Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 11-20

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 11
Madeline returned to the empty villa and thought about the divorce papers as well as the reply Jeremy had given her. Her heart was hurting as if it had been sliced by a knife.

She had not thought that Jeremy hated her so much. He was so heartless that he could tell her to abort the baby so easily.

Madeline was afraid. If Jeremy really wanted to do it, what should she do?

At this moment, noises came from the front door. Jeremy was back. He was standing upright and looked elegant.

Madeline was surprised, but she felt even more nervous.

She was scared that Jeremy would force her to abort the child. However, to her surprise, Jeremy neither mentioned the divorce nor the abortion. On the other hand, he reminded her to go back to Whitman Manor with him the coming day as his wife because it was his mother’s 50th birthday.

This surprised Madeline. Did this mean that he was trying to accept her?

However, her extravagant hopes were crushed by him immediately. The man’s eyes were cold and so were his words. “Madeline, don’t even think about me changing my mind about you. I’ll never fall in love with a woman as shameless as you.”

His cruel words penetrated Madelin’s heart like a sharp knife.

Madeline felt that this was very amusing. She looked at Jeremy and there was a mischievous smile on her pristine face. “I am cheap, that’s why I’m tarnishing myself by chasing a man that will never love me. However, how can I compare to your darling with my level of cheapness?”

The man froze while he was removing his suit jacket. He turned around, and his handsome face was covered in a layer of icy wrath. “Madeline, do you want to get beaten up?”

“I’m telling you the truth. Jeremy, do you know why you slept with me three months ago?”

Madeline walked up to him, and her eyes were filled with confidence as she said, “It was Meredith. She planned all of it

“She had planned to sleep with you, but due to a freak combination of factors, she slept with another stranger instead. Now that she’s pregnant, the child in her stomach might not be yours!”

After she said that, Jeremy’s face turned terrifyingly dark.

He reached out his hand and forcefully pulled Madeline toward him. Subsequently, his cold hand grabbed her slender neck, and every knuckle on his hand began exerting force. Madeline struggled to breathe as he choked her.

“Do you think I’d believe you? Do you think a shameless woman like you can be compared to Meredith?”

After Jeremy said that, he pushed Madeline away.

When she could finally breathe, she did not have time to find her footing, so she stumbled backward and fell. Consequently, her stomach landed right on the corner of the bed.

An excruciating pain washed all over her, and she was in so much pain that she started to sweat cold sweat. She clutched her stomach and begged for help from Jeremy who had his back toward her. “Jeremy, I’m in pain…”

Jeremy stopped and glanced at Madeline on the ground coldly. “Your acting is getting better and better. I wouldn’t care about you even if something were to happen to you, let alone when you’re fine.”

Nothing could hurt Madeline more than his words.

She passed out quickly, and when she regained consciousness, it was the next day.

She recalled what had happened before she passed out, and her pupils constricted. She touched her stomach frantically.

The doctor on duty walked in at the same time. When she saw Madeline’s face, she looked at her in disdain. “Your child is safe for now.”

Madeline quivered. Her eyes were filled with fear. “Doctor, what do you mean for now?”

“It means that you have a tumor in your uterus, and it’s malignant. So, you have to abort the child or your life will be in danger as well.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 12
Madeline was stunned. Her mind was completely blank.

“Maddie, Maddie.”

After some time, Madeline heard someone calling her name.

She came back to her senses and saw a familiar face. It was her only best friend, Ava Long.

Ava looked at Madeline who was extremely pale; she felt extremely angry and worried. “Madeline, you’re such a bad friend. Why didn’t you tell me such big news?”

Madeleine was confused. “Ava, why are you here?”

“You’re one to say. You called me last night, but before you could finish talking, you passed out,” Ava reached out her hand to touch Madeline’s forehead as she spoke. “Madeline, did you lose your memory?”

Of course, Madeline had not lost her memory. She remembered Jeremy choking her before leaving her the night prior. Consequently, she hit her stomach on the corner of the bed and was in so much pain that could not get up. Nevertheless, he just walked away without a care in the world. He even said those heartless things before he left.

Her heart was sliced open, and the pain penetrated her bones.

Ava turned around and sat on the bed. Her expression was serious. “Where’s Jeremy? He’s your husband. You’re hospitalized and he’s nowhere to be seen.”

Madeline averted her gaze in guilt. “Jeremy is busy.”

“He’s busy staying with his mistress, Meredith, huh?” Ava hit the nail on the head. “Madeline, you’re so crazy about that man that you’ve become confused and disoriented. You’re in this state, and you’re still helping him.”

Madeline laughed at herself. “It’s all because I like him.”

“I think you won’t be able to like him for long.” Ava’s words were still straightforward. “Did you hear what the doctor said just now?”

Madeline was stunned once again. Ava looked at her, and she felt a lump form in her heart.

“You can have another child in the future. Your life is more important.”

Madeline laughed at herself. “There won’t be any.”

Ava looked at her in confusion. When she was about to say something, Madeline suddenly held her hand.

“Ava, don’t tell anyone about this. Especially, Jeremy.”

“Madeline, are you insane? Do you want to kill yourself for the child?”

Ava stood up emotionally. However, just as she was about to yell at Madeline, her phone’s custom ringtone rang.

Madeline was stunned. She looked at the caller ID and answered after a few seconds. Jeremy’s was heard from the other end of the phone. “Madeline, are you doing this on purpose?”

The man’s accusations confused Madeline.

“If I don’t see you in the house in half an hour, you can forget about showing up ever again.”

Madeline finally remembered what Jeremy had told her the night before. Today was his mother’s 50th birthday. She had to go over as his wife.

When she was about to agree, Ava snatched her phone away. “Jeremy Whitman, is this how a husband should behave? Don’t you know that your wife is…”

Madeline was scared that Ava would tell him about the tumor, so she snatched back the phone. “I’ll go over right now!” After she said that, she hung up the phone. She did not dare waste another second.

Ava was resentful toward Madeline for failing to meet her expectations. However, she had no choice. Before she sent Madeline into the cab, Ava reminded Madeline very sternly to take care of herself. Madeline nodded in agreement.

When Madeline arrived at Whitman Manor, the party had already started. A lot of nicely-dressed socialites and wealthy women could be seen chatting in the garden. Since Madeline had come straight from the hospital, she was wearing a casual, grey outfit. She looked like she was from another world.

Thus, she lowered her head. Just as she was about to look for Jeremy, a woman turned around and bumped into her. The wine splashed out from the woman’s glass as she was passing by.

“My dress!” The woman exclaimed. She glared at Madeline angrily. “Can’t you watch where you’re going? Are you blind? How can the Whitmans have such an insensible maid like you?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 13
The woman’s shrill accusations attracted a lot of people’s stares. Nevertheless, Madeline tried to remain polite. “Madam, you’re the one who bumped into me just now. Plus, I’m not the Whitmans’ maid.”

The woman was stunned. Then, she looked at Madeline’s outfit. A smile of disdain appeared on her elegant face. “You don’t look like a maid at all. You look more like a beggar from the streets.”

Subsequently, sniggers were heard from one side. Nevertheless, Madeline did not want to argue with her anymore. However, just as she was about to leave, she saw Meredith walking over.

She was dressed to the nines and had nice makeup on her face. When she saw Madeline, she displayed a shocked expression. “Oh, it’s you, Maddie.”

When the woman heard what Meredith had said, she looked at Madeline in contempt. “Mrs. Whitman, you know this stupid beggar?”

Madeline was stunned. This woman thought Meredith was Jeremy’s wife. However, it was obvious that Meredith was not going to correct her. On the contrary, she gave the woman a smile.

“Mrs. Langford, please just let this go for my sake.”

“Since Mrs. Whitman has said the word, I’ll just let it go.” The woman looked at Madeline in agitation. “Watch where you’re going next time!”

Madeline was about to tell her who she was, but Meredith stopped her and grabbed her arm with a concerned expression on her face. “Maddie, are you okay? Are you hurt?”

Madeline looked at her pretentious face and felt disgusted. Nonetheless, as she was about to walk away, someone grabbed her arm.

“Don’t go yet!” It was that woman from just now, and she was furious. “No wonder you ran into me on purpose. You wanted to steal my bracelet!”

How weird. Madeline felt that it was preposterous. On the other hand, Meredith quickly ran over to explain on her behalf, “Mrs. Langford, this has to be a mistake. Maddie once had the habit of pocketing things that did not belong to her, but she has changed now.”

It did not sound like an explanation at all. Instead, it sounded like proof that Madeline was indeed a thief.

The accusations became louder and louder around them. Madeline was worried that it would ruin the Whitmans’ reputation, so she explained, “I’ve never stolen anything!”

“If it wasn’t you, then who was it?” The woman was sure that it was Madeline. “My bracelet must be on you right now! Do you dare let me search you?”

Madeline knew that she was innocent, so it was fine if she wanted to search her. However, at this moment, Meredith quickly walked over and touched Madeline’s pocket. “Mrs. Langford, I think this is just a misunderstanding. Maddie has changed. She wouldn’t steal again…”

Before she finished saying that, her expression changed.

Then, she looked at Madeline in disappointment before taking out an expensive bracelet from Madeline’s front pocket.

“Maddie, I didn’t think you’d do this.”

Madeline was shocked. She had not taken anything from anyone, but they had found that bracelet in her pocket.

“You’re indeed the one who stole my bracelet, you beggar!” The woman took out her phone to call the cops.

Madeline started to feel anxious. Today was Jeremy’s mother’s 50th birthday party. If her daughter-in-law was sent to the police based on accusations that she was a thief, it would affect the reputation of the Whitmans greatly. It was fine that she be falsely accused, but the Whitmans’ reputation was more important.

More and more guests gathered around them. At this moment, Meredith looked extremely disappointed. “Maddie, I know that ever since you were a kid, you never saw anything good. That’s why you have the habit of pocketing things. However, how could you do it at a time like this?”

“I didn’t!”

Madeline explained again, but no one believed her.

She suddenly remembered that Meredith had deliberately tried to get close to her just now and immediately came to a realization.

Meredith was the one that had planted the bracelet on her!

At the same time, the woman had already called the cops. After a while, the cops arrived. They were going to take Madeline to make a statement at the station.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 14
Madeline was about to be taken away. At this moment, a poised woman walked over to Mrs. Langford and mumbled something in her ear.

Immediately, Mrs. Langford’s expression changed. She looked at Madeline in disbelief and then said that it was all a misunderstanding.

Madeline did not know what was going on. When she looked at the woman’s face, she noticed that she was glaring at her in disgust.

Her eyes made Madeline extremely uncomfortable. At this moment, Meredith walked over.

“Maddie, that’s Jeremy’s mother. It’s fine now. You don’t have to go to the station anymore, but you have to promise me not to do something as embarrassing as this again.”

Meredith said in a concerned tone. Madeline tried to explain, but Jeremy’s mother walked away after looking at her in dissatisfaction.

Meredith smirked. She followed after her and stayed by Jeremy’s mother’s side. It was as if they were a loving mother and daughter-in-law duo.

Some sniggers sounded in her ears, and there were also some light chuckles.

Mrs. Whitman was someone that unsophisticated to even be involved with theft! It was a colossal joke.

Madeline felt aggrieved and helpless when faced with the suspicious gazes around her. Thus, she turned around and went into the house. Finally, she spotted Jeremy.

However, when Jeremy saw Madeline covered in dust, sloppily dressed, he wore a look of agitation on his face.

“Today is my mother’s birthday. Not only are you late, but you’re also wearing this. Plus, you even dared to steal from someone. Are you bored with life?”

He accused in a frigid tone.

Madeline smiled bitterly. She had gone to the hospital because of his rough treatment the night before. Not to mention, she had almost lost their child.

Before she could register the fact about the tumor when she was in the hospital, she had to rush here. To top it off, the moment she stepped foot past the door, she was met with an incident. She did not even have time to dress up.

Madeline looked at the man’s solemn face. “Jeremy, I didn’t steal anything. It’s Meredith…”

“You’re light-fingered, and you still want to blame Meredith for finding the bracelet in your pocket. Madeline, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

‘Madeline, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’

Madeline felt a suffocating pain in her heart. She watched Jeremy leave and headed upstairs aggrievedly.

It was Jeremy’s room in the old manor, and it was her first time entering it. There were a few expensive dresses in the closet that were all from international big brands.

When Madeline was about to change, Meredith walked in.

She looked at Madeline’s wretched look and laughed. “Madeline, you wh*re. You don’t even look like a queen with a crown on.”

Madeline chuckled lightly. “However, to be honest, I am indeed the queen while you’re just a shameless mistress.”

“You…” Meredith was furious. “Don’t feel so pleased with yourself, Madeline. Jeremy will divorce you sooner than you think! Also, Jeremy will make you and the child in your stomach vanish!”

“You should know best about who’s the one with his child.” Madeline looked at Meredith with hatred. “You’re the one who planted the bracelet on me, right?”

“Hmph, so what if it was me? Who’s going to believe you?” Meredith did not bother to put up an act anymore. She laughed as she felt pleased with herself. “Sooner or later, I’ll be Mrs. Whitman.”

After Meredith left, Madeline quickly took a shower and put on a Chanel two-piece suit. Additionally, she put on some light makeup.

Her eyes were bright when she looked into the mirror. She looked elegant and refined. Nevertheless, no matter how good looking she was, Jeremy would not even spare her a glance.

When she thought about her condition, she touched her flat stomach and smiled.

Maybe it was just like Ava had said, her fondness of Jeremy would not last because her life would end soon.

The door of the room swung open at this moment, and Jeremy urged her impatiently. Madeline hid her worries and turned around to smile at Jeremy warmly.

There was a glint of shock in the man’s eyes. He walked next to Madeline and reached out his hand to grab her waist intimately.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 15
His sudden intimate gesture caused Madeline’s heart to beat faster. Her face also began to heat up gradually.

She lifted her head to look at Jeremy. His side profile was good looking, but his face was neutral.

“Grandpa is here.”

He said those three words coldly and Madeline understood immediately.

He merely wanted to put on the act of a loving couple in front of Old Master Whitman. Madeline’s heart became cold, and she felt that this was very ironic.

There were no outsiders at the dining table. If there was one, it was Meredith.

Old Master Whitman’s eyes were kind. However, for some reason, Madeline felt that he looked familiar. It was as if she had seen him from years ago.

What surprised Madeline was how Jeremy ignored Meredith’s feelings and took care of her just to make the old master happy.

Not only did he take food for her, but he even peeled prawns for her. This was the first time Madeline saw Jeremy’s gentle smile on a very rare occasion.

Madeline lifted her head to look at Meredith. She forced herself to smile, but it was obvious she was not happy.

It felt just like a dream. However, she knew that the dream would be over soon.

After dinner, Jeremy held Madeline’s hand to walk to the garage. His warmth reached the bottom of her heart, and her face heated up. She wanted very badly to stay in this moment forever…

Nevertheless, reality was cruel.

When they got to the side of the car, Jeremy swung away Madeline’s hand in disgust.

“Get lost.”

His sudden horrible attitude caused Madeline to be in a state of shock.

She watched as Jeremy opened the door considerately for Meredith who came after them. Subsequently, he watched as she got into the car before revving the vehicle and disappearing in front of Madeline.

Consequently, Madeline was abandoned on the empty street. The autumn wind blew on her face, and coldness took over her heart. Moreover, the wind blew away the fake act of warmth and affection.

That night, Jeremy did not come home as usual.

While thinking about how the man she loved was holding another woman, doing something intimate, Madeline searched for all kinds of information online about her illness. Her heart was in excruciating pain.

The position of her tumor was bad. There would be huge risks in the surgery. Even if they aborted the child to save her, something bad might happen to her as well.

If that was the case, she was willing to risk it and give birth to the only child that she and Jeremy had.

The next day, Madeline woke up early and went for another body check in the hospital. After she got the results, she submitted to her fate.

Looking at the results, Madeline started to tear up.

‘Oh Jeremy, I thought I’d at least be able to pester you for a lifetime despite you hating me and resenting me. However, I never expected my life to be so short…’

She was walking on the street in a dazed state when she received a text from a stranger. When she opened it, she saw a video.

It was the video of her being accused of stealing the bracelet.

Coincidentally, it had captured the exact moment when Meredith secretly put the bracelet in her pocket.

Madeline did not know who was the one who sent the video, but she thanked them immediately.

She did not overthink things and called a car to go to Jeremy’s office.

Even if she did not have much time to live, she did not want to allow that vile and cruel woman to continue fooling Jeremy.

She arrived at the building of Whitman Corporation. When she told the receptionist who she was, the person looked at her with wonder in their eyes.

When Madeline walked to the lift, she could hear a lot of discussions going on about her behind her back. She opened Twitter and saw that the incident the night prior was trending.

The comments were all scolding her and calling her light-fingered. In addition to that, they also said that an ugly duckling like her would always be an ugly duckling. Even after marrying an excellent man like Jeremy, she would still be cheap.

Madeline grabbed her phone and ran to Jeremy’s office. He had just finished a meeting when he spotted Madeline running over. His eyes were cold. “Why are you here? Don’t you know how popular you are now?”

He was talking about what had happened the night before.

Madeline opened the video that had anonymously been sent to her and handed it over to him. “Look closely. Look at who’s the real thief.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 16
Jeremy finished watching the video, and there was a blank expression on his face. “Where did you get this?” he asked with a cold voice.

Madeline felt that it was preposterous. “Is where I got it from important? Isn’t the truth that you’re looking at more important?”

“The truth?” Jeremy lifted his head and deleted the video with a swipe of his finger. He even deleted the backup copy of it that was in Madeline’s album.

Madeline was beyond shocked by his actions. She ran over hysterically to take back her phone. However, it was too late. He had emptied the deleted album folder.

“Jeremy, why? Why did you do that? Are you unaware of how many people are criticizing me online now? That was the only video that could have proven my innocence!”

Madeline broke down.

However, Jeremy scoffed indifferently. “What does your innocence have to do with me? Anything will suffice as long as Meredith is happy.”

Jeremy’s question made Madeline speechless.

Her innocence and life had nothing to do with him!

He only cared about Meredith. Thus, even though that woman had done something despicable, to him, it was still tolerable.

It was all because he loved her. He was blinded by love; he loved her so much that he had no principles.

All of a sudden, Madeline calmed down. She looked at the man in front of her, and she could feel tears stinging the corners of her eyes. “Jeremy, would it be fine even if I were to be cyberbullied to death by netizens one day?”

Jeremy did not lift his head. “Would you die?”

His answer was cold. It was like a sharp knife that pierced her heart. Inch by inch, the gut-wrenching pain spreaded from her heart to her entire body.

Madeline clenched her fists. The man’s handsome face was blurry due to her tears. “Jeremy, I hope you can be as indifferent as you are now when that day comes.”

Upon saying that, Madeline left and did not turn around. Tears could be seen rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.

She could just forget the wrongful devotion she had had for him throughout the past 12 years. She was in disbelief that she had fallen for such a man.

Madeline ran out of the building, and it started raining. She was in a daze and thus did not notice a car charging toward her.

“Screech!” An ear-piercing screech was heard as the brakes tightened, and Madeline lifted her head. Her vision was blurry because of the rain and her tears. Hence, she could only vaguely see a man getting out of the vehicle before running toward her. Before she could see his face, she passed out.

When Madeline woke up, the sky was dark.

She looked around her and realized she was in a refined apartment. Nonetheless, it was foreign.

The moment she sat up, a handsome and tall man walked in through the door.

After looking at him for a few seconds, Madeline asked in disbelief, “Dan?”

Daniel Graham smiled gently. “Long time no see, Maddie.”

It had indeed been a long time. Ever since Daniel graduated from high school, Madeline did not see him anymore.

“I asked my private doctor to take a look at you just now. He said you’re fine,” Daniel handed Madeline a glass of warm water as he spoke.

Madeline smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, Dan. I caused so much trouble for you.”

“It isn’t trouble at all. Everything’s fine as long as you’re okay.” Dan’s answer warmed Madeline’s heart.

However, when she recalled what Jeremy had said, she felt her heart break once more.

Perhaps this was the consequence of delusional and one-sided love.

It was late, and Madeline wanted to go home. However, Daniel had ordered takeout from a five-star hotel. The entire table was filled.

Madeline did not want Daniel’s good intentions to go to waste, so she stayed and had dinner with him. After dinner, Daniel insisted on sending Madeline home.

When the car arrived in front of the villa, Dan said out of the blue, “My doctor told me you’re pregnant. Does Jeremy know?”

Madeline was halted in her tracks. She turned her head around and saw that the moon light was shining on Daniel’s handsome face. His eyes looked kind.

“He does. Of course, my husband knows that I’m pregnant.” Madeline forced a smile and got out of the car. “Thank you, Dan. I’ll buy you dinner next time.”

Daniel nodded and smiled. “I’ll wait for you to call me, Maddie.”

“Okay.” Madeline smiled and waved. She turned around after she watched Daniel’s car leave.

The moment she entered the house, a cold hand viciously grabbed and pulled her arm away.

Madeline had not seen it coming, and her nose crashed into the man’s firm chest. The next instant, Jeremy’s frigid voice was heard from the top of her head. “Madeline, you’re even more of a b*tch than I imagined.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 17
The man’s cold accusations rained down on Madeline, and she felt extremely ironic.

“Weren’t you already aware about it, Mr. Whitman?”

Madeline’s answer enraged Jeremy even more. He lifted her chin angrily as he glared at her with his bottomless, black eyes that were filled with anger.

“So, you went to look for your old flame, hmm?”

‘Old flame? He must be referring to Daniel.’

Daniel had once been Jeremy’s classmate. They were two years older than her and had been her seniors.

When Daniel confessed to Madeline during their graduation ceremony, everyone in school thought that they began dating afterward.

Madeline did not know that Jeremy had believed those rumors as well.

“Madeline, I’m telling you, even if I were to kick you out one day, don’t think that you can run away to other men. I want to see who dares pick up trash I’ve used before!”


He was describing her with such words.

Madeline’s heart was hurting. She pushed away the man with force that she did not know she had.

“Jeremy, just because you’re not loyal to this marriage, it doesn’t mean that I’d have an affair like you! I’ve only had one man this entire time and it’s you! So, not only have you humiliated me with your words, but you’ve also humiliated yourself!”

After she said that, Madeline quickly ran back to her room.

On the other hand, Jeremy stood on the spot; the emptiness in his arms somehow made him fall into a daze. He lifted his head to look at Madeline’s back and frowned gently. The moonlight shone down on his face, and his expression was unclear.

Madeline went to work as usual. However, the moment she stepped into the office, she was called over by the human resources department.

Her manager gave her a resignation letter immediately, and Madeline was confused. Nevertheless, he only said coldly, “Our company does not welcome light-fingered people.”

Madeline understood that it was the result of the video of her having ‘stolen’ being put online.

She had had the evidence to prove her innocence. However, Jeremy had destroyed it overtly.

Now, she was merely a shameless thief in everyone’s eyes.

Madeline felt wronged and furious. However, there was nothing she could do.

In Glendale, anything would go Jeremy’s way if he opened his mouth.

Nevertheless, he would never help her. He even wished for her to disappear forever.

Madeline brought her resume to a few other company interviews, but they each rejected her without hesitation.

Furthermore, perhaps it was a figment of her imagination, but she felt unwell. From time to time, she felt pain coming from her abdomen.

Madeline was worried about her child, so she went to the hospital for a check up immediately.

There were many people in the hospital. While waiting for her results, Madeline looked at the pregnant ladies that had husbands by their sides and felt envious.

She did not even dare fantasize about Jeremy coming with her for a maternity checkup one day.

It was virtually impossible.

“Oh? Well, if it isn’t Maddie,” Meredith’s voice was suddenly heard.

Madeline lifted her head and saw Meredith in a loose shirt. She was smiling at her gently.

“You’re here for your maternity check up as well? Is Jeremy not here with you?”

Meredith was all smiles. She looked naive and harmless.

Madeline felt a pang in her heart, but she did not want to show her weakness. “Jeremy’s not with you too. He’ll know about that bastard child in your stomach sooner or later.”

Meredith’s expression changed abruptly as she became unhappy. However, in the blink of an eye, she smiled and felt pleased with herself as she said, “Oh, you mean Jeremy? He’s helping me take my results now.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 18
Madeline had thought her comeback was brilliant, however, upon hearing Meredith’s words, she felt utterly defeated.

Jeremy was there with Meredith for the latter’s maternal check-up.

It was supposed to be something that a husband and wife did; Jeremy had given another woman his priority.

Meredith walked in front of Meredith proudly. “Maddie, what’s wrong? Are you upset? Heartbroken?”

Madeline clenched her fists, but she refused to allow herself to lose her composure. “No, I just feel that you’re shameless.”

After she said that, she let her undisturbed gaze fall on Meredith’s twisted face.

“Meredith, I don’t think I’d be able to find another woman who’s as shameless and proud as you; someone who thinks so highly of herself despite only being a mistress.”


“One day, Jeremy will know that the child in your stomach is not his.”

Meredith’s hypocritical mask was being ripped off her face. However, she suddenly broke into a smile as she said, “Jeremy loves me so much that even if the baby isn’t his, he’ll still love him or her without fail. Unlike you, so what if you have his child? Not only does he not want it, but he’d never allow you to give birth to that bastard child!”

Meredith gritted her teeth and grabbed Madeline who was about to turn around to leave. The next instant, Meredith’s face fell, and she started sobbing. Her voice was pretty loud as she spoke.

“Maddie, please. I love Jeremy. Please give him back to me.”


“Maddie, just scream and hit me all you want. Don’t hurt my baby! Ah!”

Meredith screamed out of the blue, and at the same time, let go of Madeline’s hand before rolling down the stairs.

All kinds of looks that were filled with accusation and surprise locked onto Madeline. Someone even pointed at her and shouted, “That woman pushed a pregnant lady down the stairs!”

“It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!”

Madeline tried her best to explain, but no one believed her.

She wanted to go down to look at Meredith’s condition when a force pushed her away.

Madeline stumbled backward and painfully crashed into the railing. She sat on the steps and clutched her stomach which was now in excruciating pain. While the crowd criticized her, she watched as Jeremy ran down the stairs and frantically carried Meredith who had fallen unconscious.

He was her husband, but he was worried about another woman instead. He had never been concerned about her even when she was accused or berated.

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s back, and the temperature of her heart plummeted.

‘Jeremy, why are you doing this to me?

‘If having fallen for you was a mistake, I’m the biggest sinner ever.’

Madeline thought that aside from not believing that she had not pushed Meredith, the most Jeremy would do was scold her viciously.

She had not expected him to call the cops.

Madeline no longer had any time to get her maternity results and the biopsy of the tumor. On the contrary, her wrists were put in a pair of cold handcuffs.

The policeman was stern. “Madeline Crawford, according to evidence at hand and eyewitnesses, you’re believed to be involved in a case of assault. Please return with us to the station for further investigation.”

Before Madeline could explain, she was brought to the interrogation room.

Madeline kept on repeating that she had not pushed Meredith. However, the police then placed the so-called evidence in front of her.

The security footage of the hospital showed that she had been talking to Meredith at the staircase.

At that moment, Meredith’s expression was kind and friendly, while Madeline’s was icy. They then started pushing and pulling at each other. After that, Meredith was ‘pushed’ down the stairs by Madeline.

Two kind pregnant ladies had even come to the station to give their testimonies. They said that Meredith had begged Madeline to not hurt her child. Then, when they turned around, they saw Meredith being pushed down the stairs by Madeline.

Madeline was shocked when she saw the evidence and heard the eyewitnesses’ testimonies.

She had been framed by Meredith. The latter’s act had managed to fool everyone. Consequently, Madeline was brought to the lock-up.

Madeline felt anxious when she saw the iron bars and dim surroundings.

If she were convicted of the assault, she would definitely go to prison. However, she was pregnant at the moment. She could not let her child suffer such pain with her.

At the thought of it, Madeline ran toward the iron bars frantically. “I was framed! I didn’t push anyone! I want to see my husband! Please, let me see my husband!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 19
After a while, Jeremy arrived. However, it was not because Madeline wanted to see him. Instead, he had come to criticize her violently.

The light in the meeting room was dim. Nonetheless, it was enough for Madeline to see the malice and sinisterness on the man’s face.

Madeline was firm. “I didn’t push Meredith. She fell by herself on purpose. Jeremy, please believe me!”

Upon hearing her words, Jeremy stretched out his hand. His cold hand grabbed the back of her neck tightly, and he pushed her toward him.

His bottomless, black eyes were like cold daggers as he shot out a glare and said, “Not only is there evidence, but there are eyewitnesses. Yet, you still have the cheek to say it wasn’t your doing?”

“I did not! Meredith framed me! I didn’t push her! I didn’t!” Madeline was having an emotional breakdown. She kept on emphasizing the truth in hopes that the man would believe her.

However, Jeremy’s eyes only became more and more terrifying. His hand on the back of her neck tightened in grip. “Mer risked her life and the child in her stomach to frame you? Madeline, don’t you think your theory is pathetic?”

Madeline endured the pain and looked into Jeremy’s eyes. He looked as if he was disgusted by her. “The child in her stomach is not…”

“Shut up!”

Before Madeline could finish, she was rudely interrupted by Jeremy.

Jeremy was flushed with anger as he pushed Madeline away.

Madeline was in handcuffs and could not support herself. So, she fell to the ground and a debilitating pain shot up her stomach. Her face was now white, but she gritted her teeth and struggled to lift her head.

“Jeremy, I did not! I really didn’t push her!”

The man towered over her; his cold, dark eyes fixed on her. “Explain your bullsh*t in prison. Madeline, listen here. If anything happens to Mer and her child, I’ll bury you along with them!”

His cold words hammered down on her before he left mercilessly.

Cold sweat drenched Madeline’s forehead as she crawled toward the direction Jeremy was walking away in. She called out for help in despair.

“Jeremy, my stomach hurts…”

However, the man did not stop. He simply walked away.

The officer closed the iron door of the meeting room and brought Madeline back to the lock-up.

That night, Madeline suffered immense pain in her stomach. She told the officer about her pregnancy, but she did not get any help. On the other hand, she was assaulted by her cellmates for no reason.

Madeline protected her stomach and let the punches land on her body.

The leader of the gang yanked Madeline’s hair and smirked as she forcefully slapped her. “Mr. Whitman told us to take good care of you, you little b*tch. Who asked you to bully his beloved woman?”

The blood in Madeline’s body turned cold. This was the ‘care’ Jeremy had given her.

She could not even begin to imagine Jeremy’s cruelness. She was pregnant, yet he kept on treating her with violence.

Nonetheless, he had asked her to abort the child. How could he care?

In his heart, it would be best if she died.

The next day, Madeline told the officer about how she had been beaten up the night prior. However, the other party merely looked at her dumbfoundedly, “What nonsense are you spewing? How could we not know about such things?”

Madeline knew it would be useless to complain. No one could afford to cross Jeremy in Glendale.

Her heart was cold, and she was in despair as she looked at the dark cage. Through her vision that had been blurred by tears, she saw the scenes in her memory.

‘Jeremy, you said you’d protect me forever.’

Madeline thought that she would not have a chance to get out. However, two days later, the cops said the plaintiff had dropped the lawsuit against her, and she was released. Nevertheless, the plaintiff still reserved the right to look into this.

After exiting the lock-up, she saw that the sky was grey; it was drizzling.

Dragging her tired and battered body, Madeline was about to leave when she saw Daniel in front of her.

She was curious. “Dan, why are you here?”

Daniel smiled at her gently and opened the car door. “I’m here for you.”

Madeline was hesitant as she had not showered for two days. She was dirty and even smelled; she did not want to dirty Daniel’s car.

“Get in, Maddie. I’ll send you home.” Daniel could see Madeline’s concern, but he did not mind.

The rain started to pour even more. When they arrived at the villa, Madeline thanked him. Just as she was about to get out, Madeline heard Daniel’s voice, “Is Jeremy horrible to you?”

Madeline turned her face away. “No. He’s great to me. Thank you, Dan. I’ll be going now.”

She got out of the car in a panic and went straight into the heavy rain.

Almost instantly, Madeline was drenched. When she was about to enter the house, the door opened. Next, Jeremy’s elegant and poised figure appeared in front of her.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 20
When Madeline remembered her battered self, she did not know what to do.

Every woman would want to present their best selves to the man they loved. However, whenever she was with him, she would be in her worst and most torn-up state. At this moment, she was even covered in the scars he had given her.

“Who allowed you to come in?” Jeremy stopped outside the door.

Madeline looked at him. “This is my home.”

“Your home?” The man chuckled lowly. “Do you think you have the right to call this your home?”

The light in Madeline’s eyes faded. Jeremy’s words stabbed her heart like glass shards.

“If Mer weren’t so kind, you would still be rotting in prison.” Jeremy’s words were laced with love for Meredith.

Madeline scoffed. “Yeah, if it weren’t not for , I wouldn’t have ended up in such a place.”

It was obvious that Jeremy was enraged by what she had said. “You’re still trying to talk back at a time like this?”

“Jeremy, I did not! I’m telling the truth!” Madeline clenched her fists and emphasized her words with her head high.

Nonetheless, the man’s handsome face was covered by a layer of frost. He lifted his icy glare and peered at Madeline. “No, huh? Alright, get over there and kneel. I’ll believe you if you kneel until the rain stops.”

Madeline was stunned, and she subconsciously touched her stomach.

“Don’t you want me to believe you? Why are you still standing here?” Jeremy said in a cold voice.

Madeline stood in the rain as she lifted her tearful eyes at the man who used to care about her so much in her memories. “Jeremy, I have…”

“Jeremy, I’m hungry.”

Before Madeline could finish talking, Meredith’s girly voice was heard from inside the house.

So, Meredith was here.

An indescribable pain started to spread all over her body. Madeline’s heart sank. It was as if it was sinking in a bottomless abyss.

Jeremy peered at Madeline impatiently. “Meredith will spend the night here. If you want to enter this house, you’ll have to kneel until I’m happy.”

After he said that, he slammed the door and turned around mercilessly.

The cold rain fell onto Madelin’s body. Consequently, the temperature of her heart plummeted along with the temperature of her body.

The sky became dark, and Madeline saw that the lights were turned on in the master bedroom. Two shadows were casted on the curtain, and they were such a sore sight.

‘Jeremy, will you really believe me?’

‘At the end of the day, I still won’t be able to compare to Meredith’s breath when next to you in bed…’

After that night, still in a drowsy state, Madeline was met with Meredith’s smirk.

“Madeline, I didn’t think you’d kneel for the entire night just to get Jeremy’s attention.”

Meredith was speaking with a lot of energy. It seemed like the child in her stomach was fortunate to still be fine despite her having rolled down the stairs.

“If you like to kneel, continue kneeling!”

She cackled heinously before turning around.

Madeline’s mouth was dry. She was unwell, so she did not have the energy to argue with Meredith.

After having stayed in the same position for an entire night, Madeline’s limbs were extremely numb. She got up and struggled to enter the house. However, before she could walk any further, Jeremy appeared in front of her.

Madeline was so tired that her knees were bent. She reached out her hand and grabbed Jeremy’s collar. Her pale lips pleaded, “Jeremy, please believe me. I really didn’t push Meredith…”

Jeremy scoffed. “Why should I believe such a vile and heartless woman like you?” After he said that, he pushed Madeline away.

Madeline’s head was in immense pain as she sprawled on the floor; she was in so much pain that she could not get up. She clutched her stomach, and cold sweat started to form on her forehead.

When she thought about the child in her stomach, Madeline used all her might to grab Jeremy’s pants. “Jeremy, my stomach hurts. Please take me to the hospital.”

However, Jeremy only peered at her in disgust. “Madeline, you’re so good at acting.”

“No, Jeremy… I’m not… Jeremy, I’m in a lot of pain…” Madeline moved her lips lightly. She could feel herself drifting in and out of consciousness. She held onto his pants. “Even if you hate me or resent me, the child in my stomach is yours…”

“Hmph.” Jeremy scoffed. There was ridicule in his eyes. “Child? Madeline, you really can make anything up! Get lost!”

Jeremy kicked away her hand that was holding his pants. Upon being kicked away, Madeline laughed lamentably. She lifted her head to look at the frigid man in front of her. Tears fell down from her eyes as she felt an excruciating pain in her heart. “12 years ago, a boy said to me, ‘Linnie, I’ll protect and cherish you forever. I won’t let you get hurt…’ So I guess those were all lies… Throughout the past 12 years, it was all a pathetic obsession… You’re not my Jez anymore.”


Jeremy’s heart skipped a beat. The perfect and untouched intimate memory that he had always kept in his heart reappeared without warning.

He had met a girl named Linnie at the beach that year.

That girl was naive and innocent. She was cute and mischievous. He had almost fallen in love with her at first sight.

In those beautiful memories, that girl would always follow him and call him Jez sweetly.

He had promised her that he would stay with her forever and take her as his wife.

After he found out that the girl’s name was Meredith, Jeremy made up his mind to be good to the girl named Meredith forever. He would punish those who hurt her severely!

However, why was Madeline suddenly telling him about the promise he had made when he was young?

Jeremy felt as if something was going to leap out of his chest. He bent down and grabbed Madeline’s shoulders with his hands. “What did you say?”

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