Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1041-1050

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1041
Splash, splash!

Lillian instinctively struggled in the water.

Meanwhile, Lana stood by the pool and enjoyed the scenery. She watched Lillian eventually halt in her struggling, gradually sinking to the bottom of the pool. Lana then took a puff of smoke, her gaze becoming more psychotic and satisfied.

“Eveline, it seems like I’ll be able to see what you’ll look like when you’re suffering in pain soon enough.”

Lana smiled, then turned around and headed out. She decided to dispose of Lillian’s corpse only when she returned.

Fabian, who had come out of the house to answer the phone, could vaguely hear some weird noises. He walked toward the pool where the noises came from.

At first, he thought it was just a bird that was fluttering on the surface of the swimming pool, but after taking a closer look, he realized that it was a child!

He did not know why there was a child in the water. He hurried over and jumped into the water without hesitation.

When he saw that the little girl was Lillian, Fabian’s mind went blank momentarily. The next second, he forced himself to calm down and carried Lillian, who had lost consciousness and looked pale, out of the swimming pool.

“Lillian! Lillian!” Fabian was really anxious.

Yet no matter how he called Lillian, there was still no response from the child.

“Lillian!” Fabian lightly patted her small face. He was panicking so much that his hands had begun to tremble.

He immediately called out to his two subordinates, Earl Grey and Red Tea, who were always following him.

Witnessing the situation before them, they immediately reminded Fabian. “Hurry up and give this child CPR!”


“Hurry up, Mr. Fabian, you’ve already lost your first kiss anyway, so why are you hesitating? If you don’t want this little girl to die, you should hurry up.”

“Mr. Fabian, I can do it as well. I’ve learned how to perform CPR!” The man named Red Tea rolled up his sleeves and was about to walk toward them.

However, Fabian suddenly looked unusually stern. He pinched Lillian’s small nose and held up her mouth, then bent down and started performing CPR. After repeating it many times, he gave Lillian chest and lung compressions again.

“Lillian, please wake up quickly. Wake up!”

Fabian prayed while continuing CPR.

His heart had never been so messed up. Looking at this small, pale face, what appeared in his mind was Lillian’s energetic and lovely appearance.

On the day they first met each other, he had taken Lillian, who was just rescued from Felipe, from Earl’s hands.

He had never seen such a cute doll-like child before, especially those eyes that shone brightly as if they were glass.

“Lillian! Wake up, you haven’t gotten the candy that Mr. White Hair wants to give you. Stop sleeping, little fool. Wake up!”

Fabian felt that he had never been so worried before.

Earl, who was beside him, was stunned when he saw this. The boss was crying?

Just as he found it unbelievable and wanted to take a closer look, Lillian spat out the ingested water that was in her stomach. She then continued to vomit out more water.

“Lillian!” Fabian happily hugged Lillian who was still half-conscious and noticed the little girl having a hard time cracking open her eyes.

“Mr. White… Hair…”

“Yes! Lillian, I’m your Mr. White Hair!” Still surprised, Fabian carried Lillian who had fallen asleep back to his room.

When he was helping Lillian change her clothes, he had specially instructed Earl and Red to wait at the door.

Earl and Red teased him, feeling dissatisfied. “Mr. Fabian, you’re also a man, so why can you look at the girl?”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1042
Fabian retaliated reasonably. “This is my younger sister. Who didn’t shower with their brother when they were younger? What’s wrong with looking?! Besides, I was just changing Lily’s clothes. It’s not as obscene as you think!”

Earl and Red covered their mouths and snickered upon hearing that.

In the room, Fabian was serious about changing Lily’s clothes. He even asked Earl and Red to go to the mall to buy some clothes immediately as he gently dried Lily’s hair and wiped her face.

Seeing the color on the little girl’s face gradually recovering, a relieved smile slowly appeared on Fabian’s face.

“With me here, Lillian will definitely be fine.”

He promised, but it was very strange how Lily ended up in the pool at home.

Although he did not have the brains for business like Yorick did, he was not stupid either.

He quickly thought of Lana and decided to ask Lana for an explanation after Lillian woke up.

Madeline and Ryan searched in the park for a long time but did not find any trace of Lily. They pulled some strings to check the surveillance footage but also found nothing suspicious.

The sky gradually darkened. Madeline came out from the park entrance wearily. Looking at the traffic on the road, her tears rolled down silently.

Ryan walked toward her and took out a handkerchief to gently wipe off the tears on her face.

“Don’t be so worried, we’ll find her. If she’s been kidnapped, the other party won’t hurt Lillian without getting the money.”

Ryan comforted gently.

Madeline looked at the rows of lampposts in front of her, her tears flickering under the dim lights.

“Lillian means a lot to me. It was this child who gave me the courage to live during my darkest and most painful moments in life. She isn’t just my daughter, she’s my hope.

“I just want to live a peaceful life, but why is that so difficult?”

‘I’ve already lost my dear parents and can no longer reunite with the man who I once wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Why is it still not enough? Is it because I was born ominous and that’s why everyone around me has to leave me one by one?”

Madeline broke down into tears. Ryan reached out with a serious expression and hugged Madeline.

He felt sad and sorry for her, so he comforted her.

“God always likes to sharpen the good people. Maybe He wishes you to become better.”

Madeline shook her head. “I don’t want to be better. Sometimes, I just want to be a girl who’s weak and has emotions. I want to be protected by the ones I love. I just want to have a shoulder to lean on when I’m tired.”

“You’ve found it. I’m the safe haven you can rely on for the rest of your life.” Ryan hugged Madeline tighter and planted a loving kiss on the top of her head.

Lana intentionally drove Jeremy to the entrance of the park.

She initially wanted to see the anguished look on Madeline when she could not find her child, but she saw Ryan hugging Madeline instead. The position the two of them were in looked suggestive.

She took a look at Jeremy’s expression and found that Jeremy had only taken a glance before looking away with disdain.

“Jeremy, your ex-wife is over there. Do you wanna say hello?” Lana asked tentatively.

“They’re on a sweet date, so why should we bother them? Let’s go.” Jeremy looked askance nonchalantly, but there was already a surge of unspeakable pain in his heart. This pain gradually eroded his consciousness and pulled at his emotions.

Seeing the person he loved leaning in another person’s arms, the scene assassinated his heart. He felt a familiar, bloody smell spreading to his throat again.

He did not want to face it and wanted to leave, but Lana suddenly got out of the car and walked toward Madeline and Ryan.
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Jeremy looked at Lana’s back in disgust and got out of the car to catch up with her with dissatisfaction.

“How sweet!”

Lana made a mocking sound at Madeline and Ryan.

Madeline let herself go from Ryan’s embrace. When she looked up to see Lana, she also saw Jeremy who was following Lana closely.

Her tearful eyes instantly became sharp, casting a cold light.

However, Madeline did not want to waste her time and breath. She turned toward Ryan and said, “Rye, let’s go to the police station.”

“Okay.” Ryan nodded and stepped forward to take Madeline’s hand.

Madeline froze for a moment when she felt Ryan’s warm palm, but she did not let go.

Although it was under the curtains of the night, Jeremy still saw tears in Madeline’s eyes.

‘She cried.

‘Why did she cry?’

He thought carefully. Seeing Ryan leading Madeline to leave, Jeremy opened his mouth and pretended to be contemptuous by saying, “Mr. Jones, didn’t you say you’ll take good care of my ex-wife? What’s wrong, then? Is it because you’re taking care of her so thoughtfully that Miss Montgomery is happily crying in the streets?”

Both Madeline and Ryan stopped in their tracks when his voice fell.

Lana, on the other hand, looked at Madeline with interest. She also said enigmatically, “Jeremy, you have great observation skills. Miss Montgomery really has tears in her eyes. Are you happy about something?”

Lana taunted, when in fact she knew best why there were tears in Madeline’s eyes.

Madeline was sad. She was worried that something might happen to Lillian.

‘But Eveline, it’s too late to cry.

‘Your daughter has already gone to meet your parents!’

Lana thought insidiously. She still wanted to roast her when she saw Madeline suddenly smiling and looking at her.

“That’s right, I’m happy because my fiancé has just promised me that he’ll love and protect me forever. I felt very touched, so I cried with joy.”

As she spoke, she looked at Jeremy who had his lips curved upward.

“Take care of your girlfriend. Don’t simply bark and disturb us when my fiancé and I are on a date.”

“…” Lana’s proud smiling face cracked in an instant.

She gritted her teeth and wanted to push Madeline further, but Jeremy stopped her. “Instead of wasting time, why don’t we go have a candlelight dinner?”

Lana’s face instantly brightened upon hearing this. She stuck to Jeremy’s side with a coquettish smile. “My dear, you’re right. Instead of wasting my breath, it’s better to spend time together.”

She sneered arrogantly and wanted to say a few more words to Madeline but saw that Madeline did not even care about her. She had already followed Ryan to the car and left without looking back.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s leaving silhouette and silently breathed a sigh of relief.

Yet when Jeremy imagined the scene of her and Ryan hugging each other before, his heart felt suffocated.

He cleared his emotions and went back to Lana’s car. As soon as he sat down, he received an unfamiliar message on his phone: [Lillian Whitman is missing. The woman beside you is highly suspicious.]

Jeremy read the message calmly. While he was worried about Lillian, he suddenly realized something.

There were tears in Madeline’s eyes before not because she was crying with joy, but because she was worried about Lillian’s safety.

Jeremy deleted the message and looked at Lana who was driving. “Your mood seems to be very good today? You even said you want to take me out for a drive. Where are we going?”

Lana curled her red lips and spoke unscrupulously, “Since I saw Eveline being sad, I’m happy about it.”

Jeremy’s eyes were instantly cold upon hearing her words. “She was clearly crying happily just now, so how could she be sad?”

“Jeremy, the truth is not what you saw,” Lana said smugly before she looked at Jeremy with some concern. “Jeremy, there are some things that you’re better off not knowing. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll be sad too.”

Jeremy objected. “What could I be sad about? I don’t care about anyone except for you now.”
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Lana slammed on the brakes upon hearing this. She looked at the handsome and cold man with excitement and anticipation. “Jeremy, is what you said for real?”

“Do you think it’s fake? With how I’ve been treating you all this time, can’t you feel it?” Jeremy asked back leisurely.

Lana thought for a moment and no longer had any doubts.

“In that case, Jeremy, even if something happens to your and Madeline’s child, you wouldn’t care anymore?”

Jeremy quietly hid the sorrow in his eyes. “I’ve told you, I only care about you now.”

“Then, that’s great.” Lana smiled, then said, “My subordinate unexpectedly ran into Eveline’s daughter today and thought that the child was particularly annoying, so he dealt with her.”

Jeremy curled his fingers abruptly, holding back his emotions. “What do you mean by ‘dealt with her’?”

“He took the initiative to drown that little thing.”

Jeremy clenched his fists upon hearing this. The unbearably deep sorrow had already caused him to lose all his sanity.


He painfully restrained his emotions and forced himself to calm down.

‘No, it can’t be.

‘Lillian, you’ll be fine.’

Lana glanced sideways at Jeremy’s expression. She was even more delighted to see that there was no disturbance on his handsome face.

The poison developed by Adam was indeed powerful.

It was also a good thing to be able to capture a man’s heart in this way.

At the very least, Jeremy could not be without her now.

Lillian slept deeply all afternoon after she was saved by Fabian.

At this moment, the little girl was wearing a T-shirt that was too big for her and was sitting on the bed. Her plump, white feet were dangling on the edge of the bed as she looked at Fabian who was holding up beautiful dresses for her to see.

“Lily, do you like this one? It’s pink and as cute as you, Lily.” Fabian did his very best to convince Lily, but the child only shook her head. She did not speak at all and looked depressed.

“What about this one? It’s white, like the clouds in the sky,” Fabian said with a smile on his face.

However, Lillian still shook her head and remained silent.

Fabian glanced at the shopping bags piled up all over the room and walked to Lily’s side. “Lillian, what do you like? I’ll buy it for you.”

Lillian looked at him and blinked. Her little mouth moved, but in the end, she did not say a word.

Fabian thought that the child might still be frightened, so he caressed her head dearly and picked her up. “Then, I’ll take you home to see your mother, okay?”

Lily’s eyes suddenly lit up upon hearing this.

She took the initiative to reach out her hand to Fabian. Fabian understood and carried Lillian in his arms.

Fabian’s heart melted once such a soft little bun was in his arms.

He took the candy bouquet that he had not given to her the last time and stuffed it into Lily’s little hand. Then, he went downstairs with the child in his arms.

Just when he walked to the door, Fabian heard the sound of Lana returning. His expression suddenly sank. His handsome face was filled with a sorrow that he never had before.

Jeremy was walking behind Lana. Looking at the hateful figure of her back, he could no longer be calm.

When he thought of Lillian who was tortured by Lana’s subordinate, even to the point of death, he could not continue to slowly collect evidence of Lana’s crimes.

He wanted to avenge his little princess.

‘Lillian, Daddy will avenge you now.’

“Lana, you inhuman pervert!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1045
Jeremy was about to finish Lana off when he heard Fabian cursing angrily.

Lana was in a good mood, but she was scolded by Fabian as soon as she entered the house. Her expression hardened. She was about to open her mouth to retort when she saw Fabian carrying Lillian, who was safe and sound, in his arms.

Jeremy had also seen Lillian.

His battered heart, which was already riddled with holes, was instantly soothed.


‘My little princess.

‘So you’re alright. That’s great!

‘Daddy was afraid that something had happened to you. If something happened to you, your mother would fall apart completely.’

Jeremy thought silently, then heard Fabian scolding Lana again. “You asked your subordinate to kidnap Lillian, didn’t you? You actually threw such a small child into the pool with no care about whether she lives or dies. Are you still human?”

“Fabian Johnson! Shut up!” Lana was outraged. “When did I kidnap this little thing? Stop speaking nonsense!”

“Who else if not you?” Fabian scolded sternly. He turned his head and looked at the little cutie in his arms. “Lillian, tell me, did this evil woman throw you into the pool? Tell me, so I’ll call the shots for you.”

“Heh! You’ll call the shots for her? Who are you to her? Fabian, don’t tell me you want to be like those celebrities and find someone who’s more than a decade younger than you to be your future wife? Are you a groomer?”

“Lana, you shut up!” Fabian was really offended now. He wanted to slap Lana to wake this woman up, but the little cutie in his arms suddenly struggled and wanted to get down.

The little kid’s watery eyes were looking straight at Jeremy who was behind Lana.

Fabian understood and immediately let go of Lily.

Lily’s eyes shone as she ran toward Jeremy with her little feet.

Lana really wanted to kick Lily, but she did not want to be that vicious in front of Jeremy.

Just then, Lily fell down as she hoped she would.

Although Fabian had already cut the T-shirt, it was still too big. Lily’s little feet accidentally stepped on the hem of the shirt and with a plop, she fell down in front of Jeremy.

The fall was like an ice cone pounding on Jeremy’s heart. His heart hurt so much that he felt uncomfortable, but he did not reach out to Lily.

Only by pretending not to care could he keep them safe.

Jeremy’s embrace that Lily waited for did not come, but she did not cry. She just lay on the ground and looked up helplessly and confusedly at an unresponsive Jeremy with her big, watery eyes.

After a while, Lily slowly propped up her little hands and got up on her own.

Jeremy’s heart was as if it was being cut, but he still remained his indifferent attitude.

Fabian saw this scene and went up to pick up Lily even more angrily.

“Jeremy, what’s wrong with you? This is your biological daughter! She fell right in front of you, but you’re still so indifferent?!” Fabian questioned.

Jeremy glanced at a silent Lillian indifferently. “Eveline and I have divorced. This is her daughter and she has nothing to do with me.”

“What are you saying? Is she not still your daughter even after you’ve divorced Eveline? Isn’t your blood flowing in her?” Fabian carried Lily dearly as the young girl kept on looking at Jeremy without saying a word.

“Lillian, these are all bad people. They don’t care about you, but I do! I’ll take you back home to your mom!” Fabian picked up Lily angrily and wanted to leave.

Lana went up to stop him. “Fabian, if you still want me as your sister, you have to throw this little thing out and ignore it!”

Fabian’s eyes were sharp. “Lana, I think you’re mistaken. I stopped wanting an inhumane sister like you long ago! I want to see what else you’re going to do to Lily. If you dare touch her again, I’ll double it back at you!”


Lana was so angry that she got dizzy.

“You… Fabian, what did you say?!”
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1046
“Lana, I don’t have a sister like you!”

Fabian carried Lillian in his arms, turned around, and walked toward the garage.

Lillian, who was in his arms, kept her sights on Jeremy who had been ignoring her.

Her big, innocent eyes blinked lightly, but they gradually dimmed and shut close.

Jeremy looked at Lillian who was being carried away in his peripheral vision. He was certain that Fabian would not harm Lillian.

He muttered thousands of apologies on the inside, but he could not relieve the pain in his heart.

She was his and Madeline’s only little princess, but he could not even help the precious little princess up when she fell down in front of him.

What kind of father was he?

Madeline and Ryan had just returned to Whitman Manor from the police station. They were still worried about Lillian’s whereabouts when they saw a sports car parked at the door.

She fixed her gaze on it and saw Fabian sitting in the passenger seat with a child in his arms.


Madeline walked over in disbelief. When she got closer, she clearly saw that the little bun in Fabian’s arms was Lillian.

She was wearing a shirt that was poorly fitted. Her eyes were closed and she was sleeping peacefully against Fabian’s chest.

Madeline was agitated, but she did not want to disturb the sleeping little bun.

She glanced at Fabian, and through a look, they tacitly understood.

“My lady, please open the door for me. I’ll carry Lillian into the house,” Fabian said in a low voice. His tone was soft and steady like never before.

Madeline nodded and opened the car door.

Fabian guarded Lillian’s head and carefully carried her back to the room to sleep. He even put a blanket over Lily before leaving with Madeline.

Madeline asked about Lillian, but Fabian did not dare to tell Madeline that Lillian had been thrown into the pool by Lana and nearly drowned. He merely brushed it over, saying, “My lady, I’ll retrace what happened to Lillian. Don’t be angry, I’ll teach a lesson to those who have bullied Lillian.”

Fabian’s expression was serious but not perfunctory.

Madeline thanked him and felt touched. “Fabian, I thought that there was no way for you and me to be friends, but I think I was wrong. You’re a friend worth making.”

Fabian scratched his head as if he was embarrassed upon hearing this. “Perhaps it’s fate. I really like Lillian, but don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any perverted quirks, I just simply like this kid.”

Listening to Fabian’s explanation, Madeline smiled in relief. “I believe you.”

She turned her head and glanced at Ryan. “Let me introduce you to my fiancé, Ryan. We’ll be getting married soon. Do attend my wedding when the time comes.”

Fabian looked at Ryan for a bit and showed a regretful expression. “And here I thought I would have a chance when my lady is single. I didn’t expect someone else to be quicker.”

Fabian suddenly looked serious as he continued, “You have to treat my lady well. Don’t be like that Jeremy, so cold-blooded that he didn’t even spare a glance at his own daughter when she fell down.”

When Fabian’s unintentional words fell, the lake in Madeline’s heart surged. She looked at Fabian and asked, “You said that Jeremy didn’t even look at Lillian when he saw her fall down?”

“Yes. Before I brought Lillian back here, she wanted a hug from her dad but Jeremy seemed to have been brainwashed by Lana. It was as if he could only see Lana in his eyes.”

Madeline’s heart sank, but she was suddenly reminded by the word Fabian said.


She then remembered what she had forgotten before.


The ingredients in the cigarette!

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1047
Madeline recalled the cigarette she had gotten from Jeremy’s cigarette box that time. She had taken the cigarette to run a components test on it.

However, too many things happened all of a sudden after that. Both her parents passed away, and it was Jeremy who caused their deaths. She had fallen into chaos all of a sudden and totally forgot about the test.

After Fabian and Ryan left, Madeline returned to the room to watch over Lillian.

When she thought about Lillian wanting Jeremy to carry her after she fell down but only saw him turn a blind eye to her, the little girl must have felt very upset.

Although the child was still young and could not express herself well, she would still be able to sense that Jeremy did not like her.

Madeline felt more and more suspicious.

‘How did a person become so cold-blooded? The answer might be lying within the cigarette.’

Madeline stayed with Lillian the entire night and fell asleep unknowingly.

When she woke up the next day, she saw that Lillian had not woken up yet. She felt a little worried. As she was about to wake the child up, the girl opened her eyes.

“Lillian.” Madeline hugged her and asked, “Lillian, tell Mommy, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Lillian still did not speak. She only looked at Madeline, then stretched out her hands and hugged Madeline.

“Good girl, Lillian.” Madeline soothed her. Guessing that the child was feeling she had been wronged, she felt more heartache for Lillian.

She helped Lillian get up and got herself washed before changing her clothes. They both then ate breakfast together.

However, Lillian did not say a single word even after breakfast was done.

Madeline found it very strange. “Lillian, why aren’t you talking?”

Lillian looked at Madeline, but she only blinked her big eyes while her small mouth did not move even one bit.

Madeline was now convinced that there was something off. She obviously sensed that Lillian was not as lively as before. She was not even speaking a word.

After she passed Jackson and her youngest son to Karen, she brought Lillian to visit a doctor.

After going around a few pediatric hospitals, a doctor finally told Madeline, “Your child seems to have been shocked and is experiencing trauma, causing her to be unable to speak for the time being. She needs to break through the psychological trauma. Only then may she speak again.”

Madeline’s heart trembled violently when she heard the doctor’s reply.

She could not imagine what Lillian had gone through that caused such a trauma.

‘Is it due to Jeremy being ignorant and indifferent?’

Madeline carried the child back home. Lillian would still smile, and her smile was still warm and cute as usual. It was just that she was not speaking at all. She did not even utter the word ‘Mommy’ once.

At this moment, Jackson was accompanying Lillian as they piled wooden blocks together. Looking at the innocent and adorable faces, Madeline’s fists clenched tighter and tighter. She turned around immediately.

“Eveline, where are you going?” Karen chased after Madeline and asked while carrying Pudding who was about to drink milk.

Madeline walked toward the car without looking back. “I’m going to find that inhumane and cold-hearted father!”

‘Inhumane and cold-hearted father?’

Karen was puzzled, but Madeline had already driven the car away.

When she reached the downstairs of Whitman Corporation, Madeline was still convincing herself to be calm, but she could not bear it when she thought about how such a good child like Lillian could no longer speak. She could not hold herself back.

Madeline did not know whether Jeremy would be at the company at this time, and she did not want to call this man either. He would no longer answer her calls anyway.

The lady at the front desk noticed Madeline heading over in such a rush and hurried to greet her.

“Where’s Jeremy? Is he in his office?” Madeline asked immediately, causing the front desk lady to start stammering due to her intimidating aura.

“Mr. Whitman…”

“I’ll go in and find him myself.”

Madeline went straight to Jeremy’s office while the lady at the front desk caught up to her. “Miss Montgomery, Mr. Whitman is not in the office. He really isn’t. Mr. Whitman is in a meeting.”

Madeline paused when she heard the words and turned to the meeting room.

She strode along with an awe-inspiring aura and opened the door to the meeting room straight away.

All of the department leaders who were listening to Jeremy’s speech were stunned and looked at Madeline who had barged in.

Jeremy paused the ongoing meeting as well. He turned his chair and looked sideways at the door.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1048
Madeline walked straight toward Jeremy. She could see no one else in her eyes.

Jeremy did not know why Madeline had come to see him, but he still felt happy to see her.

It was just that the moment Madeline came over to him, she raised her hand and slapped him heavily across his face.

Jeremy, with his tilted face, appeared lost.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They were silent for a while without even the slightest sound in the entire meeting room.

After witnessing this scene, Ken was stunned for a few seconds as well. Then, he immediately requested everyone in the conference room to leave before following suit himself. He closed the door as he exited.

Instantly, there was only Madeline and Jeremy left in the meeting room.

Jeremy raised his slender fingers and touched his beaten cheek. Then, he stood up and looked at Madeline whose expression was cold. Her glare was prickly as well.

“Miss Montgomery, I’ve said it before that I don’t want to see you again. Why are you still looking for me? Are you really unable to forget about me? You want to see me so badly, eh?”

Madeline looked at this handsome face that held a frivolous smile, and her disappointment was shown in her eyes.

“Lillian has become mute, are you happy now?”

‘Lillian has become mute.’ The moment this sentence penetrated Jeremy’s ears, it began occupying his mind, repeating continuously.

He could not believe it. For a brief moment, he even felt that Madeline was joking.

However, why would she make such a joke with him?

“Jeremy, you can hurt me all you want, but why are you hurting even Lillian now? What did you do when the child fell down in front of you and wanted you, her dad, to hug and comfort her?! You didn’t do anything? You actually chose to turn a blind eye and merely looked on?

“Jeremy, tell me, what happened that made you so cold-blooded that you choose to stand by that psychotic woman, Lana? Tell me.”

Madeline restrained herself from breaking down and questioned him continuously.

Jeremy was also holding back his emotions. In the end, he endured his pain and chuckled pretentiously. “Dad? When has she ever called me her dad? She has never regarded me as her father.”

“Why doesn’t Lillian know that you’re her biological father? Ask yourself the reason.” Madeline looked back into Jeremy’s deep eyes. “Jeremy, I’ll ask you one last time. The person you care about the most now, is it Lana?”

Looking at those beautiful eyes that awaited an answer, Jeremy clenched every finger of his and said, “Yes, the one I care about now is only her.”

“Alright. This is a good answer,” Madeline sneered sarcastically, then turned away abruptly.

Jeremy was lost in a daze, his mind still echoing with the words Madeline just said—‘Lillian has become mute.’

After being lost in his thoughts for a while, he felt that something was not right again because of the last thing Madeline said.

After Madeline left Whitman Corporation, she drove the car and went directly to Lana’s villa.

As she was about to enter, she came across Fabian who was about to head out to look for Lillian. Seeing Madeline’s vengeful expression, Fabian realized that something was wrong.

“My lady, why are you here? Is it because you discovered that Lillian was thrown into the swimming pool by Lana and had almost drowned? Did you come to get even with her?”

Madeline figured that it was Lana’s subordinates who abducted Lillian yesterday, but she did not expect Lana to be so vicious!

“Lana! Where is she now?!” The flames in Madeline’s heart had already burned to their maximum point.

Right at this moment, Lana’s leisurely voice came from the swimming pool. “Who’s looking for me? Heh, Eveline?

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you already getting married to Ryan? Are you still unable to let go of Jeremy and have come to cause me trouble?”

Seeing that it was Madeline, Lana folded one of her arms over her chest and started smoking a cigarette with the other. Her eyes were filled with arrogance and disdain.

Madeline raised her eyebrows and responded, “You’re right, I’m here to trouble you!”

As her words fell, Madeline walked toward Lana. While Lana was caught off guard, Madeline suddenly pinched the back of Lana’s neck and raised her leg to kick Lana’s knee.


As a result, Lana was now kneeling beside the swimming pool in pain.

“Lana, for everything you’ve done to my daughter, I’ll do them unto you now!”

Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1049

Lana immediately got angry out of embarrassment. She abruptly raised her head, but as soon as she did, Madeline slapped her face with a loud smack.


Lana cried out in pain again, then had the back of her neck clamped tightly once more by Madeline.

She could not move at all and was entirely unable to even stand up.

“What are all of you doing, being frozen there?! Drag this woman away from me!”

Lana instructed the bodyguards, but Fabian did not give her the chance to do so. “No one is allowed to touch her!”

The bodyguards who were just about to take action on Madeline quickly stopped and Lana became irritated. “Have you become stupid, Fabian?! I’m your biological sister. How could you help this woman instead?!”

“I’ve said it before, I don’t have a sister like you.”


“Moreover, this is a grudge between both of you women. How can us men interfere with this matter?” Fabian shrugged and walked toward Lana’s side nonchalantly.

“Miss Lana Johnson, haven’t you always thought of yourself so great and that no woman could be your opponent? Isn’t that why you’ve been so tyrannical all this while? But it seems that you can’t even deal with anyone successfully without your subordinates now.”

“Fabian, you…” Lana’s face was pale with fury. She made attempts to struggle out of Madeline’s hold, but Madeline’s hand that was pinching the back of her neck was so firm that she could not raise her head at all. She could only kneel by the poolside like this, allowing Fabian to ridicule and sneer at her.

On the other hand, Jeremy had followed Madeline and arrived in a hurry. He was worried that Madeline troubling Lana would cause him trouble as well, but when he saw this happening by the pool, he felt relieved. At the same time, he was feeling even more ashamed as well.

What kind of man was he? What kind of husband and father was he?

His wife and daughter were being bullied by this psychotic woman, yet all he could do was only stand idly by the side.

At this moment, Lana was so mad that she was about to explode. She turned her face to the side, her vicious eyes glaring at Madeline fiercely. “Eveline, I suggest you let go of me immediately. Otherwise—”


Madeline did not give Lana any opportunity to continue spitting nonsense. Her glare was prickly as she delivered the slap without even saying a single word. She then raised her foot and kicked Lana’s back.

Lana suddenly lost her center of balance and plunged into the swimming pool.

Madeline pressed down on Lana’s head mercilessly, burying her face in the water.

Splash, splash!

Lana took in a few gulps of water while she shook her head, desperately struggling.

Seeing this, the bodyguards at the side immediately prepared themselves to save Lana.

Jeremy quickly picked up a few small stones from the ground and threw them toward the legs of the bodyguards who were rushing toward Madeline. Those bodyguards who were attacked screamed in pain before falling into the swimming pool messily.

Fabian felt that something was off and looked back. He unexpectedly saw Jeremy standing not far away, calmly looking toward this side.

“Eveline! You…” Lana cursed as she kept struggling.

However, Madeline’s expression remained unchanged. Her eyes became colder as she scolded, “Lana, you heartless psycho! Is this how you had my Lillian struggle helplessly in the water?”

“Mmf… Cough… Eveli…”

“Come at me if you have the guts! What does it count for you to bully a five-year-old child?! Second lady of the Johnson family? Leaving out the Stygian Johnson Gang and without the protection of your subordinates, you, Lana, are nothing at all!

“You’re merely trash, and all you know is to fake your greatness.

“Lana, you’ll never be an opponent of mine! If you were really capable, the person in the water now would be me, not you!”

With these words, Madeline immediately threw Lana into the swimming pool.
Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1050
Lana fell into the swimming pool with a splash, stirring up layers of waves.

She knew how to swim, but because she had been shoved into the water for so long by Madeline just now, she accidentally swallowed a lot of water. She had also expended a lot of energy during her struggles. She did not have much energy left to swim.

While she was trying to get out of the pool, she was violently pulled by Madeline on her collar.

Before Lana could catch her breath, her breathing was restricted once more.

She opened her eyes that were blinded by the water and saw the cold light bursting out of Madeline’s eyes.

“Listen, Lana, if the law can’t punish you, I will do so myself! Do you really think that you have nothing to worry about just because you have the Stygian Johnson Gang supporting you? I’m telling you now. As long as I’m alive for even a day, I’ll definitely do everything possible to send you to jail! Unless you kill me first!”

After Madeline finished speaking her words, she threw Lana back into the swimming pool and turned away.

As soon as she turned around, however, she noticed Jeremy standing not far away—just looking at her.

Madeline ignored him. She took a big step and walked toward the gates with a stifling aura.

Jeremy saw the way Madeline had looked at him—it was filled with intense resentment and disappointment.

He pretended not to care and had a faint smile on his lips until Madeline passed by. Only then did he remove his disguise.

Seeing Lana who was swearing in the swimming pool, Jeremy’s eyes turned hostile.

‘Lana, for whatever you did to my wife and daughter, I’ll definitely return the same back to you.’

This day would arrive very soon.

Madeline walked straight to the door and met Yorick who had just returned.

Yorick’s expression was aloof, but he seemed to be surprised when he saw Madeline who had an imposing aura. It was immediately followed by a mild annoyance that appeared between his eyebrows. He strode directly into the villa without stopping Madeline.

Lana had just climbed out from the swimming pool, and before she could come back to her senses, she saw Yorick walking hurriedly toward her.

She quickly complained to her brother, “Brother, that Eveline—”


Before Lana could finish speaking, Yorick had landed a slap on her.

Lana staggered back and fell into the swimming pool once more. A strong taste of blood invaded her mouth.

She covered her face in disbelief as she panted hard, looking at Yorick who was standing above the pool. “Yorick! Have you gone crazy as well?!”

“How many times have I warned you to not provoke Eveline? Do you know what foolish thing you’ve done? I’ve spent more than a month negotiating two large orders with her that involve hundreds of millions of dollars in funds, all of which are now ruined by you! By your hands! Go back to F Country as soon as possible! Don’t let me see you here again.”

Fabian clapped his hands and applauded. “Did you hear that? He asked you to go back to F Country and stop causing trouble!”


Lana covered her swollen face. Gritting her teeth, she punched the water hard.

“Hmph!” She sneered, “Just this one Eveline has actually made both my elder and younger brothers switch to her side!”

She cursed in dissatisfaction but noticed Jeremy when she raised her eyes. Lana immediately showed an aggrieved expression and quickly climbed out of the pool.


Jeremy pretended to be concerned and handed Lana a bathrobe, saying, “I saw everything just now. Why did your brother beat you for Eveline?”

Lana’s expression turned dark. Thinking of the mysterious man she saw in the coffee shop when she tailed Yorick that time, she gritted her teeth and turned her head to show Jeremy a sad look. “Jeremy, it looks like no one really cares about me anymore other than you.”

“Don’t say that. They’re your biological brothers, after all.”

“So what if they’re my brothers? They’re concerned about Eveline more than me now.” Lana’s eyes were full of envy. Looking at Jeremy’s puzzled expression, she then said, “Jeremy, since we’re already in such a close relationship, there’s something I must tell you.”

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