Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1081-1090

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1081
After Madeline asked that question, she felt her heart beating at an erratic pace.

‘That’s a human’s blood.’

‘But isn’t human blood supposed to be red? Why is it that color instead?’

While still deep in her thought, the analyst answered over the phone, “The thing is, according to our investigation, this blood sample seems to have undergone some mutation. We’ve also found some unknown samples that require further investigations to know what it is.

“But there’s no doubt it’s human blood,” the forensic physician repeated the last statement in a confident tone.

Madeline’s hand that was holding onto the phone stiffened. She then robotically blurted out two words, “Thank you.”

After hanging up the call, her mind kept rewinding the phrases spoken by the forensic physician.

‘That’s human blood.

‘And it’s mutated human blood.’

Madeline was very confident that the note had been with Jeremy earlier, but she could not be sure whether the blood belonged to Jeremy.

‘If it’s really Jeremy’s blood, then what does this even mean…’

Madeline was confused. She forced herself to stop thinking about it and jogged her way to the departure lounge.

Just when she entered the hall, Madeline saw Daniel’s anxious outline. She ran to him, “Dan, haven’t you found Ava yet?”

Daniel’s eyes were glittering with anxiousness. “Do you think she has already entered the plane after having her tickets checked?”

Madeline scanned through each departing lounge’s entrance and was unable to provide an appropriate answer.

She took out her phone. “I’m going to make a call.”

As soon as she made the call, Madeline heard a very familiar ringtone nearby. She raised her gaze and looked over Daniel’s shoulders. She noticed Ava who was clumsily searching for her phone.

“Ava!” Madeline called out, delighted.

Daniel and Ava both raised their eyes at the same time. Daniel quickly spun around and followed Madeline’s gaze to look behind him.

Ava was walking straight ahead and could not stop in time, so she ended up crashing hard into Daniel’s arms.

Daniel quickly grabbed hold of her. The feel of her physique falling into his arms felt as if something had filled up the emptiness within his heart.

Ava did not expect Daniel to appear at this moment and even hug her so suddenly, which made her heart skip a beat.

She could sniff out the faint scent of wild bluebell in his cologne.

Ava raised her head, revealing a panicked look in her eyes. She suddenly recalled spending the night with a stranger and that made her quickly escape from Daniel’s arms.

Her gesture made Daniel feel slightly heartbroken.

He lowered his gaze. “Do you really have to go?”

Ava pretended to pack her purse and let out a wide smile. “Dan, I didn’t expect you to show up as well.”

She spoke as she strolled to Madeline’s side. “Maddie, it’s enough for you to see me off. Dan is actually pretty busy. Why did you even get him here as well?”

Madeline noticed Ava’s fake smile on her face. Madeline then put on a troubled look while frowning. “Ava, I didn’t know you didn’t want to meet Dan? If that’s the case, I’ll have Dan immediately head home first.”

“…” Ava froze up after hearing her reply.

However, Dan did not catch Madeline’s implicit message. He did not budge an inch but went up to Ava with a serious face.

He stared at Ava, who seemed nervous, with a pair of eyes that were abnormally stern.

Daniel took out a folded hundred-dollar note from his pocket and gave it to Ava.

Ava looked at the folded note and suddenly thought of the day she got drunk.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1082
Nonetheless, she was clueless about Daniel’s action. Why would he give her a hundred-dollar note?

“If you don’t feel like leaving, then keep this hundred-dollar note.” Daniel’s expression was serious.

“Getting to know a person till falling in love with each other takes up a lot of energy and time. There’s another option for you, and that is to be with me. From then on, I’ll heed everything you say.”



Daniel’s speech left both Madeline and Ava astonished.

‘Is Daniel confessing his love or proposing a marriage?’

“Ava, I didn’t expect that you and Dan have come to this stage,” Madeline said.

“If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t leave. Dan is a good gentleman who you can rely on.”

However, Ava was lost and could not believe what was happening. Her heart was thumping fast. “Dan, what are you talking about?”

Daniel’s eyes became much more passionate. “Ava, I don’t hope our night that day will turn into a meaningless memory. Perhaps you’ll find it hard to believe in what I’m saying to you now. I don’t even know when it all started but I know that I’ve slowly become more concerned about you. There are still plenty of days to come and I’ll prove it to you that my love for you is from the bottom of my heart.”


Daniel was obviously confessing his love for Ava. Madeline, who was listening, felt happy for Ava. However, Ava was stunned.

‘How is this possible?’

The man who she had a crush on for so many years was now confessing to her?

Besides, Daniel’s mention of that night and the hundred-dollar note made her have some thoughts.

With widened eyes, Ava found it unbelievable as she thought to herself.

‘It can’t be… It just can’t be, right?

‘The man with me on that night was actually Dan?’

Ava thought of that possibility. The depressing emotions she had been having all this while suddenly transformed into excitement.

However, before she could further clarify the facts, a middle-aged woman who looked almost like Ava came to Ava’s side. “Ava, it’s time to check-in. Are these your friends?”

Daniel suddenly came up and held onto Ava’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Aunty. I’m Ava’s boyfriend.”

His comment made both Madeline and Ava shocked.

The middle-aged woman was even more shocked. “What? You’re Ava’s boyfriend?”

Ava was dumbfounded, and no words were heard from her, but her face was obviously warming up. It turned scarlet, all the way to her ears.

“Ava, what’s going on? Since when do you have a boyfriend?” The middle-aged woman pestered.

Ava looked into Daniel’s anticipating eyes and grasped onto his hand subconsciously. “I’m not going to Y country. I want to stay on in Glendale.”

“What? How could you?” The woman was expressing her disagreement.

“Why can’t I?” Ava counter-questioned coldly. “You ditched me in Glendale all by myself for so many years. Since when have you guys ever cared for me?”

The woman kept quiet after hearing her reply. Looking helpless, she just stared at Ava.

Ava did not speak another word. She grabbed Daniel’s hand and spun around to leave the scene.

Madeline wanted to follow, but her phone rang once again.

It was Fabian who called, and he was speaking in a heavy tone. “Hey, can I meet you right now?”

Madeline thought about the breaking news she saw on the net not long ago about Lana getting arrested.

“You’re planning to talk about Lana’s case with me?” asked Madeline.

Fabian kept quiet for a few seconds, then answered, “No, I’m looking for you to know more about Jeremy’s condition.”

This intrigued Madeline’s curiosity. She suddenly felt insecure. “Jeremy? What’s up with him?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1083
Madeline was feeling perturbed and kept questioning, but Fabian claimed that speaking through the phone was rather inconvenient. Hence, he invited Madeline out to a place to meet up.

In the meantime, Madeline made her leave as she did not want to disturb Ava and Daniel’s quality time together.

However, as soon as Madeline left, Ava felt uncomfortable and her heartbeat went erratic. Her face was unusually warm as well.

However, Daniel held onto Ava’s hand naturally and walked along the streets with her as if it was nothing to him.

Ava felt as though she was in a wonderful dream, but this was only limited to being a spectacular dream and nothing else beyond it.

Madeline drove her car to where she was supposed to meet up with Fabian. As soon as she got out of her car, Fabian immediately strolled to her and asked with a stern expression, “Hey, do you know where Jeremy is right now?”

“You asked me to come all the way here just to know where Jeremy is?” Madeline was puzzled. “Why are you looking for him? Does it have something to do with Lana?”

Fabian frowned. “Lana has been arrested by the men from IBCI. My brother is still stuck in there, unable to free himself. Before that, Lana said she was going with Jeremy to discuss a business issue. It was then she got arrested. So, only Jeremy knows what went on at that moment.”

“IBCI?” Madeline seemed to be familiar with the international crime investigation department, but as for the incident of Lana being arrested, she was not feeling the slightest pity for her.

‘That lady has done so many evil things. All the events that are happening now are because of her own doings. There’s no one to blame.

‘However, for Jeremy…’

She thought back about this period of time when Jeremy spent so much time with Lana and even aided her in committing crimes.

‘Is that the reason he’s being pursued by the IBCI?’

Madeline shook her head. “I don’t know where he is. I’ve cut ties with him.”

Fabian let out a depressed sighed after getting his reply. “It’s a punishment from the gods.”

Madeline’s eyes went icy after hearing his comment. “Are you empathizing with your brother and sister? In my opinion, even if Lana’s dead, she’s not worth the pity. As for Yorick, he should bear the responsibility for what he has done so far. In the end, they all deserve it for what they’ve done.”

Fabian totally understood Madeline’s current feelings.

“I’m very sorry.” He offered his most sincere apology, especially when he thought about Lillian who up to this day could not speak a single word. It just made him feel even more hurt.

Madeline composed herself and looked at Fabian. “You did nothing wrong to me. You don’t have to apologize. The person I hate is Lana.”

She finished her statement and left the scene without turning around.

On her way back to Whitman Manor, Madeline kept thinking about Fabian’s comments.

‘Jeremy and Lana joined forces and did illegal tradings. Now Lana has been arrested, but Jeremy has gone missing.’

When the traffic light turned red, Madeline took out her phone and clicked on Jeremy’s contact number but did not hit the call button.

“Eveline Montgomery, I hope this will be the last time. I don’t wish to see you ever again.”

His words that were full of loathing back from that day kept resonating in her ears.

Seeing that the traffic light had turned green, Madeline placed her phone back down and pressed on the accelerator.

She just got back to Whitman Manor when she received a call from Ryan. He said that he would be busy with business for these two days and would not have time to head back home. Hence, he asked for Madeline to stay at Whitman Manor for two days.

Madeline was unsure about Ryan’s occupation. However, because of her trust in him, Madeline did not question him further.

After entering the house, she spotted her two children sitting on the sofa without speaking a word. The sight made her feel rather insecure.

‘Lillian’s already not talking, but now Jackson isn’t talking either. What the hell is happening right now?’

“I’m back, Jack. What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you greeting me?” Madeline expressed her concern.

Jackson raised his big teary eyes and mumbled, “Mommy, Daddy doesn’t want us anymore.”

Madeline was slightly dumbfounded, not knowing the reason behind the sudden comment given by her son.

At that moment, Karen came to the scene while carrying Pudding in her hands. “Earlier in the afternoon, Jeremy stopped by.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1084
Madeline stood up abruptly. “Jeremy was here? When? Why did he come here?”

“When you went out just now. He came the moment you left.” Karen looked troubled. “He only stayed for a few minutes. He didn’t react no matter how Jack chased after him and called out to him.”

When Madeline heard this, she felt an excruciating pain in her heart.

She also understood why Jackson looked so down.

It was because of his heartlessness and indifference.

“Jeremy was really brainwashed by Lana. Not only did he do that to you, but he’s now even ignoring his own flesh and blood. Look, Jack fell and scraped his knee. As a father, he didn’t even feel upset about it.”

Madeline felt worse the more she heard about it. She walked back to Jackson and rolled his pants up. When she saw the bandage on the little guy’s knee, she clenched her fist and walked to one side to call Jeremy.

She did not expect him to pick up so fast. Then, Madeline heard the sound of the wind but Jeremy was not saying anything.

“Jeremy, it’s fine if you don’t love me anymore, but why do you have to hurt us?” Madeline berated as she felt her heart cracking. “Does hurting the people who care about you and love you make you happy?

“Jeremy, how can you be so savage?”

Jeremy was standing in an empty cemetery as he heard Madeline say the last sentence with a shaky voice. He stared in front of him dully and said coldly, “Eveline, are you done?” His words were like ice as he suppressed his emotions for her. “I don’t want to hear your voice ever again.”

He fought back without mercy and hung up.

A cold gust of wind grazed him, a cold feeling spread in his broken heart.

He never knew the wind in the summer could be so cold.

He lowered his hand that was holding the phone and looked at Eloise and Sean’s tombstones. Then, he looked at the nameless tomb that was half their size.


‘Your voice is so sweet. I could feel my heart racing even when you were yelling at me.

‘However, this might be the last time I hear your voice.’

He lifted his lifeless eyes and looked at the sky at dusk. Then, his vision turned black slowly…

On the other end, Madeline held her phone as tears welled in her eyes.

It was not enough for him to not want to see her, but he did not even want to hear her voice.

‘Jeremy, do you really hate me now?’

After Lana stayed 24 hours in the custodial ward, she heard that someone was going to interrogate her today.

Perhaps it was all in her head but she started feeling horrible since last night. It was not because of her miscarriage, but rather, she felt that this was from the slow-acting poison that Adam created.

Lana did not expect that not only had Jeremy never touched her, but he also never liked her. Aside from framing her, he also came back to bite her in the bottom to let her get a taste of the slow-acting poison that had no cure.

As she was thinking about it, she felt her heart racing while her hands shook.

She wanted to smoke.

She longed for a cigarette to soothe the indescribable feeling in her chest.

“Hello? Anyone there?” Lana yelled hysterically.

Then, she heard muffled footsteps coming from outside the door.

After that, the door of the custodial ward was opened and Lana lifted her ferocious, pale face. When she was about to ask for a cigarette, she was stunned by the person she saw.

“You… Why are you here?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1085
Lana looked at the man in front of her in confusion.

“Why are you here? What are you doing here?” She glared at him, her eyes filled with disdain. “Why? Are you here to hit me when I’m down now that I’ve been arrested?”

She mocked while leaning against the wall lazily.

“Hmph, Eveline Montgomery is really something else. Both young masters from the Whitmans and Jones treat her as the love of their lives. I heard the only son of the Grahams had a crush on her as well. How is she better than me?”

When she asked this question, she gritted her teeth. Her eyes and heart were filled with envy and jealousy for Madeline.

“You’ve already lost all qualifications to compete with Eveline now that you’re like this,” Ryan said slowly.

He was wearing an ink-colored suit that made him look poised and refined. The gentleness on his handsome face was nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, he looked stern and dignified.

Lana cackled cockily when she heard what Ryan said. “Ryan, who do you think you are to speak to me like this?” she said arrogantly. She was still acting smug even when she was a prisoner.

“Get out now! Who do you think you are? You won’t get a chance even if someone came to visit!”

Ryan ignored Lana’s shrieks and walked toward her. “Lana, let me tell you this. No one else is more qualified than me to stand here. I think you should know what’s coming for you.”

“Hah! Ryan, who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that? The Stygian Johnson Gang is not finished yet! So what if I and my brother have been arrested? Do you know there’s still someone backing my brother up? None of you are able to touch this person!”

When Ryan heard that, there was a thought-provoking smile on Ryan’s refined face.

When Lana saw Ryan smiling, she thought the man was mocking her.

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist as she yelled at the door, “Are all of you dead? Why did you let him in here? I don’t know him! Tell someone to kick him out now!”

She screeched hysterically, and instantly, someone opened the door before entering the room.

Lana knew the man. He was one of the Interpol people who arrested her that day.

Lana pointed at Ryan and yelled angrily, “Just how are you doing your job? Do I know this man? Did I agree to let him come visit me? Tell him to get out!”

After the man heard what Lana said, he roared at her with a stern look on his face. “Lana Johnson, stop yelling. You’re not in the Stygian Johnson Gang now.”

After he spoke, he looked at Ryan who was remaining silent. “This is the commissioner who’s going to interrogate you. It’s best if you cooperate with him, Lana Johnson.”

Lana’s expression changed, then she laughed. “What? Commissioner? What kind of commissioner is he? He’s just a nameless painter! What does he have aside from family money?”

Ryan was unperturbed when Lana laughed at him.

On the other hand, the man roared at her sternly. “This is the highest commander in Interpol. He’s responsible for the Stygian Johnson Gang’s case.”

Lana was completely stunned when she got that answer.

“W-What? You’re the highest commander in Interpol?”

She looked at Ryan with shock on her face. No matter which angle she looked at him from, he just looked like a soft-spoken and refined young master from a wealthy family.

However, she did not expect Ryan to hide this secret so well.

Ryan looked at the shocked Lana and said slowly, “So, can I start now?”


“Lana Johnson, there’s no point in resisting. We’ve already got our hands on the proof of Stygian Johnson Gang’s crimes. Plus, seeing as how you’ve killed two people, you’ll never get a chance to go back into society now.”

Looking at Ryan’s sharp eyes, Lana felt the feeling of defeat once again. However, she was still stubborn.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1086
Ryan interrogated Lana for half an hour, but she denied all of the charges and requested a lawyer.

Technically speaking, she would have a chance to get a lawyer to defend her for every crime.

However, Ryan would not let Lana get the chance.

The moment he walked out of the custodial ward, his colleague received Jeremy’s phone call.

After speaking for a while, the man told Ryan, “He wants to know who are the people inside the Stygian Johnson Gang.”

Ryan nodded, to which the man nodded back to show that he understood.

Jeremy was sitting alone in the cafe as he basked in the light of the sunset. He looked at the people walking past the window before looking away slowly.

There was a flight ticket to somewhere far away next to the steaming coffee he had in front of him.

Suddenly, he heard a ding and saw someone walking upstairs after pushing the door of the cafe.

Not long ago, Jeremy had just finished talking to his colleagues from Interpol. His colleague told him that the commissioner who managed to get into the Stygian Johnson Gang would come to see him in the cafe now.

Jeremy looked at the stairs and saw the man who was now married to the love of his life—Ryan Jones.

Jealousy arose in his eyes, but he suppressed it quickly.

Jeremy stood up as he looked at Ryan who was approaching him. He was surprised, but at the same time, he remained calm. “I didn’t expect it to be you.”

Ryan smiled politely. “I thought you’d punch me in the face and teach me a lesson for stealing your favorite woman.”

Jeremy lowered his head. “She’s not my woman anymore. She’s your wife.”

Ryan did not fight back. Then, he sat down in front of Jeremy. “Why are you still here? You’ll be in trouble if you don’t get treatment soon.”

“There’s no way out. If I drag this on, it’ll only buy me some days to struggle on while I continue standing at death’s door, so I don’t need it.”

Jeremy had seen everything. He knew if Adam could not find a cure for the poison he created, then no one else could.

“I’ve asked someone to look for Adam Brown.” Ryan gave Jeremy some hope. Then, he lowered his head to see the ticket in front of Jeremy. “Are you going to leave Glendale?”

“I’ve arranged for what’ll happen after I die,” Jeremy said nonchalantly as if he was talking about something unrelated to him. “I wanted to ask you out to talk, but you’re already here.”

“Do you want to tell me something?” Ryan asked in a friendly and warm tone as usual.

Jeremy looked out of the window and lowered his bright eyes. “I don’t have any requests. I just hope that you’ll love her and take care of her. I hope you can give her the life I can’t give her.”

He turned his face away, not wanting anyone else aside from Madeline to see this side of him that was crying so weakly.

“I don’t expect you to treat the three children like you’re their father, but the least you can do is not let them feel any grievances, especially my daughter Lillian,” Jeremy said and looked at Ryan solemnly.

“Ryan, I hope you can agree to fulfill my last wish as their father.”

Ryan’s expression became grim after he heard what Jeremy said.

“Before I came, I already expected you to make a decision like this. So, before that, I’ve prepared a present for you.”

Ryan handed a car key to Jeremy.

“Go down and have a look. This is the last thing I’m able to do for you.”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1087
Jeremy did not know what was the gift Ryan was talking about.

However, he still took the car key and went to the door of the cafe. When he saw Ryan’s car by the side of the road, he slowly walked over.

The sun in the summer afternoon was warm. The rays landed on the car lightly, and through the half-opened car window, Jeremy saw the breathtaking face that he dreamed about every day.


His heart was suddenly full of joy he had felt back then.

Jeremy opened the door quietly and smelled the faint scent of Japanese roses.

“Eveline was tired, so I told her we’re coming out to let her free her head. I lit the incense she made, so she should be sleeping soundly now. You can go and stay with her for the last time.”

Ryan’s voice sounded from behind.

Jeremy understood immediately. “Thank you.”

“I should be the one thanking you. You completed a difficult task from Interpol and handed the person you love to me. Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

After Ryan said that, he turned around and left to let Jeremy have this moment.

Jeremy sat in the driver’s seat and looked at the person who was sleeping on the passenger’s seat. He lifted his hand slowly to caress her face, but he did not dare to put his fingers on her even after a very long time.

He was scared that he would wake her up.

He understood that she was exhausted recently. Not just her body, but also her heart.

Jeremy leaned against the chair and looked at the delicate sleeping face next to his. Then, he curled the corners of his lips into a sexy smile.

‘Linnie, this is great. I didn’t expect to see you for the last time.

‘Thank you for crashing into my life and lighting up my dull, boring life.

‘This light will never go out in my heart until the moment I die.

‘Linnie, my Linnie, I hope I can love you boldly and openly in the next life. I hope I won’t lack the guts to admit my love for you like last time.’

Jeremy looked at Madeline. These few seconds were enough for him to savor it for the rest of his life.

Ryan did not know when Jeremy left. When he came back though, it was already dawn.

Madeline woke up groggily and Jeremy was nowhere to be seen.

Ryan could not tell Madeline about Jeremy’s current condition. This was a promise between the two men.

Jeremy had been acting cold to Madeline and his three children during this period. The reason he did that was so that Madeline and the children would stop missing a cold-hearted man like him.

Madeline opened her eyes and realized that she had fallen asleep in Ryan’s car. She looked out of the window and realized they were in front of a cafe when she saw Jeremy and a strange man.

When she found it odd, she could vaguely smell the signature scent that Jeremy wore lingering in the car.

It was as if he had been in this car a while ago.

However, he was indeed in the car just now. It was just that Madeline did not know about that. When she smelled the scent, she only suspected whether something was wrong with her nose.

Ryan then drove Madeline home. Since he was worried that she would overthink, he randomly started a conversation.

“I heard Lana was arrested and will be punished soon. You can avenge your parents now.”

Madeline was still thinking about Jeremy. When she heard that, she came back to her senses. “I want to go to where they’ve locked her up.”

Ryan did not want to tell Madeline about his real job, but if she met Lana, everything would be exposed.

He contemplated and felt that there was no reason to stop her.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1088
The next day, Madeline went to see Lana.

Lana had been transferred to Glendale Prison from the custodial ward for temporary placement. After the paperwork was done, she would be handed to the police in F Country.

When Lana heard that someone was visiting her, she thought it would be Jeremy. However, the moment she walked into the conjugal room, she spotted Madeline.

Looking at her own wretched and haggard face that resembled more like a ghost’s than a human’s, then looking at Madeline’s clean face and noble temperament, Lana suddenly became a beast that lost all control. She escaped from the prison guards’ grip and charged toward Madeline.

Madeline lifted her leg and kicked Lana on the knee. Then, Lana fell to her knees in front of Madeline. She felt intense pain coming from her knees.

She gritted her teeth and endured the pain. When she was about to curse, Madeline grabbed her by the chin.

Madeline towered over Lana, exerting pressure on her with her cold expression. At this moment, her eyes were filled with resentment.

“Lana, my parents are waiting for you. Your death is here.”

Lana looked at Madeline with jealousy and hatred in her eyes. Suddenly, she smirked wretchedly. “Hahaha, right, I almost forgot. Your parents were killed in the fire that was lit up by your most loved man.”

She was intentionally trying to trigger Madeline.

“Eveline, you must be feeling so upset now, right? You never wanted to marry Ryan in the first place. The person you love this entire time is Jeremy, right? Too bad you can’t be together now!

“Also, your daughter will forever be mute! She’ll be laughed at and no man will want her for the rest of her life!”

Madeline clenched her fists suddenly, the veins on the back of her hand popping up.

She wanted to strangle Lana. She wanted to strangle this cruel and heinous woman. However, she controlled her urges when she thought about her children.

Then, the prison guards grabbed Lana and put her in her place.

It was as if Lana had been possessed as she was cackling non-stop.

“Eveline, do you think you’ve defeated me? You’re wrong! I’ll be the winner as long as you can’t end up with Jeremy! Hahaha!”

Madeline unclenched her fists and peered at Lana coldly. “The biggest win for me is you getting executed.”

Lana’s laughter stopped abruptly when she heard that.

She roared in dissatisfaction when she saw Madeline turning around to walk away. “Eveline, stop pretending to be so carefree in front of me. Let me tell you, Jeremy is going to die soon! He’s going to die and he’ll see your parents sooner than me!”

Madeline froze in her tracks before she could get out of the conjugal room.

She clenched her fists to prevent herself from being affected by Lana. However, she continued to screech cockily behind her.

“Eveline, do you know who Ryan is? Do you know what Jeremy is doing? You’re not worthy of his love. You don’t know him at all! You’re not worthy! Jeremy and I are the most compatible with each other!”

“Eveline, I won’t let you get the man I can’t get! Hahaha!”

Lana’s crazed cackles sounded farther and farther away. However, Madeline still felt as if she was laughing directly in her ear.

She did not want to care or believe what Lana said, but she could not ignore Lana when she claimed that Jeremy was going to die.

Madeline walked out of the conjugal room dispiritedly. Then, she turned around and saw Ryan at the door.

He looked at her and gave her an apologetic smile on his handsome face. “I think you must have some questions for me after seeing Lana.”

Madeline looked at the man in front of her dispiritedly. “Who are you?”

Ryan handed the name card he had prepared to her.

Madeline took it and saw Ryan’s title. ‘The highest commander in Interpol.’

Ryan nodded and did not hide anything. “Jeremy is also one of us.”

“What did you say?”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1089
Madeline felt a throbbing pain in her heart when she heard Ryan said that.

She looked at the man in front of her in shock. At that moment, she did not know what she should say.

Ryan said gently when he saw Madeline at a loss, “Eveline, you can ask me anything. I’ll answer your questions.”

Madeline clenched her shaky fists. “I just want to know where he is now.”

Ryan frowned and shook his head. “I can only tell you that he’s not in Glendale.”

After listening to what Ryan said, Madeline stayed quiet before saying, “So, the only reason he stayed with Lana and pretended to be so cold to me and the kids is because he’s a spy?”

Ryan wanted to say something, but he stopped himself. “I want to show you something.”

Madeline lifted her head to look at Ryan. She felt like she could not focus on anything anymore.

Ryan took Madeline to the car and showed her the video of Lana getting arrested in the private room that day.

It was taken with the hidden camera in Jeremy’s tie clip. The video was crystal clear, and so were the voices in the recording.

Madeline saw Jeremy going into the private room of a restaurant with Lana. Then, she saw him pretending to side with Lana as they talked business with a fat man.

However, after the man signed a contract with Lana, everything changed.

Even though Madeline could not see Jeremy in the video, she could clearly hear his voice.

He had said to Lana, “Game over.”

Then, he continued, “Did you really think that I’m your man?”

He even added, “I only have and love one woman in my life, and her name is Eveline Montgomery.”

In the end, he arrested Lana who was gradually having a mental breakdown.

When Madeline saw this, her vision was blurred by her tears.

She clenched her fists and tried to control her emotions.

She said she would not cry for this man again. She would not…

However, despite that, tears started to well up in her eyes.

“When Jeremy reappeared in Lana’s life, he was already a part of Interpol, and because of Jeremy’s excellent mental state and ability, he’s not just a normal agent,” Ryan explained patiently.

“Eveline, he had never shared a romantic relationship with Lana and they were never intimate. He was only with her to spy on her.”

Madeline clutched her hands tightly when she heard that. She swallowed back her urge to cry and looked out the window with teary eyes. Then, she pretended to be calm. “Since the deed is done, why is he leaving Glendale?”

Ryan did not know how to answer her.

Jeremy had told him countless times not to tell Madeline about him dying.

After contemplating, Ryan answered, “Maybe after Lana used him to kill your parents, he knew there’d be a gap between you two that can never be mended, so he chose to leave.”

“Heh.” Madeline chuckled bitterly. “So he’s just going to ignore his children, his parents, and his company?”

Ryan comforted her when he saw Madeline trying hard to suppress her emotions.

“He might come back one day.

“When you can finally let go of your parent’s deaths and are willing to get back together with him, I’ll give you my blessing.”

Madeline turned around suddenly to look at the man’s gentle face.

“Rye, I didn’t forget the fact that I’m your wife now, so even if he comes back, it’ll be impossible for me to end up with him again. I won’t get married for the third time.”

Ryan smiled when he heard that. Then, he grabbed Madeline’s hands gently.

He felt joy in his heart after receiving this answer from Madeline.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1090
When Ryan remembered what Jeremy told him before he left, he promised softly, “Eveline, I’ll do everything I can to make you happy.”

Madeline smiled and swallowed down all of her emotions.

Karen approached her happily when she saw Madeline coming back to Whitman Manor. “Eveline, Lana was arrested!

“She’s in a mob, so no wonder she’s so heinous!

“Hmph! At the end of the day, evil can never prevail over good. She’ll suffer the consequences of what she has done!”

It was obvious that Karen was in a good mood.

However, Madeline recalled what she saw in the video just now. Jeremy had put the handcuffs on Lana himself, and at that moment, that diabolical woman had an emotional breakdown before getting locked up behind bars.

Madeline knew she should feel happy, but in that second, she felt an excruciating pain in her heart instead.

In the early morning of the end of summer, she bought some flowers and came to Eloise and Sean’s graves alone.

After bowing to them, she murmured, “Mom, Dad, the person who killed you has already been arrested. She’ll be executed very soon. I hope you can rest easy now.”

She felt the gentle autumn breeze on her skin that made her heart cold. Her eyes started to turn red from the wind.

“Mom, Dad, c-can you forgive Jeremy?”

When she asked this question, she could not control her tears from falling anymore.

She felt guilty.

She could not heal the wound in her heart regardless if she forgave or not.

Madeline stayed in the cemetery for a very long time.

No one was able to answer her question.

When she left, she saw a new tomb below Eloise and Sean’s.

She glanced at it and saw that the tomb was much shorter. Aside from the birth date, there was nothing else on it. Not even a name.

For some reason, she looked absent-mindedly at it for a few seconds more before leaving.

Madeline went back to the house she shared with Ryan. When it was nighttime, she made dinner in the kitchen robotically. While she was cutting the vegetables, Jeremy’s face appeared in her mind.

He was kneeling in front of her, his eyes filled with remorse and regret. He was begging her to forgive him for being manipulated by Lana and burning her house down. He was begging her to give him a chance to redeem himself.

However, she had refused.

On the other hand, she told him the thing she regretted the most was forgiving him back then and giving him another chance. As such, she would not forgive him anymore.

Madeline shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about it. However, her heart still felt uneasy for no reason.

As she was spacing out, she accidentally sliced her finger.

She saw the bright red blood flowing out from her finger and just stood there motionlessly as she watched.

She recalled the blood on the tissue that she took for testing and Jeremy’s lingering scent on it.

What was going on?

Madeline felt her head throbbing in pain.

When Ryan stepped into the kitchen, he saw Madeline holding the knife while spacing out.

After he approached her, he spotted blood uncontrollably pouring out from Madeline’s finger. He quickly brought the first aid kit over.

Ryan was concerned and immediately bandaged her wound for her.

“Eveline, what happened? Why are you standing there even when you’re bleeding?”

When she heard Ryan’s voice, Madeline’s brain registered what was going on.

She suddenly remembered something and walked into the living room. Then, she picked up her phone and called the analyst who called previously.

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