Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 121-130

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 121
Madeline widened her eyes, her hands trembling as she checked for Brittany’s breath and pulse, but she could not feel anything. Brittany’s body had no warmth to it at all and had even hardened a little.

Madeline’s mind was blank as she started to have a nervous breakdown. She was completely clueless as to what happened after she fainted, so it was impossible she would know what the knife was doing in her hand.

Just as she was about to stand up, she heard police sirens in the distance. Looking at the police who got off the car, a cold shiver went down her spine.

She did not expect to pay a visit to a detention center once again. It was a familiar scene, with undeniable evidence in front of her to counter anything she would say.

The fingerprints on the knife were only Madeline’s and they managed to find traces of Brittany’s skin on the back of her hand, which proved that Brittany did have a struggle against her before she died.

Madeline did not know how she had any bodily contact with Brittany, all she knew was that she did not kill Brittany, that she was innocent.

No one believed her explanations, and the police handed her the confession papers. “Meredith Crawford, all of the evidence points to you, you should just plead guilty.”

“I did not kill Brittany, I was framed!” Meredith insisted, her determined eyes filled with injustice and frustration.

The police did not believe her and were too lazy to continue, so they sent Madeline back to the detention ward.

Madeline could not believe that she would be dying in a cell. Maybe, she should have just died in a cell three years ago, putting everything to an end.

As she shut her tired eyes, she had already given up, but the police came back for her, claiming someone wanted to see her.

Madeline did not know who would want to see her, but she had an unsettling feeling about it. It was a stifling feeling that she had never felt before, completely different from the time she had to face Jeremy.

When the door opened, she saw Eloise and Sean. At that moment, she understood why she had such a foreign and uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

Facing their gazes and their desire to skin her alive, Madeline’s eyes started to tear up. However, she did not dare to cry, nor could she, because crying would obscure her vision. Before she died, she wanted to take a proper look at her birth parents.

Eloise, who was still recuperating, jumped up in anger when she saw Madeline come out in handcuffs.

“Madeline, you murderer!”

Eloise furiously sent a slap right at Madeline’s face.

Madeline ducked her head, the pain on her face was nothing compared to what her heart felt at the moment.

She bit down on her lips, frantically suppressing the urge to break down.

“Madeline, you despicable woman, you’re not human! How could you be so cruel that you had to kill my Brit, return my daughter to me!”

“Eloise, calm down, your wound might reopen,” Sean told Eloise in concern.

Eloise was unable to calm down, she was sobbing as she said, “How could I calm down! That’s our Brit! Even though she’s not our flesh and blood, she’s still our daughter that we raised for over twenty years, and now she’s been killed by that b*tch Madeline! How could I calm down!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 122
Her Brit, her daughter, her precious daughter.

In Eloise’s eyes, Madeline was just a cruel b*tch.

To Madeline, hearing those words was like a sharp knife, cruelly stabbing into her heart.

No one could see the wounds, but her heart had long since been riddled with wounds, blood pouring out everywhere.

Madeline withstood the intense pain as her hands trembled, forcing herself to calmly say, “Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, I’ve never hurt Brittany, nor would I have killed her. You have to believe me and investigate this, don’t let the real killer free.”

“Don’t you dare try to weasel your way out of this!” Sean slammed his fist into the table. “The evidence is clear, how could you still say it’s not your fault! What grudge do you have against our family? You keep targeting our daughter Meredith, and now you killed Brit. Madeline, listen clearly, I will make sure you pay the price!”

Sean shouted full of hatred, causing Madeline’s heart to momentarily slip into an endless abyss. She finally could not take it and started to cry. He asked her what grudge she had against them, but was that really a grudge?

They clearly were her own flesh and blood, her own parents. In the end, the parental love she had longed for years was just out of her reach.

It did not stop there, what she got instead was indiscriminate derision and a slap from her own parents.

How could her heart hurt so much?

So it was not just love, family could cause her heart to hurt so much as well.

She clenched her fists tightly, feeling her nails almost digging into her palm.


She could not let that vile woman, Meredith, continue to stay by Eloise and Sean’s side. At that moment, Eloise suddenly hissed in pain.

Sean hurried over. “Has your wound reopened? Eloise, listen to Meredith, let’s stop meeting this woman. I guarantee I will seek justice for Brit. This woman will be trapped in prison forever!”

Madeline wanted to say something, but the words were trapped in her mouth. After hearing Sean’s words and looking at Eloise’s hurt look, Madeline lost the courage to reveal the truth.

She did not forget what Meredith said, Eloise had a heart condition. Even if Meredith was lying, she could just imagine what sort of reaction the two of them would have if they knew the truth about her being their daughter.

They might not be able to bear with the intense backlash. Furthermore, she did not have much longer to live.

Why would she cause them to go through the pain of losing a daughter again after they go through the joy of finding her? That sort of impact could potentially lead to them suffering for the rest of their lives.

Madeline’s eyes were filled with hopelessness as she looked at the two departing figures. She could no longer hold back her tears as they started to obscure her vision.

A strong feeling of longing could be felt in her chest as she looked at Eloise and Sean leave, her fingers tightening their grips.

This could be the last time she would ever see her parents, she might not ever have the chance to call them mom and dad…

She really wanted it, she wanted her parents back. She really wanted to be their precious little daughter. She wanted to stop being an orphan that did not have parents to love her.

At that moment, the door suddenly opened. Meredith walked inside, her face full of grief as she tearfully called out to Eloise and Sean, “Dad, Mom.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 123
When Madeline saw Eloise and Sean hold Meredith’s hand with tender love, all she could think of was that the love should have belonged to her. All that love and care had been given to Meredith.

Madeline’s heart froze and she bit onto her lips, swallowing down those words that were on the tip of her tongue, suppressing the longing back down into her heart.

She felt a weird sensation in her chest, but she did not even have time to think about it when the familiar taste of blood was once again present in her throat.

“Madeline, you really crossed the line this time!” Meredith sobbed as she ran in front of Madeline. “I told you before, if you have any problems you should just bring them to me, don’t hurt anyone around me. How could you be so cruel! You actually killed Brit this time! Will you not rest until you’ve tormented everyone around me?”

With Meredith’s face right in front of her, Madeline jeered as she gagged, fresh blood once again flowing out of her mouth, staining her white teeth.

“Meredith, you might be able to fool everyone else, but you’ll never fool me. Don’t play games in front of me, you make me feel sick.” The moment Madeline finished saying that, a slap was sent right to her face. That slap was courtesy of Sean.

Madeline was already at the brink of exhaustion. That one slap sent her straight to the ground, spitting out blood from her mouth. However, this time around, the blood was not a normal bright red, but dark.

Madeline let out a cold laugh, suddenly reveling in the piercing pain she felt in her heart. At the very least, before she died, she could enjoy another form of ‘love’ from her parents.

Sean did not even spare Madeline a look, holding Meredith’s hand and saying, “Mer, your mom is not feeling well, let’s go back.”

“Dad, you should bring mom back first, I’ll have a few words with Madeline before I go,” Meredith said with a weak look on her face.

That look pulled on Sean’s heartstrings, and he was not willing to push the matter, so instead, he went ahead and helped Eloise out.

Before heading off, Eloise did not forget to remind her, “If this despicable woman dares to bully you, just shout for me. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I won’t let this b*tch hurt my precious daughter!”

Meredith nodded her head obediently at that, whereas Madeline let out a cold laugh, sprawled on the floor.

She was used to the feeling of someone rubbing salt on her wounds, but this time, it felt exceptionally painful.

After Eloise and Sean left, Meredith knelt down next to Madeline. Upon seeing the dark blood that Madeline had just spat out, she curved her lips into a smile.

“Madeline, do you see that? You spat out blood again. However, looking at the color, you probably don’t even have three months left.” Her voice sounded exceptionally evil.

“Therefore, let me give you some advice. It’s best you keep certain things to yourself, otherwise, you might not be the only one dying.”

As Meredith’s words entered her ears, Madeline suddenly jumped up, clamping her hands around Meredith’s throat with all her might.

“That’s right, I won’t be the only one dying, you will too!” Madeline shouted, “Meredith, even if I die, I won’t let you hurt my family ever again!”

Meredith’s face rapidly reddened as she was choked. The guard hurried over to try to pull Madeline away, but Madeline was exceptionally strong at that point. Even when the guard used a police baton to hit Madeline, trying to get her to let go, Madeline would not budge.

There was too much commotion, which caused Eloise and Sean to turn back. Looking at the scene, Sean ran over and kicked Madeline away, hugging Meredith protectively.

“Mom, dad, Madeline is way too scary! She wants to kill me!” Meredith screamed.

Madeline lay down on the floor, a cold smile on her face as she said, “Yes, I want to kill you! Meredith, I won’t let you off even if I die!”

Another slap was sent at Meredith’s face, this time it was from Eloise.

Eloise stared at Madeline with the utmost contempt, pointing at Madeline and declared with a stern voice, “Then I really want to see what you would dare do to our precious daughter! Even if you turn into a ghost, I will get someone to destroy your soul. You will never be able to lay a hand on Meredith!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 124
Madeline tearfully looked at Eloise as she uttered those words. In that moment, her heart shattered into a million pieces, losing all hope. The familial love that she had craved for so long had turned into a weapon that would destroy her life.

If there was a next life, she wanted to be a fish that only had seven seconds of memory. That way, she could forget all the pain.

Not long after, Madeline was tried in court for murder. People usually begged to live but Madeline’s heart was so broken she had lost all will to live.

In the court, Madeline wore a prison uniform. Her face was pale and her hair disheveled, looking just like a wild ghost.

She saw Meredith dressed up beautifully, accompanying Eloise and Sean. Even Jeremy had come, probably to see what her sentence was. He probably wanted to see her get sentenced to jail, never to have a chance to redeem herself again.

Madeline could not help but laugh bitterly. She felt like she was certain to be deemed guilty, and either sentenced to life in prison or even given the death sentence, but she did not expect that there would be a lawyer present to defend her.

This lawyer was extremely professional and was quite well known in the field as well. He provided a very important piece of evidence.

At the crime scene, they found a napkin stained with Madeline’s blood. On the napkin were the fingerprints of a third person. However, these fingerprints were not present in any criminal records, nor have they managed to figure out who it belonged to.

Madeline suddenly recalled that Meredith had hit her face, which resulted in her blood getting onto Meredith’s hand. After that, Meredith had used a napkin to wipe off the blood before throwing it on the floor. That napkin had to have been left behind my Meredith!

Meredith definitely had a hand in Brittany’s death!

Madeline did not voice out anything in court, but plans began to form in her mind.

Thanks to that suspicious fact, Madeline could not be sentenced and was let free by the court.

However, Eloise and Sean did not let the matter rest. They were convinced that Madeline was the murderer who killed Brittany, and Meredith had been whispering false advice into their ears.

Madeline left the court dressed in simple clothing. The sun shone brightly, but her heart was dead inside.

She closed her reddened eyes. Even if she did not have much longer to live and could not fight against Meredith and Jeremy, she felt that, if she really was to die, she could not afford to let Meredith continue free and unfettered.

Madeline sent in a letter of resignation, and after resting for two days, she returned to that forest outside of the city. She wanted to find evidence, evidence that would prove that Meredith was the real killer.

Madeline did not expect she would actually find it. It was a studded earring from Chanel, covered under a pile of grass. There were still traces of dried blood on it.

Perhaps the snow had covered up the earring before, or maybe it was an act of god, but an earnest smile finally showed on Madeline’s face.

She stood up, and as she was about to leave, she was surprised to see Jeremy had come.

He took large strides as he walked over, and his handsome and cool face was quickly right in front of her. Madeline held the earring in front of Jeremy’s eyes. “Jeremy, I guess you would recognize these earrings? They’re Meredith’s!”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s big eyes that were filled with anticipation, furrowing his eyebrows as he said, “Do you know why you can stand here freely right now?’

Madeline was taken aback, not understanding what Jeremey meant.

“The lawyer was hired by me.” He answered, much to Madeline’s surprise.

He actually hired a lawyer for her!

“Why? Why did you help me?” Madeline was extremely astonished. Her heartbeat sped up as she awaited Jeremy’s answer.

Seeing Madeline look at him with such anticipation, Jeremy’s lips curled up into an evil smile, startling Madeline.

“Didn’t you say you don’t love me anymore? Why does it feel like that’s a lie?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 125
Madeline was stunned and did not even have the chance to deny it when Jeremy gently lifted her chin, his warm breath closing in on her, causing her heart to beat wildly. She heard a sinister laugh from him. “I’ve said it before, even if you die, you need to die by my hands.”

His magnetic voice reverberated in Madeline’s ears like a nightmare.

Madeline could only state in horror at the man’s evil smile as her heart thumped against her chest. He was not saving her, he just wanted to kill her himself!

“Hand me the earring,” Jeremy demanded.

Remembering the fact that he had already destroyed evidence for Meredith that could have proven Madeline’s innocence, Madeline knew she absolutely could not hand the earring over to Jeremy.

She hurriedly turned around but was held in place by Jeremy.

“Madeline, don’t make me repeat myself, give it to me.” Jeremy’s tone got a lot colder.

Madeline frantically shook her head, clenching her fist tightly. “I won’t give it to you! I want to hand this to the police, I won’t let Meredith remain free!”

Jeremy’s face darkened as he said, “Madeline, you really never learn.”

With some force, he pulled Madeline right into his embrace. He used his hands to hold on to Madeline’s, prying open her fingers one at a time.

Even though Madeline was extremely anxious, the moment she thought about Meredith’s true, evil self, her grip tightened.

She was also immensely disappointed in Jeremy. As she struggled, she angrily said, “Jeremy, I really don’t know how you could] ignore so much evil just to protect Meredith! I really regret being so blind that I fell for a man like you.”

As Madeline said that in frustration, Jeremy suddenly bent his head down and kissed her.

Other than three years ago, under the influence of drugs, Jeremy had never kissed her.

Even when they did things that were reserved for married couples, he never once kissed her.

However, he was doing it right now.

Madeline’s eyes widened as she froze, feeling Jeremy’s lips and teeth clash with hers, she felt as if she lost the ability to breathe.

After a few seconds, Madeline started to struggle with all her might, she did not want to turn into that man’s plaything.

However, Jeremy was too strong, he held her tighter the more she struggled, and there seemed to be some sort of power coming from him that caused her to be unable to move, slowly diminishing her ability to fight back.

Madeline did not know how long it was before Jeremy released her, she looked at the smiling man with her heart frantically beating.

“Madeline, you say you don’t love me, but your reaction was quite honest.” Jeremy smiled softly, his tone mocking and filled with ridicule.

Madeline’s face reddened and was about to retort when she noticed the earring in Jeremy’s hand. Looking at her hand, the earring seemed to have been taken away by him.

She finally realized Jeremy’s intentions. She wanted to laugh, but could only feel a sense of disgust.

“Jeremy, in order to protect Meredith, you’re even willing to sell yourself!”

Jeremy barely spared her a glance before walking toward the nearby lake.

Madeline chased after him in realization. “Jeremy, what are you trying to do? Don’t!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 126
“Don’t do it! Jeremy!” Madeline shouted, but Jeremy ignored her.

She stared as he raised his hand, tossing that important earring right into the lake. Madeline’s heart froze, she had no more cards to play.

However, the heavens really might be helping her. There was a thin layer of ice on the lake, and the earring did not fall in, instead landing on the ice!

Jeremy was obviously very unhappy. He furrowed his eyebrows, trying to think of what to do when Madeline ran across like the wind.

He stared in disbelief as Madeline suddenly ran like crazy toward the lake, just to retrieve that earring.

The thin ice was quite a distance from the shores, and Madeline could not reach it. She tried to find a tree branch to hook the earring over, but she was afraid she would accidentally push the earring into the lake.

Seeing that, Jeremy walked to her side, pulling Madeline up.

“Madeline, what are you doing?”

“Mr. Whitman, can’t you see? I’m trying to retrieve some evidence, evidence that Meredith was the true killer!”

Jeremy’s face was somber. “What sort of nonsense are you talking about, what does Brittany’s death have to do with Mer?”

He protected Meredith as usual, pulling Madeline over. “Come back with me.”

“I won’t!” Madeline pushed him away with all her might, her gaze conflicted. “Jeremy, don’t touch me again! You disgust me!”

“What did you say?” the man’s face darkened again.

Madeline did not falter. “I said you disgust me! You kissed a woman you hate just to protect that vile and despicable Meredith, that sort of behavior disgusts me!”

With those words, Madeline looked at Jeremy’s dark face, his lips pursed tightly and veins could be seen on his forehead.

Nonetheless, Madeline looked at him with a detached gaze. “Jeremy, I’ve thoroughly seen through you. I’ll put my life on the line today. If you want to get your hands on the earring, you’ll have to kill me!”

With those words, Madeline jumped into the lake without hesitation.

Jeremy’s pupils contracted as he looked at Madeline jumping into the lake. His mental state was in disarray, he suddenly felt a worry that he had never felt before.

The lake was freezing from the winter cold, but she jumped inside!

Madeline finally got her hands on the earring. She was elated but the cold suddenly caused her right leg to cramp up. She wanted to return to shore, but she suddenly could not move, feeling her body getting heavier, she started to sink.

Jeremy immediately noticed something was wrong with Madeline. He did not hesitate to take off his coat and jump into the lake, pulling Madeline up.

“Jeremy, you don’t have to save me! Don’t even think about taking the earring away from me again!” Madeline tried to push him away.

However, Jeremy held onto her arm, making it difficult to get away.

When they got to the shore, Madeline’s leg was still cramped. She thought that Jeremy would take the chance to snatch away the earring again, but he did not.

He had a stony face as he shoved Madeline into the car, quickly bringing her back to her home.

When they got off, Jeremy saw that Madeline’s leg still had not recovered, and wanted to carry her upstairs, but he was pushed away.

She leaned against the wall, forcing her wet body to slowly walk upwards. Jeremy followed behind her, and she could feel his intense gaze following her every move, making her very uncomfortable.

When they almost got to the destination, Madeline suddenly quickened her pace, immediately locking the door behind her when she entered.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 127
Jeremy unhappily knocked at the door. “Madeline, open the door.”

“Jeremy, just leave, I don’t want to see you.” Madeline coldly rejected him, turning around to leave.

She hid the earring before taking a bath. Changing into some dry and comfortable clothes before turning the heater on, finally warming herself up.

Madeline looked at the time, and more than half an hour had passed. Jeremy should have already left. She walked to the door and listened, making sure she could hear nothing outside before opening the door.

The moment she opened the door, Jeremy’s long and handsome figure was right in front of her! His entire body was still wet, even his hair was dripping, and his expression did not look too good.

His deep eyes stared at Madeline, causing her heart to skip a beat. She did not expect him to stay in front of the door despite it being a windy winter day.

Madeline was shocked, and her first response was to close the door, but it was blocked by Jeremy’s hand. He used a little force and easily pushed the door open. As he entered the place he tossed his car keys to Madeline. “There’s a change of clothes in my car, bring it to me.”

After giving Madeline her commands, he headed toward the bathroom. Madeline chased after him, blocking his way as she asked, “Jeremy, what is the meaning of this?”

Even if he was dripping wet, Jeremy’s noble aura did not diminish as he amusedly smirked. “Madeline, would you still be alive if I didn’t save you earlier? Is this how you treat your savior?”

“Savior?” Madeline laughed mockingly. “Jeremy, did you really save me? You only did it to protect Meredith, and so you could torture me to death yourself!”

With those words, dark clouds seemed to form over Jeremy’s face. “Madeline, you really don’t know when you’re being shown kindness.”

“Even if that’s the case, I was forced to be like this by you, Mr. Whitman.”

Madeline did not give Jeremy another chance to lecture her as she turned straight for the door.

Looking at Madeline’s retreating back, a sliver of peace shone in Jeremy’s cold eyes.

Even though she was not willing, Madeline still retrieved Jeremy’s change of clothes for him, hoping that he would leave after he showered.

However, Jeremy did not have any intentions of leaving, he sat lazily on the sofa, demanding that Madeline make him some food.

Madeline knew Jeremy’s goal was the earring, but she would never let him have his way.

She made a simple meal before calling for Jeremy.

However, she says that Jeremy had closed his eyes and was lying down on the sofa, he was probably asleep.

It was the first time she saw his sleeping face. It looked like a teenager who had yet to experience any hardship, his gentle appearance caused Madeline to think about the past.

She could not help but reach out and touch Jeremy’s forehead, but she noticed his skin was hot to touch, and his face was oddly red.

He had a fever.

Was that because he jumped into the lake to save her, and waited for half an hour in the cold winds?

Madeline could not bear the thought and wanted to head to the pharmacy to buy some medicine. However, the moment she turned around, Jeremy held her by her wrist.

“Don’t go, Linnie.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 128
Madeline froze in her steps, she did not believe what she just heard, but she felt Jeremy’s grip on her tighten.


He was calling her Linnie.

What a familiar yet foreign name.

Madeline’s eyes suddenly reddened, staring at Jeremy’s sleeping face, her vision slowly blurred.

Remembering the chance encounter all those years ago, Madeline’s heart felt a sense of longing.

“Mer, don’t worry, what I’ve promised you, I’ll definitely make it happen…”

Madeline’s heart that had just begun to warm suddenly froze yet again. She bit her lips as she pulled her hand away.

The Linnie Jeremy was crying out for was not her, it was Meredith. That was true, Meredith currently called herself Eveline Montgomery.

Madeline felt incredibly humiliated, laughing at herself as she left. She really deserved the pain she felt right now, how could she feel anything for that man even after all that has happened?

Madeline bought the fever medication, and just as she was about to wake Jeremy up, his phone rang. Looking at the display, it was Meredith’s name. Madeline thought for a moment and finally picked it up.

On the other side of the phone, Meredith’s fake sweet voice could be heard, “Jeremy, where are you? You said you would accompany me tonight.”

“Meredith, you shameless b*tch. If you want a man, don’t come looking for my husband.” Madeline said rudely. She had deliberately said all that to provoke Meredith, and true to form, Meredith exploded after two seconds.

“Madeline! Why do you have this phone? Where’s Jeremy?!”

“I’m Jeremy’s wife, what’s wrong with me answering the phone?”


Meredith was so angry she had no words, Madeline could just imagine the twisted face she was making right now.

“Don’t call my husband again. If you’re free, you should be thinking of a way to explain to the police how something belonging to you was found at the scene of Brittany’s murder.” After Madeline said that, Meredith was speechless.

This led Madeline to be even more confident that Meredith had something to do with Brittany’s death.

Thinking that her own parents were showing so much love to that animal, Madeline decided to send a message to Eloise after some consideration. She wanted to voice her suspicions, in hopes that Eloise and Sean would take some precautions.

However, she did not get any reply as Jeremy woke up.

Madeline offered him fever medication and warm water. Jeremy’s eyes measured Madeline, seemingly suspecting something.

“Are you worried I’m trying to poison you?” Madeline placed the medicine and the cup down. “It’s up to you.”

She left right after, without any hesitation.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s thin back with a complicated expression before gulping down the medicine, then shutting his eyes to get some more rest.

The sky turned to night, and Madeline had dinner ready on the table before getting Jeremy. He seemed to be much better as he sat down at the table. His appetite was good, but he noticed Madeline far away from him.

“You’re not going to eat with me?” Jeremy said, his alluring eyes staring right at her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 129
Madeline had a calm expression. “Mr. Whitman, please leave after you finish eating, it would be best if you stop coming back from now on.”

Jeremy smiled as he said, “Madeline, why do you need to pretend you want me away from you? You were so into it when I kissed you during the day!”

“Don’t mention that anymore!” Madeline said, losing control of herself for a moment. “Jeremy Whitman, you’ve disappointed me too much.”

“So what? It won’t change the fact that you love me.”

Madeline was so angry she felt like exploding. Her heart hurt, and so did her stomach.

“I loved you once, but now, even being touched by you disgusts me!”

Hearing those words, the food in Jeremy’s mouth stopped tasting good. He put down his utensils, getting up, and walking toward Madeline.

Madeline felt something was wrong, so she turned around to leave. However, Jeremy was much faster, with both his hands, he pinned her against the wall.

Madeline did not dare look at Jeremy, but he bent his head, deliberately getting closer to her, placing his handsome and evil face right in front of her eyes.

Feeling his breath drawing closer to her, Madeline was so scared her throat began to tighten. She immediately ducked down and tried to escape under his arms, but Jeremy anticipated it, grabbing her chin with his hand.

“Let me go!”

Madeline was extremely scared, ready to run at any moment.

Jeremy knitted his eyebrows. “Now you don’t want me touching you? Do you have someone new in your heart? Don’t forget, Madeline, I am your husband!”

“When have you ever treated me like your wife? You’ve never!” Madeline shouted at the man, her eyes burning. She clenched her teeth, refusing to allow her tears to fall.

“Jeremy, I don’t love you anymore. I’ve really stopped loving you! Please stop touching me, go ahead and touch Meredith. You love her so much, then just save yourself for her. Stop touching a filthy and despicable woman like me. You said it yourself, I’m not worthy!”

Madeline did not have anything left to say, she saw Jeremy a complicated look on Jeremy’s face that she did not understand at all.

“Madeline.” He suddenly said in a calm manner, reaching out to try to hold her hand. However, Madeline avoided it, not even looking him in the face.

Looking at her face that was still covered in bandages, and his expression slowly turned a lot gentler. He bit his lips, wanting to say something when his phone suddenly rang.

He let Madeline go, picking up his phone.

When he looked at the phone, he hesitated for a few seconds before picking up.

Madeline was curled up against the wall, being terrified by the silence. It was also the silence that let him hear what was said on the phone, “Jeremy, come to the hospital quickly. It’s Meredith, she’s about to die!”

Meredith was about to die?

Madeline refused to believe those words. It was definitely another trick by Meredith, but she saw that Jeremy’s face changed immediately to one of concern.

He hung up and turned around to leave.

However, as he stood at the door, he seemed to remember something and pulled Madeline up.

“Jeremy, what are you doing? Let me go!” Madeline struggled.

“From now on, it’s best you don’t leave my sight.” His tone left no room for arguments as he shoved Madeline into the car.

Madeline quickly understood. “Are you afraid I’ll bring the evidence over to the police and report Meredith? Jeremy Whitman, you really are a bastard! You’re willing to ignore your morals for a woman like that, and you’re even willing to protect a murderer!”

Jeremy listened to Madeline berating her and suddenly roared, his cold hands clamping against Madeline’s throat. “Meredith has always been innocent and kind, she’d never do something sick like that! I won’t allow you to slander her!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 130
Madeline struggled to breathe, her face red as she forced a smile. “Slander? Jeremy, do you know what slander truly is?”

“Jeremy, when you were dreaming in the afternoon, did you not dream of our dead child? Has your consciousness never hurt for it?” Madeline looked at the man that had a conflicted expression.

“That child was not mine.” He said through clenched teeth, his eyes coldly gazing at Madeline, but there was a sliver of doubt in them.

Madeline laughed, her tears dropping on Jeremy’s hands.

Jeremy suddenly felt it was abnormally hot, burning him until he let go of Madeline’s throat. He uncomfortably avoided Madeline’s case, starting the car.

“If you don’t want to die, then stop provoking me.”

Madeline inhaled deeply, not speaking again.

At least for the moment, she really did not want to die. She wanted to live until Meredith’s true face was revealed.

Madeline was forcefully brought to the hospital by Jeremy. Meredith was in the VIP ward, and Madeline could vaguely hear the sounds of her crying inside. Seeing that Madeline was here, Rose stopped her at the door.

“Madeline you despicable woman, what are you here for! Do you think Meredith isn’t dying fast enough?!” She shouted in anger, her finger pointing at Madeline, looking like a shrew.

Madeline calmly looked at Jeremy. “I didn’t want to come either, but my husband forced me.”

Jeremy heard that and looked at Madeline who was smiling subtly, he furrowed his eyebrows but did not deny it.

At that moment, Eloise walked out of the ward. She sent a look of pure hatred when she saw Madeline. “What are you doing here? You’ve killed Brit, and now you’re trying to kill off my remaining daughter! Madeline, how could you be so vile! I really want to see what sort of parents could give birth to a despicable woman like you!”

Hearing Eloise’s words, Madeline’s heart clenched up. What sort of parents…

She did not know if she should laugh or cry, but could only explain, “Mrs. Montgomery, I did not kill Brit, someone else did. That person is…”

“Are you trying to say it’s Meredith?! You really are despicable!” Eloise shouted thunderously, “Meredith tried to kill herself because of you!”

“Mom, don’t blame Madeline for it. It’s all my fault, my fault. Just let me die, I’m so tired…” Meredith’s frail voice could be heard from inside the ward.

Jeremy glanced at Madeline without a word before hurrying inside, whereas Eloise stared at Madeline in rage before running in herself.

Madeline wanted to go in as well, but was stopped by Rose. “Madeline, who do you think you are? You are not worthy of coming into Meredith’s ward!”

Madeline looked directly at Rose. “You know exactly who I am.”

“You…” Rose was suddenly stunned speechless.

Madeline was very satisfied when she saw that. Just as she was about to leave, she heard Eloise gently saying, “Mer, don’t think these thoughts. To me, you are the purest and most innocent child. That vile and shameless woman, Madeline, snatched away the man you love, harmed your child, and even harmed you. I will definitely get justice for you!”

Madeline’s legs suddenly froze, feeling extremely heavy.

She stood in front of the ward, hearing Eloise’s assessment of her. A vile and shameless woman.

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