Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1171-1180

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1171
Madeline asked straightforwardly, and the lady on the other end of the call giggled. “Eveline Montgomery, you don’t have to be so eager to know who I am. Soon, we’ll meet up.”

“I don’t want to meet with someone who hides in a dark corner and sneers. Stop calling,” Madeline warned her, and when she was about to hang up, the lady voiced out once again.

“You don’t wish to meet up with me, but I’m looking forward to our encounter. Well, as a gift for our encounter, just think of your muted daughter who’s lying in the hospital with her life still in a critical phase.”

“What did you say? What do you mean?!” Madeline suddenly thought of something. “Did you order someone to kidnap my daughter?”

“You’re right, it’s me.” The lady quickly admitted it. “But don’t you worry, Eveline. I’ll never lay a finger on you. Instead, I want you to be safe and healthy to witness how I torture those around you and make you suffer!”

After the lady blurted out her last comment, the call was hung up abruptly.

Madeline called back, but no one answered.

She could make out from the woman’s tone that she bore a grudge against her.

She tried to recall all the women she had made enemies out of but could not figure out who was it. That was because she had never heard that voice before, but again, that underhanded and cruel method seemed rather familiar.

Thinking back to the lady’s comment about Lillian’s life being in a critical phase sent chills down Madeline’s spine. Her heart was pumping erratically.

She called Jeremy while walking eagerly to the garage.

Jackson wanted to tag along but was worried he would add on to Madeline’s burden if he were to follow.

He thought for a moment and chose not to follow. As such, he could only look on as Madeline drove away.

Jeremy was guarding Lillian by the bedside. Suddenly, he received a call from Madeline. He glanced at the little kid who was sound asleep and sneaked out of the ward. He took out his phone, only to realize that Madeline had sent him a message two hours ago. He had not noticed it at all.

He closed the door of the ward and answered the call. “Linnie.”

“Jeremy, are you at the hospital? Did something happen to Lillian?” Madeline sounded anxious.

Jeremy figured that perhaps it was Fabian who told her everything about Lillian. He replied apologetically, “I’m sorry, Linnie. I didn’t do my best to protect our daughter.”

Madeline felt a pinch in her heart. She did not wish to pin the blame on him. Instead, she comforted him. “I know you’ve done your very best to protect Lillian. Don’t blame yourself. Wait for me, I’ll be there soon.”

After hanging up the call, Madeline sped up and hurried to the hospital.

After meeting up with Jeremy, she glanced at the bed where Lillian was lying unconscious.

Madeline rushed to the bedside and reached out to touch the little girl’s pale doll-like face. “Lillian.”

Heartbroken, she lowered her head and kissed the little face.

Jeremy stood at the end of the bed, feeling terrible and blaming himself even more.

He spun around to leave as he felt that he had lost his courage to face his little girl.

Madeline heard Jeremy’s footsteps that were leaving the scene and could guess what this man was thinking about currently.

She looked at the unconscious little girl, feeling anxious. Then, she left the ward.

After exiting the ward, Madeline did not see Jeremy around. Subconsciously, she walked down the corridor when suddenly, she heard something being smashed at the stairwell.

She felt her heart sink, and with all her might, she pushed the heavy door open. “Jeremy!”

Following the lights along the corridor, Madeline saw a man punching the wall.

She felt a sense of pain coursing through her heart. She sprinted over to where he was and stopped him. She held onto him tightly, saying, “What are you doing, Jeremy?! Don’t harm yourself like that! Don’t!”

Jeremy frowned, his eyes growing red.

“I caused Lillian to suffer from a serious injury. All these years, what have I given to this child? I’m not worthy of being her father!” Jeremy blamed himself.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1172
“Perhaps people like me should have just dropped dead for good. Last time, I harmed you and made you suffer so much. Now, I’ve harmed our daughter. I’m not even a human!”

Jeremy hated himself. He raised his fist again and drove it straight to the wall, ignoring the pain that came flooding a second after.

“Don’t bother about me, Linnie. Please stop loving someone like me, a cold-hearted man who never appreciates his beloved wife and daughter. I don’t deserve to have you guys. You and the kids should find a reliable man and forget about me.”

Madeline raised her gaze as soon as he was done talking.

Her eyes went red. She raised her hand and slapped him across the face. “Do you have any idea what you’re babbling on about? Jeremy Whitman, are you still trying to break my heart up to this date? In my entire life, except for you, who else can I fall in love with?! You tell me, what should I do to completely forget about you? Tell me!”

Madeline shouted while feeling heartbroken. It was as if there were millions of ants biting on her heart.

Jeremy tilted his face. He felt ashamed to face Madeline after hearing her words.

Madeline fixed her gaze upon the man before her who was choking silently. “Talk, Jeremy. Tell me, what should I do?”

As soon as she was done speaking, Jeremy suddenly got down on his knees.

“I’m sorry, Linnie. Why am I always doing things that will hurt you? Why…”

Madeline could not bear to see him breaking down.

She suppressed the urge to cry because she knew Jeremy was enduring tremendous pressure within him.

She squatted, and in her eyes was no longer a sharp ray. There was only passion and concern in them as she said, “Look at me, Jeremy.”

Madeline held his face like she was comforting a kid. She spoke to the man with utter patience, “I know you’re very concerned about Lillian. No one’s going to blame you, and you need not blame yourself. Lillian will not blame you as well.”

“Even though Lillian is still young, she’ll still understand. You’re her only father. I know that you must have a reason for treating Lillian coldly ever since you came back. However, I hope that you won’t be so cold to her again after she wakes up.

“Jeremy, we’re one family, a very close one. No matter what’s going to happen in the future, we should not be separated again, alright?”

Jeremy could not help but choke as tears came streaming down his face.

“Linnie.” He hugged her tightly. “We’ll never be apart, never again.”

“Alright,” Madeline answered Jeremy’s promise, her eyes filling with tears.

She had never seen Jeremy fall apart. Perhaps back when he thought she was dead, he had also been like this as well. However, after witnessing it for herself, she could feel an intense pain deep in her heart.

Jeremy and Madeline went back to Lillian’s room. She was still sound asleep.

Jeremy got Madeline to go back home first while he would remain to guard Lillian.

Madeline did not want Jeremy to overwork himself, but she wanted to head home to get some daily necessities. Besides, she had to make a trip to the laboratory.

In the shortest time, she made her way to Glendale’s laboratory and gave one of the two reagents that Adam gave her to be researched.

She did not trust Ryan or Adam. Hence, she needed to check for herself whether it was safe to be used.

On the next day, Madeline took all the daily necessities and headed to the hospital. Just when she reached the parking lot, she received a call from the laboratory.

She answered the call while walking to the elevator. Suddenly, a lady with a slim figure seemed to pass by Madeline on purpose and even knocked into her shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” The lady turned around to apologize. There was a big pair of sunglasses that covered her face. However, the moment she spoke, Madeline immediately came to a realization.

“It’s you?!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1173
Madeline could recognize the voice. It was the same person who had been provoking her over the phone these days, the woman who said that Lillian was Madeline’s mute daughter!

After being recognized, the lady seemed as if she had come well prepared. She curled her red lips and smirked. “Eveline, I said we’ll soon meet each other. Aren’t you surprised?”

Madeline could not make out who the voice belonged to, but that evil smirk reminded her of someone.

“Are you there, Miss Montgomery?” The researcher’s curious voice was heard over the phone.

Madeline thought of taking off the lady’s sunglasses, but her thoughts were suddenly disrupted.

“I’m sorry. I’m still all ears,” Madeline quickly replied. However, the next time she raised her head, she realized the lady was missing. There was only a special scent that smelled rather special.

Madeline knew that lady was trying to stir trouble on purpose and did not bother wasting another second at the parking lot.

She focused all her attention on listening to what the researcher had to say. “Miss Montgomery, the results show that the ingredients in the anti-toxoid test reagent are all harmless. However, there are two elements in it which none of our researchers have seen before.”

“If these two elements are injected into the human body, will it have any deadly effects?”

“All of the elements are harmless,” replied the researcher in a confident tone.

Madeline quietly let out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks so much.” She expressed her gratitude and hung up the call. Then, she entered the elevator.

When she was almost approaching the entrance of the ward, Madeline saw Jeremy pacing back and forth with a serious look on his face. She quickly ran over to him.


Jeremy raised his eyes which were full of concern.

“What’s wrong, Jeremy? Did something happen to Lillian?” Madeline asked anxiously, sneaking a peek into the ward.

“Lillian will be just fine, don’t worry.” Jeremy comforted.

However, when he touched Madeline’s hands, she noticed that his hands were icy cold. ‘It seems that he’s worried too.’

After more than ten minutes, the doctor came out.

“Doctor, how’s my daughter doing?” Jeremy rushed to ask at the very first moment.

The doctor replied honestly, “The child’s blood pressure isn’t coming up. Maybe it’s because of the hemorrhage. For now, she’s in a stable condition. She’s awake now, so you guys can go and see her.”

Madeline and Jeremy’s eyes sparkled when they heard that Lillian was awake.

Jeremy held onto Madeline’s hand as they entered the ward together.

The little girl lying on the hospital bed opened her big eyes halfway. She appeared to still be in a daze. With an awful expression, she looked at Jeremy and Madeline who were rushing to her.

“Lillian.” Madeline grasped the little girl’s hand, feeling heartbroken as she attempted to warm her daughter’s cold hands.

Lillian looked at Madeline and blinked her eyes, looking tired. She seemed as if she wanted to call out to Madeline, but after moving her mouth, no words came out.

The scene hurt Jeremy.

‘She’s such a beautiful girl, but because of me, she ended up like this. She was thrown into the pond by Lana, and that left her traumatized, causing her to become mute.’

Jeremy never once regretted his last-minute decision at that time to add some slow-acting poison into Lana’s drink.

He felt there was a need to make such a cruel woman experience the feeling of being in hell.

He would not be able to vent out his hatred if she were to just drop dead so easily.

“Lillian, tell me if you’re not feeling well,” Madeline spoke in a gentle tone. She turned around and looked at the man behind her. “Jeremy, come and talk to her.”

Jeremy composed himself, put on a gentle look, and strolled to the front of the bed. “Lillian.”

He spoke gently and reached out to her little hand. However, as soon as they came into contact, Lillian retreated her hand as if she was in shock. She frowned and started crying.

Jeremy felt a chill deep down in his heart. His hand was still hovering in mid-air.

Lillian, feeling aggrieved, turned around and dived into Madeline’s arms. Her tears were like a broken pearl necklace as drops fell to the floor one by one.

Madeline was puzzled by Lillian’s reaction as well. She quickly brought her into her arms.

“What’s the matter, Lillian? Don’t cry. Mommy and Daddy are right here.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1174
However, Lillian only shook her head and started crying even harder.

Jeremy felt his heart shattering into pieces when he saw the little girl’s tears.

‘This little girl must be utterly disappointed with a father like me.’

He smirked to himself, thinking this was all the consequences of his doings.

Lillian cried for a very long time in Madeline’s arms. Finally, she dozed off. Perhaps she was fatigued.

The doctor showed up once again to check on Lillian and noticed there was nothing odd with her.

After the doctor excused himself, Madeline comforted Jeremy who was sitting at the side. “Jeremy, don’t be too upset. Lillian is still a little kid.”

“It’s exactly because she’s still a kid that all the emotions she expresses are the most genuine,” said Jeremy. He looked at the little girl who was sound asleep, feeling depressed.


“Linnie, I won’t let myself be depressed again.” Jeremy held Madeline’s hands. “I’ll take good care of Lillian. I’ll let this child know that her father truly loves her.”

Madeline smiled after she heard his promise. She then spun around to get the daily necessities arranged.

That day, Jeremy and Madeline were at the hospital taking care of Lillian.

Lillian seemed to have composed herself as she no longer cried at the sight of Jeremy.

However, she still treated Jeremy coldly. She ignored him and would not look at him at all. All she wanted was for Madeline to carry her.

Jeremy could only endure the sadness by himself as he was aware that it was all a result of his doings.

After having dinner, they put Lillian to sleep. Just when Madeline was cleaning up the utensils, Ryan suddenly called her.

She did not want Jeremy to misunderstand her, hence she immediately picked up the call and replied, “Got it. I’ll go have it done now…”

After hanging up the call, she took in a deep breath and lied to Jeremy, saying, “Jeremy, something urgent came up in the company. I need to make a trip back. You take care of Lillian.”

Jeremy did not suspect her and saw her off.

As soon as Madeline exited the entrance of the hospital, she saw Ryan’s car at the roadside. She went over and got in.

Ryan saw Madeline and curled his lips into a satisfied smile. The moment Madeline fastened her seatbelt, he suddenly placed his face in front of her.

Madeline quickly inched back. “What are you doing?”

“There’s something on your hair.” Ryan had a smile on his face. He then raised his hand and made a gesture around Madeline’s ear as if he was about to get something.

Disgusted, Madeline avoided him. “Stop wasting any more time. I still have to rush back to look after my daughter.”

Ryan was not the slightest bit bothered by Madeline’s behavior and just smiled. “Then wouldn’t it be too easy for you to get your hands on the anti-toxoid test reagent?”

Madeline glanced at Ryan coldly. “Scumbag.”

Ryan smirked matter-of-factly before slamming on the gas pedal.

After approximately one and a half an hour later, Madeline returned to the hospital by cab.

She sauntered her way to the entrance of the ward, feeling tired. After recomposing herself only did she push the door open to enter.

After entering, she realized Jeremy was placing one of his hands over his temples while his other hand was holding onto Lillian’s little hand. They had both dozed off.

Seeing the man who was asleep, Madeline walked over to him when suddenly, something struck her mind.

She scanned the outside of the ward. Seeing that there was no one walking about, she took out a disposable needle and a bottle of reagent. After getting everything prepared, she walked up to Jeremy.

Madeline knew how to do injections, but at that moment, she felt a sense of anxiety she had never experienced before. It was even to the point of feeling guilty.

However, this was a rare chance. She breathed in deeply and searched for the location of Jeremy’s veins. Then, without further delay, she injected the needle.

Jeremy, who felt the prickling sensation, suddenly opened his sharp eyes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1175
Jeremy was about to react when his orbs suddenly reflected the transparent liquid that was flowing into his body.

He was unaware of the liquid, but he noticed Madeline looking very tense.

Besides, he was feeling an icy sensation that went into his bones. It started from his arms and slowly spread to every part of his body. After the cold sensation was gone, what followed was a painful sensation taking over his body.

It was very uncomfortable.

Jeremy kept himself still and endured the pain. Seeing that Madeline was about to get up after completing the injection, he quickly shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Nevertheless, his mind was all jammed up.

He was puzzled at the liquid Madeline injected him with. He was even more curious as to the reason Madeline did it only when he was asleep.

Nonetheless, he was willing to accept it even if it turned out to be poison.

He had let her down multiple times. He could comprehend it if she happened to still bear a grudge against him.

Madeline stood aside, keeping an eye on Jeremy’s reaction. Seeing that he was still sound asleep, she felt relieved.

‘Looks like the reagent is safe to use. At the very least, there are no side effects.’

She strolled over to Jeremy and tried to call out to him, “Jeremy.”

The man continued pretending to be asleep.

Madeline picked up a blanket to cover Jeremy and gently touched him on the face.

‘Jeremy, I’m willing to pay any price as long as I can get the poison out of your body.”

Lillian was hospitalized for a week for observation. After that, she was brought back to Whitman Manor by Jeremy and Madeline.

Madeline noticed her daughter could mingle around with anyone except for Jeremy. Whenever Jeremy made an appearance before her, she would either shake her head or hide behind Madeline.

Despite the little girl being unable to speak, Madeline could still understand what was going on in her mind. She guessed that perhaps Lillian was hurt by Jeremy’s previous cold attitude toward her.

Jeremy could not do anything as well. He could not blame anyone but himself.

Fabian was always attempting to get further information about Lillian’s wellbeing. He had been to the hospital and Whitman Manor but always spotted Jeremy beside Lillian.

He dared not approach her. Finally, this time, Jeremy had gone out to run an errand. He brought a bouquet that was made of cups of yogurt and sneaked his way into Whitman Manor.

Lillian was sitting on a small bench, fully focusing on eating her cherry. Her big pair of teary eyes were staring straight ahead.

Fabian immediately went over when he saw the servant taking care of Lillian entering the house.

“Lillian,” he called out softly, and Lillian suddenly raised her big eyes.

However, as soon as Lillian saw that it was Fabian who showed up, her expression turned for the worst. The plate on her hand suddenly dropped to the floor with a clang as the cherries scattered all over.

“What’s wrong, Lillian? It’s me, Mr. White Hair.” Fabian was puzzled by Lillian’s reaction, but he could see that Lillian was rejecting him.


Lillian shook her head and spun around, her little body making its way into the house.

She was running too hurriedly, so with a thud, she fell on the green field.

Fabian quickly ran over and carried her. “Lillian, are you hurt?”

He asked, looking worried. However, Lillian kept struggling with all her might and let out a disgruntled sound.

Karen heard the commotion and ran out, out to see that Fabian was carrying Lillian. She picked up a broom from beside and flung it toward Fabian.

“Who are you? Quickly put down my granddaughter! How dare you sneak into my house and kidnap my kid?!” Karen was infuriated as she roared at Fabian.

Fabian wanted to explain, but Karen started smacking him mercilessly.

Fabian placed Lillian down to prevent Karen from injuring her.

As soon as Lillian’s feet touched the ground, she quickly shoved Fabian away and ran to Karen.

Heartbroken, Karen carried the child. “Oh my dear sweetheart, don’t be scared. I’m right here.” She comforted, but she was still glaring at Fabian at the same time. “Why aren’t you leaving yet? Do you want me to report you to the cops and have them arrest you, you human trafficker?”

‘Human trafficker?’

Fabian felt helpless, but he could not blame her for misunderstanding him.

Previously, he used to carry Lillian and the little girl would welcome him. She would even take the initiative to come to him on her accord.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1176
During their first encounter, the little girl even kissed him with an innocent look.

However, she now hated him.

It was Fabian’s very first time feeling this disappointed.

He had no ulterior motive against Lillian and was sincerely trying to protect and provide her with more love and concern.

However, after giving it another thought, he realized that Lillian might not see things the same way. Just who was he to Lillian?

‘Why would she care about my concern?’

Madeline was initially talking on the phone upstairs. When she heard the commotion, she quickly came down.

Karen was comforting Lillian while scolding Fabian, “I wonder where this scumbag showed up from? He even has the guts to kidnap kids.”

‘Kidnap kids?’

Madeline looked over to the main entrance and noticed Fabian.

Madeline was well aware of Fabian’s attitude toward Lillian and tried to explain, “Mom, he’s someone I know. He’d never kidnap Lillian. Lillian also loves playing with him.”

Karen was not buying it. “How is it possible that Lillian loves playing with him? Earlier, I saw Lillian struggling to free herself from his arms with my own eyes. As soon as that scumbag let her go, she immediately came to me.”

Madeline felt perturbed after listening to what Karen said.

“Is it true, Mom? Lillian didn’t want to play with him?” she questioned.

Karen nodded. “Do you think I’d lie to you?”

Of course, Madeline did not think that Karen would lie to her. ‘But if that’s the case…’

She walked to the innocent little child and squatted. “Lillian.”

Lillian nodded her head as if she was answering Madeline.

Madeline touched the little child’s face. “Lillian, I’ll make sure you’ll be back to how you used to be.”

She gave her promise. When Jeremy was back from his errands, she explained everything to him.

Jeremy found it weird as well after hearing the story.

“Jeremy, Lillian seems to strongly oppose you and Fabian. What happened on that day? You guys must have done something, something that made her extremely upset.”

Jeremy furrowed his brows, trying to recall the incident that day. He was disgusted at himself.

“That day, Lillian had walked to me with a look of anticipation, but I stopped my footsteps and ignored her,” he said, speaking as if his energy had been drained out from him.

Madeline could sense that Jeremy was blaming himself and regretting his actions.

“I’m guessing that at that time, Lillian must have been extremely sad and let down.” Jeremy tried to make a guess.

“Then, how about Fabian? What was he doing at that time?”

“Lillian was the only one in my eyes. I didn’t pay any attention to what he was doing at that moment.” Jeremy tried to recall everything, but he just could not figure out what was Fabian up to at that moment.

Madeline did not pester anymore as she knew Jeremy was having it tough.

However, regardless of what happened, she made up her mind to send Lillian to a psychologist.

The little girl was now mute and she could not bear to see the little angel suffer from any more trauma.

Nevertheless, after visiting the psychologist, the doctor failed to spot a problem with the little girl.

Jeremy was hurt to see Madeline being so busy. After having dinner, Jeremy had Madeline turn in earlier for the day for some rest.

Madeline was indeed lethargic. She was in a daze and slept only for a few hours before waking up early in the morning.

She glanced at the man beside her who was sound asleep and cautiously took out the second bottle of reagent from her purse.

Previously, she took two drops of it to run an experiment. It would not affect its usage.

Adam said that to be on the safe side, it was better to use it once a week. It was already the second week today.

The main reason why she was following Adam’s orders was that Madeline noticed that Jeremy had stopped coughing lately and the researchers at the lab also clarified that the elements of the reagent were safe to use.

Madeline got the reagent prepared, then walked to the bedside before gently lifting Jeremy’s hand to look for a vein.

Jeremy slowly opened his eyes and saw Madeline injecting the liquid into him. He stared at her quietly, enduring the icy cold sensation that was spreading to every corner of his body. Following that was the bout of intense pain.

Madeline, who was slowly pressing the plunger of the needle, suddenly paused when she saw a familiar gaze looking at her. Her heartbeat started pumping hard. She lifted her gaze and saw Jeremy’s deep-set eyes.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1177
Madeline’s heart skipped a beat as she did not expect Jeremy to be wide awake!

She pushed the plunger and injected all of the liquid into Jeremy before quickly taking out the needle.

Flustered, she hid the needle behind her and racked her brain to think of how she should explain everything to Jeremy.

Jeremy gradually got up, his stunning features looking sleepy at this moment. She looked at his eyes that were staring back at her in a daze.

“Why did you wake up, Linnie?”

“…” Madeline felt guilty and evaded his gaze. She felt rather uneasy.

‘Didn’t Jeremy notice I was injecting him with something?’

Madeline made a wild guess that Jeremy had not noticed it.

‘If he saw it, he would have asked what I’m up to.’

“I was going to the washroom,” Madeline explained, “How about you? Why are you awake? Did I wake you up?”

Jeremy shook his head, still wearing a sleepy look. He got down from the bed and said, “I also thought of going to the bathroom.”

As he was talking, he spun around as if nothing had occurred.

Looking at Jeremy’s back, Madeline quickly packed up the needle and the anti-toxoid test reagent that was used up, discarding them into the bin.

Jeremy felt his heart sink when he witnessed Madeline’s gesture from his peripheral vision.

Jeremy went into the bathroom and glanced at the tiny puncture on his arm, but surprisingly, he was okay with it.

‘Linnie, no matter what you’re injecting me with, I’ll gladly accept it. I’m the one who owes you way too much. Even if you want to take away my life, I’ll gladly give it to you.’

After Madeline injected Jeremy with two doses of the anti-toxoid test reagent, she was constantly observing for any reaction that occurred in his body.

Wondering whether or not it was her own imagination, she noticed that Jeremy’s hair no longer seemed fair in color.

She thought to herself that maybe the anti-toxoid test reagent had taken effect. Besides, for half a month, she did not hear him letting out a cough.

Madeline was relieved. The moment when Jeremy was in the courtyard, she seized the opportunity and gave Ryan a call. “Ryan, I need the third bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent.”

On the other side of the call, it was as if Ryan had anticipated Madeline’s intention of calling him. He let out a burst of deep laughter. “Sure I can give you that, but you must fulfill the promise that you made.”

“As long as you can keep to your promise, I’ll also keep to mine.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll give you another call later.”

Madeline, from the bottom of her heart, hated that confident tone Ryan spoke in. She hung up the call and shifted her passionate gaze to the man in the courtyard who was quietly guarding Lillian.

“Jeremy, only with you completely recuperated can we be considered as one big family that has reunited,” she whispered. Then, she went ahead to make some preparations as she planned to bring Lillian to the hospital for another round of check-ups.

Previously, the psychologist said that there was nothing wrong with Lilian, but as a mother herself, she felt that something was off about her little girl.

Since the little girl was aggressively resisting Jeremy, he could only be their chauffeur.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Lillian still glued herself to Madeline. She would not bother about Jeremy. It was as if she viewed him as a stranger.

That doctor was also Lillian’s previous main attending doctor. Seeing Lillian ignoring Jeremy made the doctor astonished as well. Nevertheless, he was patient enough to question the little girl. “Hey little girl, do you know who among us is your mother?”

Lillian understood what the doctor was asking. She completely ruled out the nurse beside and without thinking, she hugged Madeline tightly while leaning her little head against her body.

‘It’s as plain as the sky that the little girl is thinking straight. She knows that Madeline is her mother.’

The doctor questioned again, “Then, how about your dad? Can you point him out for me?”

Jeremy’s heart started pounding hard against his ribs after the doctor blurted out the question.

He glanced at the obedient little girl, looking forward to her walking near him. Nonetheless, even after a few seconds, he not only failed to see the little kid walking to him, but the girl did not sneak a peek at him at all.

Jeremy felt as if he had fallen into an icy abyss. That sense of chill crawling down his spine was a feeling he alone could experience while no one else could.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1178
Madeline felt as if her heart had sunk to the bottom.

The doctor asked once again, this time pointing to Jeremy, “Lillian, don’t you recognize this handsome man?”

Lillian finally turned to shift her gaze to Jeremy. However, after looking at him for a moment, she turned back and shook her head.

‘She doesn’t recognize him.

‘She’s trying to convey the message that she doesn’t know Jeremy.’

“Lillian, try thinking harder again. How could you not know him? He’s your dad. Your dad who loves you more than anyone else in this world,” the doctor emphasized once again.

Lillian shook her head and frowned, putting on a troubled look before diving straight into Madeline’s arms.

Madeline was wondering who she should feel sorry for when she saw the little girl’s reaction.

She looked at Jeremy, whose brows were frowning while his eyes were brewing with indescribable remorse and suffering.

Madeline broke the silence, afraid that Jeremy would start thinking about unnecessary things. “Doctor, what’s happening to my daughter? Why can’t she recognize my husband?”

After analyzing Lillian’s condition, the doctor explained, “Since this child once had a concussion, we can’t exclude the possibility that she’s currently having amnesia.”

The doctor paused for a moment. “But again, there’s a chance that during a dangerous incident, something happened to the child which shocked her. This might be causing her brain to selectively forget some unpleasant events or people.”

Jeremy clenched his fist after listening to what the doctor said.

He could not forget the scene of her falling into his arms after being blasted by the air current. At that time, she had even called him ‘Daddy’.

What puzzled the little girl was perhaps the cold-hearted father who did not offer to help her.

After returning home, Jeremy kept daydreaming in the room.

‘Yes, I’ve not recovered and I won’t be living long. But again, why must I use such a cold-hearted method to treat my family members?

‘That’s my biological offspring!

‘I’m such a fool.’ Jeremy hated himself.

Madeline entered the room and noticed Jeremy sitting at the side of the bed, vexed.

She went to him, hugged him, and comforted him. “Stop blaming yourself, Jeremy.”

Jeremy leaned against Madeline, seeking a sense of warmth. “Linnie, I’m not a good husband and not a good father as well.”

“Anyone will make a wrong move in life. So, stop trapping yourself in your past mistakes.”

It was as if she was comforting a kid as she gently touched his head lovingly. “Alright, I’m heading out for a moment. You keep an eye on Lillian. Even though she doesn’t recognize you for now and even if she hates you, she’ll one day notice the love you’re giving her if you continue to care and love her. Believe me.”

After hearing Madeline’s comment, Jeremy felt much better.

Madeline could free herself in peace as well and got ready to leave the house.

“Where are you going, Linnie?” Jeremy yanked her.

Madeline’s eyes glistened. “Well, I’m making a trip to the company. I need to settle something. I won’t be coming back for dinner tonight.”

Jeremy did not intend to get suspicious, but he caught sight of her gaze that was avoiding him.

Seeing Madeline driving out of the house, Jeremy raised his hand and stared at the tiny puncture hole on it. He then fell into deep thought…

On the other hand, Madeline was on her way to meet up with Ryan. She parked her car at the parking lot beside the road.

In her car, Madeline adjusted her necklace and the pendant on it. Then, she got down from her car and entered Ryan’s.

Ryan was rather satisfied with Madeline showing up on time. “It seems Jeremy is like an extraordinary existence to you. He can even make you take on such a sacrifice.”

“Stop blabbering rubbish. All I want is the anti-toxoid reagent.” Madeline had a cold expression on her face while her tone was rather domineering.

Ryan nodded. “I’ll give it to you, but this time, the requirement for this transaction is different from the previous.”

Madeline frowned. Her glittering orbs glared at the confident-looking man before her as she suppressed the flames of rage within her. “Alright, spit it out. What’s the requirement this time?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1179
Ryan noticed that Madeline was not satisfied but he was aware that she could not reject him.

As long as she still loved Jeremy, she would accept his requests.

Calmly, he ignited the car’s engine and did not list out his requirements even after a long while. He was busy admiring Madeline instead.

“You look stunning today. That emerald necklace makes your skin look even fairer,” he complimented.

Madeline did not know if Ryan had discovered anything as she turned to face out the window. “I don’t need your compliment. You can just state out your requirements.”

Ryan looked at Madeline who had a stony look on her face. “This Thursday night, there’s going to be a party. The organizer is Sir Calver’s family. You might not be familiar with him, but he used to be part of Interpol. Upon retirement, he received the title of Sir. He’s considered to be quite famous in Glendale. That day will be his 80th birthday.”

He paused and continued, “He has invited many higher-ups in Glendale. Of course, that includes me and Jeremy.”

With Ryan speaking that clearly, Madeline seemed to know what was the requirement he was about to mention. “You want me to make an appearance at his birthday party as your wife?”

“Smart.” Ryan smiled. “Put on an act with me and you’ll be able to help Jeremy gain that precious anti-toxoid test reagent. Don’t you think it’s worth it?”

“Worth it?” Madeline found it hilarious. “Ryan, I really don’t understand what sort of person you are.”

“You don’t need to know what kind of person I am. As long you can fulfill my requirements, Jeremy will be allowed to live a little longer,” replied Ryan.

However, Madeline knew that Ryan was up to no good.

She would not allow him to continue acting all mighty by using Jeremy’s life as an exchange. She needed to gather more evidence.

Ryan asked again after seeing Madeline keeping quiet and not answering, “You don’t agree to it?”

Madeline clenched her fist. “I need to reconsider it.”

Ryan’s face seemed to show that he was displeased. He suddenly stepped on the brakes and fixed his eyes leisurely on Madeline, who was frowning, before saying thoughtfully, “Perhaps I should let Adam in to tell you a piece of news. Maybe then you won’t hesitate and will agree to my request.”

Madeline spun around and looked at Ryan with a questionable look. However, in less than two seconds, she felt dizzy once again.

Ryan witnessed Madeline passing out. He raised his hand a moment later and placed his fingertips over Madeline’s brows, gently stroking them. “Eveline, I hope you get this through your thick skull sooner. You and Jeremy are no longer my enemies.”

He revealed a victorious smile, then slammed on the gas pedal while turning the steering wheel to head back.

Madeline woke up into darkness again.

She thought of holding her breath and pretending to be unconscious, but she was too late for that.

She was unable to sniff the gas that was colorless and odorless. She would not be able to guess when Ryan would use it against her.

Madeline trailed Ryan from behind, all the way to Adam’s laboratory.

She intentionally adjusted the pendant on her neck and scanned the surroundings.

‘It’s not even at night, yet this place is pitch-black.’

After Ryan unlocked the security door by scanning his eyes, Madeline followed him in.

Adam was carrying out his experiment. Beside him, there were a few assistants in white coats busy with their own tasks.

Madeline guessed that Adam was conducting some crazy experiments with this group of people.

Adam took out an anti-toxoid test reagent that he had prepared long ago when he saw Ryan bringing Madeline to the scene.

However, Adam did not give Madeline the anti-toxoid test reagent and gave it to Ryan instead.

Ryan took it, then asked Madeline, “Regarding the requirement that I said in the car, what’s your decision?”

Madeline looked at Ryan calmly. “I can’t do it. Change the requirement.”

She really could not bring herself to fulfill it.

‘If I show up as Ryan’s wife and attend with Ryan on that night, what would Jeremy feel?’

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1180
Madeline did not wish for Jeremy to be upset again.

Ryan glanced at Adam when he noticed Madeline unable to bring herself to comply with the requirement.

Adam got Ryan’s implicit message and strolled to the front of Madeline. “This half a month, there has been an improvement to Jeremy’s condition, right?”

Madeline’s icy stare was fixed on Adam’s face. “If the reagent is genuine, you’ll know best about its outcome.”

Adam could make out that Madeline held a grudge against him, but he was not bothered at all. Instead, he wore a smile on his face.

“The reagent is genuine, of course. Besides, as long as you inject it at the given time frame, the poison in his body will slowly clear up. However…”

Adam paused for a few seconds.

“However, I ought to tell you this. During the process of administering the anti-toxoid reagent, should there be any interruption or if the timing is messed up, it will end up having an adverse effect. Which means, if Jeremy does not inject the third dosage, the previous two doses of anti-toxoid reagent will urge the poison to build up.”

“What are you talking about…” Madeline was dumbfounded after listening to Adam.

It felt as if her bones were bitten by millions of ants. It felt like her heart was being torn apart.

She was being set up.

She initially thought she was trying to save Jeremy. Who knew she had fallen for their trap as well?

“Adam! You’re not even human!” She suddenly reached out and grabbed Adam’s collar. “Just because of your so-called experiments, you even use humans as your experimental subjects!”

Madeline was so mad that her body was shaking, but Adam was not even the slightest bit bothered at all.

“Why are there such cruel people like you on earth?!”

“Everyone has their target in life. As long as they achieve those targets, no one will care about the process.” Ryan’s voice came traveling from behind Madeline.

She turned around. “So, everything you’ve done is for your so-called target? Ryan, what are you plotting?!”

“Will you believe me if I say that all I want is you?” Ryan counter-questioned.

Madeline’s eyes were brewing with mockery. “You don’t deserve me!”

Ryan frowned, but soon, he let out a smile. “Regardless of whether I deserve you or not, this coming Thursday, you must fulfill my requirement. Or else, you’ll bear with the consequences.”

He gave the anti-toxoid reagent to Madeline.

Madeline took it and immediately spun around.

Ryan stared at Madeline’s back figure, who was leaving the scene, while feeling exasperated. He turned to look at Adam. “How’s her condition?”

“Everything’s normal for now, but once her condition deteriorates, it’s going to be a worse torment than what Jeremy is experiencing now.”

Ryan giggled in satisfaction. “Don’t let her be so full of herself. If it’s not for her being rather useful, she would’ve been dead along with Yorick a long time ago.”

The sky became dark. Madeline sat in Ryan’s car and returned to the parking lot.

Before getting out of the car, Ryan reminded her of the coming Thursday’s event.

Madeline did not answer. She slammed the car door and walked to her car.

Just when she was crossing the road, someone suddenly rushed to her. They snatched her purse and crossed the red traffic light, making their way to the opposite road.

That purse contained the anti-toxoid reagent which she had tried so hard to get her hands on. She would not allow it to go missing!

Madeline could bother about the traffic light. She went and chased after the man who snatched her purse.

“Give me back my purse!”

Madeline roared while running, her speed gradually increasing.

She could not afford to lose the reagent!

‘That’s Jeremy’s lifeline!’

The robber did not expect Madeline to run so fast. After chasing for some time, he got anxious. He spotted a river and quickly threw the purse into it!

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