Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1251-1260

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1251
The smile on Ryan’s face froze when Madeline suddenly said such a thing.

He turned his head to look at Madeline who was smiling and calm. Then, doubts started forming in his heart.

‘New evidence?

‘What new evidence is she going to provide?’

The judge looked at Madeline carefully. “Who are you?”

Madeline bowed politely. “I’m Jeremy Whitman’s wife, and my name is Eveline Montgomery.”

Ryan frowned when she heard Madeline’s self-introduction. The netizens watching the live broadcast and the people watching in the gallery were casting all kinds of weird glances and saying unkind remarks at Madeline once again.

Was this woman sick?

One second, she said that Jeremy was her husband. In the next second, she would be seen with Ryan. Now, she was claiming to be Jeremy’s wife in court?

What the hell was going on?

The prosecution lawyer immediately stated, “Your Honor, unreviewed exhibits are not allowed to be shown in court. This is unreasonable!”

“The rules are dead but as humans, we’re flexible. If the truth is delayed because of this key evidence and innocent people are unnecessarily charged, will you bear the consequences?” Madeline said and calmly looked at the prosecutor.

Ryan looked at the calm and collected Madeline, suddenly sensing that something was wrong.

She seemed to have come prepared.

He had doubts in his heart, but he was not sure.

He looked at Madeline and tried to look into her eyes. However, her arrogant and calm gaze only scanned across his face indifferently before she looked into Jeremy’s eyes.

Madeline turned sideways to look at the man sitting beside her and stretched out her hand.

The man sitting next to her handed her some documents.

Ryan only just noticed that the person sitting next to Madeline was Jeremy’s assistant, Ken Baker!

Madeline took the documents and handed them to the staff.

“This is the clue I found when I accidentally entered the room where Lana was killed.” Madeline met Ryan’s confused eyes. “On the wall near where Lana collapsed, there were two bloody letters carved on it. Can everyone see what those two letters are?”

As Madeline’s voice fell, the big screen showed a wall stained with blood. There were carvings that wrote the letters ‘RJ’.


Everyone was still wondering what those two letters meant when they heard Madeline’s affirmative answer.

“Ryan Jones,” she said confidently. Her eyes were sharp and domineering. “RJ is the abbreviation of Ryan’s name.”


There was another wave of gasps from the people at the scene and on the internet.

Ryan looked at Madeline who said these words in disbelief. However, he was even more surprised that Lana had carved such things before she died.

“Objection!” Before Ryan could speak, the prosecutor overturned Madeline’s evidence. “Miss Montgomery, you said you entered the deceased’s room by accident. When did you accidentally enter the room? Was there anyone else at the scene? If there wasn’t, we can assume that you forged evidence in order to exonerate Jeremy Whitman from the crime.”

“There are bloodstains on the wall as well as those letters. I believe Lana’s fingerprints can be found on the wall as well. If I’m the one who forged this, I would have to wipe my fingerprints away after. Then, the fingerprints left by Lana would be removed and destroyed by me, but I can tell you with certainty that Lana’s fingerprints are still intact.”

“Um…” The prosecutor was startled and saw that the result of Madeline’s forensic appraisal was exactly the same as what Madeline said just now.

Ryan did not know where this was going now, but he knew he could not mess this up.

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Madeline tenderly. “Eveline, I know that you still have deep feelings for Jeremy and you really want to save him, but he has killed someone and is not worthy of you helping him falsifying evidence to clear him of the charges. You’ll ruin your life if you do this.”

Most netizens expressed that they were moved after listening to what Ryan said. Then, they started scolding Madeline even more violently for actually giving false evidence in court just to help Jeremy.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1252
Karen and Winston were both shocked. Then, they looked at Madeline who was still calm while feeling puzzled.

“Eveline, don’t make the same mistakes again and again. We’re in court.” It seemed that Ryan was persuading her in such a gentle and kind manner.

Madeline smiled profoundly. “Ryan, I can’t continue this act anymore and you don’t have to as well.”

“…” Ryan was stunned. While looking at Madeline who was proud and arrogant at this moment, he could not associate her with the heartbroken woman who drowned herself with alcohol that night.

It was all an act?

Her vulnerable side, her sadness, and her grief that night were all just an act?

“Ryan, I knew you would say that I’m forging evidence for Jeremy, but a lie is still a lie, after all. Lies will never prosper in the face of the truth.”

Ryan looked dispiritedly at Madeline who was standing not far away from him. Then, he saw her bending down to pick up a bag from Ken’s side.

His pupils shrank as he looked at the bag Madeline picked up in disbelief.

Seeing Ryan’s cracked face, Madeline carried the bag and walked to the witness stand. Then, she opened the bag in front of Ryan and took out the suit from it.

“Ryan, you should be familiar with this, right?”


“This is the best evidence to prove that you’re the one who murdered Lana.”


Ryan looked at the suit he had thrown into the river and came to a realization.

It turned out that Madeline was not asleep at that time.

She was only pretending to be asleep. She clearly saw him throwing the handbag into the river!

She had asked someone to salvage it!

“Judging from your face, you should’ve figured it out by now.” Madeline then asked with a chuckle, “This limited-edition tailored suit has your name hand-stitched on it. Why did you want to throw such a good suit into the river, Mr. Jones?”


“Is it because of the smoke you left on it when you murdered Lana?”

Madeline’s words gradually solved everyone’s doubts.

That was what was going on with the suit.

After Ryan heard that, his elegant face gradually became gloomy. Even the look in his eyes started to change.

Even though he was very upset at the moment, he still remained calm on the surface. However, his cold eyes were staring straight at Madeline.

“Eveline, I only know now that you’ve stolen my clothes. Did Jeremy manipulate you into doing this to help him cover his crimes?”

Since Ryan still wanted to argue, Madeline took out her phone. “Ryan, since you still refuse to admit it, then I will show you an interesting video.

“This is evidence provided by one of the residents living in the building opposite Glendale Hotel. Since he was on a business trip a while ago, he had just returned home yesterday. When he was checking the surveillance footage on his security camera, he accidentally discovered that it had captured the scene of Lana being killed that night.”



How could such a coincidence happen?

Ryan was in disbelief, but in retrospect, it seemed that he had forgotten to close the curtains when he killed Lana that day.

At this moment, Madeline sent the video to the staff in court. Then, the scene from that day appeared on the big screen…
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1253
The woman in the video was wrapped in a bath towel and was standing in front of a slender and elegant man.

It was unknown what they were talking about. Then, the man took out a gun with a silencer all of a sudden and shot the woman on her calf.

The woman immediately slumped to the ground in pain while leaning against the wall.

After that, the man shot the woman on her shoulder again. Finally, he directly shot the woman in her heart.

This scene of the shooting was as clear as day.

Due to the distance between the two buildings, the faces of the man and woman were a little fuzzy, but from the silhouettes and clothes, it could be determined that the man in the black suit was Ryan while the woman was Lana.

“Oh my God!”

“It’s Ryan!”

“I didn’t expect Ryan to be the real murderer!”

“He actually killed someone and still blamed Jeremy for it?”

“This is too insidious!”

The people in the gallery were stunned as the comments online went insane.

Then, Madeline provided another video. “Ryan, although you tricked Jeremy into the hotel room using my name at the time, let me tell you that before Jeremy entered the hotel, he actually left evidence to prove his innocence.”


“Although the cameras in the hotel were coincidentally not working, he actually started filming the moment he started driving into the hotel until he entered the room. Judging from the time of Lana’s death, she was already dead before Jeremy entered the hotel. Do you know what this means? It means that my husband couldn’t have committed the crime at all!”

Madeline made the final conclusion sternly.

“Ryan, there’s concrete proof now. Do you have anything else to say?”

Ryan laughed suddenly as he watched the evidence that Madeline had thrown out one after another and the testimonies that she prepared beforehand. However, his smile was starting to look a little forceful.

“Eveline, if you think that this can help Jeremy clear the charges of his crimes, then you’re a bit too naive. Your so-called evidence—”

“Ryan, you’re the naive one, not me,” Madeline interrupted, “I knew you wouldn’t confess so easily, so let’s listen to what you had to say.”


Ryan did not understand the meaning of Madeline’s words, but in the next second, he saw Madeline tapping her phone screen. Then, his voice sounded from the speaker of the phone.

“Yes, I killed Lana.

“I shot her three times. One on her calf, one on her shoulder, and finally, one directly in her heart.

“Then, I wiped my fingerprints away from the gun and printed your fingerprints from the coffee cup onto the gun. After everything was executed properly, I called you to the hotel room to be my scapegoat.


Ryan could not believe that what he said that night would actually be recorded!

Everyone who heard what he said began to change their opinions about him after being utterly shocked.

Compared to the evidence provided by Madeline, the so-called evidence against Jeremy had all become extremely weak.

Ryan’s face fell even more. He could not fake a smile anymore.

“That’s not my voice. It’s fake,” he argued.

“Ryan, you’re one of the senior agents at Interpol, so it’s impossible for you to not know that human voiceprints are unique.”


Ryan’s eyes that were gradually turning red were staring at Madeline’s emotionless face. Then, he heard Madeline firmly saying, “Even if the evidence is false like you said, what about the witness?”


Ryan was even more surprised now. What witness?

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1254
How could there be a witness?

Just when he suspected that Madeline was just trying to be deliberately mystifying, he saw someone coming in through the side door suddenly.

The man was in a wheelchair, and although his mental state was not very good, he was indeed a living person!

Ryan looked at this police officer who he had personally shot and killed but turned out to be safe and sound.

“Ryan, you didn’t expect this, right? I’m not dead.” Although the police officer was weak, he was full of energy when he said this.

“The recording played by Miss Montgomery just now is real, because I was the one who recorded it with a recording pen at the time,” the police officer glared at Ryan and said.

“Your Honor and everyone here, I swear in the name of the People’s Police that Ryan Jones is the real murderer behind Lana Johnson’s death. That night, he tried to kill me and blamed Mr. Jeremy Whitman for it again. Ryan Jones is the one behind all of these! What Miss Montgomery said are all facts.”

“Ryan Jones! It turns out that you’re the one who killed Lana and blamed Jeremy for it! You’re so sinister!” Karen stood up suddenly and pointed at Ryan before yelling.

Everyone in the gallery was shocked.

The netizens were also spamming question marks.

The netizens who had been proven wrong were all embarrassed and felt extremely ashamed now.

They did not expect that Jeremy was falsely accused by Ryan!

They also did not expect that Madeline was merely putting up an act when she was seen dating Ryan.

Ryan looked like a gentle and noble young master, yet he unexpectedly had such a sinister and cruel side.

Ryan did not have anything to say at this moment. He looked at Madeline in front of him, his eyes becoming redder as he sneered.

“It turns out that you were only acting this whole time. Were you also acting that night when you and Jeremy seemed to have fallen out?”

“Do you really think that my Linnie would fall into your arms?” Jeremy’s voice sounded slowly behind Ryan.

Ryan’s thin lips were pressed tightly, but as soon as he turned his head, cold handcuffs fell on his right wrist.

There were impeccable sharpness and confidence in Jeremy’s amber eyes. They were slowly defeating Ryan’s arrogance bit by bit.

“Ryan, how can someone like you deserve true love? Linnie will always belong to me. She has never been moved by another man apart from me.”

Ryan sneered, “Jeremy.”

“You’re wondering why Officer Zeke didn’t die, right? He was wearing a bulletproof vest.” Jeremy’s answer solved Ryan’s doubts.

Ryan did not verify it at the time because he saw all the blood on the police officer.

“However, even if he hadn’t worn a bulletproof vest back then, nothing would happen to him because Officer Zeke has a gift. His heart is on the right side.”


After getting this answer, Ryan suddenly had a feeling that even God wanted to destroy him.

“Heh.” He laughed, his gray eyes falling on Madeline again.

Looking at those beautiful, wise, calm, and composed eyes, Ryan still did not want to believe what was going on. Then, a touch of loneliness appeared on his gentle and elegant face.

“Eveline, do you really not have any feelings for me? Not even a little bit?”

Madeline looked into Ryan’s eyes calmly. “I told you since a long time ago that I would never like a man like you. A hypocrite who has no humanity and tramples on everyone’s limits will never deserve true love.”

After hearing Madeline’s conclusion, Ryan smiled even wider. “It turns out that I’m such a person in your eyes.”

He chuckled and looked at Jeremy.

“I laughed at you because you care too much about a woman and that’s why you lost. I didn’t expect that in the end, I would be the same too.” Ryan laughed at himself, his face covered with loneliness and defeat.

He closed his eyes as if he did not want to make any more sophistry.

However, in the next second, he opened his eyes suddenly and went behind Madeline at lightning speed.

He encircled Madeline’s neck with his arm and pointed the gun that he had with him at Madeline’s temple.

“Linnie!” Jeremy felt something tugging on his heartstrings all of a sudden. “Ryan, let go of my wife!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1255
Looking at Jeremy whose eyes were filled with worry, Ryan chuckled and asked, “Do you think I can let her go now?”

Compared to Jeremy’s nervousness, Madeline was much calmer. “Ryan, you’re an Interpol agent too, so you should know that you’ll be punished by law if you commit a crime.”

Ryan’s eyes showed a little appreciation when he saw that Madeline was not afraid of anything.

“I know, so that’s why I can’t let you go now.” He smirked, but the smile on his elegant and handsome face that was as soft as spring breeze was long gone. At this moment, there was only an evil sneer.

There was no need for interrogation because through Ryan’s behavior, everyone could clearly see the truth now.

He committed murder and wanted to blame Jeremy for his crime, but in the end, evil could never trump justice. His gentle and elegant facade was completely torn apart by Madeline, and he was now covered with a dark and evil aura like Satan from the night.

“Jeremy, if you don’t want anything to happen to the love of your life, it’s best not to act rashly,” Ryan threatened him with Madeline’s life. “All of you will get away from me now,” he ordered before tightening his grip on Madeline’s neck and turning around.

Jeremy had no other choice. It was very likely that Ryan might kill himself and Madeline now that he was in this state.

He could not risk Madeline’s life.

Ryan took Madeline hostage and pushed Madeline into the car in front of everyone present and hundreds of millions of netizens before driving away.

Jeremy immediately wanted to chase after him, but the ignorant journalists were still trying to interview him at this time.

“Mr. Whitman, what do you think about your false accusations?”

“Why did Ryan frame you like this?”

“What’s the beef between you?”

Jeremy was extremely annoyed. He did not speak, but his sharp and sword-like cold eyes glared directly at them.

The journalists all stopped abruptly. They did not even dare to breathe too loudly now, let alone question him.

Jeremy got into the car and immediately stepped on the accelerator to catch up with Ryan.

At this moment, Karen ran over aggressively and scolded the journalists who pestered Jeremy aggressively.

“Are all of you all blind? Can’t you see that my daughter-in-law is being taken hostage now? How can you still care about interviews now? Do you have any humanity? If you lot delay Jeremy in saving my daughter-in-law, you can just wait for me to revoke all of your licenses!” Karen berated them sternly.

Then, she raised her head and looked in the direction where Jeremy and several police cars were speeding toward. Aside from feeling anxious, she also felt guilty and started to blame herself in her heart.

‘It turns out that her self-righteous mother-in-law has wrongfully blamed her again.

‘She didn’t run back to Ryan. She stayed beside Ryan to save Jeremy.’

Karen sighed silently and prayed sincerely. “Eveline, don’t let anything happen to you.”

Ryan drove the car very fast along the busy streets. It felt as if he was in a race.

He knew that Jeremy would definitely catch up, so he needed to be fast.

The car continued to accelerate and speed up. Madeline grasped the handle tightly and looked at Ryan’s furious eyes.

“You should have known that something like this would happen one day,” she said in a calm voice.

Ryan’s eyes were red, and the fingers holding the steering wheel tightened gradually. Plus, his knuckles were even making cracking sounds.

“You’ve been lying to me.” He glanced sideways and looked deeply at Madeline.

Madeline admitted frankly, “Yes, I was lying to you, but weren’t you lying to me as well?”

Ryan was silent. His thin lips were pressed tightly into a cold arc.

“You didn’t fall asleep on the way back after I took you to Adam’s laboratory that day?” he questioned.

“We did that so many times and you always made me go to sleep every time on the way there and back because you don’t want me to know where Adam’s laboratory is. Although I can’t smell the gas that makes me sleepy every time, I could estimate from the time and your actions.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1256
After hearing Madeline’s explanation, Ryan could not help but chuckle.

“Eveline, I underestimated you.”

He seemed to be admitting defeat, but there seemed to be a hint of joy in his smile.

“I was right. You’re indeed a woman worthy of me submitting to you cheerfully.”

“I’m not as good as you think. Ryan, you lost because you’re too arrogant.”

Madeline gave him a merciless blow and told Ryan the subtle details.

“Actually, I knew that there was a camera in your study. I knew you must’ve seen me entering your study and saw that I tried to open your safe. So, I deliberately told you that I wanted to steal the reagents.”

Upon hearing this, Ryan’s face changed slightly.

Back when it happened, he thought that Madeline was being sincere to him, but he did not expect that she just did that to win his trust!

“Ryan, I can also tell you that there’s no tenant opposite Glendale Hotel who happened to capture the scene of you killing Lana on the security camera.”


Madeline’s announcement shocked Ryan thoroughly.

He suddenly turned the steering wheel at an intersection. After the car drifted for a bit, he stopped at an open field.

“What did you say? That video is fake?” Ryan asked while he stared at Madeline with red eyes.

Madeline fearlessly confronted his falcon-like sharp eyes. Then, she parted her lips and said, “Remember what you said when you wanted to kill that police officer? You retold the process of you killing Lana, so Jeremy and I just acted out the scene according to what you said.”


Ryan felt cold all over suddenly.

“Heh.” He chuckled, his smile full of sarcasm.

He thought that Jeremy was deep in the trap he designed, but he did not know that he was just the clown in Jeremy’s plan all along!

“Ryan, although this video evidence was forged, you committed the crime and that’s a fact. Since you did it, you have a guilty conscience. So when you saw the video, you were sure that the man was you and the woman was Lana.”

After listening to Madeline’s words, Ryan’s self-deprecating smile grew wider while his gray eyes became redder and scarier.

He grabbed Madeline’s face tightly and said weakly, “What else have you done?”

“Are you afraid? Are you afraid that I’ll do something unfavorable to you?” Madeline asked calmly.

Ryan pursed his thin lips. “I’ve never been afraid of anyone.”

He was still so confident. Then, when he heard the sound of cars catching up, he stepped on the accelerator again.

“Ryan, don’t make the same mistakes again and again.” Madeline persuaded.

Ryan turned a deaf ear and continued to drive forward. Eventually, he stopped the car on an abandoned dock.

When Ryan got out of the car, Madeline quickly opened the door.

She wanted to escape from Ryan, but since Ryan was a senior agent, his physical ability was considered to be exceptional.

Madeline could not get past him. Ryan grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him.

Madeline felt a little uneasy while looking at his wicked face up-close.

“Ryan, what else do you want to do?”

Ryan curled his thin lips into a superficial smile. He looked at Jeremy who had stopped his car and was now running toward them. He suddenly smirked and said, “Jeremy, if I can’t get this woman, then neither can you!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1257
Seeing Jeremy rushing over, Ryan pointed his gun at Madeline. Then, a smile that was ambiguously righteous or evil appeared on his handsome face.

“Come with me.”

He said this to Madeline before taking her hand and walking to the dock.

There was a small yacht docked on the pier. Then, Ryan pushed Madeline onto the yacht and started it.

Madeline looked back and saw Jeremy rushing to the end of the dock, but she could only watch Ryan take her away.

“Linnie.” Jeremy looked worried. As he looked at the figure that was gradually getting blurrier, he immediately opened the app on his phone and searched for Madeline’s location.

While looking at the little red dot that was moving on the screen, he could also feel his heart beating faster.

‘Linnie, I’ll definitely bring you back safely.

‘Then, we’ll reunite as a family.’

Since Ryan abducted Madeline via the waterway, Jeremy had no choice but to go back first.

As soon as he returned to Whitman Manor and saw Lillian blowing bubbles in the yard, he felt his heart getting warmer.

“Lily,” he whispered softly.

Lillian had just finished blowing her bubbles when she heard a voice. Then, she was stunned.

She turned her petite and cute little figure, blinking her big crystal-clear eyes to take a careful look.

As soon as she saw Jeremy walking toward her, the bubbles in front of the little girl seemed to become more colorful and vibrant.

She displayed her sweet little dimples, kicked her short legs, and happily ran toward Jeremy.


Her voice was as crisp as a silver bell and it felt like a clear spring flowing through Jeremy’s heart. He ran to his only little princess without any worries, picked her up, and held her firmly in his arms.

“Lily.” He hugged the child while feeling sorry. When he heard her calling him ‘Daddy’, he knew that he should be very happy, but his heart was inexplicably hurting.

Lillian hugged Jeremy’s neck tightly and nestled intimately in his arms to look for the paternal warmth she craved.

Karen had just come back and thought she heard Lillian calling out to her father.

She thought she heard it wrong, but when she came out, she really saw Jeremy holding Lillian.

“Jeremy!” Karen ran over hurriedly and looked behind Jeremy. After that, the surprise on her face changed to melancholy. “Why are you alone? Where’s Eveline? Why didn’t Eveline come back with you?”

Jeremy did not expect that Karen would care about Madeline so much one day. He said with a frown, “Ryan brought Linnie away on a yacht, so I could only come back first.”

When Karen heard this, her face fell and she became even angrier. “I really didn’t expect that Ryan would be that kind of person! What is he going to do to Eveline? Do you think he will—”

“Stop thinking nonsense,” Jeremy interrupted Karen. However, he also felt rather uneasy.

He did not forget the words Ryan said when he took Madeline away. “Jeremy, if I can’t get this woman, then neither can you!”

‘Ryan, if you dare do anything to Linnie, I will make sure none of the Joneses have peace for the rest of their lives!’

“Jeremy, did Lily call you ‘Daddy’ just now?” Karen finally remembered.

Jeremy gathered his emotions and looked at the little cutie leaning in his arms before caressing her head.

“Yeah, Lily finally called me ‘Daddy’.”

“Great! Lily can speak again!” Karen was extremely surprised. “When Eveline comes back, you’ll be able to truly reunite as a family.”

Jeremy nodded. ‘Linnie, you’re the only one left.’

The sky gradually darkened, but Madeline did not know where Ryan had brought her to.

Aside from her wedding ring, Ryan took away all of Madeline’s accessories and threw them into the sea.

Ryan held the gun and walked along the beach. Under the night sky, he looked even more sinister from the back.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1258
“Where are you taking me?” Madeline stopped. She really did not want to continue walking with him.

Ryan looked back at her. “Do you have another choice apart from following me?”

“Ryan, if you want to escape, I’ll only become your burden if you take me with you.”

Ryan smiled upon hearing this and walked to Madeline slowly. “Do you think I’ll let you go if you say that? I might have nothing now, but I still have you.”


“So what if Jeremy wins? It’ll be more painful for him to lose you than to lose all his fame, fortune, and status.” Ryan had already seen everything through.

It was absolutely impossible for Jeremy to give up this woman for the sake of fame, wealth, and family.

‘He only pretended to regret loving Madeline so much before, but it was all just an act.


‘I really didn’t expect that they’d be so talented in acting.’

Ryan stared at Madeline for a while before continuing his walk.

Madeline had no other choice. Ryan had also thrown her phone into the sea because he did not want Jeremy to find her location by any means.

Then, it started to rain. Since the rain was accompanied by the sea breeze, it was freezing.

Madeline glanced at the wound on her arm. It had finally started to heal, but now, it would definitely become inflamed after being exposed to the rain.

As she was thinking about it, Ryan turned his head suddenly. Then, he took off his coat and put it over Madeline’s body.

Madeline was disgusted and wanted to take it off, but she heard Ryan saying lightly, “If you don’t want the wound to become inflamed and worsen again, it’s best not to take it off.”

Madeline put down her raised hand. She did not want Jeremy to worry about her again the next time she saw him.

The heavy rain soon drenched her long hair that she was holding in her hand. Soon, the coldness gradually penetrated into her skin.

Madeline did not know how long she had been walking. Then, she saw lights in front of her.

There was a modern-looking villa not far away.

It was a villa in a deserted area where there were no signs of life.

Ryan’s footsteps obviously sped up by a lot. After seeing that Madeline was still moving slowly, he walked over and took her hand directly.

“What are you doing? I can walk by myself!” Madeline wanted to shake off Ryan’s hand that was holding her, but she could not match his strength.

Ryan forcibly pulled her to the door of the villa. After he entered the passcode, the door opened automatically.

When Madeline went in, she realized that this was where Ryan brought her to see Adam every time!

This was Adam’s secret laboratory!

No wonder Ryan would have a yacht prepared on an abandoned dock beforehand. It was what he used when he came here!

After Ryan went in, Adam came out.

He was still wearing his lab coat, looking polite and noble. However, to Madeline, Adam was not a good person.

“I’ve seen all the videos on the internet. They’re all looking for you now,” Adam said to Ryan worriedly while raising his eyes to look at Madeline behind him.

“Does she know the address of the base? Did she tell Jeremy?”

“If Jeremy knew, he would’ve found it a long time ago,” said Ryan calmly before taking Madeline into the living room. He brought a set of clean clothes for her to change into and threw it next to her. “Go and wash up.”

Madeline threw Ryan’s coat in front of him and stood aside like she did not see the clothes.

Ryan looked at Madeline who was ignoring him and strode to her. When Madeline was caught off guard, he violently tore off her top all of a sudden and threw her on the sofa.

Madeline tried to get up hurriedly after she was pushed down, but Ryan pressed his body down on her domineeringly.

“Ryan, you’re crazy! Let go of me! Don’t touch me!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1259
Madeline fought hard to resist, but Ryan looked like he had been possessed by Satan. His red eyes that were soaked from the rain were looking straight into Madeline’s eyes horrifically.

He tore open the neckline of Madeline’s white chiffon shirt. Then, he was about to kiss her body while ignoring Madeline’s resistance.

Madeline felt that Ryan was really crazy, but she would never give in.

After a loud ripping sound, Madeline’s sleeves were also torn apart by Ryan.

She lifted her foot to kick Ryan away, but her strength was nothing compared to his.

Feeling the weight of Ryan’s body, Madeline knew that if she did not get him off her now, she might really be bullied by Ryan.

She quickly swept her gaze around when suddenly, she caught sight of the fruit knife on the coffee table. Madeline gritted her teeth and tried her best to move her body to the edge of the sofa.

However, Ryan seemed to see through her motives and did not give her a chance at all.

He grabbed Madeline’s face and firmly trapped her in his hands.

Madeline’s face was still drenched from the rain, but despite this, Ryan could not help but be moved from looking at this face.

Her delicate eyebrows and facial features were reflected in his pupils like a painting.

Although it had been almost ten years, to Ryan, Madeline still gave him the feeling of when he first saw her.

“Listen, Eveline, I have nothing left. I can’t lose you too.” He stared straight at her, his eyes showing strong possessiveness and aggressiveness.

Madeline furrowed her brows and resisted with her eyes. “Ryan, I’ll forever look down on you if you try to get me with this kind of method.”

“So what?” Ryan chuckled nonchalantly. “It was you who said that I’m too self-confident, so I became conceited. I have no confidence that I can make you fall in love with me willingly and be my woman. So now, I can only get you with this method. I won’t be completely defeated by doing this.”

After Ryan finished speaking, he bowed his head to kiss Madeline.

Madeline pressed her pink lips together tightly and turned her face away to avoid Ryan’s lips.

However, his lips still grazed the side of her face lightly, and this physical contact made Madeline feel uncomfortable.

She suddenly exerted all her strength and pushed Ryan’s shoulders away. Then, she slipped away from under his arm to quickly and decisively grab the fruit knife that was placed on the coffee table.

“Ryan! If you dare to mess around again, I’ll take you down with me!”

Madeline pointed the tip of the knife to Ryan and pressed her left hand tightly on the torn fabric to cover her chest.

Her eyes looked righteous and firm. She did not look like she was frightening him.

When Ryan looked at the stubborn Madeline, the urge to conquer her became stronger and was reflected in his eyes.

“Eveline, I don’t want to hurt you. In any case, your existence in the past fulfilled my dream, but I will still say the same thing. I will not accommodate you without a limit like Jeremy, nor am I a gentleman, so don’t provoke me.”

Madeline thought that he was being ridiculous. “Ryan, who the hell is messing with who? I just want to live a simple and peaceful life with the person I love. It is you who’s provoking me and Jeremy time after time.”

She looked at Ryan who looked extremely reluctant. Then, her eyes gradually became contemptuous.

“Ryan, do you think that no one will learn of your other identity after Yorick and Lana’s deaths?”

Ryan’s eyes suddenly changed when he heard this, but Madeline was not afraid of him.

“Ryan, I can tell you that the man named Thomas who originally had a deal with you today would have been taken down by the Interpol by now. Plus, I have all the transaction information and accounts on your computer. “

“What are you talking about?” Ryan’s pupils shrank, and he felt as if he was being fooled by Madeline.

He strode toward Madeline and stretched out his hand to grab her.

Madeline raised the fruit knife in her hand and sliced Ryan’s arm with it.

Ryan frowned in pain. A long and thin cut was made on his right forearm. Immediately, blood started pouring from the cut.

Madeline would never hurt anyone out of her own volition, but this time, she had to take action in order to defend herself.

Drops of blood fell on the floor, staining the snow-white carpet.

Adam rushed over after hearing the commotion. Then, when he saw the cut on Ryan’s arm, he immediately treated the wound for him.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1260
Madeline grabbed the set of clean clothes on the sofa before quickly turning around and running upstairs. She found a room with no one inside and changed her top in a hurry. After that, she locked the door and observed the surroundings.

She was not familiar with this place at all, and she did not know if Jeremy could find it.

The longer she stayed here, the bigger the crisis she would be in.

The current Ryan was not the elegant, profound, modest, and polite gentleman from the beginning.

He was now a demon. He was a violent, cold-blooded, and cruel demon.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening.

The police and Interpol were in Whitman Manor discussing plans to rescue Madeline.

Lillian was still snuggling in Jeremy’s arms at this moment. It was probably because she had never received genuine and true love from her father.

She could speak now, but the only word she could say and know how to say was ‘Daddy’.

“I still haven’t found the whereabouts of Ryan Jones and Mrs. Whitman,” the Interpol agent said in distress, “Ryan’s mobile phone is turned off, so it’s impossible to detect his location.”

Jeremy opened a certain GPS software and tried to track Madeline’s whereabouts again, but still, he found nothing.

‘Linnie, it’s impossible that you’d throw away the bracelet that Jack made for you. Did Ryan discover the GPS on the bracelet and threw it away?

‘Linnie, please don’t let anything happen to you.’

“Daddy,” Lillian called out to Jeremy childishly. She was staring straight at him with her clear and large eyes without blinking.

Jeremy’s eyes softened instantly. “Lily, do you miss Mommy?”

Lillian nodded seriously.

Jeremy coaxed gently. “Daddy will bring her home in a while, so don’t worry, Lily.”

“Daddy.” Jackson also walked over. “I know where Mommy is currently.”

Jeremy, including everyone else in the whole room, looked at Jackson upon hearing this.

His handsome little face exuded a sort of confidence and sharpness that children his age would not have…

Madeline stayed in the unfamiliar room for more than ten minutes. She tried to climb down the window, but after some observation, she noticed that there was nowhere for her to put her feet outside the window. If she jumped directly, it would be too risky.

She did not want to reunite Jeremy again with scars covering her entire body.

She wanted to return to the man safe and sound.

Madeline lowered her head and fiddled with the wedding ring on her ring finger. “Jeremy, I know you’ll come looking for me using your all, and I’ll wait for you,” she murmured in a low voice. The moment she finished murmuring, the door was opened all of a sudden.

She had already locked the door, but they could still open it so easily.

Madeline saw two strange men coming in and walking straight to her side with Adam following closely. He held a syringe in his hand.

Ryan was the last one to enter the room and he walked in while looking leisurely. Then, when he saw Madeline full of vigilance, he displayed a wicked grin.

“Do it.” He issued an order.

The two men beside Madeline suddenly grabbed Madeline’s slender arms.

“What are you doing? Ryan, what do you want to do to me?!” Madeline looked at Adam who was holding the syringe as he approached her. “What is this? Ryan, are you trying to inject me with the slow-acting poison to control me too?”

“No. I told you I won’t hurt you.” Ryan denied, but his smile became more treacherous.

“Ryan! Tell Adam to stop!” Madeline resisted with all her might as she watched Adam walking up to her and wiping the veins on her arm with a cotton swab. “Adam, stop! Stop!”

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