Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1291-1300

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1291
The last thing Madeline expected was for Ryan to suddenly appear before her eyes.

He clearly said that he had something to do. That was why he called the driver to send them out instead, so why was he here now?

Ryan’s thin lips curled into a smile as he watched the colors drain from Madeline’s face. “You must be surprised, aren’t you?” He smiled. “I’m surprised too. Who would’ve thought that you’d be so smart?”

“Ryan!” Jeremy ignored his injuries and rushed to stand in front of Madeline, suppressing the pain from his wounds as he protected her behind him.

His sharp eagle-like eyes bore into Ryan.

“Fight me like a man. Don’t threaten me with my wife’s safety.”

“Your wife?” Ryan scoffed, his tone mocking. “You must’ve forgotten, Jeremy Whitman, but Eveline Montgomery is my wife. She has been for more than half a year.”

Madeline had to admit that when she came to know that Jeremy was the one who set fire to Montgomery Manor and killed her parents, she was determined to sever all ties with Jeremy no matter how he begged.

Then, Ryan appeared. The man helped her and gave her warmth. When he proposed, she agreed.

Now that she thought about it, be it his kindness or his full-round care, everything the man did was to achieve his ulterior motives.

Ryan said he liked and fancied her, but it would be more accurate to say that he was using and controlling her.

The light in Madeline’s eyes darkened as she walked toward Ryan fearlessly. “What do you want, Ryan? Why do all of this? Let’s all just lay everything on the table. There’s no point beating around the bush anymore.”

“Come back, Linnie.” Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and pulled her back to him.

Ryan watched the loving sight, his deep gaze falling on Madeline’s features. “Would you be able to help me if I told you?”

“You have to say it first.” Madeline did not fear him.

Ryan smirked, a cold glint sparkling in his eyes.

“I want Jeremy to die, and I want you to stay by my side forever as my woman, Eveline.”

Madeline was speechless as she did not expect Ryan’s response.

Jeremy was enraged. He could not bear to hear another man think of Madeline like that.

“You must be aware, Ryan, that your actions have long since breached multiple laws. You cannot run forever.”

“Are you trying to urge me to kill you before I get caught, then?” Ryan’s gaze turned frostier.

Physically speaking, Jeremy was not in any condition to fight him, but his aura and the sharpness in his eyes did not dwindle.

There was nothing much he feared anymore. If he were to say something, then it might just be the fear of losing Madeline. He was afraid that she would have to spend every day and night alone without him.

Madeline felt sparks flying in the air, but she was more worried about Jeremy’s current situation.

Jeremy would definitely fall into Ryan’s trap if the latter did anything.

She did not want to see Jeremy more hurt than he already was.

Without hesitation, Madeline stood in front of Jeremy. “I’ll go back with you, Ryan.”

Jeremy felt his heart sink.

“Don’t go, Linnie.” Jeremy tried to hold her back, but he saw the unswayed determination on her face.

“Are you certain? You’ll never get to see him again if you leave with me.” The corners of Ryan’s lips quirked into a shadow of a smile. “If this happens again—”

“If this happens again, then you can shoot me in the heart,” Madeline finished the sentence for him.

Ryan clenched his thin lips in admiration for Madeline’s courage.

He glanced at Jeremy, the latter’s eyes no longer holding the same sharp glint in them, and raised his hand in front of Jeremy to pull Madeline into his arms.

Caught off guard, Madeline found herself imprisoned there and unable to fight her way out.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1292
Jeremy stepped up to stop him, but the tearing agony from the wound on his calf shot up at the use of a little strength. It was not an easy injury to heal from, and blood began to seep out from it again. It dyed the layers of bandages bright red.

Madeline’s heart lurched at the sight. “Jeremy!”

Instinctively, she felt the urge to run towards him but Ryan tightened his grip around her shoulders.

“Don’t you understand? The closer you get to him, the more pain he will suffer,” Ryan warned quietly into Madeline’s ear.

Madeline balled her fists and bit her lip. “You won’t get away with this, Ryan. You’ll be arrested for this!”

Ryan tugged his lips into a light and carefree smile. “Then, I’ll just have to make sure that I achieve my goal before I get caught.”

Madeline glared at Ryan’s gleeful gaze. She had never felt so hopeless.

“Don’t leave with him, Linnie.” Jeremy’s tone was borderline begging.

Madeline’s eyes burned, and she did not dare look at the expression Jeremy wore. Instead, she opted to face the floor. “Get some rest. If ever there comes a chance…”

‘If ever there comes a chance, I’ll run toward you without a care in the world. But I can’t do that now, Jeremy.’

Madeline swallowed the words back.

She suppressed the heartache in her chest and spoke indifferently, “Let’s go.”


Jeremy placed a hand on the wall to support himself and stood up to run after her, but her turning around seemed to have added to his pain.


Bulging veins were seen on the back of Jeremy’s hand as the joints on his fingers cracked.

Watching Madeline’s figure walking farther away, he continued to run after her longingly.

Blood streamed from the reopened wound, leaving a line of blood that trickled down his calf and dripped onto the long corridor.

The petite frame in his eyes never turned back as it slowly vanished from sight.

Bang! Jeremy slammed his fist against the wall as a harsh glint bled from his deep alluring eyes. “Your game ends here, Ryan!”

Sean continued to wait by the waiting area downstairs and was surprised to see Ryan walking over with Madeline in his arms.

He quickly made his way to her. “When did you come here, Mr. Jones?”

Ryan gave a small and gentle smile. “My driver told me that Eveline wasn’t feeling very well. I was just close by, so I quickly came over.”

His explanation made sense, so Sean did not suspect it. However, his words only solidified Madeline’s belief that Ryan was privy to the littlest changes in her location.

“Are you alright, Eveline? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” Sean asked attentively.

Madeline shook her head and replied in a meaningful tone, “With how much you care and look after me, Rye, I’m afraid it’s almost impossible for me to not be alright.”

Ryan merely smiled in response.

Sean could feel something was off, but he could not pin it exactly.

Without thinking much into it, Sean looked around Madeline. “Where’s your mother, Eveline?”

Madeline suddenly remembered that she was going to find Eloise. Ryan’s sudden appearance had kicked the thought from her mind.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be alright. I’ll go have someone look for her.” Ryan’s tone was light. He brought Madeline back first.

Night fell and there was still no sign of Eloise.

Knowing that Ryan was in the study, Madeline made her way there and asked, “You’re hiding my mom, aren’t you, Ryan? Is this your way of warning and punishing me?”

Ryan was reading when she entered the room. His pale fingers stopped flipping the page as he lifted his face. The starry gray eyes under the black-rimmed glasses shone with a dark glint. “You want me to tell you where your mother is? Sure. Beg me.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1293
His response proved Madeline right.

She rushed up to him in infuriation. “Is there even a shred of conscientiousness within you, Ryan? Does tormenting the people around me bring you glee? Just what did I do to offend you?”

“Who said you offended me at all? In fact, I admire you a lot.” Ryan slowly got up, his lean figure and immense aura towering over Madeline’s petite frame.

“The only mistake you made was falling in love with Jeremy Whitman.” He took off his glasses, the dark swirls in his eyes becoming more evident without a layer in between. “It must feel horrible to lose the person who matters the most to you, huh? Then blame the Whitman family.”

Whitman family?

Madeline did not understand. She wanted to know more, but Ryan did not seem to have the intent to explain further.

He quirked the corner of his lips and stared at the sharp glint in Madeline’s eyes. All he wanted to do at that moment was to extinguish that light.

“You overheard my call in the study this morning, didn’t you?” Ryan questioned. Madeline’s sparkling eyes flashed with something that solidified his guess.

He continued to speak, “So you knew that Jeremy was in Kindred Hospital. That’s why you intentionally voiced your desire to take a walk outside in front of me. You did it in front of your father, therefore I had no other option but to let you go.

“You claimed that you wanted to go to the cherry blossom park when in truth, you merely wanted to visit Jeremy in Kindred Hospital. That’s why you gave a location close to the hospital.”

Madeline remained unmoving as Ryan gave her a good look, his tall figure taking a step closer to her back.

“Pretending that you were unwell when the closest hospital to you was Kindred, I really have to applaud you for your intellect.” Ryan’s lips curled into a faint smile as he leaned down by Madeline’s face. His hot breath warmed her ear. “What you don’t know is that I have a precise locator and a listening device embedded in the new phone I gave you.”


Madeline widened her eyes in shock.

She had assumed that Ryan would place a locator in her phone, but she never expected a listening device too!

Madeline felt her body go cold as she took out her phone in disgust.

Before Ryan’s eyes, she threw the phone roughly at the floor.

With a crack, the screen shattered.

“Ryan Jones, you pervert!”

Ryan’s eyes darkened. He suddenly reached out to grab Madeline’s chin, pushing her against the wall.

As if he was an entirely different person, the man before her was now shrouded in a dark mist as his eyes glowed sinisterly.

“Would you still be able to speak so sarcastically when your dream is shattered and the person you love the most is killed?”

“That’s still hardly a reason to hurt the innocent!”

Madeline met Ryan’s terrifying gaze fearlessly.

“Even if you hate Jeremy and the Whitman family, you can torment me however you wish, but what did my parents ever do to you? Who do you take yourself for? You can’t hurt my parents just because they’re in-laws with the Whitman family!”

Ryan burst into laughter at Madeline’s stubbornness. “You’re very smart, Eveline Montgomery, so why can’t you understand my attitude when it comes to you?”

“…” Madeline frowned in confusion.

She truly had no idea what that attitude was.

Ryan held Madeline by her chin and lowered his face so that it was inches away from hers.

“I’m susceptible to your bribes but not your threats. Beg me and admit that you were wrong and perhaps I’ll give your mother back to you. But if you wish to continue fighting against me…”

He paused, the frosty glint in his eyes turning scarier.

“If you refuse to bow down to me, then be prepared to hear the tragedy of a housewife slipping and falling into the river to her death in the news tomorrow.”

Madeline felt a cold pair of hands tightening the clasp around her heart.

Ryan picked up a remote from the table and switched on the television in front of her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1294
Instead of a show, the screen showed Eloise walking along a busy street.


Madeline stared at Eloise who was all alone by herself and hated the fact that she could not pull her mother to her side.

“My people are following your mother, so I can promise that she’ll be alright. However, if you upset me again, then I’ll remind you of what it feels like to lose your loved ones.”

Ryan tightened the grip on his fingers as he threatened.

Madeline furrowed her brows at the growing pain from her chin, her gaze slowly dimming as she stared at the display.

Ryan watched the light dim in Madeline’s eyes and his lips curled into a satisfied smile. “Do you have anything to say, hmm?”

“Don’t hurt my parents.” Madeline had to compromise, the willful glint in her eyes forcefully extinguished under Ryan’s ministrations. “I promise that I won’t meet Jeremy again.”

“That’s it?” Ryan quirked an eyebrow as he waited for a better reply.

Madeline clenched her jaw and balled her fists.

“If I look for Jermey, I’ll never get to see my parents again.”

Madeline swore under Ryan’s threatening aura.

Ryan smirked proudly.

Madeline ignored the stab in her heart and forced herself to calm down. “Have your people bring my mother back now.”

“You should never have tested my limits by meeting with Jeremy if you care for your mother so much.” Ryan loosened his grip.

Madeline thought he had let her go only to feel his palm suddenly hold the back of her head, forcing her to meet his gaze. His fingers rested between her locks and held her tightly in place.

“I want you to remember the consequences, Eveline.”

Ryan then leaned down to kiss Madeline’s lips.

Madeline frantically evaded it and Ryan’s lips brushed past Madeline’s cheek instead.

His sharp brows furrowed in displeasure. “Are you still fighting back, Eveline?”

Madeline’s heart shook as she stared at the man who oozed with anger. “You can do whatever you want with me, Ryan, as long as it isn’t this.”

“Are you telling me that even if you lose everything, be it your parents or Jeremy Whitman, you will never bow down to me?”

Madeline was stunned and lost for a moment.

Did she not have any other option than to be Ryan’s puppet for the sake of her parents and the man she loved the most?

Seeing Madeline dazed, Ryan lifted his hand as his long fingers began to unbutton Madeline’s collar and the rest of her shirt.

Madeline resembled an indifferent doll, stripped of her ability to fight back.

She felt like a puppet, one that Ryan could control and threaten as he wished.

He held too many of her weaknesses.

Without much effort, the man could easily break through her psychological defenses.

He was not below using any more-disdainful methods either.

Ryan slowly took Madeline’s chiffon short-sleeved blouse off and threw it on the ground.

She was still wearing a camisole but Ryan did not seem to be in any rush to take that off. Instead, he raised his hand to curl a long lock of her hair around his finger and brought it to his nose to smell. “I did say that I’ll make you my woman from your own volition, but if I can drive Jeremy mad myself, then there’s nothing stopping me.”

He gave a wicked smile and tilted Madeline’s delicate chin, reflecting her elegant features in his eyes as his heart picked up its pace. “As long as you’re willing to listen, I can be gentle with you.”

He lowered his voice and went to capture Madeline’s lips…
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1295
Watching Ryan’s face approach, Madeline’s mind was suddenly filled with images of Jeremy.

She still remembered how she had promised him during the day, “Don’t worry about me, Jeremy. I’ll take care of myself.”

Yet what was she doing now?

Was she going to let Ryan have his way, then let him drive Jeremy mad?

No way.

She would not be a puppet that Ryan could play with however he wished.

In the short span of a couple of seconds, Madeline’s mind flashed with numerous thoughts.

Seeing that Ryan’s lips were about to touch hers, she took a step backward.

Ryan’s eyes snapped open as his gaze darkened. He was just about to fly into a rage when somebody knocked on the door of the study.

Knock, knock.

“It’s me.” Adam’s voice sounded from outside.

Ryan let go and gave Madeline a strange look before he turned to open the door.

Madeline quickly picked her clothes from the floor and put it on, her heart still suffering from the aftershocks of what just happened.

Ryan’s actions had exceeded her imagination.

It seemed that as long as it benefited him, there was nothing he would not do.

He also seemed to become a completely different person when he got angry and held terrifying grudges.

Ryan opened the door and Adam was shocked to see Madeline standing next to the study table.

“So here she is. I was about to give her an injection but couldn’t find her,” Adam explained. “Should I come in and give it to her now?”

Ryan gave a slight nod and allowed Adam into the study.

Madeline felt heavily against it when she watched Adam walking over, especially when her eyes fell on the syringe in his hand. She tucked her hands behind her.

Adam walked toward her and reached out his hand confidently. “Let’s not waste each other’s time. You have no choice.”

“You’re crazy, Adam.” Madeline mocked as she stuck her arm out without another choice. She then watched with surprise as an intrigued smile graced the man’s features.

“You’re right. I am crazy, but I don’t think you understand how much.”

He smiled meaningfully and injected the contents of the reagent bottle into Madeline’s arm. Just as she was about to fall asleep, he whispered a warning, “Remember, don’t act rashly anymore.”

Those were the last words Madeline heard before she fell asleep.

Ryan walked over to her side and carried her bridal-style just as she lost her footing.

“This is already the sixth injection. Why is she still so deeply in love with Jeremy?” Ryan seemed rather confused.

Adam responded calmly, “I already told you. The injection works differently depending on the person. Perhaps Jeremy matters more to Eveline than we think, or maybe her will is just stronger than others.”

Ryan furrowed his brows and stared at Madeline who was deep in sleep. “I guess I’ll just have to do something to weaken her will and completely smooth that sharp edge of hers off. Or I might never get to complete the last step of my plan.”

Adam was deep in thought for two seconds with his gaze on Madeline’s face. “Understood. I’ll come up with something, then.”

Ryan did not speak much and carried Madeline to the bedroom.

Madeline slept through the night drowsily and woke early the next morning.

Upon waking up, she first confirmed that there was nothing wrong with her clothes and that Ryan had not done anything to her. Then, she sighed a breath of relief and got up to wash and change.

After freshening herself up, a maid then brought her breakfast on time.

Madeline was not in the mood to eat breakfast at all for her mind was filled with thoughts of Eloise.

Just then, Ryan entered her line of vision and appeared by her door like a nightmare that refused to leave her alone.

Staring at the breakfast that she had not touched, Ryan walked over with a hand in his pocket. “What’s wrong? Do you not have an appetite for breakfast?”

“Where’s my mom?” Worry filled Madeline’s eyes.

It had been an entire night and she still did not know how Eloise was doing.

Ryan walked over to the table and looked at the breakfast. “Finish your food and I’ll bring you to see Mom.”

Taken aback, Madeline turned and walked back to the table. She sat down and immediately began to scoff food down.

She must have eaten too fast for Madeline almost choked on the milk. Coughing, she continued to scarf her breakfast down.

Ryan’s mood was light as he watched Madeline listen to his demands.

In no time, Madeline had forced herself to clean the plate. “Where’s my mom? Where did she spend the night yesterday?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1296
Ryan took a handkerchief and wiped Madeline’s lips in what seemed to be a caring manner. “Don’t frown all the time. Smile a little.”

Madeline did not know how she was supposed to smile, but Ryan seemed adamant about seeing one on her face at that moment.

She forced the corners of her lips to curl and gave Ryan a small smile.

Ryan was elated. “There we go. Now you’re looking more like my wife with how well you’re listening to me.”

“Ryan, bring me to see—”

“Eveline.” Sean suddenly entered the room.

Madeline looked up and was surprised to see Eloise following behind him.

“Mom?!” She watched as Eloise looked up and smiled at Ryan.

“Don’t worry, Eveline. Your mom came back last night after Mr. Jones’ men went to look for her. You fell asleep early yesterday, so I didn’t wake you up,” Sean explained to Madeline.

It turned out Eloise had already returned last night and Ryan was merely making fun of her moments ago.

Ryan met Madeline’s gaze and smiled. “You guys should talk. There are a few things I need to do.”

Sean nodded and watched Ryan leave with a smile on his face. He seemed to like Ryan a lot.

Madeline did not know how to tell Sean that Ryan was a horrifying two-faced man.

With Ryan gone, Madeline let out a sigh of relief and took Eloise’s hand. The weight in her chest was lifted.

“Thank goodness you’re alright, Mom. It’s my fault for not looking after you when I was with Jeremy.” Madeline blamed herself.

Eloise frowned in confusion. “Who’s Jeremy? Is it that young man you kissed?”

“…” Madeline flushed in embarrassment.

She was about to change the subject when she saw Sean glancing outside before carefully shutting the door.

“Dad?” Madeline found his actions weird. “What’s wrong?”

Sean turned and walked back to Madeline, his expression turning heavy. “Tell Dad the truth, Eveline. Did something happen between you and Ryan? I could feel that something was wrong yesterday at the hospital and after hearing your conversation just now when I was at the door. I can’t help but think that something’s wrong.”

Madeline did not expect her father to be so observant. She did not want to lie to him, so she told everything from the beginning.

Sean’s complexion paled at the story. “I never expected this at all! How could Ryan be such a person? No way, we can’t just stay here and wait for him to act first. He might use me and your mother’s safety to control you.”

Sean was worried and concerned for Madeline. “How about this? I’ll say that I want to bring your mom to see the doctor later, Eveline, and you’ll come with us. It’ll be easier to run once we get outside.”

While the plan was sound, Madeline could not help but feel worried. “Isn’t this too risky, Dad?”

“Staying here would be even riskier.” Sean glanced at Eloise. “We can’t lock your mother in the house forever because of her condition either. The three of us need to make it out of here safely if we want to go back to how we used to live.”

It made sense, so Madeline agreed.

Once they left Madeline’s room, Sean then went to look for Ryan and told him that he wanted to bring Eloise to a psychologist. Ryan was doubtful and thought about it for a few seconds before he agreed. “I’ll have someone come with you, then.”

“Eveline alone is enough.” Sean suggested. “You know how Ellie’s only like this because of Eveline. I’m sure Eveline’s presence would help Ellie a lot.”

Ryan glanced at Madeline. “Let’s all go, then.” He walked toward Madeline with a shadow of a smile. “I’ll come with you.”


Madeline and Sean shared a look at Ryan’s unexpected reply but did not decline.

Yet with Ryan coming out with them, their plan had failed.

Ryan had Sean and Eloise take a car while he drove another one with Eveline.

Knowing that her plan to escape was nulled, Madeline stared blankly out the window and watched the raindrops patter against it.

“Are you disappointed that I’m coming along?” Ryan suddenly asked, cutting the silence in the car.

Madeline did not reply.

“My apologies for destroying your family’s plan to escape.”


Madeline’s heartstrings tugged as she stared at Ryan in disbelief, the man had an eerie smile on his face. Ryan suddenly brought the car to an emergency brake and Madeline heard a loud crash from the front.

She looked up to find Sean and Eloise’s car amongst a severe car accident.

“Mom! Dad!”

She quickly went to open the car door, but Ryan grabbed her wrist as a chuckle drifted into her ears.

“Don’t be in such a rush. Come look at this first.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1297
Ryan pulled Madeline back, though she was not interested in what Ryan wanted to show her. All she wanted to know was if Sean and Eloise were alright.

However, Ryan did not seem to have any intention of letting her go. He linked his phone with the display on the car and a scene began to play out before her eyes…

The three of them were seen on the display, discussing their plans to escape not too long ago in her room. The video was clear and so were their voices.

Madeline felt the bottom of her feet go cold as the chilly sensation spread through her entire body.

She turned to look at the confident man and questioned in disbelief, “You put cameras in my room?”

Ryan smirked nonchalantly and met Madeline’s terrified gaze. “Evidence shows that you didn’t learn from your mistakes.”

Madeline did not expect Ryan to be privy to her every move, even those that took place in her room!

A chill shook through her. She raised her arm to hit Ryan, only for him to grab her wrist easily.

Ryan’s eyes glowed with mirth, mirth that looked especially bone-chilling.

“You may be smart, Eveline, but I’m not stupid either. I’m telling you right now that this is what will happen if you continue to test my boundaries.”

He glanced at the car accident Sean and Eloise were involved in as he spoke.

“This is my punishment for you.”

Madeline’s heart sunk as she stared at the blinking lights of the car in front of her. Pulling her arm out of Ryan’s hold, she opened the car door frantically.

Under the rain, she ran toward the car that had been knocked askew.

Through the window, Madeline found that both Sean and Eloise were unconscious in the back seat.

Eloise was leaning against Sean without moving and Sean’s forehead was bleeding after knocking on what might have been the window.

Madeline raised her hand to hit the window strongly. She tried to open the doors, but the car was locked.

“Mom! Dad!”

Bang, bang, bang!

Madeline continued to hammer the window, but no one seemed to respond.

She reached for her pocket to take her phone out and call for an ambulance only to remember that she had smashed her phone last night.

Madeline’s heart raced impatiently as the rain began to drench her clothes. Her vision began to blur as well.

They were not on the main street, so there were no cars around. Two men in suits stood in front, but they were both Ryan’s bodyguards. She had no one to ask for help.

“Mom! Dad!” Madeline called out again while hammering the car window, but it was to no avail.

Eloise and Sean were the only family she had left in this world. She had already lost them once before and did not want to lose them again.

“Are you afraid now? Will you still try and challenge my limits?” Ryan walked over to Madeline slowly as he held a black umbrella over his head.

Her weak and pale appearance fed the exhilaration in Ryan’s eyes.

Madeline raised her panicked and fearful gaze to look at the high-spirited man in front of her. Tears that welled in her eyes began to trickle down.

She ran toward Ryan and grabbed both of the man’s sleeves. “Torture me if you have to, Ryan. Just please stop making my parents pay! I’m begging you, please!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1298
“You’re finally begging me now?” Ryan asked joyfully. “I’ve reminded you more than once not to test my limits, haven’t I? I’m not Jeremy Whitman and I won’t let you do as you wish. Listen to me and I’ll promise to keep your parents safe.”

Madeline nodded as tears clouded her vision. “Okay! I understand, I really do. Just call the ambulance, Ryan, please! I’m begging you, please!”

Madeline pleaded, moments away from kneeling.

Ryan smiled as he enjoyed the look of tears streaming down Madeline’s face and reached out to caress her brows that were drenched by the rain. The look in his eyes warmed and took a loving turn.

“Listen to me, Eveline, and I can promise to fulfill your every wish.”

Madeline nodded rapidly through her tears. “I’ll listen! I’ll listen to everything you say, Ryan! I really will! I won’t say the wrong things anymore and I won’t meet Jeremy again. I also won’t try to escape anymore, I promise!”

Ryan curled his lips in satisfaction and took out his phone to call an ambulance.

Just then, the car door suddenly flung open and Sean got out of the car with difficulty.

“Dad!” Madeline turned around and ran to help Sean up as the man took shallow breaths.

Tears began to fall when her eyes fell on the bleeding wound on his forehead. “I’m sorry, Dad. It’s my fault you and Mom got hurt.”

Sean summoned the rest of his strength and grabbed Madeline’s hand tightly. His eyes were filled with fatherly love as he pulled her behind him and glared at Ryan.

“Stop threatening my daughter, Ryan!”

Ryan walked over with his umbrella, a sneer on his face. He was no longer hiding his true self.

“Think well before you decide, if you would like to continue as my father-in-law or as my enemy.”

Sean’s gaze sharpened sternly. “You’re not my son-in-law! I only have one, and his name is Jeremy Whitman!”

Madeline watched the moment anger started to swirl in Ryan’s eyes.

She quickly ran to hold Sean’s shoulder and pleaded, “Dad, no, it’s fine. Don’t talk anymore.”

Understanding Madeline’s unease, Sean pulled her into his chest by her shoulder. “It’s okay, Eveline, Dad’s here. I never really protected you before, but I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

Madeline’s body was cold, but for that short moment, warmth filled her chest.

Taking in Ryan’s dark gaze again, the sense of danger crept back into her mind.

“What a great father.” Ryan sighed, his tone more ironic than in admiration. “If that’s the case, then allow me to make your wish come true.”

Ryan then glanced at the two bodyguards who immediately came over. They held Sean by his shoulders as they pulled him away from Madeline.

“What are you doing? Let go!” Sean struggled against their hold, but he was injured and did not have enough strength to fight them back now.

“Dad!” Madeline cried out nervously and tried to push the two bodyguards away only for Ryan to grab her shoulder. “Let go, Ryan! Tell your men to let go of my dad!”

Ryan scoffed, his dark and threatening voice drifting past Madeline’s ear. “All who defy will not end prettily. If he doesn’t want to be my father-in-law, then I have no other choice but to send him off to heaven.”

Madeline’s expression paled. Watching a bodyguard aim a gun at Sean’s temple, the world around her turned black.

It dawned on Madeline at that moment that Ryan was a devil and there was nothing he would not do.

“No! Ryan, don’t!” She begged with a sob, grabbing the man’s sleeves. “I promise that I won’t let my dad do anything against your wishes anymore, Ryan! Tell your men to stop! Dad!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1299
Sean’s chest tightened when he heard Madeline’s heartbreaking pleas.

“Don’t cry, Eveline. Dad will be alright.” He comforted her, his gaze exceptionally calm. “I refuse to believe that this man can really do whatever he wants!”

Sean glared fearlessly at Ryan.

“Stop talking, Dad. There’s nothing below him, he really will…” Madeline shook her head furiously as if her life depended on it. Fear filled her heart as she looked back at the sinister man with red eyes.

“Let my dad go, Ryan. I promise that I’ll persuade him to stop going against your wishes! You won’t have anything to control me with if something happens to my parents, Ryan!”

Madeline begged the man frantically and ended up threatening the man instead.

Ryan seemed to sway at the sight of tears and the rain mingling and falling off Madeline’s face.

“I can let him go if that’s what my wife wishes. However, he must learn to remember who he is and so do you. Try and become my enemy and the only ones who will suffer are all of you.”

Madeline then heard a bang, followed by Sean grunting in pain.

Madeline’s heart lurched as she snapped her head over to take a look!

Sean suffered a bullet to the leg and blood had begun to dye his pants red. The puddle of rain under his feet was turning red as well.


Madeline felt a sword pierce her heart as she stared at Sean who had fallen to the ground, under the rain and barely conscious. Tears began to fall freely.

She summoned all her strength to pull herself out of Ryan’s grip, but her strength was no match for his.

“This is the price for trying to escape, Eveline.”

Ryan warned next to Madeline’s ear before he let go.

Free, Madeline dashed toward Sean. The rain had made the road slippery and Madeline ended up slipping and falling heavily onto the ground.

Multiple small cuts bloomed on her palms, but her priority was on Sean. Pushing herself back up through the pain, she ran toward her father and kneeled on the ground as she pulled him to her arms.

“Dad! Dad!”

Madeline’s heart twisted in pain as she watched Sean slowly fall unconscious.


“Ev-Eveline…” Sean mustered his last bit of strength and reached out to grab Madeline’s hand. “Don’t be afraid, child. Mom and Dad don’t need anything. We just want you to be safe. Run, Eveline, run as far as you can from this devil…”

Madeline clutched Sean closer to her as tears began to fall from her eyes again. “Dad…”

Sean tightened his grip on Madeline’s hand and spat out one last word. “Run…”

Madeline’s nerves were pulled taut at the sight of Sean fainting before her eyes.

“Dad! Dad!” she called out repeatedly, but Sean did not respond.

The two bodyguards immediately walked over to pull Sean out of Madeline’s grasp forcefully.

“What are you doing? Let my dad go!” Madeline tried to stand and stop them but realized that she did not even have the strength to stand at all.

“They’ll send your father to the hospital. Unless you want your wonderful dad to die here in the rain?” Ryan walked over to stand in front of Madeline.

Madeline was stunned, her irises dyed red by the bloodstain in her blurred vision.

Ryan slowly squatted to look at Madeline who was crying her eyes out and reached over to brush away the wisps of hair drenched by the rain with his fingers. “Relax. I won’t let your parents die. After all, you’ve just reminded me that they’re the best tools I can use to control you.”


He saw two living people as tools.

Madeline remained silent, and Ryan placed his palm gently over Madeline’s head. “I prefer women who listen to me.”

His reminder served more like a warning.

Madeline remained quiet, sitting blankly on the wet asphalt.

Staring at the pool of blood, her chest felt empty. Ryan’s cruelty had long surpassed what she could possibly imagine.

He was not beneath creating a car accident or shooting Sean to force her to listen to him. She could not imagine what heartless things the man would do next.

In a private hospital.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1300
Dripping wet, Madeline sat on the bench in the corridor and waited for the results on Eloise and Sean’s condition.

Ryan walked over and placed a jacket over her shoulders. Feeling the man’s warmth and taking in the scent on Ryan’s body, Madeline shivered subconsciously.

Ryan was surprised and satisfied with Madeline’s reaction.

She was starting to be wary of him. Her fear would aid in his plan.

“Your parents will be fine. You, however, will be down with a cold and fever if you keep sitting here,” Ryan chided her gently.

“Will they really be fine?” Madeline asked in disbelief with a tone of caution.

Ryan pursed his lips into a slight smile. “They will be as long as you listen. I promise.”

Madeline clenched her fists and unfurled them.

“Go back with me.” Ryan’s tone was much gentler now.

Knowing that declining was not an option, she glanced at the emergency room and stood up.

Ryan wrapped an arm intimately around Madeline’s shoulders.

There was no doubt to the passersby that they were a couple.

However, no one seemed to realize that Madeline’s eyes were filled with fear and unease.

Once they returned, Madeline felt unsettled the moment she entered the room.

Looking around the room, she had no idea where Ryan placed the camera and how many of them there were.

Madeline dared not imagine how her every move and every word were under Ryan’s surveillance.

She did not dare change her clothes, opting instead to stand drenched and despondent by herself in the corner.

The world around her turned black. The only shred of light and warmth she had was the wedding ring on her fourth finger.


‘I know that you’ll think of a foolproof plan to bring Ryan to justice.

‘I also know that you’ll definitely bring me home.’

“I’ll wait for you, Jeremy.”

Madeline looked at her wedding ring, the only shred of hope and light she had left.


The door to the room suddenly opened and Ryan walked in.

Seeing Madeline standing in the corner having not bathed or changed yet, Ryan frowned before it dawned on him.

He slowly walked toward the showcase in the room and picked the mini camera out of a soft toy. Then, he crushed the camera in front of Madeline.

“Will you change your clothes now?” He saw through Madeline’s concern at that moment. “I’m not going to watch you change. I don’t have such a kink.”

He slowly walked toward Madeline.

Shrinking into the corner, Madeline leaned backward with water dripping from her pale face.

Ryan stood before her and reached out to hold her chin. “You’ll be mine sooner or later, Eveline. You don’t have to worry about me invading your privacy since you have none as far as I’m concerned.”

He leaned over for a kiss, but Madeline pushed him away. Picking up the clothes from the bed, she ran into the bathroom.

She took a quick shower and changed, then wrapped herself tightly with the towel before she walked out.

Madeline thought that Ryan would have left already, so she was surprised to see the man sitting by the bed, waiting for her when she returned.

Her footsteps halted and she subconsciously turned to run away from the man.

Ryan looked up at Madeline and patted the space beside him. “Come sit.”

Tightening the towel around her, Madeline slowly walked toward Ryan and took a seat.

Ryan suddenly reached out for a pair of scissors by his side and stretched his hand out to her.

Frightened, Madeline moved away out of instinct. “What more do you want?”

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