Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 131-140

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 131
Her heart had long since been hurt so much that it could never recover again, but now, these people still wanted to continue hurting her.

Eloise turned around, shooting a hateful gaze at Madeline. “Madeline! Just look at what you’ve done to Meredith. Jeremy was Meredith’s fiancé, but you used despicable means to snatch him away. Now, you even called Meredith with Jeremy’s phone and said those shameless things to hurt her! Do you have no shame?!”

Madeline finally understood what was going on. Meredith plotted this suicide scheme during the phone call she received when Jeremy was having a fever.

Madeline pursed her lips while smiling at Meredith. “Meredith, just keep on lying. Aren’t you just hoping that Jeremy and I will get a divorce so that you, the mistress, can take my spot? Isn’t that why you did this? Then listen to me. Even if I die, I’ll keep holding onto the title of Mrs. Whitman!”

The moment she finished those words, Madeline received a slap from Eloise.

“Shameless!” she shouted, “Madeline, a girl like you deserves to be abandoned by her parents! Your parents would probably have been angered to death by you!”

Madeline’s eyes burned. She wanted nothing more but to scream out all the pain and frustration. However, she swallowed it all down. “Yes, I’ve never had parents when I was growing up. Only my mentally unstable grandfather raised me.

“My grandfather told me I wasn’t abandoned by my parents. They just overlooked me in a moment of carelessness. However, now I know that they weren’t careless. They just didn’t love me at all. That’s because they can’t even recognize me when I’m standing in front of them…

“Jeremy, you should just ignore me from now on. You shouldn’t care about me anymore!” Meredith shouted at just the right time, interrupting Madeline.

Madeline looked up and saw Meredith suddenly jumping up from the bed while holding a fruit knife in hand, acting like she wanted to kill herself.

“Meredith!” Jeremy called out to her anxiously, his eyes full of worry.

Madeline’s heart was cold. When had the man who she loved for so many years ever shown her so much concern? No, he had never.

However, now he was so concerned with that vile woman. Madeline really did not understand what was so attractive about Meredith that could make Jeremy so attracted to her.

“Meredith, don’t do anything stupid! I won’t be able to bear it if you die!” Eloise shouted as she cried, trying to stop Meredith.

“Mom, I’m sorry!” Meredith sobbed her heart out, looking at Jeremy with a look of sorrow.

“Jeremy, do you still remember what you promised me? You said you’d always protect me, treasure me, and that you’d marry me. However, that day will never come…”

Meredith’s words caused Madeline to snap. She remembered the promises that Jeremy had made her all those years ago. Those promises suddenly turned into a gigantic joke now.

He made those same promises to other girls as well.

She had always believed that she was the only one who received those promises, but at the end of the day, she was only one of the many fishes in his pond.

What a joke!

Amidst Madeline’s confusion, she heard Meredith’s so-called last words, “Mom, I’m sorry. Jeremy, I’m sorry, I love you. Let’s get married in our next life! Madeline, I’ll give Jeremy to you. I won’t fight with you anymore. From now on, you won’t need to slander me, provoke me, or give me calls like that. I’ll just give you what you want!”

“Meredith, no!” Eloise rushed in to snatch the knife away. “Jeremy, do you really want Meredith to die in front of you? Even now, are you still going to cling to your grandfather’s words and not divorce Madeline?!”

Madeline’s heart ached at Eloise’s words. She always thought that Jeremy would keep his promise, but he was looking at Meredith in hesitation.

After a few seconds of silence, Meredith shouted while crying, “Mom, let me go!”

After the shout, Madeline saw that Meredith had slashed her wrist and blood was spurting out.

Looking at that situation, Jeremy lost any hesitation he had as he walked in front of Meredith. “Meredith, don’t hurt yourself anymore. I promise you, I’ll divorce Madeline right away! I’ll make you my wife!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 132
Madeline looked at Jeremy’s determined promise to Meredith. It was just a few simple words, but they caused Madeline boundless pain.

It would seem like they were only suited to leave each.

Madeline slowly teared up. She saw Meredith looking at Jeremy with a face full of tears. “Jeremy, are you telling the truth? Will you really marry me?”

Jeremy looked at her tenderly. “Of course, it’s true. I’ll definitely fulfil my promise.”

“Jeremy, we finally won’t have to hide our love…” Meredith hugged Jeremy tightly, crying into his chest.

She turned her face around, showing Madeline a sly and evil look.

Beside them, Eloise was elated. She then shot a hateful glance at Madeline.

Her suffering and pain threatened to spill out as Madeline clenched her fists. She turned to leave.

Jeremy noticed that Madeline was leaving and looked over. He gently pushed Meredith aside, looking like he was going to leave.

Meredith pulled onto his shirt. “Jeremy, are you reluctant to leave Madeline?”

“Nonsense. How could I not want to leave that woman?” Jeremy smiled softly. “I’m just going to talk to her about the divorce. You should get your wound treated.”

As he said that, he walked away without turning around.

Even though Jeremy said that, Meredith still had doubts in her mind. However, Eloise was there as well, so she had to continue acting like an obedient child.

Madeline stormed out of the hospital, but her steps were not steady. She was holding back a mouthful of blood.

She hurriedly took out a napkin to cover her mouth. The dark shade of blood was very obvious under the street lights. She had been vomiting blood increasingly frequently. It seemed like she was at the end of her life.

Madeline tearfully looked at the rows of street lights, her heart in immense pain. She was drowned in her thoughts, drowning in the promise of her first love that she could not forget to this day.

She had thought that no matter what, their reunion all those years ago and the fun they had, at least those were real.

However, he had actually played that game with other women as well.

Madeline looked at the sky, blinking as she felt completely lost. All these years, what had she wished for? What was she anticipating? A dream-like, perfect wedding?

What a joke.

She pushed back her tears, ready to leave when she suddenly heard the voice of her nightmares.

“Madeline,” Jeremy called out to her.

Madeline stood there for a second, crumpling up the napkin in her hand in a panic before rushing ahead.

Looking at her unusual actions, Jeremy hurriedly grabbed onto Madeline’s wrist.

“What are you hiding in your hand?” He had noticed her actions earlier.

Madeline pulled her hand away. “It’s got nothing to do with you.”

“Nothing?” Jeremy said softly, his voice cold, “So I take it the divorce is exactly what you want? You’ve always been waiting for the day you could get away from our relationship, right?”

Madeline laughed as she clenched her fist. “Mr. Whiteman, isn’t divorcing me the best thing that can happen for you and your precious loved one?”

Hearing that, a strange and subtle look flashed across his face. “So you don’t want to divorce me? You still love me?”

He stared at Madeline, waiting for her answer.

After a few seconds, Madeline said, “Jeremy, I don’t love you anymore, but I won’t agree to divorce you.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 133
As she said that, Jeremy’s exquisite face seemed to freeze. His eyes glared piercingly at her. “Madeline, what did you say? What’s the meaning of this?”

Thinking that she would be dead soon and remembering her laughable wish that she had held onto for over ten years, Madeline’s eyes reddened as she smiled at Jeremy.

“What I mean is, I won’t let that fake b*tch Meredith get what she wants. Even if I die, I’ll bring the title of Mrs. Whitman with me!” Madeline’s red eyes widened, her tears falling against her wishes.

“Jeremy, even if you’re disgusted with me and hate me, it’ll never change the fact that I am your wife!” Saying that, Madeline felt excruciating pain in her heart.

A lifetime’s worth of her love and passion had been poured onto him. It started with love, and it was now going to end because of love.

Now, their love had soured, and everything was going up in smoke.

However, why did her heart still hurt so much?

Was death the only escape she could have from her pain?

Jeremy was enraged as he reached out to choke Madeline. “Madeline, you dare toy with me?!”

Madeline forced out a smile, her tears still flowing as she said, “Mr. Whitman, haven’t you toyed with me for so many years?”

“Madeline Crawford!” His rage intensified, and the force in his hands increased.

Even if he was so violent, he remained as handsome as usual.

Madeline did not beg for mercy nor did she struggle. She just tearfully looked at the man who wanted to kill her. Had he not said it before? He wanted to kill her with his own hands.

It seemed like that day was here.

Madeline started to lose her breath, and just as she was about to suffocate, Jeremy let go.

“Leave!” he shouted in rage, tossing her aside.

Madeline fell onto a flowerbed powerlessly, her stomach feeling as if it was being torn apart. She forced herself to stand up, looking at the furious man.

“Jeremy, don’t regret it in the future if you don’t kill me today.”

The man let out a smile. “Madeline, you dare threaten me? Do you really believe that I’m staying in this farce of a marriage just to keep my promise to my grandfather?”


Madeline’s heart pounded as she looked at Jeremy in astonishment.

Was he not staying in this marriage because of his grandfather?

If that was not the case, then what was he after?

Jeremy seemed to revel in Madeline’s unsettled face. He grabbed her chin and said softly, “Madeline, let me tell you. Since the beginning, this marriage has always been in my hands. Do you really think you could become my wife just by sleeping with me for one night? You’re way too naive!”

His words were full of mocking as he released her, coldly turning away after.

Madeline stood frozen in place, her entire body shivering in the cold as a gigantic question mark loomed over her in the darkness of the night.

She returned to her home, still full of questions. However, she noticed Felipe waiting at her door.

“I haven’t been able to contact you and was a little concerned,” Felipe said warmly, a large smile on his bright and handsome face.

Madeline hesitated in front of the door, wondering if she should invite Felipe inside.

Felipe saw through Madeline’s hesitation and softly said, “If I knew you’d end up like this with Jeremy, I would’ve stopped this farce of a marriage three years ago.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 134
Madeline widened her eyes in shock. “Why did you say that?”

Felipe looked at her, dispirited. Then, he parted his lips slightly before stopping himself from saying what he wanted to say.

“Nothing. I just think it’s a great pity.”


Madeline felt that something was amiss, but she did not ask any more questions.

Some words would be said when the time was right. He might find her annoying if she kept asking.

In the end, she opened the door and invited Felipe in.

“I heard about Brittany. I believe that it has nothing to do with you. You’re not someone who’s cruel and cold-blooded.”

Madeline was touched that Felipe was always so trusting of her. He took a sip of his warm tea and looked at Madeline’s pale face.

“I’ll keep your resignation letter. You can go back to work anytime you want.”

“Thank you for your trust and kindness, Mr. Whitman. However, I think I don’t have the chance to go back anymore.” Madeline smiled bitterly.

“You can come back anytime as long as you want to.” Felipe’s answer was gentle, just like the handsome smile on his face.

Even though he looked cold and elegant, when he opened his mouth, his voice was as gentle as the spring breeze.

Madeline could feel his kindness. However, Felipe would never know that it was not her who was refusing to go back to work, but in fact, it was because she did not have much time left.

She did not have a choice but to let go of her career in jewelry design and the people who she loved most.

Felipe did not stay long. He left after a short while.

Madeline lay in bed and could not sleep. She grabbed a new diary and picked up the pen again.

A few days later, Madeline finally removed the bandage on her face. She looked at her face in the mirror and felt extremely foreign.

The illness was slowly destroying her body and appearance.

She had gotten thinner and looked haggard. Her bony face made the two scars on her face look even more disgusting.

Madeline put on a face mask and left the house with the bloody earring.

She was in a rush to get to the police station. However, the moment she got out of the door, she ran into Daniel.

Since he could not contact Madeline during this period, he was extremely worried. Finally, he got Madeline’s current address from Ava.

When he saw the ugly scars on Madeline’s face, Daniel’s heart was almost in pieces.

Then, he looked at her thin and haggard face. He was mortified and brought Madeline over to Adam by force.

Madeline knew her condition and did not want the people she cared about to worry about her. However, she could not win against Daniel, so she was forced to go for a check-up.

After they got the result, Adam’s face looked solemn. “Maddie, have you been throwing up blood recently?”

“Vomiting blood?” Daniel’s scalp felt numb when he heard that. When he saw Madeline staying silent, his heart felt as if it had fallen into a bottomless abyss. “Maddie, you…”

Madeline smiled lightly. “Dan, don’t worry about me. This is just a common symptom of my illness. I still owe you so much money. I’ll make sure to live so that I’ll be able to repay my debt to you.”

She smiled as if nothing had happened. Then, she gave Adam a look.

Adam understood and cooperated with Madeline. He got Daniel out of the room with the excuse of doing more check-ups and stayed in the room alone with Madeline.

“Dr. Brown, just tell me the truth. How much time do I have?” Madeline asked bravely. She was ready to face death with equanimity.

Adam sighed in regret. He did not hide anything when he said, “If you’re lucky, two months.”

Madeline was slightly shocked. “If I’m not?”

“If you suffer any triggers or the tumor decides to worsen during this period, you’ll have one month max.”


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 135
Madeline stayed silent and muttered to herself irresolutely.

She had at least a month left.

A month was enough for her to take the evidence to the police and report that Meredith had killed someone.

After she left the hospital, Daniel took her on an aimless car ride around the city center. Toward the end of their trip, he stopped next to a food truck.

Daniel looked at Madeline with a gentle and soft smile on his handsome face. “Maddie, will you have tacos with hot sauce with me again this time?”

Madeline felt surprised. However, when she saw the glistening tears in Daniel’s eyes, she sensed something.

Did he already know that she did not have much time to live?

Madeline did not think too much into it. She smiled and nodded. “Of course. And not just this time, we’ll have lots of chances in the future.”

“Really?” Daniel looked at her expectantly.

“Yeah, really,” Madeline replied confidently.

Madeline accompanied Daniel as he ate tacos with hot sauce by the food truck. They started talking about their life at university.

Daniel confessed that he had fallen for Madeline the first day she got into university. Eventually, he found out that she had already fallen for Jeremy at first sight.

However, Madeline knew that she did not fall for Jeremy at first sight. In fact, her love for him rekindled after she saw him again.

After they finished eating, Daniel sent Madeline back to her house. He wanted to hang out with her a bit more in her home, but he received a call from his family, so he had no choice to go back.

He watched as Madeline’s scrawny frame walked further and further away from him. Daniel could not control himself and got out of the car. Then, he ran in front of Madeline.

Madeline did not have time to react before Daniel planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Maddie, I like you.”

After he said that, he turned around and went back to his car.

Madeline was frozen in place. The wind lifted the thin bangs on her forehead, and it felt as if she could still feel the residual warmth.

“Madeline Crawford!”

While she was spacing out, an eerie voice came from behind her.

Madeline turned around abruptly and saw Jeremy walking downstairs from the apartment.

He walked toward her with a murderous aura around him. His deep eyes looked unperturbed, but the cold air coming from his body was enough to make Madeline shiver.

She forced herself to stay calm. However, her heart was beating erratically.

The cold wind kept attacking her body and yet it was nothing compared to the murderous aura coming from Jeremy.

“You’re really something else. Felipe, Daniel, and Tanner. Just how many men do you have?”

Those bone-chilling words came out from his thin lips.

He walked in front of her and grabbed her wrist.

“Do you think I’m dead? How dare you love and coo with another man on the streets?”

Madeline clenched her fist at Jeremy’s insults. “So what? Don’t you always do that with Meredith in front of me, Mr. Whitman? Do you think about your wife when you do that?”

After she said that, a layer of frost appeared on Jeremy’s face.

“How dare you talk to me like that? Madeline, do you want to be punished?”

After his brutal words, he grabbed Madeline violently.

She could not defend herself and was dragged upstairs by Jeremy.

“Jeremy, what are you doing? Let me go!”

She struggled hard, but he only turned a blind eye. When they got into the house, Jeremy pushed Madeline onto the bed. He pressed his body against hers in a brutal fashion when she tried to run away.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 136
Madeline was so petrified that her face had turned pale. She wanted to run, but she was trapped.

Jeremy pinched her cheek and forced her to look at him.

She kept shaking her head as she struggled. “No! Jeremy, don’t touch me! Let go!”

“You were so happy when Daniel kissed you, but now you’re so reluctant when I touch you?”

Looking at Madeline’s conflicting and resisting gaze, Jeremy’s face was grim while his eyes were extremely icy.

“Madeline, look closely. I’m your husband.” His deep and seductive voice sounded next to Madeline’s ear. In the next second, she felt him biting her shoulder.

“I don’t want this, Jeremy!”

She knew what he was going to do to her, and it made her so scared that even her bones were shaking.

However, it was as if the man was possessed. He ripped her clothes garment by garment before devouring her viciously.

Madeline fell asleep groggily. She had a dream that she had gone back to the happiest time of her life.

However, when she woke up, the reality was like a nightmare that suffocated her.

She saw that she was still being trapped and the man was lying beside her. Madeline looked at the moon outside the window with a blank look on her face.

‘The only thing I did was fall in love with you, but why do I have to pay such a heavy price?

‘Why are you torturing me even if you don’t love me anymore?

‘Jeremy, what do you want me to do?’

Madeline did not know how she fell asleep. However, when she woke up, Jeremy was not there anymore. His residual warmth had also dissipated.

She lifted her battered and bruised body before going into the bathroom to take a shower. However, no matter how she washed, she could not get rid of the smell and warmth he had left on her body.

She put on some clothes hastily and went out the door with a pale look on her face. She wandered around the streets aimlessly as if she had been possessed.

She did not know what she was doing. She just wanted to get rid of the memories of him toying with her last night.

However, she could not get rid of those memories no matter what. Then, she decided to go home.

When she was about to open the door, she realized that her door had been pried open.

Madeline thought she had been burgled. However, when she pushed open the door, she saw Meredith sitting on the sofa like a high and mighty princess. There were also two burly men next to her.

The house that Madeline had cleaned and tidied was now in a mess. It was obvious that they were looking for something.

“Why are you here?”

“Why am I here? You should know.” Meredith snorted. “If you don’t want to suffer, give it to me.”

Madeline knew what Meredith was talking about. She had already found out about the earring!

‘Jeremy, you covered this up so nicely.’

Madeline chuckled lowly. “You’re too late. I’ve already handed it to the police.”

“What did you say?” Meredith’s expression changed.

The two bodyguards went up to grab Madeline’s arms. Then, Meredith approached her and slapped her in the face. “Madeline, I think you’re done with life! Take her away!”

Meredith commanded and the two bodyguards lifted Madeline.

“Let me go! Meredith, you evil witch!” After Madeline yelled at her, she felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck before she lost consciousness.

Madeline was woken up by a pail of cold water thrown over her head. The coldness invaded her entire body, starting from the top of her head.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 137
She did not know where she was. When she opened her eyes, she saw Meredith towering over her while looking down on her disdainfully.

“You’re awake? I thought you were dead. It’d be so boring if you were.”

Meredith scoffed and squatted. She then grabbed Madeline’s face.

Looking at the disfigured yet pretty face, Meredith was so jealous that malice started filling her eyes.

“Madeline, I underestimated you. Even at a time like this, you could still seduce men!” She grabbed Madeline’s wound that had just started to heal. “How did you seduce Jeremy? With your pitiful eyes?”

Madeline finally understood what was happening after she heard what Meredith said.

Meredith knew about him spending the night with her. Plus, Meredith even successfully imagined the scene of them entangled in bed.

She scoffed and burst out laughing. She was laughing sarcastically and at the same time, she was laughing while feeling pleased. “Are you mad? Looks like Jeremy doesn’t love you that much, huh? If he does, then why did he sleep with another woman?”


Meredith was infuriated. She grabbed Madeline’s wounded face even tighter. When she saw the wound bursting open again with blood pouring out, she let out a perverted and carefree cackle.

Madeline was in so much pain that her face turned ghastly pale. However, she did not make a sound.

Meredith wanted to see Madeline in pain, but she refused to make a sound nor cry.

This made Meredith agitated. She lifted her leg and kicked Madeline on the stomach. Finally, she heard a low groan.

Meredith started kicking the defenseless Madeline repeatedly as if she had gone insane.

“Scream, damn it! Madeline, you b*tch! You even have the nerve to seduce Jeremy and refuse to divorce him!”

“Haha… I’ll never divorce him! Meredith, you’ll always be a mistress!” Madeline looked at Meredith with an obstinate gaze without showing her weakness.

Meredith’s face was as black as a piece of coal now. When she looked at Madeline’s crystal clear and beautiful eyes, she yanked her hair once again.

“Madeline, why are you so pleased with yourself? I’ll see how long you can endure this. You’ll only have three months max, you lowlife!” she yelled angrily and released all of her anger onto Madeline.

“You b*tch! How are you so good at seducing men? Do you do it with these eyes? Do you think men will still fall for you if you go blind?”

After Meredith said that, Madeline sensed that something bad was about to happen. When she was about to get up, she was instantly held down by the two men in black behind her.

“Meredith, tell them to let me go! What are you trying to do to me now? Tell Jeremy to see me if you have the guts!”

“Why would Jeremy want to see you?” Meredith asked while feeling amused. “Oh, my precious little sister. You should know that I wouldn’t be doing this without Jeremy’s permission.”

She was cackling happily. Then, she lifted a shiny and sharp knife. “The lavender in Provence is so beautiful. Jeremy said he’ll take me there and propose to me. He even said that he’ll give me the most memorable wedding ever. Too bad you won’t be able to see it.”

Madeline clenched her fists. There were reluctance and hatred in her face that was already full of despair. “Meredith, karma will get you!”

“My karma is spending the rest of my life with Jeremy. Just the two of us, forever. On the other hand, you’ll be going to hell soon.”

She laughed wretchedly and took out a photo.

“Since you’re about to die, I’ll let you take a look. This is the little thing that Jeremy killed right after she was born.”


Madeline lifted her head and saw Meredith throwing the photo at her with an evil grin.

Her child’s photo?

Madeline’s heart beat faster. She watched as the photo fell in front of her. However, when she was about to go get the photo, someone grabbed her arm. The man then stabbed a syringe filled with tranquilizer into her arm. Her vision blurred instantly, and she could hear Meredith’s eerie cackles in her ears.

“Madeline, open your eyes. This is the last chance for you to get a close look at your daughter! Haha…”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 138
Due to the effects of the tranquilizer, Madeline did not know long she was unconscious for.

When she finally regained consciousness, she felt numbness in her arm. Then, she felt a stinging pain in her eyes.

She opened her eyes slowly and noticed that her vision was blurry. It was even near to complete darkness.

Was it nighttime?

When she remembered what Meredith said before knocking her unconscious, Madeline sat up quickly and ignored her wounds. Madeline felt about the floor frantically in the darkness.


Her child’s photo!

Madeline started searching in the dark. However, she did not see anything nor feel anything.

She took out her phone from her pocket and pressed the screen hurriedly. However, the screen would not light up. Did it run out of battery?

As she contemplated that, she felt something that felt like a card with her fingertips. She was sure that it was the photo Meredith had thrown at her before she passed out.

Madeline picked it up happily. She put it in front of her eyes but saw nothing.

She supported her shaky body as she stood up. She wanted to find a source of light, but everything in front of her was dark and blurry. Plus, her eyes were also hurting.

She found the exit using the help of the wall. She could vaguely see some light from the corner of her eyes.

Madeline tried to open her eyes to look at the photo in her hand, but she felt a debilitating pain all of a sudden.

She recalled Meredith’s sinister voice and soon felt her body going cold. She lifted her trembling hand in disbelief and touched her eyes.

She lifted her hand in front of her eyes but could only see a blurry silhouette. The clarity she used to have was completely gone.

She was blind!

Madeline was in disbelief. She stumbled out and ran into a group of people.

They saw the dried blood and dazed look on Madeline’s face. They immediately sent Madeline to the hospital out of kindness.

After looking at her, the doctor looked at the report with a frown on his face. “Miss Crawford, you’ve lost your left cornea and your right cornea is badly wounded. You’re on the verge of complete blindness. If you want to regain your eyesight, you’ll need a cornea transplant and a pair of complete corneas to do that.”

The doctor’s answer was like a bolt of lightning striking down on Madeline’s body. She stood her ground in a dazed state. She finally found her breathing as her heart resumed beating after a long while.

“Thank you, doctor.” She thanked the doctor in a soft voice. After she thanked him, she depended on her remaining vision to stumble back to her room.

She fumbled about her bedside table and turned on the light.

She took out her photo with trembling fingers. After she caressed the photo with her fair and thin fingers, she held the photo and curled up in bed with a broken heart.

Tears escaped her eyes, and she felt a burning sensation in them.

Madeline lifted her head to look at the ceiling. Aside from the blurry rays of light, she could not see anything.

She would be completely blind soon.

In order to protect Meredith, the man allowed her to hire someone to steal her corneas.

Although she was going to die soon, they would not even allow her to die with all of her organs intact.

It started drizzling. After Madeline stayed in bed for one whole day, she brought the bloody earring to the police station.

She was lying to Meredith when she said she had handed it to the police that day. She did not have the chance to report her that day, but now, it was happening. She was going to report Meredith for Brittany’s murder.

The officers in the station welcomed Madeline and took the evidence. At the same time, they also took Madeline’s statement.

She picked up the pen, and using her remaining vision, she signed her name on the statement.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 139
After she left the station, a smile appeared on Madeline’s face.

She could finally convict Meredith of the crime she did.

If they were able to find Brittany’s blood on the earring, then Meredith would be unable to defend herself.

Madeline was waiting to receive updates from the police, but she still got nothing after two days.

She was unable to wait anymore, so she went to the police station again. However, she ran into Meredith and Jeremy at the entrance of the station.

Madeline could not see who they were from a distance. She was holding an umbrella while standing in the rain. She could only hear Meredith’s voice from a mile away.

“Jeremy, why won’t Madeline leave me alone? Will she only be happy if I die?” After Meredith said this, she saw Madeline. Her voice sounded surprised. “Maddie?”

Madeline tried to open her eyes, then she vaguely saw Meredith’s face getting close to her.

“Maddie, what can I do for you to leave me alone? Why did you accuse me of killing Brit? Brit is my best friend! Why would I kill her? It’s normal to have Brit’s blood on the earring because I was the one who gave her those earrings!” Meredith’s voice sounded aggrieved as she sobbed.

Madeline smiled calmly. “You killed Brittany. Do you think you’ll be able to get away with this by saying all that? Meredith, you can’t run from the long arm of the law. The truth will come out eventually.”

“Maddie, you…”

“No matter how good or genuine your acting and tears are, they’ll be useless with me. I can still see how hideous your heart is even though I’m blind.”


Jeremy’s angry voice sounded from in front of them.

Madeline’s heart skipped a beat as her grip on the umbrella became tighter.

She lifted her head, her bright and clear eyes staring in front of her dully.

Through the light curtain of rain, Madeline could see a furious yet handsome face from the remaining vision in her left eye.

Jeremy walked in front of Madeline and pulled Meredith behind him.

“Madeline, I’ve warned you again and again not to harass Mer. You still haven’t learned from all the lessons, huh?” His cold voice was laced with the possibility of him flipping out at any second.

Even though Madeline could not see clearly now, she could still imagine Meredith’s pleased smirk at Jeremy coming to her aid and the man’s cold, firm expression.

She smiled. “Mr. Whitman, I think you know clearly who’s harassing who.”

After she said that, Meredith’s soft voice sounded. “Maddie, I didn’t think you’d become like this. I finally get it now. You only called yourself my sister so that you can get close to Jeremy. I was so stupid. However, I hope you won’t hurt the people I care about for the sake of our relationship.”

Jeremy immediately felt sorry and pity for Meredith after what she said. He placed his hand around her shoulder gently. “Mer, don’t be scared. You’ll be my wife soon. I promise to always protect you. I’ll never break my promise.”

“Jeremy, it’s so good to have you here…”

“Heh.” Madeline scoffed. Bitterness and envy started rising in her chest.

Jeremy’s cold gaze landed on Madeline’s face. When he saw that she was not looking at him, the veins on his forehead protruded. “Madeline, I’ve drafted the divorce papers. I’ll give you one day to sign them after you get them!”

Madeline bit her lip. The rain falling on her umbrella felt like glass shards that were trying to pierce through her heart. She was in so much pain. “Jeremy, I told you. I won’t agree to the divorce! Don’t you even think about letting that two-faced b*tch take my place as long as I’m alive!”

“It’s not up to you!” Jeremy replied coldly. When he saw that Madeline was not even looking at him, he felt a dull ache in his heart. Then, he held Meredith’s hand to leave.

When he left, he deliberately slammed his shoulder into Madeline.

Madeline was already weak, so after he slammed into her, she faltered and fell. The umbrella fell at one side as the raindrops instantly drenched her clothes and face.

She sat up with a pale look on her face before she fumbled around for her umbrella.

After Jeremy started the car, he had an unknown urge in his heart. He lifted his head and looked at the rearview mirror subconsciously.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 140
The rain became heavier while Madeline was still kneeling on the wet floor. Her hands fumbled frantically around her.

Cars drove past her and splashed water on her again and again. However, she still could not find her umbrella.

Jeremy was about to start the car, but he could not help but keep looking at the rearview mirror.

Meredith noticed this and immediately shifted Jeremy’s attention. “Jeremy, let’s go. We need to bring Jack to check his face.”

Jeremy turned his head. “Don’t worry, there won’t be a scar on Jack’s face.”

“I didn’t think that Maddie would hate me to this extent. I also didn’t think my father would ask people to slash Maddie on the face just to avenge me and Jack,” Meredith said innocently.

“Jeremy, you won’t blame my father, right?”

“You dummy, why would I blame him?” Jeremy smiled.

He looked at the rearview mirror again. He saw Madeline standing up after finding her umbrella. Then, he watched her walk away while following the path. He scoffed in a fit of unknown anger.

“That woman deserves to have her face disfigured. Who asked her to do those cruel and despicable things?”

Meredith was pleased when she saw Jeremy’s anger and resentment. However, she still put up the act of a saint and said, “Jeremy, I want to become your bride so badly. Do you know that after parting with you at the beach, I’ve been missing you every single day? I’ve longed for the day that I’ll become your bride, and this day is finally here.”

Jeremy was silent for a few seconds before coming back to his senses.

“I’ll keep my promises to you.”

“Okay.” Meredith smiled sweetly. However, there was a glint of envy in her eyes.

Despite Jeremy promising her as such, she still felt uneasy.

She figured she could only be at complete ease if Madeline died.

Madeline went back to her home and took some painkillers.

She had been through so much these few days that she figured she might not even have a month.

She kept recalling how Jeremy told Meredith that he would take her as his bride in front of her. She felt as if a thousand ants were gnawing on her heart. The pain kept invading her withered and broken body repeatedly.

Some time had passed since she took the painkillers, but her pain still did not lessen.

Madeline took out the photo Meredith had thrown to her previously and caressed it with her fingers. It was as if she could feel the child’s features this way.


‘Mommy will reunite with you soon. Soon…’

Madeline closed her eyes in despair.

The next day, she received the divorce papers from Jeremy.

He asked his assistant to send them over. The assistant waited for Madeline to sign them before taking them back. However, Madeline refused to sign the papers no matter what. Eventually, the assistant could only call Jeremy.

After a while, Jeremy arrived.

It had been raining for the past few days and the air surrounding his body had gotten even colder.

Madeline was sitting on the sofa with a distant look on her face. Despite her remaining vision becoming dimmer and dimmer, she could still sense that Jeremy was getting closer to her.

He threw the papers at Madeline’s face. “Sign them.”

His words had no warmth at all. Those two words were brief and to the point.

Madeline was like a statue, giving no reactions at all.

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