Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1191-1200

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1191
At that moment, Madeline was in the car to the hotel where Sir Calver was having his birthday banquet.

She went into the hotel bathroom, changed into the dress, and tied her hair into a low ponytail.

Madeline did not even bother to apply makeup and walked out of the bathroom in casual shoes.

She received another call from Ryan again. Madeline answered impatiently, “I’m here.”

“You are?” Ryan seemed surprised. “Then find a place to wait for me. I’ll be there soon.”

“Let’s talk when you’re here.” Madeline hung up coldly and walked to the banquet hall alone.

As she walked down the long corridor, Madeline vaguely felt as if someone was following her.

She looked back but saw no one.

Madeline thought for a while before stopping to turn around and quickly walked back.

When she passed by the emergency staircase, she paused and turned around decisively as she pushed open the door to the staircase.


The woman hiding behind the door had no idea that Madeline would come in suddenly and got hit in the head by the door. She cried out in pain.

Madeline grabbed the woman’s wrist fiercely. “It’s you again! Who are you? Why have you been secretly following me and watching me?!”

She asked and reached for the woman’s sunglasses.

“It’s better if you don’t know who I am, Eveline! I’m afraid if you find out, you’ll get a nervous breakdown!” the woman sneered threateningly and suddenly pushed Madeline away brutally as she tried to escape.

Madeline did not hesitate and stretched out her foot under the woman.

“Ahhhhhh!” The woman tripped on Madeline’s foot and stumbled forward, rolling down the stairs. She could still be heard screaming.

Madeline knew that her actions were too harsh, but when she thought about the woman’s recent behavior, she thought that perhaps she was being too nice!

Why should she show mercy to such a vicious woman who kidnapped Lillian and tried to murder Jeremy?!

If she could have it her way, she would have sliced that horrible woman into a thousand pieces!

After the woman lost her balance and rolled down the stairs onto the landing, she tried to get up as she endured the pain.

Madeline was wearing flats, and even though her leg injury was not healed yet, she could walk over to the woman with ease.

The woman was about to get up when Madeline suddenly pulled her up by her collar. She looked at her with a strong and domineering aura, stopping the woman from resisting.

Madeline slammed the woman against the wall and strongly yanked the sunglasses off the woman’s face.

The woman had no time to dodge, and her identity was revealed clearly to Madeline.

Madeline looked at the face that had obviously gone through surgery. She seemed a little unfamiliar, but she would never forget those sinister and evil eyes.

She tightened her grasp on the woman’s collar as her beautiful eyes shot at her like a cold and sharp knife. “Lana!”

After Madeline found out who she was, a trace of panic flashed in Lana’s eyes. However, a sinister smile quickly appeared on her face. “How do you feel, Eveline? Are you pissed off? I told you that you’ll get a nervous breakdown if you find out who I am…”

Slap! Madeline refused to give Lana a chance to continue speaking and slapped Lana’s face fiercely. She was furious. “This is for my daughter who you made into a mute!”

Lana endured the pain and turned her face, gritting her teeth. “Eveline, you—”

Slap! Madeline slapped her again.


“This is for getting someone to kidnap my daughter and almost killing her!”


Slap! Slap!

Madeline used all her remaining strength to give her two more slaps. Lana’s cheeks were red with clear handprints on them.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1192
“And this is for my husband!”


“Damn you, Lana!” Madeline’s anger seemed to have been triggered as she grabbed Lana by the neck and tightened her fingers fiercely.

Lana looked uncomfortable. She had her mouth open as if she wanted to cough. Her face was flushed red in an instant.

However, Madeline did not look like she was about to let go anytime soon. “It feels bad, doesn’t it? Do you know how painful it is to be dying? Does torturing others make you feel happy? Have a taste of how it feels to be tortured, then! How does it feel?! Does it feel good now?!”

“Eveli—you… Cough, cough!”

“I can’t believe someone like you got released. Heh.” Madeline chuckled, the temperature in her eyes suddenly dropping to freezing point. “If the law can’t punish you, then I’ll have to do it myself. For my kid and for the man I love the most, I need to avenge them.”


Madeline’s voice was soft but powerful.

Her gaze became even colder. She could not control her tightening fingers. She wanted Lana to feel the immense pain and suffocation!

Lana saw a cold murderous intent in Madeline’s eyes as she began to panic.

All this time, she had been observing and planning to kill Madeline.

She never thought that one day, Madeline would be the one fighting back and wanting to kill her!

Lana thought that perhaps she had pissed Madeline off too much because the murderous intent in Madeline’s eyes was very clear.

Suddenly, the door to the stairwell was pushed open.

Under the dim lighting, a tall man appeared in the corner of Madeline’s eyes.


When she heard someone calling her name, Madeline was a little distracted.

Lana took this opportunity and broke free from Madeline’s hand. “Cough, cough!” Her face was still red as she coughed violently. She grabbed the handrail and ran off in a disheveled state.

Madeline started to chase after her, but Ryan’s voice soon followed. “Eveline, where are you going? You’re supposed to attend the banquet with me as my wife.”

He sounded very unhappy. When Ryan saw how plainly Madeline was dressed and how she had not put any effort into her appearance, he frowned.

“Why are you dressed like this? I told you to wear a white dress. And your makeup…”

“Are you done?!” Like a porcupine that was revealing its needles, Madeline flew into a rage as she rushed toward Ryan. “Do you know who that woman was just now?! It’s Lana!

“My husband worked so hard and endured all that humiliation for the Interpol to expose her and this is what he gets?! Do you think this is what he deserves?!”

Madeline could not control her emotions and felt hurt because everything that Jeremy did had gone to waste!

“In order to bring that perverted woman, Lana, to justice, he deliberately treated his biological daughter coldly and caused her to become traumatized! Now, she doesn’t even acknowledge him as her father! And what did you guys do?! You released Lana?!”

Ryan furrowed his brows as he listened to Madeline’s painful reprimand. “Yorick confessed to all the crimes. The police can’t do anything about it.”

“Heh.” Madeline was filled with contempt and did not want to say another word to Ryan, so she turned and walked upstairs.

Ryan glanced downstairs before following behind Madeline as they walked into the banquet hall.

There were a lot of guests in the banquet hall. Although Madeline was wearing flats and did not have any makeup on, she was tall and beautiful. She did not look any worse than any of the celebrities present.

When they saw Madeline walking with Ryan, many people started whispering among themselves. Some even stepped forward to ask Madeline with an intrigued smile. “Ms. Montgomery, didn’t you just tell everyone that Mr. Whitman was your husband a while ago? Why are you attending an occasion such as this with Mr. Jones now?”

“Yeah, Ms. Montgomery, don’t you feel sorry toward Mr. Whitman for being with Mr. Jones right now?”

Madeline knew these people were provoking her on purpose, so all she did was smile. She did not want to respond, but Ryan had walked over to her.

Madeline thought that Ryan was about to introduce her to them as his wife, so she tried to avoid him. When she did, she suddenly felt a familiar grasp on her shoulder.

She was taken aback and looked up. When her eyes met the man who was holding her, she was surprised to see a pair of tender and smiling enchanting eyes.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1193
Madeline could not describe how she was feeling at this moment.

The moment she met Jeremy, her upset heart seemed to instantly calm down. The rhythm of her heartbeat gradually became more relaxed because of this man’s appearance.

On the other hand, Ryan’s mood was completely opposite to that of Madeline’s.

When he was about to declare to everyone that she was his wife, Jeremy had appeared unexpectedly.

Jeremy’s icy gaze glanced over at Ryan before he looked at Madeline once more. His delicate eyes were sweet like warm honey as he said unhurriedly, “Darling, there were barely any parking spaces left. Sorry for being a little late.”

Madeline immediately understood what Jeremy wanted to express. She smiled widely and approached the man’s embrace. “Jeremy, you got here right on time.”

Jeremy looked up with his cold eyes and glanced at the women beside Madeline. “Oh, really? I was worried that if I was a second later, some nosy and idle people would be giving you trouble.”



Those women could clearly tell that Jeremy was talking about them.

They had wanted to mock Madeline but did not expect to receive such backlash. They were extremely embarrassed.

Madeline leaned into Jeremy’s arms like a tiny lovable woman and said a little coquettishly, “Jeremy, when you were parking just now, I ran into Mr. Jones and came in with him. But it’s nice to know that these beautiful ladies care so much about you that they would even accuse me of being with Mr. Jones without considering how you’d feel.”

“…” When the women heard Madeline’s words, they looked even more embarrassed.

Jeremy smiled and said, “Sure enough, there will always be nosy people in this world.”

As he said that, he glanced at Ryan as a mysterious smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Mr. Jones, I’d like to apologize for all the criticisms you got as well as your damaged reputation after pretending to be a married couple with my wife. You were just doing your job as a member of Interpol, after all.”

Jeremy’s tone sounded very sincere to the people listening, but Ryan certainly did not see it that way.

He knew that Jeremy was making a pre-emptive attack. He was setting the scene so that everyone knew that Ryan and Madeline had never been a real couple!

At that moment, Sir Calver, the man of the night, walked over to them.

The gray-haired old man walked steadily and was in good spirits.

When he saw Jeremy and Ryan, the old man said proudly, “Two of Interpol’s outstanding, young, and promising rare talents!”

The other guests in the banquet hall also leaned over to watch.

The old man patted Jeremy’s shoulder and exclaimed with satisfaction, “I thought that Mr. Whitman was just a rich young man in Glendale, but little did I know, you’re a far-sighted man who did a fantastic undercover job that not everyone could have done.”

He looked at Madeline with admiration and said, “Mrs. Whitman also had to go through a hard task. In order to work with Interpol to complete the undercover mission, she had to bear such unbearable infamy. Such a great and righteous behavior is worthy of praise.”

When Madeline heard that praise, she felt a little bad.

The truth was, as long as she could be with Jeremy, she would not mind facing any hardships.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1194
The old man then praised Ryan, saying, “Mr. Jones is also one of a kind. With elites like you guys in Interpol, I’m sure there will be fewer and fewer evils in this world.”

When he said that, Jeremy smiled lightly at Ryan who was smiling brightly. “Sir Calver’s right. Mr. Jones had the most difficult task. He merely got an order to protect my family, but in the end, he was misunderstood by everyone that he was having an affair with my wife. In truth, Ryan never had a wife to begin with.”

As Jeremy said that, he tightened his hug on Madeline. His gaze was sharp when he continued, “And my wife merely had to go along with it for the sake of my job and take on the empty title of being Mrs. Jones for half a year. The truth is, Eveline has always been Mrs. Whitman. That is one thing that has never changed.”

Even though Jeremy said that with a smile, his tone sounded as if no one was to add another word to what he said.

He made sure to look right at those women who had targeted Madeline just now and made them flush red with embarrassment.

Ryan was put in a difficult position where he found it hard to recover his position. He had always been a modest gentleman in the eyes of the public, so he could not openly offend Jeremy in front of everyone and say that Madeline was his rightful wife when it came to their marriage certificate.

It was impossible for him to destroy his image that he had established for many years on such an occasion.

He smiled faintly and tried to maintain his demeanor. The only thing he could do was agree. “Sir Calver, you think too highly of me. I’m part of the investigation team. If the higher-ups give me a task, I’ll have to do my best to do it no matter what it takes.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Sir Calver nodded in relief. “Then, enjoy the banquet tonight and relax.”

“We will.” Ryan smiled and gave a blessing as if he was pious. “May you continue to live a long and healthy life.”

Sir Calver was full of joy and turned around to greet the other guests.

The women from earlier just turned around angrily for fear of humiliating themselves again.

Soon, only Madeline, Jeremy, and Ryan with the forced smile upon his face were left in the small area.

“Jeremy, don’t think that this is you having the last say,” Ryan said with implication as his gaze stayed on Madeline’s face for two seconds. Then, he walked away.

When passing by Madeline, Ryan lowered his head slightly and said in a low tone so that only Madeline could hear him. He whispered, “You’ll regret this.”

His words passed through Madeline’s ears, making her heart sink a little.

Madeline knew what Ryan meant by saying those words. She clenched her fingers and started to worry about Jeremy’s health.

She was afraid that getting the fourth bottle of reagent would not be that simple anymore.

“Now that he’s gone, are you still thinking about him?” The man’s jealous voice sounded from above.

Madeline snapped out of it and knew that Jeremy was angry at her to say that.

Deep down, he knew who was the one who had her heart.

When he saw that Madeline did not give him a reply, Jeremy’s eyebrows furrowed a little. He looked at her small face that had not recovered and asked, “Bad girl. If you’re still hurt, why did you come?”

Even though his tone sounded like he was complaining and nagging, the truth was that he was speaking out of care and heartache.

Even though Madeline wanted to tell him everything, she could not. All she could do was listen in silence.

That made Jeremy even more suspicious, but because he did not want to force Madeline, his tone turned gentle.

“Linnie, I’m not angry with you. I definitely don’t think that you’re deliberately deceiving me, but I just want to know why you’re doing this? Why did you come with Ryan to such an event?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1195
When Madeline was faced with Jeremy’s doubts, she could only clench her fists. She felt her nails digging into her palms before she slowly said, “Jeremy, there are some things I can’t tell you yet, but please believe me. I won’t ever do anything to hurt you.”

“If I don’t believe you, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.” Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and lowered his head closer to her. “Linnie, I’m your husband. You can trust me and rely on me anytime.”

When she heard his soft voice of patience and comfort, Madeline felt a pain in her heart. She looked at his deep expecting eyes but could not say anything.

“Jeremy, I—”

“Mr. and Mrs. Whitman.” A man walked over to say hello.

Madeline took Jeremy’s arm and smiled politely at the guest.

After he left, another came, and then a third one. They were all here to talk to Jeremy.

Madeline could feel Jeremy’s coldness toward her. It felt like he would rather have small talk with acquaintances than continue on with their conversation.

She knew that he was angry.

He was angry because she did not want to tell him the truth, that she did not pour everything out to him, and that she did not think of him as someone she could lean completely on.

Madeline looked at Jeremy, walked to the long table, and downed a glass of champagne.

After Ryan left the banquet hall, he walked down the emergency stairwell. As he neared the landing between the third and fourth floor, he heard loud sobbing.

When he got closer, he saw a curled-up Lana next to the trash can.

Lana opened her eyes wide in horror. “Ryan?”

“It’s me.” Ryan walked up to Lana with a blank expression. When he saw Lana gritting her teeth as she struggled to think of something, Ryan stretched out his foot and stepped on Lana’s fingers without any hesitation.

“Ouch!” Lana screamed in pain. “What are you doing, Ryan?! Take your foot off!”

Lana stared at Ryan angrily, her face looking hideous. “Ryan, don’t think you can bully me now that the Stygian Johnson Gang isn’t behind me. Let me tell you, even though my brother is dead, there’s still someone behind him! Hmph!”

She sneered, “What’s so great about Interpol anyway?! In the end, you guys still had to let me go and still haven’t caught the person behind my brother! Hahaha—uh!”

Lana’s laughter stopped abruptly when Ryan grabbed Lana’s jaw with his two fingers.

With a pull, Lana’s face showed that she was experiencing sharp pain.

“Let go of me, Ryan!”

“Do you know why you’re alive and back in Glendale?” Ryan’s eyes narrowed while his tone sounded extremely cold.

Lana stopped suddenly and looked at the face before her that had lost its gentleness with confusion.

“Don’t try and trouble Eveline. If my plans are disrupted because of you, I’ll make you suffer a thousand times worse than what you’re feeling right now!” Ryan warned fiercely before strongly pushing Lana away.

Lana ended up knocking the back of her head against the wall, the pain making her teeth chatter.

Ryan took out a handkerchief and wiped the fingers he had used to touch Lana in disgust. After wiping his hands, he threw the handkerchief to the ground and walked downstairs, his mood ruined.

Lana looked at Ryan as he walked away, feeling thoroughly confused.

Ryan was completely different from the Ryan she knew before.

‘Is it because his identity as a member of Interpol has been exposed that he has no qualms revealing what he’s truly like?’

Lana could not understand. In a disheveled state, she stretched her trembling hand into her bag and took out a small syringe before injecting it into her vein…

In the banquet hall, Madeline had drunk several glasses of champagne without knowing it herself. When someone went over to say hello to her, she would drink two more glasses of red wine.

Perhaps it was because Madeline was drinking different types of alcohol, so she started to get a little drunk.

Even though Jeremy was talking to other people, he had never let his sight leave Madeline—not even for a moment.

When he saw her drinking glass after glass of alcohol, he felt a burning discomfort in his heart.

Madeline also started to feel sick in the stomach and wanted to lean on someone. However, when she quietly glanced at Jeremy, she felt that the man did not want to care about her at this moment.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1196
He was still angry with her.

Madeline felt lost and wronged, but she could not talk to anyone about it.

She took out her phone and called Ava. “Ava, are you free now? Can you come to the hotel to pick me up?”

Ava could tell that Madeline was drunk from the way she spoke. Without saying another word, she hurried over to the hotel address that Madeline gave her.

Jeremy continued waiting. He was waiting for Madeline to tell him the reason, but before he got an explanation, Ava arrived.

He saw Madeline and Ava walking to each other before linking their arms and walking out of the banquet hall. Madeline looked drunk as she leaned on Ava’s shoulder.

“What’s the matter, Maddie? Why did you drink so much? Did you quarrel with Jeremy?” Ava asked worriedly. She saw that Jeremy was standing not too far away but was ignoring them.

“When will Jeremy stop making you sad?”

Madeline shook her head drunkenly. “He didn’t do anything. It’s all my fault.

“Ava, can I sleep at your place tonight?”

“What happened? Is the quarrel so bad that you can’t go back home?” Ava asked angrily.

Madeline did not answer and continued leaning on Ava even after getting into the car.

The evening breeze came through the car window, but it could not blow away the soreness in Madeline’s heart.

‘Jeremy, how should I explain it to you?

‘If you find out about everything, you’ll start refusing Adam and Ryan’s anti-toxoid test reagent even though it’s the cure to your illness.’

They drove all the way to Ava’s apartment. After getting out of the car, Madeline threw up in the trash can by the roadside.

Ava felt sorry for Madeline and helped her upstairs.

Madeline had no more energy as she lay down on the sofa. Ava poured her a cup of warm water to rinse her mouth and got a towel to wipe Madeline’s face.

“Maddie, are you feeling very uncomfortable?” Ava could not stop worrying about her and thought that she was looking worse.

Madeline lowered her lonely gaze, her eyes turning red. “Ava, tell me. What do I need to do to live a normal life with the person I love?”

Upon hearing that, Ava thought that Jeremy had done something to make Madeline sad.

She took Madeline’s phone, found Jeremy’s number, and called him.

Unexpectedly, the call was immediately connected. Ava scolded angrily, “Jeremy, when are you going to stop hurting Maddie?! Don’t you know how much pain she has to endure to love you and be with you? She doesn’t even have her parents anymore!

“But what about you? What have you done? You still don’t know how to cherish a good wife like her, you scumbag!”

Ava reprimanded Jeremy without any hesitation like last time.

When Ava noticed that Jeremy was not responding, she continued to curse at him, “Speak, you scumbag!”

Two seconds later, Jeremy’s voice sounded faintly. “Open the door.”

“Open the door?” Ava was taken aback and looked toward the door. She thought for a moment before walking over to open the door. She did not expect to see Jeremy actually outside the door.

It turned out he had followed them here.

After Jeremy entered the place, he walked straight to Madeline who was lying on the sofa. He picked up the drunk Madeline in his arms.

Before he left, Ava made sure to remind him seriously. “Jeremy, make sure you cherish Maddie! If you don’t, you’ll regret it in the future!”

Jeremy did not reply. His dignified and worried eyes were only focused on the little woman in his arms.

He hailed a cab by the side of the road and brought Madeline into the backseat.

On the way back, Madeline leaned against his arms and muttered to herself.

Jeremy took Madeline back to their new place because he did not want to wake up the elders in the manor.

After entering the room, Jeremy wanted to put Madeline on the bed and let her rest, but as soon as he let go, Madeline suddenly pulled on his tie. Perhaps it was because Madeline had been drinking, so she was suddenly stronger than usual. She pulled him straight up to her!

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1197
“Jeremy, don’t leave me.” Still in her drunken stupor, Madeline’s eyes were half-open and full of reluctance.

Jeremy held her hand. Madeline’s small pink face was reflected in his amber pupils.

He promised softly, “I’m not going to leave you.”

“You are.” Madeline’s eyes were hot. “You’ll leave me. You will…”

Jeremy was taken aback for a moment and suddenly did not know how he should respond.

Yes, it was true. He was going to leave her. At most, he had two years to stay with her and the children.

“Linnie.” Jeremy’s heart tightened.

Madeline’s eyes turned red as she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. “Don’t go. I don’t want to experience the feeling of losing you again.”

Jeremy gulped as an unignorable pain surged in his heart.

He stroked Madeline’s head to comfort her.

He then heard Madeline’s crying sobs. “During your absence for half a year, I thought you had left me forever. Every night after the kids were asleep, I’d just lay alone in bed in a daze. I didn’t know how I should live the rest of my life.

“Why did Cupid make two people who could not be together fall in love? Why…” Madeline muttered to herself as she hugged him in distress. Her voice was ridden with guilt. “Jeremy, don’t be angry with me. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I’m sorry…”

When Jeremy heard her apology to him, he felt worse.

Why did he have to get angry at her?

If he knew she had a reason, why did he have to make it hard for her?

Although Madeline was drunk and her mind was all over the place, she still knew very well that she had made Jeremy angry.

When Madeline saw that he was still not saying anything to her, she felt worse. She held his cheeks and met his deep-set eyes with a sullen gaze.

When she thought about Ryan’s exchange terms, she recalled the terrible poison that Adam created. She thought about not being able to save the guy in front of her and her tears started rolling down uncontrollably.

On the outside, she was strong, sharp, and never showed weakness when she met with trouble. However, when she was faced with the man she loved, she did not want to pretend to be strong anymore.

“Jeremy, I’m sorry.”

‘I shouldn’t have angered Ryan and put your health at risk.’

Madeline blamed herself. “I’m sorry. I’m so—”

Jeremy did not want to let Madeline continue apologizing, so he sealed her lips with his.

Time seemed to stand still in that second. Madeline blinked and gradually became sober.

Jeremy let go of her lips and stroked her flushed cheeks with regret. “I’m sorry, Linnie. I’m not angry with you. Even if you have to lie to me, I don’t mind.”

His low voice slipped gently into her ears.

Madeline’s eyes became redder. “Are you really not angry with me?”

“Of course, I’m not angry at you.” He held her hand affectionately. “Because I love you.”

When Madeline heard him confessing to her, she could not help but cry like a child.

Jeremy lowered his head and kissed away the teardrops on the corners of her eyes. His lips finally landed on hers.

Madeline closed her eyes and responded jerkily but also instinctively to his kiss.

Jeremy’s warm fingertips brushed across her skin lightly, making Madeline feel as if a stream of clear spring was falling onto her hot heart. The sweet and refreshing feeling gradually made her relax.

The moonlight deepened outside the window and the summer evening breeze blew past the curtains by the French windows, but it did not blow away the warmth in the room.



“I love you too.” Madeline poured her heart out.

Jeremy chuckled softly and responded with two words, “I know.”

Yeah, he knew.

He always knew how much she loved him.

Whether it was before or in the future, he knew that his name would be engraved on her heart for life—even if he died.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1198

Madeline sank into Jeremy’s tenderness for the whole night.

It was noon the next day when she woke up and found the man lying next to her. Suddenly, Madeline felt shy as her heart started beating faster.

They were already married, so why did she feel this way?

When she thought about their crazy behavior last night, she blushed and could not help but lean into the man’s arms.

For the past six months, every night she spent without him by her side was bone-chillingly cold.

After he came back, everything still felt strange and it was only until last night when his tenderness cured the part of her heart that was hurt.

Madeline looked up at Jeremy’s hair.

After the third bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent was administered, the change in the color of his hair could be seen. It was not as light as it was in the beginning.

It seemed that the anti-toxoid test reagent was real and effective.

However, after last night, Madeline was a little bit nervous because Ryan might refuse to give her the fourth bottle as easily as the previous times after what she had done.

As her mind wandered, Madeline suddenly heard the sound of her phone vibrating.

She got up and followed the noise when she saw that the phone had dropped on the carpet. She picked it up.

When she saw that it was Ryan, Madeline’s heart did a somersault. She quickly silenced the phone.

When she was still wondering whether she should answer the call, Jeremy wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

He kissed her earlobe and leaned into her, saying, “Linnie, lay with me for a little longer.”

Madeline looked at her phone that was still ringing silently. She patted the man’s arm casually. “Hey, it’s time to get up. We have to go back to the manor.”

When she said that, she sat up only for Jeremy to pull her down again.

When her eyes met his electrifying and deep gaze, her cheeks became hotter.

She tried to be preemptive by giving Jeremy a kiss on his lips. “Muacks! This is my morning kiss to you. I have to get up now. You shouldn’t laze around in bed either. I think Lillian might be missing you.”

Madeline specifically mentioned her daughter because she knew that Jeremy was the most concerned about her.

Sure enough, Jeremy did not make her stay in bed any longer and Madeline went to the bathroom with her phone.

Ryan did not call back, so Madeline called him instead.

However, even after the phone rang for a long time, Ryan still did not answer her call.

When Madeline called him for the second time, Ryan hung up the phone immediately.

Madeline was upset at the thought that she might not get the fourth bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent when she suddenly received a message from Ryan.

He asked her to meet him at the coffee shop in half an hour.

Madeline knew that she was left with no other options but to go. Even if she knew it was a trap, she had to jump in straight away.

After washing up, Madeline had to find another reason. She lied to Jeremy, saying that she needed to go back to the office for a meeting.

However, Jeremy decided not to feign ignorance this time.

He called for a cab and got the driver to follow Madeline’s car. It was not because he did not believe her, but it was because he cared about her.

Not long later, Jeremy saw Madeline getting out of the car in front of the same cafe from last time that was in a remote place.

Jeremy was just about to get out of the car and follow her inside when he saw Ryan’s car parked not far ahead.

‘Linnie’s here to see Ryan?

‘Was she also meeting him the first two times?

‘What’s going on?’

Jeremy could not guess what the situation was, but he did not want to get out of the car rashly either.

If Ryan saw him, he felt that Madeline might be in danger.

Ryan had been waiting on the second floor of the cafe. When he saw Madeline, he went straight to the point. “Eveline, would you like to save Jeremy with the fourth bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1199
Ryan asked directly in an extremely cold tone. He was obviously dissatisfied with what happened last night.

“Don’t ask nonsense,” Madeline replied impatiently.

“if that’s the case, why did you act stupidly?” Ryan asked in a cold voice, his dissatisfaction apparent. “You only needed to be Mrs. Jones last night. Didn’t you understand?”

“I didn’t violate the agreement between me and you. I didn’t know that Jeremy would come,” Madeline emphasized, “Ryan, I’ve tried my best to do everything you asked for, but I’m just an ordinary person. Some variables are beyond my control.”

After Madeline said that, Ryan no longer said anything. He frowned slightly and seemed to be pondering something.

“Ryan, what are you trying to do? What’s your relationship with Adam?” Madeline broke the silence and asked.

Ryan looked up, his space gray pupils surging with obscure colors.

“You should stop asking because you’ll never get the answer,” Ryan replied faintly before picking up a box next to him. He opened it in front of Madeline.

When Ryan showed the contents of the box to Madeline, she was surprised as her heart started to race.

The box was full of anti-toxoid test reagents!

When he saw Madeline’s eyes lighting up a little, Ryan grinned. “This is a month’s worth of dosage.”

One month’s worth of dosage!

Madeline was extremely eager to get her hands on it.

However, she also knew that it would not be so easy for her to get it. “What are the conditions this time?”

Madeline went straight to the point, and Ryan seemed to appreciate her for it.

He did not talk in circles either. He said, “There’ll be a more popular bidding project in the near future. Once this project is obtained, it’ll generate considerable profits. I must get it. Do you know what I mean?”

“You want me to persuade Jeremy to give up bidding for it?”

Ryan nodded and continued, “He may not be interested in this project, but he’ll definitely bid against me for the sake of it.”

“…” Madeline could not deny that Jeremy was really hostile toward Ryan.

Even so, Madeline did not think that Ryan’s conditions would be that simple.

It was not just one dose of anti-toxoid test reagent but a month’s worth of it.

Jeremy had been sitting in the taxi on the side of the road. About ten minutes later, Madeline and Ryan came out one after another before leaving separately.

After watching Madeline’s car drive away, Jeremy told the driver to follow Ryan’s car.

After tailing behind him for a while, Ryan took a turn. When the cab he was in took the same turn, Jeremy saw Ryan’s car parked on the side of the road. As he passed by him, Ryan was standing by the car with one hand in his pocket, watching the cab that Jeremy was in with interest.

When Jeremy decided to tail him, he knew that his actions could very well be found out by the other man.

Ryan was a senior Interpol agent. If he could not tell that someone was following him, he would not be a senior executive commander.

Jeremy got out of the car as the summer breeze blew past. He walked up to Ryan calmly.

“Don’t meet my wife again,” Jeremy warned in a calm tone that sounded like the breeze on a sunny day, but his eyes were dark and heavy, pressing down like a storm.

Ryan raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. “Your wife was the one who came to see me. She was also the one who wanted to come as my plus one last night.”

“Do you think I’ll believe what you say?” Jeremy’s thoughts were very clear. “Ryan, you’d better conduct yourself properly. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. I should tell you this. I met with Yorick on the day before his execution.”

“…” Ryan’s eyes suddenly sank.

Jeremy looked sternly at him with his cold eyes. “Don’t let me see you near my wife again. Otherwise, everything may fall apart for you soon.”


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1200
After he listened to Jeremy’s warning, Ryan’s face was no longer calm and composed.

His face fell. His handsome and gentle features clouded with thick darkness.

He picked up his phone and called Adam. “Get Lana’s location and update me immediately.”

Adam was obedient and immediately called Lana according to Ryan’s instructions.

Since Lana needed Adam’s anti-toxoid reagent to live, she had set a special ringtone for Adam’s calls.

Coincidentally, Lana had just run out of the anti-toxoid test reagents yesterday. When she received the call from Adam, she was very excited. “Adam, give me the anti-toxoid test reagent!” she said in a commanding tone.

“At eight o’clock tonight, you’ll go to the presidential suite of Glendale Hotel and wait. Someone will send you the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent,” Adam answered unhurriedly.

Lana gritted her teeth in dissatisfaction. “Adam, you traitor! Have you forgotten who gave you the resources and asked you to do the research? Once my brother died, you were—”

“Lana, don’t indulge in the glory of the past. If you want to survive now, you’d better put away your egoistic attitude. You’re no longer a princess, so don’t act like one.”


Lana wanted to continue scolding him, but Adam had already hung up the phone.

After thinking about what Adam said just now, Lana glanced at the time. There was still some time before eight o’clock.

She took a walk outside and went to the villa she had lived in before. It was now sealed up.

Lana was resentful and felt that everything that happened to her was Madeline’s fault.

Lana had been thinking about how to deal with Madeline until the moment she headed to the presidential suite.

When she reached the door, she saw that the door was ajar.

Lana pushed the door open and wondered if the person delivering the anti-toxoid test reagents had already arrived, but as soon as she walked in, she did not see anyone.

She decided to take a comfortable shower, and when she came out, she unexpectedly saw a man standing in front of the French window.

The man was tall and handsome, looking extremely attractive from the back.

Lana had not slept with a decent man for a long time. As she looked at the uninvited guest, her red lips curled into a smile as she walked over.

“Hey, handsome. Are you here to give me the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent from Adam?”

The man in front of the French window turned around when he heard her.

When she took a good look at the face in front of her, the smile on Lana’s face suddenly fell. “Ryan, why are you here?”

Ryan strode his long legs slowly toward her, moving closer to Lana. “Why not? Did you forget what Adam said to you?”

“What? It was you? You and Adam… What do you mean?”

Lana was confused but did not forget why she was here.

“I don’t care when you and Adam colluded. I just want the anti-toxoid test reagent!” she said, putting her hand out to Ryan. “Ryan, Adam must have given you the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent. Give them to me right now!”

Ryan’s eyes sank as he slowly took a gun from the inner pocket of his suit. He then installed the silencer. “I’m not here to give you the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent, Lana. I’m here to send you to see Yorick.”


Lana’s eyes widened in horror as she looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

She felt that something was wrong and tightened the towel around her body as she turned to run. However, Ryan had already aimed the gun at her forehead!

Lana’s legs trembled. “Ryan! A-Are you really going to kill me?!”

Ryan’s expression was blank as he smiled. “You’ll find out soon, Lana.”

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