Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1161-1170

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1161
“Lillian!” Fabian dashed toward the car, but the car quickly drove away from him.

Fabian looked around and decisively stopped a man who was starting up a scooter.

He put a safety helmet on Jackson’s head, then picked him up onto the scooter. “Hold on!”

Jackson nodded firmly and hugged Fabian’s waist tightly.

Fabian looked at the car that was dashing away with sharp eyes, then quickly chased after.

The other party was clearly prepared, however, and outdistanced Fabian who was tailing close behind the car.

Fabian had to stop the scooter. He looked at the busy fork in the road and punched the seat with a fist. “Sh*t!”

Madeline was done with work early that day and wanted to pick up the two children from school before Jeremy came to pick Madeline up.

After arriving at the kindergarten, however, she was told that Jackson and Lillian had already been picked up.

Madeline was worried it was a person with ulterior motives who picked up the siblings when she suddenly received a call from Jackson.

“Jack, where are you? Who took you and your sister away?”

“Maddie, it’s me.”

Just after Madeline asked, Fabian’s voice came from the other end of the phone.


“Maddie, I’m sorry, I lost Lillian.”

“…” Madeline lost herself for a moment. Her heartbeat became agitated as she questioned, “What do you mean you lost Lillian? Are you with Jack now? Where are you?”

Madeline asked while returning to her car.

After finding out where Fabian and Jackson were, she hung up the phone and hurried over.

A dilapidated apartment building.

A burly man was carrying Lily after tying up both her hands. He then threw her onto the bed without mercy.

Lily, who was thrown onto the bed, got up laboriously. She had not forgotten to pick up her drawing that fell to the side with her little hand. Although the drawing was wrinkled and damaged, she still held it preciously in her hand.

When the other thin man saw it, he complained, “Be gentle. If there’s any damage to this little thing, then there’ll be less money in hand.”

“If you’re afraid that there’ll be less money, then I should’ve taken the boy together just now. We would’ve made more money.”

The thin man bit his cigarette and shook his head. “I’ve observed them before. That boy is not easy to handle, but this little girl is much simpler.”

The burly man walked to the bed, pinching Lily’s face with his fingers.

Lily struggled to escape the man’s hold as her large clear eyes became full of unyielding stubbornness.

“Hmph, this little thing is not scared at all.” The burly man mocked and took out his cell phone. “Remember to call Mommy and Daddy to save you later. Do you hear?”

Lily pursed her mouth tightly, continuing to glare at the two ill-intentioned men. At the same time, she tightened the torn drawing in her hand.

‘With daddy accompanying Lillian, Lillian is not afraid.

‘Not afraid at all.

‘Daddy would become Superman and save Lillian.’

Lillian thought silently, her naive ignorance making her not too clear about these two bad men.

She did not know why they caught her, or how cruel these two bad men were.

After Madeline and Fabian met, she then learned about the situation when Lillian was taken away.

She wondered if Ryan had asked someone to do it, but she felt that it would not make sense for Ryan to do so.

Ryan had better ways to control her. He probably would not blatantly do things that crossed the line.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1162
However, besides Ryan, who else was there?

“I’m sorry I didn’t look after Lillian properly.” Fabian apologized solemnly.

Madeline did not blame him either as she knew that Fabian had always been good to Lillian.

At this moment, Madeline’s phone rang.

The call was from an unfamiliar number. She answered it decisively without hesitation.

The other party was straightforward. “Is this Eveline? Your daughter is in my hands now. If you don’t want your daughter to be hurt, you’d better be ready to transfer 20 million to my designated account. I’ll notify you later on the specific time.”

Thinking that it might be a kidnapping case, Madeline kept calm.

“Eveline, did you hear?” The other party thought Madeline did not hear him, so he impatiently urged. “Do you not believe that your daughter is in my hands? Then I’ll let her say just a few words to her mother now.”

After the kidnapper’s words fell, Madeline’s heart seemed to burn in discomfort.

Her Lillian could not speak.

“Little thing, call out to your mommy! Hurry up!” the man ordered fiercely.

However, Lily did not make any sound. The man suddenly became annoyed and wanted to use violence to force Lily to speak.

Madeline also had a foreboding and hurriedly said, “I believe my daughter is in your hands! Don’t touch my daughter or speak loudly to her. I’ll prepare the money.”

Noting that Madeline was frank, the kidnapper felt a little skeptical. “You didn’t even hear her voice and already you believe what I said?”

“Yes, I believe you.” Madeline clenched her fists, her heart feeling as if it was being stabbed. “Don’t force my daughter to speak. She can’t speak.”

“What? Is she a mute?” the kidnapper sneered in surprise.

Madeline’s eyes darkened, but her tone was stern and domineering. “Remember what I just said. If you hurt even a hair on my daughter, I’ll definitely double it back on you. By then, forget the money, you guys can also stop wishing to get out of this with your bodies intact.”

Madeline hung up the phone after her warning, anxious and on tenterhooks.

“Maddie, what’s the situation? Is it a kidnapping?” Fabian asked quickly.

Madeline furrowed her eyebrows tightly. “From what it looks like now, it does seem like it is. I have to discuss with Jeremy right away.”

She took Jackson, turned around, and got in the car to leave.

Fabian wanted to follow them, but after thinking about it, he stopped again.

Lillian was taken away from his hands. He could not shirk the blame.

Fabian took out the candy that Lillian had first given him from his pocket with a solemn expression.

‘Lillian, I’ll definitely bring you back to your parents safely. Definitely!’

After Madeline and Jeremy met, she told him about Lillian.

She saw worry, panic, and anxiety in Jeremy’s eyes, but his expression was rather calm.

He was obviously worried, but he was merely pretending not to care.

“Since money is being requested, it’ll be given,” he said in a light tone as if he was talking about something insignificant.

Madeline knew that Jeremy was actually very worried about Lillian. She did not want to expose him, so she went and prepared the ransom.

However, Jeremy had quietly found the kidnapper’s phone number from Madeline’s call records. He handed it to a professional to track the location of the number.

The whole night passed without any news, however.

Jeremy was uneasy and was close to losing control of his emotions, so he no longer continued to pretend not to care.

He made calls to gather all the surveillance footage. He checked every piece of the footage every car had passed through each road before finally finding a clue.

Madeline was also waiting for the kidnapper’s call that night, but the kidnapper had not called her again. Madeline then called them back, but no one answered.

Just when she was preparing to head out with Jeremy, they finally received a call.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1163
At first, Madeline thought it was a call from the kidnappers, but it was a woman’s voice that sounded from the other end of the phone.

“Eveline, are you worried about not being able to find your mute daughter?”

Madeline suddenly stopped in her steps and asked in a cold voice, “Who are you?”

“You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that your mute daughter will meet your parents soon. Hmph,” the woman sneered, then she hung up the phone without saying anything else.

Jeremy got into the car and saw Madeline standing in the distance, seemingly out of it. He got out of the car and walked toward her again. “Linnie, you just stay at home with Jack. I’ll bring Lillian back safely.”

Madeline suddenly returned to her senses and took Jeremy’s hand. “Jeremy.”

“Don’t worry.” Jeremy understood the worry in Madeline’s eyes. He soothed her, affection and concentration in his bewitching eyes. “Trust me, I’ll definitely bring our baby girl home safely.”

‘Our baby girl.’

The corners of Madeline’s eyes were hot, and at this moment, she truly felt Jeremy’s care for Lillian.

She did not say anything and only nodded. “Okay, I’ll wait for you to bring our daughter home.”

“Yeah.” Jeremy touched Madeline’s head before driving away in his car.

Madeline returned to the house, still worrying about Lillian’s safety. The phone call from earlier was making her puzzled.

The woman’s voice was unfamiliar. She probably had not heard it before.

However, listening to the tone of the woman’s speech, it seemed to induce a feeling of revolt in Madeline.

Madeline then hurried to check the number and found that it was an overseas number.

She sat down on the sofa weakly, feeling worried as unknown darkness oppressed her violently.


Madeline suddenly heard Jackson calling her.

She raised her gaze and saw the little guy handing her a glass of warm water.

“Mommy, drink some water. Don’t worry, Jack will be with you.”

Madeline took the water and looked at the sensible child with a bitter heart.

She stroked the child’s head and promised with a smile. “Jack, don’t worry. Daddy will bring Lillian home soon.”

“Okay!” Jackson nodded cheerfully.

Madeline had only just swallowed a mouthful of water when suddenly, she received a message.

The message was sent by Ryan. He said that he was at the door of Whitman Manor and wanted to give Madeline something.

Madeline glanced outside the floor-to-ceiling window suspiciously and saw Ryan’s car parked not far in front of the gates.

She had Jackson stay in the house obediently, preparing herself to head out. However, Jackson held her.

“Mommy, can you bend down?”

Madeline did not know why he was asking this, but she still crouched down slightly.

Jackson then took out a small badge in the shape of a rose from his pocket and pinned it to Madeline’s chest.

“I did this in activity class. I hope Mommy likes it.”

Madeline looked at the exquisite little badge and smiled happily. “It’s very beautiful and I like it very much. Well then, wait for Mommy in the house obediently, Jack.”

Jackson looked at the badge, then nodded. “Okay!”

Madeline turned around and walked to the car vigilantly.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1164
Seeing Madeline coming, Ryan got out of the car and opened the passenger’s door for her. “Get in the car.”

Madeline was worried about Lillian at the moment and did not want to deal with Ryan at all. “You really think I’ll go with you?”

“Do you want the reagent that can remove the poison from Jeremy’s body?”

Madeline raised her eyes that were full of doubts, fixedly looking at the calm man.

“Get in.”

“I won’t get in your car.” Madeline decisively refused. “Even if you really have the reagent, you wouldn’t give it to me so easily. I won’t trust you anymore.”

Madeline turned around coldly.

“If you give up now, it means you want to watch Jeremy die in front of you with your own eyes. Do you know what a person who has been infected with this poison will look like before they die?

“Nerve cramps, skin rotting… No one will recognize them in the end. They’ll suffer immensely until the last moment of life that death would be preferable.”

Hearing these descriptions from Ryan, Madeline’s hands trembled.

She squeezed her fist, turned around, and rushed to Ryan to grab his collar.

“Even if he really reaches that day, I won’t leave him. You just want to break the relationship between Jeremy and me, don’t you? Ryan, I won’t let you do what you want!”

Ryan let Madeline hold onto his collar indifferently, but he gave a meaningful reminder. “Eveline, imagine if that day really comes. Will you really not regret your current decision?”

As his voice fell, Madeline’s tightly gripped palms gradually became weak.

She did not dare imagine the day when Jeremy would experience the torture and suffering that made death better than life.

Madeline looked at Ryan with hatred, her eyes gradually becoming clearer.

“On the day we were supposed to get our divorce papers, you had a car accident. After you were discharged from the hospital, you broke the news to the media. You deliberately let the media wait at your door to force you to go to the hotel as a last resort. Then, you lied to me and made me go to the hotel to give you daily necessities. This was all part of your plan, isn’t it?”

After listening to Madeline’s questioning, Ryan smiled calmly. “Yes, that’s right. It includes making you unconscious and getting involved with you. It was all part of my plans.”

Madeline gritted her teeth angrily. “Ryan, you’re really despicable.”

“Despicable? You’re my wife, and you still are,” Ryan said confidently.

Madeline could not bear it. “Ryan, what’s your objective?! Have you forgotten that you’re a member of the IBCI? Have you forgotten that everything you do should be based on the safety and interests of citizens? So what are you doing now?”

“I haven’t forgotten my identity,” Ryan whispered as a thought-provoking smile suddenly appeared in his eyes. “What are you asking me for? Recall what we’ve talked about. The answer is in there.”


Madeline could not figure it out at all. Although she and Ryan had not interacted much in this half a year, they had spoken to one another quite a bit.

Unexpectedly, this man was unfathomable.

“Eveline, I’ll wait for your call. You have two days to think about it.”

Ryan turned around after speaking, and right when he was about to start the car, Madeline suddenly stepped forward to open the door to the passenger seat before taking the initiative to get in.

Ryan curled up the corners of his lips and smiled. “You really care about him.”

“Stop talking nonsense. What I want is the reagent.”

Ryan did not say much either and stepped on the accelerator.

On the other side, Jeremy was following the clues he got from watching the surveillance footage and found the car the two men drove when Lillian was taken away.

It was dark now. Jeremy looked at the old apartment building in front of him, holding Lillian’s photos while questioning people one by one.

After asking a few people, however, he found nothing.

Jeremy decided to knock on doors one by one to look for her. However, as soon as he entered the apartment gates, he saw a burly man carrying a lunch box swaggering in through the gates. Jeremy recognized at a glance that this was one of the men who had forcibly taken Lillian away in the surveillance footage.

The burly man walked head-on toward him, his gaze meeting Jeremy’s eagle eyes coincidentally. He was taken aback for a moment and quickly recognized him. “Are you Jeremy?”

“It’s good that you know me. Return my daughter to me!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1165
The same time his voice sounded, Jeremy swiftly struck at the man like an unsheathed sword blade.

The man was burly, and he had strength. Seeing Jeremy rushing over, he threw away the bag in his hand and turned to run. At the same time, he made a call. “I’ve been found! Take that little thing away quickly! If it doesn’t work, kill the hostage!”

‘Kill the hostage!’

These three words fell into Jeremy’s ears. How could he bear it?

He jumped up and kicked the back of the man hard.

The man screamed and fell heavily to the ground.

However, he quickly got up again and wanted to keep running when a person suddenly appeared right in front of him. At that moment when he did not have time to dodge, he was kicked in his chest by the person in front of him. He then fell backward to Jeremy clumsily.

He wanted to get up again, but it seemed that the ribs on his chest had been broken. His face was pale with pain. He could not straighten himself up.

Jeremy looked at Fabian who had suddenly appeared in front of him with surprise.

Fabian seemed to be more violent than he himself who was the father as he rushed forward, pulling up the sweating man who was in pain.

“Say it! Where did you take that little girl?! Where is that girl now?!”

“You’ve beaten him till he can’t speak anymore.” Jeremy strode over, furrowing his sword-like eyebrows. “His accomplice should still be nearby. He just called his accomplice to take Lillian away.”

Just as he was saying this, a violent rubbing sound of tires suddenly came from the side.

Jeremy and Fabian looked over at the same time to see a black car quickly reversing before the steering wheel was turned. It headed straight toward the road.

This hasty move made Jeremy and Fabian aware that something was wrong at the same time.

The moment the car drove past their eyes, they also saw Lillian pushing her innocent and cute face against the window of the backseat. The little girl could not speak, only tapping continuously on the car window with her bound hands.

This scene fell into Jeremy and Fabian’s eyes, and the two called out in the same way with their voices filled with anxiety and distress, “Lillian!”

The car passed them in a flash and they could not forget the helpless and expectant look on Lillian the second before.

Jeremy immediately returned to the car and drove the car in front of Fabian. “Hurry up!”

Fabian got in the car without hesitation and stared at the car in front of them.

He could not lose them again this time!

Absolutely not!

The car was being driven madly, but Jeremy’s driving skills were not bad.

Although the car in front had tried to get rid of Jeremy many times, it was to no avail.

It was likely that the driver had gotten irritated as the car suddenly turned into a small alley. Jeremy’s car obviously could not pass through the narrow alley.

He could only predict the path of the car, so he made a circle and continued to chase forward.

“Sh*t! They’re really cunning!” Fabian said angrily.

Jeremy was calmer. He glanced at Fabian and warned with a domineering tone, “Why do you always go looking for my daughter? Fabian, don’t get any ideas and try to hit on my daughter.”

Fabian could hear the deeper meaning in Jeremy’s words. He lowered his eyes and gave a sad smile.

“I’ve not had a friend who treated me sincerely ever since I was young. Apart from my brother, Paul, I’ve never felt anything in this world that could warm me up.

“That is, until I met Lillian. Her innocent smile made me feel a special warmth.”

“So, what are you saying?” Jeremy asked, dissatisfied. “Don’t tell me you like my daughter? Fabian, my daughter is only five years old!”

Fabian’s dim eyes suddenly lit up when he heard the words. “I’m not that perverted. I just think it’d be great to have a sister like Lillian.”

Of course, if Lillian did not mind him being 14 years older than her, he would be happy to wait for her to grow up.

However, Fabian certainly did not dare to say this in front of Jeremy.

If he did, he could almost predict that Jeremy would just kick him out of the car.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1166
Jeremy’s wise eyes swept across Fabian’s face coldly. “Fabian, do you know why I became like this?”

When Fabian heard Jeremy say this, he was filled with anger.

He looked at Jeremy, noticing his linen gray hair and amber pupils. There was indeed a big change from the previous Jeremy.

He did not quite understand it, but then he heard Jeremy say in a dissatisfied tone, “It’s your good sister Lana who used a type of poison to make me like this.”

“What?” Fabian was shocked. “Didn’t she like you a lot? How could she do such a thing to you?”

“Heh,” Jeremy sneered, “That kind of woman, did you think that she really liked me? In this world, only Linnie cares about me sincerely.”

“…” Fabian was speechless for a moment. He was even more disgusted as to why he had a sister like Lana.

The atmosphere in the car fell into a brief silence. After a while, Fabian could not sit still.

“Jeremy, are you driving in the wrong direction? Why haven’t you found that car?”

Jeremy did not open his mouth until a moment later. “There are only two roads out of that alley, one to the city and the other to the suburbs. I don’t think he’ll choose a road that’ll be congested during this peak period.”

Fabian felt that to be quite reasonable. Even so, he still felt that Jeremy had made a mistake when he failed to locate the car after driving for so long.

Just then, there was a loud bang not far in front.

“Crap! Don’t tell me that car got into an accident?” Fabian’s heartstrings tightened.

Jeremy stepped on the accelerator abruptly and sped forward.

After traveling for about a mile ahead, he saw that the black car had hit a tree on the side of the road. The entire front of the car was sunken.

The thin man seemed to have injured his foot as he stumbled to the backseat, pulling Lillian out.

“Hurry up and let go of Lillian!” Fabian rushed over and roared.

Jeremy stopped the car and followed closely.

Lily, who was imprisoned in the arms of the thin man, saw Jeremy. Her eyes instantly lit up.


The little girl seemed to have been injected with courage in that instant. She opened her mouth and bit on the thin man’s arm hard.


The man let go of his hand in pain.

Lillian instantly fell to the ground.

“Lillian!” Fabian hurried over.

Jeremy’s footsteps also followed. Seeing that the man still wanted to go after Lillian, he grabbed a small stone from the ground and slammed it heavily on the man’s knuckles.

The man screamed in pain and failed to catch Lillian again.

Lillian reluctantly got up from the ground, still holding the drawing that she would not let go of in her hand.

Seeing Jeremy quickly walking toward her, Lillian stepped forward with a smile.

Jeremy suddenly stopped when he saw Lillian coming toward him with anticipation.


No way.

He could not give this child hope only to disappoint her again.

He could only be unfeeling till the end as to not aggravate this child’s grief later one day.

The moment Jeremy stopped his steps, Lillian also stopped hers.

Seeing that Lillian was not taking any steps closer, the thin man suddenly lit a lighter and threw it toward the oil leaking car.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1167
Jeremy and Fabian had not expected the man’s insane behavior.

Seeing the car instantly surrounded by fire, Jeremy and Fabian ran toward Lillian at the same time.

Jeremy’s heart was as if it was being suspended from a height of 3,000 feet. His eyes were red when he looked at the child who had stayed in place because of his coldness.

It was only a few steps away, but it was as if they were separated by thousands of mountains and rivers.

Jeremy hurried over, but suddenly, the car exploded violently.

“Lillian!” Fabian yelled hysterically.

Lillian’s petite body went flying from the explosive air current. Jeremy was enraged as he rushed to catch Lillian who was about to fall to the ground.


He took the child into his arms.

“Lillian! Lillian!”

The little girl blinked her big round eyes weakly. Looking at the man in front of her, her little mouth moved.


Although no sound came from the little girl’s mouth, Jeremy saw it. She was calling him ‘Daddy’.

Jeremy’s vision went blurry in an instant, and the little girl closed her eyes. She finally slumped into his arms and fainted.

“Lillian, Lillian!”

Jeremy carried the child, his heartbeat in a flurry, but when he touched the child’s back, he felt a stickiness. He raised his hand and saw the bright red blood that his eyes turned red.


Jeremy’s tears suddenly gushed out of his eyes.

Fabian also rushed over, his eyes hot with tears. “Lillian! Please be okay! You promised me that you’ll be my girlfriend when you grow up, Lillian!”

Jeremy did not bother himself with what Fabian was saying at this moment. He only ordered in a growl, “Go and get the car, hurry up!”

He roared anxiously, looking at the pale princess in his arms. His heart was burning with anxiety.

‘Lillian, Daddy’s little princess, I was wrong.

‘You must be good and give Daddy a chance to admit his mistake.’

It was getting late, and Madeline was sitting in Ryan’s car. She was holding her phone while waiting for news from Jeremy.

She did not know if Jeremy had successfully found Lillian or not, but her heartbeat at this moment was inexplicably uneasy.

Madeline decided to call to ask, but as soon as she unlocked her phone, she heard Ryan’s voice drifting over.

“You’re not allowed to bring any communication equipment to where you’re going next. You should turn off your phone now.”

Madeline glanced at Ryan. Not wanting to argue, she quickly typed out two sentences and sent the message out before switching her phone off.

“How long will it take? Where are the detoxification reagents?” Madeline asked impatiently.

Ryan, on the other hand, was leisurely. “Before you reach your destination, you must take a nap.”

Madeline did not understand the meaning of Ryan’s words, but then she felt a cool touch from the air-conditioning vent.

Within a few seconds, Madeline felt the sky spinning around her eyes.

This similar feeling was exactly the same as before when she had fainted in the hotel.

Madeline frowned. She stretched out her hand and grabbed Ryan’s arm abruptly. “Ryan, you…”

After saying just a few words, Madeline immediately lost consciousness.

Ryan looked at Madeline who had fallen asleep, then turned the steering wheel decisively. Turning the car around, he drove back.

Madeline did not know how long she had slept until she heard someone calling her name.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1168
She opened her eyes slowly, and when she woke up, she only saw darkness with the only light around being from the car’s lights.

The passenger door then opened. Ryan was standing outside the door, and his voice sounded out lightly. “We’re here. Get out of the car.”

Madeline looked around vigilantly before getting out of the car.

Ryan led the way as Madeline followed behind him.

She looked around. Apart from the darkness, there was more darkness. It was as if she was surrounded by a huge black cloth.

Apart from their overlapping footsteps, there was no other noise.

After walking for about tens of yards, there was gradually light ahead.

Ryan stopped his footsteps in front of a door. He unlocked the door by scanning his eyes and then looked at Madeline meaningfully with a smile.

“First, I’ll bring you to meet an old friend.”

As Ryan’s voice fell, a figure appeared in Madeline’s periphery.

She followed the figure who was captured by her sight and saw the man who she once regarded as a lifesaver.


Madeline was surprised, but she was convinced that this was Adam!

She quickly walked over, and just as she was about to walk to the front of Adam, she realized that there was a transparent wall between them!

Madeline raised her fist and knocked on the wall hard. “Adam!”

Adam, who was conducting his research experiments, heard the sound and looked back.

Seeing that it was Madeline, Adam was not particularly surprised. He adjusted his black-rimmed glasses and gave a light smile. “Eveline, long time no see.”

Madeline slammed a fist against the transparent wall, her eyes revealing a sharp light.

“Adam, do you know what you’re doing?! You’re a doctor! A doctor’s mission is to save people, not harm them!”

Madeline’s emotions were highly agitated as she was thinking of Jeremy who was suffering greatly.

Adam, however, said nonchalantly, “You’re wrong, I’m not a doctor.”


“I was not saving you back then. I just used your body to run the experiment I wanted to conduct.” Adam took a step toward Madeline. “Do you remember what I said when you were released from prison and Daniel brought you to see me?”

Madeline clenched her fists, recalling the situation from that time.

Back then, Daniel had brought her to Adam. When Adam saw her, he was very surprised. Thinking about it now, it was not a look of surprise. Instead, he was excited—excited that his experiment had succeeded!


It turned out she was just his experiment!

“You don’t need to be angry. If it weren’t for my success with the experiment, you wouldn’t have lived till now, so you should be thanking me.” Adam looked proud and was confident at the success of his experiment.

“But what if your experiment had failed?! Have you ever thought that two lives would be lost?!”

“So what? You already had a troublesome disease. Death was inevitable. Your survival is a miracle brought upon by me.”

“Adam!” Adam’s remarks were shameless beyond comparison. She was trembling with anger, but she could not do anything to Adam.

“Adam, you really are terrible. You lied to everyone, including Daniel who has always regarded you as a good friend.”

Adam chuckled dismissively. “There’s no longer any meaning for you to say this, Eveline, but since you’re here, let me give you a gift for our meeting this time.”

He turned around and picked up two test tubes that were the thickness of his fingers from the laboratory table.

Madeline guessed that this might be the anti-toxoid reagent that could treat Jeremy.

In the next second, the transparent wall in front of her turned into a door that opened from both sides with the operation of Adam’s remote control.

Madeline quickly walked over to Adam, but just as she was about to grab the reagent, Ryan appeared behind her and took the reagent away.

Madeline’s sharp eyes revealed a strong aura. “Ryan, give me the anti-toxoid reagent!”

Ryan smiled deeply. “I can give it to you, but you have to pay a small price.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1169
Madeline looked at the anti-toxoid reagent in front of her and thought of Jeremy.

She knew that Jeremy would definitely not be willing to see her compromising and accepting Ryan’s despicable demands.

However, she knew better that she did not want to see a day when he would be in so much pain.

Madeline clenched her fists tightly and looked at the man in front of her who looked like his victory was already determined. Her gaze was firm.

“Ryan, you can make a request, but if you cross the line, I won’t compromise.”

Ryan walked up to Madeline and picked up the anti-toxoid reagent in his hand. He smiled deeply. “I’m afraid you have no reason to refuse. I don’t want him to suffer. You have no choice but to agree.”


Jeremy was pacing back and forth in the corridor anxiously. The calmness he always had was gone at this moment.

There was still blood on his palms that he had not managed to wash off. All of them came from Lillian.

Jeremy closed his eyes and took a deep breath, thinking of Lillian who had tried so hard to get close to him during this period of time. She had been wanting to call him ‘Daddy’ but instead, he turned a blind eye.

How much had his behavior hurt the child’s heart till the child was still trying to call him ‘Daddy’ just before she fell into unconsciousness?

Although he did not hear the child’s voice, he could see the shape of her mouth.


His little princess had called him her father.

Jeremy’s heart seemed to be riddled with countless glass slags and the pain was too much for him to bear.

Fabian was also restless at the moment. He regretted bringing Lillian and Jackson out off kindergarten.

Just as he was blaming himself, Jeremy suddenly rushed to him and picked him up by the collar.

Jeremy was furious. With blue veins protruding from his forehead, he uttered icy words while blaming Fabian.

“Fabian, why did you go look for my daughter for no reason?! You brought her out of the kindergarten! Since you brought her out, why didn’t you look after her well?!”

Fabian stood up straight while getting scolded and did not evade in the slightest.

“I’m sorry I didn’t look after Lillian well. If you want to beat or scold me, I’ll accept it.” Fabian apologized guiltily, feeling a discomfort in his heart. He was also worried about Lillian who was in the emergency room right now.

“Will doing that turn back time and allow Lillian to return to my side unscathed?!” Jeremy scolded, pushing Fabian against the wall.

“Fabian, I won’t allow you to see my daughter anymore. You’ll get out of here right now.”

Fabian glanced at the operating room with the red light still on and raised his eyes to look at Jeremy who had a cold expression. “I’ll leave after I confirm that Lillian is okay.”

Jeremy disagreed. “You’ll leave right away!”

“I’ll just take a look.” Fabian’s tone showed that he was humbly pleading.

“Heh,” Jeremy sneered as a cold light came from the bottom of his eyes. “Fabian, why did my daughter become mute? Why did I become like this? It’s all because of you Johnsons. You still dare stand here?”

Hearing this, Fabian furrowed his eyebrows. Suddenly, there was nothing to say.

“Fabian, never see my daughter again. Get out,” Jeremy warned solemnly before turning around coldly to face the operating room.

Fabian clenched his fist, but he finally let go of it weakly.

He could fully understand Jeremy’s emotions at the moment, and if it were him, he might do something more radical than Jeremy.

It was just…

‘Lillian, if I can never see you again, I’ll definitely miss you very much,’ Fabian thought silently, then turned around and left.

Jeremy heard the footsteps of Fabian leaving and sat weakly on the chair.

He knew that Fabian could not be blamed for Lillian’s accident.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1170
His emotions were very unstable. Lilian’s safety was still undetermined. As a father, he could only use such a way to vent out his dissatisfaction and sense of insecurity.

It was at this moment that the lights of the operating theater were turned off.

Jeremy got up and strolled to the doctor who was coming out. “Doctor, how’s my daughter doing? She’s bleeding heavily. Where is she injured? Will my daughter’s life be in danger?”

He kept bombarding the doctor with tons of questions, his eyes glistening with anxiety.

“The child’s back was grazed with metal scraps. She was bleeding a lot and in a rather critical phase. Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital just in time. For the time being, there’s no danger to her life.”

The doctor then let out a sigh.

“However, the child’s head has suffered from a serious concussion. We’ll have to wait till the child is awake before carrying out further examinations.”

Hearing the comment made Jeremy want to punch himself real hard.

He was blaming himself for stopping his footsteps earlier, or else, the little girl would not have been so absent-minded and stood there motionless.

If only he had run a bit faster and grabbed his kid away, then she would not have been involved in the explosion and got herself injured.

It was all his fault.

He was a failure as a father.

It was one thing he had never given his love to his kids, but he even got his kid into such danger.

Jeremy went to the VIP ward and stared at the doll-like face of the little girl who was unconscious. He hated himself.

He had been telling himself that since his time on this earth was limited, he should not acknowledge the little girl to prevent the kid from enduring further sufferings when he was gone.

However, he had forgotten that the little soul in there needed her father’s warmth and protection.

“Lillian, it’s my fault. When you’re awake, I’ll apologize to you.”

Jeremy held onto Lillian’s cold little hand, placing it over his lips and kissing it.

Looking at the pale kid, Jeremy lost all the courage to give Madeline a call.

He promised her that he would bring their kid back home safely, but currently, their little princess was lying on the hospital bed, passed out cold.

Madeline was on her way back to Whitman Manor in Ryan’s car.

Along the journey, there was a time where she lost her consciousness.

Ryan did not wish for her to know about Adam’s whereabouts. Hence, he made her dizzy and knocked her out.

Before Madeline got down from the car, Ryan wound down the car window and reminded her. “Remember the things you’ve promised. If you can’t do it, you’ll never be able to get the third bottle of reagent.”

Madeline could only coldly glance at Ryan, who was threatening her, before heading into the house.

Under the dark blue night sky, Ryan stared at Madeline’s strong outline as his eyes gave off a victorious joy.

Jackson had been waiting for Madeline’s return, so he was not in the mood to have his meal.

At that moment, he seemed to know that Madeline was almost back home and was waiting at the entrance.

“Mommy, you’re back.” The little kid held her hand while his eyes looked worried.

Madeline looked around the hall. “Your dad hasn’t come back home yet?”

Jackson shook his head. “Nope, Lillian isn’t home as well.”

Madeline then quickly booted up her phone.

She realized that when her phone was switched off, Jeremy had not given her a call nor sent her a message.

Suddenly, she felt insecure and quickly dialed Jeremy’s number. However, at that moment, the unknown foreign number was calling her once again.

Madeline answered the call and questioned, “Who the hell are you?!”

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