Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1141-1150

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1141
Ava’s expression turned heavy, and it was the first time Madeline had ever seen such an ironic, exasperated, and lonely expression on her friend.

Madeline thought about her parents and how they had also hurt her so harshly before.

Still, blood was thicker than water.

Not to mention that Eloise and Sean truly regretted and felt bad about their actions after. However, they were now…

‘Mom and Dad.’

Madeline’s eyes burned as she thought of her late parents.

Ava looked up to meet Madeline’s reddened eyes and thought of Eloise and Sean as well. She quickly changed the subject. “Let’s not think about sad things anymore, okay, Maddie?

“Didn’t you say you want to buy Ryan a birthday present? Let’s go pick something out from a branded store. I want to buy something for Dan as well.”

Madeline snapped back to reality and stared at Ava with a serious look. “There’s no reason why any mother wouldn’t love their child, Ava.”

“I know what you’re trying to say, Maddie. I also want to believe that my parents do love me. But after what they’ve done back then, this so-called repayment they’re doing now is just them trying to make themselves feel better. I don’t need such repayment.”

Ava was stubborn. Whatever she had been through, it must have been bad.

Not knowing how to persuade her, Madeline did not raise the topic anymore. She had no idea what Ava’s parents did either, which made reconciliation difficult.

Ava took Madeline’s hand and went toward the branded shelves. “Although, Maddie, won’t Jeremy get jealous with you buying gifts for Ryan?”

Madeline shook her head. “He won’t. I’ve already talked to Jer about it.”

“Jeremy this, Jeremy that. You sure are calling his name sweetly now.” Ava teased with a mischievous smile. “You’re finally enjoying the happiness after all that pain, Maddie.”

The happiness after the pain.

Madeline wished that this was the happiness after the pain.

However, she could not help but remember how Jeremy had hid the ball of tissue from her.

While in a daze, Ava seemed to have wrapped up the conversation with the clerk. The clerk had now gone to take the accessories from the storage behind so that Ava could confirm the order.

As they waited, both Madeline and Ava’s eyes fell on the accessories in the display case.

The Jones family was hardly short on money. Such branded items were nothing more than daily necessities to him. Sweeping her gaze over them, Madeline settled on buying a watch.

Madeline was about to pull Ava over to look when she heard an arrogant and mocking voice sounding from behind. “I never knew you would shop at these places. Aren’t you afraid of the shame if the people here realize that what you’re wearing are all fakes?”

Madeline looked in the direction of the voice to find a young lady donned in hefty jewelry. Her arms were crossed as she stared at Ava with an intent smile.

A clerk by the side then approached the woman with a pair of high-heels and handed them over courteously. “The shoes you ordered are here, Miss Mendez. Let me help you try them on.”

Miss Mendez?

Madeline quickly thought of the Naya Mendez Ava had mentioned to her before.

This Naya was one of the Graham family’s future daughter-in-law candidates, the daughter of a rich man.

Madeline had thought nothing much of Naya when Ava first told her about the other, but it was evident that there was more than met the eye after hearing Naya’s mocking tone.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1142
Naya slowly sat down and allowed the clerk to put her shoes on for her.

Not wanting to waste her time on Naya, Ava turned to leave only for Naya to taunt again.

“Are you leaving, Miss Long? Are the things here too expensive for you to buy? That’s fine. Daniel and I are great childhood friends. I can lend you money if you can’t afford them now. Don’t keep wearing fakes, alright? Just imagine how shameful it would be if someone found out.”

Naya’s expression was one of arrogant superiority as she showed off the bracelet on her wrist.

Watching Ava stare at her silently, Naya raised her wrist. “Isn’t this bracelet beautiful? I mean, of course, it is. It’s a six-figure bracelet, after all. This is a limited edition Miss L.ady bracelet from two years ago. Not even money can buy you one now.”

Ava smiled and praised as she watched Naya brag. “No wonder it’s so beautiful. It’s Miss L.ady’s limited edition.”

With her ego fed, Naya stood up and walked toward Ava with her shoes put on.

“You’re Ava Long, aren’t you?”

Ava nodded. “How can I help you, Miss Mendez?”

Glancing at the other customers and staff in the shop, Naya raised her voice. “I know that you’re only with Daniel because his family is rich, Ava. There are just too many gold-diggers like you in this world, but you have to take a look at yourself too.”

She raised her arrogant gaze and gave Ava a look-over. “Just look at yourself. You don’t even have a single branded item on you. How could you possibly be worthy of Daniel? It didn’t feel right to point out your lie when we were at Graham Manor, but don’t pretend you’re some big shot when you don’t even have the money to back you up. Don’t buy fakes to pretend you belong in this circle if you can’t buy the original brand.”

Naya then rolled her eyes arrogantly. “Don’t you know how embarrassing it would be if someone noticed the fakes you’re wearing?”

Madeline grew infuriated as she walked toward Naya and asked calmly, “What about you, Miss Mendez? You claim it to be embarrassing, so do you also know how it feels like to have someone realize you’re wearing fakes?”

Naya was still gloating when she suddenly heard Madeline speak.

Her smile froze as she turned to look at Madeline. Seeing that she was a beauty a few levels above her, Naya was even more displeased. “Who are you? I’m just talking to my friend, what’s it to you?”

“Stop being delusional, Miss Mendez. You’re not my friend.” Ava shot back and turned to link arms with Madeline. “My only best friend is here.”

At that, Naya’s expression soured as she scoffed. “So you two are a team.” She mocked, staring down at Madeline arrogantly as if trying to pick on her.

“What did you just say? You’d better clear things up. How dare you claim that I’m wearing fakes in front of so many people? I can sue you for defamation, you know!”

Madeline was unfazed as she replied with her eyes twinkling. “According to the 246th rule on the book of criminal law, public humiliation and false accusations with the intent of defamation can result in up to three years of jail time.

“I’m sure everyone here heard what you said, Miss Mendez. My friend has every right to sue you for defamation.”

“What?” Naya scoffed disdainfully. “You’re suing me for defamation? Then what about you? Wasn’t what you said just now also defamation?”

“It’s not.” Madeline smiled faintly and pointed at Naya’s bracelet. “This bracelet you’re wearing is fake.”

Naya was stunned. Her eyes flared as she burst into laughter while pointing at Madeline arrogantly.

“You think it’s fake just because you said it is? Who do you think you are? Who are you to appraise it? Your attitude is clearly sour grapes! This is an exclusive Miss L.ady bracelet from two years ago. You probably haven’t even seen it before!”

“If she hasn’t seen it, then I don’t think there would be anyone else in this world who has.” Ava wrapped her arm around Madeline’s shoulder pridefully as she introduced Madeline.

“Since you don’t know, Naya Mendez, then let me tell you. This beautiful and kind woman over here is Vera Quinn, Miss L.ady’s top designer back then. You’ve got to at least heard of her name before, right?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1143

Naya’s expression shifted like Christmas lights, turning red and green.

She stared at Madeline in disbelief and finally understood why Madeline was so certain.

In the meantime, gazes of shock and admiration began to fall on Madeline.

“So this was Miss L.ady’s top designer. She’s so pretty, no wonder her designs are so well-liked.”

“I’ve bought quite a few of her brand’s accessories too. They have quite unique designs.”

“I bought a lot from them too, until they changed the designer. Then I stopped.”

Ava was proud of her friend when she heard the comments.

On the other hand, Madeline began to feel shy. “Lie low, Ava.”

Ava shrugged and stared at Naya in exasperation. “It’s not my fault she started it.”

“…” Naya’s lips twitched. She opened her mouth to protest as she felt that her image was beginning to shatter.

“So what if you were Miss L.ady’s top designer? That doesn’t give you the right to defame me! My father’s a well-known businessman in Glendale. We aren’t even short on money, so why would I need to buy a fake? You’re just slandering me to help Ava!”

She wore a pitiful expression to pull the crowd on her side.

“Vera Quinn, right? Since you’re the one who designed it, then take a look at the serial number on my bracelet! Why would I need to wear fakes when I’m the daughter of a businessman?”

Madeline remained calm. “I don’t know whether you need to or not, nor do I want to know. I just want to say that the fact that there’s a serial number further proves that the bracelet is a fake. These so-called serial numbers are a system structured by those who sell fakes. The real bracelet doesn’t have a serial number at all. I can pull out the information for you if you don’t believe me.”

“What…” Naya’s expression fell at her explanation.

She clenched her jaw, unable to refute.

Ava did not speak either, merely smiling at Naya instead.

Huffing, Naya turned to leave as she realized the situation was not looking good for her.

However, her turn was too dramatic and she knocked into the clerk approaching from the opposite direction. Everything the clerk held fell onto the floor, causing one of the earrings’ diamonds to fall out. There was a scratch mark on the sapphire necklace as well.

The clerk’s expression fell. “Oh no!”

Naya was looking for an outlet for her anger and raged at the clerk. “What’s there to ‘oh no’? It’s just a set of accessories. I’ll just pay you back!”

“But… “ The clerk looked at Ava. “This midsummer limited edition set from Legendary Mystery belongs to this lady.”

Naya turned to the direction the clerk was pointing in to find a smiling Ava.

Naya did not believe her. “Are you kidding me? Her? How can she afford to buy this set of accessories when she can’t even afford a piece of crystal from that earring with her entire monthly pay?”

Ava had initially come to refund the accessory but had a better idea now.

“Stop wasting your saliva, Miss Mendez. Your carelessness has caused serious damage to my properties. You have two choices now. Either open a check and pay me back now, or you can wait for a letter from my lawyer.”

“You…” Naya was infuriated.

“Aren’t you the daughter of a businessman? I’m sure you bring your checkbook with you wherever you go, right? Then get to it already. Let’s not waste anyone else’s time.”


Naya clenched her fists, her beautiful face twisting in anger.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1144
She had lost enough of her dignity with the bracelet she wore being discovered fake. To have her unable to write a check now would only make it worse.

However, with how much she had spent recently, she already reached the limit with the checks and could not pay for the accessories!

Seeing everyone waiting for her to write a check, Naya grew more embarrassed and pulled out her name card before throwing it at the clerk. “Come look for me here tomorrow. I didn’t bring my checkbook with me today!”

Flushed, she picked up her purse and left. Naya glared at Ava and Madeline just as she walked past them. She warned the former, “Just you wait!”

With Naya gone, Madeline and Ava immediately felt more relaxed.

Naya was two completely different people in front of the Graham family and moments ago.

“You’ve got to hold tight to Dan, Ava. This Naya seems difficult to deal with.” Madeline reminded kindly, for she could tell from Naya’s actions. “That bracelet too. She knew it was fake all along.”

“I could tell.” Ava rifled through her memories. “The first time I saw her, the outfit she wore and the brooch she got Dan’s mom were also fakes. But Dan’s mom had no idea and thanked Naya for being kind and thoughtful.”

Ava smiled and sighed. “I just don’t understand what people like her are thinking. They’re the ones with the fakes, yet they still accuse others of doing the same. It’s not like she has no money to buy genuine products either. She’s from a rich family.”

Madeline did not understand either.

The world was filled with weird people. Meredith and Lana were both rare weirdos.

Yet they shared a similarity—their lack of a baseline. These two were the kind who would do anything to get what they wanted.

Madeline did not end up choosing a gift for Ryan in the end, although Ava did manage to find a set of couple loungewear for her and Daniel.

Staring at the lovey-dovey expression Ava was wearing, Madeline also felt the urge to buy couple clothes but stopped herself when she realized that she had already outgrown the age of being hopelessly in love.

Moreover, she could not seem to imagine how it would look to have an aloof man like Jeremy wearing such clothes with her.

Still, Madeline bought a set anyway in case there came a situation where Jeremy would wear it.

Returning to her and Jeremy’s new home, Madeline made sure to look around for paparazzi who had nothing better to do with their lives. Confirming that the coast was clear, Madeline alighted the car and entered the house.

Upon opening the door, Madeline was met with the sound of Jeremy coughing upstairs.

Her body grew cold at the sound, and the seemingly endless coughs made her temples throb like someone was playing the drums.

Madeline had not the courage to think deeper into it. Instead, she stood frozen by the entrance.

It was only when Jeremy’s coughs came to an end that she finally snapped back to reality.

Hearing Jeremy’s footsteps down the stairs, Madeline smiled and pretended to have just entered the doors.

Jeremy’s eyes fell on the shopping bag in her hands and he walked over with a smile. “Did you have fun shopping? What did you buy?”

Madeline walked toward him with a smile and urged him coquettishly. “I bought a set of clothes for us, Jeremy. Won’t you try and put them on?”

Unable to resist her crescent-eyed smile, Jeremy gathered her into his arms and placed a peck on her cheek before he went to try the clothes.

Seeing the man about to take his shirt off, Madeline walked toward the stairs. “I’m going to the room first, Jeremy.”


The man did not suspect her as he tried the clothes on in the living room.

Madeline quickly made her way upstairs to the bedroom and checked the trash for the tissue. Coming up with nothing, she then went to the study where the computer was still opened up on the table. Madeline strode quickly to the trash can by the desk to check that instead.

Squatting down, Madeline reached her hand inside without thinking about how unsanitary it was and took out the used piece of tissue. Her fingers began to tremble inexplicably as her heart raced.

Madeline took a deep breath and willed herself to calm down as she unfurled the ball of tissue. The strength from her legs seemed to have vanished the moment she opened it and her knees fell to the floor in a kneel…
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1145
Dazed, Madeline stared at the dark red spots of blood on the tissue. Oxygen suddenly felt scarce, and her vision darkened. She could not see anything at all. Before her was endless darkness and she felt it slowly suffocating her, numbing her senses.

He had not recovered yet. There was still poison in his body.

He lied to her.


Jeremy’s voice sounded from outside, snapping Madeline back to reality.

She stood up, her hands and feet feeling cold. She stuffed the tissue into her pocket. Wiping the tears off the corner of her eyes, she forced herself to smile and walk down the stairs.

Meeting her was Jeremy in the white T-shirt she had chosen for him. It fitted perfectly on the man’s body.

He walked toward her and curled the corner of his lips. “How is it? Do I look okay?”

Madeline stared deeply at the man in front of her. The faint smile he was wearing brought her back to years ago when they first knocked into each other on campus.

It had been years, yet hints of the man’s youth remained on his features.

The corners of Madeline’s eyes burned as she threw herself into Jeremy’s arms, hers looping around his waist.

Jeremy had no idea what prompted this but raised his arms to hold her back instinctively.

“What’s wrong, hmm?”

“Don’t leave me,” Madeline whispered, holding her emotions back by a single thread.

Jeremy was stunned for a moment as he felt the intensity of Madeline’s love and reluctance to leave him. The man smiled and raised his hand to caress the back of her head.

“I won’t leave you,” he promised, but his gaze grew lonely. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be with you.”

‘Even if my clock begins to tick, I will never let you go again.’

Jeremy kept the last sentence in his heart.

Madeline secretly went to a lab and looked for the chemist there.

Mr. Gordon could not help being curious upon seeing Madeline coming in with another ball of tissue to be tested when she had done the same half a year ago.

However, there was client confidentiality in place. He quickly went to do tests on the dried clot of blood.

Madeline walked out of the lab feeling uneasy.

The results may not be out yet, but she could already guess what they would be.

She did not want to question Jeremy for he was only hiding it from her so that she would not need to worry about him.

She was the reason why he hid from her at all.

Madeline returned to the office dazedly, not in the mood to work at all.

It had only been a moment since she sat down when she suddenly received a call from Ryan. “Are we still meeting today, Eveline?”

Hearing him, Madeline remembered that today was Ryan’s birthday.

She reined her thoughts back and spoke softly, “Yeah. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you. See you tonight.”

“Alright.” Madeline agreed.

Hanging up the phone, she exhaled a long breath of relief.

Her union with Ryan was about to be annulled.

She would soon be able to openly be the wife of the man she loved.


The mere thought of Jeremy’s physical condition unsettled Madeline.

The lab results would only come out tomorrow. Everything she was thinking about now was merely a suspicion.

Not knowing what to buy Ryan, Madeline finally decided on making him a cake from scratch.

Jeremy stood by her side while she made the cake, handing her things from time to time.

Evening came, and Jeremy then took it upon himself to send her off, all the way to where she and Ryan had decided to meet.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1146
By the empty riverbank stood Ryan in a black suit, quiet as he stared at the body of water before him. The man exuded an aura of elegance.

Madeline had Jeremy wait in the car as she approached Ryan from behind with the cake in hand.

“I’m here, Rye. How’s your leg doing?”

Ryan slowly turned around.

The setting sun shone behind the man. There was a cold and dangerous look between his defined brows that Madeline had never seen before. Still, he gave her a warm smile.

“Happy birthday.” Madeline handed the cake over. “I couldn’t think of what expensive gift you would need from me, so I made you a cake instead.”

“Thank you. I’ll enjoy it later.” Ryan took the cake and stared at it. “Could you open it and light a candle for me? I’d like to make a wish.”

“Of course.” Madeline opened the box and pulled out a slender candle, poking it into the cake.

She had not brought anything to light the candle, but Ryan pulled out a lighter from his pocket and lit it himself.

The glow of the setting sun faded, and the flickering candle flame danced in the breeze.

Not too far away sat Jeremy in the car, watching the scene before him. The man’s sharp eyes bore into Ryan as frost seemed to seep from their bottomless pits.

Knowing that Jeremy was waiting for her in the car, Madeline did not want to make the man wait too long either. She was going to return the moment Ryan made his wish, blew the candle, and signed the papers.

This would mark the end of her relationship with Ryan.

Staring at Madeline who seemed to be deep in thought, Ryan’s lips curled into a meaningful smile.

“Do you know what I wished for, Eveline?” Ryan asked.

Madeline had no idea, nor was she interested in knowing. She merely smiled and replied, “Whatever it is, I hope it comes true.”

Ryan nodded as his smile deepened. “Thank you. I’m sure it will.”

He turned around and picked up the divorce papers from the bench before walking back to stand in front of Madeline.

“These are the divorce papers you gave me before.”

“Did you sign them yet?” Madeline asked, feeling more joyful with every passing second.

She would finally be able to be with Jeremy without hiding.

Madeline thought to herself as a smile graced her lips.

In the next moment, however, she saw Ryan shaking his head. “I didn’t.”

Madeline’s smile dropped slightly. “Is there a condition you’d like to change, Rye?”

“No.” Ryan shook his head and stared heavily at Madeline. “I made a wish just now that I’d be able to be with the woman I love forever and we would never need to part.”


At Ryan’s words, Madeline felt that something was wrong.

She did not have the opportunity to speak when she saw Ryan taking the lighter and lighting the corner of the divorce papers on fire right in front of her.

Watching the flames eating the papers, Madeline stared at the man in disbelief.


“I don’t want to change the status between us,” he replied.

Madeline frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to get a divorce, Eveline.”


“You’re still Mrs. Jones. This is a fact that will not change,” Ryan emphasized.

Ryan taking his words back shocked Madeline. “Why? Why are you suddenly going back on your words?”

“You’ll understand someday, but that someday isn’t today,” Ryan replied mysteriously to Madeline’s frustration.

She placed the cake on the bench and gave Ryan a confused and disappointed look before turning around.

Ryan turned to look at the car parked not too far away and suddenly pulled Madeline by her wrist into his embrace.

This seemingly elegant gentleman now had his arms domineeringly around Madeline. He leaned down and accurately pressed his lips against Madeline’s.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1147
Madeline began to struggle when she was forcibly pulled into Ryan’s arms. Seeing him lean down to kiss her, she quickly tilted her head to evade it.

“What are you doing, Ryan?! Let go of me!”

Madeline struggled harder against his hold only to have Ryan suddenly reach out and grab the back of Madeline’s head, forcing her to look at him.

His eyes were cold, a radical contrast to the gentle one he displayed before.

“Ryan?” Madeline found herself no longer familiar with the man in front of her.

Ryan merely smiled. “Do you know, Eveline? You’re the best birthday present I could ever have.”


Madeline heard the deeper meaning behind those words, and a sharp glint flared in her eyes. There was no way she would let him do as he wished.

She was just about to fight back with every ounce of strength within her when a familiar palm grabbed onto her shoulder tightly, pulling her out from Ryan’s hold.

Just as she was pulled into Jeremy’s arms, Madeline caught sight of the man’s icy features. He grabbed Ryan’s collar roughly and sent a heavy punch to the side of his face without a second thought. The man seemed to have been possessed by Satan himself.

“Ryan Jones! I don’t care who you touch, but she’s off-limits!” Jeremy’s tone was bone-chilling and his eyes honed sharply into Ryan like an eagle. It was a new-found brutal edge on Jeremy!

After taking the punch, Ryan looked to the side as he raised a finger to lightly wipe off the blood around the corner of his lips. A nonchalant smile graced his lips.

He stared at an enraged Jeremy. “Jeremy Whitman, that’s my wife.”

Ryan gave a light reply.

It was one that set off an explosion within Jeremy. He then reached out for Ryan’s collar again.

His bloodthirsty eyes glared harder into the man.

“She’s my wife!” Jeremy spat the words out as the frosty aura between his brows grew.

It was evident how displeased and in pain he was at the fact that Madeline was technically still Mrs. Jones.

“She used to be yours, but everyone in Glendale right now knows that Eveline Montgomery is my legal wife. Not to mention that Eveline and I have already copulated as well. Or did you forget that?” Ryan replied, unfazed. He was trying to trigger Jeremy again.

Veins appeared on the man’s fist as his dark eyes were tinted with the desire to kill. He pushed Ryan back harshly.

Ryan fell back onto the bench, and by the time he looked up again, Jeremy already had a gun aimed at him.

Ryan showed no fear or worry at the sight. He merely smiled. It was evident from the man’s mentality that he was no ordinary person.

“Jeremy.” Madeline quickly ran to his side to hold his hand. “Don’t let your feelings cloud you, Jeremy.”

She coaxed as her heart began to race nervously.

Jeremy held the gun calmly and pressed its nuzzle against Ryan’s chest. The man’s differently colored irises shone with arrogance as he stared down at Ryan.

Perhaps he should have pulled the trigger long ago, but Madeline’s interference halted his twitching finger.

Under the influence of the poison, Jeremy’s memory was no longer whole. Some of his memories were lost and some were blurry. Yet the things Madeline had told him before still rang loud in his mind.

She did not want him to make another mistake.

Still, how was he supposed to hold back in the face of Ryan’s actions just now?

“Let’s go, Jeremy.” Madeline pulled his hand.

The man slowly lowered the gun, and just as Madeline pulled him around, the man turned to take the cake on the bench along with them as well.

“You don’t deserve this,” Jeremy said before pulling Madeline into his arms in tight protection as they left together.

Ryan was left alone to look up in front of him where a vague light flashed. The man curled his lips into a silent smile.

On the journey home, Madeline’s mood plummeted as she held the cake Jeremy took back.

She felt her frustration bubble when she was reminded of the words Ryan said and the fact that he suddenly decided not to go along with the divorce.

Jeremy stopped the car by a secluded street. Clutching the steering wheel, the man stayed silent for a moment before he finally turned to look at Madeline.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1148
“He’s going back on his word, isn’t he, Linnie?”

Madeline nodded but did not reply. In her mind echoed the words Ryan told Jeremy, “Not to mention that Eveline and I have already copulated as well.”

Her head throbbed, and she suddenly opened the door to walk over to the trash can by the road where she threw the cake away.

She turned around only to find Jeremy already standing in front of her.

The man did not say anything. Instead, he placed a hand on the back of Madeline’s hand to pull her into his arms. He tightly hugged her.

“No matter what he says, it won’t change what I feel for you.” He comforted her, understanding what Madeline was worried about. “Let me deal with it, okay? I’ll make him sign the papers.”

Madeline immediately looked up, her eyes filled with worry. “Don’t go overboard, Jeremy. I don’t want anything to happen to you anymore.”

Jeremy could understand why Madeline was worried. “I want to be with you for a very long time, silly. I won’t go overboard again, I promise.”

“But do you know how scary you looked just now?”

“Did I scare you?” Jeremy asked with a gentle smile.

Madeline nodded, her passionate eyes holding a serious look. “You didn’t even look that scary when you hated me back then.”

Jeremy felt his heart clench as he chuckled. “I scared my Linnie, huh? Well, that’s not good. I’m sorry. Shh, it’s okay. Let me comfort you, hmm?”

He leaned down to seal her lips with his, bringing her into a deep yet chaste kiss.

“Let’s go home, Linnie.”

“Yeah, home. Our home.”

Looking at Jeremy, Madeline felt her mood substantially lifting as she got into the car.

It was still early when Madeline had Jeremy drive them to Whitman Manor.

It had been an entire day since they saw the kids and Madeline missed them a lot.

Entering the doors, Madeline was met with the sight of Lillian and Jackson quietly doing their homework at the coffee table.

Reminded of Jeremy’s cold attitude toward Lillian, Madeline said to him again, “Be nicer to Lillian, Jeremy. She has never felt what it’s like to be loved by a dad before.”

Jeremy swallowed his words as he turned to look at Lillian who was working hard on her homework.

It had been half a year since they last met and the child seemed to have lost a bit of her baby fat.

Her delicate features and her fair skin made her look like a doll.

She was his only princess.

However, Jeremy’s mind was ringing with a woman’s voice. “It’s impossible to completely rid your body of the poison anymore. This is the only way I can push your deadline, but you have to be prepared.”

The words echoed in his mind.

Jeremy reined his thoughts back and saw that Lillian was currently walking toward him.

In her small hands was a piece of paper. The little girl’s round eyes were looking at him with careful hesitation and hope.

Seeing the fear in the child’s eyes, Jeremy felt his heart clench.

He was the cause behind Lily’s fear and distance.

However, he did not have another choice.

It was better to never have had at all than to have and lost.

Even so, Lillian was choosing to approach him again. She had made her way to stand in front of him.

Blinking her round and clear eyes, the little girl stood before Jeremy and slowly raised her adorable arms. She wanted to hand Jeremy a piece of paper.

Jeremy tried to ignore her, but his eyes fell onto the word that was written clearly on the paper.

He gulped as tears began to well in his eyes, blurring his sight.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1149

The word swayed in Jeremy’s tear-clouded vision, reflecting in his dark eyes and shooting right through his heart.

Lillian was giving him a genuine smile as she stared at him, her arms raised high up in the air.

She was waiting, waiting for Jeremy to accept the picture she had drawn. She was waiting for Jeremy to see the word ‘Daddy’ that she had written herself.

On the paper, there were the figures of all five of them that made up her family.

The only daughter of the family was holding a distinguished man’s hand, looking at him as she called him ‘Daddy’.

She finally called him her dad.

She finally understood that he was her biological father.

She could not speak, yet the drawing was a clear testament to her desire to call him her father.

Jeremy’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he harshly forced down the desire to cry.

Under Lillian’s expectant gaze, Jeremy turned and left.

His escape wiped off the smile on Lillian’s little face as despair began to replace the hope in her large eyes.

Madeline did not understand Jeremy’s actions. She only bent down to hug the disappointed princess.

“Lillian, Mommy’s perfect princess, it’s okay.” Madeline comforted despite the stabbing pain in her heart.

Staring at the child’s diligent drawing, Madeline knew that the child understood.

She knew that Jeremy was her actual father.

Yet until she could break through the psychological fear, she would not be able to call him her father herself and drawings were all she could give.

Even so, Jeremy continued to ignore her.

“What’s wrong with Daddy, Mommy? Lily drew so well, but why didn’t Daddy even take a look?” Jackson walked over and asked.

Madeline quickly explained, “Daddy is just too happy that he’s feeling embarrassed.”

She made an excuse for Jeremy as she took the drawing from Lillian’s hands.

“How about I help you pass this to Daddy, Lillian?”

Lillian’s dark eyes brightened as she nodded at Madeline.

Madeline’s chest tightened. “Trust me, Lily. You’re irreplaceable in Mommy, Daddy, and your brother’s hearts. Don’t think otherwise, okay?”

Lily’s marble-like eyes blinked as she nodded.

“That’s my good girl.” Madeline placed a peck on the child’s cheek.

Seeing this, Jackson came over to ask for affection as well. “Me too, Mommy.” He pushed his handsome little cheek toward her.

Madeline placed a peck on his cheek as well and stood with the drawing in her hands. “Help your sister with her homework, okay, Jack?”

“Okay!” Jackson replied obediently and took his sister’s hand.

Staring at the two small figures, Madeline’s heart warmed. However, it was clenching in relief and regret at the same time.

These two kids had never gotten the chance to have the kind of carefree childhood other children got to experience. They did not get to bask in both their parents’ love at the same time.

Madeline’s heart soured. ‘Must my children experience the same horrible childhood I had?’ she asked herself. Looking closer at the drawing in her hands, Madeline’s heart ached.

She took the drawing and made her way to the courtyard.

She searched around and found Jeremy standing by the flower beds. With his back against her, the man seemed to be wiping the corner of his eyes.

Finding it weird, Madeline quickened her pace as she walked toward the man.

Hearing her footsteps, Jeremy turned around.

Under the cold silver moonlight, the man’s attractive features were calm as if everything that happened a moment ago had nothing to do with him at all.

Madeline was not angry at all when she was met with the indifferent expression the man wore. She spoke in a calm tone, “If I were to still question and doubt you at this stage, Jeremy, then I don’t think I deserve you at all.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1150
Her words had stunned Jeremy. Madeline merely smiled and handed the drawing to him.

“I know that you have your own reason for doing that. I also know that you’ve been waiting to hear her say out that word for a very long time…”

Jeremy felt his hold over his emotions slip as he watched Madeline pass him the drawing with the word ‘Daddy’ on it.

He did not say anything, merely reaching out to take the drawing that Lillian had drawn with her heart.

“I’ll go check on Pudding. You take as much time as you need.” Madeline then turned around.

He was now alone in the empty courtyard.

Jeremy stared at the drawing under the moonlight and traced every figure with his slender finger before it finally fell on the little girl who was calling out for her dad.

The night breeze blew at him with the fresh scent of flowers.

Even so, Jeremy could not help but smell something bitter instead.

Before him was a colorful and warm drawing, yet it seemed to be gray in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Lillian.”

The corner of his eyes grew hot and damp as he called out her name.

“Daddy is happy, I am,” he murmured under his breath as he carefully kept the drawing close by his chest.

Jeremy and Madeline spent the night in Whitman Manor.

It was around midnight when Jeremy carefully crept out of bed and into Lillian’s bedroom.

The weather was slowly transitioning into summer and the temperature began to rise. Entering the room, Jeremy found that Lillian had kicked the blanket off to the side and her pajamas had risen up her stomach, showing a corner of her small tummy.

Jeremy walked over, tucking Jackson in on the way before he made his way to Lillian’s bed. After adjusting his little princess’ clothes, he softly tucked her in as well.

“Lillian,” he called out softly, his gaze looking soft.

He had planned to watch his little princess in silence when the child’s eyelashes fluttered and she slowly opened her bleary eyes.

Jeremy sat by the bed and watched Lillian blink while she reached out to lightly grab Jeremy’s hand.

Stunned, Jeremy gripped the small hand in his palm.

Lillian smiled subconsciously before her eyes slipped shut again and she drifted back to sleep.

It was almost as if all of this was a dream to her.

Instead of turning away from her, her dad gripped her hand tighter in her dreams. It was warm, very warm…

Madeline watched the scene by the door and felt her heart grow heavy.

Why did he find the need to be so cold to Lillian? Why?

Madeline watched by the door for as long as Jeremy sat in the kid’s room. It was only when she heard his footsteps that she quickly ran back to lie down in the bedroom.

Not knowing that Madeline was awake, Jeremy quietly went to smoke a cigarette by the balcony.

Soon later, he joined Madeline in bed.

Wrapping an arm around her, he kissed her lips and caressed her brows.

“Goodnight, Linnie.”


Madeline pretended to be asleep, but as Jeremy approached, she could smell the faint scent of herbs on the man.

Why would a normal cigarette have such a refreshing scent?

Despite her confusion, Madeline fell asleep before she knew it.

Madeline was still asleep the next morning when she heard her phone vibrate non-stop.

She turned around to see that she was getting a call from Ava. She picked it up. “Why are you calling me so early in the morning, Ava?”

“How are you still asleep, Maddie? Did you see the breaking news online yet?”

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