Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1181-1190

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1181
Madeline did not expect the robber to act in that manner. The river was a broad one, but Madeline knew she should not think twice about it.

Seeing her purse flowing along in the river, without thinking further, she jumped.

The passersby who saw this scene were astonished and gathered around the bridge to observe.

“Is this woman out of her mind?”

“Does she have to take such drastic measures just for a purse?”

“Maybe she has lots of money in the purse!”

The passersby who did not know the truth were all making wild guesses, but to Madeline, the purse contained an item that was way more important than anything else. It was the lifeline for the man she loved most in her life.

After Madeline jumped into the river, she swam for some time before getting her hands on her purse.

She strapped the purse around her back and revealed a smile.

Soon enough, Madeline recomposed herself only to just realize she was in the middle of the river. Besides, she did not know how to swim to begin with!

It was as if she just realized it.

Earlier, her mindset was fixed on getting the purse back that she did not even hesitate.

Perhaps it was a sudden burst of motivation within her subconscious mind that allowed her to swim, but once she calmed herself, she forgot how to swim!

‘Damn it!’

Madeline finally realized the seriousness of the issue.

She had to keep living to bring the reagent back to Jeremy.

“Help!” Madeline started calling for help.

The passersby on the bridge noticed something was odd about Madeline, but no one seemed to be making a move to rescue her.

Even if that person knew how to swim, they just stood there to watch. Some of them were just chit-chatting while taking a video, wanting to upload it later for their friends to see.

Madeline was struggling in the water. She knew no one would offer a helping hand and it was all up to her to save herself.

Water kept gushing into her mouth and nose, making her choke, but Madeline did not give up.

Her mind was on Jeremy, and that was how she got the will to keep living.

It was at this point when she finally got the sense to swim back. Just then, someone suddenly leaped into the river. A man’s strong arms grasped onto her waist tightly.

Madeline could sniff out Ryan’s perfume. She spun around and noticed it was really Ryan who showed up.

She was disgusted that Ryan was physically touching her, especially after that day when Ryan claimed he had deliberately made her dizzy and they shared an intimate night together.

Even though she thought Ryan was lying to her, she still felt disgusted about it.

Madeline knew she should not be behaving rashly in the water, but she still tried her best to shove Ryan away.

In such a helpless situation, Madeline summoned her entire strength to kick her legs and stretch her arms. She was giving it her all to swim back to the riverbank.

She started coughing vigorously and even vomited out a few mouthfuls of water.

Despite the suffering, she took out the item from her purse the moment she reached land. It was only after checking that the bottle of reagent was not damaged that she felt relieved.

Ryan followed her to the riverbank and looked at Madeline who was checking the reagent. He frowned. “You’re willing to discard your life for Jeremy’s sake?”

Madeline ignored him as she was focused on packing her purse. Then, she got up and left the scene.

Ryan grabbed on her hand, yanking her to his front.

Madeline struggled and glared at him with a sharp gaze. “Let me go!”

“Do you have to give such a drastic reaction whenever I touch you just a little?”

“Of course! Because I think you’re dirty!” Madeline replied in a merciless tone. She forcibly shoved Ryan away. “In this world, the only man who can touch me is my husband, Jeremy! Ryan, you make me feel like puking.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1182

‘Feel like puking.’

Ryan did not realize that was the impression Madeline currently had of him.

All this while, his impression in everyone else’s eyes was an elegant rich man. Being seen as a disgusting man was never in consideration.

Seeing Madeline turning around and about to leave, Ryan suddenly came forth. Once again, he blocked Madeline’s pathway, and with much force, he pressed on her head to force a kiss on her.

“Don’t make me look down on you, Ryan.” This time, she did not evade nor struggle. She merely blurted out that line with much calm.

Ryan’s actions, to everyone’s surprise, came to a halt.

“Ryan, so what if you have a speck of dirt on me? So what if you end up winning against Jeremy? You’re not that great if you use a method that makes others unsatisfied with it.”

Madeline’s speech made Ryan’s pair of deep-set eyes gleam with dissatisfaction and unpleasantness.

Madeline pushed him away when she noticed that Ryan was staring at her while motionless. She walked away.

She knew that Ryan was currently an overconfident man, and the best way to tackle this sort of man was to tease his underhanded methods.

“Wow, this lady has a nice figure!”

“Hmph, if I knew, I would’ve gone down to save her earlier!”

Hearing the disgusting comments made Madeline realize many people were observing them. Some were even using their phones to take pictures of her.

It was summer, and she was not wearing much clothing. Being in the water earlier had drenched her to her skin. Madeline quickly covered her chest area with her purse and walked over to a man who was still using his phone to take photos of her.

In a domineering spirit, she said, “Delete everything that you’ve taken!” She requested in a fierce tone. Even though she did not know what those people had taken, judging from the lowly comments blurted, she could somehow guess the situation.

The few men who were behaving inappropriately looked down at Madeline and even got excited.

“This chick looks even stunning from near. I’m really regretting not jumping into the river earlier! All credits are given to that baby-faced man!”

“Who are you calling a baby-faced man?” Ryan suddenly appeared behind Madeline.

On an ordinary day, he would look like a well-mannered rich young man. At that moment though, his eyes were giving off a stern vibe. His body was surrounded by a cold atmosphere, making his eyes ooze out a chilling sensation.

“Those pictures that you took of my wife, you’d better delete them all. Or else, we’ll meet in court,” Ryan threatened.

The few men were not satisfied, but hearing Ryan claiming that Madeline was his wife made them obey. They quietly deleted the photos to prevent themselves from getting into trouble.

Madeline did not wish to waste her efforts explaining to those men despite knowing they had misunderstood her relationship with Ryan. After knowing those men had deleted her photos, she then left them.

Ryan was not happy to see Madeline leaving the scene. His eyes were glittering with a desire to conquer her.

Madeline got back into the car. She took a towel and casually wiped her face before immediately igniting the engine of her car to head back home.

From time to time, she would look at the purse placed on the passenger seat next to her as if doing that made her feel like the reagent was safe.

That reagent was precious to her. It would not be available even with lots of money.

She was willing to pay a huge price to get her hands on the reagent.

Madeline’s anxiety was all focused on Jeremy. Tonight, she would have to administer the third dose. She could not turn back.

As she was driving, Madeline suddenly felt like all her energy was draining from her. It was to the point where she felt like sleeping.

She shook her head, wondering what was happening to her. She reached out for a bottle of mineral water and took two gulps of it. Then, she tried to calm herself.

After ten minutes, she finally made her way to Whitman Manor.

Madeline took her purse and got out of the car. She saw Jackson and Lillian playing in the courtyard while Jeremy was watching them quietly from nearby.

He could only do that since Lillian despised Jeremy getting close to her.

At that time, Jeremy noticed Madeline was back. He had not the slightest idea where she went, but he noticed that she was drenched and her hair was wet. Under the sunset, her face appeared as pale as snow.

Jeremy got worried and ran to Madeline. “Linnie, what’s wrong?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1183
Madeline was feeling uncomfortable, but at the same time, she could not express which part of her was feeling that way.

“Jeremy, I’m feeling dizzy.” Madeline, feeling lethargic, grabbed Jeremy’s hand. “Help me back to the room so I can get some rest.”

As she was speaking, she slowly faced some difficulty in breathing. The face before her slowly became blurry as well.

The next second, she passed out.

“Linnie! Linnie!”

Jeremy was devastated and carried Madeline who was unconscious.


He carried her and rushed to the side of his car, feeling anxious.

Jackson and Lillian heard the commotion and turned around to look.

Karen came out of the house as well. She was shocked when she saw Jeremy being all anxious while carrying Madeline who was unconscious.

“Jeremy! What’s wrong with Madeline?!”

“I don’t know. I’m going to send her to the hospital.” Jeremy’s heartbeat was racing madly, but he was trying his best to calm down. “You and dad keep an eye on Lillian and Jack, especially Lillian.”

The moment he grabbed the steering wheel, he noticed his hand that was holding onto Madeline’s leg was covered with blood.

He looked back at the passenger seat and noticed Madeline was wearing black pants. If one did not take a closer look, one would have missed out on the fact that her pants were actually drenched in blood!

‘But why are her pants all bloody?’

Jeremy felt a pang of pain coursing through him.

He could not afford to hesitate any longer as he slammed on the gas pedal and headed to the hospital in full throttle.

On the way to sending Madeline to the emergency department, Jeremy attempted to take away the purse from Madeline’s hand but noticed that she was gripping on it tightly.

He forcefully pried her fingers away and managed to get his hands on the purse.

Looking at her pale face threw Jeremy in a state of terror.

‘What’s going on, Linnie?

‘How did you get yourself injured?’

Jeremy waited anxiously for Madeline to come out from the emergency room.

Time was ticking away, and Jeremy kept pacing back and forth along the corridor.

He took a glance and noticed that a long time had passed. When he took out his phone at this moment, he saw a notification on the net that coincidentally popped out.

He scanned through the content. The story was about a young and pretty lady jumping into the river just for a purse. The netizens were even mocking her, saying that humans in this era were getting crazy.


Subconsciously, Jeremy looked at the purse which Madeline had brought with her.

Suddenly, he realized that maybe the lady in the news was Madeline.

He clicked into the pop-up notification and saw there was a related short video attached to the story.

In that video, Madeline was chasing after a man who was holding onto her purse. All of a sudden, that man discarded the purse into the river. In the end, Madeline jumped into the river without thinking twice.

The scene where Madeline jumped into the river made Jeremy feel as if his heart was being pierced through.

He knew she could not swim, yet she had jumped into the water just for a purse.

Jeremy looked up the related videos and found more short clips of the scene taken from different angles.

Madeline was struggling and asking for help. Later, Ryan had appeared to save Madeline. There were even some thugs frantically taking pictures of Madeline’s body.

Jeremy pursed his lips, suppressing the flames of rage within him as he made a call to Ken.

He intended to make all the related videos vanish for good!

He wanted to find out who were the ones who offended Madeline and those who kept taking photos of her drenched in water. He would make them all pay for it.

After giving his orders to Ken, Jeremy tried to compose himself. After a moment, the anger within his eyes dissipated slightly.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1184
He glanced at the purse in his hand and started having some wild guesses running in his mind.

‘There must be something important in this purse. Or else, she would never have taken such drastic measures to jump into the river.’

Jeremy thought to himself as his long fingers unzipped the purse.

He wanted to know what was inside the purse that made Madeline put her life on the line.

It was at that moment a nurse came anxiously running out from the emergency room.

Jeremy discarded the idea of peeping into the purse and quickly halted the nurse. “How’s my wife? Why is she bleeding so much?”

The nurse was worried as well, but after noticing Jeremy was feeling the same way, she explained, “It seems something sharp has cut through your wife’s left thigh, causing the severe bleeding.

“But her blood group is Rhesus negative, a rare type of blood group! Our hospital doesn’t have this kind of blood in our blood bank. We have to go and get it from another hospital! With that being said, we can’t be sure whether there’s such a blood group in their blood bank either,” the nurse said before quickly leaving the scene.

Veins were throbbing on Jeremy’s temples.

Madeline had lost a lot of blood and the hospital did not have the required blood in their blood bank. Besides, they were unsure whether other hospitals had her blood group.

He knew that Madeline’s blood was of a rare type.

He wanted to just donate all of his blood to Madeline, but he could not do so as their blood groups were not compatible.

Jackson had the same blood group as Madeline but he was only six-years-old. A six-year-old kid could not donate blood.

‘If only Eloise was still around. She could donate her blood to Madeline, but now…’

Jeremy leaned against the wall, feeling troubled. He recalled the fire that burned down the entire Montgomery Manor along with Eloise and Sean who were mercilessly burned to death.

Even though Naomi said he was not the one who set the fire, he still could not be sure about it.

Up to this day, he still could not figure out what had happened when he made his way to Montgomery Manor that day.

He had lost the most crucial part of his memory.

Jeremy was helpless. Looking at the nurses coming in and out made him unable to calm down.

There were a few times he wanted to go forth and ask but was afraid he might hinder Madeline’s treatment.

After some time, the doctor finally showed up.

Jeremy rushed forward and grabbed hold of the female physician. “Doctor, how’s my wife? Is her condition any better?”

The female physician could not help but complain, “As her husband, how could you not know that your wife was so badly injured? Her pants were drenched in blood! Besides, her blood type is so rare. If we didn’t get the blood transferred here in time, you might have lost your wife by now!”

Jeremy frowned as his eyes gave off a sharp glare. “What nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean by losing my wife?!”

“…” The doctor noticed Jeremy’s murderous glare and realized she had crossed the line. She quickly softened her tone, saying, “Your wife is alright now. You don’t have to worry. You… You can go and accompany her.”

Jeremy retrieved his glare and said coldly, “Thank you.”

“You… You’re welcome,” the doctor replied. As she was terrified, she quickly made a run for it.

In the VIP ward.

Jeremy helped Madeline change into a pair of clean clothing and dried her hair patiently.

The sky outside the window slowly became dark. Jeremy held onto Madeline’s hand and kept her company.

He raised his hand and touched her face that had turned pale after losing so much blood. He choked, feeling hurt.

He lifted his head and kissed her hand. His eyes grew red as he said, “You’ve never had a peaceful day after being with me. Linnie, I’ve really let you down…”

His eyes were apologetic as he stared at Madeline who had not awakened. It was as if his heart was stabbed by thousands of knives. It was so painful that he found it hard to breathe.

However, very soon, Jeremy remembered about the purse. It was the purse that made Madeline put her life on the line and jump into the river.

He was guessing perhaps she got injured while in the water.

He placed Madeline’s hand down gently and took the purse beside to open it.

Jeremy took out all the things in the purse, but there were not many. There was only a long wallet, keys, and lipstick. There was nothing special.

‘All these items wouldn’t make Madeline place her life on the line.’ Jeremy found it odd. Just when he was about to place everything back, an item fell out from the gap of the wallet and dropped right beside his foot.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1185
Jeremy looked down to see the small bottle of reagent and bent down to pick it up.

The clear bottle was around the size of his thumb and was filled with a colorless and scentless liquid. There were no descriptions on the bottle either.

He had no idea what it held, but he remembered the scenes of Madeline injecting something into him on two occasions when he was asleep.

He turned to Madeline who was still unconscious. Confusion bled into his gentle gaze.

‘Is this what you’ve been injecting me with, Linnie?

‘What is this?

‘Is it so important that you would jump into the river to retrieve it back?’

Jeremy thought to himself but came up with nothing. However, he did not plan to ask Madeline.

He was about to put the things back into the purse when Jeremy saw someone staring in from the hospital room window from the corners of his eyes.

His gaze flicked up and the person turned to flee.

Jeremy found the behavior weird.

He got up and walked out of the hospital room, following the path that person took for a while only to come up empty-handed.

Jeremy did not continue to search for who it was as he was more worried about Madeline who had yet to regain consciousness.

He entered the ward and was met with Madeline’s eyelids twitching as if she was about to wake.

“Linnie.” Jeremy strode toward the bed to grab her hand.

Madeline blinked open her exhausted eyes and with her blurred vision, she stared at the man’s worried expression.

“Jeremy…” she called his name weakly. She tried to sit up, but her head felt heavy.

Jeremy reached out to wrap an arm around her shoulders. “Don’t make such big movements yet, Linnie.”

Limp, Madeline leaned against Jeremy’s embrace as she finally sat up.

She had no idea what happened to her except the fact that she felt weak. She looked up to meet the man’s gaze that was full of concern. “What happened, Jeremy? Why did I suddenly faint? I was fine moments before, wasn’t I?”

Jeremy lifted his hand to caress Madeline’s hollow cheek. “Your leg somehow got cut and you lost a lot of blood.”

Her leg got hurt?

Madeline was confused because she could not remember when she got herself hurt.

When she tried to focus, she found that the outer side of her left thigh was indeed in pain.

“Chupse.” She sucked in a painful breath.

Jeremy frowned as his heart hurt for her. “Does it hurt a lot?”

“Yeah.” Madeline nodded, not trying to look strong.

She felt exhausted, and at that moment, all she wanted to be was a lady he could dote on. All she wanted was to be comforted and held in his warm arms.

Jeremy’s heart clenched at how weak she looked. He tightened his arms and kissed her between her brows.

“Where did you even go today, Linnie? How do you not know how you got hurt?” Jeremy did not tell Madeline that she had been filmed and the videos of her had gone viral online. He did not want her to worry about something he had already dealt with. Moreover, he was curious about where she went.

Madeline looked down guiltily, knowing that she could not tell him.

“I went to the office but never expected that someone would try to steal my bag on the way back. I must’ve gotten hurt while I was chasing the thief,” she explained. It was not a complete lie.

Jeremy knew that one call was all it took for him to clarify if Madeline had gone to the office at all, but he did not want to resort to such methods.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1186
Madeline’s mind was somewhere else as well, so she changed the subject. “I’m a little hungry, Jeremy. Could you buy me something to eat?”

“What do you want to eat?”

“I’ll eat anything my husband buys for me.” Madeline’s eyes turned into crescent moons as she smiled.

Placing a kiss at the corner of her lips, Jeremy turned around to help Madeline sit properly on the bed before he left.

Just as Jeremy left, Madeline pushed her exhausted and weak body up to reach for her bag by the side.

Her memory seemed to have returned. Her left leg did indeed seem to have touched something when she was in the river. Now that she thought about it, it must have been a rock that gave her the gash.

Madeline thought to herself as she opened her bag.

However, after a round of rifling, all she found were her keys, wallet, and lipstick. The most important anti-toxoid test reagent bottle was gone!

Madeline’s heart raced frantically. She searched again but came up empty-handed.

“How could it be gone?” She was confused. Thinking about the moment she jumped into the river until she got back up on shore and drove back to the manor, she remembered checking her bag and the bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent was still there. Where was it now?

She needed to inject Jeremy with the anti-toxoid test reagent today. She could not lose the anti-toxoid test reagent now!

Madeline threw the covers off and got off the bed, ignoring the pain.

Anxious, she searched the entire room but it was to no avail.

“Did Jeremy take it?” Madeline could only think of such a possibility.

Panicking, she reached for the phone by her pillow and was about to call Jeremy when the hospital room door opened.

“Were you looking for this, Eveline Montgomery?” A woman’s voice sounded by the door.

Madeline spun around to see the woman behind the threatening calls whom she had met in the hospital basement the other day.

The woman was slim and wore a pair of sunglasses just like the other day.

Madeline did not have the mind to think deeper into who this woman was for her eyes were locked on the antidote in her hands.

“Why do you have my things? Give it back to me!” Madeline ignored her injury and marched over to snatch it back.

The woman curled her red lips and side-stepped out of Madeline’s path.

Madeline’s body was weak. She reached out to hold the wall for support as she took a deep breath to regulate her condition.

“Tsk. What a pity. Not only did you give your body away, but you also gave your life just for this antidote. What a great sacrifice you’ve made for Jeremy,” the woman sneered.

Madeline spun around, her pale complexion turning dark. “Shut your mouth and all that nonsense it’s spewing. Give my antidote back to me!”

Madeline did not want to fight with this woman for she felt that this woman knew of the trade she had made with Ryan. This woman had come prepared, or she would never try to steal the antidote.

Yet Madeline had never done anything by the lines of giving her body away!

Walking back to grab his phone, Jeremy arrived at the hospital ward and was about to push the door when he heard the voice of an unfamiliar woman sneering inside.

“Stop pretending already, Eveline Montgomery. I saw you. You and Ryan met secretly by the hospital entrance when your daughter was admitted to the hospital. He brought you home and when you two were done, he brought you back to the hospital too. How kind of him.”

Madeline had not expected this woman to have seen them back then. She had no idea why this woman had her eyes on her either. “Who are you?”

The woman smirked sinisterly and waved the antidote in her hands. “You’ll know the answer to that in due time. The question now is whether you want this or not?”

Of course, Madeline wanted the antidote back, but it was obvious that this woman did not have any good intentions.

“I’ll give it to you if you want, Eveline. Although, we’ll have to see if you can catch it or not!”

The woman scoffed before suddenly raising her hand to throw the antidote at the balcony.

Madeline’s heart lurched. “No!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1187
Madeline shouted to stop her, but it was already too late.

That woman was dead set on throwing the antidote away!

Madeline leaped to catch the bottle, but it flew out the balcony and down to the ground.

She reached out to catch it only to touch the air. “No!”

Seeing the scene from the small window on the door, Jeremy slammed open the door and ran toward Madeline.

The woman in sunglasses was shocked to see Jeremy rush in.

Seeing that Jeremy did not realize her presence at all, she was relieved but also displeased.

Jeremy shot toward Madeline’s side and pulled her into his arms in shock as he watched her reach out to catch the antidote.

“Linnie! What are you doing?” Jeremy cupped her face as hurt swirled in his eyes. He was staring at her frantic and reddened eyes. “What is it? Why are you so nervous?”

Madeline could not answer Jeremy’s question. Pushing him away, she ignored the injury on her leg and ran out.

Jeremy turned around to find that the woman had disappeared.

Without thinking too much into it, he dashed after Madeline.

The sky had darkened long ago and the scarce streetlamps could hardly light up their surroundings.

Madeline seemed to have forgotten the fact that she was a patient as she ran to the area directly below her hospital ward. Disregarding her injury and the dirt, she began to rifle through the flower bed.

There was no wind and with the weight of the bottle, there was no way it would have been blown away by the wind.

It had to be here somewhere.

Madeline looked up, and for a moment, she realized that she had no idea which level her ward was on.

With no way to decide, her only option was to pray that the antidote had fallen into the flower bed. For if it fell onto the ground, then the bottle would surely have shattered.

No way!

It could not shatter!

Madeline continued searching as the back of her hand began to bleed after the leaves cut into her. However, she did not realize it as her mind was solely on searching for the bottle that had been tossed out of the balcony.

After having failed to chase Madeline to the elevator, Jeremy finally ran over to her.

He assumed that Madeline had only run down so frantically to search for the bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent. He was right, for he was met with Madeline squatting by the flowerbed searching.

Striding over to her, Jeremy felt his heart tighten as he watched Madeline ignore her own body to search for the bottle.

Her complexion was pale and filled heavily with panic and nervousness.

Jeremy’s heart hurt at the sight. He ran toward her to help her up.

Seeing Madeline’s scarred and dirty hands, he felt a strong pang of pain hit him.

“What are you doing, Linnie?” Jeremy asked, his heart clenching as he stared at her complexion that was drained of colors. “Did you forget that you’re injured? You need to rest.”

He wrapped an arm around her waist and tried to carry her away.

“I’m not leaving!” Madeline rejected him and pushed him away again. “Just leave me alone!”

Jeremy did not know where Madeline summoned her strength from. The push almost had him losing his center of gravity as he staggered backward.

Madeline returned to the flower bed and bent down to keep searching.

Unable to bear the sight, Jeremy walked over to her again to carry her. “Linnie!”

Madeline was angry as she pushed Jeremy strongly. “I told you to leave me alone for now! Go away!”


Jeremy stood behind Madeline, feeling lost. He could not imagine that she would one day be so angry to the point of pushing him away.

His already worn-down heart felt like it had been shredded to pieces as blood began to flood his chest. His arms and legs grew cold.

It had not occurred to Madeline that she went overboard with her words and actions. The only thing that mattered to her now was the anti-toxoid test reagent.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1188
That anti-toxoid test reagent was Jeremy’s lifeline!

“Why can’t I find it? If it got thrown from upstairs, it has to be here somewhere. Where is it…” Madeline muttered to herself. She was close to tears with how frantic she felt.

Turning on the flashlight on her phone, she searched every corner but it was to no avail.

A heavy and dark weight loomed over her, and Madeline felt herself suffocate as her vision turned to black.

Jeremy would suffer even worse injuries if she could not find the bottle.


She had to find it!

Madeline clenched her jaw and thought to look for it from a different point of view. Standing up, she felt her mind buzz as black spots filled her vision.

“Linne.” Jeremy snapped out of his daze and went up to support Madeline who seemed close to fainting.

His heart ached, and he hated the fact that he could not take her discomfort on behalf of her.

“What are you looking for, Linnie? Is this thing so important? To the point that you’d jump into the river and ignore your injuries to rifle through trash? Just what is it?”

Madeline was dizzy, but she could clearly hear Jeremy raise the topic of her jumping into the river.

He knew all along.

Someone must have taken a video and passed it around online.

After taking a short break, her vision cleared.

She balled her fists and walked out of Jeremy’s arms. “Leave me alone.”

Jeremy pulled her back and made her face him. “How am I supposed to leave you alone? You’re my wife, the person who matters the most to me!”

Madeline’s reddened eyes met Jeremy’s sharp and overwhelming ones. She pursed her lips and suppressed her tears as she replied, “You’re the most important man in my life too. That’s why I have to find it!”

Stubborn, she turned to continue searching.

As she turned her face away, Madeline’s tears began to fall.

‘This is your lifeline, Jeremy.

‘I don’t care what injuries I suffer. As long as you’re okay, it’s all worth it,’ she thought to herself when a silver glint shone in the corner of her eyes.

Madeline took her phone to shine the area again and found the anti-toxoid test reagent bottle hidden under a leaf. She reached out to take it.

In a rush, the back of her hand suffered another cut from a flower’s thorn. With the anti-toxoid test reagent in hand, Madeline broke into a child-like smile until the corners of her eyes grew hot.

She had finally found it.

It was then that Madeline seemed to realize that her body was rather weak and she was unsteady on her feet.

The wound on her thigh was screaming in agony for it had reopened.

Without a word, Jeremy carried Madeline back to the room.

He washed her dirt-caked hands and called the doctor to redress her wound. It was after a while when Jeremy stared at Madeline sitting quietly against the headboard that Jeremy’s heart finally lightened.

Jeremy was sitting silently by Madeline’s bed as he peeled the apple and cut them into small pieces before feeding them to Madeline.

Madeline stared at the silent man and squeezed her fingers. “You have questions, don’t you, Jeremy?”

Jeremy’s gentle gaze stared into Madeline as he swallowed his words back down. Without saying a word, the man placed the fruit platter down and stood up.


Watching the man walk toward the door, Madeline felt her heart race uneasily.

The man ignored her and continued to walk away.

Frantic, Madeline got out of bed and ran toward him without even putting on her hospital slippers. She hugged the man from behind. “Jeremy! Don’t go.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1189
When Jeremy felt her arms wrapped around him, he quickly turned around.

He saw Madeline holding him listlessly while bare-footed. He did not hesitate for a second before picking her up.

Madeline felt really sad, and with all of her remaining strength, she wrapped her arms around the man’s neck tightly as she buried her haggard face between his neck.

“Jeremy, don’t ignore me.”

Madeline’s voice sounded as if she was on the brink of crying, even sounding a little inferior just like how she was last time.

Jeremy felt the pain in his heart growing.

How could he bear to ignore her?

He wanted to comfort her, but all he heard was Madeline apologizing. “I know I was fierce to you just now, but I didn’t mean it.”

Jeremy stopped his steps, lowered his head, and kissed her on the cheek. He pressed his thin lips to her ears. “What nonsense are you talking about? How can I be angry with you? You don’t need to apologize to me. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

His gentle tone that was like a breeze of air washed over Madeline’s injured heart as she closed her eyes and weakly sank deeper into him.

“Then don’t go. Stay with me.”

“Okay, I’m not going anywhere.”

Jeremy promised, wanting to bring Madeline to the bed to sit. However, she only tightened her hug.

“I want you to hold me,” she requested in a coquettish tone that she had never used on him before.

Jeremy did not want to let go of her either, so he sat down on the bed with Madeline in his arms as he gently ran his warm palm and fingers through her long hair.

“Jeremy, I know you have a lot of questions, but you have to trust that no matter what I do, I’ll never hurt you.”

“Yeah, I know.” Jeremy nodded.

“Don’t go anywhere tonight, okay? Just stay with me here.”

Madeline looked up at him with her tear-stained eyes that were like dewdrops on a flower petal. Jeremy’s heartstrings were tugged at the sight of her at the moment.

He did not give her a reply verbally and only slowly lowered his head to gently kiss her lips as a response.

Madeline closed her eyes and continued to sink into the man’s sweet tenderness…

It was already late into the night.

Madeline woke up on time. She looked at the time and wanted to give Jeremy the reagent.

She tiptoed out of the ward, asked the nurse for a sterile disposable syringe with a random excuse, and returned to the ward.

Since it was a VIP ward, the layout of the room was similar to a standard suite of a hotel.

Madeline saw that Jeremy was fast asleep in another hospital bed.

After Madeline drew the reagent into the syringe, she walked over to Jeremy. She held his arm gently, located his vein, and injected the needle into it without hesitation.

Jeremy was actually still awake.

He could not stop thinking about Madeline as his mind would go back to what the woman in the sunglasses said.

“Stop pretending already, Eveline Montgomery. I saw you. You and Ryan met secretly by the hospital entrance when your daughter was admitted to the hospital. He brought you home and when you two were done, he brought you back to the hospital too. How kind of him.”

‘So Linnie, you went to see Ryan that time.

‘But why did you meet with Ryan?

‘When you went out this afternoon, were you with Ryan too?

‘Is that why Ryan jumped down to save you when you jumped into the river?’

Jeremy half-opened his round eyes and stared at Madeline who was giving him an injection with a serious look on her face.

After Madeline gave him the injection, she discarded the syringe and bottle. Meanwhile, Jeremy continued to pretend to sleep.

After a while, Madeline returned to Jeremy’s bed and traced his eyebrows with her fingers.

When Madeline imagined him suffering from the poison alone, she felt even worse.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1190
“Jeremy, I won’t let anything happen to you,” she promised softly.

When Jeremy heard these words, his heart seemed to skip a beat.

‘What did she just say?

‘She won’t let anything happen to me?

‘What does that mean?’

Jeremy was confused, but he could only continue to pretend to sleep.

Madeline turned around and went back to her bed to lie down after turning off the lights.

Through the moonlight that illuminated the dark night, Jeremy looked at Madeline who was sleeping with her eyes closed. He was finding it difficult to fall back asleep.

After Karen learned that Madeline was injured and needed to be hospitalized, she made a nourishing chowder for her the next day and also handed Jeremy an invitation card.

“Jeremy, this is an invitation for Sir Calver’s 80th birthday banquet. It’s the night after tomorrow. You should bring Eveline.” Karen reminded him while scooping a bowl of chowder for Madeline. She handed it over to her and reminded. “It’s really hot, be careful.”

Madeline nodded absent-mindedly. Her mind was focused on what Karen just said.

Coincidentally, Ryan had already asked her to attend the banquet with him as Mrs. Jones.

Although the third dose of anti-toxoid test reagent had been injected, Madeline still needed to follow Ryan’s orders to fully cure Jeremy.

She did not want to risk Jeremy’s life.

“Jeremy, I’m still feeling unwell and Lillian hasn’t recovered yet. It’ll be better if we don’t go.” Madeline suggested, although it was for selfish reasons.

Jeremy always listened to Madeline, so he immediately agreed. He pushed the invitation letter aside. “Nothing is more important than my wife. I’ll always be with you, Linnie.”

Madeline smiled happily because she could feel how much Jeremy was accommodating and pampering her.

Karen could not help sighing as she watched them.

In the beginning, she could not see how much Jeremy cared for Madeline, but when she saw how Jeremy was looking at Madeline now, Karen could see it as clear as day.

Madeline stayed in the hospital for another day, and after she changed the dressing on her wound, she returned to Whitman Manor the next day.

Even though her new place was good, there were more people in Whitman Manor who could take care of her.

When Madeline returned to her room, Ryan called her. He wanted to remind Madeline to attend the birthday banquet that night.

“If you can, can you wear a white evening dress to match my outfit? I’ll get someone to pick you up later.” Ryan’s tone did not sound like he was asking Madeline if she would agree to it but more of ordering her to do so.

“I’ll text you before I leave. Don’t call me again. I don’t want to hear your voice,” Madeline replied coldly before hanging up.

When she thought about what Ryan had asked her to do, Madeline went into her walk-in closet and picked out a long black dress without hesitation.

Madeline stayed with Jeremy throughout the day.

It was rare to see a warm smile on Jeremy’s cold face and Madeline’s heart felt as if it had been warmed by the sun.

When sunset came, Madeline found an excuse, saying that she was tired and wanted to sleep for a while. She then asked Jeremy to take care of the kid.

Jeremy took every word of Madeline’s as a sacred decree and obediently followed whatever she said.

After Jeremy ate dinner with his family and children, Karen thoughtfully brought out the nutritious chowder that she had carefully made for Madeline. She asked Jeremy to bring it to Madeline. “Since she has lost a lot of blood, she needs more iron.”

Karen continued, “Jeremy, go and give this to your wife. Make sure she has it while it’s hot.”

Jeremy took the bowl and went upstairs. He was worried that he would disturb Madeline’s sleep, so he gently knocked on the door. However, he did not hear any sounds from the room.

“Linnie, it’s me,” Jeremy said as he turned the handle, only to find that the door was locked.

He thought it was strange and opened the door with a key. Upon walking in, he found no one in the room.

Madeline was not in the room. She was gone.

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