Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1201-1210

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1201
When she saw Ryan’s ominous gaze, Lana realized that Ryan was not joking with her.

She was worried and uneasy when she looked at the man who appeared to be such a gentleman but gave off an aura of darkness and horror.

“Ryan, w-why do you want to kill me? I didn’t do anything to you. You—”

“An idiot like you doesn’t deserve to live in this world,” Ryan said coldly.


“Lana, remember what I asked you the other day? I asked you if you knew why you got to come back to Glendale alive. Well, I’ll tell you now. It was because of me.”

“W-What?” Shocked, Lana looked at the man who was speaking slowly. “It was you? How could it be you? You and Jeremy teamed up to catch me just to let me go again? Heh! Do you really think I would believe in such an absurd thing?!”

Lana was full of doubts. She did not believe that such a thing would happen. When she remembered that Ryan was a part of Interpol, she suddenly was not afraid anymore. Instead, she raised her hand and pushed the gun that Ryan was pointing at her forehead away. Her red lips were curved into a smile.

“Ryan, you don’t have to do this act to scare me anymore. I know you won’t kill me.” Lana looked confident. “You’re part of Interpol, a senior commander. You’re supposed to put the interest and safety of the people first in whatever you do. How can you kill—”


The bullet passed through the muffler and made a slight sound upon penetrating Lana’s calf.

“Ah!” Lana felt a sharp pain and slumped to the ground. She looked back at the man who was shrouded in darkness in disbelief. “R-Ryan! You—”

“I really hate egoistic women like you.”


Ryan stepped forward and walked condescendingly to Lana. The color on her face had faded away.

He then spat out inhumane words indifferently. “If I didn’t think you’d be of use to me, you would have died with Yorick long ago.”

“…” Lana was pale as she grabbed onto her wound that was flowing with blood. She looked at the man with the gun pointed at her. She was trembling and in fear. “How dare you shoot me, Ryan?! Let me tell you, if you hurt me, it’s not just me you’re hurting. The Stygian Johnson Gang isn’t dissolved yet. The person behind my brother will never let you get away with this!”

“Uh-huh.” Ryan smiled when he heard what she said.

With that chilling smile, Lana looked a little horrified. “What are you smiling about? Listen, if anything happens to me, you’ll be as good as dead! The guy will never let the Interpol get any peace!”

“Heh.” After listening to what Lana had to say, Ryan’s smile grew. “Since you’re going to hell soon, Lana, I’ll tell you who the man behind Yorick is.”


Lana’s eyes widened as she looked at Ryan’s confident expression.

Ryan said with no hurry, “That person is me.”


Lana’s eyes widened in shock. Her mouth twitched, and she could not believe what Ryan was saying at the moment.

While she was still in shock, Ryan shot her in her shoulder.

“Ah!” Lana shivered in pain as her facial features contorted.

Blood continued to drip from her wound as she lay in a pool of it. She was totally out of it.

“H-How could it be you…” Lana could not accept the fact. “It’s impossible. It’s impossible…”

Ryan looked at Lana who was struggling with pain, the smile on his lips growing wider. “Since things are this way now, I don’t see why I shouldn’t let you know before you die.”


“Yorick was just a pawn. If it weren’t for my relationship with Interpol, do you think that the transactions that Yorick made would go so smoothly?”

When Lana heard what he said, it seemed to make more sense to her.

It turned out things were this way!

That was why Yorick always listened to the man behind him.

Lana never thought that Ryan was the person!

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1202
’No wonder… No wonder…’

Lana finally figured everything out!

It was no wonder that every time she troubled Madeline, Yorick always scolded her.

It turned out that the order had come from Ryan himself!

Ryan liked Madeline, so he did not want her to trouble Madeline again and again!

It could also be that her troubling Madeline would ruin Ryan’s plan, so Ryan had asked Yorick to warn her again and again!

“Heh! Hehe, hahaha…” Lana laughed wildly. “It turns out it was because of this!”

She looked up abruptly at Ryan who was loading the bullets in the gun.

“Ryan, you’re way too good at hiding!”

“You guys are the ones who are too stupid to see it.” Ryan chuckled nonchalantly, lifting Lana’s chin with the gun. “Did you think that Adam was working for you? I mean, just look at yourself and your siblings. Did you really think that the Stygian Johnson Gang could have gotten to where they were without any help?”

As she listened to Ryan’s humiliating words, Lana gritted her teeth fiercely. “Ryan, if you kill me now, you won’t be able to get immunity!”

“Huh.” Ryan smiled disapprovingly and stood up. He pointed the gun at Lana’s heart. “Lana, it isn’t me who killed you. It’s Jeremy, the man who will never love you.”


Lana had yet to understand his words when the muffled bullet pierced through her heart.

Lana’s body stiffened in an instant. Her eyes widened, and in the very next second, she lost all senses before falling into a pool of blood.

Ryan took his time wiping his fingerprints off the gun that he was holding before tossing it onto the ground. Then, he took out his phone and called Madeline.

Madeline was on her way back to the family manor when she suddenly received a call from Ryan.

She answered the phone without hesitation and heard Ryan’s faint voice a second after.

“I’m going back to Interpol’s headquarters tomorrow. I’ll leave that box of reagents in the cafe where I met you today. You can go and get it now, but after you hang up, you must turn off your phone.”

Madeline did not know why Ryan had asked her to turn off her phone, but the thought of getting one month’s worth of reagents made her immediately turn the car back in the direction of the cafe.

After Ryan hung up the phone, he called Madeline again to make sure she had turned off her phone, and she had.

He curled the corners of his lips in satisfaction. He looked at Lana who had died with her eyes open and dialed another number.

As soon as the line was connected, Ryan said in a provoking way, “Jeremy, I’m in the presidential suite of Glendale Hotel with your wife now. What do you think we’ll do next?”

He continued saying with a smug smile, “If you don’t believe me, you can try calling your wife and see if her phone is off. It’s because she’s taking a shower right now.”

Ryan hung up the phone after speaking and took out the clothes he had prepared. He took a picture and sent it to Jeremy.

Of course, Jeremy did not believe that Madeline would do anything that would hurt him, but the picture of the clothes that Ryan sent him was indeed the clothes that Madeline had been wearing that morning. In addition to that, he could not get through her phone.

“Linnie.” Jeremy’s heart began to ache, and he immediately drove out.

At that moment, he was convinced that Madeline had to compromise with Ryan for some very important reason.

Although Jeremy did not know what Ryan threatened Madeline with, he guessed that it was most likely for him!

“Linnie, don’t do such a stupid thing!”

Jeremy drove the car, speeding and passing through one street after another to rush to Glendale Hotel as quickly as possible.

He took the elevator straight to the presidential suite. As soon as he reached the room, he found that the door was ajar and there was a metallic, fishy smell coming from inside.

Jeremy was too worried about Madeline and did not think twice before pushing the door and entering the room.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw a winding blood trail from the entrance to the coffee table.

He looked up and saw a woman wrapped in a bath towel with her back to him. She was lying in a pool of blood.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1203
Jeremy strode over and avoided stepping on the blood as much as possible.

However, his calm heartbeat told him that the woman was not Linnie.

He could always tell if it was Madeline even if it was just from her back view.

Upon walking closer, he saw Lana’s scarily pale face in his pupils.

He was not as frightened as he was confused.

Lana was serving her sentence in a prison in F Country, so why was she found dead in a hotel in Glendale?

He checked for a pulse in Lana’s jugular vein but it was clear that there had not been a pulse for a long time.

She was already dead.

Jeremy remembered Ryan’s call, and sure enough, it was a set-up.

He did not stay long and walked toward the door. When he passed by the bathroom, Jeremy made sure to check it.

The worry in his heart surged up again.

‘Linnie, where are you? Why can’t I get through your phone?’

Just when Jeremy wanted to leave, the door was suddenly opened as a female hotel attendant came in with a set meal. She stood face to face with Jeremy.

The female hotel attendant was first startled by Jeremy’s handsome appearance for two seconds before she noticed the blood on the ground. A second later, she saw Lana lying motionless not too far away. She was immediately shocked and dropped the tray of dishes onto the ground.

“Ah! A murder! Help!”

She screamed while running out of the room when a couple happened to pass by in the hallway and heard the call for help. When they did, they looked at the room that the female hotel attendant pointed at. It was the same room Jeremy was coming out from.

“Isn’t that Mr. Whitman?”

“Did you say Mr. Whitman killed someone?!”

The couple rushed to the door of the presidential suite in disbelief. When they saw the situation inside, they all backed away in shock.

Scarlet red blood was reflected in their pupils. The scene was too shocking.

After they recovered from their fright, the couple immediately called the police. It did not take long for the police to arrive and began investigating the situation.

Viral news began to appear on the internet and Jeremy’s name suddenly dominated all the headlines.

[Jeremy Whitman Is A Killer.]

[Richest Man In Glendale Becomes A Murderer.]

When the female hotel attendant saw him, Jeremy knew that he was going to bear the fault.

Nevertheless, he did not care about any of it. All he cared about were the whereabouts of Madeline.

Madeline got the box of one month’s worth of anti-toxoid test reagents at the coffee shop where Ryan mentioned.

When she arrived, there was no one in the cafe and the box of anti-toxoid test reagents was placed on the bar. There was only a note on it that read, ‘For Ms. Montgomery.’

Madeline did not know why Ryan wanted to make such a show. If he wanted to give it to her, he could have given it to her in the morning.

She could not figure it out. When she got back into the car, she turned on her phone.

Upon turning on her phone, she found that she had gotten a few missed calls from Jeremy.

Madeline was afraid that Jeremy was worried about her, so she was about to call him back when she got another call from him.

As soon as the call was connected, Jeremy’s worried voice fell into Madeline’s ears before she could say anything. “Linnie, where are you? Are you okay?”

Madeline heard the disturbance and anxiety in Jeremy’s tone. She tried to calm him down immediately. “Don’t worry about me, Jeremy. I’m fine. My phone ran out of battery just now. I’m sorry I made you worried. I’m coming back home immediately.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1204
“Are you alright? Are you alone right now?” Jeremy pestered, feeling worried.

Madeline quickly answered, “Yeah, I’m about to drive back home.”

Jeremy was relieved after obtaining her answer. “Alright, then hurry back home. I’ll wait for you.”

Madeline hung up the call, but she felt that something was off.

‘Did something just happen? Why is he so worried about me?’

While she was deep in her thoughts, some news popped up on her phone’s news feed. Before she could even look at the news, Ava called her.

Ava’s tone was even more anxious compared to Jeremy’s. “Maddie, is this for real?! Jeremy killed Lana?!”

Madeline felt a wave of shock coursing through her as she stood absent-minded. A moment later, she asked, “Ava, why are you asking such a thing?”

“Haven’t you seen the news on the net? It’s spreading like wildfire!” Ava said in an exaggerated manner, “I thought that Lana was imprisoned in F Country. I didn’t think she’d be released so soon. Yeah, she’s cruel and she deserves to be dead, but with Jeremy killing her off like that, he’ll be implicated in her affairs. Then, what’s going to happen to you in the future? Why is he acting without thinking ahead?”

Madeline’s mind went blank. She was lost regarding what Ava was trying to convey to her through this phone call.

Madeline knew that Lana was indeed in Glendale. Besides, back when Madeline saw Lana, she almost lost control and nearly attempted to choke that cruel lady to death.

‘Did Jeremy find out that Lana is in Glendale as well? Did he lose control just like I did?’

Madeline held onto her phone, not knowing what to do next. She wanted to call Jeremy, but the news just kept popping up.

She clicked into one of the news and saw the content that Ava had talked about earlier. It was stated that Lana was found dead in a presidential suite in a big hotel in Glendale. Her death had been a brutal one. Her body was found to have three gunshot wounds, and the shot at her heart was the one that cost her life.

Madeline even found a short video that was about three to four seconds long. In the scene, it showed a glimpse of Jeremy making an appearance at the presidential suite after the incident.

She was not mistaken. That was indeed Jeremy.

Even though the video was shaky, it was almost impossible to miss out on Jeremy’s easily identifiable face.

Madeline took in a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down.

She could not bring herself to make a call to Jeremy. She was afraid that if she did, she would lose all her will to drive back home.

Jeremy was on his way to Whitman Manor, and he was receiving calls from all sorts of media. He turned off his phone and continued his journey to Whitman Manor.

Once he entered the house, Karen came up to him while looking anxious. “Jeremy, what’s with the news on the net? Why are they accusing you of killing Lana? I thought that witch was already arrested? Why did she appear in Glendale Hotel?”

Jeremy was about to answer Karen’s questions when Madeline’s voice was suddenly heard from behind.

“Jeremy would never kill Lana!”

Jeremy immediately spun around, his eyes glistening. “Linnie.”

“Jeremy!” Madeline ran to Jeremy.

Jeremy walked to her at a fast pace as well. He held her in his arms, asking, “Where have you been? I was worried about you.”

He brushed through her long hair and kissed her face. His worried emotions were displayed on his face.

Madeline felt sorry, but as of this moment, she felt rather awkward to express her apology.

“I’m fine, Jeremy. Don’t be worried.” Madeline freed herself and put on a worried look on her face. “What’s up with Lana’s case? She was murdered out of the blue, but why is it related to you?”

Right after Madeline asked her questions, the siren of the police car was suddenly heard from the doorway.

Madeline’s heart started pumping hard when she thought that the police officers might be here to arrest Jeremy.

Seeing Madeline’s anxious look, Jeremy grasped her hand. “Don’t worry about me, Linnie. I’ll be fine.”

“Everyone on the net is saying you’re the one who did it. How can I not be worried?” Madeline felt utterly anxious. “Lana kept harming you when she was alive, and now that she’s dead, she’s still harming you!”

“Calm down, Linnie.” Jeremy comforted her. His pair of deep-set eyes oozed with confidence as he stared at Madeline. “I knew long ago that someone might try to frame me. That’s why I had already left some evidence to prove my innocence before I entered the room where Lana was found dead.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1205
Jeremy’s comment comforted Madeline.

She was no longer feeling anxious, but she was more puzzled.

When she was still trying to decipher what Jeremy was trying to say, the police came bursting into the house to look for Jeremy.

“Mr. Whitman, you’re found to be related to a murder case. Please follow us back to the police station for further investigation.” The police officer who led the group had a serious look on his face. As he explained, he tried to place the handcuffs over Jeremy’s hands.

“I can follow you guys back for further investigation, but since there’s no evidence to prove me guilty, no one is allowed to use such a method to bring me away.” Jeremy looked at the handcuffs, and with much cooperation given, he walked to the doorway on his own accord.

“Jeremy!” Madeline caught up to him, and so did Jackson as well as Lillian.

Jeremy’s footsteps came to a halt when he saw the two little kids catching up to him.

He smiled gently at Madeline. “Linnie, wait for me at home with the kids. I’ll be back safe and sound.”

Madeline’s eyes were all teary when she saw his passionate gaze. She nodded.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for your return.”

Jeremy replied with another smile. He turned around to look at Lillian whose eyes were big as she was puzzled. Lillian was staring at him as he gave her a smile.

‘Lillian, I’ll never let anything happen to me. I still have to take care of you for a long time…’

It was not the first time Jeremy made an appearance at the police station.

He was calm when dealing with the so-called investigation.

“Mr. Whitman, everyone is saying that you came out from the victim’s room. How are you going to explain that?” an officer questioned.

“I have nothing to explain. I had indeed entered her room,” Jeremy answered honestly with a calm tone, “But when I entered her room, she was already dead.”

The policeman nodded and continued questioning. “Previously, you and Lana were a couple, am I right?”

That question made Jeremy frown as he replied coldly, “Except for my wife, Eveline, there has never been a second woman in my life.”

“But previously, you and Lana—”

“That was just a mission given to me, as an undercover agent, by Interpol. Regarding this, you guys will know everything if you go and ask Interpol yourself.” Jeremy cut him short. He could not tolerate hearing others saying that he and Lana were a couple.

The policeman no longer touched on that issue, but suddenly emphasized, “According to what we know, Lana had once made your family, especially your daughter, endure terrible torture. As such, you and your wife, Eveline, hate this woman very much.

“Also, someone else came to report that they once saw your wife grabbing Lana’s neck with the intention to kill Lana. You and your wife both have very strong motives for killing Lana.”

“Don’t get my wife involved in this. She’d never kill anyone,” Jeremy emphasized, feeling cross.

“Your wife would never kill others, so you took the initiative to do so.” The police officer made a pose as if he was determined to charge him with the crime.

Jeremy’s gaze darkened. “Arrest me if you have the proof. Just stop getting my wife involved in this case.”

The officers no longer dared to use that method to interrogate Jeremy after seeing his stony expression.

Madeline could not calm herself and quietly followed Jeremy to the police station.

She sat in the car where she kept on waiting. However, an hour had passed and Jeremy was still not out yet.

She refreshed her news feed. There was a piece of news that stated Jeremy and Lana used to be a couple. It said that Lana had gone against Madeline just to get Jeremy’s heart and even bullied Madeline’s kid.

‘The part about the bullying is true, but the first part is fabricated.’

Madeline was anxious, and just when she thought of getting out of the car to get some fresh air, she saw Ryan coming out from the police station.

A sudden thought came to her as she picked up her pace. “Ryan.”

Ryan stopped and saw Madeline running to him, catching him by surprise.

However, he could guess Madeline’s reason for appearing here. Ryan placed one of his hands into his pocket and put on a faint smile. “Are you waiting for Jeremy? I think you’re better off leaving. He won’t be able to leave this place.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1206
Madeline glared at Ryan. “Were you the one who exposed all the so-called truth on the net?”

“I’m just stating the fact.” Ryan acted matter-of-factly. “Jeremy used to be all lovey-dovey with Lana, am I wrong?”

“Shut up!” Madeline roared. “Ryan, you and I know why my husband was so close with Lana back then! He was making a huge sacrifice for Interpol, but you’re claiming that they were both a couple? How rotten can your heart be?!”

Ryan was not bothered with Madeline’s reprimanding and spoke in a way as if he was giving a kind reminder, “Instead of scolding me right here, why not go hire Jeremy a good lawyer?”

He smiled while looking at Madeline who was still glaring at him. “Just wait till they compare the fingerprints on the gun left at the scene. Jeremy will never be able to shake the crime off him. Murdering costs one’s life. Even if I give you all the doses of anti-toxoid test reagent needed to complete the course of treatment, you’ll still be unable to save Jeremy.”

Under the moonlight, Ryan’s smile looked extraordinarily evil and dark.

Seeing Ryan leaving with confidence made Madeline suddenly think of something.

‘What did he just say? Even if he gives me all the doses of anti-toxoid test reagent needed, I still won’t be able to save Jeremy?

‘Is it because Ryan knows that Jeremy is beyond help and that’s why he was generous enough to give the box of anti-toxoid test reagents to me?!


‘You knew that Jeremy would land into trouble!

‘So, this is all your trap?!’

Madeline was not willing to wait any longer. She marched into the police station and claimed that she was here to bail Jeremy out.

Since there was not enough evidence and Madeline was bailing Jeremy while following the standard operating procedure, the police officers could only give in.

After exiting the police station, Jeremy looked at Madeline as his eyes glittered with guilt. “Linnie, in the end, I’ve only made you concerned and worried about me.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You’re my husband. It’s a given that I should be worried about you.”

Hearing Madeline’s comment made Jeremy stare at the entrance of the police station. He let out a mocking laugh.

“Back then, when you were wronged and sent to jail, I didn’t just fold my arms without helping you, but I also added fuel to the fire.”

Madeline quickly grabbed Jeremy’s hands. “Silly husband, stop thinking about these unnecessary things. Let’s go home for now.”

Jeremy nodded, entered Madeline’s car, and they headed back home together.

However, before they reached the gates, they spotted a big group of reporters from far away who were blocking the path in. Madeline and Jeremy had no choice but to enter the house from the rear entrance.

It seemed that the incident had blown up.

The young master of Glendale’s number one affluent family was involved in a murder case. News of it was spreading like wildfire on the net.

Hundreds of millions of netizens were keeping a keen eye on the updates.

Madeline and Jeremy went back to their bedroom as the kids were already asleep.

Madeline sneaked a peek through the window and noticed the number of reporters had increased. Not far away, a police car appeared again.

“Why are the police here again?” Madeline was puzzled. “Jeremy, stay in the room and don’t leave. I’ll go downstairs.”

“Linnie.” Jeremy did not wish for Madeline to face the situation alone. “Let me go. You should keep an eye on the kids.”

“No.” Madeline yanked Jeremy’s arm, feeling anxious. “I still think something is fishy. You listen to me and don’t come down!”

Jeremy noticed Madeline wearing a very serious look that he had never seen on her before. He nodded and heeded her instruction to stay in the room.

After Madeline came downstairs, she saw police officers rushing to her. The reporters seized the opportunity to follow over as well.

“Mrs. Whitman, where’s Mr. Whitman?” the officers asked directly.

Madeline faced the media and the police in a composed manner, replying, “May I know what’s going on?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1207
The police officer revealed two documents and said earnestly, “We’ve gotten substantial proof that Mr. Whitman is the murderer responsible for Lana’s death. We’re now going to officially arrest him.”

“Please don’t give us trouble, Mrs. Whitman.”

“Impossible! Jeremy would never kill anyone!” Karen came rushing downstairs. “You guys must have gotten it wrong. There must be something wrong with this evidence!”

“The evidence was approved by forensic physicians. The evidence couldn’t have been fabricated,” the officer said confidently.

“Besides, we’ve received an anonymous document that allowed us to be very sure that Mr. Whitman had a motive to kill. We’ve also grasped the timeline that led up to the murder, and most importantly, the gun left at the scene had Mr. Whitman’s fingerprints on it.”

‘Jeremy’s fingerprints were found on the gun?’

Madeline found it unbelievable.

The officer started to question, “Mrs. Whitman, on the day of Ryan’s birthday, did Mr. Whitman argue with him? At that time, did Mr. Whitman even point a gun at Ryan?”

Being questioned about the incident made Madeline suddenly think of the trap set up by Ryan.

Madeline explained, “My husband is an agent working for Interpol. That’s a licensed gun.”

“All you needed to do is admit he has a gun.” The police seemed to be setting Madeline up. “Mrs. Whitman, I’m going to tell you this now. That day, someone took a picture of Jeremy holding that gun and it’s the exact one found at the crime scene.”


At that moment, Madeline was sure that this was all a set-up by Ryan.

As for Lana’s death, it was highly possible that Ryan was the one who murdered her.

Madeline felt sorry for Jeremy for being Ryan’s scapegoat. She was angrier at Ryan’s underhanded trap, but she had no evidence to accuse Ryan of it.

“Mrs. Whitman, please let Mr. Whitman out. We know he came back home with you.” The officers continued to pester Madeline.

The reporters on the scene started making noises as well. “Mrs. Whitman, the internet is saying that Mr. Whitman used to be a couple with Lana. Is that true?!”

“Can you please give us some comments on that?!”

“Can you please answer right now?!”

“What’s there to answer?! You all better get lost now!” Karen was infuriated. She chased them off and shielded Madeline from the front.

She was not bothered about her prestigious image. Ever since she experienced her darkest moment in life, her actions now were much more down to earth.

The reporters were stunned by Karen’s rage. They were all surprised and took a few steps back.

Apoplectic with rage, Karen pointed to the crowd.

“You bunch of reporters with rotten hearts, you guys want comments, right? I’ll now answer you guys. My son never had anything to do with Lana. It was that shameless lady who was having a one-sided love for Jeremy!

“Do you want to hear some inside news? Now lend me your ears. That lady named Lana deserved to die! She kidnapped and traumatized my granddaughter, causing her to become mute. She even tried over and over again to disrupt Jeremy and Madeline’s marriage. This lady really deserved to die!

“I’m done, and all of you have understood, so get lost now. Don’t let me see you guys pestering my daughter-in-law again!”

Karen shielded Madeline. Seeing the reporters still trying to ask Madeline questions, Karen quickly summoned the servants and had the outsiders all chased out of the house.

The policemen in the hall took out a warrant and started searching high and low.

Madeline could not stop them, so she said instead, “Please don’t be too loud. My kids are still very young. They’ve just fallen asleep and I don’t want them to wake up in terror.”

“If you don’t want us to make a fuss, then please ask Mr. Whitman to reveal himself. Or else, Mrs. Whitman, don’t blame us—”

Bang! The sound of something dropping to the ground came from the balcony.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1208
The police officers quickly ran outside to observe the source of the sound.

Madeline trailed them and saw there was a vase that had shattered at the grass below the bedroom.

The floor-to-ceiling window of the balcony was left open. The curtain was dancing along with the gentle wind.

“It’s very possible that Jeremy jumped down from the window to make his escape. You guys, hurry and go chase after him!” the leader quickly ordered his subordinates.

Madeline looked up to the balcony. She believed Jeremy had the ability and jumping skills. ‘But would he ‘accidentally’ break the vase and let everyone hear it?’

While she was deep in her thoughts, a familiar outline appeared in her peripheral vision.

Her eyes sparkled as she met the pair of deep-set eyes that belonged to Jeremy.

Madeline’s heart was pumping hard. Seeing Jeremy leaving from the main entrance, she quickly went up and deliberately blocked the officer who was leading the troop. “Sir, I sincerely believe that my husband would never kill anyone. I believe someone else is behind this.”

“I can understand how you feel, Mrs. Whitman, but we only look at the evidence.”

“But again, evidence can be forged. Otherwise, how did I end up being in prison for three years when I was innocent?”


The officer was speechless. He was also involved in Madeline’s case at that time. He could not argue back and only reminded her. “Mrs. Whitman, I believe you’re a person who obeys the law. If Mr. Whitman contacts you, I hope you’ll report it to us first thing. After all, this is a murder case.”

“I also believe that perhaps the truth will be revealed rather late, but it will still be revealed.” Madeline firmly believed it.

She believed the man she loved would never do things that would let her down.

After the police left, the reporters at the entrance were chased out by Karen as well.

Madeline went back to her bedroom and sat at the corner of her bed helplessly.

Facing the spacious house, she felt a sense of loneliness that stemmed from deep in her heart.


Madeline touched the ring on her ring finger as her orbs suddenly glistened.

‘Allow me to reveal the truth on your behalf.

‘I’ll make sure to show everyone just how evil Ryan is.’

Madeline made up her mind. She planned to look for Ryan the next day, but it seemed that Ryan had left for Interpol’s headquarters. She had no way of contacting him.

Madeline was aware that there would be many people eyeing her movement as the police believed that Jeremy would contact her.

Madeline was looking forward to Jeremy reaching out to her as well. However, a day had passed and Madeline had not received Jeremy’s call nor message.

It was almost evening. Madeline was accompanying Jackson and Lillian in the courtyard where they were having fun when her phone suddenly received a message from an unknown number.

In that message, there was only a short sentence. She was being invited to meet up at a certain place at seven o’clock.

Madeline looked at the clock and noticed there was still an hour before the agreed time.

She knew the police would send someone to keep a close eye on her. She turned on her car’s engine and intentionally went to the mall where she window-shopped for half an hour. She also bought her children’s favorite snacks.

Then, Madeline went to a dessert shop and sat there all by herself. She ordered some food before going to the female washroom.

She thought the police would not follow her into the washroom. After she entered, she put on a wig, wore a sexy outfit, and put on a pair of sunglasses before walking out.

After leaving the mall, Madeline was sure that she had shaken off those officers. Nevertheless, she heard fast footsteps approaching her hurriedly.

She reacted fast and spun around to look. Suddenly, a man appeared behind her and covered her mouth!
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1209
Just when Madeline was about to struggle, she heard a very familiar voice.

“Shh, it’s me.”

A man’s deep voice tickled her ears while he then yanked her to the streets.

After ensuring that those people who were tracking them had left, the man halted a cab and brought Madeline into the car.

In the car, Madeline stared at the man’s face and felt rather upset.

“You’re the one who sent me the message earlier?” she asked. Deep in her heart, she thought it had been from Jeremy.

Fabian noticed the disappointment on Madeline’s face. He put on a faint smile and said, “Are you disappointed?”

He had already heard about the news of Lana’s murder.

Seeing Fabian’s face that was plastered with a thoughtful smile, Madeline looked into his orbs generously. “In my opinion, Lana deserved it, but I can tell you right to your face that my husband is not the murderer.”

“I knew you’d say that.” It was as if Fabian had anticipated it. He let out a mocking laugh. “The only family I have in this world has died as well. Say, do you think there’s any meaning to me living on?”

Madeline frowned when she heard his comment. “Fabian, your intention of asking me out isn’t just to tell me this, right? Or are you saying that you intend to avenge your sister?”

Fabian let out a self-deprecating smile before suddenly giving a cold stare. “I’ve said it before. I don’t have such a sister.”

Fabian had never acknowledged Lana’s way of doing things. However, he let out a sigh afterward. “But I have to admit that she’s still my family.”

Fabian looked at Madeline with an apologetic gaze. “Madeline, will you forgive Lana?”

“She’s already dead. There’re lots of things that I want to look up to but I can’t. Again, I’ll never forgive her.” Madeline clenched her fingers, and her gaze became cold. “Jeremy and I have been separated time and again. We had it tough, but finally, our family got the opportunity to reunite. However, it was all destroyed in the hands of Lana!”

Thinking about Lillian who was still mute and the poison that was unable to be cleared from Jeremy’s body made her hatred for Lana grow stronger within her.

“Fabian, I think of you as a friend, but I don’t think it’s an appropriate time for us to be meeting each other,” said Madeline while asking the driver to stop the cab. However, her actions were halted by Fabian.

Madeline was puzzled by Fabian’s gesture. “Fabian, where are you taking me to?”

Fabian did not answer. Instead, he gave Madeline a suspicious smile.

Even though Madeline could not guess what was going on in Fabian’s mind, her instinct was telling her that Fabian would not do anything to harm her.

The cab continued its journey for a long time, but Madeline felt that the cab was just going in circles.

After half an hour, the cab finally came to a halt at the parking lot in the basement of Glendale Hotel.

Madeline was curious. “Why did you bring me here, Fabian?”

“You’ll know it very soon,” Fabian replied thoughtfully, “For the next step, I’ll have to make you feel a little aggrieved.”


Madeline was lost, but the next second, Fabian raised his arm and placed his palm on her shoulder.


“You need to act as my girlfriend,” said Fabian.

Madeline did not shove him aside. Her sixth sense was telling her that something was going to happen next because her heart started thumping fast.

To her surprise, Fabian brought Madeline to the floor where the presidential suite in which Lana got murdered was located.

Madeline saw the press and the police who were observing the crime scene.

Fabian, with a cynical look, held onto Madeline, who was wearing a sexy outfit and a pair of sunglasses, as they walked to one of the rooms. He took out a key to open the door and said to her, “Dear, it’s very noisy here. I should’ve gotten a room in another hotel if I knew this would happen.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1210

Madeline knew Fabian had purposely said that. She also noticed the press and the police were looking at them, a ‘couple’.

Fabian intentionally used his physique to block Madeline out of their sight and ‘hugged’ her as they entered the room.

As soon as they entered, Madeline freed herself from Fabian. “Fabian, what’s your motive for putting on an act and dragging me here?”


Jeremy’s deep and hoarse voice was heard coming from behind. Madeline was dumbfounded and immediately spun around.

Madeline let out a delightful smile the moment the handsome face was reflected in her orbs. “Jeremy!”

Jeremy had a warm and faint smile as he went up to give Madeline a warm hug. “Don’t worry, I’m doing just fine.”

Madeline did not speak a word. She was just burrowing herself in Jeremy’s arms, seeking a sense of security.

Fabian saw the scene and shrugged his shoulders while smiling. “Mission accomplished.”

He then spun around to leave the room. Noticing that the press and police were still around, Fabian intentionally put on an unpleasant look and blurted, “Hmph, nearly forgot about safety precautions. Gotta visit the convenience store.”

He let out a reasonable reason fit for a boyfriend to leave his girlfriend alone in the room. Now, Madeline and Jeremy could spend some time together.

He believed that Jeremy was not the culprit who harmed Lana.

Despite not acknowledging his older sister’s way of doing things, they were both still family members. He needed to do something as well since Lana was murdered.

In the room.

Madeline and Jeremy hugged each other for a long time before they separated.

It intrigued Jeremy’s interest when he saw Madeline’s outfit and her wig.

“I’ve never seen my wife dressed so sexily before. Did Fabian take advantage of you?”

Madeline sneaked a peek at her outfit, a sleeveless top with shorts. It was indeed a very sexy outfit she had never worn before, but it was all so she could meet him.

“Fabian has been treating me as his sister. Don’t be jealous,” Madeline emphasized, “However, what I didn’t expect was that he was bringing me here to meet you.”

About that, Jeremy was surprised as well.

Jeremy had taught Fabian a huge lesson during Lillian’s issue.

Nonetheless, Fabian did not take it to heart and even looked for him, saying that he would like to offer a helping hand to search for Lana’s murderer and clear Jeremy’s name.

Heartbroken, Madeline held onto Jeremy’s hand. “Jeremy, no matter what others say, I’ll always believe in you.”

“With just my wife’s confidence in me, it’s way stronger than any evidence that can free me from any crime.”

Even though Jeremy said so, Madeline did not take it the same way.

She intended to make everyone know that Jeremy was being wronged.

Madeline then suddenly thought of something. “Jeremy, didn’t you tell me back at that time that you thought this was all a set-up? You still have your last move, don’t you? The evidence that you mentioned, what is it? Can’t it clear you from all charges?”

Jeremy took out a phone and gave it to Madeline. “It’s this.”

Madeline reached out, and when she was about to look at it, the doorbell rang.

“Open up, it’s the police.”

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