Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1071-1080

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1071
Madeline looked at the object that Ava handed over. It was a photo of the two of them on the day they graduated from college.

The two girls in the photo had the same fresh-faced beautiful smiles. The happiness that both of them felt that day was as if it just happened yesterday, but in a blink of an eye, it had been seven or eight years.

“Maddie, did you realize who else is in this picture?”

When Ava suddenly asked that, Madeline looked down and found a familiar face among the crowd in the upper left corner of the photo.

“When I was sorting out all my things today, I found this photo. Before this, I didn’t believe that Jeremy loved you for real. But Maddie, I believe it now.”

From Ava’s tone, Madeline could hear that she really had let go of her hatred for Jeremy.

As Madeline’s best friend over the years, Ava always hated Jeremy.

Even though Madeline no longer resented Jeremy for what he did to her at the beginning, Ava always hated him. Ava thought that Madeline did not deserve such treatment and resented him for Madeline.

At that moment, however, she no longer resented him.

That was because she saw Jeremy’s true heart for Madeline.

However, it felt as if everything was too late.

Madeline and Ryan were married. She was already Ryan’s wife.


Ava looked at the river in front of them and sighed with a smile.

“Maddie, I finally understand how you felt back then. Even if you were tortured by the man you loved, you were still happy.”

Madeline read in between the lines of Ava’s words and asked, “Ava, did something happen between you and Dan?”

“If something happened between us, perhaps I wouldn’t be leaving, but it’s a shame…” Ava closed her eyes and thought about what happened after she got drunk that night. “Maddie, it turns out that alcohol makes you do stupid things with other people.”

“Ava? Did you and Dan…”

“No, it wasn’t Dan.” Ava lowered her eyes in a lonesome manner, turned around, and hugged Madeline again. “Maddie, stay happy and don’t miss me too much. When I get married, I want Jack and Lillian to be my flower girl and boy.”

Although Madeline did not know why Ava had to leave in such a hurry, and added to the fact that she did not explain fully what happened on the night she got drunk, Madeline could tell that it was something to do with Daniel.

However, since Ava did not want to say, Madeline did not prod further.

She accompanied Ava around the neighborhood until she got a call from Karen, saying that the baby woke up crying. Madeline had no choice but to go back.

After she went back and coaxed the little baby back to sleep, Madeline looked at the photo in her hand in a daze.

It was the graduation photo of her and Ava, but Jeremy was inside the frame as well.

Jeremy was their senior who had already graduated, so he should not have been at the graduation ceremony—but he was.

In the photo, he was looking at her with a warm look in his eyes.

He really liked her at that time.

However, so what?

It was already over.

Madeline put the photo in the drawer, looked at the little baby lying beside her, and closed her eyes tiredly.

It was late into the night, but the lights were still on in Jeremy’s office.

Lana was still lying in the hospital at the moment, so he had to make good use of the time to plan tomorrow’s affairs.

By the time he finished his work, it was almost early in the morning.

His body was a little tired, but when he looked at the family portrait, it felt as if his body was fully charged again.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1072
He whispered Madeline’s name, stroked her face in the photo, and could not help but cough out loudly.

He quickly took a painkiller, but he still could not stop the bloody taste coming from deep in his throat.

Jeremy wiped the blood from his lips with a tissue and glanced at the bloodstain. It was a deep brown and did not look like normal fresh blood.

Besides that, there was a stabbing pain in his heart, and his fingers were trembling involuntarily.

Once the poison developed by Adam entered the final stage, not only would it torture the person’s body, but it would also test the person’s psychology harshly.

Jeremy spent the night in the bedroom at the office.

As soon as he got up the next day, he received a call from Lana.

After the woman was discharged from the hospital, her emotions swelled up and she high-spiritedly told Jeremy that she wanted to follow along to close the deal.

The truth was that Jeremy initially wanted to think of a reason to get Lana to attend as well. The show would not be able to go on without her.

Lana went back to the villa first and picked out a dress that she thought was the most beautiful dress she owned.

Fabian had just called Madeline and was about to go over to see Lillian. As soon as he left his room, he saw Lana approaching energetically.

“Why are you dressed like a streetwalker? Where are you going?” Fabian said bluntly, which made Lana feel as if she had just been splashed with a bucket of cold water.

Lana glared at Fabian. “Didn’t you guys complain about me holding back the Stygian Johnson Gang and causing the company to lose a hundred million dollars? Well, this is me going to earn that hundred million dollars back!”

Fabian doubted her. “Wow, Lana, are you really going to do it?”

“Why? Am I supposed to wait for you to do it?” Lana fired back and sneered at Fabian, “Actually, Fabian, the most useless sibling among the three of us is you. What have you done? All you do is eat out, have fun, and enjoy your life. What have you amounted to besides that? Have you ever made a deal for us? Do you even know how to close a deal? If it weren’t for me and Yorick, you would’ve starved to death!”

“Lana, how can you say that to Fab?” Yorick interrupted, dissatisfied. “Fab is still young. It’s for his own good that he doesn’t get involved with the company for now. How can you say that as his big sis?”

“Well you’re my big brother, but what have you ever done for me?” Lana gritted her teeth angrily, but then, she smiled confidently. “Don’t worry, I’ll be making a deal with Jeremy later that will make us a profit of more than a hundred million bucks! Just wait and see!”

Lana walked to the door confidently and changed into the perfect high heels that matched her dress. It seemed as if she had completely forgotten that she was pregnant. She got two bodyguards to carry a box, and together, they set off. Inside the box was illegal firearms.

After taking the painkiller, Jeremy arrived at Central Square at the appointed time.

As soon as he arrived, he saw Lana happily running toward him with her high heels. It felt as if the bleeding yesterday was no big deal to her.

Lana looked at Jeremy who was in a business suit. Her eyes were filled with obsessiveness. “Jeremy, you look even more attractive today than yesterday. I can’t believe a man like you is so attracted to me. I really think that I love you even more now.”

Lana was full of praise, but her tone then turned serious. “The client will arrive early. Let’s go to the private dining area to wait.”

Jeremy’s long fingers adjusted his cuffs and his tie clip that was adorned with sapphires. He grinned as he looked at Lana. “It’s time for business.”

“Yeah.” Lana looked like a little woman as she followed Jeremy into the designated private dining area.

After a while, the client who had made the appointment also arrived.

He was a fat middle-aged man who looked like he never had to lift a finger in his life. He brought four bodyguards with him. The man seemed to be very interested in Lana. After checking the goods brought by Lana’s men without paying much attention, he was ready to sign the contract.

Jeremy looked at him calmly. When he saw that both Lana and the man had signed the contracts, the corners of his lips lifted into a smile. He moved his hand to his ear and gently pressed the Bluetooth headset he had on.

As soon as he pressed it, one of the fat man’s bodyguards suddenly walked up to him and pointed at Jeremy’s tie clip. “He has a miniature spycam on his body and may have taken pictures of the transaction just now!”

When Lana heard the bodyguard, she looked at Jeremy who had a cold expression on his face. “What nonsense are you talking about? This is my boyfriend. He wouldn’t take pictures of something like this.”

Although the fat man liked Lana very much, he was even more concerned about whether Jeremy really had a spycam on his body, so he walked over and asked, “Take off your tie clip and let my people check if there really is a spycam. This is a huge business transaction. I don’t want to make a mistake either.”

“Mr. Howie, don’t you trust me? This is my boyfriend. He and I are on the same team. Why would he betray himself by leaving dangerous traces for people to get us?” Lana defended Jeremy. When she saw that they still looked suspicious, Lana walked to Jeremy. “Jeremy, can you take off the tie clip and show them how wrong they are?”

When she said that, Jeremy stood up slowly. Lana curled her lips up in satisfaction and waited for Jeremy to take off the tie clip. However, Jeremy only looked at her coldly. “No, there’s no need to take the tie clip off. They’re right. There’s a mini spycam on it.”

“…” Lana was dumbfounded. “J-Jeremy? Why are you recording this?”

Jeremy raised his cold eyebrows as a delighted smile flashed across his eyes. “To capture the culprit in the act and serve as evidence in court, of course.”

“What?” Lana was stunned. Before she had time to clarify what he meant, the door of the private dining area suddenly opened.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1073
Lana was stupefied and stared at Jeremy’s cold face blankly. She turned her head abruptly to look toward the door, and so did the fat man.

A few tall men in business suits walked toward them sternly with blue badges hanging around their necks.

“Who are you guys? Who let you in? Don’t you see that this room is booked? Get out immediately!” Lana drove them away with displeasure, clearly not noticing the seriousness of the situation.

Of course, the men did not leave but looked at Lana with a serious expression. The leader in the business suit showed Lana his badge. “We’re with the Interpol. There’s proof for us to believe that you’re doing illegal transactions. You have the right to remain silent, but anything you say can be used against you in court.



‘The International Criminal Police Organization?!’

Lana looked at the people who had appeared in front of her incredulously, her brain going blank for a moment.

When the fat man and his bodyguards saw that things were going awry, they had to fight back, but the Interpol personnel were all well-trained. They were able to control them with ease.

“Lana, I wasted my trust on you! How dare you and your boyfriend set us up and frame us?!” the fat man yelled at Lana.

It was only then when Lana snapped out of it. She had been completely stunned, and after being scolded, she suddenly recovered from the shock as she looked at the man who stood behind her. He did not look surprised and was very calm and unfazed.

Lana still had a deep love for Jeremy in her eyes. When she turned and walked toward him, she asked, “What the hell is going on? Jeremy, did you…”

She was walking toward Jeremy with a perplexed look, but before she reached him, Jeremy suddenly raised his right hand. There was a gun in his hand that was pointed at Lana’s forehead.

Lana’s body went cold for a moment as she felt a chill rushing from the soles of her feet.


“Do you really think that I’d be your man?”


Lana was stunned when she heard the mockery in Jeremy’s voice.

At that moment, Jeremy’s handsome face was ice-cold while those charming and alluring eyes of his looked like there was a furious storm in them.

Lana was completely stunned. She then saw Jeremy’s sexy thin lips moving slightly as he mouthed two words.

“Game over.”


Lana looked defeated, but she still did not want to believe everything that was happening. She could not accept such a change all at once.

“How is it possible? No, it can’t be…” she muttered to herself. She was staring at Jeremy with a bewildered look, still wanting to move closer to him.

When she took another step closer to him, Jeremy moved the gun so that it was right on her forehead.

Lana’s eyes widened in confusion. “Jeremy?”

“Don’t ever say my name again. You don’t deserve to.”


“Did you really think that I was in love with you?” Jeremy’s expression was stone-cold. There was even no warmth in the corners of his eyes. “Lana, I’ve only ever loved one woman in my entire life, and it’s Eveline.”

“No… How is it possible… This is impossible…”

“Did you really think that if you have control over my life, I’ll heed your every word and cling to you forever? You’ve underestimated me, Lana. No one can get me to do anything except the people I love. But you’re not the one I love. You’re only a key for me to enter the Stygian Johnson Gang so that I can get the accounts and be the final chess piece for a checkmate.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1074

Lana was on the verge of collapsing internally when she heard Jeremy’s comment.

“No! This is impossible!”

She roared, unable to accept the fact that all this while, she had just been a pawn to Jeremy.

“No, Jeremy. You love me. I’m even pregnant with your kid. How is it possible that you don’t love me?!” Lana emphasized.

However, Jeremy was not bothered at all.

The colleagues of IBCI came up to arrest Lana. Seeing the situation made her reach out for a pistol from her purse.

“Who dares arrest me?!” She raised her head proudly and stared at Jeremy who was all calm. She slowly became devastated. “Jeremy, stop cracking jokes with me. Are you trying to tell me you’re just a spy from IBCI sent here to the Stygian Johnson Gang? Hmph, how is this even possible? Don’t you forget, there’s still poison inside your body. Without me, you’ll—”

“Do you really think you’ll be able to have control over me with that stuff?” Jeremy interrupted and counter-questioned. He then raised the corner of his eyes and added, “The moment I reappeared before you is the moment I sentenced you to your death. Lana, I’ve long ago not smoked the cigarettes you provided. The ones I’m smoking are provided by a professor from IBCI who specially designed them for me. It’s used to counter the toxins and poison.”

“…” The only shred of confidence left in Lana was gone.

‘It turns out he has stopped smoking the cigarettes I gave!’

It turned out his intention behind getting close to her was all for that single moment, to grasp concrete evidence and arrest her!

Lana found her mind in a messed-up state. She could not compose herself from her emotions. She suddenly pulled the trigger and shot the IBCI members.

However, those members of the IBCI were agile enough to dodge Lana’s bullet.

Lana was unsatisfied and wanted to continue firing. Jeremy went up at lightning speed and grasped the gun from Lana’s hand. Just when he was restraining her, Jeremy took out a handcuff from his waist and placed it over Lana’s hands.

“Lana, as an investigator of the IBCI with an SSA identity, I hereby arrest you.”


Lana was dumbfounded.

Her eyes were gigantic as she stared at Jeremy who was handcuffing her.

She had heard Jeremy revealing his identity a few seconds ago. ‘People in the IBCI with the SSA rank are no ordinary investigators.’

“You’re such a fool, Lana! You got a spy to become your boyfriend! All those achievements that we worked so hard on, they’re now gone in the hands of a fool like you!” The obese man roared.

Lana froze as she stared at the man who was personally placing the handcuffs on her.

“No, I’m not buying this… I don’t believe it!”

Lana still could not accept the fact.

“Jeremy, I don’t believe that you have no feelings for me! If you don’t like me, why did you spend every night with me? Besides, how did I even end up being pregnant with your kid?”

Jeremy glanced at Lana who was having a hopeful look on her face. Without emotions, he asked, “Did you really think that I’m the one who’s spending every night with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Hmph.” Jeremy’s eyes were full of ridicule. “In my entire life, except for the lady I love, I’ve never touched another woman, let alone an evil woman like you who has a rotten heart.”

Lana’s head was throbbing when she heard Jeremy’s scornful reply. “You’re muttering gibberish. It’s obviously you. I clearly saw it with my eyes, it’s you! The child in my womb is also yours!”

“You’ve got it wrong, Lana. The person you saw was not me, but him.” Jeremy slowly raised his eyes and looked forward…

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1075
Following Jeremy’s gaze, Lana turned to face the doorway as well.

The face that she saw made her recall the night when Jeremy halted her at the entrance of the pub.

That night itself, she was very afraid that Jeremy would once again attempt to kill her. Anxious, she thought of leaving the scene but was stopped by Jeremy. He asked her for some cigarettes and even agreed to book a room with her together.

She had a joyful night because she gained her dream crush.

The next day when they had to leave the room, right when she opened the door, she saw a man behaving inappropriately while staring at her with a lewd look.

That moment, as she was on cloud nine, she ignored him.

However, at this moment, the man from that day reappeared before her!

“Lana, have you seen it clearly with your eyes? This is the man that got you pregnant.”


After hearing Jeremy’s explanation and looking at the hateful, disgusting man, Lana felt quite suffocated. “Impossible! How is it even possible that I’m pregnant with this man’s kid?!”

She roared while glancing at the man’s ugly face.

That man was a thug with no educational background. He did not know what was going on at that moment. However, he knew Lana was cursing him.

That man spat saliva at Lana scornfully. “You think I’m disgusting? I also feel the same way about you. If it’s not because of the money from this handsome guy, I wouldn’t even want to lay my hands on you. Your scrawny body is just like a washing board.”

“You… What did you just say?!” Lana was utterly infuriated as she raised her foot and kicked the man’s body.

After the man evaded the kick, he started counting the remaining amount of cash Jeremy had given him. Then, he fled the scene gladly.

Lana was apoplectic with rage. She wanted to chase after that man, but suddenly, she felt an intense pain in her abdomen. There were drops of blood dripping from her lower body.

Bearing the pain, she grabbed onto her stomach. Her face gradually turned pale, but she still fixed her eyes on Jeremy who did not even bother to sneak a peek at her. Her mouth was muttering, “I don’t believe it, I’ll never believe it… Jeremy, you love me…”

She kept hypnotizing herself and lying to herself until she passed out.

Jeremy stood looking at her with an icy gaze from a corner, witnessing Lana passing out cold. However, he still felt that the anger within him was not vented.

Thinking back of his little princess who was tossed into the swimming pool by Lana and how she ended up not speaking a word after being traumatized, it just made the fire of anger within him grow stronger.

The scene that was taking place in the restaurant puzzled the crowd who were shopping along the streets. All they could see was a group of gentlemen in formal attire, along with a few fully armed special forces entering and filing out of the restaurant. Then, they saw those on duty arresting a group of people.

Jeremy was still standing in the room. He took off his tie clip and handed it to the man who led the troop.

The man took over the tie clip and threw a respectful gaze toward Jeremy. “Mission accomplished. Jeremy, we’ll take over the rest from here. You should hurry and go to the professor to have your treatment. Get rid of all the poison from your body. With that, only you can lead a normal life.”

‘A normal life?’

Jeremy no longer held on to any hope.

“As for your family, I’ll personally go to them and explain every detail to your wife.”

Jeremy smiled disappointedly. “She’s no longer my wife.”

The man kept his mouth shut after hearing his reply. Then, he added, “Jeremy, actually, there’s still a chance between you and Ms. Eveline. There must be some misunderstanding, and there might be some things that you’re not aware of. Ryan—”

“Boss, Lana’s chauffeur has escaped. He might be heading to Yorick to report about this.” An investigator rushed to the scene to report.

“Stop him at all costs. Have another group of our colleagues to keep an eye on Yorick’s every movement.”


That investigator immediately carried out the task as told. The man who was conversing with Jeremy recomposed himself and got ready to lead the troop to arrest Yorick.

Before they left, he reminded Jeremy once more. “Hurry and go look for the professor. You must not delay your treatment any longer.”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1076
Jeremy stared at the group of people who were leaving. Only after the crowd dispersed did he leave the room.

He was very clear that even if he recovered, he could never be with Madeline again.

The lives of Eloise and Sean would always keep them separated.

Their love would not topple the tall wall easily.

He also knew that for now, no one could cure the poison developed by Adam. Perhaps Adam himself had no cure for it as well.

Jeremy had long ago made up his decision.

All alone, he drove his way to Whitman Manor, hoping to bid his last farewell.

Madeline was accompanying her three kids back in Whitman Manor. She looked at the time, and it was almost time to head over to the airport to pick up Ava.

At that moment, there was a piece of breaking news popping up on her phone’s screen.

Madeline clicked on the news and looked at it. She saw a few video clips being taken by passersby.

The location was at a famous restaurant in the center of town, and in the video, Madeline saw Lana, who was putting on a sorrowful look, being taken away. She also saw the handcuffs on Lana’s wrists.

‘Lana was arrested?

‘Are those police officers who arrested her?’

Madeline clicked into the latest video that was uploaded by the netizens. She wanted to know more about the incident, but suddenly, she encountered a video mentioning Jeremy.

In that video, Jeremy was in a dark blue suit. His elegant outline brushed through the crowd. His stunning facial features attracted many ladies’ attention. They were all staring at him with looks of admiration, which was why the video named ‘The coincidence with Young Master Whitman’ was uploaded.

Madeline kept looking at the videos over and over again without her realizing it. She felt her heart aching the moment she saw Jeremy on the screen.

At that moment, Madeline suddenly received the call from Daniel. Snapped out of it and remembered she had to rush over to the airport.

She placed her kids under the care of Karen, then started her car to head to the airport.

Just when she was about to answer Daniel’s call, the phone beside her fell beside her foot because of the vibrations.

Madeline stopped her car and lowered her head to pick it up. Coincidentally, she missed Jeremy, who was driving his car, coming from the opposite.

After Madeline picked up her phone, she felt something was off and turned her gaze to face the rear-view mirror. However, she merely glanced at the mirror. She then heard Daniel’s concerned voice from her Bluetooth earphones.

“Are you alright, Eveline?”

“I’m fine. I just dropped my phone,” Madeline replied, not paying full attention as her eyes were still eyeing the car in the rear-view mirror that was driving further away.

Jeremy rushed to Whitman Manor and did not notice the car that was parked at the roadside earlier. He did not think that Madeline would coincidentally bend down to pick up her phone right as he passed by her.

He finally arrived at Whitman Manor but remained in the car for a long time, not having the courage to step out from his car.

He longed to meet Madeline but was afraid at the same time.

Jeremy only decided to step out of his car after he saw his two kids playing in the backyard while Karen was hugging onto Pudding.

Jack, who was about to accompany Lillian to play with the kite, turned around and saw Jeremy walking over to them. “It’s Daddy. Daddy’s back home!”

Lillian heard it and shifted her gaze to look at where Jack was staring.

The sight of Jeremy made the smile on Lillian’s doll-like face gradually fade while her eyes gave off a sense of loneliness.

She handed the kite to Jack, spun around, and entered the house. However, perhaps she was too anxious and tripped on the stairs.


Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1077
Karen suddenly heard Jeremy’s voice. The moment she turned to look at him, he was already like a gusty wind that passed by her at lightning speed. He arrived next to Lillian.

Lillian had tripped and was about to land on the big marble floor. However, Lillian fell into the arms of Jeremy instead.

The little girl was dumbfounded. While still in a daze, she spun around and looked at the man who had caught hold of her.

Jeremy’s eyes were glistening with warmth. He was heartbroken. “Are you alright, Lillian?”

He asked, feeling concerned while touching the little girl’s head.

He was in excruciating pain thinking back to the moment when he ignored his child who had fallen before him.

Lillian looked at Jeremy, but no words came out from her. There was no change in her expression and she just blinked her eyes.

Jeremy knew this was because of the incident that occurred previously, which made Lillian have a bad impression of him.

In the eyes of the little girl, the handsome mister before her was no longer handsome. The impression of him deep in her innocent soul had changed as well.

Feeling heartbroken, Jeremy looked at the doll-like face that looked like Madeline’s and was ready to let go of her.

Just when he was about to release his grip and place the child down, Lillian suddenly opened up her arms and hugged him around his neck tightly.

Jeremy was stunned and surprised. Feeling the warmth of the little kid gluing herself to him made his eyes wet with tears.


He raised his hand that was trembling slightly to touch the cute little girl’s head, having the urge to hug his little princess dearly. He wanted to spoil her with love and protect her till she was a grown-up.

However, he had not much time left.

Jeremy wanted to indulge in the warmth of the little kid for a little while longer, but Lillian tapped on his shoulder.

She did not speak a word, but Jeremy understood the message she was trying to convey. He placed her on the floor cautiously.

The moment he placed her down, Lillian immediately spun around and ran into the house.

Jeremy thought that perhaps the little girl was still rejecting him. He felt his heart sink as his body turned icy cold, but very soon, another warm little hand touched his.

“Daddy, Mommy said you’ll be back, and you really did come back.” There was a delightful smile on Jackson’s handsome little face.

Jeremy bent down and hugged his sensible eldest son.

“Oh, Jack.”

“Daddy, Mommy just left to see Aunty Ava off at the airport. When Mommy returns, let’s all go for dinner at the revolving restaurant together, alright?”

Jackson asked as he blinked his big eyes. His eyes were full of anticipation for his family to be reunited once again.

Jeremy gave a gentle smile and touched the little guy’s head. “Alright, let’s all go for dinner.”

He agreed, and the smile on Jackson’s face grew wider.

However, Karen, who was watching the entire scene from the side, was not as enthusiastic as she used to be. She looked at Jeremy and said coldly, “You still remember to come back and have a look at your kids, huh? Yesterday, for the sake of that evil woman who destroyed your family, you even pushed Eveline in front of your kids. Have you forgotten that the woman who you pushed is the woman you cried and pleaded with to return to your side?”

This was the first time Jeremy heard Karen lecturing him.

However, this was good as it at least proved that Eveline, as a daughter-in-law, occupied some space within Karen’s heart.

Karen was infuriated when she saw Jeremy chuckling away after being lectured by her.

“Jeremy, what’s going with you? With the way you treat Eveline, don’t tell me you really don’t care about her anymore? Your grandpa said that at the very beginning, you acted all unbothered about Eveline but had begged him to arrange a marriage ceremony between you and Eveline. You love her so much, yet why do you still want to be with Lana? And you even got her pregnant with your kid?”

Facing Karen’s pestering, Jeremy remained silent.

He just stood there, staring at the infant who was moving his limbs. He then got up and said, “Can I carry him?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1078
Despite Karen being unhappy about Jeremy’s cold behavior, she did not object to his request to carry his child.

Jeremy held the infant in his arms, and the next second, the baby revealed a bright smile to him. He let out coos and started to blabber.

However, he would soon be unable to witness this innocent smile anymore.

Lowering his head, Jeremy gave a kiss on the baby’s little face and handed Pudding back to Karen. He then touched Jackson’s head and said, “Jack, keep your sister accompany. When your brother is old enough, tell him that I love him and I love all of you as well.”

Then, heartbroken, he spun around.

“Jeremy, where are you going off to this time?” Karen pestered.

Jackson quickly caught up to Jeremy. “Dad, didn’t you just say that you’re going to have dinner with us? Aren’t you going to wait for Mommy’s return?”

Jeremy’s footstep came to a halt. “I’m not worth your mommy waiting for me again. Jack, from now onward, the man with the name Ryan will be your father.”

Jeremy choked. He went straight into his car and started the engine.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Jackson ran to catch up with Jeremy and shouted at the man who was sitting firmly in his car. “I only want my dad!”

Jeremy’s eyes reddened. Listening to the cries of his kid, he sealed his lips and ruthlessly slammed on the gas pedal.

“Daddy!” Jackson’s eyes got red.

Lillian, whose soul was healed after being hugged by Jeremy, had happily ran into the house to retrieve her drawings of the entire family. However, when she came out of the house, all she could see was Jackson chasing after Jeremy’s car which was driving straight ahead.

Lillian stared at the car that was going farther away while her little hand that was holding onto the drawing gradually dropped to her side.

The wind blew away the drawing in her hand while blowing away the innocent smile on her doll-like face too.

The drawing danced along with the wind and ended up landing on the icy cold ground. The colors on the drawing looked like they had suddenly changed into gray.

Her cute little mouth trembled, but no words came out of it.

“Jack, stop chasing!” Karen handed Pudding over to the servant and ran to catch hold of Jackson who kept chasing after the car till he eventually fell on the ground.

She carried her grandchildren while feeling heartbroken and looked at Jeremy’s car which had vanished from sight. She was feeling crossed and sad.

On the other hand, Yorick got to know about the incident of Lana getting arrested by IBCI via Lana’s chauffeur.

The IBCI was an international crime investigation center. The motive of establishing the organization was to prioritize the safety of the citizens by investigating all sorts of heavy crimes. Among them was the smuggling of army weapons and money laundering.

Yorick immediately activated the emergency backup plan and ordered Fabian to remain silent.

Despite Fabian being a member of the Stygian Johnson Gang, he had never participated in any illegal stuff. Hence, he was not afraid of getting investigated but was still worried about Lana and Yorick.

Even though he did not acknowledge Lana’s way of getting things done, he still cared for his family. He would be lying if he said he did not care about her.

Indeed, the IBCI arrived in a moment.

Yorick put on an innocent look and denied whatever things Lana had done. Along with Fabian, they were both brought back to the respective departments to be interrogated.

Soon, Jeremy arrived as well, except that he had not freed himself from the painful feeling of having to separate from his three kids.

If he had the choice, he would want to spend more time with his kids. He wanted to see them grow up and accompany his beloved till she became old.

However, things never went as he wished them to. He would eventually become a memory which she would not want to recall, slowly fading away from her memories and life.

Jeremy recomposed himself. After entering, someone came to notify him that Lana would like to meet him.

Lana just underwent an operation and was in the custodial ward. Seeing Jeremy’s arrival made her sit up immediately. Her reddened eyes on her pale face fixed their gaze upon Jeremy’s stony expression. Then, she suddenly burst into manic laughter.

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1079
The guard stared at Lana, who was laughing like a maniac, with an indifferent look.

Jeremy raised his hand to beckon, and that guard spun around to file out the scene.

In the custodial ward, only Jeremy and Lana were there.

Lana laughed for a moment and suddenly put on a long face, looking rather sorrowful while she stared at the man who appeared indifferent.

“Jeremy, Jeremy, tell me. The things that happened earlier aren’t the truth, right? How is it possible? We’ve gotten so close to each other during this time. We were so happy being together every day. How can you treat me this way?

“Jeremy, tell me, why?”

Hearing the cries of Lana and looking at her sorrowful self, she made those who did not know about the incident pity her.

However, after Jeremy heard her, his gaze became much sterner and sharper.

He took big strides and came in front of Lana. His long fingers grasped tightly around Lana’s neck while his icy cold gaze was just like a sharp blade. He said, “You still have the guts to ask me why?”

Jeremy’s almond-shaped eyes gave off a chilly vibe as his grasp on Lana’s neck tightened slightly.

“Think back to how you’ve treated my loved one, my kids, and the things you did to me. I’ve already gone past my limit to allow you to live till this moment.”

Lana was gasping for breath under his grip. Her pale face became flushed due to the lack of air.

Jeremy’s icy gaze was as cold as the blizzard as he glared at Lana’s face that was contorted from the pain.

Jeremy did not intend to just make her suffer physically but to hurt her emotionally as well.

He wanted Lana to suffer both physically and mentally, making her feel the worst this world had to offer.

Jeremy threw a piece of mirror in front of Lana. Still grabbing onto her neck, he forced her to the front of the mirror.

“Lana, just look at you. No matter how perfect your plastic surgery is, I can still see through that nasty heart of yours. A woman like you won’t get the affection of any man in this world because you don’t deserve it.”


“Did you think that I was the one with you every single night? I’m going to tell you this right now. Whatever you saw at night were just your illusions.”

“…” Lana’s face went scarlet. Gritting her teeth, she could not accept the fact that she thought she had obtained the heart of the man before her when in fact, the man who was with her every night was not Jeremy Whitman!

She even fantasized about working along with this man, and when they had earned enough money, they would both travel around the world. Even when she got to know that she was pregnant, she was so thrilled that she wanted to have a family with him.

Unfortunately, it was just her imagination!

She had fallen hard for the man before her, but that man did not express mutual feelings and even bore hatred for her—to the point where he wanted her to suffocate to death.

“Ah, ahah…”

Lana chuckled and stared at Jeremy’s exasperated face as she laughed grimly.

“Jeremy, you still look so mesmerizing even when you’re mad…” She gasped for air. “Ah, you’re extremely mad, right? You’re mad because I used you, burned your parents-in-law to death, and made you unable to live with your loved ones forever!”

After hearing Lana’s provocative speech, Jeremy’s gaze became much more intense as he exerted more strength into his fingers.

“Argh…” Lana widened her eyes, trying hard to suppress the tears that came streaming down her face anyway.

Feeling disgusted, Jeremy let go of his hand.

Lana fell to the wall and kept taking in big mouthfuls of fresh air.

“Ha, haha…”

Lana started laughing again after seeing Jeremy unhappy.

“Jeremy, it’s a good thing getting you mad at me. At least this is also a way to make you remember me. However, don’t you forget this. You might not be able to get rid of the poison in your body so easily. You won’t be able to live long if you leave me.”

Jeremy put on a stony look and glanced at Lana. “Whether I’ll live long enough, do you think you’ll be able to die peacefully?”

“…” Lana raised her head to look at the subtle gaze of the man that sent chills down her spine.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1080
Jeremy inched nearer to her and spat out cold comments. “In those cups of coffee that you used to drink every morning, as well as the glass of lukewarm milk I personally handed to you yesterday, I’ve added something special in all of them.”


“It’s the exact thing which you added in your cigarettes, as well as the stuff that I ate. The only difference is that I’ve added a larger portion.”

“What?!” Lana opened her eyes wide. “You… How did you get your hands on that?”

Jeremy’s gaze became sharp. “Have you forgotten what you asked Adam to prescribe to Eveline?”

“…” Lana started getting anxious after she heard that statement. “No, it’s impossible! If I had really consumed it, why am I not experiencing any side effects?!”

“Of course you won’t because I’ve changed your cigarettes as well.”

“…” Jeremy’s answer left Lana dumbfounded.

“From now onward, if you don’t smoke those cigarettes, you’ll then slowly start to experience the same thing I went through previously till the day you meet your death.

“Lana, Fabian was right about you. You’re a woman who thinks so highly of herself. Because of you, you’ve destroyed the entire Stygian Johnson Gang.”

Lana’s expression went pale as a sheet, and she suddenly lost all her strength and became helpless.

She had been too careless.

She overestimated her abilities and even underestimated Jeremy’s abilities.

She dug her own grave, as well as paid the price with the entire Stygian Johnson Gang.

Lana was anxious. She stared at Jeremy’s silhouette spinning around elegantly. She dragged along the handcuffs that were connected to the bed, yelling, “Don’t leave, Jeremy! If I’m dead, you’ll never know the truth behind your parents-in-law’s deaths!”

Jeremy came to a halt and spoke without turning around, “For now, I’m not interested to know the truth. All I want is for you to be dead.”


At Glendale airport.

Madeline got down from her car in the parking lot and bumped into Daniel who was hurriedly getting down from the car.

“There’s still another ten minutes. Ava will be checking-in,” said Madeline while rushing to the departure lounge with Daniel.

Thinking back to what Ava said last night, Madeline was curious and asked, “Hey Dan, the day I married Rye, I asked you to send Ava back home. Did something happen that night?”

Her question made his stunning face turn pink.

Madeline was confident that Daniel was somehow related to what Ava said about having intimacy after she got drunk.

‘But Ava seemed to not take it that way?’

Madeline was deep in her thoughts. Seeing that Daniel was all nervous, she pestered, “Dan, do you wish that Ava will continue staying in Glendale?”

“Of course,” Daniel seemed to answer without thinking twice.

Madeline let out a breath of relief. “I’m glad to hear that. Ava will never leave, then.”

Daniel came to a halt, puzzled. He looked at Madeline who had a faint smile on her face. “Why?”

“I guess I’ll leave it to Ava to answer that,” Madeline replied with a smile. Soon, her phone rang.

Madeline looked at the unfamiliar incoming call. She was astonished but still picked up.

“Miss Montgomery, I’m calling from Glendale Advanced Laboratory.” Madeline slowly stopped her footsteps. She beckoned to Daniel, asking him to go ahead and search for Ava.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Eveline Montgomery. Please continue.” Madeline started feeling nervous suddenly without her realizing it.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Montgomery. So, here’s the deal. We’ve got the results for the unidentified sample on the sample note you brought that day. It’s human blood.”

“It’s blood?” Madeline found herself astonished, not forgetting the note had Jeremy’s scent. “But how can blood be that color?”

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