not hesitate anymore. He opened the bathroom door again and walked straight in.

Madeline had finished showering and was wearing a loose bathrobe while sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

There was still some lingering mist that had not dissipated in the bathroom. Under the hazy mist, Madeline’s red face that was covered with water droplets looked like an untainted lotus as it beautifully reflected in Jeremy’s pupils.

Jeremy would be lying if he said he was not moved, but he could only endure it at this moment.

Seeing Jeremy staring at herself intently, Madeline slowly stretched out her foot. “The wound is bleeding. Can you bandage it for me?”

She did not pursue the incident of Jeremy barging into the bathroom just now. Instead, she was even calmly speaking to him.

Jeremy squatted and gently lifted Madeline’s foot to see that the gauze wrapped around the wound was soaked. In addition to that, the gauze was also stained with blood.

He picked Madeline up in his arms and walked out without hesitating for even a second.

Madeline was picked up unexpectedly, so she instinctively wrapped her arms around Jeremy’s neck.

She raised her indignant eyes to look at him all of a sudden. When she was just about to reprimand him, she was a little stunned when she saw the firm and graceful outline of Jeremy’s jaw.

At this angle, the line of his side profile seemed familiar.

The dissatisfaction in Madeline’s eyes immediately disappeared, and she involuntarily tightened her arms around him.

Jeremy carried Madeline onto the bed in the bedroom. Then, he brought over a small first aid kit to treat Madeline’s wounds before redressing it.

During the process, he was very cautious as he did not want to hurt Madeline.

When he was done, Jeremy gently took Madeline’s foot and suddenly bowed his head to press his lips to her foot.

Madeline widened her beautiful eyes in surprise. When she wanted to retract her feet, Jeremy had already let go of her.

He squatted in front of her and raised those nice amber eyes of his.

Those eyes were filled with piety and affection as they stared straight into Madeline’s eyes.

Madeline seemed to be stunned by this gaze. She was staring blankly at the man as he slowly approached her.

He was satisfied as she was not resisting him anymore. He planted a kiss on the center of her forehead.

“Linnie,” Jeremy called Madeline’s name out and sat down beside her.

“Yeah.” Madeline could not help but reply.

He did not expect Madeline to respond to him so tamely, hence Jeremy was a little overjoyed.

His warm palms stroked her flushed cheeks before he softly said, “Linnie, I know you have suffered a lot during this time and you’ve been waiting for me. You’ve been waiting for me to save you and take you home, but I was late.”

As Jeremy said that, his eyebrows started to furrow.

He was feeling sorry for his Linnie.

However, at this moment, Jeremy could not stop the affection from filling in his eyes as he looked at the obedient Madeline who was focused on listening to him.

“Linnie, I missed you so much.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1326
His low magnetic voice somewhat bewitchingly passed through Madeline’s ears like a summer night breeze.

Madeline stood still as if she was caught in a trance as she watched the handsome face slowly approach.

Jeremy tentatively pecked Madeline on the lips, and just as he expected, Madeline did not dodge him.

Jeremy’s heart rate started to get irregular. He grabbed Madeline’s waist and kissed her again.

With her eyes wide open, Madeline let Jeremy take over without a hint of resistance.

Jeremy felt a little happy that Madeline was submissive to him.

He could feel something. Maybe Madeline did not remember what kind of person Jeremy was, but Madeline still had feelings for him through contact. Therefore, she did not resist him as much as before.

Jeremy lay down with Madeline in his arms. He pulled the belt of Madeline’s bathrobe, but she suddenly pulled away from him.

He opened his eyes to see her looking flustered, and her eyes were full of panic.

“Linnie, what’s the matter?” He stroked her cheek worriedly.

Madeline broke free from his arms. “What am I doing? What the hell am I doing?” she asked herself in confusion before jumping out of bed and running to the door. “Jeremy, I’m going to Jeremy! Jeremy!”


Jeremy immediately tried to catch up with her. He was upset about why he could not help himself. If he had not done that to Madeline, she would not be reacting the way she was now.

‘Why did I provoke her at such a time?’

Jeremy hated himself for it.

Madeline was about to run to the door and leave when Jeremy suddenly felt a pang in his heart. It was suffocating him.

He could feel the poison taking effect in his body again.


Jeremy struggled toward the entrance. He tried to grab her and keep her here, but his physical condition would not allow it.

Madeline was provoked by Jeremy’s behavior earlier. Now, she just wanted to find Jeremy—the man who could make her feel secure.

However, just as her hand touched the doorknob, she heard a thump behind her.

Madeline paused and looked back to see Jeremy on the ground.

She immediately withdrew her hand that was about to turn the doorknob.

“Linnie, don’t go.” Jeremy looked at her with an intense longing and reluctance in his eyes.

However, Madeline only saw Jeremy with furrowed eyebrows and a pale face.

Somehow, looking at him in such pain, she felt as if something was clenching her heart. It was so uncomfortable that she could not breathe.

Madeline suddenly turned around and ran back to him. “What’s come over you?”

Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s hand. “Linnie…”

“I’m here,” replied Madeline. Seeing that Jeremy’s expression was worsening, she anxiously held his hand. “What’s going on with you? Are you ill? I’ll get a cab to take you to the hospital!”

She reached for her phone to make a call but realized she did not have one at all.

“Linnie, I’m alright. I’ll be alright in a minute. I can handle the pain as long as I have you by my side.” Jeremy comforted her. He had become accustomed to the affliction of his illness.

Hearing Jeremy’s words, Madeline somehow felt even more distressed and tears started to escape her eyes.

However, Jeremy was happy to see Madeline cry.

The fact that she felt sorry for him showed that she still had feelings for him.

“Linnie…” Jeremy tried hard to smile to make Madeline think he was not in that much pain. Just then, the door of his apartment opened and a figure walked in…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1327
Jeremy’s first instinct was to grab Madeline’s hand and hold her in his arms.

He thought it was Ryan, but he lightened up when he saw the man who entered the apartment.

Madeline did not care who it was as she only nervously held Jeremy’s hand, her eyes red and watery.

“Where’s your phone? Give it to me. I’ll call you an ambulance!” She anxiously rummaged through Jeremy’s pockets.

“There’s no need to call an ambulance. He’ll be fine.” Adam strode over to Jeremy with his medical kit.

Madeline finally seemed to notice that someone had entered. She looked at Adam and was somehow stunned.

Adam put down the medical kit and squatted in front of Jeremy.

He took a look at Jeremy’s condition before quickly taking out a syringe and the reagent before skillfully injecting Jeremy with it.

Once again, Jeremy felt the familiar chill seeping through every cell of his body. After a brief period of numbness, the discomfort gradually subsided and his condition eased.

Madeline noticed the change in Jeremy’s expression. Her furrowed eyebrows relaxed when she saw that he was not that uncomfortable now.

“Did the pain go away?” she asked with wet tears still in the corners of her eyes.

Jeremy met Madeline’s worried eyes and smiled faintly. “I’m not in pain as long as you’re with me.”

Instead of trying to figure out if Jeremy was speaking the truth, Madeline nodded without hesitation. “I won’t leave. I’ll stay with you.”

Getting that answer from her worked better than any medicine for Jeremy.

Madeline helped Jeremy to his feet and went to get some warm water. Before turning around, she told Adam, “Keep an eye on him for me.”

Adam nodded. A hint of surprise seemed to flash across his face.

“Does she recognize you?” he asked Jeremy, puzzled.

Jeremy shook his head, feeling bittersweet. “She doesn’t seem to recognize me as the one she’s been waiting for, but I can tell she has feelings for me.”

Adam started to see what Jeremy was getting at. “That’s why she was upset when you were sick just now.”

Jeremy looked lovingly at Madeline as she poured him a glass of water. “I think you’re right. Only I can cure her.”

He smiled faintly and looked at Adam. “What are you doing here at this hour?”

“I didn’t come here suddenly. I was on the way to get the antidote but was held up in a bit of traffic,” explained Adam. He had asked Jeremy for the apartment key during the day before he left.

Speaking of which, Jeremy wanted to take the opportunity to make things clear.

“Adam, why did you use the slow-acting poison Lana developed on me and save me? Do you have a secret you can’t tell?”

Madeline walked up to Jeremy with a glass of water as he finished speaking.

“It’s warm. Have some.” She held out the glass.

Jeremy took it with a warm smile and finished the warm water in front of Madeline.

Madeline seemed to be relieved, and the worry in her eyes was gone as well.

Jeremy was content when he saw the nervousness and concern in Madeline’s eyes. “Linnie, go to bed early. I’ll take you to your Jeremy tomorrow.”

Jeremy thought Madeline would be happy to hear that.

However, she just nodded her head lightly. After glancing at Adam, she turned around and went back to her room.

After Madeline closed the door, Jeremy looked back at Adam solemnly.

“Adam, can you tell me your secret now?”

Adam smiled faintly and sat down on the couch across from Jeremy.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1328
“If it’s a secret, how can I tell it to someone else so easily?” Adam did not seem to want to go into detail, but he was not hiding it either. He met Jeremy’s inquiring gaze and said truthfully, “Jeremy, if I tell you that I didn’t develop this slow-acting poison, would you believe me?”

Jeremy would not have believed him if it was before.

Now, he answered without hesitation, “Yes.”

There was a glint in Adam’s eye when he got the answer, and gloom appeared on his handsome face.

“Do you know why I wanted to become a doctor?”

Jeremy pondered for a few seconds and said, “It involves your parents, doesn’t it?”

Adam was not surprised that Jeremy would have such speculation. “It seems that you’ve checked my background.”

“I’ve read up on you and Ryan,” Jeremy admitted generously.

Adam smiled faintly. He lowered his eyes slightly, and the reflection on his glasses made it hard to see his eyes and expression right now.

“From the moment I officially became a doctor and took the oath on the stand, I told myself that it was my mission in this life to heal the wounded and save the dying. However, then I realized that doctors aren’t gods and there’s nothing we can do when it comes to some difficult diseases.”

He paused and looked up with his black eyes.

“The pills I gave Eveline in the very beginning and the reagents I asked her to give you a while ago weren’t the so-called experiments. Those are products that have gone through rigorous screening tests and are up to standard.

“The so-called experiments are just for show.

“I think I have more respect for life than any of you. At least I won’t do what you and Eveline are doing, risking your lives to save each other.”

Adam’s words touched Jeremy deeply and gave him hope.

“In that case, am I going to survive it?”

“Of course. I don’t give up easily,” Adam said confidently.

Jeremy suddenly found the world to be a little brighter when he heard this.

The unexpected light of hope dispelled his gloom and darkness.

“Adam, I don’t know what your secret is, but thank you.”

Adam felt Jeremy’s sincere gratitude, but he was only doing what a doctor should do. He smiled and uttered nine words, “It’s my duty. You don’t have to thank me.”

However, even though Adam only summed up his efforts in nine simple words, it meant a lot to Jeremy.

After Adam left, Jeremy spent the night on the couch.

The next day, after handing over his luggage to a colleague, Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and drove to the airport.

Jeremy also met Eloise and Sean on the plane.

Eloise was just as deranged as Madeline said.

However, no one expected Madeline to turn out the same. In fact, Madeline was worse off than Eloise. At least Eloise knew that Sean was her husband, but Madeline did not know who Jeremy was to her.

Sean was distressed to learn about Madeline’s current condition. He never thought that both mother and daughter would turn out like this because of Ryan.

Sean had not seen Jeremy since the fire at Montgomery Manor.

Sean snapped at Jeremy after seeing Madeline’s current condition. “Jeremy, you said you would take good care of Eveline, but look what happened! Did you keep your word?

“Not only did you fail, but you broke Eveline’s heart by believing in Lana and you even burned down our home, almost killing Ellie and me! You only lost your memory. How could you even lose your basic humanity?”

Jeremy did not want to defend himself. It was true that he had failed to protect Madeline, but he felt the need to tell Sean the truth about the fire at Montgomery Manor.

“Dad, I didn’t start that fire.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1329
Sean was stunned for a moment before chuckling coldly.

“Are you saying that Lana used you? Hmph, that doesn’t take away the fact that you started the fire! Did you forget how obedient you were to Lana? You wouldn’t even glance at Eveline!” Sean was mad.

At the end of the day, Sean could not forgive Jeremy for his coldness and indifference to Madeline back then.

“Eveline thought you were dead and cried every night. As her father, I know it full well!

“She labored to carry a child for you, but what did you do? Didn’t your heart ache when you let that crazy woman make Eveline so mad that she went into early labor and gave birth to Pudding unassisted?”

Jeremy furrowed his long eyebrows slightly. ‘How could I not be heartbroken?’

When he saw her bleeding and suffering, he realized how important she was to him.

It was just that he was blinded by the memories Lana had been feeding him.

“Jeremy, ask yourself how much Eveline loves and cares about you. You said you’d spend the rest of your life trying to make up for the things you didn’t do for Eveline. Now, look what she has become.”

A heavy melancholy filled Sean’s eyes as he spoke.

He did not want to criticize Jeremy anymore because he knew Madeline’s feelings for him were still intense.

“I don’t want to go after you for setting fire to Montgomery Manor. Jeremy, I’m not going to trust my daughter to you anymore if you can’t protect her!”

Sean did not seem to be in the mood to know the truth behind the arson.

Jeremy stopped talking about anything else. He just promised Sean, “Dad, I’m not going to let Linnie get hurt again.”

“I’ll take your word for the time being,” he replied disapprovingly as if he had lost faith in Jeremy.

Jeremy could understand what Sean was feeling, so he did not mind his attitude.

Hours later, the plane landed at Glendale Airport.

Madeline woke up from her slumber. She looked around in confusion and found herself in another city.

She walked over to Jeremy and gently approached him. “Is this Glendale?”

Jeremy nodded and realized that Madeline still remembered some things. She might only be confused about some people and things.

Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and answered confidently, “Yes, this is Glendale, our hometown. Linnie, I’m taking you home.”

Madeline stopped in her tracks when she heard this. “Didn’t you say you were taking me to Jeremy?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline gently with a romantic tint in his gaze. “Yes, I’m taking you to the man you love the most.”

He promised her, and after bidding Sean goodbye, Jeremy took Madeline back to Whitman Manor.

Old Master Whitman immediately left his room after learning that Jeremy was back with Madeline.

“Jeremy, you guys are back!” Old Master Whitman seemed worried. After learning about what Ryan did and Madeline’s current situation, he felt the need to tell Jeremy about the hidden past.

Jeremy learned why Ryan hated the Whitman family so much afterward.

When Karen came home after picking up Jackson and Lillian from school, she found that Jeremy was back with Madeline. The kids excitedly ran over to her.

“Mom! You’re finally back! I missed you so much.” Jackson ran up to Madeline and hugged her thigh to tell her how much he missed her.

Lillian ran to Madeline’s other side and grabbed her leg too.

Madeline pulled Jeremy’s hand with a confused look on her face. “Who are they? Why did this little boy call me his mom?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1330
Karen was stunned after hearing what Madeline said. “Eveline, what… What are you talking about? This is Jack and Lillian. What’s the matter? You don’t recognize them?” she asked in disbelief. Her eyes shifted from Madeline’s confused face to Jeremy.

“Jeremy, Eveline…”

Jeremy had a distressed frown on her face. “Ryan drove her insane.”

“What?!” Karen was shocked and instantly furious. “What did Ryan do to Eveline? How could someone be driven insane?”

Jeremy frowned deeper. However, for fear of upsetting Madeline, he spoke nothing and told Karen to hold off the questioning.

He made Jackson take Lillian away to play on their own while he took Madeline back to their bedroom.

When Madeline walked into her and Jeremy’s room, the familiar furnishing was unfamiliar to her.

However, Madeline seemed to be interested in the room’s furnishing. She picked up a photo album next to the bedside table. After opening it, she saw a photo of herself wearing a wedding dress next to a delicate-looking and elegant man.

Madeline raised her hand and caressed the man in the photo. “Jeremy.”

She called out with a smile on her lips.

Jeremy noticed what Madeline was doing. ‘Linnie recognizes me in the photo?’

The photo was taken years ago at his and Madeline’s wedding. His pupils and hair color were normal back then.

‘Linnie, do you not recognize who I am now because of the poison that has changed my appearance?’

Jeremy thought about it quietly and did not interrupt Madeline.

However, Karen could not keep calm. She asked the servant to take care of the kids and immediately asked the driver to fetch her to Jones Manor.

There were a lot of reporters waiting at the entrance to Jones Manor these days. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were distressed all day long, and they had to go to the police station to help with the investigation from time to time. Besides, they could not get in touch with Ryan. The couple was distraught.

There was a crowd at the entrance, but Karen could not care less. She angrily pushed past the crowd and rushed in.

The reporters contended with each other to get the exclusive scoop when they saw this.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones heard the noise and looked at the entrance only to see Karen storming in.

“What are you doing here?” Mrs. Jones asked rather angrily as she frowned.

Karen chuckled coldly. “What am I doing here? Have you ever asked your son what he did? Not only did he frame my son for murder and take my daughter-in-law hostage, but he drove her insane too!”

“What did you say?” Mr. and Mrs. Jones both cried out in shock. “Rye drove Eveline insane? Hmph. It serves her right to go mad! How dare she play with my son’s feelings?!”

Karen was even more annoyed as she did not expect Mr. and Mrs. Jones to behave like this. “Eveline and Ryan were never a real couple! We made it clear in the announcement. Are you trying to play dumb?”

“Play dumb?”

Mr. Jones seemed irritated by the words. His expression changed immediately, and he shouted angrily at Karen.

“Who on earth has been playing dumb all these years? 15 years ago, the Whitman family killed my father and paid to get rid of the charges. Even if Rye did drive your daughter-in-law insane, the Whitman family deserves it!”

Karen came to stand up for Madeline, but she heard such a thing instead.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Is there such a thing?” She was puzzled but did not stand down. “Even if there’s bad blood between the Whitman family and the Jones family, that’s not a valid reason for your son to hurt my daughter-in-law! Wait and see. I’ll get justice for my daughter-in-law!”

With that, Karen angrily pushed through the crowd of reporters outside and quickly returned to Whitman Manor.

She immediately found Old Master Whitman and asked about it. “Dad, do the Whitman family and the Jones family have any bad blood? Why did the Jones family say we killed their old man?”

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