Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1101-1110

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1101
Jeremy felt his heart skip a beat as he lifted his head to look at Madeline.

However, she was not awake. She only grabbed his hand subconsciously, yet she was still so strong.

“Jeremy, don’t leave me again…” she said in her sleep. She had no idea he was next to her.

Jeremy grabbed her hand and kissed the back of her hand. There were so many deep emotions on his handsome face.

“Linnie, no matter where I go, you’ll always be my only one.”

Jeremy sat on the side of the bed and looked at the sleeping face in satisfaction.

He fed Madeline an antipyretic. After that, he just stayed and watched her silently.

He stayed there for the entire afternoon. When he felt that her forehead was no longer as hot, Jeremy tested her temperature and noticed that her fever had indeed gone down.

He was feeling much relieved and decided to leave.

He took out a jewelry box from his pocket. Then, after he placed it down, he looked intensely at Madeline.

“Linnie, goodbye. Don’t miss me,” he said before turning around to leave. At this moment, he heard a woman’s scream from downstairs.

“Ryan, I didn’t expect you to hide from me!”

Jeremy felt that the sound was familiar. When he was wondering who it was, he noticed that Madeline was already awake.

When Madeline opened her eyes, Jeremy had just stepped out of the room in time.

She furrowed her brows when she heard Naomi’s screeches.

Madeline sat up and saw a jewelry box on the head of the bed.

She knew the jewelry box. It was the box she had put her wedding ring and the letters in. She had left it in the villa they bought after they got married, so why was it here now?

She opened it and saw the bookmark that Jeremy gave her when they were kids.

Was he here?

He was here!

Madeline smelled a familiar scent.

She quickly lifted her blanket and jumped out of bed. When she got downstairs, she did not see Jeremy, but instead, she saw Naomi charging toward her aggressively.

When she saw Madeline running downstairs in her pajamas, Naomi’s face turned dark immediately.

“Ryan, you didn’t even touch me when we were together and now you’re canoodling with this woman in broad daylight?! I guess you never loved me!”

However, Madeline completely ignored Naomi. She was eager to look for the special scent as she rushed out.

However, the pain from the injury of her knee and ankle forced her to slow down.

Ryan was worried that something bad would happen to Madeline, so he chased after her. “Eveline, why are you here? Go back to your room.”

Madeline pushed away Ryan’s hands that were trying to stop her and was extremely emotional. “I smelled him! He’s nearby!”

Ryan knew Madeline’s sense of smell was impeccable, but he did not expect it to be so sharp.

Jeremy had indeed left from the backdoor.

However, if Madeline really saw Jeremy in this state, it would only hurt her more.

This was the first time Ryan held Madeline in such a domineering way as he trapped Madeline firmly in his arms. “Eveline, you’re sick and it’s very windy outside.”

“Let me go! I want to go find him! He’s nearby! I know it!” Madeline used all of her might to push Ryan away.

However, her body was weak right now, so she could not push away a well-built man.

Madeline’s eyes were red as she looked around dazedly.

“Jeremy, I know you’re here. Come out and see me now!”

‘Jeremy is here?’

Naomi was stunned. When she saw Ryan holding Madeline this way, she felt jealousy rising in her chest.

“Rye, just look at this woman. She’s already married to you and she’s still thinking about Jeremy. Why did you marry a woman like her? If she wants to go look for Jeremy, then just let her!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1102
Naomi tried to flatter Ryan using this opportunity.

“Rye, let’s get back together, okay? I’m the one who truly loves you.”

With Naomi incessantly pestering Ryan, he eventually lost his hold on Madeline.

Madeline ran out the door and into the autumn wind and rain. “Jeremy, Jeremy!”

She yelled at the vast emptiness in front of her. “If you can’t let me go, then why did you hide from me? Do you think I won’t be in any hurt if you hide from me?”

Jeremy was standing around the corner and was glad that it was raining.

At least Madeline would not be able to pick up on his scent.

Ryan ran over and picked Madeline up by the waist when he saw her dressed so thinly while standing in the rain.

“Eveline, calm down.” Ryan comforted her as he held the struggling Madeline before bringing her back inside.

Naomi could not stand how much Ryan cared for Madeline. As such, she barged in front of them to stop them.

“Madeline, you homewrecker! You seduced my fiancé! Rye was initially my boyfriend!” Naomi roared angrily.

Madeline ignored her, but Naomi continued to slander her.

“Eveline, I know why you’re upset. Jeremy is going to die, right? Haha! It’s your fault for being fickle and seducing Rye! Your man dying is your karma for all of this!”

Naomi cackled wretchedly.

Madeline suddenly clenched her fist and kicked Naomi on the shoulder.

“The people who deserve to die are heinous rats like you! My Jeremy won’t die!”

“Ah!” Naomi screamed and fell.

Then, using this opportunity, Ryan carried Madeline inside the house and locked the door.

Madeline looked at the closed door, then at the drizzle outside. She felt as if she was an entire world away from Jeremy.


Tears started streaming down her face.

She did not want to leave like this. She wanted to look at him. She wanted to see how he was now. She wanted to see if he was thinner and if he was suffering from the poison.

However, she gradually lost the ability to fight back.

Before she fell unconscious, she vaguely saw Jeremy’s face.

After Naomi climbed up from the ground, she slammed her hands on the door angrily. She was also berating Madeline non-stop with all kinds of horrible curses.

However, she felt someone creeping up behind her as she was yelling.

When she was about to turn around, she felt a dull pain in her neck before she lost consciousness.

After some time, Naomi woke up groggily and felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck.

It was still raining, and she was abandoned on the muddy grounds in the outskirts of town. Her entire body was drenched.

She scrambled to get up, but after she took two steps forward, she saw a man in black in front of her.

Naomi knew that it was Jeremy. It was difficult for her to forget such a handsome face.

At this moment, his pale face was filled with malice.

Naomi quickly turned around to run away when she recalled how Jeremy had poured gasoline on her and almost burned her alive.

Jeremy pulled out his gun neither too quickly nor too slowly and fired it near Naomi’s feet.

“Ah!” Naomi screamed and fell on the muddy ground. She also got a mouthful of mud when she fell.

She backed away in terror as she watched Jeremy approaching her slowly. “Don’t kill me. I won’t do it again. I won’t cause any trouble for Eveline again. I really… Ugh!”

Before she could finish, Jeremy grabbed her by the neck.

“Why do you have to upset my Eveline? Are you tired of staying alive, hmm?”

“Don’t… M-Mr. Whitman, I was wrong…” Naomi gasped and pleaded.

However, Jeremy only tightened his grip on her neck.

“So what if you know your mistakes? Will you change? You’ll only keep annoying my Linnie. So, someone like you should disappear from this world forever. Coincidentally, I need someone leading me to the gates of hell after I die, so I think you should do it.”

“No…” Naomi’s back turned cold from fear. “Mr. Whitman, you can’t kill me. If I die, you’ll never know the truth about your in-laws’ death!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1103
Jeremy did not forget how Lana wanted to exchange this information with him as well, but he did not care.

Now, he only wanted the people who destroyed his relationship with Madeline to disappear from this world.

Looking at Naomi’s face that was getting purple, he suddenly recalled Madeline’s words she said in a distressed voice in his head, “Jeremy, stop making mistakes again.”

‘No, Linnie. I won’t make the same mistakes again.

‘If you don’t like me doing anything that goes over the limit, then I won’t.’

Naomi was about to stop breathing. At that moment, she thought she was on her way to see God when Jeremy let go of his hand.

Naomi lay on the ground and wheezed. She lifted her head, and when she saw the man who was towering over her like Satan, she curled herself up into a ball.

“I-I’ll stop causing trouble for Eveline. P-Please, let me go, Mr. Whitman…”

Jeremy looked at Naomi who was trembling violently with a malicious yet indifferent look. “What did Lana tell you?”

Naomi gulped. “She said you have a slow-acting poison in you and you’re going to die soon.”



Naomi shifted her eyes. She wanted to change the topic. However, Jeremy’s cold aura overpowered her, and she found herself subconsciously shrinking her neck before blurting out frantically, “She told me that she hired someone to light the fire last time. You… Cough, cough… You’re not the one who set the fire!”

When he heard that, Jeremy felt as if someone had turned him into a block of ice.

He stood in the rain as all of his senses shut down. At that moment, the only thing he could see was Montgomery Manor being engulfed in flames.

Naomi looked at Jeremy as he froze in place. Then, she quickly got up and ran away without even caring where she was going.

The rain became heavier, and Jeremy stood there for a very long time. Suddenly, he burst out laughing.

There was an indescribable bitter smile on his sickly face.

He was not the one who set the fire?

He was not the one who set the fire that destroyed Montgomery Manor?

He closed his eyes to think. However, whenever he thought about what happened that day, it was as if he had lost an important piece of memory.

He could not remember what he was doing before the fire.

He bought two bouquets. Then, he came to Eloise and Sean’s graves while dragging his exhausted body and holding a black umbrella.

Even though he was not the one who set the fire and was not as sinful as before, the destruction of Montgomery Manor was still related to him.

He was still responsible no matter what.

Jeremy looked apologetically at the words on the tombstone with his dull eyes. He said, “Mom, Dad, I’ve already handed Eveline to a reliable man. Don’t worry, I’ll go and atone for my crime with you soon.”

Madeline’s fever finally went away after she slept for 24 hours.

The first thing she did after she woke up was to call Jeremy. However, his phone was switched off.

She went to Ryan and wanted to use his phone to call Jeremy’s other number, but it was also switched off.

From this day on, Madeline completely lost all updates on Jeremy.

She went to the villa they bought after they got married every day, but Jeremy never showed up.

She even started wishing for rain. Whenever it rained, she would get the urge to go into the rain. She figured that if she was sick, Jeremy would appear. However, the man never appeared again even when winter came.

Madeline buried herself in work and tried to use this to shift her attention to something else.

She wanted to numb herself and told herself that it was good news that she did not have any updates about Jeremy.

She imagined that he was still alive and they were looking at the same sky together.

Then, Ryan told her that Lana and Yorick had been transferred to F Country for further interrogation. Finally, Madeline felt slightly relieved of her hatred.

She despised Lana. She wanted this woman to get the death penalty as soon as possible.

Especially when she saw her daughter who still could not talk, she wanted so badly to punish that devious woman herself.

Today, Madeline wanted to take Lillian for therapy, but the moment they got out of the door, they saw Fabian. He looked like he had been waiting for them.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1104
When Lillian saw Fabian, a smile blossomed on her beautiful face.

Even though she did not say anything, her body language showed that she wanted to get close to Fabian.

Madeline let go of her hand and Lillian jogged over to get close to Fabian.

Fabian squatted and carried the adorable little girl. “Lily, did you miss me?”

Lillian nodded her head lightly.

Fabian felt his heart getting warmer when he saw the innocent face.

Madeline was not against Fabian. She thought this scene in front of her looked pretty heartwarming as well.

She could see Fabian’s concern and care for Lillian.

He used to be frivolous, but now, it seemed that he had changed a great deal.

“Fabian, are you here for me?” Madeline asked.

Fabian nodded. He did not mind the little girl in his arms playing with his hair.

“Lana will be punished soon. However, she refuses to admit that she’s the one who set the fire in Montgomery Manor. She insists that Jeremy was the one who set the fire. The police in F Country contacted the police here and I received a shocking piece of news.”

Madeline’s heart started racing when she heard Jeremy’s name.

However, she pretended to be calm. She looked at Lillian who was grinning while playing with Fabian’s hair before asking flatly, “What news?”

Fabian replied after hesitating for a while, “Jeremy is dead.”


The three words fell into Madeline’s ears. She looked silently at her daughter who was in Fabian’s arms.

At that moment, she felt as if her whole world had stopped moving.

“Eveline, is that true?” Fabian looked at the frozen Madeline and asked in curiosity.

Madeline found her train of thought and scoffed. “He’s fine. How could he be dead? I even saw him a while ago.”

She purposely emphasized that she had seen him. However, a while ago was a few months ago.

“I need to take Lily to the psychiatrist. I don’t want to hear any news about Lana.” Madeline took Lillian from Fabian and walked to the garage. Her brain was buzzing with countless voices repeating in her brain, saying that Jeremy was dead.

Madeline walked away hurriedly. She was the only one who knew she was hiding from this.

She was driving the car on the road, and halfway through the journey, Madeline stepped on the brakes to stop halfway.

“Jeremy is dead. Eveline, is that true?”


‘That’s not true.’

Madeline denied it in her heart.

Lillian was sitting in the car seat at the back and looked strangely at her motionless mother.

She wanted to say something but could not. As such, she lifted her chubby hand and knocked on the window.

Madeline came back to her senses. When she wanted to turn around to look at Lillian, she saw a familiar figure walking past her from the corners of her eyes.

She saw Ken driving past with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums.

Madeline’s heart was beating erratically. She did not forget how Ken was Jeremy’s best assistant.

What was Ken doing with a bouquet of white chrysanthemums?

Madeline followed after him with her car and noticed that Ken was heading to the cemetery.

What surprised Madeline even more was that Ken was holding the flowers to the plot below Eloise and Sean’s—the nameless grave.

Madeline walked over with Lillian. When Ken heard noises from behind him, he turned around. To his surprise, he saw Madeline.

“Miss Montgomery…”

“Who’s in there?” Madeline pointed at the nameless grave and asked in a shaky voice.

Ken looked at Madeline as she tried her best to control her emotions. Then, he took out a card from his suit pocket and handed it to Madeline. “Mr. Whitman told me to hand this to you the day you find out.”

Ken handed the card over and lowered his head in sadness.

“Mr. Whitman passed away a month ago.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1105
The wind in the early winter was so bone-piercing. It felt as if it was laced with brambles as it wrapped around her wounded heart, intensifying her pain.

Madeline reached out a shaky hand to grab the card Ken was handing to her.

When she got it in her hand, she felt as if she had touched Jeremy’s cold fingertips.

“When did this happen?” she suppressed her sadness and asked calmly.

“Today is the 49th day,” Ken answered and looked at the grave in front of him before sighing.

“The reason Mr. Whitman chose this place and the reason why the tombstone is shorter is that he was sorry about what happened to your parents. So, upon his death, he’ll use such a petty manner to kneel to them in hopes he can repent his sins to your parents.”

Madeline could not hold in her tears anymore after she heard that. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and onto the card in her hand.

Lillian frowned when she noticed Madeline crying. She got closer to Madeline to hold Madeline’s hand as if she was trying to comfort her.

Madeline felt her daughter’s warmth, so she held her hand tightly before saying to Ken, “I want to stay here with Lily for a bit.”

Ken understood what Madeline meant. He nodded and did not say anything.

However, after he walked away, he could not stop himself from turning back and looking at the dispirited Madeline.

He pressed his lips into a thin line. Some words were stuck in his throat. He wanted to tell her, but he could not.

Madeline took Lillian to the grave. The tombstone was empty with no name on it. The only thing on the tombstone was a birth date.

It looked the same as when she glanced at it back then.

However, back then, she would have never imagined this to be the grave Jeremy prepared for himself beforehand.

She held the card tighter and pulled Lillian to the grave. Then, she squatted and caressed the little girl’s puzzled face.

“Lillian, pay your respects.”

Lillian blinked and was confused.

Madeline smiled gently with tears in her eyes. “Come, bow to him.”

Despite being puzzled, Lillian still stood in front of the grave obediently.

After that, the little girl started bowing.

The little girl’s bright eyes were filled with confusion, but when she moved her lips, no words came out.

“Such a good girl, Lily.” Madeline caressed Lillian’s head. Madeline’s heart was bleeding while her voice was shaking. Despite her smile, her tears were falling uncontrollably.

Lillian lifted her hand to try to wipe away Madeline’s tears. Her lips were moving as if she wanted to say ‘Don’t cry, Mommy’, but she could not make a sound no matter how hard she tried.

Madeline pulled Lillian into her arms and allowed her tears to fall freely.

The sky was so blue but inside, Madeline felt very gloomy.

She did not know how to describe what she was feeling right now. The only thing she knew was that the light of her world had been switched off.

Madeline stayed by Jeremy’s grave for a long time and did not leave.

Lillian was squatting at one side, silently pulling at the weeds.

Madeline opened the card Ken handed to her and saw a letter inside.

Jeremy’s neat and beautiful handwriting was reflected in her eyes.


He was still addressing her as such.

[I’m sorry for letting you find out that I’m not alive anymore. After reminiscing, I realized I’ve given you too little happiness and joy.

[What I couldn’t do in this life, I sincerely hope to make it up to you in the next life.

[I hope when that happens, we can be together forever.

[Linnie, your life is still long. Don’t lose spirit because of my passing. I will still be by your side protecting you and the children.]

Finally, Madeline saw what Jeremy wrote at the end. [Ryan is a good man and he’s reliable. I hope you can forget about me and fall in love with him so that he’ll become the irreplaceable person in your heart instead.]
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1106
After reading the letter, Madeline was sobbing uncontrollably.

She lifted her red and teary eyes to look at the nameless grave before touching it.

“How could I forget you?”

She smiled while tears rolled down her eyes. The cold wind grazed her body, and she felt something shattering from within her.

Suddenly, she got up and ran in front of Eloise and Sean’s grave before kneeling with a thud.

“Mom, Dad, please forgive Jeremy, please…”

Madeline pleaded sadly. Lillian had no idea why Madeline was crying so sadly. However, she also ran over and knelt like her mother.

The two of them knelt in front of the graves facing the cold wind of winter. One of them was crying while the other was comforting.

The man in the black car at the entrance of the cemetery lifted his lifeless eyes to look at the scene far away from him. Then, he averted his gaze.

“Let’s go.”

The car started and disappeared into the empty road.

After leaving the cemetery, Madeline had completely forgotten to take Lillian to see the psychiatrist.

She was so distracted that she had been spacing out the entire day.

She did not dare to tell anyone about Jeremy’s death. She would rather suffer the pain of loss all alone.

Ryan knew Madeline still could not forget about Jeremy, so he proposed to have an on-paper marriage with her so that Madeline could leave him anytime after she signed the papers.

Aside from gratitude and appreciation, Madeline did not know what to say to Ryan anymore.

After the winter, the children had grown up a lot.

On the first day of school during the summer semester, Madeline and Ryan sent Lillian and Jackson to their new kindergarten together. At the same time, they told their teachers about Lillian’s situation.

The teacher pitied Lillian. It was such a waste that a cute little girl like her was now a mute.

On the other hand, Ryan also received a call today. After he hung up, he told Madeline that there was an update on the Stygian Johnson Gang.

Lana denied all charges and said she was only there that day because Yorick told her to. She said she did not know anything.

She said even if she was money-laundering for the Stygian Johnsons, she did not know the money was obtained illegally. She said she was just carrying out Yorick’s orders and did not know about the rest.

She was pushing all the blame on Yorick. As a result, Lana became the tainted witness and successfully decreased her sentence.

Since Yorick was involved in a lot of illegal activities and there was so much money involved, Yorick might be faced with the death penalty soon. On the other hand, Lana might only be given a few years of imprisonment.

Madeline could not accept such a twist in the situation.

Lana was such a heinous woman. It would not be enough for her even if she were to die a hundred times.

Still, she was pushing all of the blame to her brother, Yorick.

Ryan also could not accept this, let alone Madeline.

He decided to go to F Country and asked Madeline to stay put for the time being.

Madeline did not follow Ryan to F Country for the sake of the children.

Madeline drove to the kindergarten to pick Lillian and Jackson up when the sun was setting.

After she got the children, Madeline could sense that something was on the siblings’ minds, especially Lillian.

When she asked them about it, Jackson told her, “A bad boy said that Lily is mute today.”

Madeline felt an ache in her heart as she held Lillian’s hand. “Lily, don’t be sad. I’ll take you and Jack to buy a Barbie doll, okay? Our Lily isn’t mute. Lily is just sick. After you recover, you’ll be able to speak like how you used to.”

Lillian felt much better after she heard that. Then, she nodded and smiled, displaying her adorable dimples.

Madeline took the children into a toy shop. When they were looking around, Lillian suddenly ran in front of Madeline and grabbed her hand tightly.

“What’s wrong, Lily?”

Lillian pressed her lips together and did not say anything. However, she was pointing out the window.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1107
Madeline felt curious, so she followed Lillian to the glass window on the other side.

Lillian’s reaction was even more emotional, and she kept poking at the glass.

Madeline looked over to where she was pointing but did not see anything.

“Lily, what do you want me to see?” Madeline smiled and asked patiently.

Lillian blinked her huge eyes and grabbed Madeline’s hand even tighter. Then, she led her to the door.

Jackson followed behind them hurriedly when he saw this.

Madeline had never seen her daughter act like this before. Her heart started beating faster as she kept feeling like something was going to happen next.

Lillian grabbed Madeline’s hand and walked to the other side of the road. Then, they walked into the building.

“Lily, do you want me to come here?” Madeline looked around and did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Lillian’s eyes were twinkling. She was looking around as well.

It was as if she was looking for something. However, she could not find what she was looking for.

Madeline caressed her head and smiled gently. “Lily, let’s go back and pick our toys.”

Lillian nodded dispiritedly before turning away with Madeline.

However, the moment they turned around, her beautiful eyes lit up again.

Lillian stopped in her tracks and yanked the corner of Madeline’s shirt forcefully. Her chubby fingers were pointing at the elevator door that was closing.

Madeline looked over, and the moment before the door closed, her eyes were met with a pair of deep and narrow eyes.

Madeline’s heart plunged.

She only came back to her senses when she saw the door of the elevator closing.


She was questioning her own eyes as her heart also started beating erratically.

She wanted to run over to where she saw him but remembered the children next to her.

She waited for the man in the lobby as she watched the elevator moving down and up. As time passed, she still did not see the pair of eyes that she saw in a glimpse just now.

Madeline took out her phone and looked at the man that was tattooed in her heart on the family photo that was set as her screen saver.

‘Could there be two pairs of eyes so similar in this world?’

As Madeline pondered about the possibility, she heard rumblings. She lowered her head and noticed that the children’s stomachs were growling in hunger.

The siblings were hungry.

Madeline looked at the time and noticed that it was already six o’clock.

She had been waiting here for about two hours.

She did not want them to be hungry, so she decided to leave now.

However, when she turned around, the man she saw earlier was getting out of the elevator.

The man was tall and slender. He had a beige coat on and looked imposing as he walked forward.

His ashy short hair looked neat and refreshing. Plus, his amber eyes looked extraordinary. He attracted the attention of a lot of women with his good-looking appearance.

After the man left the building, he drove away in a car.

The next day.

After Madeline sent the children to school, she drove back to the building yesterday.

She did not know what she was waiting for. At the same time, she thought she was just having wishful thinking.

The man she loved the most in this world was dead.

She touched the bookmark in her pocket but could not feel Jeremy’s warmth through it anymore.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1108
“Jeremy, I miss you. I miss you so much…”

Madeline grabbed her shaky hands and tried to suppress her sadness.

At the same time, Ava called her. As such, Madeline recomposed herself and answered her call.

On the other end of the phone, Ava sounded melancholic. “Maddie, what should I do? Dan said his mother wants to invite me over to their house.”

Madeline heard about what happened during Old Master Graham’s 80th birthday and how Daniel’s family had been horrible to Ava.

It was just like when the Whitmans boycotted Madeline.

However, the only difference was that Daniel was siding with Ava.

Back then, Jeremy did not even care about Madeline.

When she thought about this, Madeline could still clearly feel the pain she felt back then.

However, she much rather he treated her coldly than leaving her forever.

“Maddie, do you think I should go?”

Ava’s confused and conflicted question pulled Madeline’s wandering thoughts back.

“Ava, you have to go.” Madeline gave her a firm answer. “Since the Grahams are inviting you over, then it means that Dan must have done something for you.

“Ava, if you want to continue this relationship with Dan, you have to get through this. If you don’t go, Dan will be so upset.”

After listening to Madeline’s explanation, Ava nodded in agreement.

“Maddie, I’m so blessed to have you.”

Madeline felt much better after hearing Ava’s miserable tone changing to a much happier one.

Perhaps she needed to be surrounded by more happy vibes so that she would stop overthinking and falling deeper into the pain of losing Jeremy.

After Ava heard Madeline’s advice, she started preparing to go over to Graham Manor.

This time, she dressed much more casually than the last. Even so, she still looked decent.

The Grahams were one of the upper-class families in Glendale, after all, so Ava did not want to dress too cheaply.

That night, Daniel drove a luxurious car to pick her up.

Ava even prepared a gift for Daniel’s mother.

However, the moment she stepped in through the door, she saw Naya.

Naya was sitting on the sofa talking to Mrs. Graham and Old Master Graham.

Daniel grabbed Ava’s hand intimately and walked over. “Mom, Grandpa, Ava is here.”

Mrs. Graham looked at Ava from the corners of her eyes and smiled perfunctorily. “You’re here, Miss Long. Let’s get seated, then. Have a taste of our chef’s food.”

Ava smiled and handed the gift over. “Thank you, Mrs. Graham. This is a little something from me.”

However, Mrs. Graham only peered at the gift in disdain. She mocked, “You don’t have to do this, Miss Long. You bought this gift with Dan’s money anyway, and at the end of the day, it’s still our money.”

Mrs. Graham’s attitude toward Ava was already obvious.

They did not invite Ava over here as their guest. On the other hand, they were clearly setting her up.

Daniel furrowed his brows. He wanted to speak up for Ava, but she stopped him. She smiled magnanimously and said, “ Mrs. Graham, don’t worry. I bought this with my own money.”

Mrs. Graham laughed even more sarcastically when she heard that. “I can’t accept this if you bought this with your own money. You should know how much money you make in a month. You should keep the money to buy more fake branded goods for yourself.”

After Mrs. Graham said that, Naya curled the corners of her lips. Then, she said in fake sincerity, “Mrs. Graham, it’s the thought that counts, so you should accept it. Take a look at it. Who knows you might like it?”

Mrs. Graham looked reluctant at first, but after Naya said that, she was more than happy to do so. Therefore, she picked up the box and opened it.

However, the moment she opened the box and saw what was inside, her face fell. At the same time, Naya’s expression also changed.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1109
Ava had meticulously picked this gift. Before she purchased it, she even asked Daniel for his opinion.

However, when Ava looked at Mrs. Graham’s grim expression now, she knew she made a mistake.

Mrs. Graham threw the box at the coffee table in dissatisfaction before snorting. “Hmph, Dan, which dumpster did you get this girlfriend from? Do you think she’ll be able to get into the Graham family with her qualities?”

“Mom, what are you saying?” Daniel asked in agitation.

Naya stood up and said softly, “Dan, it’s understandable why Mrs. Graham is mad.”

“What do you mean?” Dan was puzzled, and so was Ava.

Naya sighed while looking helpless. She pointed to the box Mrs. Graham threw away. “Dan, it’s normal for you to not know anything about jewelry. However, Mrs. Graham does.

“This is from one of the international luxury jewelry brands. No one can buy this black diamond brooch in any outlets in Glendale.”

Naya looked smug when she said that. At the same time, there was a victorious look in her eyes.

“Two days ago, my friend went overseas and I asked her to help me find this discontinued brooch from the outlet over there. She went through so many challenges to buy this. I just gave the one my friend bought overseas to Mrs. Graham. It’s obvious the one Miss Long gave Mrs. Graham is a fake.”

A fake?

Ava was speechless.

She was being accused of buying fakes again.

“Impossible. I went to the outlet to buy this with Ava. How can it be a fake?” Daniel sided with Ava without hesitation.

“It’s simple. She switched it and used a fake to exchange it with the real one. Then, she sold the real one for money. She doesn’t really want to give me a gift.” Mrs. Graham’s eyes were filled with contempt.

Ava clenched her fists. She had always been a straightforward person who would not choose to suffer in silence.

Back then, she would also yell at Jeremy without hesitation.

However, for the sake of Daniel and this relationship, she endured it.

“It’s fine. Even if it’s a fake, it still came from Dan’s girlfriend. You should accept it,” Old Master Graham chimed in all of a sudden, “Everyone’s here, so we can start dinner now.”

“Hmph.” Mrs. Graham scorned at Ava before turning around to go into the dining room while holding Naya’s arm intimately. They looked so close that it was as if Naya was already her daughter-in-law.

A few of Daniel’s relatives were also at the table, but they all ignored Ava. They did not even look at her. On the other hand, they were all talking to Naya with smiles on their faces.

“Naya, you’re so amazing for managing a charity organization at such a young age.”

“What an exceptional young lady! Dan will be so lucky to have you as his wife.”

“Exactly! Naya’s father is the famous big shot of the property industry in Glendale. His yearly income can compete with the Grahams.”

“I heard Naya’s father is discussing a project worth over one billion dollars with a huge tycoon from Y Country. If he manages to get the deal, then the Mendezes will be in the top five wealthiest families of Glendale!”

All of the relatives congratulated Naya before turning to Ava.

“Miss Long, what do your parents do? Are their annual salaries enough for you to buy a proper set of luxurious jewelry?”

Ava could tell they were purposely making things difficult for her, so she smiled magnanimously and said, “I don’t know what my parents do. They abandoned me in Glendale when I was five to go overseas.”

“What?” When Mrs. Graham heard that, her expression was grim. “So, you’re basically an orphan?

“Dan, you have to break up with her now! She doesn’t have money or social status! How can she be our daughter-in-law? Do you know how much influence family background is on a marriage? Naya has so many good attributes and she’s right here! Why do you insist on wanting a vain woman who loves buying fakes?”

Ava was only enduring all these for Daniel, but at this moment, she could not hold it in anymore.

She could not accept personal attacks.


When Ava was about to get up, Daniel slapped his hand on the table in annoyance before getting up.

Everyone was stunned by Daniel’s sudden outburst.

“So what if she doesn’t have a proper family? Are you saying that a child from a broken family doesn’t deserve happiness or a happy marriage? Plus, do you think a child is capable of changing the decision of her parents?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1110
Daniel said sharply and grabbed Ava’s hand before swearing solemnly.

“Listen here, I won’t give up on the woman I love because of her family. If you want the Mendezes to be your in-laws so much, you should go and do it. But don’t involve me with irrelevant people.”

“…” Mrs. Graham was shocked when she heard that.

Daniel was always so refined and soft-spoken. This was the first time he had an outburst.

Then, Daniel grabbed Ava and left, leaving everyone at the table to look at each other in shock.

Naya pressed her lips into a thin line. This was the first time she was humiliated.

She was the only woman in Glendale who was compatible with Daniel, but now, she was defeated by this woman.

How would she be able to take this?

After Daniel sent Ava back to her apartment, he apologized for what happened.

However, Ava was not bothered at all. On the contrary, she was smiling happily.

Daniel did not understand why Ava was smiling and not mad. He asked nervously, “Why are you not mad? You weren’t mad at me at Grandpa’s birthday party as well.”

“Do you want me to be mad at you, Dan?” Ava asked with a smile. Then, she explained, “When I was sad and aggrieved, you stood up for me with no hesitations. To me, that’s the biggest acknowledgment and support, so that’s why I’m happy. Why should I be mad?”

After Daniel heard that, he felt more relaxed.

“Are you really not mad?”

“Of course not. Also, I want to make you a nice meal.” Ava walked to the open kitchen and started making dinner.

Perhaps she was in a good mood, so she only looked at Daniel and not the chair in front of her. In the end, she crashed into it.

Daniel hurried over to hold her waist. “Watch out.”

Ava let out a sigh of relief. After she stood up, she felt some warmth on her back and smelled the faint scent of bluebells. At that moment, her heart started racing.

“T-Thanks, Dan.”

Daniel smiled softly and got close to Ava’s ear.

“Call me Danny next time.”

“…” Ava felt her ears heating up. She looked up into Daniel’s expecting eyes and called out, “Danny.”

Daniel smiled and nodded. When she uttered that intimate nickname, Daniel could taste just how sweet love was.

The night was dark.

After Madeline put the children to sleep and handed her youngest son to Karen, she drove to the building again.

She missed Jeremy and still could not forget the pair of eyes she saw that day.

“Jeremy, you don’t even know what Pudding’s name is. Why did you leave me?”

She lowered her head to look at the man in the photo. Then, her vision started getting blurry.

She wanted to leave after a while, but when she lifted her head, she saw the face that was tattooed on her heart.

She sat in her car and looked at the man walking past while feeling at a loss.


Madeline’s mind went blank as she looked at the man walking toward the building while feeling dispirited. His tall figure swayed gently in her teary eyes.

Madeline suddenly came back to her senses and stopped spacing out. She rushed out of her car and yelled at the man’s back, “Jeremy!”

The man slowed his footsteps while walking toward the building upon hearing her voice.

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